Polygamist Applies For Marriage License

Here we go. After telling us for years that our “slippery slope” arguments were absurd, liberals will have to finally admit that they were lying the whole time. Lying or ignorant. Either way, it is obvious to anyone that the legalization of gay marriage was only the first brick in the construction of a new Liberal America.

In Montana on Tuesday, a man named Nathan Collier applied for a marriage license that would allow him to make his polygamist household legitimate in the eyes of the law. Together with his wives Victoria and Christine, Collier filed his application in Billings after being inspired by the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage. If denied the license, Collier has said that he will sue.

“It’s about marriage equality,” he told the AP. “You can’t have this without polygamy.”

Collier’s application was denied upon receipt, but county officials immediately realized they were faced with a thorny situation. If the Supreme Court has decided that gay marriage is protected by the 14th Amendment, what would possibly be the justification for laws banning polygamy? They told Collier they would consult with the county attorney’s office before making a final decision on the application.

What that decision will be remains to be seen, but it’s difficult to understand how polygamy bans can stand when same-sex marriage bans cannot. In fact, the Supreme Court’s decision opens numerous bizarre avenues for the future of marriage. Long understood to be the union of a man and a woman, the court’s ruling changed the concept in a fundamental way. Is marriage now only between two people, regardless of gender? Or is marriage whatever we want it to be?

Chief Justice John Roberts predicted this in his dissent, warning that polygamists could make the exact same arguments in their quest for legalized marriage.

A Strange Future

When you begin tearing down structural institutions that have survived for thousands of years, you invite a strange, unpredictable future where no cow is too sacred. Progress is one thing; progress that denies the very foundation of human civilization is quite another. Even if you aren’t religious, you must surely understand that we are in uncharted waters.

According to same-sex marriage supporters, this is all about love and tolerance. Equality. Compassion. What they refuse to understand is that Christians are not synonymous with the Westboro Baptist Church. Most Christian conservatives do not spend their days and nights hating gay people. Most don’t even have the slightest interest in “converting” them.

But this is about much more than religion, love, and emotional buttons. This is about the future of the human race and the destiny of American civilization. And we have spent far too much time listening to the gay agenda and far too little time studying the potential consequences of these fundamental changes.

Polygamy may be next, but what’s next after that? Which boundaries will fall in the next twenty years? How much can we change before we no longer recognize the country? If we make it so that it’s impolite or even criminal to discuss these matters, we will head blindly into the future with no structural foundation to ground us. We’ve blacked out the windshield and we’ve thrown the GPS into the nearest river. Maybe we’ll wind up somewhere nice purely by chance, but the odds are overwhelmingly against us.

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  1. Not surprised at all. More to come. Our downward slope in our Nation will lead to its destruction mainly because too many have rejected God’s mandates and serve self instead of the living God of the Bible. As a Nation established under Biblical principles we are obligated to put Him first in our lives. Our churches have failed and our homes and schools have failed to uphold the message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Michael Dennewitz

    This country HAS GONE TO HELL! Next thing you know, they’ll make it legal to marry the 12YO down the street. Would somebody please stop the insanity??? My God, where are all the snipers when you really need them??

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Maybe what needs to be done is set up a “Fund Me” account to provide a defense fund for those caught sniping? Hell, if a woman can set up a “fund me” account to keep her from having an abortion why not a defense fund.

    • That is already practiced in Islam. If Muslims come to power in America it will be legan to marry the 12YO down the street.

    • headonstraight

      It seems that according to you the answer to every human conflict is to call in a sniper. You need help badly, Dimwit. Look in the Yellow Pages under “Mental Health Counselors.”

  3. There we go; the queers opened the door to perversion and others will soon follow—just as people said they would, while the rights of Christians and their consciences are thrown to the winds.

  4. The polygamists have a point. The slope is, and always was, slippery. If one sector of society can re-define marriage to conform to its practices and beliefs, how can society prohibit another sector from doing the same?
    What is next–a demand that human/animal associations be granted the rights and privileges of “marriage”?
    And is the deplorable North American Man-Boy Love Association watching this space?

  5. Why is this no surprise? Maybe need to get back to marriage as a union between a man and woman.

  6. TeaParty Patriot

    The next thing you know the muzzie squatter in the white castle is going to apply for a license to marry one of the judas goats he keeps around for entertainment. I don’t really blame him though a goat would be preferable to miss piggy moishill.

  7. The agenda of the Left always employs, lies, ignorance and deception. It is increasingly difficult for me to believe that American’s accept these people as “fellow citizens”. I feel disdain for their outlook, viewpoints, agenda, tactics, etc.

    • I’m finding it increasinly difficult to tell the difference between the lies, ignorance, and deception of the left and the right. It only seems ‘the right’ tells the tales I want to hear, but most vote against my wishes, and their promises.

      • You are expressing the same sentiment that many of us conservatives feel. I think it will drive many of us out of the Republican camp.

        • You can go away from the gutless rinos but don’t desert the Conservatives. The real Conservatives!!!!!!

          • Yea, that’s what I meant. Moving further right to something like the Constitutional Party, or even the Libertarians. Libertarians are much more conservative than our modern day Republican party.

          • You aren’t saying anything surprising there. I am registered republ. because I then can vote in the primaries for other-than-incumbents (read as libertarian, conservative, constitution newbies). On election day, I vote my conscience, including write-ins, but rarely are there conservatives that make the ‘FEC grade’ onto the ballot.

          • Then Where Are they !!! ???

        • Start getting with the Constitution Party. Look them up, you may like what you see. Vote Constitution Party; split the vote and probably win. There are millions of Democrats and Republicans that are ready to change.

          • I like what the Constitution Party says and the Conservative Party but if we vote their way we lose because the demoRats will get many more votes and the Republican Party (as bad as it has become) will lose and we lose America. We have more strength when we stand together — that is what the demoRats are doing and they are winning. Stand together and win against the demoRats. We need to be a solid voting system to win.

          • I only say that because so many Republicans have lost sight of a higher calling. People from both major parties that are GOD fearing must take our country back by voting in like minded men and women. In reading your comments, I see that you are ARE a GOD fearing person and I like that and I know GOD does.

          • We stand together as God fearing people and I pray that many more will take the same stand together so we will win our country back and only God can help us.

        • Exactly right! I’m voting Tea Party.

        • yeah, but to go where??? i guess the only place to go would be the Constitution Party… but they need a viable candidate…maybe the “Donald” will look into changing parties..

      • that is due to the RINOs rising against the Tea Party, and splitting the vote…we need to get rid of all the good ole boys…TERM LIMITS…

    • when it looks like the people are waking up… the dems come up with a diversionary ploy to distract them…

  8. youdontknowmedoyou

    exactly, then what is next? pedophilea ??

  9. Governor Moonbeam of California already put through legislation that there is no more classification of husband and wife; your partner for life can only be called spouse. Where does that leave mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa, sister and brother, aunt and uncle. Under Brown’s reasoning there are no proper classifications. I can see this Polygamists point, even though I do not like it. This is what happens when our Federal Government gets involved in Religious Ideology. Our politicians and the Supreme Court obviously do not understand religious beliefs so how can they make legislation and judgement of what has been for thousands of years. I think our politicians have too much time on their hands, most of the legislation now written is only for monetary gain, not for the common good.

    • Unbelievers cannot understand religious beliefs.
      1 Corinthians 2:14….But the natural man (unbeliever) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
      Believers without Bible knowledge also fall under this category.

    • At least when the gays break up they don’t leave behind a brood of brats for the tax payer to support. So the real drain on our society are all the derelict parents out there. Now they have their gay marriage weather you like it or not. Now it is time for the gay mafia to get off our backs. Florists and bakers have the right to freedom too.

      • Gays have kids too. The people who are willing to sue Florists and bakers are sue crazy anyway. They are probably the ones suing for handicapped access even though they are not handicapped. It is a minimum $3500.00 fine payout for failure of handicapped access for each instance and each business. People make a job of it, and they get their lawyers and court fees on top of it. Now all the government employees who have gay partners get the same benefits that married couples get paid for by the taxpayers. I know that we would be paying that if they were a male/female couple but it just ups the % of people taxpayers take care of.

  10. I don’t understand how a hand full of people can get their own way when the over whelming majority are against something. Like gay marriage! Who is the supreme court to over ride the nations will, whenever it goes out to a public vote at least 70% of the people vote against it! Then the courts knock our vote down, “don’t they work for us, the American tax payer!”

    • You aren’t alone in being perplexed by this state of affairs. We the people simply are not demanding enough, in these matters!

      • Right, but how? Our hands are tied except for turning back to God and doing His plan or our lives. Too many are not willing to do this and we will continue to down.

        • It is not only our responsibility to God, but to our nation as well. Next primary AND election, vote EVERY incumbent or career politician out, it can’t become worse than what we have now. (famous last words).

          • Right, because when we put God first in our lives the Nation will follow since God will change things His way. If too many do not put Him first then why should God bother with us or our Nation?

          • HE will not give up on us.

          • God never gives up on us but He also disciplines to keep us on the right track or get us back to His ways…
            Hebrews 12:7 It is for discipline that you endure; God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline?
            Our Nation is being disciplined and if enough don’t turn back to Him there will be more and we may even completely lose our freedom.

          • They are 2 adults in love and deserve to be able to marry. What does it have to do with you? How does it effect your life?

          • It has a great affect on society. You look at homosexuality from human viewpoint; perhaps it is because you are not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and that is the only way you can think or if you are a believer who has no knowledge of His Word and have no desire to know it or apply it to your thinking and lifestyle. Wherever Homosexuality is permitted in a society or nation, it is like a cancer and becomes one of the first manifestations of national degeneracy, national catastrophe, and the inevitable 5th Cycle of Discipline or destruction. There is an excellent reason for not tolerating homosexuality or lesbianism since it is obviously destructive to a nation. There is nothing more ghastly than the function of homosexuality and other perversions.
            Homosexuals and lesbianism are reversal of roles. They also have a loss of authority orientation.
            Homosexuality and lesbianism and other sex deviates are in conflict with what God designed for marriage.
            You may appeal to unbelievers with your comments or even believers without Bible Doctrine but I will always believe God’s Word and my authority in life. It is the most peaceful and satisfying way to live.
            I Timothy 1:8-10- But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching,
            I Corinthians 6:9-10 -Or do you not know that the unrighteous (unbeliever) will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived (things related to unbelievers); neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate (boys who allowed themselves to be used in homosexual activity), nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

          • Hypocrite.

          • ►”There is nothing more ghastly than the function of homosexuality and other perversions.”◄

            Perversions meaning their sexual acts correct?…This is all some people think about. That is their main reason for disliking gay people being together. It’s ridiculous. Sex doesn’t define a couple. Stop thinking about what they do in their bedroom and think of them as any other human being loving their spouse. They do all the same, follow the law, pay taxes, pay bills, go out to dinner, talk, have things in common, love, etc. It’s always brought back to sex!
            How many straight people lie? How many divorce? How many perjure? How many steal? How many murder? How many rape? Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth. False worship, idolatry, misusing God’s name, violating the Sabbath, dishonoring parents, murder, adultery, trespassing, and coveting. Animal…they are not to be abused, how many abuse animals? Are these all not sins? The list goes on and on. Why is it being gay is some how a bigger sin to some people when ALL sins are equal?
            All sin results in death. Praise be to God, that through Jesus Christ, all of our sins, including the “seven deadly sins,” can be forgiven.

          • According to

          • And if they do not have the same religion, or no religion at all, then all this means nothing to them correct? So what makes what you believe in the right thing to do for THEM??

          • See my reply to your last question. It has to do with God’s way of life for humans; not my way or your way.

          • Well, the only way to live is our way. So live your life to the fullest and be grateful for what you have and stop worrying about other’s lives. If they will “pay a price” (what you believe) then that is their problem not yours.

          • ►As believers, we are to follow God’s Word…◄

            My point exactly…first off, I will again say not everyone has a religion or believes in a God so all that you state about what’s in The Bible doesn’t pertain to any of it.
            Second, why do you keep using “you” and “your” I am heterosexual. I am merely agreeing with the fact that 2 people in love that want to marry should be able to. And this conversation of 2 same sex partners being able to marry is actually mute since they now legally can. So stop hating because God doesn’t like that. You are suppose to love everyone. Therefore I will not discuss it any further.
            Now, if you want to talk about polygamy, which this article was about, then no I do not feel this is a good practice. However, again, it’s not me nor my life.

          • It is apparent that YOU don’t love those who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle or disagree with anything you write or you wouldn’t keep harassing the issue. It has nothing to do with what I believe or what society practices or what religion one has; it has to do with what God says in His written Word, the mind of Christ. (l Cor 2:16) You might understand the following:
            God will not be mocked. Romans 1:27 gives the exact fact what happens to homosexuals when they choose that lifestyle. They hurt themselves and receive…”due penalty”. When they do this there is due punishment but does not come directly from God but He allows them to pursue the unnatural and the consequences of their own diversions –V27b “…receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error”. No matter how hard they try to make their lifestyle “normal” it can never be normal. No matter how much society accepts their lifestyle they will never be able to overcome their inward penalty of knowing it is wrong but they will blame society for not accepting it.
            1. The punishment means it comes to them or within them
            2. It derives from within themselves – when pursuing the unnatural the problem or penalty comes from their conscience even if seared for they are living the unnatural way
            3. It is the personal torturous consequences of the perversion in their souls
            4. Therefore homosexuality is the punishment in and of itself – inevitable as a result
            5. The unnaturalness causes confusion and guilt and that is embedded in their soul even if they deny it or justify to self the unnatural is inescapable – torturous punishment
            6. There will always be uncertainty in that practice of homosexuality – degradation, shame is the penalty in the conscience
            7. Simply, it is an unnatural way to think and live
            It is not what we think but what God says that matters.

          • Lol Harassing the issue? I have already stated that this convo has ran it’s course and is senseless since they are free and legal to marry.
            I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with anything I say, why would you think other wise? Have I said anything derogatory or offensive towards you, no I have not. You have every right to your OPINION as do I. Do I love everyone in general…nope. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect their opinions. I am simply doing the same as you, with the exception of shoving verses into every single comment you post, which is trying to let you realize there are other ways of living and everyone is different.
            With that being said, I bid you a good day mallen11 and…I love you.

          • only if they repent and turn away from those sins…

          • Again, I ask…if they do not have the same religion, or no religion at all, then all this means nothing to them correct? So what makes what YOU believe in the right thing to do for THEM??

          • Anything that will support the debauchery, eh?

          • I bet you’re also the ole’ crotchety one who sins by watching porn with woman on woman too, but it’s not okay in your mind to marry. It’s not about sex and that’s all you people picture in your tiny minds. I am heterosexual and have no problem with others living their lives the way they choose, it is their life and doesn’t effect mine at all…or yours.

          • “As for me and mine, we will serve the Lord”. It may not affect your life but it does mine…when they impose their will on me against my beliefs. I have to bake YOUR cake, I have to cater YOUR wedding, my band has to play for YOUR debauched friends to grind each other on the dance floor. Live and let live is what they USED to ask for..now it’s live MY way or the highway for your business.

          • For one thing, we weren’t speaking about the cake incident. Go somewhere else and get a cake made if that’s the case. Also, it wouldn’t be mine as I stated above to you I am heterosexual. I’m just not bigoted.

            ►friends to grind each other on the dance floor.◄

            Yeah cause heterosexuals don’t do that. smh

          • Right, we were speaking about bigotry…so you don’t see it as bigotry against religious people, when gays run a business to the ground when they try to adhere to those beliefs eh?

          • Did you not understand my last comment to you? I agreed they could have went elsewhere. However, people also shouldn’t try to use religion as a reason to not serve, so how can it be proved? I think a business SHOULD be allowed to do as they wish. Then again, how did that work out for bars who wanted to keep patrons right to smoke in their facility? It didn’t.
            There are a couple different scenarios with couples and bakeries and the one with the 2 men, if you seen that one, where he was a friend of the woman baker, I feel he was in the right since she had done business with him in other situations. I won’t go deep into that, I just wanted to put it out as an example.
            As far as a legal polygamist marriage, I do not agree with that what-so-ever.

          • The smoking ban was based on health issues of second hand smoke and even though I have smoked on occasion I would have to agree with it. While I am also against polygamist marriage, it would STILL be discriminatory to not allow them to marry, based on the homosexual marriage argument that people who love each other and are hurting no one, should have the CONSTITUTIONAL right granted by the Supreme Court, to marry.

          • Well see this is where we disagree. I am for gay marriage but polygamy is not only TWO people therefore totally different IMO.

          • If the argument that marriage is not restricted to only ONE man and ONE woman and that ALL have the right to marry…then polygamists MUST be allowed to marry according to the gay marriage argument, otherwise it’s discrimination.

          • I understand your point, but I also see it as ONE person and ONE person.

          • I see it as one man and one woman….the way the world began

          • I can respect that.

          • We’re cool

          • So funny you said that cause I just said that to someone else right before I read your comment. Lol. And yes, we are.

          • Great political commentary from a comic whose marriage fell apart and is a constant self-admitted F**K UP!!! Sorry Louie, some things are not always that simple! Don’t assume to work out why others should join the gay marriage movement! EVERYONE is entitled to their OWN opinion! That also goes for the person who wrote this comment!

          • Exactly.

          • They won’t even if they say the do because it is against God’s precepts and neither do those who commit adultery or divorce or any other “sin” you want to mention unless they turn to God, learn His ways and apply them. Do you?

          • Do I what? Learn God’s ways? No. He loves me for who I am. Am I divorced? Yup.

          • God does not love anyone for who THEY are; He loves the human race with impersonal love because of who and what HE is. As believers, we are His children and He loves us with personal love. If you knew what the Bible says you would not make false statements about it. I could care less if you are divorced. I did not even imply that you were. I just wanted to make sure you understood that homosexuality is not the only sin against God’s precepts — there are many.
            1 John 5:1-2Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him. By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe His commandments.
            2 Corinthians 5:14-15 For the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died; and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf.

          • Well, you are judging them based on your religious beliefs. Covo is finished we can agree to disagree. 🙂 Thank you for your…your…bible verses and opinions somewhere in the middle of them.

          • I don’t go by God’s law and divorce effects EVERYONE! It is not relegated to one religion! Wonderful lives together or not, they are already setting up gay divorce offices! Ha.Ha. The first one is already in business in Philadelphia! It doesn’t effect me either and I don’t care about them, but the illegal and hateful way that the LGBT went about getting what they wanted was unacceptable! Trust me, people will not forget that!

          • I agree, divorce isn’t regulated to one religion, but it is considered a sin in The Bible and that’s all I was getting at. People seem to pick and choose what they want to when it comes to The Bible. The way I see it, is if everyone just lives their own lives and stop pretending as if they live every aspect of The Bible and if others don’t then they are “condemned” or “doomed” we would at least not have such arguments and hate between us.
            Look, all I know and I have said it over and over is that 2 people who want to marry should be able to. No hate. That’s it!

          • I understand what you are trying to say. However, I am not using the morality of the bible for my argument whatsoever. I like your innocent naivete. Trust me, that is not a put down. It is nice to hear such good will. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. Given the tendencies of human beings to make destructive and immoral choices given the chance, history itself is the evidence, the basic structure and stability of a society must be protected by laws that sustain decency. This has been a dilemma for humans since organized communities began. The current corruption of the American government as well as lies and deception in regards to the people to forcibly accept and submit to the liberal agenda is the start of our steady decline. The horrible way in which our system is being rigged permanently in the leftists favor is just another nail in the coffin of our society. We are already seeing the slippery slope scenario starting to begin. A land where ANYTHING goes NEVER works! Just as Communism and Socialism has been proven NOT to work in the past, Liberalism will follow suit. How much is too much?! Now when you reference hate, I hope for YOUR sake, that you are including the LGBT and the Liberal Democrats in your proclamation. These groups have proven ten fold that they are the TRUE HATERS and want to DESTROY ALL who disagree with them! That is a very important point, because if you need to employ such disgusting tactics to get what you want, then what you want is DEFINITELY QUESTIONABLE! Food for thought!

          • ►The current corruption of the American government as well as lies and deception in regards to the people to forcibly accept and submit to the liberal agenda is the start of our steady decline.◄
            ►We are already seeing the slippery slope scenario starting to begin.◄

            I do agree.
            For instance, the man who was “inspired” in this article to apply for a marriage licence fin his polygamist lifestyle I certainly do not agree with and would never be in favor or stand beside polygamists. It’s not TWO people.

            True they didn’t need to go about it the way they did. However, a bit in their defense they have had to struggle with this for so long it apparently got to the frustration point. Lol. But, again I agree with you on this portion as well.
            See, we aren’t so far off on our thoughts, but the main factor is two people love each other and deserve the same chance at life with a person they love just like anyone else. 🙂

          • Trust me, I have long considered what you have mentioned. The human condition can be a complicated one. Loneliness is perhaps one of the worst states that a person can experience. We are a social species. If someone is lucky enough to find that special someone to go through life with, then they are truly one of the lucky ones. With that said, the gay marriage issue involves benefits and other incentives. This issue has gone way beyond just people wanting to love and be with each other. It now involves the forcible participation and support through U.S. citizens tax dollars and bullied social acceptance. It is one thing to have fair and voluntary acceptance through state voting and legislation. It is quite another to break the law, ignore the Constitution and rig Supreme Court justices in your liberal favor to pass a definition of marriage in which they have NO business doing! Even the justices flaunted their disdain for the law and ethics when Ginsberg and Kagan deliberately presided over gay marriages in violation of their oaths well before the disastrous gay marriage vote occurred in late June! That is not America! That is a nation being destroyed by moneyed and powerful special interests who have a radical agenda that they feel must be passed no matter what! I am sorry, but this is a much, much bigger issue! Gay marriage is just a small part of the agenda. This is leading to far more destructive and dangerous legislation that WILL effect EVERYONE! Now, for your part, I must compliment you on your ability to see both sides of the issue. Your balanced consideration is a breath of fresh air. I feel it is a safe bet to assume that you are good person with a healthy consideration for your fellow human being. Please stay that way. Judging how the future is looking and considering all possibilities of a very hostile and challenging existence to any happy life, I feel that outlook will help you through. Good for you.

          • Yes, I absolutely see both sides of the issue…and thank you. I feel like you presumably are a good person as well. I also have enjoyed having this conversion with you as it wasn’t an attack, simply two people sharing their opinions, point of view and supportive backings as to why we believe the way we do. As you noticed the fact that I do see both sides of the issue, which most people don’t they just attack and go with Bible verses and what they feel is RIGHT and I am ALL WRONG. It doesn’t work that way. A pancake is a pancake, it always has two sides. I have no problem admitting there are a few things that you have had me think about and this is another reason I like to have decent informative conversations. It gives me more thought and hopefully on certain topics I can help others see another side of whatever is the issue at hand.
            I still think they should be allowed to marry, but again, you do have me thinking about some things. Some people have it in their minds that gay people are only about sex and that’s not the case. They just want the same things we want in life, except with the same gender. What they do behind closed doors is no ones business same as what we do behind closed doors is no ones business…unless of course people choose to make it their business when they have no reason to.
            I have a few friends who are gay and they are some of the nicest people I have ever known. They will give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it.
            Let’s just hope polygamy never gets their agenda!
            Thank you for your incite and convo mdrod1, it has been pleasurable. Good luck to you in your endeavors and keep having civil conversations without forcing your beliefs or thoughts/opinions as to be the ONLY way. I may not have changed your mind nor you mine, but at least we can agree to disagree peacefully and I appreciate that. 🙂

          • Someone’s a fing idiot. Go marry ur goat.

          • You go do that because you are the fing idiot!

          • How does a man from another city killing another man effect me, that’s the same it don’t effect me but its still not right. Just because it does not effect me does not mean its ok to do it.

          • Killing a man is against the law, loving the same sex is not. It being right or wrong is just your opinion on the matter. And it IS okay to do it.

          • Their lifestyle is lust; not love since it is not approved by the God of the Bible.
            1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.
            Geneses 19:5-8, Lev 18:22-23, Lev 20:13, 1Tim 1:9-10, & Romans 1:26-27, Jude 7

          • LOL. You can stop quoting The Bible verses any day now. Use your own mind that’s why he gave you one.

          • it wouldn’t bother me if they stayed in the closet… but when you start shoving your immoral lifestyle in front of me i get very offended..why do they have to tell anyone about their deviant behavior.. we don’t tell you about what we do….then it becomes an offense that is between them and God…

          • You’re right. They should stay in the closet, be miserable and to protect your insecurities.

          • not in love… in lust!!!

          • Apparently you don’t know the difference. Again, right back to them having sex. It’s not all about sex, get that through your head.

          • no, Bunny i do know the difference…but again you are WRONG…it is all about sex.. i love my brothers but i don’t have sex with them…..they have been deceived into believing a lie..like the bible says… leaving the NATURAL affection of a man and a woman, and seeking the things of pleasure to satisfy their lusts…

          • Hahahhaaa wow..okay! Believe as you wish!

          • Supervision…

          • Must be more heterosexuals than homosexuals; huh? God loves all unbelievers with impersonal love and all believers with personal love because we are His children and all children need to be taught and He does that through His written Word so we can grow spiritually through the power of the Holy Spirit. Divine viewpoint is far superior to human viewpoint; in fact, there is no comparison. For the most part, heterosexuals don’t flaunt their lifestyle in the face of homosexuals and cause them to lose their business or their job or dare churches to marry them so they can bring on a law suit. I worked with many homosexuals in San Francisco and never found one that was happy or satisfied with their life. God has given them a due penalty — that means a lot even if there are only six admonishments…
            Romans 1:26-27 For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the DUE PENALTY of their error.
            Geneses 19:5-8, Lev 18:22-23, Lev 20:13, Jude 7, 1 Tim 1:9-10, I Cor 6:9-10
            It doesn’t matter how many; it matters whether we follow His mandates or not.

          • Could be that the common sense that it is abnormal to be homosexual that it was considered too small a population to receive more admonishment.

          • we have a majority now… but, what we do not have is the MSM reporting the truth..if we can shut down all those liberal “news” agencies, we can turn this country back to ONE NATION UNDER GOD….

          • Yes and we need to remember that the Press (the 4th Estate) is a hard core group of people who think they are molding society by what they write and this is totally human arrogance.
            News should be given with the facts only – not what the commentator thinks – under the Lincoln Stephen rule the 4th Estate came to realize that all they had to do is to throw in a comment about the news and they could gain power. This is why there is tremendous power in the news. Most were communist lefties and progressives during college and agitators as they are now. They don’t like the military and they slant the news and use it to preach. Like the manifestations of man’s sinful nature; power, approbation, sex, killer lust, etc.

          • No, but he might move the end times up a bit.

          • even so come, Lord Jesus…

          • Gnowark — I firmly believe that is our only option. Although there are a few good people in congress that are so outnumbered by the gutless they are rendered useless — for now. Never give up — the AMERICAN CITIZENS will be on top soon.

          • I have been waiting for over 60yr. Wonder how much longer it will be?

          • but you would have to know what the potential candidate wants to do after he gets elected, but you never will, cause they lie to get elected then do whatever they want to do…

          • That’s not how it’s going to work. Voting out and voting in – those who are “in” eventually become bullied or blackmailed into toeing the party line … nope, the ONLY way we are going to get our country back is to take to the streets like the queers have and protest. Who we need to “vote” out is the bastidges who control our schools. THOSE MUST GO. We must take back the minds and teach morals to our young. It is THEY who will lead us, and so far, they are leading us straight to Hell.

          • Agreed. What we should have been doing forever, but have given away because ‘the family’ has been allowed to be government-defined, and all parents have to work to afford the basic necessities of life – tv, movies, fashions, trends,… OH NO, I might be a conspiracy theorist. I had better watch a marathon of American Idle, before I begin to think.

          • That’s pretty funny Gnowark. Thanks for the chuckle. We ALL need to re-think this mess and then DO something about it.

        • mallen11,
          I think these ladies did make a statement for the public to see. It will likely not be the last. I have been outspoken on the LGBT issue for a long time. I do not oppose them as far as their rights go. But while I will defend your rights, once they encroach on mine my support for yours ceases.
          There is absolutely no reason for such a lawsuit. All the gay people had to do was go to another bakery. If I go to a business that cannot satisfy my needs, I simply go to another place. That is just common sense.
          I am retired so I do not have any fear of the LGBT folks bothering me. But they can and did bother others. That is unacceptable deliberate persecution of someone who does not concur with their beliefs.

          • I agree, there are other places they could have had the cake made at. Although, I have to wonder what would happen if many cake makers decided to use their religion as a reason to deny them service?

          • Bunny,
            I would not support just anyone denying LGBT folks a cake unless they are specifically Christian. Of course, there is no test for that. But if the owner is not aligned with a Christian church that does not accept homosexuality, then I would not support their position. There is a big difference between discrimination for no valid reason and standing on one’s Christian beliefs.

      • Billie June Hall


      • People keep saying that Obama is weak. Perhaps we should test that by our defiance of him.

    • They believe they are the elite, of the elite of the elite and are smarter than all the peons!

    • All you have to do pier — is look no farther than what or who is in DC. Look at all of obozo’s puppet judges and almost 100% of our gutless congress who seem to fear not only obozo but the illegals, the minorities ( doesn’t matter which one ) and the wealthy.It is a sad sad state of affairs.

      • they would not have to fear the illegals, “if” they were hot allowed to vote.. as the constitution states..you must be a citizen…

    • They get their way because they march, scream, yell, and riot while the majority sits quietly and just bitches among ourselves. Until we the majority get off our butts and make ourselves heard they will continue to get their way simply because they have no real opposition.

    • Get rid of the illegal 14th amendment and it will end gay marriage. The 14th amendment was never ratified by 2/3 of the states and those in the south were taken over by the north and were coerced into ratifying it. It is a very evil amendment.

    • Have you ever really taken a look at the members of the Supreme Court? They make the Addams Family look normal!

    • No. They vote what the President believes! He is muslin, pro gay, socialist… etc. He is ruler supreme! Time to change thing back to “We the People”! Time to now make our voices heard. Time to take over! Might have to over throw this evil government, but I am ready to lead the charge!

    • They are supposed to work for us, “BUT” once they are in office they do whatever they want for whoever greases their palm the most. If you got the money Honey, they got the time. Otherwise they tell to piss off.

    • they have taken on a Godly like image or a dictator rather than a court who is to abide by the constitution.

    • in most courts if there is a conflict of interest they can’t be involved, Hogan’s vote should not have been allowed. Gingsberg her vote should not have been allowed, her interest and roll in the Legal Aid,,Legal Services makes her disqualified to vote, Gingsberg hates the Tradition Marriage laws, those agencies cause more harm to America than they do good. they have an abundance amount of tax payers money and they Can and Do destroy many families, many of those lawyers are nothing more than criminals themselves, Those are agencies that are the Stepping stones to Bigger and better things in live, and the courts will not go against those agencies, which makes the, above the law. and the children are the victims of those agencies. You didn’t really think that court would vote in favor of keeping Marriage between a man and a woman as the law of the land. the Gays got the good life after they won the Discrimination law.
      We have been enslaved to them, just like we are to foreign countries and the illegals that come here.

  11. MuslimLuvChrist

    Its a shame that SCOTUS just made Russia more Christian than America!!!

  12. Sodomites will continue to build on the preceding decades spent overthrowing convention. They have transferred the stigma from the individual homosexual to the bigoted opposition. It was a brilliant strategy and we foolishly let them get away with it.

    • Rest Assured . The path the GODLESS LEFTY LOON LIBTURD COMMIES are taking us . Its No small Wonder , they are trying SOOO Desperately to Strip US , of ALL our GUN Rights , And OUR GUNS . They Are Paranoid that WE the PEOPLE , Will have a CALL to ARMS , and March to DC and Eltsware In a Full LOCKED & LOADED REVOLUTION Mode . And it Damn sure looks more and More , like WE NEED ONE . We have seen in the Last POTUS Elecxtion how Great , Voting works . It got US a FRAUD ILLEGAL TREASONOUS LIB/DEM COMMIE KENYA MUZZY FAGGOT , PRO-MUZZY Closet TERRORIST . Hell Bent on DESTROYING , OUR COUNTRY . IMHO . The only Sure way to Stop it , IS a REVOLUTION . It worked the First time

  13. How could any clerk refuse a guy so tough, so strong willed, so mean as to willingly take on several female wives along with their monthly hormonal dysfunction. Must assume he has extensive Special Forces, Seal or Marine combat training?

    • That wouldn’t be enough for me. Was married for 13 years to a woman that turned on me for about a week out of every month, sometimes viciously so. It gave me a taste that put women in my rearview mirror forevermore.

  14. The scriptures clearly state that, “Love covers a multitude of sins!” (1Peter 4:8). In other words, in the name of love many improper things can happen. Perhaps it is that some have confused Love with Lust. It is a fact that True Love can not wait to give of itself, where as Lust can not wait to take that which is not its own. What is corrupting our society and its values needs to be more clearly defined by the perputrators if the truth and right is ever to be know,

  15. independent thinker

    As far as history and society is concerned the argument for allowing polygamy is much stronger than the argument for same sex marriage.

  16. What’s the difference between SCOTUS & Sodom & Gomorrah? Different names.

  17. WELL… the rest of the turd’s losers coming through!!! Wonder how he feels as the piece of excrement that destroyed the once finest, greatest nation in the world!!! I KNOW there is a place in hell for him….. I am praying he gets there sooner than later… I can’t see continuing to pay his pension when he never did ANYTHING to earn it…. only let millions of illegals, most of whom were criminals in, to raid our welfare benefits for CITIZENS who are in need… he trashed the viability of this plan…. and now wants to tell home owners that this riff-raff will soon be their neighbors!!! Let’s send these losers to Chicago…. his home town!!! Anyone want to start a collection????

  18. The courts will have to grant polygamy. The can of worm the not so five supreme justices opened are crawling all over the nation. Just wait until Timmy wants to marry Lassie, or the sodomites come for your children. What used to be the United States no longer exist.


  19. I knew polygamy issue was coming; and this is being raised by TPs and Repubs who want dump their wives when they develop wrinkles. These people want fresh pasture and cannot stand their wives getting wrinkles. So you TP and Repubs wives watch out. You will be dumped or be 2nd wives. Do you remember when Romney won the GOP nomination? The Mormons invited him at their temple and asked if he would use his pen to allow polygamy if elected. Romney was quiet about this issue. But one thing bothered me is when Ann Coulter bragged she wanted to move in the WH if Romney was elected as president. Anny Coulter did not explain what Romney owed her. May be now Ann Coulter can tell us what it was. Ann Coulter has now a Black boy-friend; and she is comfortable in her sex-life.

  20. Polygamy?—there is a far bigger picture. Let us check with those (and any other multiple wives families) women after just a month or so, and see how their sexual and “caring” needs have been met. Most men would not refuse to feed their wives but I suspect many if not most of the polygamous men overlook their wives’ “other essential needs”. And for those men, I further suspect they are infected with the mistaken philosophy of, “bam-bam , thank you mam”. Let us hear from some of the wives and get their viewpoints on this issue. Also, the UN is, as we speak, fumbling around with the concept of “population control”—polygamy surely does not contribute to that issue. Let us keep in mind that polygamy flourished in ancient times when the Muslims first started their “world conquest” and many of their men were absent for years at a time, and the issue further thrived during the follow-on Christian Crusades—-and a few selfish men thought those
    “unattended women” to be a pleasure “gift from Heaven”— Also, all Holy Books decree (paraphrased), “marry, go forth and procreate”. Well, between the two, “we” have done that and logic, deductive reason and common sense should now dictate that this planet will only support a limited number of people. I am one of twelve children, and I can recall as a teenager, my father chastising my oldest brother; “Son, you will never be a real man until you understand and appreciate that it is not the pleasure you “receive” from sex, it is the pleasure and caring that you “give”. Again, let us hear from several females already are involved or who desire to do so.

  21. Not surprising — the libtard demoRAT a–holes are great at getting something started without ever thinking about the consequences. Next it will be a license to marry their sheep or mares or ducks — sound rediculous — just wait for it !!!!! The only thing rediculous in this country is this administration, all his lying blind minions and all the ignorant libtards.

    • The only problem is that when we start claiming our sheep, mares, or ducks as dependents it will start eating into their revenue. Since Democrats are the most greedy people on the face of the earth, they will not stand for that.

  22. As nothing about marriage is covered in our Constitution which means according to the Constitution marriage should be left up to the States and as there is to be separation of Church and State then the State should not impose their laws on the Church.
    The Supreme Court has taken on a subject the Federal govt had no right to even consider no less pass judgement on all the States.
    Now I agree polygamy can use the same argument as the Gays as to justify Gay marriages and if that is enforced then why not have polygamy where a man take also a wife who is 13 or 14, at that age children are knowledgeable
    able to care for themselves and others so why not allow a man or woman to marry two women or a women to have two husbands or a man, a woman and another boy or girl thus having possible gay relationships as well as the traditional relationships, and who is to say that kids may be younger say 9 or 10 with parents permission and then maybe do without permissions in the future and of course many people have pets as well dogs, on farms, horses, sheep, and whatever else, where does it stop. why not have 11 or 13 Supreme’s and make it a requirement that they all must be lawyers and judges with at least 10 years on the bench so they have experience instead of being a professor like Sotomeyer and make it Mandatory that if they had activity in a subject before the court they would not be able to vote on it. Our Supremes like Sotomeyer and ginsburg married Gay and Lesbians, Sotomeyer worked on getting Obamacare passed yet they both voted on these actions when they should have recused themselves but they didn’t and Obamacare and Gay marriage are here.

  23. next comes incest, pedophilia, and marrying your dog!

  24. Why is anyone surprised? If you have a home which tolerates one cockroach, That home will soon have a whole colony of them in no time at all

  25. Deborah Tucker

    I think my cat should be able to marry all her many cat men. My dog male dog also really loves our male cat. I catch them “involved” in things sometimes Maybe they want to get married. A cat with several husbands, a dog and cat of the same sex married. Hmm, One cat was also with a opossum last week chasing it around in the pasture. If there is no distinction between who can marry, maybe my animals want to become legit. Just putting it out there, something to think about

  26. Vernon Cunningham

    Since the Supreme court has made this decision, anything goes. Morality is dead. we are as Rome was. before the fall.

  27. well I don’t no how the writer could even think that we have any chance at all of ending up in a nice place… you can’t end up in a nice place if it’s full of queers and tranny… I would rather see the guy marry two women than gays marry.. I ‘m not for either one but it’s a whole lot better than same sex that’s just sick

  28. syntex1@comcast.net

    Go get him nobama, you started it and he (it) belongs to you

  29. Gay marriage = Population control. Next is legalizing marriage between humans and animals

  30. It is obvious that the supreme courts decision on gay marriage is a very bad mistake and must be reversed and it can be very easily reversed. All it will take is a simple minority vote of the the house and senate. I just dont know they are waiting for.

  31. Like WHO T F . Didn’t see This coming ?? First its FAGGOT Marriage , Next will be , MARRY a CAT , DOG , GOAT , CHECKEN , etc etc etc . Old McDonald Had a Farm . AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

  32. New rules allow anyone or anything marital status. Dog and man; horse and woman, makes no difference anymore. I’ve always thought civil unions allowing the same rights and privileges as married people could make this at least tolerable, guess not.

  33. I want to marry my cat and claim her as a deduction.

  34. Samuel Clemens

    I’m madly in love with my “Jenny.”

  35. I Finally saw on the TV News today–“Where A Man became married to a 3 ft. long Crocodile”-! It’s Queer
    & Darn-Right Funny–because I keep “Thinking Of A Black Widow” who eats her Mate in about 3 Years-for a
    “Bed-time Snack”-! No Wonder The Supreme-Court of the U.S. Favors Croc’s over the Human-Race-!

  36. ►”What would possibly be the justification for laws banning polygamy?”◄

    The justification is the fact that a marriage is between TWO PEOPLE! Yes a woman & a man, a woman & woman, a man & man. Each set are a COUPLE, they are TWO PEOPLE! Don’t start the crap about a GROUP that is TOTALLY different.
    Another story I also read was about how pedophile’s want to have the right to marry!! WHAAAT??? That is an adult who is sexually attracted to young children. THAT is against the law! Criminal! You go to jail for that crap what in the world makes them think it would be okay to marry a child?? BIG difference between TWO ADULTS consenting and marrying and an adult wanting to marry a CHILD!!

    Where do we get these people??
    I’m fine with the gay marriage because as I said it is two adults, but this is seriously getting out of hand.


  38. I would like to have one wife for each day of the week and one for weekends only! I see no problem under this NEW LAW by SCOTUS that would prevent me from doing just that! Variety is the spice of life?! I believe I would have to sleep with one eye open at all times, just incase one of these wives is upset over the New Situation! LOL

  39. I would rather see polygamy in this country than what was just passed and strangely enough, don’t see a whole lot of biblical passages against it…only in the new testament, if you were a deacon or elder of a church..but also in the passage, you had to have your wife under subjection(obedience) and your children under control…imagine that…your kids wouldn’t be dying on the streets…

  40. All I can say is: I TOLD YOU SO!

  41. This story is only the tip of the iceberg. NAMBLA has been pushing for years to have pedophilia legalized. Now, thanks to this ruling, they will be empowered to push for the repeal of laws against pedophilia. Also on the horizon, look for challenges to age laws. You’re going to see 60 year olds trying to marry 13 year olds and if they don’t get their way they’ll sue. The reason that Supreme Court Jester rulings are so dangerous is because it sets precedent. These rulings are what the aclu lawyers point at when they’re making their case in the lower courts. Get ready, the circus is about to start.

  42. Scotus’s Royal F**K up just threw America and the world into a chaotic future! This is not only about religious opposition to the homosexual lifestyle, it is about what keeps a society decent. There is a reason that traditions in society and the family have been practiced and upheld for THOUSANDS of years! They keep things stable and build a more secure foundation in which humans can prosper and perpetuate. This current wave of political change has NOTHING to do with society in general. It has to do with a moneyed minority that wants it’s agenda fulfilled! Regardless of the damage it causes to society at large! Political correctness, fear and liberals are bullying this movement through. That is not how a society advances for a stable good. Liberals will argue all day and quote race-related examples from past legislation to justify this radical movement, but it is not the same issue! Many more nations might look at the radicalization of America and erroneously think that it is okay and that maybe they should do the same. That would be a tragedy for civilization because some things should never change, like what made human society develop and endure for so many ages in the first place!

  43. Michael Dennewitz

    Oh no, my little red spam lite just went off.. Headuphisass must be in here! Ha! Glad I don’t have to read his bullshit any further!! 🙂

  44. I think I’ll marry my fence post and claim her as a dependent on my Form 1040. She’s real good to me. Holds my fence up real good. Don’t talk back to me. No nagging about my drinkin’ or my unhealthy diet. No fightin’ over the TV remote or me watchin’ football or Duck Dynasty. Don’t insist on going places with me and watches our dog real good. Shoot, I can tie up Bozo to her with a rope and she will mind him all day long. And she’s low maintenance health wise. She was pressure treated not long ago. I wouldn’t marry one that was sick. Oh! One more thing, no fightin’ over the covers at night.

  45. Obama planned this so his Muslims can have more then one wife, that would be a lot of wives and kids on welfare.. Plus these men car not loving any one like love should be , it is perverted sexual lust, it will even come to marring kids under 9 years old.. This is the worse President in the world history of USA. all l can say is this will take more need Americans off the welfare but no illegals aor Muslims.. they will get it more..And l am beginning to think Obama is mentally sick and deranged. I think that he is a dangerous man and even though he does not have his hands on the trigger, he still as guilty as the killers he support… l also believe that Jesuits and Pope Francis support ISIS because it takes the blame away from them.. It seem so plain to my eyes because neither Pope are doing NOTHING about help the Christians…

  46. I also think prostitution should be legalized.

  47. Knew this was coming!

  48. What is next in liberal land?

    “I think I am entitled.”

    too late…

  49. Many people would like to marry their dog or cat and that is easy to understand because animals are all love but sometimes they can be expensive to take care of. I keep wondering how this is going to be handled by the IRS. Will there be many pages of 1040 to chose from to list all of the wives and husbands after the supreme court approves polygamy, and to be fair and not discriminate against other forms of marriage they must approve that too. Also more lines will be required for dependents. If the supreme court extends marriage to cover dogs and cats will the puppies and kittens become dependents? And I have a wonderful African Grey parrot and would like to marry her too.

  50. In the matter of the so-called Affordable Care
    Act, the Supreme Court ruled that the law must not say what it in fact does say
    because it would be better if it were not to say what it says and were to say
    something else instead. In the matter of same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court
    rules that the law must say what it does not say because it would be better if
    it were to say what it does not say instead of what it says. Which is to say,
    the Supreme Court has firmly established that it does not matter what the law
    says or does not say — what matters is what the Justices want. We have entered
    a new era in America – the era of the far-left Ayatollahs. Interpretations of
    our Constitution are wide open to the winds of individual likes and dislikes of
    the justices of the Supreme Court depending on what the morning’s edition of
    the New York Times says and on what La Pelosi declared on MSNBC last night. And, of
    course, on what murmurings are issued from “the penumbras of the Constitution”.
    The two “justices” (Ginsberg and Kagan) who had already performed homosexual “marriages”
    before did not find it necessary to recuse themselves!

  51. If two dudes or two broads can marry each other, I don’t have a problem with men marrying as many women as they want, they’ll pay for it later. It doesn’t matter if women marry as many men as she can. Group misery is possible!

  52. Glad that others are fighting this evil judgement. If marriage means all encompassing. So be it. I aim for a new title. Enlightened Joining. Defined as a human Man and Woman only! Holy in front of the title for religious gatherings! The gay community should pay for the rewrite of the Christian and morale belief! Thus; their gathering license should add at least another 200$ because the realist believe in what was there for centuries. Want to redefine the world? Do it at your expense! Those of us wanting definition will find a way to make all this your expense!

  53. I have lived near the highest population of polygs in America and I have seen the hell that it has created in the lives of those who have tried to escape the bondage of plural marriage. To recognize polygamy and give it protection is to recognize bondage and captivity of the plural wives and provide protection under the law.

  54. it’s not a hand full of people when it comes to money,bribes, cash for wealth and power, cash for foreign interference. The clinton clinton the road to the WH with Dead bodys over 200 at least, other people were financially destroyed by false accusations and having to defend themselves with expensive court hearings, many other were attacked by the IRS, threats to their loved ones,animals any thing they can to shut you up and get away with criminal activity, the clintons have broken every law on the books, that Includes Treason, they lied to the Grand Jury, Inside Trading, War crimes, it goes on and on.
    the cliinton thru election fraud,blackmail, killings,beating and etc. got into the WH. the Republican party well aware of the corruption and illegal voting but did noting about it. They are paying the Price now ann have been for years, Pres.Bush did put up a fight and got the WH even thou they did have to give in to the left in order to get any work done and keep America Safe. the Clinton i’m sure had a hand in 9/11, they deliberately glue down the keys on the type writers and trash the Wh, which we the Tax payers had to pay for, Hitlary took off with furniture and other items from the WH, They did what ever the could to stall Pres.Bush and Dick Chaney from moving into the WH. if you remember they had to open offices in another building in order to quickly take over the jobs of the President. Thank God Pres Bush was able to get things under control as quickly as they did or 9/11 would have been a lot worse. AT the Time PRes. Bush and D.Chaney took office this country was in GREAT Danger, we had no way to defend ourselves, the Dems passed a bill not allow us to defend ourselves, we were not allow to fire a missile unless one fell on our soil. clinton have the technology to China that each missiles has 10 small Nuclear War heads attached to each missiles and pointing at the US, 13 or 18 of these missiles. PRes. quickly got a missile defense system put into place, even thou Russia was against it and clinton and Albright,Cliintons secryt.of state signed and old Russian Treaty denying us the right to have missile defense.
    Russia wasn’t happy about that, but nobody know Pres. Bush could get that missile defense up and running as soon as possible, We could have been facing the samething the Ukrainian people have been facing.
    and besides Russia wasn’t to concerned because clinton also closed many of our bases, deliberately weakening our military and in doing so they made sure there was No Missile and Launcher found in any one given place. you can’t fire that missile with out a launcher, clinton was also getting rid of much of our weapons.
    We have Pres.Bush and VP, Dick Chaney for a lot, we owe our lives to them.
    Newt Gingrich of forced out of office, but if he would have kept his nose clean, stop the womanizing and focused on the country he could have Walked into the WH with out a vote, but because of his Greed and allowing himself to be taken in by the left he lost what chances he had. Newt was Stupid, he was 3rd in live for the President and thru it it away by doing the same things the DemoRats have been doing, So they let went after Newt,forced him out, When Newt resigned he did admit to the danger this country was in, he did expose the clinton and the left but at that point who would believe him, he was not damaged goods by the left and once they go after you, your finished as Newt sees today,
    the DemoRats that are really a Progressive movement, socialist,communist and they raised and brought up to gain seats in our Government for what has been happening to this country now. They cliinton layed out the frame work for the direction of this country but couldn’t get it done because they had a Republican Congress, Clinton was out to bankrupt this country, wanted in the Worse way to get his hand on the Social Security money, clinton and Rubin his secryt.of treasury were out to bring this country to it;s knees. nobody was allowed to view these Treasury books, not until they left and nobody know just how many sets of books the kept.
    Greenspan called it a Bubble and every body bought into that explanation, the fact is, it was down right, criminal, corruption, at the highest level of Government and nothing the American people could do about it and still can’t. anyone that goes up agains the clintons are sure to get killed or destroyed, they own the Justice system, the Judges that they put in place to cover for them.
    those foreign countries won’t hesitate to come to their rescue. everyone is running scared of the clintons because they fear for the families. Unless the clinton are behind bars I don’t think Justice will ever prevail.
    the clintons as well and hanoi Kerry are very,very dangerous to this country, these are people that should have been convicted and give the death penalty for Treason years ago, now were paying the price and they are getting way with every Treasonist act they can commit.
    America no longer has a voice, not until the make an example of the clintons and put them behind bars.
    Waco, cliintons Arkansas body guards got jobs with the FBI after clinton lest Arkansas and became President.
    Waco was the perfect way to get rid of those Body Guards without the chance of beeing accused of their deaths. they blew up the compound after they Riddled those Guards with bullets. the bodies were not burned enough for them not to see what really happened to them.
    right now the more illegals that are coming thru the better, the Progressive movement like hitalry and obama need those illegals for votes, they need them for the 2016 election.

  55. the courts and make believe judges work for obummers communistic thinking, they want us all in chains, obummer hates America, next child molesters will want to marry their victims. obummer should have sold his daughter to the African prince for 3 goats and whatever else he had. obummer wants us to be his slaves, just work and take our money. watch this is not the end, unless congress wakes up, the supreme court should have a 6year term and if you cannot do your job your out without a pension get a job when you leave.

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