Police Prepare For The Worst

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

In New York, law enforcement officials are preparing for the possible indictment of former President Donald Trump within the next few weeks. Trump might need to appear in a Manhattan courtroom regarding an investigation into alleged hush money payments. Investigators believe that these payments were made to silence women with whom the former President may have had an affair prior to his 2016 campaign.

Currently, there has not been a public announcement regarding the timeframe for the probe, including what the date of a potential indictment might be. However, some law enforcement officials anonymously told The Associated Press that the authorities had started preparing for the possibility of an indictment. They added that all the conversations are still preliminary and they are mainly focused on security and planning for any potential appearance of Trump before the court.

Trump’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, told The Associated Press that if Trump is indicted, then they would abide by the normal process. The grand jury has been hearing from witnesses, one of whom was Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, who allegedly was the one to orchestrate the payment to two women in exchange for their silence.

Trump has repeatedly stated that there was no affair; he has denied any wrongdoings associated with this case which he has dubbed a “witch hunt” by Democratic prosecutors.

Steven Cheung, a campaign spokesperson, during his statement on Thursday, argued that the Democrats have continuously attacked Trump since before his election, but that they had been unsuccessful every time.