Poll Finds Liberals Deeply Hate What Group?

According to a recent Reuters/ Ipsos poll, most voters currently view former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement as a “threat to democracy”. Most Republicans also said that the ideology presented by Trump is not indicative of what the party represents.

According to the poll, 58% of voters said that Trump’s MAGA was a threat. Of the Republicans asked in the survey 25% also agreed that the “MAGA forces” are a threat to democracy.

The survey occurred after President Joe Biden’s remarks earlier last week in which he had said that the Republic and democracy were threatened by the “MAGA Republicans”.

Biden’s speech was also a change in the Democratic strategy followed so far, as the party has been winning a lot of ground ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. The Democrats have won several special elections, while the Republicans have suffered another blow because of the FBI raid into former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

However, while the sentiment of those polls is similar to Biden’s speech, 59% of respondents said that they thought Biden’s speech would lead to further division in the country.

Trump has remained a popular figure in the Republican party, but many have also turned against him since the Jan.6 attack on the Capitol. According to the poll, around 60% of Republicans said that the views expressed by the former President are not in line with what the GOP represents.

In the meantime, as the midterm elections are approaching, President Biden’s approval rates remain low at 39%. Many are worried that this could lead to problems for the Democratic Party, which is going to have a challenging battle ahead if they want to retain Senate control.

The Reuters / Ipsos poll surveyed 1,003 individuals. Of those 411 identified as Democrats and 397 as Republicans.

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  1. WOW!! Never thought I would see the day that “they” don’t like you being a patriot and wanting our country back with out the socialist activity in our country and politics!! That is what I believe “Make America Great Again” really means!!

    • People need to vote because this has already gone too far ! Once lost hard to get back ! Destruction from within the hypocrisy is so blatant are Americans this blind and stupid maybe I don’t know I hope not God Bless ,freedom is slowly being siphoned off. It seems are Justice System is acting like the SS of Germany .

  2. It’s a Reuters/Ipsos article, a propaganda tool for the Marxist Racist Crony Corporate Globalist Demo & Rino Crime Syndicate. In short, it’s all a bunch of BS.

  3. wayne richard beltz

    maga republicans

  4. Another fake poll! The ONLY ones not supporting Trump are irrational extreme liberals and RINOS who will cower to democrats. Amazing how these polls never reach Republicans except RINOS. A load of garbage!

    Sorry, I will always defend my country and decent society not the country being over run by the mental cases that are in politics and in the street, illegals over running the country, amongst the other gutter trash that have no morals or ability to decipher right from wrong.

    There is NO control in this country on anything and it is time to get everything cleaned up in politics and society!

  5. Just what are the policies of the current Republican party? All I hear is a lot of blustering and noise. The only one from Texas that makes any conservative sense is Ted Cruz. Cornyn is in it for himself, but nobody runs against him. He is a RINO in the worst sense of the word.
    Neither party is working for the people. Trump is right….we must clear the swamp. Vote, but vote for new faces. Get the current, entrenched, freeloading,
    do nothings , out of their comfortable, cushy jobs. They love the power. We MUST get term limits for our congress, at ALL LEVELS.

  6. The Reuters-Ipsos poll is B.S. The MAJORITY of all republicans Stand Firmly WITH TRUMP. It is stupid articles like this that are planted by democrats. America First IS the Republican Party of today. The Establishment Republicans (RINOs) are no longer the party we want. A poll is only as good as the people who conduct it and who take it. Sounds like a whole lot of democrat involvement to me. B.S.

  7. Screw the ‘ democracy’!!!! THIS is NOT a democracy! It’s a bunch of GLOBALIST, EXTREME LEFT morons who want to destroy America, so they can live high on the hog, control the people! With all their precious money, which they won’t take with them anyway, since HELL doesn’t care about money, just cares about their souls. Have a nice trip to hell you DEMONICrats!


  9. were you much better off two,three and four ago than you are now-wise up all intelligent/patriotic Americans and vote for what is best for all America–MAGA means exactly what the letters say and bozo JOE is doing the exact opposite. YOU are blind if you can’t see the writing on the wall!!!!!

  10. Hate to say this but any Rep. that thinks MAGA is a threat to America is not a Rep. They are RINO and they may do well to go and join their brothers on the LEFT. This Country deserves better than to be taxed to death. Also we deserve to have our RIGHTS. This is something the Dims. do not believe in. If they did we would not be over run by ILLEGALS allow our service MEN and WOMEN to get killed and do nothing about it. The present leadership is worthless and that is being nice to them. This not only includes Dims but the RINO are included in this group.

  11. Why do you guys even dive into this mud pit? Anyone with an ounce of sense knows these so called polls are a fraud. Why bother getting upset? Phony misinformation like this has become part of the standard play book of the left for 2 reasons. To suppress/discourage conservative voters on one hand from voting, and second to give false hope to libs/Marxists to think they have the upper hand going into a red wave election. There are only 2 or 3 polls that are accurate on most election outcomes, among these are Trafalgar, and Rassmussen to name 2. IF they come out and state things like this, then Republicans ARE in trouble, but that has not happened nor is it going to.

  12. Trump’s the problem? I think not, when the drooling fool in the WH is ruling executive fiat! Thai article is a joke, much like the demonRAT party is.

  13. Just another bogus ‘Ipsos’ poll. Ipsos my butt! Fake news!!!

  14. Reuter’s is ABSOLUTELY FALSE! This so called poll info is to reprogram the masses to believe their BS…

  15. I totally agree, the bulk and majority of all the media that purports to give the news are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Deep State. As is slowly being g shown to the people the Deep State is made of people from the Democrat/Socialist ilk but also from what a lot of people call RINOs (Republican in name only) which is very accurate since they are so willing to sell their souls and our country down the drain.

  16. There are still Patriots in AMERICA that really do want to see AMERICA recover from the current bunch that ARE destroying our country and there is nothing wrong with Making AMERICA Great Again because it is a total disaster now.We have the liberal,socialist.marxists to thank for that.Anyone with any common sense knows who these entities are.

  17. Patriot News Daily??? ROFL!!! Yeah Right! Just another subversive attempt by a bunch of power hungry perverse psychopaths to maintain control.

  18. What a bunch of BS. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats are absolutely terrified of Trump, scared to death of him running again in 2024, and know the power of his endorsement for others running as Republicans in the mid-terms. Not only does he still have a very large base, he isn’t afraid of them or their Left Wing Media friends and won’t hesitate to expose them for all their corruption and failures.

    The Democrats aren’t stupid. They may be inept, self-serving and corrupt, but they are far from stupid. That being the case, they know they can’t run on their record, so the only thing they can do is attack Trump and all of his supporters in a propaganda campaign trying to convince the voters that MAGA is bad, when it is nothing close to the truth.

    When Trump was in office this country was thriving, the stock market set record highs, manufacturing was finally coming back for the first time in decades, we were energy independent with gas at less than $2.00 a gallon and every measurement of economic success was high. Now that the morons on the left have taken control, less than two years ago, inflation is at a forty high, the price for a gallon of gas has doubled, some of the shelves at our local stores are empty, they have handicapped our Energy Sector, increased our National Debt by $5 Trillion dollars, completely opened our southern border and are now using our own Governmental Agencies to attack and harass anyone who disagrees with them or their policies. With the Democrats in control we have quickly evolved into what can only be described as a “Police State”, but MAGA is bad, “Yeah Right”.

    What is truly sad is that their failures, as described in the above paragraph, only make up a short list of what they have done to create a living nightmare for the citizens of this great nation. I’ll support MAGA any day, before I’ll support what the Left has done to damage this county in less than two, short years.

    The next time ANYONE says tells you that MAGA is bad, look them in the eye and ask them to tell you exactly why. My guess is that they will draw a complete blank, because all this MAGA nonsense is nothing more than a talking point for the “Left Wing Hacks” and their idiot friends in the “Propaganda Machine” that they call “The Media”.

  19. Democrats are pumping out this kind of stuff across all media so that after the midterm STEAL they will be able to say “See, we told ya!”.

  20. they hate, so what else is new….they hate babies, police, freedom, MAke America Great again supporters (maning law and order and freedom to think for yourselves) idiot teachers who want to take over children from their parents, indoctrination for all…

    The Democrat party I remembered died after Jimmy Carter.

  21. Polls like this need to be called out for what they really are, political hit pieces. One can go on and on about how these polls are inaccurate and simply meant to convince people that the Leftists are winning. This is utter BS and should not be allowed without the cavoite that this poll favors the Democrats as more of them were polled than others are strongly objected to.

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