Voters Displeased With Obama on Economy, Foreign Affairs, Obamacare, and Immigration

Registered voters put President Obama’s approval rating at an abysmal 42% on Tuesday, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s not the worst number he’s seen, but it’s also hot on the heels of a Gallup Poll that had it at 38%. Regardless of which one more accurately reflects the temperature of the nation, it’s clear that this president’s policies are not popular with the American people. The poll demonstrated that voters are particularly against him when it comes to the state of the economy, his handling of international affairs, how Obamacare was implemented, and the subject of immigration.

Obama doesn’t need to worry about getting elected again, but his power to put pressure on Congress is going to be hampered until he can get those poll numbers up. It is devastating news for Senate Democrats. Elsewhere in the poll, respondents were asked which issues would be most important when they went to the polls in November. The biggest responses were the economy (35%), the “way things are working in Washington” (15%), health care (13%), and international conflicts (12%). Considering the voting public finds Obama weak in all of these categories, it doesn’t look good for Democratic retention.

Most damning was how Obama fared in the question, “On balance, do you feel that Obama’s presidency so far has been more of a success or more of a failure?” 52% insisted that his presidency was a net failure, with 39% of that majority going a step further to call it a “strong” failure. Only 42% of respondents believed that Obama’s presidency had been a success.

Still, though. 42%?

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could think of Obama’s presidency as a success of any kind. Even the most liberal voters have to admit that he has done little to keep his campaign promises. Then again, there’s a strong argument for the idea that most liberal voters – particularly those who voted for Obama – are young and decidedly in the “low information” category. They see this president as a celebrity first, a one-man civil-rights celebration second, a comedian third, and a politician fourth. Whereas the truth is that he’s a golfer first, a golfer second, and occasionally he moonlights as the president.

If these poll numbers are any indication, both houses of Congress are going to be in Republican control when the first of the year rolls around. That means Obama is going to have one of two choices: he can either start working with Congress or he can risk defaming the office of the presidency with unprecedented executive action. If he goes the latter route, it will be up to Republicans in the legislature to make sure he is held accountable for his unconstitutional behavior.

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