Polls Pitting Clinton Against Trump are Meaningless

According to a new article in the Washington Post theorizing how a general election matchup of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could reshape the electoral map, the biggest fight may come down to industrial states in the Rust Belt. Trump, they say, has galvanized white, working-class voters, which could peel away states that have gone to Democrats since 1992. But with weak numbers among Hispanics, they report, Trump could struggle to overcome a changing American demographic.

To prop up their position, they cite the polls:

A Washington Post-ABC News poll from earlier this month showed stark divides among those backing Trump and Clinton.

Overall, the former secretary of state led 50 to 41 percent among registered voters. Trump led 49 to 40 percent among white voters, while Clinton led 73 to 19 among non-whites. Trump led by five points among men, and Clinton was up by 21 among women. Trump led by 24 points among whites without college degrees, while Clinton led by 15 among whites with degrees.

That’s all well and good, but it means nothing at this point. Literally nothing. The election is eight months away, and national opinion polls have questionable worth even when they are nearer to the vote. Neither of these two have even won their respective nominations. How that happens, if it happens, could have a significant impact on how Americans view their choices. And Republicans are still musing over the prospect of putting their support behind a third-party challenger.

To be fair, WaPo does acknowledge that this election year is like nothing we’ve ever seen before:

Although polls give Clinton a solid advantage over Trump in a general election, many Democrats remain wary because of what one party strategist called “the unpredictability of Trump.”

That unpredictability is why many Americans can’t remember the last time they went a full day without hearing Trump’s name. The media may despise him and everything he stands for, but they can’t get enough of the ratings. If he gets the nomination, he’s going to continue dominating the press coverage in the months leading up to November. Yeah, most of it will be negative, but what else is new? The more vicious the media gets, the higher Trump’s numbers go.

Last summer, when Trump announced his candidacy, you couldn’t have found a pundit in the country who would have given him a prayer of winning the nomination. Today, that outcome is all but certain. Trump has tapped into a rich vein of political yearning that the Republican Party didn’t even know was out there. Clinton…hasn’t. That growing energy could surprise a great many Democrats when all the votes are counted.



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  1. Polls are not facts, polls are nothing more than a tool used by political pundits when they do not have REAL facts to prove their points.

    When someone posts a poll as a fact, they have exposed their inability to come up with real facts to support their position.

    • Yes , poles pick who they want that will give them the answers they desire.
      As an example if they want to show the results favoring Hillary, they pick a area that has more blacks. Naturally she would beat any republican.

    • polls are a strange thing ,I have voted in every election since eisenhower and I have never been part of a poll, not once

      • I also think polls are published to influence your thinking

      • Kind of goes to proving out my point. A poll is a sample and that sample is tainted by the bias of the person taking the poll. If they do not like what you say, they simply hang up.

        I have never been a part of a poll, except a Honda Service poll. At the time Honda was bragging about 100% customer satisfaction…. When I told them I was unhappy, they hung up.

        As for political polls, they are even more corrupt. People hear only what they want to hear.

    • Polls are news fodder the pundits do not have to work for. Polls are merely tools of persuasion and historically, not good at forecasting anything. In a free-market system,, the poll-takers are hired by clients with agendas that need public support. Poll-takers want happy clients too so, they direct their poll taking to populations that support the client’s agenda making most polls worthless when populations and margin of error are exposed.


    • Yes she will be beat , but not by Trump. He won’t get a chance, unless he runs as a third party candidate. But then she will be the next president. Because his
      worshipers will vote for him and divide the vote, might have to have a rub off
      if neither received enough votes to be elected.

      • she’d be beat by even you.

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        • Why is it always someone else and never the poster?

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            LOL! Her friend’s friend’s cousin’s BFF’s wife’s brother makes MILLIONS using CashSCAM! LOL!

        • You ought to share your income with Trump, he needs it to pay all those Trump University people that he robbed.

          • Rather unbecoming to show your bankrupt spirit.

          • Trump id not alone in this. All public and private secondary education is suffering discontent from the alumni. Apparently too many ‘skulls of mush’ students are lead to believe that for the price of tuition, the school can guarantee success without hard work.

          • Anyone worth their salt can get an education,Mike I worked and pastored two small churches to get my college education .Then pastored a large church to get my Seminary Education . All these kids that are supporting Sanders , thinking they are going to get a free education. Will wind up flipping hamburger if they wait on that.
            I was married and had a child when I started to college . My wife was a stay at home mother. But God provided. I gave up a baseball career to preach the gospel. Never have regretted it for one moment. Twenty seven years old when I enrolled in college.

      • Well, preacher, you mean she’s gonna beat up on John Ka-Sick or Canadian-Club-Cuban-Cruz?

      • SOME are saying OBAMA want finish his last year in OFFICE,the BIBLE SAYS SO>I GOT TO LOOK INTO THIS>

      • A travesty like the 1860 results…

      • You are nuts, Trump has the nomination in the bag. Good grief, he is the only real candidate in the running in either party. Trump is different, he tells it like it is, he is telling people what needs to be done in a matter of way which is the right way and he is going to do it! The so called ins think they are more qualified because they are already politicians and they will tell people anything, true or false to get their vote.

        • For sure Trump is Pragmatic type person, he is a problem solver. He shows us that with his businesses. He is a proven and tuff leader in the business world. Part of his success is that he is in fact a great negociator and he cares not who you are or where your from, he cares about the bottom line, the deal. Look at this refugee situation, he is absolutely right about all of it. The stupid Europeans just opened there doors and let them in and now they are blowing Europe up to hell and gone and Belium yesterday. When are these stupid asses going to learn? Part of my job is doing business in Germany. You know what the German people are saying behind the seen”s to me, they are saying I wish we had a leader like Trump here in. The Germans hate what their leaders are doing. Trump is exactly what this country needs, and I hope he bars fox from the White House. Then Megan will realize that she did ask Trump some very disrespectful questions. Actually I think CNN has treated Trump with more respect.

          • A good motto here is, “Be careful whose toes you step on today because they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.” Megan and Fox may be very regretful once this election is over. But I have a feeling Trump will not disrespect them if they bring him an olive branch of peace when the dust settles. As you noted, he is a negotiator.

          • I tend to agree with you. I like to say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Hannity, and the other guy older guy that wrote some books on Killing Kenndy, I forget his name. They really are the only two that I respect.

            Its funny that Ted Cruz still does not get it about what makes Trump an easy pick for the people and the working man in particular. Cruz keeps saying that Trump is not a true conservative and he’s right. But what he does not get is that America has been a victim of Cruz conservative values. He is not willing to move a little towards the middle or even meet anyone half way on anything.Americans are not true conservatives anymore, but that does not mean there going to hell, it means that we all are imperfect and thats why we have our religions. At some point that hard attitude has to take a back seat so hurting Americans can earn a living. I don’t see anyone in government limiting spending, and in 2012 the republicans and democrats increased all forms of taxes which would take affect in Jan. 1st 2016. Then right after Obama was re elected they increased another form of taxes with Obama care. You are forced to buy it and if you don’t, you pay a fine per month based on your income. Its a big failure because people can’t afford it, Then we elect a republican senate with the promiss that it will be repealed and they don’t even have the guts to use the power of the purse strings to stop it. Way back in the BJ Clinton days 34 out of 46 of our republicans voted yes along with 50 some odd democrats with NAFTA to send over 1 million manufacturing jobs south of the border.
            We just have to take our government back. One thing is for sure, we are witnessing a very different and historic election process. We all have to stick together here with Trump and hope that he tones down a little with women and Latino’s. We need to find a way to get even more voters in. I believe our own republican party would rather see Hillary win over Trump. Trump threatens both parties, and truthfully we are witnessing the full corruption of the republicans turning on Trump, this is why I know we need him.

          • So right rex ames. In addition to your points I would add that NAFTA which was suppose to improve the Mexican standards of living to equalize the discrepancies has proved to be a dismal failure. The workers are virtual slaves working for pennies on the dollar. The living conditions for those people are unhealthy slums full of crime and disease. The only part of Mexico that benefitted from NAFTA is the upper echelon of that country. They are very happy.

            That said, I think NAFTA should be the first treaty renegotiated. And it is abundantly clear that the politicians of today know nothing of negotiations. The whole lot of them are simply polticians. The harvard attorneys are the worst of the bunch evidenced by BO. Now with Cruz on his soapbox and pulling many political stunts of note beginning with his shameful deception with Carson. I am wondering if the conservative pick and now establishment darling is any better than the rest. It appears that a politician is just a politician even the ones who say they are conservatives.

          • Here is the problem with NAFTA. Part of the treaty was that we gave corn subcities to our farmers so it drove the price of corn in Mexican agriculture down to where farmers could not make a living in Mexico. It forced allot of labor to go across the border illegally to the USA. The other part of the NAFTA treaty was to give tax breaks to corporations that moved there. This came in the form of free taxes to move goods produced in Mexico across the borders north to the USA. It all turned out to be an even bigger wind fall for the corporations, because the wages in Mexico are anywhere from 15 to 30 dollars per hour cheaper and very little benefits. I work for a big corporation that moved here after NAFTA was created, and as of last year we pay .75 cents to 1.50 per hour for factory labor in an Automotive stamping plant. The quoted hourly rate hear in Mexico for higher skill level ( tool& diemaker) or regular lower skill level with wages and benefit average of 5.00 per hour and a few make 6 to 8 dollars. In the USA the average is 55 to 60 per hour for the same jobs.
            The Mexican government controls most of the wage structure here, so the corporations are raking it in on the wage difference and then getting free taxes to send a Dodge truck north to the USA to sell to us at full price. In case your wondering how I know all this I work in Mexico as a high level engineer for a US corporation. Corporate profits are way up, and corporate tax is half what it is in the USA. Why did all this happen?? Because big business which is tied to wall street wanted to make more profit and screw U.S. workers, so they shoveled money to all the politicans to create treaties like NAFTA. Kasichs and J. Mccaine are at the head of my shit list because they took the money and voted yes for NAFTA. This is why companies are all flocking to Mexico. I’m a level 4 engineer, pretty high up the ladder, and you would not believe my bonus last year.
            You want to know more, here’s my email. rex.ames@yahoo.com

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Trump needs to stop being a baby if he hadn’t said those words he never would have been asked. Fox has been very good to Trump who had gotten more free time then Trump stop complaining and get your big pants on

          • I submit that you need to put your big girl pants on yourself and stop your complaining Virginia. Trump or Cruz, both have their flaws and you don’t hear my complaints about Cruz cause which ever we all pick to be behind there is a reason we chose as individuals. And as a matter of fact, I know the motto I posted above is quite true. Cause I had people kissing my behind who stepped on my toes as I moved up the ladder.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Good for you. I have my big pants on but it sounds like you don’t have yours on. If you had people kissing your behind its something I don’t think I’d have admitted it

          • Virginia, you have some lessons to learn. Spite and nasty actions do have consequences. And it was with civil fortitude that I treated those who had to grovel kindly. I have no trouble acknowledging that what goes around comes around when folks lie, cheat and steal trying to get away with something. Megan and Fox lied and misrepresented facts. They were rude and crude just like Rosie when she dished it out to Trump as Megan wanted to misrepresent what actually transpired. Trump has every right to call a spade a spade. Rosie was a big mouth flash in the pan and no one has to take it. Man or woman! And that is what inspired Megan? Gracious, what a feminist Megan is. Like Rosie was an innocent woman. NOT!

            Read the post of David above but here it is just in case you missed it.


            Did Cruz’s parents submit this document? It is very doubtful:




            But, look at his family tree!!!!


            Did Cruz’s parents submit this document? It is very doubtful:




            But, look at his family tree!!!!


          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Stop you’re idiot post

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Prove it that Megan lied if she was going to lie about the question fox would never had aloud it the check all the questions before they are asked at the debates so prove it that she lied

          • REALLY! Thank you for sharing.

          • Whats really got everyone pissed Virginia is that Trump payed allot of people money for favors, and mostly they were politicans. Like any rich business man they sometimes need a favor. They are mad at Trump because he is exposing not only big business, but also the political money grabbers, and now they are angry and embarrassed about because Trump has something on all of them. They all made fun of him in the beginning, but now no one is laughing, and just maybe Megan better find a different brand of lip balm. The problem with Megans question was it had nothing to do with how we are going to fix this country Virginia, but it everything to do with wasting my time and yours for watching it, and Megan sure got ratings for her network did’nt she !! Fox probably lost 30 million bucks because Trump had plans to talk with the RNC instead of another debate, and Fox can thank their Megan for that loss.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Megan has lost nothing for fox. Who the hell does Trump think he is calling fox to fire her. Does he realize this is not his business and he doesn’t call the shots. He’s just a big bully if things don’t go the way he wants it to he cries wolf and fire this person because he didn’t like the question maybe it shouldn’t have been asked but if he didn’t call women these names they wouldn’t have been asked. Trump gets more free time on fox then any other candidate

          • Sounds like you are letting your emotions get the best of your logical thought process.
            I’ll tell you who the hell Trump is, he is a presidential candidate, and he is to be treated with the same respect as the other candidates. He fired back a Megan because she asked a very disrespectful question as a news media person, and I emphasize person. It so happens that this news person is a woman, but Trump would have fired back even if a man was asking a question that was not only disrespectful to a candidate, but was not relivant at all to the problems that need fixing in this country. Stop pulling a Hillary Clinton act, this is not about gender at all. Its about respect for the position, and I believe Trump has withstood being made fun of and attacked by literally everyone ganging up on him at once, including having the Republican super pak that now backing Cruz plaster Mr. Trumps wifes nude pictures all over the internet. How about you going after these people and giving this woman some respect. Your problem is just like Carly or Hillary, your trying to make this about gender, and it is not that at all.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I already did its disgrace to show pictures of either wife and the networks need to stop showing it. I agree the question shouldn’t have been asked bit get over it already get back to the question about how to our country back to number 1 and not the 3rd world country Obama has brought us to. Vote Republican

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I’m sick and tired of this petty junk why can’t they just tells us what they plan to make us number 1 again Obama has taken our country to a 3rd world country I’d like the know what they’re going to do. Stop this idiot pictures and talks about the wives get to the important issues

          • I totally agree Virginia. This super pak backing Cruz posted these picture’s that were acquired from the Cruz camp and given to the Pak. I don’t care how much they hate Trump, that was just wrong and only cements the Trump supporters even more for him.
            Trump did not start that, and Cruz is now angry at Trump, because he posted something about his wife. Enough is enough and as much as I wanted him for the VP position, as far as I’m concerned he’s out. I think the networks bare allot of responcibility for this for even agreeing to show on the network. Anything for rattings !! They should be ashamed and I would like to see Fox come out and say they would never do this to a presidential candidate. This does nothing for the American people. If I were Trump, I personally would do everything in my power to bury the people who did this. Ulimitely, its not responcible news casting and pretty unethical. I would never do another debate on the network that showed the pictures. I very ashamed for our news people.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I agree stop this crap tell us what you’re going to make our country number 1 again Obama and Clinton have made our wonderful country a 3rd world country. Obama said he wanted change out country and he sure has we need to get him out as soon as possible thank god he only has 9 months left but he still can do a lot more to the country God Bless America vote Republican

          • I’m very worried whats happening now. Trump won Louisiana and Of course Cruz second place. The Rubio Delegets not sure how many. But the RNC is awarding them to Cruz and not giving any to Trump. This is how corrupt the RNC is and shows that Cruz by accepting these that he is corrupt too!! Any morron knows they should at he very least be split evenly or maybe one or two more to favor Trump because he won the State.
            This really pisses me off.

          • Yes, it PO’s me also. Still it is a bit amusing to see the GOP and the rich and powerful running scared of Trump. They really must think DT WILL rain on their parade.

          • If I know Trump he will crap on it.
            I find something else interesting, they say he’s anti women, which I think is bull. If he says anything about Megan, or Carly they cry he is a bigot and a woman hater. The truth is he picked on Carly because of her poor business practices, and he got on Megan because she tried to cause trouble for calling Rosy Odonnel a fat pig. He was angry at Megan for asking a question that had nothing to do with fixing this country. That’s what he was angry about,and also the lack of respect for a presidential candidate, but Megan got her rattings is what she wanted. The truth is Rosy had been making fun of Trump on her show publicly, so Trump fought back, and yeah told the truth. She is a fat pig. Does’nt mean he’s a woman hater. He has a right to defend himself.

            Are women men haters and bigots because they pick on Trump? Its a two way street I think, and a double standard.

          • No, nothing has even suggested DT was a “woman hater.”
            I think the feminists should be complimented that DT treats them same way he would treat a man in these situations!
            That IS what they desire, isn’t it? To be treated the same as a man.
            Yes, certainly a double standard here.
            I would just hate it if he bowed down to these women!

          • Yeah that’s a problem, everyone wants to be equal until there treat equal, then they don’y like it and pull the gender card when it suits them.
            My father razed me to open car doors for a woman, and yes I enjoy doing it and would not do it any other way.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            They need to stop showing pictures of either wife I don’t care I want to know the issues and how they’re going to fix the United State’s

          • According to Snopes, all Trump posted was that “he would the beans” about Cruz’s wife. It wasn’t Trump that posted that about Cruz’s wife being a former call girl.
            Both of the candidates should be certain of their facts before spouting off.

          • What does snopes say about who posted about Trumps wife? I agree, but the respon. falls on the news people for printing something that is not right. They don’t care, look at what was done to Trumps wife, I no more respect at all for Cruz or the media for posting about Trumps wife. It makes us want to support Trump more and more.

            Because I say it, does not mean its true, and should not be printed until the facts are clear with prof. I have no respect for the news media. Just like Trump attacking Megan or Carly, they want to make it bigotry when in reality its about what was said in Megan’s case. With Carly it was mostly about her ability and and yes about her personally too. But so what, they are women, Trump is a man and they attack him, of course they do, does that make the women a bigot against men? I don’t think so, You have to rise above all that crap if your going to trade insults, so what. You don’t see the men crying bigot.

            Now the RNC is awarding all Rubio’s deleg. to Cruz from Louisiana and Trump won the state. This really shows the American people how corrupt the party is.

          • The report I read (sorry I didn’t write down the site) said it was a Republican anti-Trump super PAC that published the pic of Melania. The false news site (admitted by their own disclaimer), was said to be Nevada County Scooper that reported that Cruz’s wife was a former call girl.
            Be nice if BOTH candidates would do some fact checking before they spout off and lay blame on each other.
            That is, unless BOTH candidates and their wives didn’t care who posted those as long as they received more media attention. Really, who knows?
            But, I will vote for TRUMP because I am believing more all the time that he is the only hope we have to start pulling the nation our out of our morass. If we wait for a “purrrrfect” man to help this nation, we will certainly sink completely.
            I have no respect for the media either. I am beginning to think the same way about the GOP Leadership.

          • I agree Mary, the RNC just gave the votes that Rubio got from Louisiana to Cruz, and Trump one the state. Should have been at least trump proportionately, but no they gave all to Cruz and he did’nt win but now ends up with more. Thats not right.. This makes me sick of the in your face corruption. They are telling us basically to F off, we are going to deside , not you the voters. Yeah can you believe the super PAK doing this to there own people, Romney is behind it all I’m sure. This tells me we need Trump more then ever. If we don’t straighten out this NAFTA treaty mess along with other give away treaties , we will never get back to work here. I just lost my job because of corporate greed moving to Mexico. Now guess what , I get to pay 1400. a month for health insurance based on last years income, or a 200. per month fine if I don’t buy it.

          • Fourteen hundred per month!! That makes me want to do something drastic. Is this Obamacare?
            How much more will we endure? Last year’s income should have nothing to do with your price of coverage this this year!
            Yes, our government is so corrupt. Daily I hear or read of some new way they rob from us!
            I am pleased that many are waking to this fact, but some continue to keep on the blinders.
            My last hope is Trump.

          • Yes its Obama care. You see they base the cost on earnings, so the more you earn the more you pay. The idea is that thoughs who have been more successful, get to subsidize people that don’t work or that make a little. This is the whole idea of it, or they gave me an option to pay a 200.00 per month fine if I don’t buy it. Both parties signed off on this.

          • That was NOT what they were saying before they passed the bill, then decided to read it. Then it morphed after that to a complete mess and scam.
            I was for that bill at first. I understood it was to make healthcare affordable to those folk who haunted emergency rooms for all their ills.
            It appears to me that is the folk they didn’t help at all. I understand one has to earn a certain level of income to even qualify for it. I will admit that I have stopped listening to anyone unless they are saying to cancel it completely!
            I wonder if that could now even be done?

          • People still haunt emergency rooms, and with or without insurance they have to be taken care of. My son lives in Chicago, and makes around 35K a year and cannot afford to by Obama care, he paid the fine. Its different for everyone depending on your income level. Yeah anyone can cancel, but at the end of the year you will be fined. If you get enough back in taxes, they will deduct fine from that.

          • I usually am able to make sure I do not get money back at the end of the year. I don’t want them using my money during the year. This year I had to pay $800, but I didn’t intend to miscalculate that much!
            Would it be possible for most people to do that to avoid a fine?

          • There is no avoiding the fine, they will garnish wages, or tax you more on your fed. taxes automatically until the fine is satisfied. If you are on SSI pension, then you are or because your on Medicare. That qaulifies you as being on insurance, or if you are a vet. you can sign up for medical through the VA.

          • Thanks for info.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Well don’t blame the Republicans blame the idiot in the white house the idiot is Obama the idiot has done nothing for the senior citizens of this country all he did was take our raises from us and making us pay more for our insurance. You idiots voted for him twice if you’d have not voted for him again you wouldn’t be In this mess with you’re insurance I’ve paid into SS since I was 16 year’s old and I’m 79 now 90% if seniors live In poverty vote Republican not for killer Hillary

          • Pray tell me what the many, many do-nothing Republicans that we have voted in for years have done for America?
            The American voters who care for the economy will give Trump a chance to help America. I don’t even see DT as a status quo Republican. He is a force of his own.
            But, many Republicans are content with going ’round and ’round the same mountain and expecting things to change. They won’t even give DT a chance.
            However, the number of smart voters is rising…

          • If you would use Snopes you would know the truth about the cause of the latest “wives” problem. It is not as it appears.
            I just wish that both Cruz and Trump would learn the facts themselves before they start blasting off. Most the latest problem was instigated by others, not Cruz and Trump.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Get over it I don’t care about you’re analysis on who started what

          • I can easily “get over it.” lol
            Just thought you might be tired of so many posters trying to set you straight on the FACTS.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I’m not into your facts

          • Yes, he does! They play right into his hand. lol

          • For the most part Trump is saying what America is thinking, even the democrats. What has become terrible is this “The Party” syndrome, save the party, vote the party, fund the party, all hijacked BS/ It must be the country, the people and damn the party stuff. Power and greed is “The Party”…….. I don’t care if Trump does things for his benefit (although there are laws to contain elected officials, unless they trashed them at some midnight as long as it benefits America and American’s, piss on the rest of the world, let them fend for themselves.
            Can anyone give a good reason to give money to China after we borrow it from them? I cannot. Trump is right, if we give something, we get something and build the damn wall!

          • The more flak you people give him, the more you convince the voters that they no longer want people with your kind of thinking in charge any longer. And so…the support for him grows.
            How much do you discuss what this country need to be whole again, and how it should be done, and who should do it.
            Your vain and unproductive venting solves no problems for us. You seem to be part of the do-nothing Republican party we have worked hard for years to elect.
            But, at the time, we saw no alternative but to hope the Republican leaders would want to stand for this country. How did THAT work out for us???
            So, now we are willing to take a chance on TRUMP. He can’t make it any worse.

          • No olive branch needed since Megan and Fox have simply reported the straight stuff on the disgusting Trump, as in “We report; you decide.” Isn’t that what all you Faux News lovers have long claimed that source to be about? Sure–except that when they report the straight stuff on the bilious, blithering, bombastic blowhard billionaire, you get your panties all in a wad, since the varmint has played all of you for the suckers that you are by making claims that he can never make good on and insulting those you do not like. You are being played like a fine-tuned violin and are to preternaturally dense to know it..

          • Fox doesn’t report the “straight stuff” any more than the more liberal media does.
            And we the un-stupid know he cannot just walk into the presidency and change everything over night, or even after years. One step at a time.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I don’t care who the Republican nominee is as long as we beat killer Hillary I feel that Trump isnt our man I just don’t know who is

          • After the election and the Democrat Traitor, Hillary Clinton hands Thump his ass impaled on a pop-sickle stick (thinks to Trump voters) there will be little that Trump can do to Megan Kelley but kiss up to her while he bows and scrapes to Hillary..

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Oh no Trump is on fox ever night he is on the hannity show every night he was on there last night for the first half hour like he is every night. I think he’s black mailing fox to get on free every night he’s using Megan Kelly question to get free air time he’s also calls in all the time he’s nothing but a big bully if he doesn’t get his way hes going to sue u all he ever does is sue everyone just like he’s going to sue the RNC
            When the picture of Melanie came he should have said what a beautiful woman she was and leave it at that but I stead he went after Cruz’s wife how stupid

          • I still have hope for you Virginia. But you for sure are not seeing that the republican super Pak that supports Cruz bought the rights to this publication. That makes Ted responsible whether he knew it or not, because he accepts their money and support, so he has to be man and own it. I don’t blame Trump for doing what he did with Cruz’s wife, it certainly was not as bad as what was done to Trumps wife. Would you strike back if someone attacked your spouse like that, I sure know I would and Donald Trump did not start it, Cruz’s super Pak hit first and works to support him, and Cruz needs to realize that he has to bare some responsibility for this. As much as you hate Trump, that action they did with his wife was totally uncalled for.

            Just like Trump was made responsible for illegals working on construction his construction projects. His human resource department hired some questionable people with fake I.D. with out Trumps direct knowledge, but he is still responsible because his name is on the company, he owned it and he paid stiff fines for it happening. I’m sure he fired some people over that.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            All you can do is blame Cruz but what about all the things Trump does you just say he’s in his right to do whatever he wants. Trump hates women as you can see what he’s said and done over the years he couldn’t even find an American wife they are all foreigners

          • I do blame Cruz, because he does not take any responsibility for the people working on his behalf. As for Trump Hating women, I know the media would like everyone to believe this , and apparently you have been led to believe this, but I think it’s kind of shallow to think that way. I disagree with you, but I don’t hate you because we disagree. I want intelligent dialog based on logical thoughts processes.
            1) Trump does not hate Megan,if she were a man saying the same thing to Trump that offended him,Trump would of still taken him to tacks for it, the only difference would be the man would not be able to pull the gender card. He was angry because of the content, not because she’s a woman. Some people are not deep enough to see through some of this.
            2) Rosy O Donnal, laughed at Trump,run him in the dirt big time, made fun of him every way she could his hair and everything. It was very mean spirited. Does she hate men? No I don’t think so, even though she a Lesbian. Ok then now its Trumps tern and he calls her a fat big. So what , she is a fact pig, she had it coming back at her and she’s mad because he said it and of course she calls in the gender card again. I have heard him call Rush Limbaugh a fat big and a blow hard and its true , he is. Rush can’t call in the gender card because he’s a man and he has to take it.

            3) The same with Carly, Trump calls her a terrible business woman based on her performance as a CEO she could never work for him ,and the only thing she does is call in the gender card. Why because she knows the liberal media will play that one to death, and Virginia you know this is not an exaggeration, and for sure is a double standard.
            4) Hillary does the same thing every chance she gets because she’s got liberal media backing her up. She can kill our own guys in Bengazi, or send secret emails, and the list go’s on and on with her. She get away with it by sending out distractions to the media that Trumps a woman hater.

            It so happens that some people that Trump disagrees with are women, but they don’t want to look at the content of why he is disagreeing with them, its just easier to say, oh he hates women. They successfully distract from the issue. I think you are falling into the same trap. I don’t hate you for sticking up for Cruz, its certainly admirable to have loyalty and conviction.

            Honestly I think the liberal media has done a pretty effective job of spinning this so the public thinks he a woman hater. It sure works for you.

            My son voted for Obama twice in Chicago in the last 2 elections. People were shitting all over them self getting in line to vote for Obama in Chicago. He finally swallowed hard and admitted to me last week it was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life. It was really hard for him to admit that. He’s such a gifted and smart kid.
            Have a blessed day Virginia.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            What I’m saying is I hate all this stupid stuff going on I don’t hate Trump and I can’t say I’m for Cruz I just haven’t made up mind I just they’d get over this stupid stuff and get on what they are going to do to fix this country that Obama has ruined my granddaughter voted for Obama twice to but she’s proud of what he’s done for this country so I’m proud of you’re son for admitting he was wrong God Bless You and who ever is our nominee I’ll support because I don’t want killer Hillary to win. We as a party need to get together and

          • I’m glad that we can have intelligent dialog Virginia and its my hope that everyone else on this site can too. I remember when Rush lit into Trump, my first reaction was to be angry at him, because I actually like what he says and more often then not he is on the mark. It forced me to look deeper into the content the same way I think you have to look deeper into the women thing for what it is.

            Honestly for me, I’m sixty five this year in September and will draw SSI soon maybe in one more year. The most important things for this country to survive well in our futures and our children and grand children’s futures are 1# trade treaties and jobs and 2# protecting our borders and vet refugees properly. If we can do these things, all the rest of the stuff will stabalize it self. The one guy that has the most business experience and been responsible for bringing all three of these things to light is Mr. Trump. I think the rest of the R. party has been so fixed on their own power and Wallstreet big business interest, that they forgot about us. If we don’t have jobs, everything will get back financially except the poloticans salaries. They will always be self serving people in government. Thats why they leave office rich. Would love to talk to you off line. rex.ames@yahoo.com

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I will make up my mind soon im not saying I don’t like Trump I just want to know what he plans on doing for our country is such bad shape because of Obama and killer Hillary I have a few more days to get behind our Republican nominee if you think Trump is the one tell me why you think he is the right on

          • Cutting right to the chase Virginia ! The United States is nothing but a big business, in fact its the largest in the the world . Even in a down economy its twice as large as China’s.
            Trump took his fathers 200 million fortune that he inherited and turned it into approximently 10 billion. That’s a growth of about 45 times bigger. Some will say he went bankrupt a few times and that’s true he did. Under federal law he was allowed to reorganize under a chapter eleven, which means it was not a complete bankruptsy and was allow to shed some debt and survive and later prosper. That’s better then going totally out of business.Now look, because of that he’s a very seasoned business man and understands what it means to make payroll for his people, and has personally struggle to keep people working. He has thousands of employees now. Know one else who’s running can say that. He knows how it feels to fail in business, and it takes a few failures to make you better, because know one likes that feeling. He picked hin self back up a fought for his survival in business. Makes him very well rounded business guy.

            A smart business man is what the country needs, and he’s already said he has people in place that are smart to do the trade treaties. He is self funding so he’s not going to be bought off by big business or Wall street. No better person to run this country then him.

            Truthfully as a president, I would put Ted Cruz in the supreme court, because he would make sure conservative values are followed. This is where we need a Ted Cruz. Maybe John Kasichs for a VP because he knows the ins and out of government and can help direct Mr. Trump. I would not trust Kasich for president because he is an insider, but I believe the American people could by into that ticket.I not totally sold on Kasichs because he voted in favor of the NAFTA treaty that sent allot of our jobs across to Mexico. I believe with the foreign policy stuff, Trump will do just fine, he’s a born negociator. Honestly the last thing we need is a polition in the presidents seat, because they are always bought and paid for by some one. Give me a good business man any day of the week.
            Well I think I have written a book !!
            Have a great evening.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            You to you’ve made a good case for Trump but he just said women she be punished for having a abortion so I don’t understand why he’d say that .so here he puts me on the defensive side. Hope you’ll watch the news and tell how you feel. I’ll wait to hear from you

          • I am glad that you still have some hope for her! She is close to my age and should have gained some wisdom over the years.


          • The ONLY reason I am registered as Republican now is that in FL one must be registered in one of the two major parties to vote in their primaries.

          • Mary, me, too. As a Florida resident since 1972, have been an NPA since just after the 2008 presidential election when McCain was shoved down our throats. Reregistered so I could vote in primaries for Mr. Trump. Am so angered with the RNC, the establishment, the inside-the-beltway elites, and ALL politicians both sides of the aisle – that is why we are voting for Mr. Trump. Is he perfect? No way! But neither are we. At least, Mr. Trump loves America and is doing all he can to restore her to her greatness. Make America great again – vote TRUMP 2016!

          • Do you have to stay with that party or can/do you have to go to city hall clerk ad re-register to the party of your liking? Or, will it revert automatically?

          • I’m in CA and you have to re-register.

          • I used to have to but now I am an “unenrolled” /independent and can take whichever ballot to vote and remain listed as “unenrolled”/independent. Every now and then things make sense….lol

          • No, it won’t revert automatically.
            Years ago, in my neck of the woods in Okla., everyone I knew were staunch Democrats. But that was when the Demo leadership really did care about the common folk. But, they changed in unpleasant ways. So, many changed to Repubs or Independent. It “seemed” the Repub policies were better??????
            Now, OK is considered Repub, They chose Cruz and the Bern (It is still not believable that the Dems chose Him.)
            My political leaning might be more Libertarian now, but I vote for the candidate of any party that I believe might be sincere. I even threw my vote away voting for Perot, or however you spell it. I held my nose and voted for Mittens as a vote against Obama.
            I don’t see a reason to make a change in political parties. I will stay registered Repub. (And haven’t they become the do-nothing party!!!!).
            I don’t see Trump as leaning toward any political party’s policies. I see him as a Steam Roller that just MAY make a difference in our getting jobs. I have really become convinced that he just might to that, for what other reason would the powerful and elite be hopping around in fear like jackrabbits?

          • Yeah for sure Trump knows all there games and they are no longer laughing at him. Trump has had to buy favors from them all at one time or another and candidly admits that fact.Really if you just think about it from a common sense approach, if we don’t have good jobs here,as a nation we are finished. Nothing else we do will matter because we have had so many third world folks come here, we are effectively slowly but surely reducing ourself to that stature. I mean most of our seniors are poverty level, and have not had an SSI raise in forever. 52 % are drawing government aid of some sort like welfare. For sure we all should be backing Trump.

          • Amen and amen!
            I think the honesty of Trump about himself really throws a wrench in the machinery of the elite that are attacking him. They expect him to lie as they are accustomed to doing, and then they hope to prove he lies in order to hurt him.
            They really do remind me of aimlessly hopping jackrabbits!

          • First time I heard that one !! Pretty good analogy Mary.
            About the only two things they keep trying to do is pull the gender and race card.

          • Well, Trump is good at “open mouth, insert foot,” but has NOT said many of the words they are saying he has.
            I guess it is just too much trouble to Google and actually hear the words that came out of Trump’s mouth.
            I am amused at the reaction of the elite…thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump…

          • This is a very interesting year for sure Mary. If we can’t figure out Trumps methods, I can only imagine how the elites must feel. The stress I’m sure is high and they are close to sending special operators to take care of it, Gog forbid . I think one problem with elites is they are all so abstract and run everything on a script. Hard truths are not something that’s common. Most people that terminate someone will never tell you the real reasons, most times someone higher up the latter takes heat, and then some unsuspecting soul gets the blame and then relieved. Trump is someone who will just tell you. He is a shoot from the hip guy and is totally not what the establishment id used to. I think Rubio ruined his career trying to deal with Trump.

          • I think you are correct about Rubio ruining his chances.
            However, we Floridians knew his track record as a Senator and many of us did not like him.
            And Cruz comes across so slimy, that Trump got all the electoral votes. I think it is winner take all here in FL.

          • I know that Cruz is a pretty dishonest candidate. He is the worst kind of slime ball, he preaches about ethics integrity and ethics all the while stealing votes from Carson.
            Then w have another kind of slime going on called the republican party.

            Donald Trump won Louisiana and Trump ends up with less electorial votes because Rubio dropped out and the party awarded the votes to Cruz who took second place.
            Makes me angry that they are trying to steal the election from the American people.

          • Thanks for refreshing me about Rubio’s electoral votes going to the second-place Cruz in Louisiana. I could not remember where I read that.
            Was that the first overt hit on DT from the GOP? Who really made the decision, the delegates themselves? I didn’t understand that part.

          • The floks that run the RNC republican national committee. Pretty dishonest if you ask me. That’s kind of in your face, telling us who they want to run for election. This is why Americans are so angry about whats going on the this country. They really want socialism when they try to over rule the voters.
            Now my common sense would tell me they at the very least would be fairly split up proportionately. As it ends up, Trump won the state, but get less delegits because the RNC is crooked.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Rex do you believe Trump can beat killer Hillary. She’s very crooked and lies all the time but she has the Democrats they falsifies the election so how do you think Trump can beat Clinton. I wonder how many illegals they’ll pay and get them to vote Democrat I guess I worry to much Harry Reed paid for people in Nevada to get relected so I don’t trust the Democrats

          • There is no doubt that Trump will beat her. Both parties are scared to death to run against Trump. He is a progressive doer. He just gets things done and wont stand for any Monkey business. Did you read what I sent you written by Gingrich? Twice as mant people are showing up to vote for Trump in the primaries. The numbers are way less for Dems., millions less and they only have two candidates.
            If Trump wins the party will back him, they have to or they will no longer be a party. They talk tuff right now to scare everyone into voting for Cruz. Trump will kick Hillary’s behind.
            She has nothing to run on, only disasters backing her up.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I hear what you’re saying but all the poles saying he can’t beat killer Hillary we have to make sure that we the Republicans win in Nov. So we Republicans need to get out and vote make sure we win. Rex I see.by the time line you live on the east coast I’ll keep hoping Trump will win

          • I live in Michigan. Here’s my email. rex.ames@yahoo.com

            I need to send you something. Drop me a line Virgina.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I’ll be awhile as I have to have you added to my email ok as soon as I have it done I’ll email you

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Rex I possible won’t get my email up until tomorrow

          • Thats OK!

          • Yes, at the very least, proportionally!
            This is the first time I have really began to understand just how very corrupt both the parties leadership are.
            And I am sure I only have see the scum on the top. Who knows what corruption is under the scum?

          • In another post you are wanting Cruz for the suppream court and now you are talking about how dishonest he is. It’s not electoral votes its delegates. And the delegates in that state when Rubio dropped out fre to vote for whom ever they the delegate chose. They are people just like you. The votes did not belong to trump to be stolen from him. And as far as Cruz stealing carsons vote. Trump did a lot more to hurt Carson by comparing him to a child molester and pathological and then knocking carsons 7th day adventus relegion.

          • Cruz is constantly crying he’s true conservative and he’s argued and won a case in the supreme court. The court is the only place for a guy like that. He is part of the establishment now, thats why the so elites and RNC insiders are backing him, but he has no business experience, never struggled to make payroll for thousands of employees like Trump has. basically I don’t trust him to run the country. We don’t need a person who has the perfect Washington approved tone !
            We some one who is a proven business,trade.pro American fighter. Its time we get Americans working again, for our sons and daughters and grandchildren. I’m tired of excuses, tired of vets. taking it on the chin, tired of our jobs disappearing to Mexico like mine did. We career politicians still serving that voted for NAFTA in 93 like John Kasichs, and John Mc Caine did. Bastards like these guys want to tell me we don’t need Trump when they voted our jobs the hell out of this country.
            Sorry, I’m trying to not get emotional here my friend, but we need a guy with big balls and business experience who understands trade and willing to protect our borders.. If we don’t get people working, nothing else is going to matter. No jobs, no money, no nothing. Pretty simple. In the end, I respect your opinion, but Cruz I will not trust in the Presidents chair right now. They are already trying to groom him, so he is bought and paid for as far as I’m concerned.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Rex after yesterday what he said about women who have an abortion we should be punished. I was raped by a man I only had 1 date with and if I had an abortion I should be punished oh hell no. Thank god I lost the baby

          • I think that when Trump was asked question by the left, they baited Trump into giving a generalized answer. He later clarified this but the press was hearing none of it as usual.
            But abortions when performed in a general sense he said the( clinic should be punished, not the woman.) It was an open forum question and Trump gave the genaric answer. I think the general public especially the conservative right has moved allot more to the center on this issue. But for sure in the case of rape or incest or loss of life should be permitted, or even if you find out that there something really bad wrong medically. Part of me thinks it should totally left up to the woman, but if we did that I’m sure it would be abused to some degree. This I’m sure you would say will be debated to the end of times.
            Having said this, let me say this is where I struggle as an imperfect Christian man.
            Only God knows whats in your heart !1 Not me, or your neighbor, or your closest friend. So in the end, God will hand out punishment accordingly. So I have answered it. Its between you and God and no one else. It should be your decision in the end, because only you will answer for it when your day comes. This is not an easy issue, but as a Christian man, I am not afforded the luxury of judgement on others.

            I will say that abortion issues are good to talk about, but they will not solve the problems with our economy and jobs. If we can’t solve that, nothing else will matter. We will be reduced to a third world nation, and then there will be money for doing anything. It does not matter what the supreme court says because its easy to grab a plane ticket somewhere and get it where it legal. For sure a tuff issue. So sorry you were rapped!!

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Rex I see where your coming from and God will judge. It happened when I was 19 and I’m 78 now and I just can’t seem to get over it so when Trump said we should be punished I mind of lost it he can say anything and still get away with it if he can’t think first before he answer then he shouldn’t say stupid stuff. He should know by now he’s going to be put on the spot. I know the media Bates all the candidates but he scares me. And I’m afraid if he gets to be our president he’ll be killed there’s are a lot of post about it. I worry about my grand children and my great grand children

          • I have faith !! I know emotionally you have been trough allot. But right now we do not need a person who has a perfect Washington approved tone. Sorry about the my words, but we need a guy with big balls, an outsider, someone that scares the hell out of the money grubbing insiders who are passing anti American trade policies.

            As for abortion, the senate and congress passes legislation and not Mr. Trump. This is a hot potato so I think not much will change. Everyone wants to stay away from abortion subjects.
            Don’t stress girl, and have a great evening.

          • Virginia: The question that was asked of Trump was: ‘If abortion is made illegal, should women who have abortions be punished?’. That is what he was answering, but as planned the MSM left off the question and made it look like Trump wants to punish women who have LEGAL abortions. It’s a political trick. BTW, Trump has since reconsidered this hypothetical situation and felt he was being too harsh. He doesn’t want to punish women, he wants to punish the provider. Further, I am sorry for what happened to you. I can’t imagine what a horror that was.

          • Me, too Mary. Same as in California where I live.

          • I have been a Republican all my life, but I don’t even recognize the Republican Party anymore. For at least the last 20 years, it has converted to one of the most corrupt and self-serving organizations I have ever seen. They are contemptuous of their base, and are serving only themselves anymore. Their arrogant “we decide who the candidates are, not the voters” was the most arrogant statement I have ever heard from the party, and shows us where we stand with the party. They are using us as “useful idiots” to maintain the status quo, and to benefit the establishment, NOT the voter. They’re saying Trump will destroy the Republican Party. Well, I think the party will survive, but it won’t look anything like it looks today. It will be forced to listen to the people again, and do what WE want, not what they can use it for to put the benefits in THEIR pockets, not ours. Apparently Killery represents only the far-left Communists, radicals, and those who would destroy America. Who represents the rest of US? What candidate is working for US? Only one I can see is Trump. So, if the old GOP is “destroyed,” that’s fine with me. It no longer works for US. Perhaps the Tea Party will grow and/or take over the GOP? One can hope.

          • Well said, both parties are corrupt, doctorbob. That is why I am thinking about joining in the delegate process of the GOP. I am fed up with their games too. I will look at what is happening in my precinct and have decided that in retirement I can devote time to interfering with their corrupt agendas.

          • thank you doc bob you are so right trump all the way he is the man for this time in history for america

          • Remind me to not seek medical advise from you doctorbob. Because you are either too stupid or too ignorant to realize that since 1976 the voters have decided who the GOP nominated for President. My advise to you doctorbob is to stay out of the narcotics in your office medicine cabinet because there’re turning you into a Paranoid Schizophrenic.


          • The end of the GOP as we know it today isn’t such a bad thing. All they are is Dem lite.

          • IT IS OK TO BREAK THE GOP. As long as we, the voters get to choose our own candidates. That is real freedom and real democracy. We should get rid of this “delegate system”. It is archaic and so stupid . Other nations are laughing at us.
            The number of voters who voted for the candidate should be the only factor considered. He who the most people’s votes wins.
            That makes sense. Delegates can be bought. They can be bribed, intimidated, blackmailed, threatened.
            Also just make sure a voter is registered properly and legally.
            Make sure only American citizens vote. No illegals, no non-citizens, not a pet or dead people, no incarcerated people..

            Make sure the digital machines are not rigged.

        • Agreed. That’s why he’s called Lyin’Ted. I’m with Trump!

        • You are so right. He is self funding. Never happened before. He is not going to take a salary. Happened a few times before. Donald is not trying to make a name for himself he already has world wide name recognition. He is not trying to become a millionaire he is already a Billionaire. He is actually doing this for one reason and one reason only. To Make America Great Again. Who else running can say that? I will support him all the way. He has not promised empty meaningless Hope and Change like someone we both know. We do not have to chant “yes we can” in order to convince ourselves he will do it. He has said how he is going to do it on Hannity several times. Furthermore, I trust him to do it and quite frankly I’m ready. Aren’t you?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Trump will never make American great again he only knows how to run a business not the United State’s if he gets in u hope he’ll do what’s right but I still don’t trust hit

          • You have every right to your opinion. I completely disagree with you which is certainly my right. November will be the final test.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I only hope if Trump is our nominee I hope he’ll do what is right for our country he hasnt convinced me yet that’s just how I feel now hopenhe proves me wrong

          • I certainly hope so too. Tell me how do we know if any of them will do what they say? I trust Donald I think he is sincere and committed to doing what is right for America! We’re gonna elect someone aren’t we?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Trump is not sincere he’s a bully if people don’t do want he wants he’ll she you he’s degrading the Republican party

          • So who are you supporting?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            I don’t know yet I just don’t like it whatever Trump says you all believe him you blame Cruz for Trump’s wifes picture but you don’t blame Trump for what he did to Cruz’s wife or when he said Carly had an ugly face he hate women but you all let that slide why tell me why it’s OK for Trump to say and do whatever he wants but you blame every body else oh they should have known better can you tell my why Trump can say and do wrong but you don’t see it. He almost no better than Obama or killer Hillary

          • I’m sorry Virginia you must have misinterpreted something I have said. I have never accused Cruz for attacking Donald’s wife nor have I accused Donald for attacking Ted’s wife. I think the establishment is setting these things up. They dislike both of them and make no secret about it. At least until lately when they decided to use one against the other. In every case they know they must keep them apart because if they should happen to unite it is all over for them. Just a few weeks ago they announced they were going to make a 100 day all out effort to “stop Trump.” Not long after that announcement the wives thing started.

            Everyone right now for some reason seems to want to stop Trump. The problem is it is not working. Millions of dollars have been spent on TV adds to try to stop him, destroy him if you will. To date nothing has worked. Do you wonder why?

            In any case both Donald and Ted have denied attacking the others wife. Personally I believe them both. To bad they do not believe each other.

            I hope you do sometime soon make up your mind about who you intend to support. Personally I support Donald but you need to make up “your” own mind. I am not in the influence business. I do suggest you think about it seriously and make a good decision. That is the way America stays intact. I can state for you the reasons I intend to support Donald if you want. But will not try to make that decision for you. Have a nice day!

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Tell me why you think Trump is the one I’m tired of all of them convince me that Trump is the onr

          • Donald is self funding in other words using his own money to win this election. Consequently, he will owe no favors to any special interest group. No one else can say that! No one to the best of my knowledge ever did that before. He has said he will not take a salary. Some like JFK have done that in the past but not many. He sincerely desires to Make America Great Again. Makes no difference whether any believe him that is his goal.

            Sounds more direct then hope and change doesn’t it? Like him or not he usually succeeds in what he attempts to do. It is common sense he is not trying to become president because of self interest. He has sat back and watched as the US has been driven down the wrong road and is near collapse. He sees someone is needed who has this nations best interest in mind (no one has shown that since Reagan) not theirs or political parties. He sees himself as the only person, right now, who will decrease the size of government (to cut down corruption and decrease waste). Increase the size and ability of the military (to reduce threats against America posed by terrorists and rogue dictators and nations) and at lest attempt to REDUCE THE DEBT. While getting America working again! It has to be “America First.” Nothing else or no one else works, nothing! In my life time only two presidents who have really put America first one was democrat, JFK and the other was republican Ronald Reagan (possibly three, Ike also) . All the rest may have been sincere in their quest to do right but that quest was misguided. Both Cruz and Kasich have good intentions no one can deny that. However, they do not have the ability or knowledge it takes to succeed after eight years of obama. Another time perhaps.

            Keep one thing in mind. There is no such thing as a perfect president. No one on earth can know all the things necessary to be president of such a large and complicated nation as the United States of America. But the right intelligent man (or women) can surround himself with people who are expert in particular fields and do the required duties successfully. Donald Trump will because he is committed to do these things. Donald is not a polished politician and he will do things somewhat differently then a politician. For one thing if he says something he is not a liar. That alone should be refreshing for a change. This man did not become a “billionaire” by accident. He is determined to Make America Great Again. I think he will succeed there too.

          • You can snope this. It was outsiders that set up both the pic and remark.

          • I do not know who you mean by outsiders but I have thought that it was someone other then either of them all along.

      • Here’s where my distrust for Trump comes in. He has known this (3rd party scenario) from the beginning, we all have! And yes, It will win clinton the election

        • Trump’s support still rising and eight months to go…

          • Trump getting more supporters. What good will that do? The GOP would rather clinton win than Trump or Cruz! Because the gop has given the POS in the W.H; everything he has wanted, my thought is; The gop is dead! Still, if they don’t back Trump, the 3rd party scenario kicks in and increases the chances of the witch being elected! If Trump supporters revolt, and the b.l.m. groups respond, the POS in the rainbow house might announce, a state of emergency declare Martial Law! and cancel the General Election! The POS would like nothing better!

          • All is uncertain now, and anything is possible.
            The GOP leadership deserves to be dead.
            The fact one should remember: There are many, many citizens who appear to finally have enough. Those are Trump supporters and the numbers are growing. They cannot avoid the fact that our youth deserve a future.
            There are many, many more of us than the rich and so-called elite.
            Yes, anything is possible. But I will still have hope and trust in God.

          • Careful Mary. You already shown the courage to post under your name and you never know when Obama’s NSA maybe snooping to satisfy his agenda. Yes, ‘We, the people’ are tired of politicians from both parties selling America out (see Americans-Last ideology practiced by both parties). Blame the media/government complex, ‘Rules for Radicals’ rule #8 – Co-Opt the Media and rule the ignorant’.

          • Correct, the POS in the White House is stirring the pot.

        • So am I to assume you trust the other candidates from either party more?

          • Cruz! Oh I forgot, Trump calls him lying Ted! So you believe Trump? Because Trump acts and says what the belligerent want to hear; the blind believe him so, they support him! He has a trophy wife and insults Cruz’s wife! He was an asshole before he got into politics, and he’s proving he still is! DO PEOPLE REALLY WANT AN ASSHOLE FOR PRESIDENT!? If so, the country will get what it deserves! Hey I’ll vote for him if he gets the nomination, and hope for the best, but, if he runs 3rd party, clinton wins! Most people who voted for the POS in the W.H. couldn’t read between the lines than, and now people are making the same mistake again. Trump was a liberal Democrat, he was for amnesty, and against the 2nd amendment! He is a lobbyist He’s donated to the clintons, h.reid and n.pelosi, to name a few. Not only that but, his family is very friendly with the clintons! THAT’S THE FACTS! Trump stated the other night, HE IS FOR AMNESTY! Maybe not for RADICAL muslims or ALL illegal immigrants.but he is for amnesty!!!! He can’t do what he says he’ll do! STOP VOTING WITH EMOTION AND USE THE BRAIN!!!! AND, Trump has at least three businesses in China! One run by him, one by one of his daughters, and the other by a son-in-law! If China didn’t get such a good deal,,,, Trump would not have those companies over there saving on labor! All this is facts! America better wake up!

          • The founding fathers of this country never contemplated the professional politician, never accomplishing much outside politics, running the country now and have been running America into the ground for centuries (ei Foreign deals that ‘We, the People…’ would never ratify, much less support). Citizen president candidate Trump (never third-party unless the republican establishment screws him out of the nomination) is refreshing and will put the third-world despots back in their place and make America Great again. Trump, as a businessman building skyscrapers in Manhattan, had to support the various distasteful professional politicians/movements/ unions just to get buildings built. Business owners, will support anything, no matter how distasteful, to benefit your business organizations (see the competitive free-market Capitalist system and the democrap perversions thereof) There should be structured/controlled amnesty for honest/hardworking aliens that will contribute to the American workforce but, as it stands now, the democraps are offering amnesty for any alien that would increase the dependent class thus, democrap voters). Your Cruz is a professional politician (his Super Pac first brought the wives into the campaign, PItbull Trump just responded appropriately and hopefully, this is a sample of his foreign-policy stance), Cruz has too many grafts on the campaign trail for the top office in the land and if he does not accept Trumps’ VP position, he would make an excellent conservative Supreme Court justice. In order to run for President, the FTC force each candidate to divest all business concerns and account for all money in their campaign (see Cruz sweat-heart loans from his wife’s employer). Somebody has to cleanup Obama’s world-wide mess and the non-professional politician, unpolished pitbull Trump is the person to do it.

          • Get your facts straight, You sound like Trump rhetoric! Cruz has no control over the super pac! Regardless what Trump says. Trump knows more about playing the political game than Cruz. After all, Trump has been playing the lobbyist game long before Cruz entered politics. Cruz is a pro politician!? Most of Congress does not like Cruz because he doesn’t play their game, Cruz is for term limits, he thinks ALL of Congress should be on the affordable care act. and most disturbing to Congress is; Cruz is a Constitutionalist! What you’ve stated about Cruz, are twisted and only half right! . What I’ve stated about Trump; are facts! (investigate for yourself) If the politicians were for the law of the land, the Constitution; we wouldn’t be having this conversation; and Cruz is a Constitutionalist! One more thing; when ever someone asks Trump about specifics; he gets arrogant and insulting but, never, answers! I don’t want my president acting like a horses ass! Ya! he still has to be better than clinton or sanders,,,,,, I hope!

          • Damn right, my distaste for professional politicians know no bounds since they can’t do anything but campaign and play political games within the Beltway usually at the detriment of American citizens (see Americans-Last ideology from Phyllis Schlafly). Professional politician Cruz can’t control his own super pac and you want him to run the country. You are denying the fact that Cruz, a sitting senator, is republican establishment, whereas, I see everyone disliking him not as evidence of his ‘washington outsider’ resume enhancement but, as a personality problem. Trump played the political games to build skyscrapers in Manhattan. I see Trumps reluctance to get into details of his plans as a hedge against lying. Professional politicians make promises to get elected but when they see the detriment to country that keeping promises would cause, they back out (Obama apparently does not see this and country be damned). Cruz would make a good Supreme Court justice but, he won’t be able to cleanup Obama’s mess. The founding fathers never envisioned professional politicians running this country and Ted Cruz is a professional politician. Citizen presidential candidate Trump is what’s needed to cleanup Obama’s mess. Come on, join the revolution. Let’s send a pitbull to Washington DC.

          • Your rhetorical comments sound more and more like they’re coming straight out of Trumps mouth. I have no use for professional politicians also. I believe in term limits.Cruz IS NOT a professional politician, he is also for term limits! that is why Congress is against him. Trump won’t debate Cruz because, Cruz would eat him for breakfast! Again wake up! Cruz has no control of a super pac! I think your getting confused; it’s clinton who controls a super pac! Stop listening to Trump, and get the facts straight! I don’t want a pitbull for president. I want someone who will defend the Constitution!

      • Keep reaching while your preaching because your dog don’t hunt. Trump’s voter numbers are the majority of voters out there and believe it or not he is attracting a large segment of minority voters who are tired of a job-less nation and the massive influx of illegal immigrant job stealing, welfare stealing, government program stealing and raping and murdering! Illegal immigrants who should have been taken out a long time ago. Trump will, among other things create jobs in America, close the border, kick the muslim scum out of America and build our military up to the most powerful in history! On top of that he will donate his salary to the Veterans! He will make America great again!

        • After over 60 years of still preaching, this WW 2 Navy Vet that did not see combat thinks to Democrat Harry Truman who gave the command to drop the two Tbombs. The first president I voted for and the last democratic one. I agree at what has happened, but I doubt Trump will get the chance to do all you believe he can do, he first has to beat Cruz and if he does, Hillary will beat him. Poles says she wins by 8 or more points , Cruz one point. Of course Hillary may be in jail where she and Bill deserve to be

          • That want happen TRUMP will beat Hillary like a drum

          • Trump beating everyone on Republican side and I think it was Arizona I saw that although Hillary won on the Dem side she had about 1/2 as many votes.

          • Friend,
            Do not believe the polls. How do you think the pollsters are paid. Are they all working free for the good of humanity?
            In fact, the identical powers behind the media are also behind the polls.
            I have worked seven political campaigns from the inside. I know the game very well. Polls don’t reflect public opinion. They strive to influence public opinion. Nobody can predict what’s going to happen eight months from now.

          • But, I CAN predict the rage of the people if Trump qualifies to be the nominee and the GOP screws him out it! It won’t be pretty.

          • Your prediction is true, Mary. I hope it does not come to revolution; but I am armed and ready for it.
            We have endured and tolerated all the BS we intend to. No more.

          • Yes, we have. And we must do something to ensure a future for our children!

          • That is Gods’ own Truth, Mary… I have said elsewhere, that in the event Mr. Trump achieves a popular landslide [ not impossible ] and the “electoral college” goes ahead and tries to “install” their choice… There is going to be literal Hell to pay, and I personally believe that it may just trigger the revolution that many on here have been calling for.
            Lock & Load… Rock n’ Roll

          • Hey, haven’t you noticed his supporters are steadily increasing? Eight months to go…

          • Trump will beat Hillary Clinton like a drum

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Stupid he won’t because he doesn’t want to he’s a Democrat and if he wins 4 more years of Obama vote Cruz or someone else besides Trump

          • If anybody is Stupid it you people afraid to quite using the same old crap from the same old bunch Hillary Clinton can,t beat DONALD TRUMP and the dimmo,s no it that’s why she keep,s trying to convince people she can

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            All I’m saying is beat killer Hillary

          • You can stick that proverbial fork in Cruz, because is done! This sex scandal has practically eliminated him from the race. Lyin’ Ted has had it!

          • I am waiting for one of the women to come forward and say it is true.
            But, if Cruz sues Trump it might come out differently.
            But, either way Cruz the Canadian citizen should go to Canada and run for Prime Minister of his country of citizenship, after he gets out of jail that is.

          • Whether its true or not, neither Trump or Cruz has a legal leg to stand on because by being public figures they both willingly open themselves to these kinds of attacks.

          • I agree, however, a court may decide that at a certain point it became unreasonable and excessive. The insiders want Trump gone and the Canadian citizen Cruz in the WH and every side will go as far as they can to discredit the other side by whatever means and that could go to far..

          • Cruz has already beaten himself. This sex scandal has sunk his ship, and apparently Donald Trump is not the one who brought this to light.

          • Old Salt ! Hillary Rotten Clinton still has Benghazi hanging around her neck ! The only reason she is still in the race as democratic nominee is because of the liberal lame stream media wont report the truth .

        • Tomorrow is good Friday; Sunday is Easter Sunday. ” God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish ,but have everlasting life. John 3:16

          • Those words are the most wonderful words in the world. He gives eternal life if we choose by our will to believe. He is altogether Wonderful. The key is that we but choose to trust Him, He earned our freedom on the cross.
            There is an “acid” test a church must pass to know if the Christians gathered there really DO trust Him, though. The key words to determine whether you trust him or not is a mere “yes” or “no.” This question is this:
            First, remember Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”
            So, has the church you pastor or attend thrown off the yoke of the 501c3? Our government requires that a church does not become political, nor criticize the government to have the tax-exempt status they enjoy. God wants us to have the freedom to stand against evil.
            Most churches won’t let go of this for they don’t TRUST GOD to provide enough resources to support the CHURCH programs the pastor/ people want. And God may NOT support man’s programs, but He WILL support the programs HE wants!
            Now, MY pastor goes into a rage when I point this out to him. Will you do the same? Or will you just deny the truth of my acid test?

          • preacher, seems you are no preacher – anyone can post what you did – that is not a responsible response to what ArmyCombatVet stated. It was a copout. Easter blessings to you, preacher, and do remember, that is why Christ was crucified because none of us is perfect; thus HIs Father allowed Him to atone for our sins.
            TRUMP 2016!

          • PatriotGal:
            Sorry that you don’t think I am a preacher. The hundreds that are in heaven today because of my ministry of over 60 years and thousands who are saved as the results of my ministry. I am just a sinner saved b y grace. I wont go to heaven because I am a preacher, but because as a 13 year old boy, in the Liberty Baptist church , Dawson County Ga
            I was born again. I could share with you , the 12 Christian books that I have authored, the hundreds of sermons that I have written. Also you could listen as you view many of my sermons on line . If you would just send me your e-mail to twjt5911@aol.com. I am glad that you are right on why Jesus died. I have preached that all these years. I preached it Last Sunday night. Not many 88 year old preachers still preaching.
            Dr. William Taylor Th.D. Wingate NC
            May you have a wonderful Easter.
            Still wondering how a Christian could support Trump.

          • I don’t intend to argue with your history or your beliefs as I believe in God as well but I do my homework. Cruz family history, especially his father’s is fraudulent. He is referred to as a wolf in sheeps clothing! His whole story line about his role in the political upheavals in Cuba and his illegal immigration to America have been proven false. Same with him being a minister, all made up from the intel I read. Little Ted is of the same cloth and is a sellout to America along with his wife nor do I think if our founders were alive today that they would consider him anything but illegitimate to run for the White House! His whole history of eligibility is a ruse. Nobody keeps a birth certificate from a foreign country for 44 years if he doesn’t consider himself born of that country! To suddenly renounce it to put his name on the ballot is fraud. You can’t have divided loyalties and run for the White House! Do some research on your own, it’s shocking! That being said, Happy Easter!

          • Preacher, bless you for your efforts.My second best friend is a preacher and of course you know who the first is. Listen we need a strong leader who will help this country with his business sense and strong leadership skills. If we don’t have good trade and jobs we don’t have taxes to support this country and your church. I know not everything is about money, but if we don’t protect this country with proper vetting, borders, trade and jobs, we don’t stand a chance. Maybe your patrons in your church are well heeled, but most are not and most institutions like yours will not do well unless we do well. I am Reformed Church of America. Don’t believe what you hear about Trump, most of it is allot of crap. When a party laughs at a guy, and then turns on him like the republicans are doing, they are angry because Trump will expose them with all the illegal hand outs they took from him as a business man. I will finish with this, ( We are not electing a preacher, we are electing a leader of the biggest corporation in the world.) Sorry but we need a guy who is not afraid to be an asshole once in awhile. Would love to talk with you more off line sometime.

          • I was perfect one time in my life !! I Vietnam I had to survive two tours of hell. The only way I could do it was to be an even bigger ass hole then my enemy. I was very successful , so I guess you could say I was a perfect asshole.
            God bless you all. Trump 2017

          • Is this also in the Koran?

          • God said to Obey the law of the land too preacher Bill.

        • When it comes to polls the question asked get the answers wanted and the location of the polls is just as questionable. There are many who have not been polled that will vote for Trump and the GOP knows this and this is why they are nervous, they could lose control of money and power, it is no longer about America or the people, it is all about “The Party”.

          • Polls are all slanted and biased as you have noted. The population polled, the questions, the timing are all relevant and will slant the outcome to suit the need of the pollsters. Too bad this is not taught in schools at least at college and high school anymore. Thus all would know polls are whatever the pollsters want the outcome to be no matter who fills out the poll. Good post David in MA.

          • Polls can say anything the poll taker wants them to say as long as they poll the people who say the things they want them to say . Bottom line polls are not to be trusted ! Add to that a liberal/socialist media and you have a recipe for fraud were polls are concerned .

          • Correct!

        • Hey combat vet, thanks for serving man. I did two tours in Nam.
          I’m married to a beautiful Mexican woman and she loves Trump. Shes angry because the illegals seem to e getting a free pass with limited border patrols. She says it gives good American Mexican people a bad name. Shes ready for a wall and for protecting this country from terrorist. She sick and tired of people here sucking off our system, and especially the 345 Santuary cities that our lawless president is funding. She wants them all moved out of here. Again, my wife says Trump is right on everything.

          • Thanks for your service, I am a Vietnam combat vet as well and don’t miss those days one bit. I was drafted in ’65 and got my honorable 10/31/72! I was in an armored battalion primary focus infantry support trained both in the M48A2C and the M60. Your wife sounds like a fine lady and she tells it like it is! I have a number of friends who are Mexican American and their great people, served with a couple I remember in my unit! We are rapidly losing our country due to massive corruption, an uncontested border and close to zero leadership in Congress with an absolute zero in the former White now the Muslim LGBT House! Trump is not a politician which is a big plus, because they for the most part are felons! I truly believe he wants to make America great again and I also believe the Cuban Cruz is a fraud as is his Dad from the research I’ve done! One needs look no further than Goldman-Sachs, the Council on foreign relations, illegal amnesty, his sign on to the international trade authority attacking America sovereignty! Cruz senior’s real history in Cuba and his fake stance as a pastor is an eye opening read! Read info on a site that outlined in detail the real Cruz senior, a self-described pastor with no credentials who was pro-Castro!


        • I totally agree with you if they dump Trump we should all follow Trump if Hillary Clinton does winn it will be because the Republican party dumped Trump and we should vote against every incumbent in office they Can’t hear the American people

          • Excellent idea! If they dump Trump we’ll vote all them out of office. I will be passing this word on other sites.

          • Understand the correct way to cast a write-in vote to be sure it will count and not be disqualified.

        • First, is the nomination; then, a whole new game.
          I never liked Romney; but I voted for him over Obama.
          I believe the same will happen for Trump or Cruz over Bernie or Hillary.
          Right now, there is a lot of verbal bluster, because we do not have a nominee. I can’t imagine any Republican anywhere that really want to see Bernie or Hillary be our next President. I have two close friends who are Democrats. One plans to vote for Trump; and one for Cruz. It’s a strange new political world.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            With 1/3 of the Democratic vote going to Bernie (the morally honest Liberals) because of Hillary’s show in how she will do or say whatever to get a vote causing her to lose traction often… Both sides are very split. This election will be a nailbiter, it’s anyone’s game right now. Cruz is terrible, the blind traditionalists will back him. The angry Americans are already rallying behind Trump. Everyone seeking a free handout, gay encounters, or female dominant/male slave society are backing Hillary (even though she WAS hardcore anti-welfare, anti-gay marriage, and clearly subservient to Bill a decade ago – a chameleon imposter). I’m most curious about what level of fireworks will occur after this election… No matter who gets it, a large portion of this passionate nation is going to be pissed! With the media seeding everyone’s tensions on all sides it’s going to be a figurative moltov cocktail, possibly followed by many actual ones…

      • Well, calling yourself “preacher bill” assures me you are a Cruz supporter. I have little respect for the Evangelicals who will vote for the candidate who screams loudest that he is a Christian.
        I call myself a “Follower of the Christ” now, not a Christian.
        The question I ask myself is, “Whom would be the best to lead this country?” Trump seems the only hope to me. The Evangelical vote could probably assure a Trump victory.
        But they would vote for a parrot that had been taught the word “CHRISTIAN” before voting for a person who has the skills to bring this country back from certain death.
        Very few of us “worship” Trump. But, we do not intend to vote for a member of Republican GOP establishment which has become every bit as corrupt as the Democratic establishment leaders.
        The Republican leadership has become the do-nothing leadership. They would not even work with Cruz if he were nominated. We need a businessperson to dig this country out of the mire.
        If you vote for Cruz, you are compliance in making sure our youth don’t have a future!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Yeah, we are kind of voting for US President not the pope. Cruz is a fanatic not a Christian. Besides, he has lied a ton already and been busted on it. You cannot play the Christian card and then lie. “That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!”

        • Mary, you are so right. We do not “worship” Mr. Trump for worship only belongs to God. Mr. Trump is a man with foibles as are we. We like what he says because he has the courage to say what we have been thinking for years. He loves our beloved America and wants to make her great again. The RNC, RINOs, Dems, etc., are all in it for personal gain. Mr. Trump is self-funding, will not take a salary when he is elected, and will make America great again because he believes in success and working hard. His plans sound good, need some consolidation and will be great for our economy, our nation and our people. TRUMP 2016!

        • Are you saying that Trump is that Business man? Trump received a $320 property tax rebate on his NYC Trump Tower apartment. A tax rebate by-the-way that is only available to a NYC taxpayer who earns less than $500,000 per year. No wonder Trump is reluctant to release his tax records because he likely committed a record amount of tax fraud when he filed his returns or else the Donald is just “Passing” for a rich and successful businessman.

      • That is Hillary’s plan. She is following the same path to power she and her husband Bill followed in 1992, divide and conquer. The Billionaire Businessman Donald Trump is just another Billionaire Businessman like Ross Perot, the fix is in and the Donald is the fixer.

      • Well then, perhaps those who think they are better off with a sell-out like Cruz/Goldman Sachs should vote Trump and defeat killary. Lyin’Ted is in it for money and power for HIMSELF. He does not care what happens to you. Donald Trump has helped many people individually without shouting it from the rooftops. He has that kind of modesty in those areas. Did you know that when his dog was facing a serious surgery, he put out a prayer request? He is didicated to rebuilding America. I will be voting for Donald Trump, no matter what. I trust him completely.


    • How Trump can beat Hillary when half of Repubs and TPs hate him? Get a life. The guy has alienated 67% of Whites, 89% Blacks, 86% other racial minorities and 87% women. He will end up with 20 percent of electorates. GOP and Trump are done.

      • A little education would help.

        • Did you hear what Jeb Bush said! He said Trump is dangerous to GOP. You voted for Bush II therefore avoid voting for Trump. The Bushes are against Trump.

          • There is a cure for ignorance, but stupidity is terminal!

          • I think every one has discovered that the Bushes turned out to be dangerous to America. Just look at the Middle East mess now!

          • Trump saw it. By removing Hussein from power in Iraq, Bush left a power vacuum. This power vacuum was contained as long as our troops remained in Iraq (still had crime rate of Cleveland or Baltimore but, basically, the muslim hoards were held in check). When the POS in the White House pulled the troops out of Iraq, he effectively created ISIS or, as he calls them ISIL. What a deal, he becomes president, spending Spring Break with family in Cuba and Argentina dancing with hookers while Americans are killed in Belgium by hsi private muslim army.

          • After you democraps bad-mouthed the Bush dynasty. For 7 and a half years, Obama still blames Bush for the economy despite the $787 Billion stimulus package given to POS in the White House.

        • Repubs and TPs are paying for their sins; bigots, racists and bullies of women. They cannot disown Trump now that he is winning GOP nomination. We Demos love it because we are going to clean Trump in November. What a day!

          • Please tell me WHAT HAS TRUMP EVER DONE BAD TO YOU? And yet you hate him.

          • Did you say I hate Trump? Why should I hate Trump? He had not done anything bad to me. I love what he doing to Repubs and TPs. They are worried he may take away their entitlements. Trump says he will no put-up with lobbyists coming to his office if he ever wins the WH. But I wonder why GOPers hate Trump when he will fulfill their plans: Build tallest wall; ship 12 mil illegals; stop Muslims coming here and put 24 surveillances to all Muslim and mosques in this Country. Did you hear about those who killed people in Belgium? They were criminals trying to act as if they were sent by their religion. So actually, ISIS and Jihads are not fight for their religion. They are criminals

          • Useful Idiot, that’s all you got.

      • Nah just all of the low life liberal dem bloodsuckers who will still vote for the Clinton outlaw as long as she promises handouts.

        • That hand’s been played and now it’s played out. The Obamaphones have been distributed and the black machine is going to stay home because Hillary isn’t black. And a lot of Democrats are going to stay home as well, because they don’t like Hillary, period. These “protesters” are being PAID to go out to stir trouble, which is something they thrive on. They do not thrive on things like elections and putting a white woman in charge!

          • Biggest hope: Dems stay home on election day. All those paid protestors have no weight because they don’t even know the facts of their protest. They are following someone else’s agenda which means their vote may or may not happen. Hillary for Dogcatcher!

          • Now, why did you have to go and insult dogs, man’s best friend?

          • Because we will assign her only the job catching the meanest pit bulls. Not all of them are vicious, I do know, but try catching them and nice doggies might become dangerous.

          • Hitlery for Prison

          • I doubt that they are even registered to vote and many of those that attend Trump’s rally are if they were he would have won every primary with thousands of votes which he has never garnered a 50% of the votes in any of his wins.

          • The protesters denying the tRUMP’S freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly are professional protesters paid by George Soros and Moveon.org. I wonder if George Soros is paying the new democrap-ideal minimum wage of $15.00 an hour, LOL.

          • But if they can be paid to “”Protest” Trump, they can also be paid to vote for Hillary.

          • Democrap politicians use black church assemblies to announce busing available to voting places complete with on-board treats provided by their democrap party.

        • Yes, in the final analysis, folk WILL vote their pocket book. And there are some of those folk who wouldn’t work if a job were shoved in their face.
          We need to do “house cleaning” with our welfare. Only those who do really need it should get it.

        • Parasites would be a more appropriate description. Living off the public assistance provided by the contributing portion of US society through taxation. In the past(1960s or 70s), during the professional politician’s Cold-War, the Russian leader remarked ‘Democracy is a wonderful experiment, until the Welfare class learns their vote can increase their benefits.

      • Polls are totally and completely unpredictable! Polls showed Hillary ahead of Sanders by 25% the day before the Michigan primary…SHE LOST!

        In the last general election, polls showed Romney would win! He didn’t.

        In the last Senate election, Harry Reid was so far behind in Nevada that he prepared his concession speech….and then won!

        Finally, this campaign hasn’t even started. There are no real ads against Hillary yet. But when it gets started, she will be devastated! She’s a liar, a criminal, a murderer….and she brings with her a sexual predator husband who’s raped women in the White House before, so he’ll be doing it again! She’s a tried politician who has failed miserably, and her “resume” is going to haunt her right up to election day!

        Trump isn’t a politician so there can be no comparisons, no “resume” on issues, his stands. Because his stands were taken as a businessman trying to do business within a system that wouldn’t work unless you made those huge contributions! Would he have made the same contributions as a politician? Very doubtful because he wouldn’t need to get the same type of things done. What Trump DOES have is a extremely successful business resume. With more than 500 companies, and only 4 bankruptcies, it’s diddly squat in the big picture. Especially when one compares Hillary’s 4 men in trouble, her negligence resulting with 4 men killed. That’s a 100% for FAILURE! Compared to Trump’s 0.8% bankruptcy failure!

        Obama’s black machine is NOT going to come out to vote for Hillary. Democrats are not going to come out. But there is an historic movement going on in this country….a silent revolution with people coming out of the woodwork just to hear Trump speak. And the more the media, the left, the lobbyists, the dissatisfied conservatives go after him, the more protective his supporters become…with more coming into the fold.

        • I pray that the lack of enthusiasm of Dem voters continues through election day. Your points on Hillary are all so well said. I agree 100% and will be working for Trump, who, given the events today in Belgium, seems to be on target with all he has predicted (see NYTimes article this summer when he predicted this horror.)

        • So you’re going to vote for Cruz, a Canadian-Cuban. Do you really want a foreigner to order our military? That is sacrilege. And you’re calling our angel “She’s a liar, a criminal, a murderer….and she brings with her a sexual predator husband? Hillary is tough and smart. It was not Bill Clinton fault with those women. These women started him and when he dumped them – they cried wolf. These are disgruntled women who wanted to pull down Clinton. You also know about Lewinski. She was flashing her underwear every time she passed Bill Clinton office. If you’re a male, then you know how we male act when confronted by good looking women flashing. We drool. That was not Clinton problem. Benghazi and e-mail are fake issues. How many ambassadors and our troupes have been killed abroad? Many. Why did not make a fuss about that. You watch FoxNews to much – brain-washed you. Just because the WH is occupied by African-Americans you throw such puke to this website. You’re late now. You have to live with us African-Americans whether you like it or not. Please vote for Hillary.

          • Please take off your blinders and help us save America. It has been my understanding the Blacks have suffered more that any with high unemployment rates. Why would you want this to continue?
            The paltry amount of welfare given to blacks will never enable them to become self-supporting and proud again.
            That is not to say that many blacks haven’t made themselves a good life and walk proud. They certainly have.
            Please, please consider your children’s future!
            P.S. Black folk are NOT African-Americans. How many here were actually born in Africa? Has Africa made you citizens of Africa? You are “AMERICAN” citizens period! Most of us could care less about skin color. Just character.

          • Did you read what I posted about 2 hrs ago. First all my kids finished their school and are employed. Second, I am not on welfare. Third, I did not get my job through Affirmative Action program. I scored highest score for state job exam. For 12 years I had a business which employed people of all races and creed. My finding is that people of all races have same urge to work. But I am surprised local and state governments don’t have Blacks in proportion to their qualified availability. Repubs and TPs in high position deny Blacks equal opportunities in employment. Blacks have to sue now. I am.

          • When my ancestors, the Scots-Irish, first began migrating to America, they were considered trash. They were dirty, smelly, uneducated and were considered lower than the Blacks.
            It was even said, “If you can’t get a black to do it, get a Scots-Irish person.” They lived crowded together in squalid houses. But, what DID they do?
            Do you think they demanded ‘affirmative action’ or cried the blues?. They had no status or money. Did they ask for handouts? No.
            They doggedly worked at the most undesirable jobs–just any work available!
            As a group as a whole, they worked and prospered. Now this race, or combination of races, is highly respected and is said to have influenced the American culture more than any other group.
            My mother made sure I learned the Scots-Irish ways. She made me to be responsible for myself, be kind and helpful to others, stand up for myself, love God, give respect to others for all are God’s creation, pursue education, be tough, and be patriotic to my country. But most especially to be a grateful and humble person.
            I think ALL groups of people have to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but that takes courage and willingness.
            Black Americans must go through that same process. Those we hear and view on the news are folk who are desperate, hopeless, feel trapped and are very angry. The nonsense of destroying their own and others property, aborting their own babies and blaming everyone for their problems are not solving their problems. Just tell me what the democrats have done for you? Really.
            Their greatest hope is to have jobs. America’s greatest hope is to have jobs. No much will help us except jobs. Well, there are other issues, but none will ever be solved without jobs!!!! Without jobs we are all toast.
            Instead of trying to force Americans to value you, help your people be in a position to pursue respect for themselves. And that is true, I don’t know why, but many do not value themselves!
            But there are many like you that have done all the right things, and still don’t get the jobs you want. You are being judged by actions of those we see and hear about on the media.
            Take in a couple of people and help them learn work skills, help them get a car. I always have one or two persons living with me who are struggling to learn how to make a living. It costs me money to help them, but it is well worth it.
            There were not many Blacks where I taught school. One year I had two. Within weeks they were among the most popular in my class. They were gifted, liked themselves and were so original they captured all of us more than any of the white kids did. And, they were so relaxed they made it easy to be with them. I would really like to know how they shaped their futures, but I’ll bet it was good.
            So, since I believe that Trump is the only candidate who can bring jobs back, I am supporting and voting for him. At least, there is a chance of having jobs for our nation.

          • I am not whining about my life. I have good education and use it to fight corrupt and racist government officials. Did you say, Black Americans must go through that same process? They do go through but are treated like trash by Repubs and TPs now in control of state government. I know of a Black man who was promoted to supervise Whites. He disciplined one White. Last week he was fired for disciplining a white male. I am fighting a bunch of lawyers. I took state promotional exam and ranked highest or number 1. The agency head ordered his lawyers to sue me to find if I had cheated. We went to state court. The judge asked the lawyers why the agency thought I had cheated for ranking highest. Do you know what the lawyer said? “He cannot beat Whites-look at him – he is not qualified.” The state judge, a white male, listened to the agency lawyer until she was done. The judge then asked: Are those papers you gave this court as evidence the same as those in your hands. The lawyer said: “yes your honor.” The judge: “Tell me why you doubt he is not qualified. Lawyer: “Just look at him-he cannot beat Whites.” The judge was so upset. He told the lawyer to stop it. Now you see how Blacks are treated despite going through what you call process. Despite ny taking the trouble to take the exam and ranking highest; this state lawyer still could not believe I was a regular human to compete. The case has now moved to federal court. I will keep you posted.

          • But, pmbalele, you know lawyers will by hook or crook try to win cases. If they know they lack any real evidence, they will resort to bias, racism or, yes, lies. Is your case really that different than other cases you have studied? Apparently, they didn’t do their homework about that judge, or they wouldn’t have misjudged the character of that unbiased judge. He put them into their place.
            That agency head was one of those people who gain their confidence by stepping on others’ heads! He felt diminished by your intelligence. I laugh inside at him.
            I am so much amused by folk who do not realize how their poor belief of themselves is revealed by their arrogant antics. I have oft wondered how often everyone (especially myself) reveal weakness without being aware. I have repeatedly asked all my close friends to alert me when they see me do that or witness my unconscious mistreatment of others.
            Have you not noticed the existence of the same scenarios in all human interaction? When it happens to me, I speak up, “consider the source,” do what I must and move on. I refuse to allow anyone to define my life but God and myself. I also attempt to handle my own problems with others without resorting to the law. Twice, I have even had a gun held down by my side to alert the person confronted that I wasn’t one with which to be messed. Another time, I alerted a local policeman that I expected problems from an abusive husband whose wife I had taken in to protect. I told him I would do what I had to do. He argued with me and I simply told him, “Hide and watch if you wish. I will do what I must and present my wrists to you afterward.” He hung around, talked to the wife and soon was being very friendly to me.
            And, as eccentric as I am, I am loved and respected in my town and neighborhood.
            I would appreciate it if you will keep me posted. I think you will do much good in your life.

          • I know two lawyers have been fired. Now I am fighting to get the transcript of the hearing. It’s a mess; but fun. I will keep you posted.

          • Useful Idiot, Cruz would be a sight better than your choice. By the way, you forgot. your angel is a traitor to America and will need clemency/cover from Obama or his justice department eventually. Obama was raised muslim by his father without his prostitute mother (no African-American blood in him and not in for the struggle). Do America a favor and don’t vote. Men in Power like your boy Clinton has to resist feminine temptations and his failure indicates lack of character.

          • Thanks, but I think there is something wacky in your brain. I know Obama African tribe. In fact other than color, Obama looks exactly like his father.

        • Trump’s enemies like to focus on his bankruptcies. Unfortunately, those are completely LEGAL.
          I heard a fellow who had RECENTLY HAD TO HAVE HIS HOUSE FORCLOSED ON bashing Trump on the bankruptcies!
          What is really the difference? He is grasping at straws to denigrate Trump, don’t you think?

      • Because of Trump republican voter turnout is at record highs while democrat voter turnout is at record lows. Trump will beat the old lady like a Salvation Army drum.

        • Also Trump is winning (and Sanders also) in open primaries which means that in the general, should Trump be the nominee, he could benefit greatly from crossover. Hillary, not so much.

          • Bernie Sanders had to be convinced by the democrap party to run for the nomination. The democrap party has already coronated Hillary as the nominee, but the democrap party needed a socialist opponent to Hillary to make her look more mainstream and acceptable. Imagine their surprise that Bernie won even one primary contest.

        • Research the great numbers of Democrats that are joining the Republican party. The numbers were quite impressive here in FL.

          • 50,000 in Penn. and 25,000 in Mass. alone. Even my die hard liberal brother in law and sister in law from Virginia are voting for Trump.

          • Democraps are waking up in record numbers and becoming Americans first.

      • As a former Army Colonel I would,say Hillarymwould be in jail by election time,if our laws apply to her!

      • Then who in the world has been voting for him? Aliens? (Extra-terrestrials, that is – the LEGAL aliens; the ILLegal aliens are all democrats.)

        • We Demos have been voting for Trump. That is our trick. Trump will win GOP nomination. Then we will come with left hook and give him one way trip to NY Trump Building. And you will be left in the dust – crying as what went wrong. And us Demos will say -what went right.

          • Well, in reality, the democraps have been doing a good job keeping the black race down (see congressman Byrd and the KKK). The tide is turning and the black race is beginning to see the democrap trap and becoming independent Americans.

          • Only a handful of Blacks will join GOP. One of them was Dr. Carson. He is smart but strange. He acted as if he wanted the WH job given to him under Affirmative Action program. He did not know Repubs male hated to see him rank highest in the polls. Then they mounted a fight. They dumped him; just like Herman Cain.

      • President Trump to you maggot !

      • I believe when it comes right down to it, they will support Trump if he is the candidate. The republicans voters will unite rather then see Hillary or Bernie get the presidency. Right now everyone is for there own guy, but in raw numbers, Trump simply is getting more votes and twice as many as Cruz. Kasichs is out of the picture, he voted for NAFTA along with the 33 republicans who voted to send our manufacturing jobs south. Also none of the other candidates have the balls to do the right thing with the borders or the refugees that Hillary wants to give free everything to. We do not want another race of people here that we all have to give welfare to because they have nothing to contribute to our country except to hold their hand out. We are know longer a rich nation. This may sound bad, but are you going to let your family starve to feed the rest of the world. Right now there’s only one candidate that is strong enough to lead us out of this, and its not Kasichs or Cruz. We all have to put our heads down and plow forward, and that fat ass Hillary will fall like the worthless human being she is. In raw numbers, its Trump and if he’s smart he will go to Crews and offer him either the VP, or an appointment to the supreme court. Cruz is one of the few to ever argue a case and win there, and for sure being a conservative he will have value there for many years to come. But for sure with a Trump Cruz ticket, they would win.

        • Dream ticket would be Trump/Kasich (have to give republican establishment something or they may sell out America like the democraps) appointing Cruz to Supreme Court. ‘We, the People…’ would get our Great American country back, Kasich would make the democrap power brokers in the Senate earn their pay and live by the laws they passed for ‘We, the People…’ and Cruz would effectively stop ‘legislating from the bench’ currently happening in the Supreme Court.

          • I would agree with that, but I would like to see Kasichs admitt that NAFTA only hurt the working man with 1 million plus jobs lost. He was a big part of the sellout to the big corporations and wall street.guys. But yes, that works for me too.

          • Sorry Rex. Professional politicians never admit/apologize for unintended consequences but, at least, nobody was killed (see Hillary/Benghazi and the four high-value Americans killed directly by Hillary’s incompetent negligence as SEC-STATE). Wasn’t NAFTA sold by Bill Clinton? I doubt, in that old man’s moment of clarity, Bill will admit to the unintended consequences either. Kasick,, being owned by republican establishment for taking campaign funds, will no be allowed to admit to the NAFTA incompetence much like Rubio was not allowed to admit incompetence with the Gang-of-Eight legislation. My dream ticket is not perfect but, a whole lot better than the alternative and maybe Trump has a better running mate that can carry Ohio.

          • I believe your right about the dream ticket and the alternative for sure. Yes NADTA was Clintons baby and he signed it into law 1 January of 94. He could have done it without the help of 34 republicans who voted yes and only 12 no votes on the republican side. Its can’t be a law unless you get the votes. Clinton could not over ride it because of the vote, even without his signature it would become law. John Mccaine and Kasichs both career republicans both voted yes. The bastards anyway. Sorry but I get pissed when guys like Kasichs says, Oh look at the jobs I created, when he sent about probably 1.5 million across the borders. I had to go down there for ten years traveling back and forth, to Mexico, Brazil, China, India training people to replace Americans for less than a dollar an hour. It just grinds on me when hear him gloat about it. Someone aut to take them behind the wood shed and bloody their dam noses.
            But at the end of the day I will admitt, Kasichs over all would be good to have on the ticket.
            I would like to see Mccaine retire, he is traitor to hard working Americans. I was Nam vet, and they called Mccaine song bird John because he sang like a bird for the north Vietnamese at the Hanoi Hilton to creat propaganda.

          • Thank you for your Service regardless to the democrap tarnish over shadowing Vietnam. Not old enough for Vietnam myself (born in ’61) but, my reading of the conflict seems to indicate the Kennedy/LBJ, not ready to recognize the sovereign country of Vietnam, ran Ho Chi Minh to the communist by threatening military incusion. The US military won every set-piece battle but, left Vietnam on less than honorable terms because of the pressure the hippies put on the US government and the incompetent military posture imposed by the professional politicians for guerilla-warfare. Those very same hippies are running America into the ground today. Song-bird John McCain is a RINO (republican in name only) and was exposed, as such, by the political cover he got during the Saving-n-Loan crisis in Arizona(see Keating-Five). It seems to me that when these professional politicians encounter any foreign leaders, they believe like the Obama, that America’s fortunes with the Free-Market/Capitalism are illegitimate and obligated to sell America out through trade deals (see Phyllis Schlafly’s Americans-Last ideology shared by both party establishments). I am an IT contractor and IT personnel are training H1-B visa immigrants (mostly from India) to replace Americans in the IT job workforce but, I also think Trump will slow this trend if not completely shutting it down with his immigration policy. Anyway, I have done a little domestic traveling myself. The time I spent in Cincinnati and Cleveland seem to indicate Kasich has improved his executive prowess to run Ohio and, like Rubio’s ‘Gang-of-8’ naivete, a little political seasoning has benefited Kasich immensely.

      • Fox latest pole Trump is 11 points behind Hillary. Cruz in a margin of error 1-3.
        Cruz is leading him in Wisconsin

      • Many of Trump’s statements have be twisted negatively, and surely you know that. But he is sticking to truth and his support is growing…

        • I wish Trump to win the GOP nomination. That way it is easier for Hillary to win the presidency.

          • Don’t hold your breath. ‘We, the people…’ want our country back.

          • Who took your country away from you. Do you mean the African-Americans in the WH took your country away from. So your parents told you the WH was built to be occupied by White president? You’re late.

          • First of all useful idiot, Obama is the product of a back-sliding weak muslim and a white prostitute (aka he is not the first black president but some kind of half-breed). My parents informed me at at young age to always respect the office of the president because, surely, there would be a competent person holding the office. Surprise, the democraps gave us the most incompetent half-breed muslim to ever exist on the surface of the planet.

          • You make puke – did you say that to Ted Cruz mother? No. That means you’re a racist. Cruz mother is White and his father is Cuban. So you mean white women going with Blacks are prostitutes not those going with Mexicans? How about Bush III who is married to a Mexican. Do you mean Bush III is a prostitute? You’re late. You better see your mental doctor tomorrow.

          • Where is the name coward, pmbalele sound fairy. You must be a gay with that handle. Oh yeah. its not gay/’on the down-low’ for black democrap males to hump each other (like male pit-bull dogs).

          • I am no gay; and I do not hate gay people because I believe is what they want to be. “Land of the Free..” If you’re White, Asian, Black or Native Indian is what God wanted you to be. You cannot change that. Maybe gay should have that right to be gay. I think GOP should love gays because then GOP males, always prey on new pastures, will have more women to cheat their wives for.

          • Under-evaluated issues normally exercised by democraps. First of all, I don’t care about boys wanting boys or girls wanting girls. fortunately they will not reproduce and should be a dwindling population. Your lack of ‘critical thinking’ is equating race with homsexuality, missing their power-grabbing desire for the same hetero-marriage rights.. These marriage benefits were given to them by democraps (death benefits, Insurance benefits ect.) to make them dependent voters to the democrap party because everybody know there is no such thing as republican ‘log-cabin’ gays (that phenomenon died in the 60’s and 70’s). Besides, aren’t extra-marital relationships with both sexes a resume enhancement for democraps.

      • I wish you would research and hear the words of Trump before his enemies twisted and misquoted those words. A few of his remarks were foolish, but most of them were not.

        • We do not hate Trump. The guy talks like a regular person pissed by Repubs and TPs and especially Ted Cruz who is not American born. We want Trump the GOP nomination and then we will clean him in November.

      • Where do you get your numbers? Consider the Source.

        • I think you’re the guy who wants his country back. Do you know Ted Cruz is a Canadian-Cuban? If you elect him he has vowed to make USA a province of Canada. That means you morons will be under Liz-the queen of England. Your’re freedom is gone and you will be slaves again.

    • Trump is stupid old Hag he is invoking evil magic to turn people into stones

      • you are a Ahole

        • Shame on you, do you talk like that when u are in church, if you go. Or do you use the realm word

          • I don’t talk in Church, I pray. I pray to God ,to give you a little brain, since you have none.

          • Worse than that! He HAS a brain but doesn’t intend to even use it.

          • I have heard such blasphemy spoken in the church that her remark seems benign.
            I have heard preachers denigrating the work of Jesus on the cross by teaching that we must work for out salvation.
            I have heard that one won’t go to heaven if one drinks wine. Wow, sure hope Jesus didn’t partake of that wine he made.
            I have heard many, many songs that do not give credit for the Grace Jesus earned on the cross.
            I have heard folk putting others under condemnation when their lives are just as full of sin.
            I have heard folk say they would not go to a doctor, for God promised to heal them. But, did The Christ ever tell Luke to stop being a physician? Did he suggest to set up a big clinic and lay hands on everyone?
            Now, I have given you examples of real A** Holes!

      • well you are just afraid he’s going to send your illegal ass back to mexico or to the middle east or where ever the muslim scum came from …so that’s why he has all our votes here …go TRUMP for president 2016 go hillary to prison 2016

        • Hillary goes to Prison then Trump is going to be Shipped to Siberia then Marco Rubio is going to start Laughing and Marco Rubio is going to be the replacement and people is going to call him the President and as for you Fallen away Catholic Heretics go back to Confession and confess your sins to the Preist.

      • You have mush for brains!

      • My, my, you are running scared. What is frightening you?

    • Yup – and I back him and send money to him – he don’t need it – but I support him and will vote for him !

    • I agree except I think it would be back to bill maybe to her girlfriend …besides bill’s prob.out raoing somebody somewhere anyway

    • Do you realize that the only time, in the past 50 years, our government produced a budget surplus was under Bill Clinton?

  3. Wait a minute, have you forgot about Cruz who will win the nomination on the second
    ballot , when all those bound Trump delegates jump ship like rats on a sinking ship.
    Cruz will receive many of Trump supporters of now in the general election, He will clean Hillary’s plow in the General election. Trump is the most unfavorable candidate
    in all the candidates of the 17 that were candidates, except a few that are no longer in the race.

    • Cruz might be a good VP , but not for top job…We need TRUMP=he’s not owing anyone sneaky favors for donations….and he’s the only person that’s run that might give us an edge with our looming debt crisis.

      • I am continually amused by commentators, like yourself, who trumpet Trump for president. You, obviously, think you know the man, but, if that’s true, you’d be wrong.
        Trump has certainly been successful in his field, but at what cost? He has been sued hundreds of times, and though he says that he wins these suits, he’s lying. He has paid hundreds of millions to make these suits go away. And, just around the corner, are THREE suits against Trump University, which was an out and out scam from day one.
        For all his education, he has the vocabulary of an eighth grade dropout. He has a penchant for speaking in “carbon copy”; that is, he repeats what he has just said, incessantly. When answering a serious question on policy, he, invariably, goes off subject with inane comments that have nothing to do with the question.
        I’ll concede that Trump is a phenomenon, but, just because he resembles your favorite reality TV show, does not mean he’d be an effective president. In fact, if he somehow wins the nomination, and Hillary escapes justice, or even if she is replaced by a Biden, Trump LOSES!! Make no mistake about that. You may not believe in polling, and I tend to agree, but Trump’s negatives are too high to expect a miracle.
        Face it, he’s just not a nice person. And it shows.

        • Jealousy and envy will get you no where!

        • I think he is a nice person, and I think he will win!

        • You don’t need a nice person, you need a strong person to lead this country . We have enough bleeding hart liberals, who thinks a baby killer have rights. We have enough of

          people who thinks anybody can come in the country even if they are killers or terrorist .

          • Are these baby killers just as bad as the Terrorists. The only difference they kill only one in a time. The Twin Towers killers killed 3,000 , but many arborist have killed more than that and are still alive. Will hell be any hotter for the them than the suicide bomber, maybe so.

        • Don’t criticize him too much. We needed someone like Trump to help stop the turning of everything upside down; the stupid political correctness.
          Trump can cool down once he is where he can write some orders and undo the mess Obama put us in with his pen and phone.

        • Come to think of it, glad you reminded us. Take away some of his nasty vocabulary , he doesn’t have much. Can you imagine a State of the Union message. I suppose he could have someone write it and he like Obama could read it from a Tablet.

    • Cruz is not constitutionally eligible to be prez or v. prez.

    • There is a cure for ignorance, but stupidity is terminal!

  4. Francisco Sperandeo

    I cannot imagine how anyone could vote for her with as much baggage she carries! I understand that being the first female for POTUS has a sentimental vote with the women if the country! But you need only look at the FIRST BLACK POTUS to see exactly how that turned out. I think I would have to give credit to women fir having more brains than to vote for HILLARY BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN!!!

    • And what has the President’s race to do with it?

      • Nothing. He’d be just as dangerous to the U.S. if he had blond hair and blue eyes.

      • Francisco Sperandeo

        ??? To do with WHAT

      • He means that many females will vote for Hilary for no other reason than she is a woman. (just as many blacks who did not approve of Obama’s platform actually admitted they were going to vote for him because he was supposedly black.)
        Then he expresses his desire to not believe those women would be so brainless to actually do that in the final election.
        Kudos to him for wanting to give women respect, but—–I have known many females for I am one. I don’t have that confidence in them as a whole.

    • See Bimbo eruptions during Bill’s presidency and the silent Hillary feminist. Unfortunately secret-ballot-voting allows democraps to vote increases to their public-assistance benefits without the embarrassment of being a dependent American and not pulling their weight to be independent and self-sufficient. Not part of my definition of ‘American’ at all. Trump will save this country only if the republican establishment allows it.
      No money for you GOP.


  6. Unless the republican party sabotages the election process and does in fact “dump Trump” he will defeat Clinton. That’s why the DNC is working so hard to get him out of the race. They absolutely don’t want Hillary to have to face Trump. He knows where all the Clinton bodies are buried and the woman has been so dishonest all of her life that many voters will turn away from her. She really is a disaster waiting to happen to us.

    • Even the GOP Establishment wants to dump Trump. He is a threat to their status quo and their cushy lifestyles and they would rather have HRC because she will continue the with business as usual in the District of Corruption.

    • Still…folk will vote their pocket books. Don’t want to lose those freebies! So…a large voting block of Democrats are getting those freebies. We need to keep trumpeting the Trump.

  7. national opinion polls are a simple way for politicians and special interests to sway the American voters to vote for “their candidate” and the sad truth is, it works.

  8. Polls schmools—Don’t believe this nonsense for a minute.

  9. Hey..pollsters need to get on the campaign gravy train too..along with the consultants, stratagists and pundits. It’s a big business.

  10. Beware America, Beware! With the likes of the POS in his rainbow house, soros, clinton, voter fraud due to voting over the internet, and allowing NON CITIZENS the right to vote and any other way the liberals can steal the election.! Remember this; the gop would rather clinton to win than Cruz or Trump! We are dealing with a corrupt government in a corrupt society!

    • And just how much actual voter fraud has gone on? And do you know for a fact that non-citizens are given the right to vote?

      • Lets see,failed to count military votes from overseas,Obama received 100% of the vote in some counties,more votes than the number of registered voters in others,Hmmm… Nope no voter fraud here.

      • I cite for you the woman in Cincinnati who admitted, on live TV, that she voted 6 times. Non -citizens in California are not only allowed to vote, but encouraged to do so.
        You are required to show ID to drive, purchase spirits, I have been asked for ID at Doctors offices to prove my insurance is for me. No problem. What is so inconvenient about showing an ID to vote. They are issued free you know, with the proper credentials.

      • I have been an observer on supervised elections! I never saw a single one cleanly conducted! The amount of voter fraud in a USA election would scare you! Hillary would,be in jail by election time unless she is above the law! The laws on secret documents are not the least bit secret! An Army Officer would be in the Fort charged with mishandling secret documents! If Hillary skates on this it sends a chilling message! It is indeed tragic that the USA cannot pick someone with a totally clean record. Dr. Ben Carson is amazing in that he seems to embody what we need as a candidate! He would be my pick and my prediction is,that he would have a vital role in US Govt in a clean election!

      • If there is no voter fraud, how do you explain that there were 106% of people voting in any district. 100% should be everyone voted, where did the other 6% come from? Saw that happened in the Florida primaries

      • Some states still don’t require identification to vote!
        Can you say Raza busses transporting illegals to vote, actually going from poll to poll?
        Can you even whisper ” Protection cities” for the illegals (Surely you don’t think these cities don’t enable illegals to vote. Ha.)?
        But, I suspect that Republicans do shenanigans of their own.
        Perhaps that equals out the cheating votes???

    • I never, never knew just HOW corrupt was our government until this election!

  11. If these polls showed Trump beating Clinton then all these weak minded people would believe them. I can’t believe there are people out there that when they get in the voting booth that they would choose to vote for Trump. Look at all these people using alias’s on this blog that know they are going to look like buffoons when Trump loses.

    • peeweetanner@yahoo.com

      we have alot of poorly educated people in our country the more we get the worst it will become our education system is poorly mishandled

      • What is your opinion of this blog?

        • peeweetanner@yahoo.com

          if you voted for OBAMA you think about what you said

          • Yes, I voted for Obama and damn proud of it. Obama has tried to do more for you and me that any other president in recent times. If it hadn’t been for this lame duck Republican congress we had for the last 7 years we would be a lot better off today.

          • peeweetanner@yahoo.com


          • Yes and your still a far far right Republican. Haven’t learned a damn thing. Some people just don’t have the ability to learn. Go look in the mirror.

          • peeweetanner@yahoo.com

            you need help not me your a far left liberal who thinks he knows everything but doesnt know shit good luck to you wharever you do this is the end of our conversation

          • No argument here.

          • When you get to the voting booth and you vote for Trump that will show how much you are lacking in common sense. I wouldn’t tell anyone if I were you. Some people have no shame. I can’t believe this buffoon is even in the running.

          • peeweetanner@yahoo.com


          • And I hope you don’t change your mind.

    • Some of us are informed well enough that we don’t need a poll to suggest the obvious.

      • It is hard to tell if you agree or disagree with my comment. What is your point?

        • We don’t agree, but for different reasons. In general, polls are meaningless. I know from my statistical experience, I can get just about any result desired, if I know what is wanted. The old adage, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure” has more than a grain of truth in it. Where we disagree is about Mr. Trump, and as a supporter, I do not consider myself to be of “weak mind.” Insofar as the alias I use, I don’t use it to hide who or what I am. If you want to know more about me, please visit my Web site http://www.wendellfountain.com.

          • If you are Trump supporter then I don’t want to know more about you. I hope you stop and smell the roses.

          • I am a supporter of Mr. Trump, and you might wish to take your own advice about the roses.

          • I did stop and smell the roses. I smelt that Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has never wanted for anything and didn’t get it. He actually thinks if he is elected that all he will have to do is flick his fingers and things will get done. He will find out it doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t know how to react to a situation like that. Just like that 16 year old kid that got drunk and took his parents car and went out killed someone with it. He got off because the judge let him off because of his upbringing. It’s just a matter of time before the American people will see the similarity between this kid and Trump.

          • Sorry you feel that way. I think it is time we move on.

          • That’s the way anyone with common sense should feel and I will tell you it sure feels good.

          • I did stop and smell the roses. I smelt Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has no idea what it is like to want something and not get it. He has gotten every thing he has wanted since the day he was born. He has no idea how to act if he doesn’t get his way. He thinks if he is president all he will have to do is flick his fingers and it will get done. He will find out it doesn’t work this way. Do we want someone in charge of the biggest military in the world and can press a button that will end the world in charge of the U.S. There was a 16 year old kid just in the news that got drunk and took his folk’s car and went out and killed someone. The judge let him off because of the way he was raised. He had gotten his way ever since he was born. Is this the kind of person any one with common sense would want for president. I think not.

          • Wayne you are so right. God have mercy on us and spare us from Trump and Hillary

    • Wayne my boy. I want to know, who is your choice for president of the UNITED STATES ???

      • Hillary has always been by choice. I made more money when Bill was president than any other time in my life. So did you and everybody else. She will have the best advisor money can buy and it won’t cost the tax payers anything.

    • Don’t count on it. Republican voter are turning out in record numbers and democrat turnout is at record lows. There’s also thousands of democrats that have switched parties. You want the old lady that’s under FBI investigation? LOL

      • That’s right – the silent majority is madder than hell and we are coming with a 55 gallon drum of kick ass to insure the best choice for America gets elected— Go Trump!

  12. This ARTICLE and the polls are what’s meaningless. When Mr. Trump runs against this amoral piece of trash, she will be dragged though every mud-hole and cesspool in which she has ever waddled. It’s hard to say if she is mud-hole Hildabeast or sewer rat Killary, but when Donald J. Trump rips her for about a four-month period, on election day, no one will be able to even recognize her. Only the mentally ill will vote her–by accident!

  13. Confusion, deception, distortion, destruction, all the drama the un working masses need to divert there mind to something to clam on to , that helps them get thru there world of nothing else. The paid writers and PR firms need to sell conflict to help the masses generate feelings to cope and belong. The paid propagandist enjoy the creative ways of helping the useful marching morons find a sense of being. Example a career politician an opportunist that talks of there accomplishments and has done nothing but talk and exploit the working America’s, for special interest.

  14. ABH – Anybody but Hillary. We don’t want this lying, thieving, over-the-hill hag back in the White House so she can steal the rest of the furniture that she didn’t get the first time. So she can go to Bosnia again and say that she and Chelsea were under fire, then was forced to say she misspoke. How do you misspeak about something like that? Either you were or you weren’t, and since she wasn’t she should not have said she was. After she lied abut Benghazi saying that it was provoked by a video and the creator of the video would be held accountable, she called the mothers of the victims liars. She, not they, had a motive to lie – an election was coming up. She says that no bank is too big to fail and no person to big to jail. In her condition how does she have the audacity to say that? Then to say in a debate that she will not be indicted. What inside info does she have to say such a thing. She knows Obama won’t touch her because she’ll reveal all his skeletons so she knows she’s safe with him because they’re birds of a feather. Every once in a while when she needs some support she dusts off her pervert husband and parades him around like a peacock. With all of her scandals, too numerous to mention, she should not be running for president, but she thinks she’s above the fray and I can’t wait till she tumbles. The Clinton Foundation is the epitome of corruption and made tons of money for the Clintons who committed treason in return for donations. She’ll do anything for money and power, always has and always will.


















  16. Something tells me Trump will kick Hillarys azzz.. Congress freaking out and spending millions seems be pretty good clue

  17. Since when have polls by respected organizations become meaningless? The poll will be an accurate snapshot if the race is between Hilary and trump at this time. If you want to know what the American voters are feeling and thing now its probably accurate. If you are in a betting parlor and you want the chances on who will be president, you might be upset by a brokered convention. The poll cant tell you that now but its ignorant to0 say the polls are meaningless. You sound like a dope.

  18. I have lived long enough to have seen first hand even “exit polls” so wrong, much less polls which happen far in advance of an election. By the time of the election, those disaffected Republicans who supported a candidate who did not win the nomination, will realize to avoid Obama III, they must vote for the Republican nominee no matter what, and they will. No producer in his/her right mind would vote to give more to the takers.

  19. You people think Cruz, or Kasich have chance to beat Hillary??? You can’t be that dumb.

  20. Cruz or Kasich will never beat Hillary.

  21. The liberal media is completely against all Republicans. Gone are the days when journalists reported the news without putting their spin on it. If they want to give their opinion, then their segment should “commentary” across the bottom of the screen.

    • Where is Walter Cronkites when you need him ( always stayed middle ground).
      I propose the news reporters of tomorrow should never support any political platform
      And simply report the news- no spins period. Unfortunately the Unqualified Democrats
      Have taken our country into the quicksand and we are now in deep trouble and the only way out is to elect someone with a doable plan to insure we can get out of the current mess. not freebies – job creation, balancing a budget, paying our debts, no more homeless on our streets ( mental hospital or jail for vagrancy), illegals send home, mandatory drug testing for welfare, The DC beauricrats on the same health/retirement plans as everyone else, no taxpayer money for benefits of gay rights period – what’s next doggy marriages? No common sense and only brings our country down. The gravy train is over send Muslims to Muslim countries not the US – they will never fit into
      Our system and pose a threat to all Americans.

  22. Mr. Trump is his own man and does not bow down to obama who has broken our laws and laughed in our faces. When it comes to laws and our security it means nothing to obama or hillary rodham clinton. They both break our laws and lie to everyone one in America. We have 545 in DC who has let this lawlessness go on and on and have not done one thing to stop it, some has even gone so far as to condone it and says it’s fine and dandy. Taking an oath and then breaking it has been done by every single member of all three branches of government, yet they are still serving. We out number them and I know we could do much better than those do nothing DC insiders. Lets vote out as many of these free loading scumbags and get some people in that loves this country and obeys the laws of this country and protects us from our enemy, both foreign and domestic.

    • Can you cite instances where the President has broken the law? Specifics would be useful.

      • Before your POS and sad excuse of a president took office, the POS took the following oath; I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. This POS has trampled all over the Constitution! Which by the way is the Law! The governor of Ca. stated a year ago; He’s going to allow aliens, legal or otherwise to receive driver licenses and then, allow them to vote!There are other states that have made the same claim! Wake up!

        • But you still haven’t said just how the President has broken the law of the land. Never mind what Jerry Brown said. He is not our President.

          • If you truly don’t understand; “Not defending the Constitution is: breaking the law!” Then do us both the favor, don’t bother replying, The rules of voting are from state to state. Oregon Washington, Massachusetts, are a few states besides Ca. that are allowing this. YOU MUST BE A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES IN ORDER TO VOTE!! The POS in the W.H. along with the liberals have allowed legal and illegal immigrants in America, to participate in welfare, food stamps, free housing, community areas with free computers with internet service. The American citizen is paying for this Further more, This excuse for a president, is allowing muslims into our country, without completely vetting them! (DO YOU UNDERSTAND, VETTING?) Don’t you understand, this POS is suppose to PROTECT American citizens, not put our lives in jeopardy! progressive liberals are against the Constitution! I think people against Democracy, or the Constitution, should leave the country! Go to Greece, Spain, or another socialist run country. All are in financial trouble! I suppose you think America’s financial problems are not the POS’s in W.H.!? No country on Earth has ever been 20 trillion dollars in debt! ENOUGH! Thank you,and goodbye!

          • Well said- you nailed it. Go Trump!

        • Sturgis Amen – so right. This is where congress has let us down by not standing
          Up against a sitting president violating our constitution and the wishes of the American people. Is there any wonder that the public wants a DC outsider to run this country? Trump is our man and we are bringing a 55 gallon can of whip ass with us! I hope he cleans house in DC and prosecutes Obummer and Clinton for the damage and the many laws broken. It will take at least two terms to fix the mess or longer. Go Trump!

          • Don’t get me wrong, if Trump is the nominee against clinton or whoever the left’s candidate may be; I’ll vote for him. However, and without getting into Trumps past. my problem is this: Trump said during a debate, he will support the Republican nominee, no matter who it is. But, if the Republican Party screws with him, (they very well might) he will not accept someone else, nor will his supporters! Now here’s the big problem; Trump will run as a 3rd party candidate! And, “he knows” this will give clinton a better chance for getting elected! I know, six of one or half a dozen of the other. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WE CANNOT ALLOW OR AFFORD, THAT WITCH TO BE PRESIDENT! Democracy, the Constitution and, America as we know it, is at stake! Take Care

          • The GOP fears him being elected– why is that unless they are also corrupt??
            It’s Trumps ideas on how to make us great again that the people want the GOP doesn’t have the same game plan or guts to see it through. Which means they do not support the majority of Americas wishes. That handicaps the party and chances of winning. If Trump
            Does not get the nomination most people will move with him- America looses big time.

          • I agree 100% I would say 80% of Congress is corrupt. It takes a couple of terms before these people get to know the lobbyist, and vise versa.That’s where they make the real $. That’s why they’re so against term limits. I’ve been saying for over a year, the gop (no capital letters, my way of showing disrespect) They care more about themselves, than to do the right thing for the country. They would rather see clinton or any democrat be president than Cruz or Trump and they dislike Cruz more than Trump. Cruz is for term limits and, he thinks all of Congress should be on the affordable care act. I favor Cruz over Trump, but like I said; If Trump is the nominee, I will vote for him. Keep this in mind, not long ago, Trump was a lobbyist! Just saying!

      • Oh yes–Obummer has lied to the American people big time:
        1. He stated he was a US born citizen
        ( all his birth certificates are forgeries)
        2. He stated he was a Christian
        ( yet he is a devout Muslim and surrounds himself with Muslims)
        He has opened the flood gates to millions of Muslim immigrants.
        3. He has ignored our allies and threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if they try to stop Iran.
        4. He has ignored our Constitution and introduced many laws in conflict with our constitution and the wishes of the American people.
        5. He has used American taxpayers money to fund Muslim brotherhood, ISIS, Hezbolah, Drug Cartels etc etc.
        6. He has defanged our military by removing 100s of officers. Replacing them with puppets supporting shooting civilians if need be and standing down our carriers in port etc all the while supporting a world police force to
        Loose control of the US to foreigners.
        7. He has bankrupted our country tripling our Natl debt -$18 trillion dollars – the absolute worst and most damaging president in the history of America!
        Now the silent majority is madder than hell and we are coming to take back this country- you and your kind has screwed is up big time.

        GO TRUMP!

        • Big K. You have Obama plugged in. He isn’t Obama, he is Frank Davis Jr. Born in Africa , where Davis sent his mother to have him to cover up his affair and blame it on Obama sr.
          The only problem is that Trump might not be what he is has claimed to be. Maybe his temper and language don’t bother you.
          There is a saying when the blind leads the blind they both fall in the ditch.

          • Common sense 101 tells us that that America is in the worst possible situation currently
            And on the verge of complete collapse of our society/values as stated in our constitution
            ( based on Judea Christian values). It’s simple when you look at the choices– Clinton
            Is a crook who supports socialist/communist/with a Muslim aid- years of corruption and
            Complete direlection of her duties ( Bengazi/top secret mail exposure) who does not support our constitution and like Obama she is a puppet of George Sorros and his socialist money. Trump is the only candidate to speak out against the political correct
            Trap the current administration hides behind. A refreshing breath of fresh air who tells it like it is ( pulls no punches-he’s not someone else’s puppet and the capt of his own ship). Since he started many other candidates jumped on the band wagon yet it was his guts that opened pandoras box. This country is in sad shape thanks to sad Democratic Party who sold their sole to the devil years ago ( win at all cause mentality- they would sell out their own mom) they are completely misguided and ignore our constitution. They push Socialism, Communism, abortion, Gay rights, illegal immigration, and support Muslim migration within the US. Their ignorance has got us where we are today. It’s virtually impossible for a Muslim to be a good American ( their Koran preaches killing non Muslims).So every American that is not a Muslim is a target and oh yes they have been surveyed and over 50% believe the Koran and follow it to the T. They have sworn an oath to devide and conquer from within ( remember the Trojan horse?)- the Koran is trash and these people are terrorist and a cancer on the planet. Although I like Cruz and hope he is the VP he doesn’t have the mocksy and know how of Trump ( who can’t be bought- already a Billionare). He will take us back to a better time and defend our constitution. This is Americas last hope – we all need to support his efforts ( Esprcially the GOP who has spent over 500 mil on other candidates). Go Trump!

          • Another piece of information for the uninformed potential voters:

            Most of Americans have no clue what Muslims are all about and the serious threat they pose from within now that millions have been allowed into America. Your letter will open many eyes to how destructive Obama has been to the US with his actions (all counter productive to our constitution and way of civilized life). He should be put in prison for his damage to the American people.

            Inconvenient Politically-Incorrect Truth About Islam:

            The Islamic-terrorist-threat isn’t that complicated to figure out. There are no verses in the New Testament (The Christian code-of-conduct) which instruct Christians to harm non-Christians, but there are verses which instruct Christians to love non-Christians. There are no verses in the Koran (The Islamic code-of-conduct) which instruct Muslims to love non-Muslims, but there are verses which instruct them to kill [e.g. slay (9:5), burn-to-death (4:56), decapitate (8:12), among others] non-Muslims. Legitimate-free-valiant-democratic-republics classify organizations with such codes-of-conduct as “terrorist organizations.”

            A PEW Research Center poll of Muslim-American citizens released on May 22, 2007 reported that: 86% believe the Koran is the word-of-God; 50% believe that the Koran should be taken literally “word-for-word”; 47% think of themselves as a Muslim first and an American second; 43% feel that mosques should express views on social matters; and 41% under 30-years-old admit feeling that suicide bombings of innocent civilians can sometimes be justified.

            Some identify concerns about Islam as “Islamaphobia.” A “Phobia” is an “irrational fear.” What is irrational about fearing Islam whose stated purpose is to kill non-Muslims and whose code-of-conduct ISIS believes justifies their heinous onslaughts? Doesn’t a code-of-conduct instructing members to kill non-members classify an organization as a “terrorist organization?”

          • Well said , as a Christian I can love a Muslim, but not his beliefs. No doubt the Muslim who is willing to commit suicide if he can murder others is demon possessed .
            When he arrives in hell it will be to late, Well he/she is going there sooner or later , unless they repent and come to Christ.

          • In order to preserve this great Republic we cannot allow Muslim immigration
            or their religious studying in our country ( Mosques must be torn down) . They must be sent to a place that supports their followings ( many places in the middle east).
            It is virtually impossible for any Muslim to support our Constitution which is based on Judea Christian values and it’s the best Constitution ever written ( Made us great when we following it). They have sworn an oath to immigrate all over the world multiply like rats and kill everyone who is non Muslim. They are a cancer to all free societies and are exploiting all of our countries to destroy from within. Common sense 101 says we better demand they be removed or get ready to watch your kids and grandkids inherit a Beirut environment one day. Game over for America if this happens (another reason Obama must be prosecuted for crimes against America/constitution). This is a big example of how low the Democratic Party will stoop to bring in outsiders to prop up their voting numbers- they would sell out their own mothers to win – lost all moral responsibility to this country.

        • Not to mention the mess he has made of our borders by refusing to allow them to do their job!

          • Mary
            Agree- yet the scariest issue going on now is that
            The Idiot in the White House
            apparently signed Executive Order (last week) 13391 (Patriots Defense of Liberty Enabler Act), which turns over all Federal Territories to the United Nations in the event of Civil Unrest. If Trump is denied the Nomination even if he collects the 1,237 delegates, there will be massive unrest!!! The deal is in that if the UN dispatches troop (UN Project 21) to reinforce the National Guard, it will come from Cuba with a number of 250,000 troops within 6 hours of the call. This has been going on under covers while the Primaries have been proceeding. Apparently, Congress has less than 20 days to resend it before it becomes law. He will declare Marshal Law, and stay in power…

            When Scalia died/murdered, he was stead fast against the “Clean Air Act”, The Bitch (Loretta Lynch) just last week said that she would impose Title 18 (RICO) against anyone denying “Climate Change”. If Rico is charged against anyone, the Feds confiscate all your possessions immediately.

            Our country is about to be
            turned over to a world order
            And The GOP must step in to
            Take control immediately.
            How can this happen ?

          • I don’t think the GOP leadership will do anything but protect the globalists and try to retain their power. They will roll over to anyone to do that. Look at how they are already “eating their own!”
            We the People must take responsibility for letting the present mess come to fruition. And then act. ( First, we can pray for a few well-placed lightening bolts. lol) Then we must organize and do whatever necessary to stop the globalists from pushing us over the precipice. I think it is now fairly soon or never.
            We will also need to understand that our safety and possessions pale in comparison to what will be lost if we don’t take chances. If our people would suspend for awhile our laziness, comfort and fear, we would be unstoppable. We would. I used to say we needed leaders, but I have discovered they are out there and willing to lead–if we got behind them.
            As to plans and secretive dealings, I think we would be appalled if we knew it all!
            I am hoping that at least Trump has a chance to make a difference before the SHTF.

          • I never put these losers in office
            I do blame congress for letting this POS go unchecked with his current direction- many crimes could have been justification for his impeachment- they have let us all down.

      • You mean you yourself can’t site instances where this so called president has broken the law?
        Where have you been all this time?

  23. Mr Trump seems to give the impression that he advocates strong arm tactics and violence. I know he says that he’s not for violence, but his security people seem not to have gotten the message. We are entitled to freedom of speech in this country. We have a right to be heard, even if we don’t like what’s being said.

    • And he has the right to be heard. And whoever wants to hear him has the right to do so. It is the Soro’s backed terrorists that instigate the violence.


  25. We need a strong leader and Trump is the only one that shows as such – even though, I don’t like the way
    he sometimes goes about it, I am in his court. No more, Mr. Nice guy” or wimp – we have big problems in this
    country and around the world and Trump can take it on – Hillary is not believable- says one thing and will turn around and do something else, depending on what in it for her!! One thing I can say about Trump, he says
    what he thinks – unfortunately, the media twists his words around to make a story!!

  26. Given the events of today in Belgium, which Trump predicted in an article in the NYTimes last summer, Trump is even more important to us all. He knows so much more than the vapid, partisan media credit him. If the Repub elite continue their destruction of Trump, the voters will surely go to unethical, unaccomplished, dishonest Hillary who doesn’t deserve to be dogcatcher. Wake up, Republican Party…you have a winner and a potentially great president in Donald Trump. Get behind him!

    • Carma
      You nailed it- the Republican Party I fear have lost their way and have corruption within also. This party has not stood up against the damage done by Obama ( unlike Trump they are gutless). They are handing the presidency to a Democrat with their actions and if they don’t wake up they are part of the problem. They are considering a third party Candidate if Trump gets the nomination ( absurd – it insures split of conservative votes
      And a disaster) which will cause most people to switch to independent. They have spent over $500,000 for other Republican candidates to oppose Trump- again they do not reflect the wishes and the values of the people who elected them- another reason to push for two term max on DC politicians ( who try to make a career out of Public Duty- not what the founders intended). Clinton should be Indicted within 60 days- her political career will end and she will get an orange jumpsuit hopefully. If the GOP gets behind Trump Pres and Cruze for VP they could win by a landslide. Also impeachment hearing should be instituted against Obama for crimes against our constitution/American – he must be rendered Inaffective to prevent further damage to this country- let him get to the finish line enable much more damage ( The country needs the GOP more than ever before to step forward and support a winning combination) –Go Trump!

  27. Of course, Mormons are anti-Trump. They are also anti-Christ and anti-American. Always have been

    • Cruz is as Nazi as Trump.

      • Have a slice of this:
        Spoken like the idiot you are- Hitler wouldn’t make a pimple on Trumps ass. Hitler
        Was all about taking over the world and destroying other races ( ethnic cleansing).
        So unless you can back up your ignorance with bonafied evidence –STFU Moron!

      • Freddie,
        Do you even understand what Nazi means? It stands for National Socialists. You Know,
        like Bernie, Hillary, Barry, and too many others on the left; possibly including you. I can think of none among our Republican candidates who are National Socialists.

  28. I really do dislike this woman .. this liar … Blacks complain Obama never helped them Hillary is never going to help any race

  29. People forget that the % of voters who actually cast their ballots is a disturbingly low number. They say “why vote, my vote makes no difference” and it’s always been that way. The party that can harness this apathetic number will win the general election–which ever party!

  30. Polls mean nada at this stage-wait till October when voters settle on their choice.

  31. Egor von Johnson

    True. Since Obama and Clinton could not agree on financial terms for the Bitch`s pardon when they played golf for first time ever,she will be left dangling in the wind. My sources tell me an ad hoc team will indict her so Obama does not take the blame. Then he can boast no direct involvement that would damage his Legacy or whatever Bullshiit you want to call it.

  32. Egor von Johnson

    I saw a closeup of Michelle and her daughters. They really have a lot of hair on their faces and arms. The girl`s legs too. Michelle always keeps her legs covered. You will never see her in a bathing suit. Not because of her huge ass but resemblance to her face and extremities to a monkey. Any anthpologists out there to confirm my discovery.

  33. Egor von Johnson

    The White House Chef ststed their favorite meal is a bunch of bananas. No Wonder.

  34. Yes those polls and stories may be meaningless, because Hillbillary may be in the “big house” by then, and I don’t mean the one on Penn Ave.

  35. Can you believe the truth. Here it is.
    Killary will be in Prison or worse. She will never occupy the Oval Office.

  36. If the FBI recommends indicting her and Obozo won’t, then the Congress must impeach him for Misfeasance, Nonfeasance, and malfeasance. Refusing ti charge anyone who has broken the law, is an Impeachable offense. The Clinton’s think they are above the law and with the Sc#mbags in the News Media protecting them by not calling for an indictment, they also need to be prosecuted but you can’t since they are protected by the 1st Amendment, even though they are Censoring the news Illegally. If it was a GOPer or Conservative the Scum news media would be screaming for there scalp. Hitlery for Prison

  37. it still mind boggles me how anyone could vote for Clinton. I know Trump is not perfect but he is a person that is not tied to Wall Street like Hitlary is and he is not a media darling. Trump is a person being chosen by the people and the power brokers can’t handle that. Fuck them, this is America the peoples country not the play ground of the rich.

  38. What difference does it make a liar or a bully?

  39. Politicians run the business of government and run it badly. We need Donald Trump to get these idiots in line. They have had their way too long. Our children’s children will suffer for it. Let’s give him a chance.

  40. Look— Hillary should be in Jail—-TRUMP will make sure of that when he Wins. He is the only True Leader that is Running. GO—-TRUMP—-GO

  41. Ouça eu estou indo na justiça, de São Leopoldo pra receber os meus pagamentos, avisa eles pra preparar um cartão de credito. Limite $500 milhões de reais. E $100,000 cem mil real em notas de cem, dentro de um envelope e $300,000 trezentos mil dólares norte americano,


  43. Here’s Hillary from the beginning: Subject: In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!


    For the most part people do not change. In case you did not know or remember here is a character insight from history:

    In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!


    Should you pass this on? My recommendation is that you

    do it now…..or you can wait until she is the PRESIDENT!!

  44. Hillary Clinton barks “like a dog” Не laughs best who laughs last https:

  45. Hispanic vote, if you think there is a certain way groups vote, would go for Trump. Of any group of voters, these people have a strong reference to the CUBAN ways of governing. Were I to put a group on one side or another, I would feel that most people of a Hispanic lineage would go for Trump as opposed to Clinton. Not even close.

  46. I said this a long time ago. If the Republicans ran a pig for president and just put Republican on it there would be people voting for it. Trump gives a good example of my comment. The Republicans are so fed up with this do nothing Republican congress we have had for the last 7 years they are hanging there hopes on Trump. When 91% of the American people wanted background checks on firearms sales they voted it down is a good example. There is not one thing I can think of that this Republican congress has done for the last 7 years except to try and undo everything Obama has done.

  47. The Hilly and Billy machine, paid and promoted by the domestic elite working for the global elite, have enough money to pay there PR firms to make us little people luv the dynamic duo, and make us believe they will save us by giving up America’s sovereignty to the UN.


  49. I agree with this article.

  50. Whites are still 70+ percent of the electorate as much as the media ,political punditry and political class seem to want to forget .

  51. There has been so much media attention, most of it campaigning against Trump and for the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe, that attention has been largely diverted from the mendacity, corruption, espionage, treason and murder that are still her weaknesses. It is going to take sustained daily reminding that she is a career criminal, Soros puppet and quite possibly the last freely elected president we will have (if that) to persuade a population shell-shocked after 8 years of the intentional creation of chaos and polarization that she must be put in the Big House and not in the White House.

  52. Overall, the former secretary of state led 50 to 41 percent among registered voters. Trump led 49 to 40 percent among white voters, while Clinton led 73 to 19 among non-whites. Trump led by five points among men, and Clinton was up by 21 among women. Trump led by 24 points among whites without college degrees, while Clinton led by 15 among whites with degrees…
    The problem with the above statement is that it includes ‘registered’ ILLEGAL ALIENS’ in California… and California law is now going to let them vote. What needs to happen right now… is for several States to file suit to block California from participating in the General Election for President… they have no right to dilute the will of, US Citizens in a Presidential Election by allowing non-citizens to vote… what’s next … open registeration for China and let them vote?

  53. My guess is the random sample polls really aren’t random samples; i.e., they are random “biased” samples, influenced by the Clinically-Brain-Dead-Back-Room-Boys-of-the-RNC. The fix is in for Kasich, the multi-state-loser and his potential running mates of Rubio and/or Jebbie.

    For some reason the Clinically-Brain-Dead-RNC thinks the election cannot be won without Ohio and Florida . . . what about the other 48 states where Mr. Trump has turned out somewhere north of 10 million new voters.

    Democrats who rely on the Black vote know that of the roughly 17% of potential Black voters, few will make the effort to vote . . . as the Chicago Model is the way they win; i.e., deceased voters, vote earl and vote often, Democrats count the votes . . . how can they lose?

    Mr. Trump will open each debate “the rodham” with one of her many scandals . . . and end the debate with another one of her many scandals.

    This will melt “the rodham” down to a generic “cow pie” each and every debate.

  54. Polls are full of crap! They can be made to show anything the pollster desires by the way they are structured.

  55. Trump will beat Hillary in the general election. Hillary doesn’t have a chance after all the wrong she has done against the US. Go Trump!

  56. Vote TRUMP 2016.

  57. What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and Al Capone? No, I can’t think of a difference, either.

  58. There are several important indicators to watch, first, there’s a 30% reduction of democrats voting in the primaries, (lack of interest}, and an increase of 35% turnout in republican primaries. Secondly, Trump also has strong support amongst the union and nonunion industrial working class, that have typically went to democrats in past elections, which will result in a number of former democratic states moving towards Trumps corner. If you throw in the coming espionage charges, and Clinton’s past performance record, (that is yet to be exposed by Trump); you’ll have Trump winning by a landslide

  59. In other words polls mean nothing when Trump kicking Hillarys azz ??

  60. You would think Benghazi plenty of proof how well Hillary would protect America .. Seems like some people’s brains are snake shit / Just sayin

    • Interesting that the 4 soldiers involved say that the Secretary was not at any fault and that prior knowledge of their actions as there was no prior to be had.

      • If she should get elected and appoint Bill to the Supreme Court. Heis already living on borrowed time and has instructed Hillary how to handle his funeral. I have that instruction.

  61. Any poll which suggests, even remotely, that Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton can beat Mr. Donald J. Trump in the presidential sweepstakes is totally bogus!

    • …..piece o’ cake, for Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders. Mr. Drumpf is not yet the nominee and if he will be the party will have disrespected themselves, the process, the presidency and the world community.

  62. The Progressive media hates anyone who stands up for America. Trump isn’t the best spoken candidate but he is the most honest least PC candidate and people respect that about him. Islam has been a threat since its creation in the 7th century and now they have WMD to use against anyone who disagrees with them. Our border remains wide open and there are tens of millions of people here that have never undergone any type of vetting. How many defenseless people have to be slaughtered before our government and this disgusting media care?

  63. Hey, If ROmney or McCain had backbones, THEY could beat Hillary! My God, if a “reasonable candidate” can’t beat someone with her resume, her personna, then this country definitely has no future……

  64. Remember ,” It’s not how many votes there are but who counts the votes “

  65. Trump is against everything that’s wrong in this world and the people that have been without a voice for so long are now speaking loudly!!!! GO TRUMP!!!

  66. Polls as manufactured by the drive by media, the Left etc are irrelevant and useless;
    I will however go and VOTE for Mr. Trump come November 2016!

  67. So you mean that all of those polls showing Goldwater losing to LBJ were meaningless as well? Then don’t forget the polls showing Jimmy Carter trailing Reagan, and don’t forget the polls 4 year later when Reagan almost ran the table on Dukaikis, the Democrat candidate who only carried his home state of Massachusetts in 1984. Of course John McCain and Dob Dole were deeply underwater to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for almost the entire 2008 and 1996 Presidential Election Seasons. But the polls are foolish, especially if or when the voters are foolish. While there is time remaining for the American voters to “Make America Great Again” by defeating Hell’ary, the truth is that unless The Donald can reverse almost 50 years of extremely bad press in the next 7 months, I fear that you Trump voters will go to bed on 11/08/2016 with a new President elect in your future, Hell’ary Clinton. That being said if the Donald is the GOP Nominee I shall cast my ballot for Trump but for Christ’s sake if the Election were held today even Utah (Glen Beck’s Holy Land) will cast their ballots for either Hillary or Bernie by a large margin, and if they run together as President and Vice President Utah will vote for both of these Marxists over Trump, even if the Holy Ghost is chosen as the Donald’s running mate. Also Senator Lee of Utah is extremely disliked by many if not most of the Utah voters because of his Tea Party stances and a Trump defeat will drag 10, 12, or more NEW Democrat Senators into office to replace Senators like Lee, and the Tea Party will be thrown out into the freezing political Winter for good.

    • I commend you on having a grip on reality. I understand being excited about a candidate but that doesn’t mean that every voter in the universe feels the same way . I was crazy excited about George McGovern, a great Senator, American and a poetic orator. He drew huge crowds with his message of peace, I was never at any point delusional about any winning. Your comrades here are delusional but not you. Polls are math a science of statistics. I guess that doesn’t mean anything to people who reject science . Good for you Ringo.

  68. Anything that’s put out by the Wash. Post is totally irrelevant. Nothing but a Liberal wacko paper!

  69. ‘Meaningless’ might not be the best word to describe those polls. Those who want to undermine Trump’s success can use those ‘polls’ as a tool to dishearten and deter Trump voters who are not totally committed. I see it as a libtard trick.

  70. Have been a Republican my entire adult life, stood back and watched it turn into a one way party “our Way or the Highway” Trump had the backbone to stand up and say “enough” If the US public doesn’t get behind this man it could endanger this country. He truly cares about the people and the country, “WAKE UP USA”

  71. hitlery the bengazi murderer,will wonder what fell on her,if she goes against thrump.but hopefull she will be doing life.hitlery for prison with ovomit and jarret holder reid biden wasserman ellison waters,schumer gillbrand cummings shelia jackson durbin the black caucas pelosi feinstein,hell all the democraps and most of the republicans. go thrump we need a real legal american in the wh,not an ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists. god bless all legal american veterans/citizens strength and honor the minutemen

  72. Who elects the President?
    Tne Electoral College elects the President.
    How does your state select its Electoral College members?

  73. Electoral College

    The Electoral College is an assembly of people elected in each state by political parties to perform the formal duty of electing the President and Vice President of the United States. Each state is allocated a number of electors equal to the number of its U.S. Senators (always two) plus the number of its U.S. Representatives (which may vary each decade according to updated census numbers). Currently, Alaska has three electors.

  74. I’m independent and have not been a Trump fan. But I’ll take him over what else is out there. Trump can defeat Hillary and the democrats know it. That’s why they are working so hard to destroy him. But the GOP is in the process of destroying it’s self with their attempt to help destroy Trump. I’ve been voting for a long time but this beats anything in history.

  75. The entire waste of money is meaningless.
    We the People do not elect a President, never have.

    We te People cannot elect a President — the Constitution does nt permit it.

    These men were put in office despite the fact that We the People voted for someone else: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.

    Al Gore received the majority popular vote, but George Bush was put into office by the Supreme Court.

  76. No one is left but TRUMP The Rest are all so Discusting——–GO—-TRUMP—-GO

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