Politico: Democrats to Get “Ruthless” After Kavanaugh Defeat

Apparently Democrats think that the reason they keep losing to Republicans has something to do with the amount of effort they’re putting into the fight. They don’t think that they went FAR ENOUGH in trying to derail the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. That’s the takeaway from a new Politico article which says that many Democrats believe that they have to fight fire with fire if they’re ever going to get power back from Trump and the Republicans in Washington.

“They are more ruthless,” Hillary Clinton’s former campaign aide Jennifer Palmieri told the site. “And I don’t want to be like them. … The answer can’t be for Democrats to be just as cynical.”

Fascinating. How it could be possible for an aide to the Clintons to think that Republicans are the ruthless ones…it boggles the mind. How could any Democrat, after the circus we just witnessed in these confirmation hearings, think that it’s the Republicans who are the cynical ones? They just trashed this man’s reputation up one side and down the other – based on what? A couple of unsubstantiated sexual misconduct accusations from nearly FOUR DECADES AGO, a bunch of nonsense from a kid’s high school yearbook, and some whiny complaints about the man’s tone in front of the Senate! But no, sure, Republicans are the ruthless ones.

But if Democrats didn’t have such a high-minded opinion of themselves, they wouldn’t be Democrats. Just listen to the way Matt Bennett, “a thought leader with the centrist group Third Way,” describes the difference between the parties to Politico.

“Republicans are anti-government, so taking steps that attack or undermine governmental institutions come naturally to them, or at least to their more pugnacious leaders,” said Bennett. “By contrast, Democrats believe in governing, and we are constitutionally incapable of trashing those institutions for political purposes. Democrats could never have sustained a precedent-shattering, yearlong filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee. It’s such a violation of norms that our senators, to their credit, just would not have had the stomach to do it.”

Too funny.

If the Democrats are struggling to put a win under their belts on Capitol Hill, maybe it’s more because they’re listening to “thought leaders” like that guy and less because they won’t get in the mud and fight dirty. Because for any party that has elected politicians actively calling on supporters to attack, harass, and doxx Republicans to believe that it holds the moral high ground is a clear sign of mental instability.

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