Voters Displeased With Obama on Economy, Foreign Affairs, Obamacare, and Immigration

Registered voters put President Obama’s approval rating at an abysmal 42% on Tuesday, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. That’s not the worst number he’s seen, but it’s also hot on the heels of a Gallup Poll that had it at 38%. Regardless of which one more accurately reflects the temperature of the nation, it’s clear that this president’s policies are not popular with the American people. The poll demonstrated that voters are particularly against him when it comes to the state of the economy, his handling of international affairs, how Obamacare was implemented, and the subject of immigration.

Obama doesn’t need to worry about getting elected again, but his power to put pressure on Congress is going to be hampered until he can get those poll numbers up. It is devastating news for Senate Democrats. Elsewhere in the poll, respondents were asked which issues would be most important when they went to the polls in November. The biggest responses were the economy (35%), the “way things are working in Washington” (15%), health care (13%), and international conflicts (12%). Considering the voting public finds Obama weak in all of these categories, it doesn’t look good for Democratic retention.

Most damning was how Obama fared in the question, “On balance, do you feel that Obama’s presidency so far has been more of a success or more of a failure?” 52% insisted that his presidency was a net failure, with 39% of that majority going a step further to call it a “strong” failure. Only 42% of respondents believed that Obama’s presidency had been a success.

Still, though. 42%?

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could think of Obama’s presidency as a success of any kind. Even the most liberal voters have to admit that he has done little to keep his campaign promises. Then again, there’s a strong argument for the idea that most liberal voters – particularly those who voted for Obama – are young and decidedly in the “low information” category. They see this president as a celebrity first, a one-man civil-rights celebration second, a comedian third, and a politician fourth. Whereas the truth is that he’s a golfer first, a golfer second, and occasionally he moonlights as the president.

If these poll numbers are any indication, both houses of Congress are going to be in Republican control when the first of the year rolls around. That means Obama is going to have one of two choices: he can either start working with Congress or he can risk defaming the office of the presidency with unprecedented executive action. If he goes the latter route, it will be up to Republicans in the legislature to make sure he is held accountable for his unconstitutional behavior.

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  1. I am unable to think of one thing that is better since Obama has come to office. It seems that his advisers are trying to make him look as bad as possible since they are in the background and are not blamed for anything that he does or says. It is apparent that he know little about anything of importance. His political desire is to cause as much damage to the American economy as he can. The national economy is still in terrible shape with so many people out of work that they have stopped looking. Taxes are up and control of our lives are being controlled to the extent that our freedoms are being eroded by the day. I guess this is par for the course for a community organizer.

    • Whatever Obama touches, he ruins, and makes worse. Even his wife ruined the school lunches. Schools are opting out of the “new federal lunch program”. Go Figure. Neither one was competent enough to hang onto their Lawyer Liscense.

      • I’ve seen a lot in my days and nothing has changed inta the politicalarena.. EVERY THING THE ‘GOVT’ TOUCHES GOES ALL TO HELL !!

        • I thought obamacare was bad then heard about the dumbing down with common core, and the thinning out of our military to pre WW2. This Nov is Now or Never. We Need to Vote Out the demoncRats And Get in the Republican Statesmen Congress, AND Hold Them Accountable!

      • gots that free pass for negros right where every one can see…. don’ts needs no Law License when yo’s gots da free pass for negros in your back pocket… 😛

        • If uhbamma was never appointed (I doubt the legitimacy of his election) I would be feeling loads less “RACIST!” right about now.

      • These clowns couldn’t lead a High School Marching Band. They have never run anything. The only thing Obama and Moooochelle are good at is telling Whopper Lies…

      • I always thought that they were disbarred for criminality rather than incompetence.

      • Ya cause the crap that they fed your fata$$ kid before was so wonderful. But I guess as long as he looked like the couch potato daddy it’s alright. Right?

    • well now let us see….racism is “up” thanks to kenyan boy and his left hand man eric von holder, minister of injustice and gun sales…….gay and lezzie appreciation is up along with gay weddings….oh and the number of illegal aliens crossing the border is “up”…..and the number of rags threatening the US is up….and the number of folks on food stamps is up..and the number of folks on the unemployment rolls is up….and the african pretenders number of days on the “links” is up….why there are a whole lot of increases…..

      • Yes and there all bad increases

      • You forgot to mention, casualties in the “war on terror” are up. National debt is up. Russian provocations and rumblings are up. IRS and other scandals are up.

      • Also, the lazy who refuse to work but still getting government handouts including the ACA/Obamacare, is up.

        • Really??? Can you cite your source for this pos claim?

          • OK Kathy. You support socialism and maybe communism. We have your number.

          • Why didn’t you just say you couldn’t support your comment with a credible source instead of calling me a communist. Typical teabilly. Time to go brush your tooth.

          • Kathy we who pay for your shit are broke.You better dig up a new sugar daddy because it cant be the taxpayer anymore you ran out of our money

          • Sorry Elizabeth – you don’t pay for my shit. I’ve been a taxpayer since I’ve been 12 yo. Go whine somewhere else. Loser.

          • Yep. Notice the people in new Escalades, Navigators and Lexus stopping to eat then paying with EBT cards. THAT is the billboard for everyone to see. You socialists get bent out of shape when we conservatives say what is obvious and it slams you against the wall.
            Wake up! The blather of Marx, Lenin, and Alinsky is hot air. The Russians and East Germans kicked communism out the door when they finally accepted the fact that it does not work for the good of the people. But some people still prefer to worship government and control the population. Human beings are the pinnacle of Creation. We were not created to be herded around like swine as the Nazis did the Jews. So Kathy enjoy your Leftist leaning and be aware that some old dead guys risked everything so you can
            disagree about the greatest system ever to exist on Earth. Incidentally, I’m not a member of the Tea Party. I just prefer conservative principles and the philosophy of life presented in a set of writings set down over a period of 1600 years called the Judeo-Christian Bible.
            I wish you the best. And may G-d who created the universe Bless the United States of America, Israel and all who support the two. Shalom

      • costs of pres. vacations is up, quick ques. does any one dare beat him at golf by too much?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Marlene, a lady was golfing in Florida one day and she hit one ball so hard that she lost her balance and fell. Low and behold, Ovomit’s crew was right behind. Ovomit rushed and helped her up. He then introduced himself and said he needed her vote this time. She laughed and said, “Hey Mr Shithead, I fell on my ass, NOT MY HEAD!”

        • How much did the other POTUS vacations cost YOU? Or is that information irrelevant? Quit watching FUX News. It’s making you stupid.


      • You forgot to mention that the stock market has almost tripled since Obama took office. I know a lot of Republicans appreciate that.

        • yes, but the wealthy democrapos who outnumber the GOP in the $ category love it even more… know like the dot com deal during clinton…wow that was fun…of course it led up to the housing bust that the democrapos initiated with their CRA in 1979 and all that marching out in front of banks demanding loans for those that had no money, no credit, and no intention of paying it back….oh and the economy ? kenyan boyo is really doing great what with the unemployment numbers going down with all the part time employment at McDonalds….and the EPA shutting down coal..that is really great, those greenie weinees will really adore your messiah now….

        • “Yankee ingenuity” arranged that in spite of the socialist agenda at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

          • I don’t know what you far right Republicans can find fault with now. Obama Care did not hurt the job growth. It must have helped it. Unemployment is down, housing starts are way up, the stock market is booming, the economy is doing the best in 10 years and gas prices are the lowest they have been in years. What have you got to holler about? People say Hilliary doesn’t have any competition in 2016. I will guess if she decides to run that Michel Obama could give her good race. Look out for her. They will both have the best advisors money can buy and they won’t cost the tax payer anything.

          • You can’t figure it out? We just don’t like socialism which leads to what the Russians proved does not work. And Socialism eventually wants to remove that part of our Constitution in Amendment I that permits the free exercise of religious faith. Freedom (Liberty) is to government what a leash is to a dog. It’s OK for people to have a government but not OK for a government to have a people as was in the case of Nazism and Russia’s communism. We the People run the government. It’s not the other way around–the tail wagging the dog.

          • Ron, you are obviously brainwashed by Fox News and the far right Republicans. You twisted everything arround. It is the Republicans you have to worry about for taking away our liberties. When 91% of the American people want background checks on firearms purchases and that Republican congress voted against what the American people wanted is the best proof of that and you can’t even argue this point.

          • Thorson I think YOU have things backward. Most true Americans DO NOT want background checks on firearms purchases. Had background checks been en force in the late 1700s we would not have an America. I do not watch Fox news or television in general.
            You obviously support socialism which leads to communism which leads to equal distribution of misery. I follow the teachings of New Testament Christianity, not of Karl Marx and his subsequent ilk. I support the US Constitution and the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence. We have the greatest nation on the planet Earth. But of late there are some power hungry people with a desire to delete
            Liberty, free enterprise and freedoms we’ve heretofore enjoyed thanks to those old dead guys who risked everything that we might enjoy relative abundance which includes but not limited to freedom from laws respecting an establishment of religion and prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

          • Warren, every thing you say I have heard on Fox News. Your denial of watching Fox News is a sham. The only way you could be telling the truth is if Bill Oreilly gets his bull from you. Now our forfathers made it so no one person could take over this country by having an election every 4 years. If I thought it was possible I would move to another country. That poll that was taken on firearms sales included Democrats and Republicans that owned firearms. They had cmmon sense. They understood it was to keep firearms out of the hands of felons only. If you are fellon then I can understand why you would be against it. The 91% of the American people obviously were not fellons.

          • Your thought pattern reminds me of that of Uzoozy who posts. Felons will have firearms regardless of what our laws say about the issue. Your logic is twisted. You say in a poll of Democrat and Republican firearm owners that 91 per cent want to keep firearms out of the hands of felons only. Well that’s common sense. That would be great but obviously it has not worked so far. Felons, the lowlifes of any society, illegally possess firearms regardless of our laws. So why take firearms away from law abiding citizens and leave only felons to have firearms? One of the deadliest places anywhere is a place where firearms are prohibited. That is where the thugs will congregate to rob and kill because they figure nobody will be able to shoot them. And you can’t figure that out? Law abiding Americans are not stupid. MOST Americans want law abiding citizens to be able to legally own firearms for protection against the social garbage I call thugs. LOCKED DOORS are designed to keep HONEST PEOPLE out. Social scum who I call thugs laugh at locks and laws. In your way of thinking we should do away with our Department of Defense as well as our right to keep and bear personally owned firearms then the enemies will not bother us. Putting it another way you believe we should tell all “bad” people and all enemies of the USA they have to turn in their weaponry.
            And too, since our forefathers require an election every four years to prevent anyone from taking over the country you want to move to another country if possible. I invite you to do so. But your admitted dislike for safeguard to prevent takeover of USA indicates you’d prefer a dictatorship here. Are you Barack Obama? …or similar ilk?
            Be aware the US Constitution makes it possible for you to express your ideas here. A document you appear to dislike.

          • Warren, again you showed how much you watch Fox News. I explained to you the imprababilty of anyone taking over this country but you refuse to listen to someone with common sense. You far far right Republicans all want to preach your doom and gloom about everything. My biggest worry is that they get in all 3 leadership roles and everyone knows that the Republican party is owned by the firearms companies and the filthy rich. The firearms companies have gotten filthy rich on the late wars we have had. The number of less fortunate and the filthy rich have both grown. Obama has done his best to turn this arround but with this do nothing congress his hands were tied. Hopefully we can change this in the next election.

          • Thorson you’d be much happier in Cuba, North Korea, China or in Russia with Putin. I wish you the best in your desire to move to one of those countries. I prefer to live in a nation under God, not under Godless dictators. Have a happy 2015 if possible.

          • The trouble with you far far right T-party people is that you think you are the majority. I got news for you. You are not. Your comment that MOST law abiding Americans want the right to own firearms is true. That doesn’t contridict getting background checks. If they are law abiding they don’t have to worry about being rejected. Have you looked at the state of the union lately? The stock market has almost tripled since Obama became president. Unemployment is way down, housing starts are way up and Obama Care is thriving. My guess is Hilliary is going to have a big rival from Michelle Obama in 2016. I can just feel your stomach curdiling at the thought. Are you having fun yet?

          • I’m not part of the “Tea Party.” I do drink iced tea–not Kool-Aid.

          • Warren my boy, It is obvious to me and the rest of the 91% that you are puting something extra in your iced tea. You did not find fault with any of the facts I had in my previous comment. So I recomend you have a straght shot of kool-aid.

          • Whatever. Thorson I hope you some day overcome your negative attitude and predisposition to assuming things are truth when they are not. I am not a multimillionaire and things don’t always go the way I wish they would. But I happen to love our great nation, the USA, and hate everything that attempts to take it down into the sewer. Socialism is the product of an anti-God mindset. America is one nation, under God with a plan for Liberty and Justice for all. There are some who want to change that. They are by their own choosing, my and America’s enemies per the Constitution. Remove the right to possess firearms then scum will keep and use them illegally to overthrow democracy with the help of tyrants worldwide. I support the Constitution. I also support your choice to disagree and even move away.

          • Warren my boy, my boy, I think you should get your T-party freinds together and have another glass of ice tea and put in it whatever it is that is your choice of additive.

          • Warren, It is obvious you haveseen the light. You havn’t answered my comment. So I am guessing you decided to become lybral. Congratulations. Now help us to educate some more far right Republicans.

          • If you don’t like socialism then don’t apply for social security. It was started by the Democrats. So don’t have nothing to do with that socialistic party.

          • Thorson I’m conservative and like a system of free enterprise. I believe with Henry David Thoreau– “They are best governed who are least governed.” Some people like a Nanny State watching over their shoulders telling them what, when and how much they can do. You seem to like a government handing you everything. Incidentally, I’ve been forced to pay into Social Security since age 14 years so it’s about time I got some of MINE back. And no, I don’t have an Escalade or Navigator and pay for McDonald’s fast food with an EBT card.

      • Kent.really good comment

      • Boy Howdy! (hillbilly for “I agree” in case you’ve never talked with one of us). The pckrhd administration has done plenty, and none of it good.

      • My investments are nearly double what they were when Jr left office. My housing value has recovered+++. Jobs numbers are up, more companies are bringing back jobs to this country. What’s not to like about that unless you hate the black boy in the WH so much that you are truly blind about how much better off we are right now than we were in 2008 in spite of the rethuglican obstructionists.

        • Benghazi, isis, Ebola, Food stamp recipients up, welfare up, race baiting from the administration up, numbers of folks dropping out of the work market up…numbers of countries that laugh at the USA and its african pretender up…….all courtesy of the democrapos….commies in drag…

          • The race baiting is the teabilly/birther problem. YOU own that. Can’t accept a person who is 1/2 black makes you an ignorant moron.

          • you are full of it, your messiah, kenyan boyo, the african pretender is the most racist clown in politics in the last 50 years…..take your BS over to the $luts on the huffy puffy posty…those twits will believe anything that is from “hate America crowd”….

          • Your post proves my point. Thanks for the verification. Kent. You teabillies always manage to revel yourselves because you just aren’t that smart.

          • apparently you just skim over the news that proves just how much of a failure this darkie is that you love so much… care destruction, Benghazi. Iraq, Ferguson racism exploitation, and let us not forget his refusal to ban flights from the country of his birthplace….and of course you can add his domestic terrorism when it comes to the economy…better sell your house now…homes do not sell well in a depression and your messiah from kenya is doing his best with all of the democrapo $luts to accomplish exactly that…..sail on troll..

          • Don’t have to sell my home but thanks for the thoughts. My home has been paid off for 15 years and I will retire early because I’ve made some good financial decisions my entire life. Sorry that you aren’t in my position.

            Please explain your domestic terrorism claim. That’s a hoot. My investments have nearly doubled since 2008, the end of Jr’s term.

            Sorry you are so ignorant. Makes me sad that you can’t see the good in everyone having access to HC – your friends, neighbors, family. you probably call yourself a Christian too don’t you?

          • Liberial liar

          • The half NIGGER is the race baiter and it is the only thing he did well.

          • Love how you and the Kent boyo call out BO for being a racist and then use nigger and darkie in your posts. You people are so freaking stupid. Where do you buy your velcro shoes these days?

        • Good words Kathy, I wish I had said them.

      • And the supporters point out that everything’s UP. Yep complete inefficiency!

        • I’m better off now than I was in 2008. Investments are nearly double. Housing prices are up. Gas prices are down. Employment is up. Inflation is low. What’s your problem besides having your head up your a$$?

          • You exhibit a trailer trash vocabulary which displays lack of civility.
            You must be on EBT benefits and all the other trinkets the Usurper-in-Chief gives away to socialist supporters.

          • Sorry Ron – your crystal ball probably needs to be tuned up. Never collected any public benefits. Worked since I was 12 and lead a life that requires me to look out for my fellow humans. You probably call yourself a Christian at the same time that you would kick a homeless person on your way to church. Don’t cotton well to hypocrites.

          • Good for you. Do you feel good about yourself now that you’ve vented. Take several deep breaths while sitting down. You’ll get over it. Have a Merry Christmas and pleasant, more prosperous 2015. God Bless our wonderful nation and you. 🙂

      • you forgot the orphan boy who had no known relatives and was raised muslim, the puppet of all puppets, the queer ck sucker and his first man michale, turned the country into a sodomite nation, they knew like baa-lam, they had to turn God against us to take us over, he was never elected, he was chose to get the new world order going, congress has been on the take for 50 yrs and no accountability, they are all part of the big plan whether it be noahide law or sharia we been screwed. our only hope is to stop the puppeteers.

    • Since when has Obama listened to anyone? Including his advisors? If Obama listened to his advisors then the USA would be hot on the heels of eliminating Isis.. You can’t blame Obama’s actions (or lack of action) on his advisors.. The buck stops squarely with Obama!!

    • Lets take a look at the “great” job Mr Community Organizer/Windy City Senator did in Chicago. Hussien the muslim brotherhood usurper plant left Chicago with the WORST education system in the nation. He left Chicago with one of the WORST crime rates in the nation. He left Chicago with the number one MURDER rate in the nation. He left Chicago with sky high unemployment. And what did our useful idiot liberal friends say, ” HEY, lets put this guy in the White House”! You just can’t make this stuff up…

      • Chicago is famous for three things: Pizza, gangsters, and corrupt politicians. Obama is not a pizza.

      • …and we put him in the white house not once but twice ! Who’s the stupe? Him or us?

        • Speak for yourself….Many more did not vote for bho…It’s just when you do the math DUMBOcrats cheat at the polls. I mean Mickey Mouse and dead people??? Surprised anyone?

          • the only cheaters that they’ve found here in WI are all teabillies. 3 of them.

          • Obama Useful Idiot number 1=Kathy..

          • I agree the elections were scandalously riddled with corruptrion. However, I didn’t hear a single peep of protest from the GOP ! Why not?

          • THIS POST BELOW MAY OR MAY NOT BE ACCURATE AS IT COMES STRICTLY FROM MY MEMORY AND I CAN’T FIND THIS ON MY SEARCH ENGINE. The GOP was taken to court decades ago, for gerrymandering and lost. Part of the sentence was that they were banned in the future from contesting elections in some ways.

        • What’s with the “we” crap? Maybe you.

          • I was using the word ‘we’ to indicate America. The present America, not the one I knew and loved.
            AMERICA Born 4 July 1776
            Died: 7 November 2012

        • There were many voters who would not vote for Romney and those people are just as quilty as those that voted for Obama. If you did not vote for Romney you are responsible for who we have as President whether you voted for Obama or you voted for no one.

          If you can not totally agree with a candidate sometimes it is better to vote for the lesser of two evils. Romney was most assuredly the lesser of the evils.

          • We have to stand in front of God someday, when he asked us why we voted for such an evil person are YOU going to say, “Well, Lord, he was the lesser of two evils?” Just imagine stealing something and saying, “But, Lord, is wasn’t as evil as the other item I could have stolen.” Regardless, you will have to admit that you chose evil for you were afraid to not vote, were peer pressured into voting, or worse. No thanks. If you don’t vote for evil you will not be held accountable for it. But, to vote for evil out of FEAR that the other guy is worse is a sin. God speaks much about fear being a sin. And trust, where does trust come in if you admit you vote for evil.

          • I have my doubts about that first statement. ANY conservative, or libertarian (like me) who was able to watch the criminal machinations of brak, was voting to get rid of the criminal. The results were rigged.

        • Our election system is corrupt. Computerized internet connected machines can be hacked externally, or programmed internally for a specific result, the results can be intercepted en-route, changed and resent, and the tabulation computer can be hacked externally or programmed internally for a result. I can’t believe anything is legit about it. I still vote, but am skeptical of the results being what was originally input by voters.

      • That was the only way Chicago could get rid of him. Now we all have the problems Chicago has!

    • That’s what he gets for taking the 2nd Term and I have no sympathy for Obama and Michelle…I feel bad for his 2 girls…

    • That is why he was put into office, they need the USA crippled and vulnerable, but can’t understand how it is even at 38%. Pretty dismal.

    • Obama? Blamed for something? Pray tell, what has he ever been blamed for and held accountable for it?

    • Right on concerned. When the electorate coming up as the majority on votes counted is of low information and it supports a candidate who has never built anything or run anything other than his mouth on street corners what can we expect.

  2. I have bin displeased with this lieing N— r since i first herd his voice back in 2007

    • Learn how to spell, you dumb redneck bastard.

    • See, there’s somebody who should like obummer’s policies, because their both racist! I’m amazed that any person of color could possibly like his policies or still believe the black half of him is going to do anything for them much less support him? After he’s given all ILLEGALS and their kids amnesty, potential for any job decent or not for the average person of color will be non-existent! Best part of all, the hispanics who will soon be in the majority and benefit most of all from obummer’s policies will be looking to run the country! They won’t want any socialist liberal running their lives so hopefully both current parties will be very distant “baaad” memories! Three cheers for UNIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Back in 2007, a more honest democratic politician was the one who alerted the public to brak’s ineligibility. Believe it or not, it was Willy-bob Clinton. He was threatened to shut up about it so Chelsea would be alright.

  3. if any of you liberals vote demorats you a a trader to the great usa.

    • Amen, but they are just stupid enough to do it again. They are party voters and not country voters. Surely they are not dumb enough to vote for them for any other reason.

      • Hey Anon – I’ve met more teabillies who are R voters than the other way around. If Romney had raped and murdered a nun and then burned her corpse on their front lawns in front of all of the feeble brained teabillies they would still be rushing to the polls to vote for Mr Magic Underwear.

        • and if Obama belonged to a Chicago bath house, had affairs with many men, had zero ex girlfriends loon libs would still vote for him. Oh wait a minute!!………

        • Where do you pull this nonsense from? I am a hard time tea/libertarian. I choked when I voted for mitt because I knew he was a strong supporter of the TSA, NDAA, was from a state that sported the most unconstitutional gun ban in the country and his romneycare was what would be proposed as the alternative to ‘bammacare. Mitt stunk pretty badly like brak and those of us you call ‘teabillys’ were fully aware that he was as much like brak as can be and still be called a republican. We voted for mitt because we already knew how bad brak was and were hoping against hope that mitt would be better. You have a limited or just plain wrong idea about which you speak.

    • Traitor NOT trader . . . . . unless you’re referring to Trader Joes? Why don’t you learn the correct words for things before you call out anyone else on anything. That’s the thing about you teabillies. You always out yourself with your own ignorance.

      • He is just one Kathy. Most of us can articulate a thought. If you misunderstand what you call ‘teabillys’ to be a bunch of inarticulate, undereducated fools, you are getting your information from a liar.

  4. (Voters Displeased With Obama on Economy, Foreign Affairs, Obamacare, and Immigration ) hell i can’t find one thing that he’s done that pleases, but he sure knows how to please himself by spending our money.

  5. Unconstitutional behavior is mild compared to what this asshole has been doing here. He has no use for the constitution and believes we have no need for it except his views on life. He is a muZlim jackass terrorist first and that’s all he thinks about, how to destroy this country and get us all disarmed as fast as he can. I hope that we take the senate and congress by storm this year and then get rid of this golfing maniac jerk.

    • I watched Bill O’reilly last night and he definitively said Obama is not a muslim. He was raised by his grand parents in Hawai. He said it so fast like he knew it was not quite right.Obama Sotero was in Indonesia for several years in a madras school. Not so tough O’reilly, it seems is a bit afraid to state a truth maybe ?
      What is he afraid of? Most inform people can see that this man favor Islam, look who he has in is cabinet !

      • Hey, the “White house” telling Fox to “Back-Off” … just might have Bill O’Reilly & The Factor doing just that. After all even Ole Bill O. knows which side his bread is buttered on … LMAO!!!!!!!!

        • Yea so much for him (Bill O) “looking out for US”. I’ve alway been a big O’Rielly fan and supporter. He was like me except a little richer. But now it appears that someone is toning him down. He appears to have caught that PC disease. What a shame. So now I put my interest in Megyn Kelly. She seems to have more brains & balls than than all the rest of the talking heads on FOX together. And she is pleasing on the eyes to boot.

          • watch newmax 223 dish, 344 direct tv….nice change and conservative.

          • What should we expect from a jerk who states that Jesus was merely a philosopher.

          • I’m with you. Kelly is great! She stands up to pompous Republicans as well as Liberals.

          • Megan Kelly is a flunky atty who couldn’t make in the legal industry so she’s a ditz for the feeble brained on FAUX. Another teabilly Barbie to match Palin and Bachman. The 3 Ms Stooges.

          • Ahhhhh poor kathy. Do I detect a little envy. I’m sure U can’t help that U are probably a little round, ugly bitch that just can’t stand seeing a beautiful woman with the brains and ability to think on the move. I’d bet a dollar to donuts that U are a liberal, bleeding heart, dumb ass. Ya know it might behove U to shut UR trap unless U have something constructive or at least intelligent to add to the conversation…

          • Sorry your crystal ball is not working well this morning. Me? Got a college degree, well paid FT job as well as a successful PT business enterprise. Paid off home, no debt, will retire early. So tell me how well you are doing OldRetiredFuddyDuddy?

          • Obviously my crystal ball is doing a 100% considering I didn’t say anything about UR education, or employment or financial status. So considering U didn’t address anything I did, I obviously hit the nail squarely on the head. Again, recommend very strongly that if U have nothing intelligent or constructive to add to the conversation at hand, zip the ole pie whole. I’m sure that UR momma told U somewhere along the line of growing up, “if U don’t have anything nice to say about someone don’t say anything”. That’s good advice. As for my rude comments to U, I figured I’d let U have a dose of UR own medicine. Sometime even the thickest of skulls can be reached with a hard knock. But obviously, U R a simpleton Obamabot that voted for him not once but twice because either A) he is so cool and such a silver tongued devil, B) he’s black and he deserves it on that alone, C) UR a simpleton that can’t see beyond their nose what is going on in the world, and bought into all his transformation of the USA. How’s that going by the way? In other words he brought absolutely nothing to the table that would help better the USA, but rather an agenda to destroy the nation. That is the one thing he has been successful at. So Ms liberal, Obamabot, please please keep UR shallow comments about Megyn Kelly to UR self or at least take it to a lib web site where they might pay U some attention.

          • If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Good advice that you might want to observe yourself and pass on to all of the teabillies that represent your racist and ignorant views. Quit hitting the still so early in the morning gramps.

          • I’ll just close this discussion with this. U R a pitiful, hateful, little person with no sense of civility and not an ounce of intellectual credibility. This is not my opinion. I’ve been going over UR comments and not a one has anything nice to say. U R filled with nothing but hate and obviously despise all things conservative or might I say male in nature. What a pitiful human being. What a waste of oxygen.

          • I don’t hate men. I hate their self-entitled bullshit. As far as hating conservative you are so totally wrong on that. I have voted R more often in my life that D but the current bunch of R/teabilly legislators are not the the party that I used to vote for. Christie, Walker, Cruz, Gowdy, McDonnell, Perry, Scott, Bachman, Palin and more are all some of the biggest nutjobs that I have ever seen and it’s hard for me to understand how logical intelligent people can vote for these people and this that they are working for the benefit of the that taxpayers rather than the 1% that line their pockets with cash adn other perks. While you were reviewing my comments did you review your own hateful comments? Pot meet kettle?

          • Oh and I almost forgot. If I were as U so lovingly refer to them as a teabillie. I would be a whole hell of a lot more proud of being one that being a Democrat, Liberal or anything else related to the Left.

          • Megyn Kelly was in the top 100 most influential people according to Time Magazine. Fox has as many democrats as republicans on the payroll so you get both sides of every issue. What you get is all liberal all the time, you’ve been indoctrinated, AKA in lockstep with failure. I will say this, msnbc has great prison shows! What ever happened to the Predator series? Oh well, there’s always Anthony Bourdain on CNN!!

          • “Fox has as many democrats as republicans on the payroll so you get both sides of every issue. ” bahahahahahaha!!!! Mac you should try standup comedy. You’re a hoot!

          • I guess I won that debate! You can’t refute it. Wallow in your low information status with your hate and anger. You sound angry! Boyfriend dump you? I can see why!

          • Nope – I am quite happy being single and not putting up with men’s bullshit. Did that for 32 years and finally dumped the jerk. You’d like him though. He’s right up there with the sexist, racist ignorance that you display with every post.

            You won? What? the Jerk of the Internet award.

          • and you won man hater of the year award! Since you despise him, he’s probably a nice guy! Your loss!!

      • I do not understand O’Reilly’s fear of calling this man a muslim. After all, he openly admitted it to the Egyptian foreign minister back in 2010, and he proves it each and every damn time he speaks to muslim audiences. He quotes the koran by heart, praises allah repeatedly, and then closes by saying, “please remember, I am one of you.” Further proof needed O’Reilly, I think not.

        • I don’t understand why Rush, Levin, Hannity, Beck, Fox News, someone anyone with a voice does not tell the American public who this fraud is?? Russian and Egypt newspapers have been reporting that Obama is indeed a member of the muslim brotherhood for years. I think they are all terrified of the backlash from the Obama useful idiots and his liberal media propaganda machine.

          • The only frauds are the ones on FAUX News and all of the feeble brained people who suck up the fiction on that station as “fact”.

          • Kathys’ real name is “SWEDUDE” !!!

          • He put on a dress? I’m not surprised.

          • Here we have the classic example of an Obama “Useful Idiot”. Kathy is the exact reason we have this LOSER LIAR muslim sitting in the White House. SIX YEARS NOW this muslim brotherhood usurper plant has been destroying our nation and what do we get from the Obama useful idiots? Nothing but lies and excuses covering for HUSSIEN Obama the muslim. We get liberalism 101, Attack The Messenger, don’t listen to the truth and FACTS, no no destroy the messenger and the message. We get liberalism 102, Use The Race Card, “You are a racist hate monger if you disagree with anything our mooooslim president says”. And let us not forget liberalism 103, Blame Bush, “Everything is Bush’s Fault”!!!..yes yes even after SIX years now everything is Bushs fault, how ridiculous. We won the 2nd World War fighting on two fronts in four years for crying out loud. Does Kathy and the other Obama Useful Idiots not pay the highest food prices and gas prices EVER like the rest of us? Or is it they don’t mind because they are Obama Useful Idiots and will follow him to hell like the fools who followed Hitler to hell? Lets hear it now Kathy and all you Obama Useful idiots, “SIEG HEIL MEIN FUHRER OBAMA, SIEN HEIL MEIN FUHRER OBAMA!!!

          • Sorry EC – my gas prices are lower than they were under Jr. Grocery prices have gone up in the last 6 years just like they have under every other administration. You better take care of those boogey men under your bed.

          • Here we see Obama useful idiot number 1 Kathy using Liberalism Tactic 101, Shoot The Messenger and LIE LIE LIE! She either knows she is lying or is a bigger Obama useful idiot than previously thought. Gas When Bush Left Office, $1.78 – CNS News. I googled the price of Gas When Bush Left Office, I already knew the price was $1.78 a gallon. Now Kathy will attack the messenger, myself and CNS News, Cybercast News Network. Of course several liberal stories popped up with lies that the price of gas was higher under Bush, as I said all they have is LIES LIES and more LIES. As for the price of food, Kathy just blows that off with the quick liberal excuse, “Food prices go up under every administration”. Oh really, beef alone is up 90% from the time Bush was in office. Obama is either a totally incompetent blithering idiot who couldn’t run a lemonade stand or he is indeed a muslim brotherhood usurper plant destroying this nation on purpose. I believe he is a mooooslim, his pro muslim terrorist actions and policies prove this is true. Why else would he send millions of our tax dollars, jets and tanks to the muslim brotherhood to take over Egypt? He even threatened to send in American troops after the Egyptian people rose up and threw the muslim brotherhood out of power. GOD help us, these fools like Kathy are going to bring us all down. Obama has left the Southern Border wide open for ISIS to cross over and kill Americans. Load your weapons and get a couple of weeks of food supply because Mr Mooooslim in the White House is not going to help any American being attacked by his moooslim brothers, even the useful idiots like Kathy. He laughs at your stupidity. How did you escape the KoolAid Lines of Jonestown?

          • You are way off base Kathy. All corporate news is filtered for any truths that can’t be fit into the false narrative. Every bit of it.

          • YO!!! Wet willie got beach front land to sell ya in AZ. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • It seems obvious that ALL media is controlled in the US. They either believe the country should perish or they are threatened into leaving out any truth that cannot be fit into the false narrative.

        • Hey O’reilly, here is MY “tip of the day”: “get a clue, windbag”. If Obama isn’t a Muzzie, then at best he is a Black Liberation Theology Christian, which is hardly liberating and definitely not Christian.

      • Exactly, he is surrounded by the muZlim and Islamic pigs and they are still trying to make this an Islamic state country, as his Homeland Security idiot said a short while back that America is now an Islamic country. In a freaken pigs eye it will be.

      • O’Reilly is half good guy & half jerkass!!

      • I think DumBO is a Muslim, and O’Reilly is a pompous a**!

      • I agree with you mldld… Obama, himself, wrote in his own book, that when the political winds turn bad that he would stand with the Muslims… ( .. It’s not hard to see that he favors islam. Appointing muslims from the muslim brotherhood to homeland security positions is like the fox guarding the hen house.. ( ..

      • Get a clue, Obama is NOT even an American citizen, He was born in Kenya and educated in Indonesia, Obama came to America as a foreign exchange student but NEVER obtained citizen ship, Obama has used five, if not more social security numbers and that is a documented fact, Obama has spent over $2 MILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS to hide all of his personal info all the way back to his child hood and lets face it, You do NOT do something like that unless you have something damning to hide!

        • did you not read what I said properly ? I was being sarcastic towards Bill O’Reilley, who is the one that said Obama is an American. . I agree with you. But now it seems that many people think that he was not born in America. So WHAT IS AMERICA going to do about it ????????????????????????? why are there no one marching to Washington and demanding his resignation. There are 300 millions of us, only one of him ????????

          • Set the date and time! I can’t think of anything more important than this.Are we just going to sit back until it’s too late.

          • I am seventy +, female. It seems to me we need testosterones to do do this . Who is sitting back !

        • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Kenya DID NOT EXIST in 1961. It was known as British East Africa and was a Crown Colony of Britian. On December 12, 1963 the Nation of Kenya was established.

          • The Kenyan birth-cert looks pretty legit. If you are legit, check it yourself.

          • The birth certificate, in question IS the one issued in Hawaii. At the purported time of birth, the child’s Father was supposedly a citizen of Kenya. Now, since I am not a Mathematician, I can not be positive (especially in light of the single step I used to make this determination vs the number of steps required in Common Core math) but I believe it was more than 2 years before the country known as Kenya, existed. On August 8, 1961 when Barack Obama was born, Kenya WAS NOT a Country. It was a Holding of the Crown, as a Colony of Great Britain. On December 12, 1963 the Country of Kenya was recognized as an Independent Country.

        • Was Kenya the name of Hawaii when BO was born there? Gee and I thought that Hawaii became a state 2 years before BO was born there. I remember when I thought that Hawaii became a state. Those darned nuns were in on this whole conspiracy. What a bunch of feeble brained losers on this site.

          • Kenya was the name of the British protectorate brak’s father held citizenship in when brak was born. I have seen two files posted on the internet that purported to be braks birth-cert. Both of them were examined and were said to be fraudulent. The Kenyan one looked pretty legit to me, so did the Hawaiian one. I can’t tell by looking whether either were frauds, i’m just not that geeky. BOTH were examined by geekier folks than I and stated to be purely fraudulent. How are you so sure? Can You look at a .jpg and see if it was modded or photoshopped? What absolutely can’t be denied is that he spent lots of campaign money on lawyers who hid his past. If that means nothing to you, your credibility tanked heavily. This country is in a tailspin not just due to braks evil but a long list of evil players in the past. Believe what you want but at least turn the rock over sometimes and look underneath.

      • He may be enrolled in a Christian-in-name-only church but then why does he say stuff like “America is not a Christian nation” and “I want NASA to outreach more to Muslims” after hypocritically stating America needs to improve its scores in math, science, and technology. He is a mix of conflicting positions, and unable to pick one except the Muslim one, since he regards the Muslim call to prayer as one of the prettiest sounds on earth. Are you Obots out there absorbing this stuff or have you more important stuff to do, like lighting your crack pipe?

        • What I do not understand is why most dems do not see the light. It is right in from of them that he is a Muslim. I have been saying this for 6 years and have lost a few friends over this narcistic, self absorb, mulish man.
          I hope that all the dems smoke pots, maybe they will forget to vote !

        • Personally I would think that a mosque crashing to the ground would be one of the prettiest sounds on earth!

      • O’reilly is obviously a puppet of Rupert Murdock, just as Obama is a puppet of George Soros! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Murdock wasn’t taking $$$ from Soros and therefore a puppet.

      • He may have been raised in Hawaii but he was born in KENYA,what part of that equation don’t they understand.That makes him ILLEGAL.

      • His grandparents raised him when they lived near seattle washington. The were socialists, as was the semi-private school he attended when there. There is nothing, Absolutely Nothing about brak’s past that is legit American. Save us Lord God.

  6. There must be something positive that Obama has accomplished in the last 6 years but I can not think what it might be. On the other hand, when it comes to negatives, the list goes on uninterrupted.

    • He made himself richer and he got free free Luxery vacations, for himself, that’s what he’s accomplished.

      • don’t leave out the tranny, mooochie

        • And … Tranny “It” is, Moochie has all Male features and Tell Ties … Fingers, Jaw Bone, Voice, Shoulders, Adams Apple and Bulge in the Crouch of certain pictures taken,
          Obama liked her/him better than his Indonesian Gay Partner at Occidental College … LMAO!!! Beside, his/their “Kids” don’t look like either one … ever noticed??

          • robert h siddell, jr

            No Birth Certificates! Supposedly both delivered at home.

          • A marriage of convenience only, to hide his true passion. Very sad how this whole subversive affair was built over many years and dropped on us in 09′. I picture them laughing hysterically every night knowing they are still getting away with this con game. Idolizing black celebs, spending our $$ on ridiculous vacations and parties while believing that they can actually make fundamental marxist changes to America.
            How on earth did this happen, and who is behind it?

          • George Soros and Bill Ayers are prime candidates for having passed DumBO off on Americans – particularly those who who have been brain-washed to think America is bad and that having a 1/2 Black Pres. would elevate America in the eyes of the world. Oprah helped sell him to us, and so did Nancy Pelosi. Wonder what was in it for them……

          • Soros, admitted Jew murdering Nazi.
            Ayers, convicted domestic terrorist and murderer.
            what a pair.

          • My point, exactly. They backed DumBO all the way…..

          • I hadn’t heard that one – but, we KNOW DumBO only has a forged certificate. Maybe those 2 girls were SOLD into slavery – absolutely nothing would surprise me any more.

          • robert h siddell, jr

            There is a rumor that they came from Morocco.

          • Do you really believe that? I sure as hell do not!

          • robert h siddell, jr

            Ref “Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records” at I believe he is as phony as a $3 bill & crooked as a barrel of Chicago snakes.

          • The Manchurian Candidate springs to mind. He’s an arab plant.

          • His kids look exactly like those Cabbage-Patch-Kids dolls of a few years ago. As far as Michelle being a tranny, Joan Rivers said she was so it must be true.

          • I don’t know, bro. Lots of black women look pretty manly. It acts pretty manly, too. That is also common among black women from some neighbahoods. This kind of thing just muddies the water. Whatever it is, ultimately brak and it are anti-American, racist as all, and destructive by design.

        • You know there is tyranny in America when the government pleads the 5th.

          If the people lie to the government it’s a felony.
          If the government lies to the people it’s just politics.

          Nobody died at Watergate. People died because of Fast and Furious. People died in Benghazi.

      • When does a POTUS EVER get a real vacation like the rest of us? One where he can leave the office and go off the grid for a few days with his family? The big uproar is all about how he goes to Hawaii. Big freaking deal. Last I checked Hawaii became a state 2 years before BO was born there. Bush vacationed in TX where he was born and raised. Reagan vacationed in CA where he lived for most of his adult life. Did you bellyache about those vacations? Hypocrite!

        • Other presidents did their jobs and Earned their vacations. obama has never worked in his life. Why do you think he had all his records sealed? I can’t afford a vacation, I have to pay out increased taxes to keep the obamas like royalty.

          • He’s never worked in his life? Really? POTUS is a job with a huge responsibility and I would never take on. He earns $400k/yr. Are you concerned about the Koch boys or the Waltons and all of the obscene profits that they take home at the expense of their underpaid employees. Do you think about that when you buy TP to wipe your sorry butt? You can’t afford a vacation? Did you even graduate from HS? I’m guessing that you pretty much got what you deserved in life Joey. Now go back to your minimum wage c-store job.

          • Your delusional and wrong like the other democrats. Go drink your cool-aid and go back to sleep. My guess is you have no clue about jobs or Responsibility. Have a nice life in La La Land.

          • DING DING DING – you’re the winner for today commoner. First one to use the koolaid reference even though you couldn’t even spell it correctly. The minute that you use the koolaid reference it means you’ve lost the argument. It means you’ve got nothing. Congratulations! You’ve revealed your stupidity by your very own words. Those darn words catch you knuckledragging teabillies every single time.,

          • Your a typical democrat control freak, I see. You insist that I must spell cool aid according to Your way. Or the highway. PROOF positive that your the stupid one.

          • Aren’t you the typical democrat control freak. I don’t spell cool aid the way you determine that it should be, so it’s your way or the highway. Then you take the typical democrat route and bully. Doesn’t work on me, I see right thru you. Elections are comming soon, scared huh?

          • Another Koch obsessed loon! Do you mean the guys that have donated to both parties, donate millions to hospitals, schools and other charities? The ones that provide 60,000 jobs? On the other side of the coin, George Soros, convicted felon, Nazi sympathizer who turned in his fellow Jews and confiscated their property, in other words, your typical liberal.

          • He was a $13000 rabble rouser in the bad neighbahood in Chicago. He voted ‘present’ in his few months as a Senator. He is not only unqualified, but also and more telling uninterested in the position of President. There is nothing good about him.

        • Stop! I didn’t realize Barky had such miserable vacations! sniffle….sniffle

        • He has missed over half his security briefings. Why? Doesn’t he care?
          He has spent 80 days this year golfing. Not “a few days with his family”.

    • I can think of two things. He brought back a booming gun industry and also the basement refinishing industry so college grads can have a place to stay! It’s not all bad!

    • He won a Nobel Peace prize. Oh wait, he didn’t earn that. Somebody else made that happen.

    • Let me list them for you:
      UE down,
      Jobs up
      stock market nearly double
      gas prices down
      home prices up
      interest rates low enough for people to get into the housing market

      • There ya go again simply buying into the lib left Dem BS rhetoric rather than doing any real research. Only reason the UE appears to be down is because of the way BO and his admin decided to rewrite the manner in which UE is calculated. Jobs up? Where? Stock Market is up because the Fed keeps the interest rate low so those that have no job, no thought of getting one but rather looking to live off Uncle Sugar, can get a home. Gas prices down, right, I don’t know what stats U R looking at. It was $1.83 when he came into office. What is it now? Home prices are down and sales of existing homes is down by 1.8%. Wake up and smell the coffee. Like I said earlier if U don’t have anything intelligent or constructive to add to the discussion at hand pls keep the pie whole zipped. U have about removed any doubt of UR lack of intellect.

      • Unemployment is down because those who really need jobs quit looking. Stock market is up because the federal reserve blew $4.5t on giveaways to international financiers who had nothing to do with it (because money velocity is so low) that they pushed it into the stock market, driving valuations back into the ridiculous zone. Gas prices are far higher. Home prices are back in bubble territory and due for another crash. Interest rates will begin to rise next year (after the mid-term elections) which will begin the inevitable slide in home valuations back to affordablility. Brak was definitely handed a bucket of crap. He has done nothing but stir the crap and make it smell worse.

  7. Yes, and would you believe the real numbers are five to ten points lower? The media are holding Obama up by his elbows.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” We prove what we say.

    • Since most polls are taken by landline phones, I do not know how to interpret the numbers. Are the numbers skewed. Which segments of our society still have landlines?

  8. Whenever you put a nigger under the hood, the car is no good.

  9. “Displeased,” is not the word that many Americans know right now!

  10. Duh, no sh^t, therein lies the problem as 42% still believe in this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, 42%, unbelievable as it should be nearly 0% if we had an informed and legal constituency! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  11. VOTE Republican in Nov. We have to stop the Democrats insanity of wanting to take away our Freedom of Speech, our guns. Close the borders! We have to win in NOv.! or we are all doomed!

  12. He’s the worst president since the government began in 1788. The four worst presidents in descending order are: Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan, Jimmy Carter, and Obama.

    • A pretty good selection, BW. It seems like there should be room somewhere in that “pantheon” for Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Johnson, but the gap between Carter and Obama is bigger than one might even think possible.

      • Yeah, see, I went for the ones who were so bad, they didn’t even really get any lasting bad press: That’s why Jimmy Carter has been doing the unprecedented commenting on the current president whoever since Nixon’s funeral and he saw that no one would remember him at all — and, on your reasoning, the more Carter talks the closer he gets to Obummer! Agreed, Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Johnson were bad, but I did my best to reserve the bottom of the list for the truly, truly horrible.

        • I think you’re correct that Carter has become jealous of the Resident for stealing the limelight from him. (Or is that “slimelight”?)

          • Definitely slimelight — and if you recall, Jimmy Carter looked like a petulant child at Nixon’s funeral, even pursed his lips and sticking out his lower lip! Quite a show! And all the former pres-es attending, and the current sitting one, were all taller than Jimmy, too! It was really great improv theater!

        • Carter was an amateur at destruction. His worst year of deficits was $49B. -$49B is a good month for brak the destroyer.

    • You forgot to mention Nixon, Ford and Bill Clinton!

      • Of the 44 since 1789, I chose the four very worst at the bottom of the list. Ford, unlike Harding and Buchanan, didn’t do any harm; Nixon did bring China into the international community: whether that was a good idea or not is still undecided. Bill Clinton is an ass, no ands, ifs or buts. He’s the popular asshole in school, the class clown, that no one really took seriously, but no one disliked enough to actually do anything about him or his outrageous behavior. All the rotten stuff Clinton did — like thumbscrewing bankers to give mortgages to people who didn’t qualify and causing the worst real estate bubble and subsequent global depression based on all that bad paper — was not his idea: He was told this was a good idea by socialist sycophants Hillary had around him. Clever, charismatic? Yes. Bright? No.. No, I’ll stick with my original four: Harding, Buchanan, Carter, Obama.

      • They were amateurs. Mere children of destruction, compared to brak.

    • I think you mean ascending order, with Obozo at the top!

    • Wrong. Woodrow Wilson knew himself that he was the worst. In his farewell address he admitted as much. I can’t see how brak can ever top Wilson’s federal reserve act and income tax to pay the bankers for it.

      • Okay. Brass tacks. The movers and shakers proposed and voted on both the Federal Reserve act (December 13, 1913) and the income tax amendment (February 13, 1913) during December while most of the Congress was home for Christmas. According to conspiracy theorists, both plans were formulated at Jekyll Island by big money men (Republicans) and senators (Democrats) working in concert (December, 1910). Woodrow Wilson was an ivory-tower, pie-in-the-sky liberal idealist: He thought he could make the whole world sing Kum-by-ya, but not a policy wonk. Personally I’ve always thought he was a credulous idiot whom the powers that be used to their own advantage, even to making him president. I’ve always believed his farewell address “failure” was because his greatest (stupid) idea, the US leading his pet project, the League of Nations, was not adopted by the US. He broke his health trying to push the League of Nations on the US. So another, later liberal idealist also killed himself manifesting this exceedingly stupid idea into reality: The UN, which has steadily become more and more corrupt. Since they killed Dag Hammarskjold, the UN has been in free fall. So Wilson has two strikes against him as a useful idiot, just as Obummer is also a useful idiot. However, Obummer has more than 2 horrors to his “credit” as a useful idiot, and therefore still the worst president in American history..

  13. I am displeased with every single decission Obama had made since he became president.

    • is not it is because R killed everything he proposed??

      • No, it is not. There is absolutely been NO proposal he has put forth that was stopped by congress that he hasn’t just bypassed congress and signed into law on his own. He is after all, an America hating, muslim loving, lying criminal.

  14. Why in hell shouldn’t “Everyone” be disappointed with this POS … Lying-est, Scandalous, Coward, Muslim POTUS … he doesn’t even belong there but his Ignorant Black and White Voters put him there!!!!!

    • You have 100 Million on Welfare and 50 Million on Food Stamps , that is your answer . They put their own personal greed take over . But let the country go to hell .

      • What they need to realize real fast is when the country goes to hell, the welfare and food stamps go to hell with it.

        • People are to lazy to get out there and change their lives . If you can’t find a job ,create your own job . If you have any skills use them . I didn’t just give up I used my skills to start my own business to make a living . I don’t depend on Government for anything . People need to man up !

          • Agree with you on that! I went for retrainning for a new career back in the 80’s. Ate alot of hot dogs, drove a junker, but got thru it and didn’t owe anyone a dime.

        • 1commonjoe, unfortunately, the ignorant voters that elected this POS..t twice are NOT smart enough to understand the consequences of this Socialist Creep’s actions.

      • Independant Thinker

        You really need to check out those you are accusing as his supporters. I happen to unfortunately be on both programs and know a lot of others who have fought against him all along and we also know the score, so don’t be so quick to accuse those who have been reduced to the social programs. Not all of us are dumb and only looking at the cash.

        • How about using your personal skills and start a Business . That is what I did ,I don’t now or ever depend on other for handouts . Sometimes you have to suck it up and buy a cheap car , eat peanut butter sandwiches .Work from sun up to sun down . Instead of taking from others . If I can do it so can you ,after the crash everyone lost something . But I did ask government for anything . I got my ass out there and came up with a plan . Doing fine too .

          • That worked out well for you. When the first globalist pres, went on a ‘farm-out the good paying jobs’ rampage, and replaced them with tax-payer funded military contracting, I was a recently qualified machinist, with a sideline real-estate business (I short-platted land for developers) that was also crushed by selling off working American’s (my market) jobs. I’ve never been able to make enough to fund my own machine shop and worked for others my whole life. Tough for me. Not everyone is in the enviable position to do what you were able to do. I’m glad what you tried worked for you, but most everyone I know would put forth the same effort if success was within reach. Back in the 1960’s I used to spout off the same bs you are running. I don’t blame you for that. I hope you never have it shoved as far down your throat as I did.

        • Not all of you, but most. And therein lies the problem.

    • The blatant lies he told were known in advance to be lies. His supporters didn’t want the promises that he lied about. His followers want US destruction, too.

  15. GOT ONE….I know you will enjoy it……Wall Street does and helped create it… goes…
    (White Christmas melody)
    We’re dreaming of an Obama Christmas
    just like the ones we had before (6 years)
    where the stocks are running long
    and the rich are singing songs,
    while the rest of them (us) are just getting along….
    you get the idea……… can make up the next verse…

  16. In the 30s there was a whisky bar on Hollywood blvd all the rough and tumble guys would go to unwind. Chill Willis, Bogart, Errol Flynn, Edward G Robinson, Clark Gable,and the like. They couldnt keep a bouncer in the place the original rat pack wouldnt think twice about bouncing the bouncer out. It got so the bar never took the ad out of the LA Times for a good bouncer. A circus owner had made it to Ellis Island with his circus. From New York to New Jersey and all points west. By the time the circus owner got to Hollywood all he has left was his whisky drinking, cigar smoking Gorilla named Tony. So Bailey and Tony bellied up to the bar and Bailey ordered whisky & beer back for Tony and himself. The bar tender couldnt beleive it. Bailey didnt have enough for another round and was talking trade for Tony. The bar tender didnt have the courage to argue the point of no money for the drinks. Bailey said Tony would be the best ever bouncer the bar tender would ever see. Yeah Bailey said lay in a supply of
    bananas, cigars & of cource whisky. Try it for a couple of weeks Bailey said youll see? Im not convinced said the bar tender, Watch this those movie stand ins fist fighting at the end of the bar. Bailey said = HEYYY TONY LEFT TURN? Whooo – Whooo went Tony his eyes lit up he took a puff on his cigar turned up the whisky glass drained it tipped his dirby hat and off he went dragged them outside. Nothing not a sound in walks Tony Whoooo who goes Tony slamming his whisky glass.
    WOW goes the bar tender Ill take him. No more troubles no broken glasses, or furniture for a long time! Here comes trouble John Wayne & Randolph Scott and they already had a drunk started. The Duke downed 1/2 a fifth of whisky and threw it at the big mirror behind the bar. Ye – hawww. The bar tender whistled and shouted TONY!! LEFT TURN. Whoooo hooo goes Tony and grabs the Duke kicking and screaming outside? Wow what a racket no one wanted to get in the middle of that one. After a couple of minutes in staggers the Duke his left ear half torn off and his left eye swollen shut.
    WHISKY!!!! shouts the Duke and drains a bottle in one pull. Everyone was watching this then the Duke spoke = GIVE A NAGAR A FUR COAT AND HE THINKS HE OWNS THE F-CKING PLACE AH – HAW – HAW – HAWWWWW

  17. All voters have had their share of Obama and Democrats on all these issues ,except Black voters .They would continue to vote in all the precincts .at 103 % . ,but for a lot of Democrat voters ,Independent Voters ,Tea party voters , and Republican Voters .have had enough .Obama has singled handed ,destroyed the Democrat Party .

    • Well, they have done one good thing for me; they have made voting easy. For the first 2 times in my life, I voted a straight Republican ticket – not that I think the Republicans are perfect, by any means. I just think that the majority are not out to destroy the country they live in – and the DumBOcrats (aka Totalitarians, Communists, and Socialists) are destroying it and have been for 6 years!

  18. I am displeased that this inept fool even lives in my country! His marxist/socialist experiment is failing, so let’s move on please.

  19. Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do, destroying this Country to build an Islamo/Marxist State!.

    He wants ISIS to succeed and is going slow so that they can proceed as far as possible before he takes any action.

    WHOSE side do you think he is on?? IT IS NOT OURS — and still we allow a man we do not know to sit in the Oval Office and ruin the Country.

    The entire Government knows he is ineligible and does NOTHING !

  20. Just how does this dumb-bell think. It is all backwards. He is clearly not an American that grew up in this country. Then on top of that he thinks he is smarter then anyone else. Hell he doesn’t even listen to his advisers. He skipped out of military duty. There he is as dumb as a rock. Here he is telling is Generals what to do. Instead telling them you know how to handle this situation better then I do. I would trust a general over this bimbo. Then when it comes to Ebola he is going to send our troops over there , where they could come back home and infect their family . PEOPLE it has mutated and has become air born. You could get infected by breathing. You don’t even have to be near the area. They don’t even have enough tents and what ever else they need to treat this people. It is in a unsafe area. We don’t need this here. PEOPLE, just for your sake have a room set up for isolation just in case. Get the equipment that you need. Your doing this to protect yourself and your family. I’m getting mine set up. You go to a hospital and you will be blown with people coughing. Isolation is the best way to handle the cold, flu and what ever else heads our way.!!!! I’m not trying to scare you just think ahead of a situation which will make it easier to deal with—-Peace of mind.

    • fearlessolotraveler

      “The Majority” of Americans continue the on-going “Short Term Memory” disease! Does anyone besides me remember the usurper saying: “Should things get ugly, I WILL stand WITH THE MUSLIMS!” Hello? Watch my mouth: “He is NOT AN AMERICAN” and THAT’s the main reason he does NOTHING except what he’s told to do by the “stealth” government and banking cabal who are the REAL owners of this country! Geeeeeze! Wake up!

    • It is interesting that people who have come to US hospitals have been cured of Ebola – and DumBO and his minions say America isn’t exceptional! If it weren’t, who would even try to deal with the Ebola crisis?? Of course, a few more years of Death Care will ruin our health care system beyond repair. Even Americans will be going elsewhere for their care.

    • You must realize he’s a front man following orders from this Marxist-Islamic fanatic bosses who have infected the US with a near-fatal disease called apathy and fear.


  22. There is ‘always’ that 40+ percent that loves BO no matter how much he destroys this Nation. With all that is happening in America and the world, you would think the approval rating would be down to 0%.

  23. No surprise to this old warrior! If the liberal lame stream media was doing its job – honestly, everyone in the world would come to that conclusion. Just challenge a commie/lib putz to name just one thing the obamaliar has done that is beneficial to America ……then watch them struggle to think of just one.

  24. He is the modern day Manchurian candidate. Plain and simple he is a terrorist.

  25. I am displeased with President Barack Obama’s Affordable Health Care Policy because it violates a consumers constitutional rights. In fact, as a consumer the public is entitled to a “Patients Bill of Rights,” and Autonomy in health care decisions. I feel threaten by President Obama’s health care mandate and terms of the Affordable Care Policy and can’t find any significant purpose that it serves in making safe, affordable, health care decisions. The only purpose that it serves in my opinion is that the Government will gain from the tax stipulation imposed on consumers and tax penalties.

    • BO doesn’t care about constitutional rights; he’s proven that time and time again. he’s a socialist/marxist.

      you forgot to add that the ACA gives the IRS additional power to PERSECUTE* Americans who disagree with BO and the current administration; IMO the IRS is a criminal enterprise that must be stopped.

      *notice i used the word PERSECUTE? not prosecute…

  26. Remember in November!

  27. To make a long story short American’s for the most part don’t like a thing about him – and – hopefully will remember it at the polls

  28. sad thing is that his ratings should be lower….

  29. gallup has it right–38%!! I am surprised it is that high!

    • A more comprehensive survey would put it at 25-30%; don’t trust Gallup, or other polls; not enough cross-section numbers in those polls.

  30. It’s plain and simple … the Niger had absolutely “NO” Credentials to be the POTUS! Dumbest Prez there has ever been and ever will be and we have the Niger’s and White Ignorant Liberal Trash to thank for his existence!!!!!
    Time to start shooting the …illiterate bastards or have ISIS behead the ..No Minds, F’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Wake up. What do you expect from a communist, muslim liar who is also gay. His old lady was born a man, had a sex change operation, became a tranny, and the kids are adopted. Everything about this first family is a absolute lie. Behind the mask is the equivalent of a unflushed toilet which has turned our white house into the out house.————- The day will come when the truth about this fraud will be known—————–

  32. This post has been censored on a number of sites. Has nothing to do with this article.

    CNN Money 9/17/2014

    QUOTE: “Still, there are no significant signs of inflation yet. Consumer prices even fell in August. And it appears that the Fed may be a little less bullish on the economy’s prospects for the remainder of this year and next year.”

    I happen to like Hot & Cold sweet Tea. We all know what sticker shock means. I had been buying LIpton Tea Bags for a long time. This summer a 100 bag box was 2.50 to 3.50 depending upon where purchased. In August it was around 4.50. This month between 5.79 & 7.49 dollars. Do believe this constitutes consumer inflation. Granted that many consumer items have flat lined since August. However, many staples have taken a jump in price.

    Then there are the hidden costs. To Wit: in 2008 had a 28″ insert tooth saw blade retuned. Cost with shipping was $300.00 dollars. In 2014, same procedure, Cost over $1,000 dollars. Why? Because local infrastructure no longer exists.

    When I reviewed Commodity Pricing beginning of year. It showed contracts to December. Nothing under a 10% hike in prices from previous year. No matter how you slice & dice it this is inflation.


    Mr. Lew tells us Treasury sales will be line with deficit spending. Last time I looked the deficit was far in excess of Federal Reserve purchases. So, besides Belgian, who is standing in for the Federal Reserve? Well, the IMF has its finger in the dyke. But who provides most of the funds for the IMF? Our Government. Smells like a ponsi scheme to me. The EU has also been lending a helping hand, but under cover, sort of. But then, the EU has stated it is going to begin its own QE for Europe. Must be a big table!

    Where are the funds to come from? Digital or otherwise. By one estimate all the banks lumped together have an exposure of 60 trillion dollars. If true, a little on the heavy side as the entire worth of the country is only 99 Trillion. And of that 25% is owned and/or controlled by Asians. In addition, known data shows combined debt of 51 trillion dollars for Government, Business, and Personal.

    Not all is lost. The Federal Reserve does not require any Federal Bank to have reserve deposits for the purchase of Treasury Notes & Bonds. Don’t know if this applies to individual States. So, even if the EU and IMF is lost to us we can depend upon digital money.

    When the above is beyond redemption beware of the farmers admonishment; Don’t eat the seed corn! No problem, as there will no longer be any seed corn as it has been mortgaged a 100 times over.

    Modern Monetary Theory. Gotta love it until death do we part.

  33. Did you say Voters are Displeased with Obama on Economy, Foreign Affairs, Obamacare, and Immigration? No. It’s stupid TPs and Repubs who are jealous and dissatisfied that President Obama is winning as relates to economy, foreign affairs and Obamacare. Obamacare is a success. Do you know Reagan, Bush1, Clinton and Bush II wanted universal healthcare too but failed? Obama succeeded and it’s benefiting people. In Wisconsin Gov Walker refused Obamacare. Now he is in trouble- .5 mil people are not insured – he is now scrambling to work in bamacare in Wisconsin. What a loser! Obama has increasing # of college graduates. We have more doctors and nurses, engineers and other professionals than during Reagan and Bushes. During those eras only rich kids could be doctors or get college education. Romney went to college on his parents’ money. Romney then said he would not let poor kids have college education. Unemployment is down – Job creation is now at faster speed than expected. Good jobs are coming back from Russia, Japan and China. CEOs don’t trust foreign countries any more. Bush accepted Cheney advice for Iraq II war – removing Sadam who had controlled ISIS. Now we have to go back to for Iraq III. Of course Cheney has on going contract for US supplies there. Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons were captured under Obama direction and authorization? Bush and Cheney failed to capture Bin Laden. ISIS will be defeated. As to polls, please don’t take those polls seriously for they are sponsored by TPs and Repubs. Republican and Tea Party are parties of hate. Demos don’t give Repub presidents such problems. But Repubs and TEA Party are there to find faults on Democratic presidents. You remember how Repubs treated Clinton and now President Obama. But they have failed anyway. Join me and enjoy life for next two years with Obama as President.

    • you are obviously kidding. is your real identity pelosi, with your head up bama’s rear. you people that spew your slobbering love for the whitehouse as.shole need to be checked for a hidden lobotomy

      • dellboy3660 – Is that all could say?. Tell us where Obama failed. You’re must be one stuck in neutral like TPs who are losing big. Our Wisconsin Gov Walker is in big trouble -nobody wants to vote for him in November. All his buddies, including TPs have run away from him.

        • Every time you post, your stupidity shows louder and clearer; get a life, get real, and get honest, it you can take your brain out of neutral gear.

    • davidfromfairviewpa

      The real unemployment number is the percentage of people participating in the workforce. That is a little over 62%; the lowest number since Carter was president. The official unemployment rate is based on the number of people who are receiving unemployment benefits. The administration brags about the number of jobs created without mentioning the number of jobs lost. They have become experts at deception with statistics. The real unemployment is probably about 20%.

      • I can see you’re a White male and could be a TP like Karl Rove. TPs bribe pollster to lie to us people as how President Obama stands in polls. These pollsters don’t poll Blacks or racial minorities. They poll White Repubs and TPs. I have just read that despite we have a record number of doctors and nurses graduating now, this Country still has shortage of these professionals. This is attributed to Reagan and Bushes policies that let only rich kids go beyond high school. Thank God Obama was elected and re-elected. Obama made it easier for local kids to study beyond high school. Romney would prefer importing doctors and nurses than giving loans and grants to local kids. What a loser! I am told you are drafting him for the WH job. He will lose again to Clinton or Biden.

      • A majority of the jobs are part-time. Employers are keeping employees hours under the required number for full-time to avoid the Obamacare mandate. My best friend had insurance on her daughter for $200/month before Obamacare. Now the cheapest she can find for the same coverage is over $600/month. That is what she pays out-of-pocket. A lot of doctors will not accept insurance under Obamacare because their reimbursement rates are as low as what Medicare and Medicaid pay. When I was trying to find a doctor, I was told that if I have insurance under the ACA, they didn’t accept it. Insurance rates are expected to increase next year and those of us that are struggling to pay the incredibly high costs now won’t be able to afford it next year. The cost of food, utilities, insurance, medications, and other necessary expenses have increased yet our income has remained the same and in some cases, decreased. How is this helping America? More and more Americans are being forced to apply for government assistance just to put food on the table. This is what the Democrats want. They want to regulate every aspect of our lives because they think the American people are too stupid to think for themselves. Look at the insane laws that the Democrats have passed in California that says that the marijuana dispensaries have to GIVE, not sell, 2% of their stash to residents who make less than $32,000/year. Really? Why don’t you Democrats GIVE 2% of your annual salary to the homeless? Let’s redistribute YOUR wealth!

  34. If they knew the real figures they would be in the streets. The real unemployment rate is over 35%!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  35. So I guess the obvious question is if the country is displeased with Obama on all these topics, what in hell are they pleased with and where were their heads when they voted for him in 2012 because nothing has changed. I guess this just proves the validity of the old saying, “stupid is as stupid does”. Pull it out people and get rid of the Dems and their socialist ideology. It just doesn’t work.

  36. The
    article was written by TPs and Repubs to lie to gullible White voters. The poll
    is also faked for it was taken in Repubs white neighborhood. No Black person was polled. These are the same
    pollsters who put Romney ahead of Obama in 2012. Had we not invaded Iraq the
    2nd time, there would be no ISIS. Economy is improving. But TPs and Repubs and
    right wing media such as FoxNews don’t want to believe anything good from
    Obama. They always spread lies. I watched Bill O’rielly yesterday lying to his
    teeth about the economy-the figures were against him. We must have locally
    trained doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals for whatever cost.
    It’s dangerous to depend upon foreigners to run professional jobs in this
    country. You remember that Chinese who was caught at the airport with computer
    full of American secrets. But Repubs and TPs don’t understand that danger-too
    primitive and brainwashed by Graham and Robertson to attack President
    Obama. Obamacare is working for low
    income people like me. So you morons wanted us the poor not treated in your
    rich clinics and hospitals. You want us work for you but fire us when we are
    sick. That is dumb. Obamacare is a civil right to all Americans. Please don’t vote for Repubs and TP in

    • If you weren’t so stupid, you’d realize blacks and other low-income folks are far worse off today than before 2008. Wait another year and you’ll see how bad it can really get under this criminal administration and it’s criminal leader, fool..!

      • Sorry to anger you. I wanted to alert you TPs and Repubs are
        dividing this country into races; and they enjoy it. You must have not been born in 2008 when banks and governments had ran out of money-Romney and his rich friends had fled their money and banked in China, Japan, and Switzerland etc. This country had come to a ‘HALT.’ And here you’re with your lies that 2008 was better for Blacks than now. People must be reading the Sports section only, like many morons. And then when they lose your jobs they puke dirt on the current administration. Wake up man. If Cheney and Bush had not gone to Iraq the 2nd time, we would not have ISIS today. But Repubs and TPs cannot understand that –too primitive and brain-washed by their mothers and fathers. Have a wonderful weekend.


      NO DEMS!
      NO RINO’s !!

      and— in California –
      To SAVE WATER,

      “If it’s BROWN…
      Flush him Down !”

      • Mac Boy looks like Don Sterling who did not want his Black girl-friend to mix with Blacks. Sterling was at the same time sharing bed sheets with a Black woman. It that not hypocrisy. Mac Boy -get
        out that hatred bubble. Live like a regular American. That way you can avoid having heart attack and wrinkles.

  37. All I can say is Obama is a liar, a complete fraud and would do the nation and world more good in a BODY BAG!

  38. He said he was going to “Fundamentally Change America” in his campaign speech. I say he is doing a swell job of doing just that. Too bad we will never be the same. Respect for the good ol’ USA is gone, in is place we now have the “PC Police”

  39. Well he is the best LIAR I have ever seen, and he sure can schedule in some golf and lavish vacations. Yea yea, the best at spending our tax dollars, especially when he sends millions, jets and tanks to his pals in the muslim brotherhood…you see, he is good at some things.

    • One thing nine of you consider obumma is good at giving away and spending money we don’t have. We are broke. Trillions in debt that we can not repay so why is it being given away when our own people need help and can’t get it!

  40. Obama doesn’t follows the advise of his advisers. He just listen and decides to proceed as he pleases. He listens to the shutting and he takes care of the hiding.This is the policy of a Imperial President who only follows calls following his own line of reasoning.

  41. What did he propose that was good for the country? More welfare, more food stamps, more unemployment, more taxpayers paying for green jobs that was a disaster. Just collect you welfare check and shut up

  42. Mr power tripper KING Shizzzt Obama is nothing but Muslim lover

  43. I refuse to follow any new laws that this Keyan Nigg-r signs …I want to see proof of who Obama really is

  44. Is there anything about him Americans like? Oh yeah, he parred a 3-par hole one day, his one successful accomplishment. What a disaster this faux POTUS has been.

  45. I disappointed he’s still breathing.

  46. True the Vote…voter ID means one citizen one vote.

  47. I am the God Obama. White people, You are all racist. Say anything against me and i will pull out the race card. I have many teets for all of you to come get the free money, but you must repay me with votes. If you are illegal I have a teet for you that by my voice alone makes you legal and you can get your free money, but you must reward me with votes. If you are rich, I command you give me your money so I can feed all the rest and you may then feed on the teet. If you are a criminal I will reward you with freedom, then you too can feed on the teet and reward me with votes. If you are inclined to be a drug addict, I will make drugs legal for you and you may use the teet, just reward me with votes. Do not use the teet on my butt however, it has a special formula for my administration..

  48. I cannot believe that Obama even generates a 42% approval rating. There must be one helluva bunch of Democrat voters who can’t deal with the reality of Obama placing them absolutely last among whatever priorities he has that are not frivolous.
    As far as anything about his presidency being a success, there is one success….he has lived like the playboy he is, he has the best of all benefits!
    Regarding all else for the people of the United States, obviously the peoples’ life difficulties, brought on by his recklessness, arrogance, frivolity for his own self-gratification cannot be measured as any success….no matter what his propagandized speeches declare.

    • YOU…..are absolutely correct…..but how did a person from his sparse/limited background rise to such heights?
      Was it orchestrated before his birth (wherever it was) or afterwards………and was it during preteen years or high school years…….and by whom? How did he end up in the Chicago political game? College, profession, etc………who assisted this person……and for what reason? Who was really bankrolling this morass to be in the United States……just wondering! Even with internet search info………somethin is still being concealed…………veritas!

      • Joe: I suppose we could spend a lifetime trying to get through the hermetic concealment of whom Obama is. We already know what he is, that is plain enough. We may always wonder how he was “slipped in on us.” He was groomed by the Democrat Party, he had an ability to bedazzle part of the public via his ability to read his teleprompter. They were only words which most likely never penetrated his thought processes, but he is no dummy, he does take good care that he has whatever gratifies himself.
        If he is ousted via an impeachment route, that will be fine with me. However, that process could run out the clock advancing to the next presidential election. He could still be in the WH by that time. In any event, I don’t care where he came from, where he went to school, the only important issue is for him to be gone and the Democrat Party that invented him must pay by receiving the worst election beatings ever. That Party lied and concealed for him, and bought a media to lie for him too.

      • He is a plant. Who planted him would induce many of you to call me a tin-foil hat.

        • Will……….I believe you are right……….he’s just too perfect, convenient for today’s times
          and it’s self-evident he’s an aberration to govt………….totally extreme something akin to an ANTICHRIST persona,,,,,,,,,,,,,look how certain people react to/with him being “perfect”…rather he’s “the Devil’s advocate” per se’…everything he says and does results in CHAOS .best regards Joe t


    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  50. Bybee 555, You call queen O a playboy? Check out his associating with the gay community in Chicago during his time as a senator. .

  51. what else can they be displeased about our kool presidente

    • To resident Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature:

      It is now Official that the majority of you are CORRUPT politicians:

      All America knows this – WE ARE NOT STUPID !!

      You have FAILED in EVERY “government service” you have shoved down our throats,while Overspending our tax dollars….

      0bama is the Poster Boy for the “Peter Principle” –

  52. Well, since all these voters are so upset about what “The chosen one” as done to this Country, my advice to them is just set at home on election day and protest he unfairness of the system.

    • Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
      the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

  53. I’s both the economy and the political agenda both on the verge of collapse???

  54. Obama is the best President since FDR. Good to see the popularity of Obamacare shooting through the roof!!!

  55. Evo, Are you Serious about Little O being one of the best? Do you know that according to Chicago records, while he was a senator, he was a member of a gay bathhouse society along with Holder?? For real. Look it up!!!!

  56. Unfortunately, too many “stupids” still support him and have no clue what he has done, is doing, and continues to do to America. They live in lalaland and they should be ASHAMED of being clueless when it comes to the country in which they live! They don’t deserve citizenship!

  57. ….and all the cover ups like, IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA, lavish waste of taxpayers money, and stimulus that was to reward cronies… There’s a lot to hate about this fraud.

  58. IF the American people are Soooo unhappy with Socialist liberals & Obama why is it they would vote for ANY of these Traitors in Office 2014-2016… Please tell me, I for the life of me DO NOT UNDERSTAND it … Voter fraud is already on the move… some of his people are voting for him & BRINGING the votes to him, Can you imagine that ? We MUST have the counting of votes by SEVERAL PEOPLE… Is his son running his campaign AGAIN ? That is dangerous , will the Voting Machines go black again as last election ???

  59. Lets consider all of the things that are better in the last 6 years. UE is down, jobs are up, stock market is closing at record highs, interest rates are still low and people can afford to buy homes, home sellers are finding that their home prices have recovered and they can afford to move on, foreclosures are down. my net worth is almost double what it was when Bush left office. I think that BO has done exceptionally well in spite of the racist, feeble minded teabilly legislature that he has had to deal with. How did that “lets make BO a 1 term POTUS” work out for them? hahahahahahahaha

  60. If voters are so displeased, past time to do something about it, and stop blowing smoke………….sweethearts.

  61. The 42% who think the mus kenyan has been successful are blacks and all the other stupids.

  62. Beside being the worst President this Nation as experienced, He is an Illegal Immigrant in this Country with no legal documents to his name. Congress is fully aware of this and has refused to answer my inquiries ?????

  63. Is it true that the President is Gay? Michelle is a Transgender? Their children were adopted? Could this possibly be true?

  64. To USARetired, I believe that Barry was born in Kenya, raised in Hawaii by his Grandmother, a habitual liar and a loner

  65. It is fall now. Obama will now be disclosed as the Betrayer in the White House. Finally. We will be free of him by Christmas I think…What a day to celebrate. When is the official first day of Winter? Not too long now for this POS…I pray he gets more terror than he deserves, if that is even possible….Never never elect any community organizer of nothing to anything ever again. Obama is so Zero minus in every way….————-and minus.

  66. MARYANN, What makes you think that Barry will be out of office by the end of the year?

  67. Obama is the sorriest excuse for a person I have ever seen! In fact, I doubt greatly if he is really a “he!”
    It is well-known that he sneaked into the country on a foreign student visa, and has forged everything since! Thanks to the fools who voted for him, we are stuck with a third-world country, a lot of hodge-podge laws and regulations we don’t need, an arrogant, out-of-control government, and a major war looming–and all he does is play golf! From what I have seen, his scores aren’t even improving!
    About par for the course of his presidency!

  68. Looks like at least 42% remain uninformed and think all is well in America . First-he spent the initial two years of his presidency on obmacare which is destine to self destruct when the employer mandate kicks-in. Then , when Bush left, Obama and Biden appeared on TV and proclaimed that success in Iraq would be a crowning achievement for their administration. Then he issued an Executive Order the result of which was opening our doors to thousands of illegal children and many other illegals including terrorists. Lastly-after a serious discussion with his Den Mother the Cub Scout president offered a plan to defeat ISIS crafted by third graders . We can be thankful for one thing and that is while he is on the golf course he is not causing serious harm to America. We need to buy him a two year membership at the nearest club and insist that he play every day. Good Luck America

  69. Kathy, You have to be liberal , Vote for your country not your party. Please wake up.

  70. Three groups of people have benefited from the Obama presidency, Those are the illegals ,congress and ISIS. Action on the president’s part benefited illegals while inaction benefited ISIS. Congress is regularly by-passed so they can remain out of session and not be missed by a go-it-alone president. Good Luck America !!!

  71. You reap what you sow. A good administrator surround himself with a variety of intelligent individuals that know their stuff, and considers their advice. Obama is seriously incompetent, and surrounded himself with like minded radicals of low competency. His Muslin faith blinds his judgement to even ignore their suggestions, and reacts quickly without considering the consequences. His whole presidency is based on his childhood experiences molded by his radical Muslin father; and hate of America. Being a Muslin he is encouraged to constantly lie without missing a step; as this is perfectly acceptable as long as it promotes the Muslin faith. The left promoted Obama based on color alone and failed to conduct a proper background investigation. The left knew that Blacks would vote for color alone, and not the qualifications of the candidate, for, they are desperate for a ICON to look up to, the racist result, economical destruction of the country. Since DeBoise, Carver, and Washington, no ICON has emerged, only money sucking con artist that prey upon their own, and rape their secretaries. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  72. What the American idiots who still give this asshole a 42% don’t understand is he is not worried about getting the economy going again. This muZlim Islamic terrorist has been doing is to destroy the economy from the start. This asshole is an Islamic sympathizer and could care less about what we think or what we want anymore. His so called attacks are not really doing anything except to just chase these animals from one place to another for now, he is not trying to kill them because he is one of them himself.

  73. There is nothing that Obama and his Administration has done over the past six years that I am pleased with.
    The Economy stinks, period. Unemployment stinks, period. Education, Stinks, period. Energy Policy Stinks
    period. Forgein Affairs stinks period. National Security stinks period. The air quality since Obama took office has
    decidedly turned smelly and soar, PERIOD.

  74. Oliar hasn’t followed the Constitution since he stepped foot through the white front door….Congress needs to get rid of Pelwacko and Reid and every person who voted for oliarcare plus the muslims who are in out white house slowly trying to take over our government…Christians need to ban together and stop this outrage before it will all be to late!

  75. Impeachments and High Treason and murder gangs

  76. In a real world his approval will be 24%, but because people are still on denial and we still asleep on the truth, it will stay on the 40’s or more.



  78. Can we just get him out some way or the other?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you too will know.

  79. The US electorate are suckers for waffle and bullshit – as clearly demonstrated by their choice of president for many years. Just look at some of ’em – Clinton, Roosavelt, Bush 2, Obama – a trade union style hack – who “orates” , head turning left and right like a metronome, with the best (Bliar , Clint.) saying little meaningful and doing even less.

  80. Will the next president be able to undo EVERYTHING this little man has done. It is my hope that we can erase ALL and also his name from this despicable administration……

  81. obama has one quest and that’s to destroy America for his murdering muslim brotherhood, and the democrats are all in to see that he succeeds. Vote these American haters out of office and lets take our country back.

  82. If you think Obama is bad for this country then come November don’t reelect those Democrats who are in lockstep with him. If enough people stop voting party lines we just might be able to bring about our own ‘change’.

  83. Obama, Lenin,
    Mao, Stalin, and Hitler fooled the World and it matters today that we know who
    America is following.

    changed his name from Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov.

    Mao Tse Tung
    changed his name from Mao Zedong.

    Joseph Stalin changed his name from
    Losif Vissarionovich.

    Adolph Hitler changed
    his name from Alois Schiklgruber. This is important because it is hard to imagine tens of
    thousands of Germans shouting “Heil Schicklgruber!” instead of
    “Heil Hitler!”

    Obama has
    changed his name from Barach Barak Hussein Barry Soetoro Sutoro Soebarkah
    John Paul Ludwig Harrison J. Bounel etc.

    “Take a walk
    down Communist lane as Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and Obama used ‘forward’.
    The pertinent text has been translated
    to English.” History.

    Lenin’s motto on his 1917 poster was “FORWARD”.

    Moa’s matto was “March FORWARD” in

    Hitler’s motto in 1939 was “FORWARD”.

    Obama’s slogan’s “Hope & Change in
    2008, then in 2012 “FORWARD”.

    In 1939, Germany’s Hitler and the
    Soviet Union’s Stalin sign a non-aggression pact called “FORWARD”, stunning the
    world, given their diametrically opposed ideologies. But the dictators were,
    despite appearances, both playing to their own political needs and fooling vast
    numbers of people. Hitler had a nickname
    “Adi”, while Obama has a nickname “Lyin King”.

    Obama’s Jewish
    financial backers and the CIA sealed all of Obama’s records so nobody really
    knows what he stands for, except he is following in the footsteps of Mao, Lenin,
    Stalin and Hitler.

    So, is a vote for Obama any different than a vote for Lenin, Mao, Stalin, or Hitler?

  84. Displeased? They should be rioting, but for social welfare programs their children will be paying for all their lives.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  85. Those 42% are fools that would have followed Lenin, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler!

  86. Yes indeed voters(registered, bone fide, legitimate, taxpaying) voters are displeased with Obamafraud. All the rest who voted for him are too stupid to comprehend any thing remotely akin to the truth. Obama is a Criminayl fraudulent illegitimate imposter.

  87. HERE’s verification of Herr Obama’s actions -New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro presents a comprehensive case against President Barack Obama’s abuses of power during his time in office.

  88. Sandra C Stemples

    Don’t forget Obama is having metal smith make our new shackles and chains for any true American to wear when the illegals like, Gangs, Drug Cartels, Terrorists, Russians and Chinese arrive. Saw where a Mexican Judge changed the Congress Rule about the steps illegals must go through to come into the US. Well apparently she like Obuttma made her own ruling saying incoming Muslims from Syria are just to step the hell on through. No Medical Check like with Duncan coming through with Ebola. WOW America is just getting better and better, as we already have all the other criminals coming through Texas. I bet that’s where the Gun Walking that Obama and Holder walked right on through.

  89. As one who has lost a business, $1 million and more, I concur.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.


  91. Someone used the word displeased. I think that the word should be p issed off. I think that Reid and Pelosi have been visiting the same bathhouse that little o is a member of. Someone needs to wipe those blank eating grins off their faces.

  92. The Muslims that are walking across the border, are the ones that will be working for FIMA at the concentration camps throughout the entire United States.

  93. How many tax dollars is our illustrious Muslim president spending flying around the country in support of the Democratic Party ? Who’s running the Country? Is our Vice President asleep on the job?

  94. Michael Dennewitz

    Well… HAHAHAHA Here’s the best news yet.. And it didn’t take a damned genius to finger it out.
    Here in my town, where it seems that robbery and assaults are taking the front page more and more, the sheriff’s dept has figured it all out. When shit goes down, if it’s in a predominantly black neighborhood, and they think the perpetrator/s are black, they’ll send in nothing but BLACK DEPUTIES! Genius, isn’t it? As the one BLACK deputy said to me, don’t mattah if he be white or black, if he be robbin some mom N pop store, he be a piece of shit and need a be shot. Dis way, ain’t gone be no race riots!!! FINALLY !!!

  95. Ebola is the ninth “last straw!” When will we get it?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

    • Ebola is a product of GOP austerity, like cutting the funding for the Center for Disease Control.

      Don’t bother googling his blog, it is full of lies and nonsense.

      • It is a matter of record the Republican budget increased CDC spending and the Washington Post gave four “Pinochios” for this lie by the DNC.

        Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

        • The post article blames both parties. Obama and the Democrats gave it it’s biggest boost with stimulus spending. Bush increased the CDC funding, but that was because he failed to prevent America from being attacked, started two unnecessary wars, which heightened the chance of a biological attack. It was part of his overall securing the homeland with big government agenda.

  96. Really, is there one thing America could find pleasing about this manufactures empty suit with no fortitude, guts, or pride?

  97. Those that are happy with them are the ones with better golf scores. That seems all he is interested in.

  98. Obama and the Democrats! The “Granola” party, “FRUITS, NUTS and FLAKES!”

  99. How many scandals is it now? Nine or 12? I cannot keep up with him.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  100. It took six years for some to catch up with those of us who had the opinion in 2007. Clear thinking voters
    have been displeased all along with the Kenyan impostor on everything that counts. It’s sickening we had to
    let the juveniles find out the hard way that installing an amateur as CEO of something as big as the US Government is not a prudent thing to do. If airlines followed the same pattern they would let taxi drivers
    fly jumbo jets. That’s the clearest analogy I can come up with right now but I think it conveys the point of the matter. The past two presidential election cycles proved one thing for sure. And it is that we do not have
    an informed electorate in the USA. And to add to the problem we just might have some dishonest vote counting.

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