Poll Finds McConnell Extremely Unfavorable

According to a new poll, the fact that Republicans have failed to gain control of the Senate has dropped the support for Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell.

An online poll by Civiqs showed that the Senate minority leader currently has around 7 percent favorability rating, a record low. This is based on the 220,797 responses received. Since 2017, Civiqs has frequently tracked McConnell’s position. According to the latest poll, around 18 percent of Republicans viewed McConnell favorably. That percentage dropped to 1 percent among Democrats.

Republicans had previously been hoping to win as many as three Senate seats in the midterm elections. They were hoping that the current state of the economy would have allowed them to win more support.

However, Democrats have managed to retain their control of the Senate, despite the Georgia Senate election still being undetermined. Georgia is set to hold a runoff election between Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock on Dec. 6.

The Democrats have already secured the 50 seats necessary for a majority as they also have Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie breaking vote.

McConnell is going to be trying to hold on to his Senate leadership position on Wednesday despite his unfavorable ratings. Currently, his unfavorable rating is around 81 percent. On the Republican side, 61 percent view him unfavorably, while on the Democratic side 95 percent view him as such.

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  1. Mcconnell is a RINO and NOT trustworthy — TERM.LIMITS. He should have been gone years ago.

  2. McConnell is a rhino traitor, who needs to be replaced immediately, he has worked against the repukes for years, he has to go to get our votes.Kick the loser to the curb.

  3. McConnell is a RINO and should be removed immediately. He cannot be trusted. 14

  4. McConnell is a pimple on America’s ass. No one wants a pimple on their ass

  5. I agree with all three of you. McConnell has always been a self serving trash pile who never belonged in government.

  6. Somebody give this two-faced clown a membership in the decratic party, please!!!!!!!!!

  7. We , the Republicans voters , demanding, Mitch McConnell ,be booted! He screwed up election big time, the mess we’re in , we should of had a big red wave! Replace him because he is a Rhino! Put a true , patriotic, conservative ! Chip Roy would be awesome, Jim Jordan would!Candace Owens would!

  8. McConnell has fought the republican’s more than he has the democrats, it’s time for the old bussard to go to roost!

  9. McConnell is ineffective in his leadership role and needs to go.

  10. He is lower than pond scum

  11. Time to ditch Mitch.

  12. Mitch McConnell started a superPAC to give money to any republican candidate opposing those that Trump endorsed including Lisa Murkowski. He did NOT want the Republicans to take control of the Senate and moved to split the party to insure that. He is worse than a RINO. I hope that the republican party of Kentucky moves to kick him out of the party like Wyoming did to Liz Cheney. Once that is done, let him run for his Senate seat as an independent without party support or funds.

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