PolitiFact: It’s “False” That Democrats Never Accepted Trump as President

A few days after the election, Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) made a point about the left’s hypocrisy in wanting our political divisions to simply go away in the wake of Joe Biden’s victory.

“We’re hearing a lot from Democrats that all Americans need to ‘unify,’” Hice tweeted. “If they truly wanted unity, they wouldn’t have spent 4 years refusing to acknowledge Trump’s 2016 victory.”

This is an excellent point, and it’s one that ought to be well-heard and deeply considered by anyone in the Democratic Party and/or the media who is pushing this narrative. You can’t spend four long years ripping Trump as an illegitimate president and then expect everyone to hug and shake hands now that the political tides have turned. It doesn’t work that way.

The moment Trump was elected, leftists were in the streets of New York City chanting “Not My President”.

Immediately, there were articles drawn up about how “faithless electors” could take Trump’s victory away by voting for Hillary Clinton in defiance of their state’s results.

Blue states entered into compacts through which they agreed to base their state’s election results on the nationwide popular vote.

The FBI – urged on by Democrats in Congress – embarked on a long, expensive effort to delegitimize President Trump through an absurd, baseless investigation into his campaign’s associations with Russia.

And then, of course, there was the impeachment – where by Nancy Pelosi decided that Trump needed to be thrown out of office because he mentioned Joe Biden in a phone call with the president of Ukraine.

Even if we put all of that aside, we can use our common sense and see that Hice was speaking rhetorically. He wasn’t literally saying that the Democratic Party refused to acknowledge the fact that Trump was president. He wasn’t suggesting that Democrats have been living in an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is the president. He was merely pointing out the degree of resistance and opposition to this president makes it very hard to take their calls for “unity” seriously right now. We’re pretty sure that even a smarter-than-average goat would be able to understand this.

But PolitiFact doesn’t hire goats to write for them, they hire Trump-deranged liberals.

“While there were some dissident voices that questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election, top Democrats acknowledged Trump’s win and referred to him as the president-elect less than a day after election results became clear. Those leaders included Clinton, Obama, Democratic leaders in Congress and the DNC,” they wrote. “Hice goes too far in his claim that Democrats spent four years refusing to acknowledge Trump’s victory, and provides no evidence for it. We rate this claim False.”

Once again, we have PolitiFact answering questions (wrongly) that no one actually asked. With this fact-check (and many others), they are slowly morphing from a biased liberal outlet into an absurd parody of themselves. And yet, they’re still taken seriously – which shows you how twisted our political/media landscape has become.

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