Poll: Americans Feel Safer With Guns

A new Rasmussen Poll will undoubtedly bring liberals to tears. Despite their never-ending efforts to cast guns as the great villain of America, the public isn’t convinced. The poll, taken June 8-9, asked respondents whether they would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns were legal or one where guns were banned. The results were definitive. 68 percent said they would feel safer in a neighborhood where guns were permitted. Only 22 percent said they would feel safer if they were banned. 10 percent admitted that they didn’t know.

The results may be stark, but Rasmussen claims they aren’t much different than earlier polls. Americans have been strongly in favor of guns for a long time, and it does not appear that liberal propaganda is having much sway. Of course, the media can accept the blame for that, ironically enough. If you spend all of your time telling Americans how dangerous and awful the country is, you’re naturally going to create a lot of fear among the populace. What do fearful people want? To know they are protected. And a gun is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Liberals, hilariously enough, have been undermining their own position. They want Americans to take a different lesson from all the violence. They want it to lead to more power for the government. They underestimate how little faith the average American has in the federal government. Or perhaps they just know that violence = ratings, and they aren’t willing to give that up even if it would help them meet their goals.

Unfortunately, liberal propaganda on guns is effective in smaller doses. The poll showed that more than half of voters want to ban semi-automatic and assault weapons. That proves that the endless hammering of those evil guns has made a difference, and it shows that conservatives need to be more proactive about exposing the myths that surround these weapons (and the terms themselves).

52 percent of respondents say that stricter gun control laws would either make no difference or would actually increase violent crime while 40 percent believe they would decrease violent crime. And this, really, is where the rubber meets the road. The main argument in America today is not whether or not guns should be banned; only the most extreme liberals think so. Instead, the argument is how much gun control is enough. And that’s where gun-rights activists should focus their efforts.

It is a debate that won’t be resolved anytime soon. Every week, Democrats come out with another gun control proposal. Every week, the NRA comes out with counterproposals. It’s left to the American people to decide which side they believe. And that’s how it should be. The problem comes when politicians jump ahead of public sentiment and enact laws that do not match the mood. And it comes when Democrats push for laws that are blatantly anti-constitutional. The American people, by and large, are willing to meet on moderate ground.

Unfortunately, in an increasingly polarized country, “moderate” doesn’t move the needle. And if we’re going to one extreme or the other, let’s make sure it’s the one where we can still defend our homes, our families, and our lives.

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  1. It is time that WE THE PEOPLE start fighting back against the anti Constitution, anti-gun Politicians.
    Any Politician that drafts a law that is eventually deemed unconstitutional, should resign from public office without benefits for dereliction of duty.

    • Anyone with a brain, with eyes to see, and with ears to hear should realize by now that rabid anti-gun liberals won’t resign when they’re caught trying to undermine our constitutional rights! It is therefore up to WE THE PEOPLE to follow these five critical rules:
      Rule #1: Stop electing rabid anti-gun liberals to public office! That eliminates virtually every Democratic candidate running in virtually every municipality, city, county, and state of the Union!
      Rule #2) If WE THE PEOPLE stupidly violate Rule #1, initiate petition drives to recall each and every rabid anti-gun liberal the day they attempt to propose anti-gun or anti-ammunition measures that violate our 2nd Amendment rights to self-defense and our right to defend against the tyranny of anti-gun wackos!
      Rule #3) WE THE PEOPLE must demand that every convicted criminal alien be deported from the U.S.!
      Rule #4) WE THE PEOPLE must demand that ALL immigration must cease from any country which has a high percentage of law-breaking criminals, criminal gangs, drug or sex traffickers, or Islamic terrorists.
      Rule #5) Elect a pro-2nd Amendment, Anti Amnesty, Pro-American Worker Republican candidate for president in 2016 or WE THE PEOPLE will have no power to utilize any of the rules set forth above.


        • I’d like to see the death penalty for treason brought back – and executed quickly once convicted. The German spies dropped off the US coast during WW2, were tried in a closed court and they were executed very quickly following the conviction. But I am thinking more about politicians who take an oath to protect the Constitution. We have a self proclaimed socialist running for President! I’m talking about Bernie Sanders and while it’s unlikely he’ll win, he has gotten lots of votes. Can you imagine? someone voting for a socialist? Of course, obama is a socialist or worse and plenty of people voted for him even after it was apparent what he was planning to do to this country. Politicians take their oath and start working to subvert the Constitution was soon as they say “I do.” They should get the death penalty for trying to destroy the USA from within!

          • Great response,in my opinion.It seems You and I agree on the issues mentioned,but in different words.I think ,perhaps,the greatest threat to today’s AMERICA,are the politicians,at least the greatest majority.I like your first example,but I think the death penalty should apply to all convicted murderers(including all your treason and other examples).There is a part of”rights”that state”you can’t be tried twice for the same crime”,I think that should include”you can’t be tried twice for the/a conviction”,and death should occur on the same day the VICTIM is buried or within five day’s of conviction,which ever is shorter ,NO EXCEPTIONS ! There is an applicable adage/saying,,”Whence you place yourself in harms way,be prepared to pay/suffer the consequences. MUCH,MUCH,MUCH MORE COULD BE SAID.Nice talking to you.. Have a good one.

      • All great suggestions and I could not agree more!!!

    • They should go to prison, automatically, for a ten year minimum. You are being too easy on them; they are seriously violating the oath that they ALL take, to uphold and defend and fight for the Constitution of the United States, period. any breach of that oath, should automatically end with a serious prison term or a noose!

    • Agreed 100% But All Bills before Congress should only relate or cover to one proposal for consideration. Packaging. Omnibus, Add Ons, etc should be strictly prohibited to avoid sneaking one sentence subleties past our dimmest witted representatives, some or most of whom seem to pass Bills without reading them.
      THis passing of Bills in order to find out what is in them is a prime tactic of Obama/Pelosi and Boehner.

    • they are afraid of us and fail to realize that we love peace but will not be over run by these cowards with their body guards

      • The Second amendment was created to keep the balance of power with the people. And to prevent a situation where a corrupt elected official would place himself/herself as king or queen.

  2. Guns save lives! The Second Amendment guarantees that right, end of story! Before I forget, BHO and Moocher only have 583 days left of their gun grabbing efforts.

    • stop the lieberals

      Then it’s on to the next gun grabbing liberal, whoever it may be.

      • Yeah, you are probably right, but lieberals or no one else will ever take our guns!

        • stop the lieberals

          I’d like to say that’s true. But their think tanks have already plotted how to do it with the least resistance.
          It will start out door to door with the media condemning the owners of having been terrorists, felons, drug dealers.
          It will be propagandized to make it look like they are protecting the citizens from bad people.
          Once the majority wakes up to the reality it may be to late to band together.

      • zzzzzzzzz

      • They should start by taking the guns away from the secret service first.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And the populace will ALWAYS out number them.

      • Right on, brother, no one is going to take our guns, especially a Muslim rag-head!

        • WVF,
          Let me remind you guys that the Second Amendment is not the only threat to the Constitution. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments are also under attack. Our federal courts are really overstepping their bounds. They are to rule on the Constitutionality of legislation. They do NOT make legislation.

          • Jerry, I agree with you, but the “stuff” is about to hit the fan. Patriots, and there are millions of us, have about had it! Some of us are too old to care about dying, and if we must, we must!

          • cool! ya’ll gonna shoot some stuff?

          • WVF,
            Since I am retired I have more to do than die. That is for “old” folks. I am a champion locally and nationally for a GOP house cleaning.

        • That may be true but when Jade Helm arrived in Flint Mich, the people were too afraid to use their guns…wonder why they didn’t go to Dearborn and do a real UN attack training? were they afraid of the no=go zone?…I also watched two film clips taken by private citizens in Seattle and none of those helicopters look like ours…not a helicopter expert but a few viewers were and said they are not ours…any thoughts?

        • Im coming to take your guns son

          • I,n right there with you, FUNK. I just acquired a surplus black helicopter. Let’s get together and do some vigilante gun-napping.

          • Right after your “special time” together?

    • You better hope and pray they both leave office in 583 days because they have plans in place to stay in power until their puppet-masters replace them!

    • yawnz

  3. I’d rather have a gun and not need it.
    Instead of needing a gun and not having it.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      My little red “spam” lite just went off. Can’t read it, but it says “Asshole Owens is onboard again!” Love to shove my 9mm up his sorry ass!! ROFLMAO

  4. They should poll the Citizens here in Yavapai County, Arizona. Our County Seat is home to J&G Sales, the largest firearms retailer in Arizona . J&G has been equipping our county’s Citizens with scary black tactical firearms, standard-capacity magazines, and crates full of military surplus ammunition for *decades*. Going to J&G to “stock up” is just something that everyone in our county does a couple of time a year.

    We live in what is arguably the most well-armed county in America.

    I am sure that the poll results in our county would cause the Liberals to have Litters of Little Yellow Lizards. 🙂

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  5. It is much safer in areas where guns are permitted. I am all for open or concealed carry.

  6. again you would be better off with the truth instead of twisting it into lies to suit your opinion. Liberals want guns around for protection. but military grade weapons and machine guns are not for daily use . anyone that says they “NEED” them for protection is too paranoid to own any gun or planning on starting trouble they don’t have the sense to settle any other way. Yes I am a liberal and have hand guns. when I go to dangerous parts of different cities I do carry them . I do have a shotgun and my fathers old deer rifle. he was a sportsman and had a 3 shot clip on a bolt action rifle. he never needed more than that and to him to use a automatic rifle for hunting was not sport but the mark of a really sucky shot. so tell the truth liberals have guns- use guns and believe in guns – just not automatic military weapons and not in the hands of paranoid schizophrenics and the number of other mentally ill people who feel compelled to purchase them

    • J Owens, You need special permits for AUTOMATIC WEAPONS! Semi-auto are available off the shelf, if you can pass a background check, which is also illegal according to the 2nd amendment of the Constitution!

      • and any red nation site will give you free booklets on how to modify them to full auto and any gun show at any fair ground will srll you whatever for the right cash.

  7. For the most part, Americans are doers. The greatness of our nation was built on our Can Do and Will Do attitude!
    Right or wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, a large percentage of the general public is of the persuasion we are safer with guns then not. Having a gun is power to the hand that holds it. Even if a gun goes unfired it is a convincer to the person looking down the barrel that they need to “cease an desist” in their actions or pay a price.
    It is not the 22% who are not in favor of gun ownership that concerns me most It is the 10% who don’t know and remain clueless that do. How can a person be so oblivious and uncaring about their own personal and family safety that they have not taken time to consider this question? They are victims just waiting to be victimized. Their procrastination will be their own undoing.

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    When I open my (full) closet, I always have a shit-eatin grin and mutter, “You’re damned right, I feel safer!”. lol

  9. You know what? I’m going to have a gun IN MY HOUSE to protect MY FAMILY. PERIOD. I don’t care what COMMUNIST POLITICIAN wants to take that right away. THEY are the CRIMINALS. NOT ME.

  10. Does anyone else have trouble responding to polls on this site..No matter how many times I enter my email to vote it keeps telling me to put in a correct email, which I do…it has happened everytime I try to vote in a poll??

    • These blogs are mostly run by liberals. Huffington is the worst. If Obama turns a corner to fast she will get a bloody nose.

  11. We have an enemy within the White House who wishes to ban our 2nd Amendment rights and redirect our 1st Amendment rights! Time to IMPEASCH this jackass!

  12. “Or perhaps they just know that violence = ratings, and they aren’t willing to give it up even if it would help them meet their goals.”
    You do mean their “stated” goals, right? Evidently you haven’t looked up the word ‘Taqiyya’. They will lie to meet obie’s goals. And those goals are the destruction of America and it’s values and morals.

  13. The lefties impugn the honor of police across the nation thus neutering their ability to be effective, encourage rioting and divide cultures asunder with malicious words, they welcome with open arms terrorist and third world criminals to our country across our borders……and yet 22 percent would feel safer without guns in their neighborhood? They’re idiots.

  14. Mr. Putin told Americans, a few years back. NEV ER GIVR UP TOUR GUNS. I have 2 of them

  15. I am a gun carrying 77 year old that was not raised with guns. I have a concealed weapons permit, took the classes, etc and will use it to protect myself or others. However, I do not believe the 2nd amendment gives us the right to have military style weapons that have magazines of 15-20 rounds for protection. If you need that much power for protection you must be one hell of a poor shot. They are no good for hunting or any other use except the MACHO effect. In the wrong hands they are extremely dangerous. Give me 1 good reason for having them for protection. There is none. Our forefathers that wrote the constitution mostly had single shot weapons and they used them for protection from animals or human protection, so don’t BS me and say sophisticated weapons are guaranteed in the constitution. Thats pure BS! Should we also be allowed to have tanks and rocket launchers?

    • So you got your law degree from where? Don’t comment on the Constitution gramps unless you have a law degree.

      • Having instructed “gramps” that a law degree is a prerequisite for commenting on Constitutional matters, you may now similarly advise all the kooky right wing dingbats on this forum that this requirement applies equally to them.

        • Unfortunately headinass, the 5 to 4 decision by the SCOTUS, upheld the right to bear arms…”Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who wrote the opinion for the court’s dominant conservatives, said: “It is clear that the Framers counted the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty.” I’m so glad you and gramps are here to lecture us about our rights, being the learned scholars that you are.

          • A month late, but anyway, headinassole sees everything on here as a threat to his welfare check and food stamps, so he/she speaks up hoping to be relevant which he isnt, never has been. Probably crys like a bitch when someone big and scary walks too close to him at the soup line.

      • Until this administration we could comment on whatever we wanted..Mr. Deva is 77 yrs old…give him some respect…I don’t know him but would venture to say he has forgotten more than you will ever know. I also am in my 70’s and have a double whammy…I am also female…I don’t know who you are either but common sense would say, law degree or not, an intelligent person would not use the ‘comments name’ Osama Obama unless they were up to no good,,,I read your comments VERY carefully and sometimes there is a worthwhile statement…other times, I feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck and it isn’t static electricity…

        • I realize that never in history have tyrannical gov’t.s overstepped, enslaved, or used force to control or annihilate their disarmed minions. (Cough, U.S.S.R., China, Cuba, Germany) So, our freedom to protect ourselves from an out of control Gov’t. or the miscreants that don’t hold to the rule of law should be discarded?. By the way, respect has to be earned, not defacto.

          • The tyrannical govts. you mention are the type the American people would like to avoid being like…The respect you mention that has to be earned is true…there are many different types of respect, for example, by instinct, not prejudice..I don’t like you but out of respect, I do read your writings carefully as I do the others…did you earn that respect? of course not…we used to call it..manners and courtesy…definitely a thing of the past…you see Sir, I, too, am old…but my brain did not fall out of my head automatically when I passed age 65…I have gone my entire life and not publicly criticized a president until now…not because he is black, or ugly, or stupid or uneducated, but because he has, along with people from both parties, done more to destroy this country than any who preceded him and he hasn’t left too many stones unturned…when it comes to money it is sad that he can’t do simple arithmetic…probably was too busy acquiring a law degree…

          • “too busy acquiring a law degree…” too bad we have not seen the proof!!. Look, I am tired of the few, dictating to the many, sponging off of us, telling us how to live, raise our kids, vote, eat. LEAVE ME ALONE, to spend my meager retirement that I have EARNED, without gubment intervention, coercion, ineption. (my word)

      • Smartass! If you were even mentally competent you would realize the constitution does grant us ALL FREEDOM OF SPEECH! You reflect your ignorance by ignoring that FACT. Plus you can take your religionof peace and SHOVE IT!

        • We were talking about our right to bear arms for personal protection from societies liberals AND an oppressive, overstepping gubment!….”so don’t BS me and say sophisticated weapons are guaranteed in the constitution.”…… Stupid is as stupid says.

    • About those single shot forefathers..that’s all the enemy had too…and a big plus for them, they didn’t have Ob for prez and the likes of this present congress leading them…in comparisan, King George looks like a saint..

      • And that is what 99% of the gun toting African Americans (THUGS) carry today to kill with the exception of the recent riots. If I cannot kill with 5 shots I have no right to carry a weapon. Plus the quick change reloader.

    • Then I guess you have never been in an actual firefight to question the use of large capacity magazines. It’s not anything like the movies, when your adrenaline is pumping some people couldn’t hit the ground if they aimed at it. Try asking a cop why they carry extra mags. The only person I know that good with a gun was the warden at Attica. He fired one shot and killed five inmates.

    • It also said nothimg about wheel guns “revolvers”, but that doesn’t make them any less viable of a means for protection. One word, Technology is why we’ve advanced in the firearms production of today. “AR” in AR-15 doesnt stand for assualt rifle, it stands for ARMALITE RIFLE, the countrys first manufacturer of said weaponry, and is not even close to true military grade Assault Weaponry of todays military, it just looks scary, which has nothing to do with its functionality whatsoever. In the case of multiple attackers which has been the case many a time, having to reload an old .38 revolver, takes way more time than being able to defend more than more than one attacker period. And shall not be infringed means just that, which we already know unless you have an FFL, you cant possess an automatic weapon. Just more propaganda fed to people by the radical anti gun zealots, to so to speak, get their foot in the door.

      • David I feel it is a matter of choice and neither of us can be judged more correct than the other. Depends on your motive.

  16. The police are reactive and can usually not prevent crime. Their role is investigative which occurs after the crime is committed and the response time is not good. If people don’t protect themselves, who will?

  17. Statistics show that in areas where gun ownership is high among the “good guys,” much less crime is committed by the “bad guys.” Simply put, the would-be criminal does not want to be hurt or killed. Also, President Obama is so hypocritical about this issue. While he is making a speech supporting “gun control,” he is being protected by “good guys” with guns who will quickly kill anyone who might be a threat to his safety. In addition, if his daughters are in school, their school has “good guys” with guns to protect the students from any and all troublemakers.

  18. Politicians like to see spectacles. That’s why so many are anti-guns. To them the street is one big gladiator arena where they get to disarm you and watch the spectacle begin as they release the animals on you.

    But many of you are fighting back, (alarming them) thus Jade Helm and the releasing of millions of illegal immigrants hoping to overwhelm you in the “arena”.

  19. We do not need the government to take care of us,BECAUSE,if they take care of us like they run the country,wereALL in deep doo-doo.EXAMPLES,barrycare,foreign policy,castration of military,and on,and on.

  20. Well this certainly tells us what we didn’t already know (laughter)! I’ve been carrying concealed for years now, and I honestly feel safer. I’ve properly trained my Sons in the disciplines of “safely and properly” handling firearms from an early age and likewise, they feel the same way. The only objections I see is the “Paid Leftist Media” and leftist (democrat) politicians, who secretly exempt themselves from the foolish and insane laws the try to foist on the rest of us!

  21. What I find most amazing is that 10% don’t even have a clue. I can understand someone that doesn’t like or want guns around them. What I can’t understand is someone that doesn’t even pay enough attention to what is going on to have an opinion…

    Ignorance is curable, stupidity is terminal.

  22. Yes, so that you guys can shoot up more churches like your buddy in SC. Who was apprehended alive, must have been a buddy of the cops. So he can have a long drawn out trial while you guys celebrate him and load up a gofundme account to help him get a good lawyer and a fat commisary. Yay guns!!!

    • What a moronic response!

      • Well, its likely true. You guys are probably going to raise a million buckkks for Mr. Roof. I mean, without the 2nd amendment he wouldn’t have been able to carry out the horrible act that the white men in this thread are probably high giving each other over lunch about.

      • Its true. Sadly, that man is going to go down as a hero to the people in this thread.

        • That man is a hero to no one here. You are a real sicko!

          • I’m the sicko? He was doing white mens bidding! You guys celebrate black deaths at the hands of white men. He said before he opened fire that he wasn’t letting them take over. I mean, isn’t that what you guys talk about all the time? Taking your country back?

  23. “Only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” NRA. Gun free zones only impact law abiding people. Increased disclosure of mental heath information in the gun purchase process would be a good thing.

  24. I believe it’s extremely important Americans are heavy armed for the unknowns that face our nation. I’m not making this statement from a revolutionary view point but for the protection of home and family. If and when there is a collapse on the economy there will be mass hysteria. People without will do everything they can to take what you have even if it requires taking your life and the lifes of your family. Being prepared doesn’t make you a radical over the top prepper it makes you a survivor.

  25. My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!!

  26. Its the thought that Counts, having a gun in the USA gives you the right to kill someone, anyone, anywhere at anytime

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