Police Track Down People Who Made “Offensive” Facebook Comments About Islam

Woe be unto free speech in Britain…or anywhere else where liberals think that it is of more benefit to society that Muslims be protected from criticism than that we have a free exchange of ideas in our political debates. According to ChronicleLive and Breitbart News, police in Northumbria, Britain are in the middle on an investigation that has them tracking down social media users who made “offensive” comments about Muslims on the internet. This is of course one of the greatest sins you can commit in a tolerant, open society like Europe, and police aren’t playing around when it comes to punishing those responsible for these “potentially criminal” posts.

The investigation opened when police found comments on their Facebook page in response to article chronicling the recent Operation Shelter scandal. This scandal involved Muslim men from Newcastle grooming young white British girls for sex slavery, and it attracted the kind of less-than-tolerant comments you might expect. After someone complained about the comments – some of which (the horror!) noted the race and religion of the 18 men convicted of the crimes – police began tracking down the people responsible for the posts.

“As a result of a complaint, we can confirm we looked into a number of comments posted on the force’s Facebook page,” said a spokesperson for the police. “Following an investigation, which has now concluded, we spoke to two males as voluntary attenders and visited a further four people in their homes, and provided them with words of advice. All expressed their remorse and stated that the intention of their comments was not to cause concern or to be offensive and have acknowledged the words of advice provided.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people using social media that they should do so responsibly and ensure they do not post anything which could be considered offensive,” the spokesperson concluded.

While we’re encouraged by the fact that Northumbria police did not actually arrest and charge any of the commenters with a crime, the fact that they would even devote resources to this nonsense is a huge step in the wrong direction. Far be it from us to tell British authorities how to run their country, but if you can’t make some basic observations about the nature of Islam when Muslims are selling young British girls into sexual slavery…well, something is a little off-kilter, don’t ya think?

Thanks to the First Amendment, we don’t have to worry about this sort of thought policing coming to our shores, but you’d better damn believe the left would bring it here if they could.

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  1. The Left would have us release the rapists, and jail those that make offensive comments….

    Upside down, inside out. Welcome to the new Communism.

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          • I have no clue… I have never clicked their links. I can only imagine what kind of diseases one might get from one little click….

          • Ha ha. That’s good MAHB001. The photos are of young girls who do not in the least look like educated, successful businesswomen. I’ve never followed up on one either. To me, they are totally out of place on this site. I’ve wondered too that if commercial ads are allowed, why do we not see brand names posted like: Hershey’s, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Cadillac, Planters, Caterpillar, John Deere for examples.

          • Most websites have rules about posting advertisements and the posts above definitely break those rules.

            I quite often walk a fine line between promoting my website and posting to contribute to the conversation. I try to not post out of context by simply spamming a site. But all too often I am posting on articles that pertain to MEDIA corruption, and that is my thing…

            Each site has a different toleration level.

          • Don’t think anyone is worried about your website – have you got 100 signees yet and your Facebook to the same thing only represents 0.001% of the population. Who cares about that, it’s just amusing.

          • OK. Thanks.

          • Marshmellowbrain69-

            Are you so dumb that you are not aware of what these “ads” are?

    • Unfortunately, communism is NOT new! But UK is on the verge of total intellectual and cultural collapse!

      • And how many of our men died over there in WW2? For what?

        • I thought the same thing Rob, and guess who they’ll come crying to when they’ve lost all control of them, and that will be very soon IMO. Good luck UK, I won’t let my son or daughter help you fight them, or your stupidity.

      • The attack has been worldwide, UK, US, while we slept, the Communists plotted.

        It is sad that the Communists found a way to repeat History.. They have changed it so that people just don’t remember their failures.

    • Look what they did to Michael Flynn, a general who serve this country and look they want the tranny traitor convicted manning for us senator

  2. Thank God we had the US revolution. This heavy handed doo-doo was probably happening at the time.

  3. The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim. Now, that comment gets me bounced out of fuckbook, I mean facebook, regularly. Knowing Mark Fuckerberg, I mean Zuckerberg is a flaming liberal.

    • I have never been on “facebook” and never will be on that piece of crap site. It is well known that the DEEP STATE “government” uses it to keep track of everyone using it, because the damn fools are posting their whole LIVES on it. Also, on another topic, but the same idea, I have read that these fools that are sending their DNA to find out where they came from, is going to find out that the “government” is ALSO taking those “results” and building a DNA “database”. That way, they don’t have to get a court order to GET your DNA because if you did what I stated above, they ALREADY HAVE IT…. BIG BROTHER?? You bet your BUTT!

    • F-in sandniggers! Now track that down Fuckerberg.

      • LOL..my thought, exactly!! Hell, I get kicked off fuckbook without going on now!

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          • LMAO….Great post!! That’ll definitely get ya kicked off. Thank you for the laugh!!!

          • getting kicked off Facebook is something to aspire to.
            They oughtta change the name to Buttbook.

          • Change the name to f’nbook.

          • Those responsible for “kicking people off” have the mentality of a “Church Lady” as portrayed by Dana Carvey.


          • Yep. granny there are a lot of “entertainers” ? who aspire to getting into politics. Note that buffoon Al Franklin. Now we hear Oprah Winfrey might be a candidate for 2020. YUK. Only a VERY SMALL percentage of the “Hollywood” crowd even begin to qualify as candidates. Very few reach the personal quality level as did Ronald Reagan. To me business persons with solid, successful track records running businesses are the best candidates for the Presidency as well as for the Congress along with some, not all, lawyers. Reserve the lawyers for the courts. This great nation does not need another Presidential candidate with a zero accomplishment record whose only claim to anything is having been a “community organizer”, whatever that means. During eight years he became a national disaster organizer with his anti-America orientation.

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          • Let me see if I got this right. Muslims practice discrimination against women and form of slavery. They cut their (girls)genitals. Of course hate pigs for what reason I do not know, (it is one of GODS creatures who they profess to pray too) Want to kill and destroy anyone and anything that does not fit their way of thinking. THEN COME TO THE UNITED STATES WHO IS HAPPY WITH WHAT WE ARE AND TRY TO CHANGE US. HEY they screwed up their own country and refuse to fix it so they come here and try to change our way of life I THINK NOT. We got off our back sides and made this country not to let low life’s come in and take it for free

          • You’re talking about about 50 thousand out of a billion people, and their targets are mostly other Muslims. Mathematically, that makes your generalizations pretty lame—crazy, even. Furthermore, Western Christians discriminate against women, and we commonly circumcise our boys, so don’t get all liberal about women’s rights and genital mutilation. You don’t mean it, anyway.

            They pray to the same Old Testament god that you do, and they have much the same food restrictions as Jews such as Jesus Christ.

            And what on earth makes you think they’re trying to change our way of life? Our way of life is what they come here for. Even with loons like you hooting and farting and chanting in the Echo Chamber and occasionally creeping out of your holes complete with swastika armbands, the United States is generally a good place to live.

            I know some dozen Muslims pretty well, and none of them is anything like you imagine. Your comments, while offensive, are no reflection on them, but you do identify yourself as the lowlife in the room.

          • You are woefully ignorant of both islam and Christianity. Perhaps you would do well to actually READ the qur’an before making such ignorant statements.

            One thing, however, is that they definitely DO NOT pray to the same god as Christians and Jews and you would know that if you kenw anything about islam. Did your moslem friends inform you of that? Then they have deliberately lied to you for a reason.

          • @@ezra!!
            i did try to read the coran,but after few pages i did stop,why? i starting to vomit. THIS IS A BOOK OF PEACE????you can not believe me?? READ THIS:8=60,4=56,47=4,4=89,4=1,3=195,9=5,4=34,2=191/193/190,9=29,8=12,47=4( THE FIRST NR. IS A SHURA and secound a verset.) this “”book”‘instigate to crime

          • What a tall tale you tell! All you know about the Quran is from carefully picked passages to help you hate your neighbor in a most un-Christian way.

          • Muslims pray to there moon god.

          • You are correct. And a black rock that fell from the sky. Pagans all.


          • That a good one and you ‘ll right about that.

          • What a shitty Christian you are, Granny! Jesus is pretty pissed off.

          • No, they didn’t. It’s your fake Chrisyian friends who have lied to you to make you a better fake Christian yourself. Now demonstrate what a great theologian you are and tell me, which God spoke to Abraham?

          • Your question makes no sense (like you lol). There is only ONE God whose name is Yahua. It is not anyone called allah, a pagan deity springing from Babylonian roots.

            BTW, I have read the qur’an more than a few times. It is inconsistent and contradictory, written by a madman of ill repute.

          • Not only are you completly ignorant of the islamic faith,you my friend reside in a whole other dimension of ignorance.
            Neither Judism, Christianity or Islam share the same God. Yes there are indeed similarities, however similarities do not in any shape form or manner equal the very same.
            Islam is far more evil then is Christainity or Judaism. Yes Judaism is a form of racist bigotry. But not nearly to the depth of Islam.
            Further more The Quran is little more then a twisted,perverted plagiarized version of both the New, Old versions of rhe bible including the 1st 5 BOOKS thay are the TORAH.

          • The Quran is nothing more then the book of death for people that are not muslim and all muslims are nothing more then murders.

          • Not the same God? Tell me then, genius, which God spoke to Abraham?

            The Quoran isn’t plagiarized at all. Mohammed credited the word of God, same as you. One interesting thing about the Bible and the Quoran and why they still seem relevant is that you can cherry-pick your way through them as either friend or foe and find support for almost anything—loving your neighbor, stoning your neighbor, smiting or forgiving. They are like horoscopes. You can make them say anything you want. You and yours hate Muslims, so you go through finding fault with their religion. I know this because I know Muslims—lots of them—and you plainly come from prejudice alone and no such experience. In short, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            And if you were an actual student of history, you’d be a lot more humble when it comes to accusing other religions of excessive violence. The history of Christianity is by far more violent than that of Islam. When you can explain the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the conquest of the Americas, then you may question the Muslims.

          • Well said Peatro. Thank you. Amen.

          • That’s your opinion and it’s idiotic as per usual. Yahweh is God is Allah. Abrahamic religions – facts!
            The Quran does not advocate violence except in defense – nutters do! They can be any religion. No conquest in name of Allah – Moors and Ottomans were both secular societies.
            Your history remains amusing!

          • First discrimination of women. Lets see what other religion requires the women to cover their whole bodies in some kind of garb? What other religion dictates that women cannot communicate with other men who is not a husband or relative? What other religion dictates the women not have education or drive? What other religion says women cannot go out alone and if they do they are subject to beatings? What other religion says death to those who do not worship like they do. What other religion kills gays? Shall I go on.

            As too wanting about the same as our culture get real. There are already communities the restrict no Muslims to even passing through much less law enforcement. Muslims are trying to dictate sharia law into our rule of law. Yea sure they want what we want. At the turn of the last century those who migrated to American preached on thing. AMERICA IS MY NEW HOME AND WILL ABIDE BY ITS RULES. Have you seen that lately by Muslims. How about the military Muslim that killed fellow soldiers and got away with it.
            Think not sir. they need to either go or abide by our rules good or bad. So who is the lowlife. What have you done for our country? I am sure you are a leftist liberal snowflake leaning socialist communist dumocrat.


          • I stand corrected how true. Seems that is what the democrats want in this country they think they know more than anyone else

          • Democrats for the most part are either uneducated or they got some schooling and turned out to be misfits in society so either way they
            think a government that takes care of their needs is the solution to their inability to adjust to reality of living. Just notice what they support and vote for. Their candidate with a record of zero accomplishments gave the US the highest debt in all of its life since 1789. He opened the border doors for free entrance of the most vile vermin the planet has ever known. We now have a social plague introduced by the presence of the rats he let in. Eight years of absolute anti-America traitor activity. And we have people who support that.

          • Most Americans are nothing more then communist and will vote for anyone that will support them with welfare,foodstamps and free medical.

          • Amen to that boone. That’s why we’ve been witnessing the dumbing down of pupils. Keep them ignorant of reality and they’ll vote for anyone who promises them free candy of all sorts. We saw a lot of them throwing tantrums November 2016 when they didn’t get their Hillary candy. They sat in the streets and howled at the sky.

          • Jim Dandy, hmmm. I was always told that a “Jim dandy” was someone who had been circumsized with pinking shears!! Right??? Wake up, Jim boy!!! You can’t be that stupid unless you’re socialist/Demoncrap/ communist/ liberal/etc,etc&etc!!!

          • Hell Jim Dandy is al of the above.

          • AMEN TO THAT……….

          • YOU lying POS MUSLOM LOVER and a whore for your muslims. Like I said the only good muslim is a dead muslim and that goes for you as well shit for brains.


          • Robert Dostoevsky

            What country are you talking about being screwed up?



          • We need to ship muslims back to the shithole country they came from NOW.

          • Norman it takes really stupid idiots to admit undesirables to any nation then give those vermin handouts paid for by law-abiding, civilized working citizens. We have liberal politicians who are looking for a new form of government in which they strive to occupy seats in a politburo-presidium governing body dictating the lives of people they’ve never met hundreds or thousands of miles away with whom they will never relate. They want: of the rulers, by the rulers and for the rulers–to heck with the people. It’s called communism and has proved to NOT WORK to promote any good for humanity. Otherwise let facts be submitted to a candid world.

          • I totally agree. Too many sissy dumb asses in government who do not have a clue what it takes to make AMERICA GREAT. Who the hell voted for them in the first place? Wonder what kind of nose ring they wear a pig ring or bull ring they are all lead to slaughter

          • Who voted for democrat’s it was low info voters and useful Idiots for the democrat/communist liberals that’s who keeps these POS in office need I say anymore.

          • Those who supported Barack Obama in the Congress and at the polls are useful idiot pigs wearing lipstick.

          • Seems some leftist liberal,snowflake got his nose bent out of shape. See how easy it is to lead the left by the nose?

          • It’s the bad smell in here of fake patriots and fake Christians and knuckleheads who give American white people a bad rep.


          • Great wisdom granny. However, some of us are not under the liberal cloud of stupidity. We prefer the sunshine of reality and civility by those who contribute and who do not demand handouts.

          • It’s assholes like you that give white people a bad name now STFU asswipe.

          • Thanks Norman. I blocked JD months ago but I have fun reading replies to him. It’s not hard to figure out what he posted. Thanks for the humor. Please keep it up.

          • You are welcome he needs a mental institution but fun to get his goat

          • You and some others are playing him like a fiddle. He has no idea.

          • The only lowlife piece of shit here is you jim pandy dandy.


          • Then you are a lowlife liberal communist POS.

          • Too you like my mom would say you talk out of both sides of your mouth

          • Hay loser nothing to say

          • well still quite keyboard loser

          • Don’t you just love these bafoons who think they have a grip and knowledge of the Dictionary. First what Indians are you talking about. American or India. They I am sure assuming,(making as ass out of you and me) American Indians. Second again they assume coon only refers to Negro slang Well idiots coon refers to many things. COON DOG,(a bred of dog use for hunting raccoons) COON HUNTING, NOT JUST YOUR ASSUMING. Damn wish they would go back and start real education again instead of the bull fecal matter taught to day

          • How about just plane NIGGER.

          • In the 1940s and 50s dictionaries gave the definition of the “N” word as “a base person”. That definition fit anyone who was uncivilized regardless of “color” or ethnic background. Then those dictionaries noted the same word to be a slang term referring to someone of African ancestry. Today the “N” word can be used to designate anyone who commits criminal acts and/or who exhibits any uncivil behavior. Every day I see “Ns” of all colors who should not be allowed to have a Driver License. I’m sure everyone reading this knows well what I mean.

          • You do have your white niggers as well.

          • Correct boone1 and that is what I said above. The “N” word is the label for ANYONE who exhibits antisocial or stupid behavior. A lot of them don’t know what a turn signal is for or the difference between HIGH BEAM and Low Beam headlights…they are too busy texting or jawjacking on their cell phones. Incidentally, off subject, it appears auto manufacturers hired poor sighted people to adopt these new blinding headlights for cars and trucks. If such high intensity light is needed for a driver to see the road then the driver should not be allowed a driver license. In short: LET’S OUTLAW THESE NEW BLINDING HEADLIGHTS.


          • It’s soooooo true!!

      • He’s soooooooooo anti jew,, they want let him in temple..

      • Yeah the only go muslim is a dead muslim like the queer muslim Obama.

    • There are no good Muslims. There are only two types. 1. Those that are dead. 2. Those that should be.

    • Of course, your saying it is no reflection on Muslims, but only on your own stupidity. You white Christians are some stupid motherfuckers. Fortunately, there are enough decent white Christians that I wouldn’t say the only good one is a dead one, nor would I be so unoriginal. I will say that you are too goddamn stupid to live, and guess what. You’re going to die soon enough, and all that will be left is a few column inches of you being mean, silly, and dead wrong.

    • Good – your comment is moronic. 99% of Muslims are fine, 1% of the world has idiotic views – extreme Muslim/Christian or whatever.
      Currently the most productive terrorists are the Lord’s Resistance Army – they’re Christians. Funny as!

      • You and your stupid comments, you love yo muslims don’t you, maybe they’ll have your head on a fence post! Funny as!!

        • Facts suck huh? And that’s all I got. Never refuted!

        • Well been all over the Middle East and other Muslim countries – still alive and did a good bit of hitch-hiking when not on local transport. Seems your concerns are stupid like most of your comments.

          • You must be one of the gutter rats then, or claim to be from he$$ !

          • No, just had a desperate desire to see the world. It’s a wonderful place.

          • And it would be a more wonderful place without those who follow the evil qur’an.

          • Quran is not evil, just a few idiots who subvert it, some folk do the same with the Bible – obviously you are forgetting to forgive and love thy neighbour. Nice!

          • It is evil because it is inspired by satan. The religion part is based on ancient Babylonian pagan gods & goddesses. Perhaps if you get out and read more you too might be educated. Satanic practices by ‘my neighbor’ are not forgivable without their repentance and asking – THEN they can be forgiven by Jesus Christ.

          • Yahweh is God is Allah – disprove. All are Satanic then? Same tree, different branch. All made up!

          • Ok, remain ignorant by accepting what they have told you.

          • No one has told me anything – I can read and no tomb suggests you are correct. Nice deflection, no cigar!

          • Yep, you are all alike – stay the same and enter into your eternal destruction. Continue to believe as you will (you make yourself your own god and thus blaspheme the Holy Ghost – a scarey proposition).

          • Dead I suspect is dead. If it is all real then God is judge and being a reasonable citizen is what will allow you in. Hate of another’s religion would seem to make you a failure. Peace and forgiveness, love thy neighbor.
            Always funny to see how un-Christian supposed true Christians are.

          • An interesting comment worthy of response.
            First, you only suspect dead is dead. Well, I know otherwise and it is far better to know a fact than suspect or surmise. Fact is that ANYONE can know – if they open their closed minds that is.

            Second, God is indeed the Supreme Judge and He has laid out the requirements. Take on Jesus Christ as the price of your admission into eternal life (I’ll leave the details for another discussion.) Nothing else is required and as we say in the math world JC is sufficient AND necessary to the exclusion of all else.

            Third, it is always a righteous and just position to hate and eschew evil in all its forms. One such is the false religion of islam which has led billions of souls to eternal destruction and perhaps no hope of salvation (people who have never heard of Yeshua MAY have some chance but it is not a sure thing.) Now it would be a harder thing to do IF islam actually believed in and practiced peace and forgiveness, alas they prefer beheading infidels than to live with them.

            Finally, your last sentence is internally inconsistent and makes no sense.

          • Agnostic, no proof. Don’t believe in ghosts or aliens either.
            No proof of Supreme Judge, not too worried. I don’t hate like you.
            As Muhammad and Jesus, at best, prophets espousing about same God if one false both false.
            Islam does not condone violence except in defence – seems quite reasonable.
            A Christian was supposed to forgive and love they neighbour – you emit hate as much as ISIS. Do you have a moral high ground? No!

          • Oh my, so many falsehoods it’s difficult to know where to begin.

            But a question first: do you hate evil? If so by your last muted definition then you are a hater. A Christian hates evil and tries to save people from being destroyed by it – sort of like AAA bringing the remedy to crash victims.

            No such a hung as an agnostic (a cheap position of the weak-minded) which is like a a two-way light switch being effective in the middle position being neither on or off. Usually it means “off”.

            Ghosts or aliens? Wells there are lots of aliens amongst us mostly from across our southern border, lol.

            But the meal high ground is occupied by Jews and Christians who have a personal relationship with the Creator. BTW, I mentioned THE existential question but you chose to follow inanities rather than important ideas. I do not hate people but I do hate satanic religions that destroy the lives of people – women abusers, beheaders, human burners, all the purvey of the moslem religion brought about the worshippers of mohammed. You are one the wrong side of history.

          • Don’t hate evil, find it a bit silly.
            No one owns any high ground, least of all Christians. Crusades?
            Extremists any religion are awful, no one has monopoly. Crusades!
            You have belief, little fact. I have facts little belief – seems quite reasonable.
            If it is all real suspect least happy with believers – all of those wars in his name. Christians started that – Crusades!

          • You are misinformed about who started the Crusades. As I said before you need to learn your history before making silly comments.

            And I find it abhorrent that you are willing to tolerate evil as just silliness – the nazis exterminated 16 millions but that was an evil to be tolerated and not hated; Mao, Stalin, PolPot: 500 millions, but never mind, just evil to be tolerated as silliness.

            I have reason (backed by faith that bolsters reason) but you have faith without reason that you base suspicions on. I’ll take scientific reason and faith any day of the week.

          • Crusades were at the behest of the Pope, who Kings and Queens would have deferred to at the time. If you believe that to be in-correct then I’d appreciate a reference. My wife did history at Oxford – we have a lot of books, they all back me up.
            Hitler was a job to be done. Mao’s problems were famine and information. Stalin – not nice, ditto Pol Pot. “Hate” still seems silly.
            You only have faith – science eludes you.

          • And who conquered Jerusalem to precipitate the Crusades?

            The others are hateful tyrants who deserve no excuses on their behalf.

          • Whilst the leader may have been a Muslim the power that he had was secular – a political entity, not a religious one. Duh! the region was a mixture of Muslim, Jew and Christian who fought collectively to defend against the Pope’s invading religious zealots! Duh!

          • PS There’s no moral high ground here. The US has funded despots and dictators for decades and turned a blind eye to their atrocities. What is worse?

          • Stop changing the subject.

          • No change, no moral high ground. Big picture. Duh!

        • You’re supposed to love them, too, if you’re a Christian. You Christians talk a good game in church, but once outside you tell Jesus to fuck off so you can rant like a spoiled child about people you don’t know. If I had to pick whether I could only hang with Christians or with Muslims, I’d pick Muslims. I’ve known many Muslims over the years and never met one who is as sorry a wretch as you, you hateful fuck.

          • Fine, hope your head is on the other fence post next to headjob!!

          • We do love their souls and pray that God, through Jesus Christ, will save them from their eternal destruction through this satanic religion. But we witness and if our witness is rejected we are to ‘shake the (ir) dust off our feet’ and take our witness elsewhere.

            I’m afraid you are worse than what you called Rodney. But do continue to ‘hang’ with moslems but don’t whine when they turn on you and hang, or behead you (since you will never be one of them).

      • Barbara Streisand – why don’t you try reading the qur’an and then try to peddle your crap on here.

        • The Quran is no more evil than the Bible – of course if you cherry-pick a few lines you can make either awful.
          Please get out more.

          • Barbara Streisand (that is idiom for BS). Cherry picking? Do you really mean to mouth such an inanity when it has been shown otherwise? Do you need a few examples? I suppose you are not interested.

          • If you’re going to send some examples I suggest you read the whole chapter and verse as well – usually destroys your argument. But, please send away – nothing has been “shown”, that is not also found in the Bible. In fact I think technically the latter has more drivel.
            The Bible advocates the death penalty for blasphemy, disobeying one’s parents, adultery, not being a virgin on your wedding night (girls only) and witchcraft. Nice!
            Obviously there are considerably similarities as both are Abrahamic religions – Yahweh is God is Allah. And, all of it is made up by better salesmen than you or I.

          • It’s as I said: you do not know the Bible (and I suspect you don’t know the qur’an either).

            “The Bible advocates the death penalty for blasphemy, disobeying one’s parents, adultery, not being a virgin on your wedding night (girls only) and witchcraft. Nice!”

            Actually, it does not. You refer to OT Levitical laws no longer in force. Jesus Christ fulfilled all the old law and nullified the ‘historical’ requirements to be Jewish. (Even the Jews no longer follow those laws! The ONLY blasphemy to be punished is after death and it is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Should I be shocked you didn’t know these simple biblical facts?

            “Obviously there are considerably similarities as both are Abrahamic religions – Yahweh is God is Allah.”

            Wrong again. Allah is a derivative of the pantheon of Babylonian demigods and goddesses. There is no connection at all to the Patriarch Abraham EXCEPT that Ishmael is the progenitor of the Arabic peoples, hence the false claim by islamists.

            You are a poor salesman for your arguments, lol.

          • Immaterial which testament – by the same rule the Quran. Jesus advocated the Torah and Christianity didn’t start until well after his death – he was merely an evangelical Jew.
            Allah is Arabic for God and same tree – Ishmael. Muhammad merely an evangelical Jew too.
            Equally, all are considered of the same basic book.
            If you can reference your drivel from a reputable source then I’ll apologize – otherwise; ha, ha, ha! I’m right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t bother with conspiracy sites or the apologist ones – historical or encyclopedia will do. Good luck!

          • Goodness you did get a fact straight: Jesus indeed was a Jew. But he preached a new Gospel. What do you not understand about that fact?

          • No, he merely advocated living by the rules already set. Christianity wasn’t started until long after his death – the NT wasn’t written until well after, some by over a hundred years. Son of God my backside – Mary merely put out before marriage. Concoctions!

          • He did no such thing. He preached “You must be born again.” He preached that following man-made rules was insufficient to gain eternal life. (See, I correctly observed that you do not know your Bible – but I also understand why that is so.)

            Mary was indeed “married” – she was espoused to Joseph. If you knew your Jewish marriage customs you would know the meaning of that relationship. Another failure on your part – really now, do you enjoy displaying publicly your ignorance in these matters? The Holy Ghost ‘fathered’ Yeshua – this 1/2 genetically divine and 1/2 genetically human being the result in Yeshua Hamashiach.

            The point historically about Christianity is irrelevant. The history reveals the followers of Christ were first CALLED Christians at Antioch, but they followed Him for 3 years while he ministered on earth. So I do not see your point on this diversion.

          • Born again as people had lost their way, same God. Nothing new. Bit like today’s evangelicals.
            Mary and Joseph at the time of conception were betrothed – no, she was a goer. Biology!
            Jesus condoned the Torah, that is what he endorsing. Son of God was made up much later.

          • Wrong yet again. Since you do not know THE EXISTENTIAL question (which is asked and answered) in Job chap. 14). Until you understand that and it’s answer you can never adequately discuss God’s Holy Word, but will continually flap your gums spouting words you do not understand.

            Oh, and do not forget Yeshua DID identify himself as God in the flesh. I suppose you think God is a liar?

          • Work of fiction – is Harry Potter real? My kids will want to go to Hogwarts.

          • Harry is a real piece of fiction. But why do you fake a move in that direction?

          • No move, Bible fiction, Harry fiction – better story though. No proof God exists, Jesus may have been real but merely a preacher born out of wedlock.


    • Thought everyone knew he was. Sorry you got kicked off. If the Liberal Lying Democrats have their way, we will no longer have free speech. They are only for what they believe in and nothing else. That is the new liberal tolerance that they all say they have, but don’t. What gets me is that BLM can scream to kill cops, Black Panters can scream for all crackers and their cracker babies need to be killed, Oprah can say that older white people need to be killed, ETC.. but none of that is called out as hate speech even though the BLM caused REAL Deaths of our officers.

    • I think being an obnoxious git would get you bounced out of many areas – well done. Dummy!

  4. Never say “it can’t happen here”. Oh yes it can, and if things keep going like they are going, we will be spelling America as AmeriKa real soon.

    • Lawrence S. Burgess

      So true

      • Sad to watch the greatest nation the world has ever seen fall into ruin. But we’ve done it to ourselves. We’ve gotten “fat and happy” and we don’t “ride herd” on the people that run for office. Abraham Lincoln was right when he said that America could only be destroyed “from within”. Islam is doing exactly that!

    • Not as long as Trump is in office.

      • Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I always said that Ronald Reagan put the brakes on our moral slide. Hope that Trump can do the same.

        • I tell you those reporters were trying really hard to find something wrong with Trump’s health this evening. The Doctor from Walter Reed Army Hospital gave the report that he is in great health and nothing is wrong with his mind. Trying to get him to eat healthier and a little exercise. They kept asking if he has dementia, no sign of any per the Doctor who sees him many times during the day and they talk. His office is close by. I loved it!

          • I would like to see the Democrat/ Progressives and the MSM have a Mental exam? It would be embarrassing for them!

          • Talk about an expose’

          • Yeah, Dickie Durbin,I don’t have room to name all the Demorats, Linddie Graham, John McCain to name a few on both sides.

          • those idiots need term limits

          • I’ve never seen a more sick and deranged individual than pervert Bathhouse Barry Odamnit.

          • Well, they’ve tried every other possible way to get rid of Trump. Do they think the people who voted for him and support him will just roll over?

          • You know I hear some that voted for him say they are turned off by his language/embarrassed. I tell them I do not care how he say’s something as long as he is turning this country around. He has added a Conservative SCOTUS and more Conservative Circuit Court Judges than the last 4 Presidents in his 1st year of serving. I think as long as things keep improving he will gain more people, at least I hope so! We also need to keep speaking out about the “Deep State” to keep them in check and harassing our Representatives to do what we want.

          • Well, I’m with you on the comment about his language. We knew going in that he was not a schmoozer and politician with several faces. I don’t have virginal ears so I’m not turned off by the way he says things. I just want him to stay in the tre4nches and keep trying to make the changes we need to be made in this country. He is gaining more people, you will just not hear about it. There will never be a positive word spoken or written about him in the MSM.

          • they will have to when he wins the next elecrion

          • I think it will take the Dems that long to try and hang something on him … if they can do it at all. Those idiots just don’t see that the more they rag on him the more popular he becomes!

    • Look in Michigan!

      • I know Allen. I live there.

        • Sorry but then you’re very aware of the situation and the one the Liberals are calling “Obama2”.

          • Yes, I don’t know his name offhand, but he is a 32-year-old doctor that they want to get elected as Governor. THAT will be his “stepping stone”, much like Obama used the Senate as his. Same M.O.: handsome, good looking, well spoken and will be able to woo everybody like an old fashioned Svengali.

          • I’ve read about him and I sure hope that people are wise to this “game’ this time. We certainly don’t need another “Obama”.

      • Dearborn is a mess nowdays. Used to be a nice area

        • That’s what they do best! Take a once nice and/or beautiful area (take a close look at Paris and you’ll see what I mean) and turn it into the dump that they escaped from.

        • do you live there?

          • I used to drive semi thru there all the time, it got to the point I would detour around it because it had gotten so bad. I was used to bad neighborhoods but when rocks, bottles, and bullets start coming towards the truck its time to change your route. Any other questions?

    • And no guns, the anti-gun idiots work around the clock to hell the socialist take them, but you’re right, never say never!

  5. They need to track down the vermin who murdered Scalia.

  6. Ya gotta wonder why the police are chasing these people instead of the Muslims training the girls for sex slavery. Where the h*ll are the feminist groups who should be protesting the exploitation of the women? British parents/brothers, you need to protect you daughters/sisters by whatever means necessary. .

  7. muslims are shit holes.

  8. It’s all coming from Obama left-overs and other demented libtards.

    • Too many civilized people were asleep when that mongrel Indonesian foreign student said, “Change is coming”. Then we had to put up with eight years of a pseudo-Presidency thanks to the socialists/communists among us who never learned dangers in the lessons of history…did they ever go to school?

  9. America not far behind people if we continue to let these animals onto our shores. When will people learn? Islam is cancer on planet earth. Winston Churchill warned us against muslims and Islam…you know, Churchill, the guy who also warned us early on about Hitler? Well, I’m listening, are you? http://totallyright.us/home/2017/11/1/more-proof-islam-is-cancer-on-earth

  10. Muslim swine molest children, apparently that’s what Democrats agree with.

  11. Another indication that face book has turned, it’s doing things that are illegal and frankly this should be protected by the first amendment. Muslims should all be deported, there is no exception they will not assimilate into our culture and that is the truth. The only Muslim I would ever trust is a Muslim who will sit down and eat a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with me….just kidding.

    • They are lucky I’m not in charge, their asses would be gone so fast you wouldn’t believe it. And if they or the idiots on the left get mad, tough shit. I can’t for the life of me understand the thinking on the left. Why would you want to flood our country with immigrants? That’s complete liberal, leftest, democrat, Stupidity! Do they even have a brain? F–k a dumb ass democrat!

    • just don’t tell him the bacon is in the sandwich untill he eats it all

  12. The Christian Bible does not have nice things to say about Muslims who emerged out of the bottomless pit like a swarm of locusts destined to destroy the environment, societies, and ultimately each other. Thank God academics have discovered a built-in biological mechanism it is felt will eventually cause them to self-destruct because they do not have what it takes to survive because of their genetic code. The Internet refers to it as ‘kundalini rising’. Yes, such a thing is on google; over 3,500,000 are trying to figure out what is happening their bodies. Their problem is worth further scientific study.

    • Yea, hopefully they will be all gone soon. Nothing but a sea of empty towels!

    • For an interesting prophecy check out Zechariah 14:12.

      • Yes indeed. That is the passage researchers theorized refers to cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion—a fire that burns the body to a crisp from the inside out, but does not set fire to the surroundings. They theorize that kundalini energy may be what sets this process in motion. God does say: “You will be able to walk upon the ashes of your/His enemies”. The best way to do this would be if they burned in such a way as to not also destroy the surroundings. He also says in Genesis: “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof”. One cannot have a “full earth” if it is all going to burn up. It seems more logical for Him to get rid of the undesirable human organisms that reject Him the ‘kundalini way’. I do not think I would like to fool around with kundalini power like the non-Christian believing Yoga people do.

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/92f67909a1cab128d6f3bc64221822802bb17ab729463877817c63bd86a387a3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b32be4d0220dd391b5af11d61e74b93f0f5449855db340c95181da195bd95f9a.jpg

        • Thanks for your interesting post. The “End Time” things are among those I leave up to our Creator. He has revealed some things to us but not ALL. Considering the hate and associated evil going on of late I cannot reject the idea that the “End Time” is very close. I am
          anxiously awaiting its fulfillment and my own “Translation”.

          • When God made His Covenant with Abraham, He appointed Abraham’s son Isaac as ‘the child of promise’. Abraham’s other sons from another wife after Sarah died, Keturah, were given GIFTS and sent ‘to the east’ in order to protect the inheritance of Isaac, the progenitor of the Anglo Saxon (Isaacsons?) race. Historians believe that the kundalini process and the mystery knowledge thereof, was a factor known by civilizations prior to the Old Testament days and that God did not want Isaac, and those that came through him to populate the earth, to know anything about it so as to avoid making a god out of it. In one sense kundalini is a ‘gift’; in another sense it is a ‘curse’. It is believed that those who have been following the Jesus message throughout the generations need not ever fear any ravages of a ‘kundalini rising’. Oh, they may feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable at times and may even hit the process called: ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ (judgement day?), but they will overcome as that ‘judgement’ will be a personal matter between the individual and his Maker to be resolved onto forgiveness, and is not anyone else’s business. It is my personal belief that those of the Eastern faith will have to come to accept the Christian message to be ‘saved’. This business of multiculturalism and the deliberate mongrelization of the races will never work out successfully because of this factor. The U.S., Canada and Britain MUST remain Christian and fight to preserve their heritage and guard the integrity of the genetic code.

          • Thanks Orangeman. As all true Christians are aware, a conversion to the Belief that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God is necessary for one’s Spiritual body to escape the coming “Lake of Fire”. Let the atheists laugh. It doesn’t change anything. We Christians are not against other “religions”. We are FOR adding as many people to the future Kingdom as we can get into it via their allowing the Indwelling of God’s Own Spirit in them. Yes, that’s the way it works. He said so. “It’s in the Book”.

    • Orangeman that “kundalinirising” stuff at google comes across to me like hocus pokes nonsense. But to each his own.

    • The Orangeman, the Christian Bible DOES have NICE things to say about Muslims. JESUS CREATED ALL MANKIND. JESUS SAID LOVE THY ENEMY it’s too easy to hate your enemy JESUS DEMANDED we LOVE our enemy. Trust me YOUR day Before The Lord God Jesus Christ WILL come and YOU will NOT have a leg to stand on. YOU MAY burn in hell.

    • Interesting comment at Zechariah 14:12 even if it does not match up with the issue to which you refer.

  13. Its OK for MUEL- SLUMS to say kill and rape all infidels. Or show a beheading on facebook or U tube.
    And FU_K facebook.for removing any comments about the MF MUEL-SLUMS

  14. You let the sand trash in ,you will see why they ruined the country now they want to ruined our. Time to sent the muslim back to there country,here my dollar.

  15. My question is why are those scumbags, btw they are Pakistani Muslims, still alive.
    If they were doing this to my doughtier they would be buried by now.
    Whats going on with the English, have they totally lost their collective minds ? Time for some vigilante justice.

  16. I guess the British Cops WANT a Muslim sex trade of Christian girls! Shows you just how demented the British Government has become under “Political Correctness”.

  17. Welcome To America. You MAY get wet. You WILL be offended. Get used to it. If you are not prepared to get wet, choose a different ride.

  18. William L. Ramsburg


  19. I am one of the few without any social media and i love it



  21. Amen to that!!!

  22. Dont call me names and hurt my feeling but its ok if we behead americans

  23. The people doing the real offending are the police in Northumbria and I would recommend they be prosecuted and sentenced to a real nutcracking for destroying the truth and a Brits right to freedom of speech. If I can criticize Christianity, a truthful religion, I surely can criticize a false religion.

  24. I’ll say it again, England will be one of the countries to fall to this death cult, what did this people think now that England gas a muslim mayor!! But this is what happens when you lose your guns!!

  25. The Brits have done it to themselves and they are trying to wiggle out before these muslim’s cut their throats!

  26. Herbert W. Love, Jr.


    Liberals will continue (political correctness) to the point of hearing; “Allahu Akbar” being shouted at them in RAGE, then perhaps they might appreciate, LEADERSHIP & PROTECTION our president is trying to do for America. How stupid were the democrats to ignore Obama’s forcing over, (45K thousand) Islamic men into our country knowing to well that these Syrian Muslims will never assimilate into our western culture. What was Obama thinking?

  27. The U.K. has lost all its senses. In fact, there are now more than one Muslim Mayors of several towns. What are the English thinking? What are the Germans thinking because herds of hormonely jacked up Muslims are attacking and raping the German Females – even if the Females are accompanied by a male!

    Europe has lost its marbles and they are going to pay for their generosity soon! Wrong! They are already paying for their foolishness – atleast the common people are paying! So very wrong.

    But what do you expect with the One World Order orchestrating every last move in Europe to infiltrate the natural bloodlines of each major European Country. There is a reason those animals are raping the natural bloodlines of those countries – to add their savage ignorant muslim blood to the natives to destroy that country’s natural bloodlines.

    Think about this! Again, George Soros has his destructive hands in the midfle of this Islamic migration. $$ is all that old fart sees – he doesn’t care what any young female goes through being raped multiple times to make sure she is pregnant. All PIGS – DIRTY FILTHY MUSLIM PIGS IN TOWELS…DISGUSTING!

    • I can tell you this…if a family member or good friend are ever assaulted by one of the desert turds, I’d spend years making sure they and anyone like them couldn’t do it again. Extermination is the solution.

      • I just want those donkey turds gone from our Country! I had a girl friend who was kidnapped by a Muslim in the 70’s. He asked her where the milk was in a grocery store and being the nice polite girl she was, she told him and went on with her shopping. He thought she was coming on to him, so he followed her home, knocked on her door and pushed his way in. He kept her inside for several days and raped and beat her.

        We were concerned because our friend always came over and we hadn’t seen her, so we called her and invited her to our Beach Party house and if she didn’t come, we’d come get her. She showed up wearing a long sleeved shirt and lots of makeup – something she never did before. He came with her and had a firm grip on her arm and wouldn’t let her go anywhere without him. So I danced over and peeled off his fingers from her arm, while whisking her away saying “we have girl things to discuss”! He had no choice but to let her go.

        My friend and I went in the kitchen and she immediately told me what was happening. One of our guy friends took my friend out the back door and straight to her parents home where she filed charges against the Muslim pig.

        When he realized she was gone, he asked everyone where she went. No one would tell him anything. I just told him she went “far away from you”. He ran out the door. The authorities never found him and believed he immediately left the country.

        He was an animal and so are most of the other muslims I have met. I do not “trust”.any of them and hate the way they treat women. All just arrogant pigs!

      • there are people that would help you find these killers

  28. Islam and Muslims are all evil and to give over to them is absurd!! What kind of idiots do they have as police in the UK?? Islam is of Satan!! Allah be damnned!!

  29. Yet again you guess wrong as you struggle to read the liberal mind, possibly because it’s at too high a grade level for you, but I think it’s because you have too much fun splashing around in your stupid white Christian prejudice. In fact, liberals value the second amendment a lot more than you do. We don’t want to silence the downtrodden white Christian malcontents who think the world owes them something, like most of the lost souls that haunt this white Christian bigot blog. We only wish you had the maturity and self control to keep a portion of echo chamber bullshit to yourselves and let the grownups talk.

    • We think you should be voting with common sense and not emotions. The Demorats think everything should be provided to them and that we can take in millions of refugees without it causing harm to our country. It is the Liberals that put stupid laws on guns to make them un-affordable. The Democrats do not have self control they want more of everything and provide everything to everyone.

      There are plenty of Christians and Christian organizations working in shelters, food banks, etc all over the world. I have never seen a Christian malcontent but I have seen Democrat/Liberal malcontents.

    • we did do that we got rid of the democraps and their muslim leader last election

  30. European countries are doing what Muslim leaders bragged about years ago. They knew liberal elites would ‘self – jihad’ rather than confront the truth about Islam.

  31. ………..and on the flip side of that they use it to idiots who espouse hatred to anybody. Free speech does not entitle one to be a pig, though Trump obviously thinks so.

  32. The Genital mutilation and Raping as well as Pedophiles of the Muslime trash are protected!! Thank god for President Trump!! Hitlary wanted that for America!! But then Raping is what the Clintons do best!!!

  33. Aren’t we glad our forefathers beat the sox off England then so that we do not have to do it now? Comes the day I am threatened for insulting murderers, rapists, thieves, traitors, child molesters, or animal abusers will be the day I die and go to Heaven, GLADLY SO because life on earth would have lost all meaning.

  34. I am on facebook on a regular basis. But….I hide or delete posts with foul language, and I will even disallow any entity that allows usage. I temper my comments with a dictionary/thesaurus and I will reference the 1st amendment if I am too vocal. Far too many children are on the social services of Internet and When I see 6-10 year old kids holding signs printed with foul and degrading words, it makes me wonder what their parents are talking like at home. As far as the UK and Europe are concerned, as long as they do not start something that spreads throughout the world. Then let them do as they wish.

  35. Muslims offend everyone but can’t take it themselves. Fuck them.

  36. I have blocked about two thirds of my post. Even birthday greetings are blocked, friendship request, you can not criticize the Liberals, Democrats, or Islam. You can not defend or advertise Trump’s accomplishments. FB has //////////////////////////// Please note how they stop my writing, and then have it go back to the beginning in order to make it confusing. Naturally I did not write I have blocked about two thirds of my post. I said that they had done so. In addition to blocking, and restarting my script, they sometimes just hold back the post, or suddenly make it disappear altogether. That is how close we are to becoming slaves to the Liberals.

  37. There must not be a first Amendment in Britain. Islam is a cult bent on rape, mutilation and murder of anyone not accepting little allah as their little god. DUH!

  38. Of course, the Police are Tracking Down perpetrators of Truth and Justice, because, the Politicians are moving in that direction, in all of the Socialist States, where Taxes and not Production, pave the way to Poverty . … .

    We as Americans, will never be beholding to some Bureaucrat, that’s all about the Defeat of Christianity in our World, Never. … .
    The Second Amendment’s here for a Reason, to protect the downtrodden, from the Elitist. … . And Lord Knows, America’s full of Elitist, it started long before the Clinton’s, Kerry’s, Bush’s, Pelosi’s, Durban’s and so many
    more. … . It now includes the likes of well known Racist Maxine Waters, Frederico Wilson and John Lewis, who if Dr. Martin Luther King, was alive, he’d Slap him Sober. … . In fact, Dr. King, is doing Back Flips in his Grave. … .

  39. I don’t understand liberals who defend radical Islam. Don’t they realize that when Islam comes to power, all free speech disappears. Islamists decided a long time ago that they were going to take over the world without firing a shot because they were not strong enough to do it by battle. They are doing it by moving their people into all Western countries where they are maintaining their populations while Muslims have 5,6 or 7 children and grow at a rate 3 or 4 times what the native populations are growing. By the time the West wakes up, it will be too late. In less advanced countries like in Africa and parts of Asia they are doing it by forced conversions. They have no time limit, whether it takes 20 years, 50 years or 100 years, they know they are winning and will win. Right now they have Pakistan with nukes. In a few years Iran will have nukes, then France will belong to them followed by Germany, Great Britain and the rest of Europe. The only thing standing in their way will be Russia, China, Japan and possibly the United States if we wake up soon enough!!!!!

    • Michael, this is where evangelism comes in. The Gospel needs to continue to be preached. It produces freedom. Why? “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” No Gospel: no freedom. That is just the way it is. “Forced conversions?” No. Absolutely not. “He who is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

    • Robert Dostoevsky

      If Muslims are so bad why do we support Saudi Arabia? We have been friends with Turkey for over 60 years.
      Why is S.E. Asia such a popular tourist spot for people from the U.S.?
      The answer is only very ignorant people blather on about eliminating Muslims!

  40. I quit Assbook after less than a month. They suspended my account for a few days for having the nerve to criticize Libturds. I told them that I’m suspending THEM forever, & to stick it up their Lib loon asses. It’s a useless site anyway & was becoming a nuisance. Good riddance to Assbook.

  41. You can’t use any offensive language against Islam but that doesn’t apply to Trump. I guess no double standard there. What a bunch of Cupcake libs!

  42. Can we send all our liberals there too?


  44. The police ought to try reading some of the books that expose islam for the political system it is, which is only cloaked in religion. The qur’an would set your hair on fire if only they would read it!

  45. most of them come here from sh!tholes and want to change us – go figger.

  46. The Brits will someday find themselves standing in a long line, while waiting to be the “next Brit” thrown of a high building. And I just know that one of them will ask…………….”How did this happen?” Find a mirror!


  48. Have they Tracked Down and Prosecuted the Imam’s that have threatened Death to Jews & Christians Publicly ???

  49. Just read a story of a college student in Alabama that was kicked out of school for using a naughty African-American word used by African-Americans themselves.

  50. We also have a REPUBLICAN Representative in Texas who wants to make Sharia law legal in America.

  51. A religion that teaches that babies can be married to full grown men would also allow taking slaves to use a sex toys. Any right thinking person would object to this. Even the British police must think there is a crime involved since they are making public the investigation. Why then the communist Nazi fascism attitude against right thinking Brits for speaking upon the true origin of sex slaves and who are involved? No crime was committed for speaking the truth about the report by British police. Well I suppose stupid is found worldwide even in our good old USA we have stupid personified.

  52. Welcome to the reeking armpit of BIGOTRY, found in abundance below!

  53. Liberals, regardless where, are mentally deranged individuals. I believe they were childhood victims of abuse in the public schools?

  54. I’ve been bounced off FB 3 times now. End every time it was something different. So, still back. And PC is not my forte, nor will it ever be. There is no right not to be offended by anyone. There are no safe zones in this world unless you’re 6′ under! Anyone thinking otherwise falls into the newly defined “adolescent stage of 10-24” and shouldn’t even be on FB to begin with as they aren’t mature enough to handle the real world yet.


    Anyone who thinks he knows God or what God really wants is just fooling himself. Worship God, not any religion or tradition or the elites of your congregations.

    • God has informed us what He desires, not any man. And it is not particularly difficult to to know – except to those with closed minds.

  56. Who pays for this BS? They can’t get the illegal aliens. How is there money for this?

  57. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    iI guess that is why we left the British empire and its antiquated laws and established FREE SPEECH. Can you imagine some cop coming around to “counsel you” about something you said about someone?? Get rid of facebook if that happens. Sending a person around to counsel someone for what he said on facebook is a TORT folks.

  58. kill them all let god or alla sort them out gone just gone thats whats needed


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