Police Officer Pleads for Support

It has been enormously frustrating for conservatives (and, really, any sane Americans) to watch the anti-police sentiment take root in a soil made of lies over the past year. But as hard as it has been to watch these attacks from the outside, it must be unimaginably heartbreaking to watch it from inside the job. Plano Police officer Ricky Hendrix isn’t the first police officer to speak out against the liberal narrative on cops, but few have put it any better.

In a Facebook post this weekend, Hendrix wrote, “I have been a police officer for over 26 years and I must tell you that the last year has been the hardest in my career. It feels like a total sense of abandonment by the people who Law Enforcement Officers care about the most. I am tired and I worry about what the future holds for new officers that take up this job …”

Hendrix goes on to describe those parts of the job that most of us never have to see. The dead bodies. The life and death situations. The car wrecks. The murders. “Over the last several months I have come to realize that I was able to carry the pain of all the things that I have seen over the years because I knew in my heart that the silent majority of this country had my back,” he wrote.

That support, he says, seems to have disappeared – driven away by a racial narrative that few seem to have the courage to reject. “Something has to change or there will be no one willing to stand up for those who need it the most during the worst of times,” he concludes.

It is sad and pathetic that it has come to this. Are there police officers who deserve to be behind bars? Of course. But this argument that law enforcement itself is a racist institution in need of major reform is not based on anything more substantial than street logic. We saw something bad happen, and so everything is bad. One might compare this to the logic of children, but even bright children wouldn’t fall for this crap.

Now let’s examine what will become of this country if smart, capable men no longer see law enforcement as a viable option. When anyone with any sense at all says, “Police academy? In this environment? Are you crazy?” Police departments will be forced to then loosen their hiring standards. The guys who would have never been hired before will now be the top candidates. Good luck with that whole police brutality thing when departments are filled with only those people who couldn’t get any other kind of job. Things should really improve.

Is there anything the left touches that doesn’t turn to excrement?


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