Poll: Americans Feel Safer With Guns

A new Rasmussen Poll will undoubtedly bring liberals to tears. Despite their never-ending efforts to cast guns as the great villain of America, the public isn’t convinced. The poll, taken June 8-9, asked respondents whether they would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns were legal or one where guns were banned. The results were definitive. 68 percent said they would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns were permitted. Only 22 percent said they would feel safer if they were banned. 10 percent admitted that they didn’t know.

The results may be stark, but Rasmussen claims they aren’t much different than earlier polls. Americans have been strongly in favor of guns for a long time, and it does not appear that liberal propaganda is having much sway. Of course, the media can accept the blame for that, ironically enough. If you spend all of your time telling Americans how dangerous and awful the country is, you’re naturally going to create a lot of fear among the populace. What do fearful people want? To know they are protected. And a gun is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Liberals, hilariously enough, have been undermining their own position. They want Americans to take a different lesson from all the violence. They want it to lead to more power for the government. They underestimate how little faith the average American has in the federal government. Or perhaps they just know that violence = ratings, and they aren’t willing to give that up even if it would help them meet their goals.

Unfortunately, liberal propaganda on guns is effective in smaller doses. The poll showed that more than half of voters want to ban semi-automatic and assault weapons. That proves that the endless hammering of those evil guns has made a difference, and it shows that conservatives need to be more proactive about exposing the myths that surround these weapons (and the terms themselves).

52 percent of respondents say that stricter gun control laws would either make no difference or would actually increase violent crime while 40 percent believe they would decrease violent crime. And this, really, is where the rubber meets the road. The main argument in America today is not whether or not guns should be banned; only the most extreme liberals think so. Instead, the argument is how much gun control is enough. And that’s where gun-rights activists should focus their efforts.

It is a debate that won’t be resolved anytime soon. Every week, Democrats come out with another gun control proposal. Every week, the NRA comes out with counterproposals. It’s left to the American people to decide which side they believe. And that’s how it should be. The problem comes when politicians jump ahead of public sentiment and enact laws that do not match the mood. And it comes when Democrats push for laws that are blatantly anti-constitutional. The American people, by and large, are willing to meet on moderate ground.

Unfortunately, in an increasingly polarized country, “moderate” doesn’t move the needle. And if we’re going to one extreme or the other, let’s make sure it’s the one where we can still defend our homes, our families, and our lives.

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