Police Officer Pleads for Support

It has been enormously frustrating for conservatives (and, really, any sane Americans) to watch the anti-police sentiment take root in a soil made of lies over the past year. But as hard as it has been to watch these attacks from the outside, it must be unimaginably heartbreaking to watch it from inside the job. Plano Police officer Ricky Hendrix isn’t the first police officer to speak out against the liberal narrative on cops, but few have put it any better.

In a Facebook post this weekend, Hendrix wrote, “I have been a police officer for over 26 years and I must tell you that the last year has been the hardest in my career. It feels like a total sense of abandonment by the people who Law Enforcement Officers care about the most. I am tired and I worry about what the future holds for new officers that take up this job …”

Hendrix goes on to describe those parts of the job that most of us never have to see. The dead bodies. The life and death situations. The car wrecks. The murders. “Over the last several months I have come to realize that I was able to carry the pain of all the things that I have seen over the years because I knew in my heart that the silent majority of this country had my back,” he wrote.

That support, he says, seems to have disappeared – driven away by a racial narrative that few seem to have the courage to reject. “Something has to change or there will be no one willing to stand up for those who need it the most during the worst of times,” he concludes.

It is sad and pathetic that it has come to this. Are there police officers who deserve to be behind bars? Of course. But this argument that law enforcement itself is a racist institution in need of major reform is not based on anything more substantial than street logic. We saw something bad happen, and so everything is bad. One might compare this to the logic of children, but even bright children wouldn’t fall for this crap.

Now let’s examine what will become of this country if smart, capable men no longer see law enforcement as a viable option. When anyone with any sense at all says, “Police academy? In this environment? Are you crazy?” Police departments will be forced to then loosen their hiring standards. The guys who would have never been hired before will now be the top candidates. Good luck with that whole police brutality thing when departments are filled with only those people who couldn’t get any other kind of job. Things should really improve.

Is there anything the left touches that doesn’t turn to excrement?


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  1. Obama and his minions have fundamentally transformed America. Watch your six.

  2. I really think the police should allow the NBP and the BLM groups police their neighborhoods and I bet it wont take long before the good people in those neighborhoods run their butts out. Most blacks are nice law abiding citizens just wanting to live a decent life just as anyone else does but due to people like Holder, Obama, Sharpton and so forth they are stuck living in ghettos with criminals who do not value anything but drugs, money and who owns what corner. The best thing that could happen to the black neighborhoods is for all gang members to be rounded up and contained in a huge pen along with Obama, Holder, Sharpton and their ilk and see how long they survive while the good people are left to finally not fear drive by shootings and such.

    • This i like the Muslims,won’t police their own,but leave it to others

      • Blacks wont turn in the killers and criminals in their neighborhoods then cry they do not get police protection. You can’t protect people from killers and criminals if no one will point the bad guys out and realistically the good blacks should get armed and start culling these criminals out on their own. Out of 114 blacks killed in Chicago 5 were by police, the rest was black on black. Now just who doesn’t respect black lives?

        • Much easier to sit back and play the race card

        • You raise a good point here. I myself have no doubt that black men are treated with more suspicion by police. It shouldn’t be that way but it’s human nature. When the majority of our prisoners are non white and police deal with non-whites of the criminal variety more often, they will tend to view non-whites with more suspicion. The same would be true if things were reversed. However, you hit the nail on the head about the crime. Yes there have been a number of black males killed by police, but those folks ignore the fact that three TIMES as many non-blacks were shot and killed by police. This isn’t a police/black man problem, this is a flat out police/ human male problem. Period. Something needs to be done to reset the balance. There IS an issue, it’s just not (in general) that police are racist.

          • the reason they are viewed differently is the crime stats blacks about 17 % of population crimes committed by blacks against others about 60 % whites against others about % yes they are viewed differently

          • No it isn’t racist police, as the crime rate with the white population ends with more white males shot by police than black males yet when you compare the violence and criminal ratio of 13% of the population that happens to be black to the white population of of about 75% it would show that a white male is more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer than a black male even though stats show that there is a huge difference in the violent crime rates in the black community. But you also have a threat level of death in a black community you do not have in the white. You point the criminal out and you are more likely to die for your effort if your black.

          • The police, in most cases are not racial profiling, they’re criminal profiling. When most of the crimes are committed by blacks, police are going to be paying more attention to the blacks. Why do people get pissed when they hear of airport security focusing their attention on old ladies and men, instead of musleem men between the ages of 17 and 25, the classic terrorist? Because they’re being politically correct. We don’t need law enforcement to become politically correct. They should be focusing their attention on who and where the crimes are being committed.

          • Most of the crimes that are committed are not black, most the crimes that are ADVERTISED ARE BLACK! Please do some real research and not media search. Go back in just the past 25-35 yrs and look at the ; Child Molestation cases, teachers abusing children, priest abusing children, mass shootings, women drowning and killing their children ,School shootings, Church shootings, movie theater shootings,police shootings etc, etc … Who fits the description !!!!!

          • Alton, you are accusing me of exactly what you have just talked about. The cases you mention although horrible, are a very small percentage of reported crimes. These cases were heavily reported on by the lame stream media. Why? Because it’s brings in viewers and readers. But still, they are a tiny percentage. Listen to a police scanner (if that’s still possible today). The vast majority of radio calls lists the suspect description as Black or Hispanic males. Now a days, due to political correctness, the news usually just report the suspect was described as a ‘dark complected’ Male. This doesn’t do law enforcement or the public any justice in helping to get the crook into custody. Was the bad guy a Black, Hispanic or what? Sure Whites commit lots of crimes, but no where near the percentage. Look at the males in prison and jails. And don’t give the crap that Blacks don’t get the quality lawyers. There are probably more unemployed Whites as Blacks, just because the White population is so much larger then the Black Population. They all get the same court appointed attorneys.

          • First, go back and listen to what you said “The majority of radio calls “list” the suspect as Black or Hispanic”, They are not conclusive, just been called in as such. And when they finally have all the information A LARGE NUMBER OF THE CASES WERE ” MISTAKEN IDENTITY”,GO FIGURE. I was home on leave, when one particular case almost started a fire storm of racial hatred on the east coast . If I am correct”The woman called in and said ” My children have been abducted by a Black man”. she then proceeded to give a description of a Black man , and you know what a black man that fit her said description was picked up!! They later found the children dead, (they had been drowned) . So, now they were about to prosecute him for murder, but everything came to the light when her husband or boyfriend told the police ” That she had drove the car off a bridge and drowned her children, in order to keep him around. Need I repeat that she had given a description of a Black man? Yes, I agree that this foolishness in Ferguson and other places is sickening and the taking of any life is inexcusable, but if you would ,do a little more investigating and see that your findings will change. Or, have you been paying attention to how many Black men have died in prison, 15- 25 yrs or more and were innocent, or the ones who were on Death row or had already been put to death? Friend it would touch your heart if you really care. I make no excuses for no one race ,but the Black race has been and is still suffering from persecution. Thank you for your response.

          • First of all, thank you for your service. Your case in point was NOT mistaken identity, it was false identity, a crime in itself. This happens on occasion, by both Blacks and Whites. Remember the Duke Lacrosse team accusations? But, again, this is certainly not representative of the vast majority of police calls.
            As to Blacks dying in prison, so do all races. Prisons are violent places. Just like Blacks killing other Blacks on the streets, prison violence is very high. White prison gang members are horribly racist, but so are the Black prison gang members, and for that matter the Hispanic prison gang members. They are some of the most violent people in this country. I’ve never heard of a large percentage of people in prison being innocent. Of course it happens, and is very unfortunate, but I would guess it’s not race oriented. As for the persecution of blacks, I don’t believe it for a second. Not with a Black president, attorney general, etc,etc. Why are 70% of Black children born out of wedlock? Why to the fathers not stay and help raise the children. Children raised like this are far more likely to grow up in a life of crime. Before yelling “persecution”, how about trying to fix the real problem facing Blacks today, ie; Blacks killing Blacks, staying home and raising the kids, getting married and being a positive influence on the children. And by all means, quit calling the majority of honest, hard working and successful Blacks “Uncle Toms”.

          • You are welcome. Yes, you are right ,there are numerous cases, but again take your time and research, the cases against blacks far outweigh those of other races.You makes some points that are interesting, but are egregious at best.
            When I gave the examples of the situation Blacks being in prison and are innocent, the point that I was making is that “While they were yet in prison and” innocent” ,they died. I will say it again ,that had it not been for the introduction of DNA, the number would far exceed what we may even be referring to. Why are there any children being born out of wedlock ?1. This country has long since walked away from GOD and his leadership. We have done our best to push him out of every aspect of our lives, but the exceptional few, we are still seeking his leadership and guidance. 2. The Blueprint of a real family of a Father and Mother raising their children ,have long since been removed, except for the exceptional few, who were brought up the right way. I also agree the chances of success for children raised in a single parent home does go up, but only without the right guidance. And I will never refer to anyone as an Uncle tom. Even with President Barack Obama and others , friend that does not change the situation. He like some of our past presidents are not a one race president ,but a people president and when all of the other politicians from every party would put away they political rhetoric, and set aside their own agenda, think about us the people(nation)and people like you and I can get past the talk to actually finding a way to fix it. There will never be any change. And please, we can not place this blame on one side !

          • I agree with you that our country as a whole seems to be chasing God out, and it will be our downfall. Back to Black prisoners, it’s not just Blacks, but all races DNA testing has proved their innocence. So yes, that is an injustice for all innocent prisoners. Unfortunately, that is our criminal justice system. It is not perfect but it is the best we have, and better then any other nation. My point is that I don’t believe the system is against Blacks or any other race. Where there is injustice, I believe we try and correct it. But injustice can affect everyone, not just Blacks. As far as obummer is concerned, I don’t dislike him because he is Black (and White). I dislike him because he is DESTROYING this country, and it is very, very intentional. He violates the law and the Constitution almost daily. He writes his own law when congress refuses his bidding. He changes laws legally passed by congress. This is why we have 3 branches of government. He is only one, although he acts like all three. He doesn’t like America and that is why he wanted to ‘fundamentally change” it. He is a hard core socialist which completely violates our founding principles. This is why I dislike him, not because he is Black.

          • I agree that DNA Testing has been a blessing for many of all races , but I am trying to show you the injustice that has been and is being done to the Black race, because we have been talking about them. Yes, it is the way our Judicial System is set up, I hate all of these outbreaks of violence, but it has caused me ,the nation , all of these who can make a difference to to wake up and really look at things for what they really are. I have learned and am still learning that ” Most of us do not care one way or another, until it starts to affect us in some way or another.
            I can not solely place all the blame on President Barack Obama, I will always respect my “Commander In chief” regardless if I agree with everything whomever they may be.
            The reason he can not be given all of the blame is that none of them are trying come up with a solution ,unless it involves their own party or personal agenda. please, lets get past the media rhetoric, and really look at the true facts and not what we are being fed by the media. Good day

          • Alton, I agree with you 100%. The largest problems in this Country today is the total corruption in most of our federal politicians, and I’m talking both sides of the isle. Yes, I still blame the dictator in the peoples house mostly, but a lot of his illegal actions could have been stopped by congress had they been more concerned about the Constitution then they were getting money for their next election. So I put almost as much blame on congress as on obummer. Please understand this has nothing to do with race. I hate all criminals no matter what race they are. I respect all people if they lead an honest life, maybe even Blacks more so, because what they had to go through in the past. I was in law enforcement with a large police dept. for 31 years.During that time as you can imagine, I’ve see it all. Hard core criminals of all races, but just as important, the good side of people of all races. I’ve seen people of all races come together in the same neighborhood watch groups. The all wanted safer neighborhoods. Alton, please tell me why people from the Black race so blindly support this dictator? It is just because he is Black? Be honest about it, I’d really love to know.

          • The reason I believe,I would not refer to it as blindly following, but Hope for change. The Promise of ‘Change” is why near 100% of our youths from 18-30 voted for him.. One person can not change all things but one person can make a difference. It again must be pointed back to all of our politicians. THEY NEED TO COME TOGETHER! Regardless of Who Our President is ,They can not do it by themselves. Everyone has to contribute for the good of US ALL.

          • Alton, thanks for your honest answer. Now, knowing that obummer has got 95% of what he wanted, the question is, Does the Black population believe the change they got has made life better for them? Keep in mind, if the latest polls are correct, Trump has about 25% of the Black support.

          • I do not believe he has gotten 45% of what he wanted to achieve done yet. But I will try to continue this later tonight or tomorrow. I have my weekly P.T.S.D. meeting to attend , MANDATORY.

          • When I was younger, I believed my parents when they said ” We were moving out of the country to a better place “. It could not have been further from the truth ! The place we moved to was just going through the faze of DESEGREGATION , and for a while it was COMPLETELY CHAOTIC, and that is putting it nicely ! I could not believe such hatred existed , I had heard of it ,but that was a full blown personal experience. The white youth could play with or associate with the blacks neither could the blacks associate or play with them. There were repeated Klan marches, cross burnings etc……I am speaking from from what I saw and experienced.
            This is why I am so frustrated at the words and expressions used toward one race of the other on these posts. Friend , we are 4 months from 2016 and it seems a lot of us are still fighting the same senseless fight. UNTIL A NATURAL DISASTER OR WORSE HAPPENS ,then we band together.

          • I miss worded something earlier, I meant ” the white youths could not

          • Alton, I can’t begin to understand the feelings you have about what I’m guessing were in the 50’s and 60′. I personally was raised from early childhood to treat EVERYONE with respect. Honest Blacks were absolutely no different then honest Whites. I do believe racism has increased since obummer was elected. What I thought was doing pretty well, seems to have gotten worse. And yes, I do blame obummer. He has done a great job of pitting the rich against the poor and middle class, the races against each other. Illegal immigration has not helped the honest Hispanics at all, and obummer continues to push for more illegal immigration. After 31 years in law enforcement, I don’t consider myself naive, and still believe Blacks today have all the opportunities available to others. Since I can’t place myself in the shoes of the Blacks, I’ll never know.

          • True, it called, eradication of black savages~

          • Please, do some real research. Out of 100 convicted black males 10 probably are guilty, the rest fit the description !!!! There have been so many black men and young black males that were and have been wrongfully accused and placed in prison, because they fit the description. THANK GOD FOR DNA !!! Do some research on why it is the black male who gets stuck in prison. I do agree with you that the police are trigger happy, as the one who claimed he thought he was pulling out his tazer.

        • I really don’t have much of a problem with blacks. Not that I didn’t, but when they see my 9mm strapped to my side, they become really polite niggahs!!

          • About like the white thugs would.


          • Hubby and I both have CCW and we legally carry wherever it’s legal, and we don’t patronize stores or restaurants that don’t allow concealed carry. I remember the officer who gave us part of our gun training and he said that if he ever got in trouble he hopes someone with a CCW would help him, he also said that 99% of all rank and file police officers support legal carry. I’m a petite 4ft 11,” 98 lb woman but I carry and if need be, I would use deadly force.

          • Violence is all some understand, like you, I wouldn’t have to think twice defending my children and myself.

          • So you continue with the racist comments, why? You make it sound like you are a tough guy with the 9mm, probably NOT strapped to your side. We do not need big mouths like you shooting off your big mouth and making trouble. Become a man, an adult, grow up little guy.

          • OLD HIGHLAND. You are demented. In case you are wondering, anyone with a 9mm are tough. Break into my home & you will be shot REAL quick. Black or white, I will shoot your sorry rump. You already have a big mouth…& are the biggest trouble maker.

          • Well, now, ain’t YOU the big swaggering macho man!?

        • FL has a case where the “EYE WITNESS” forgot what she saw a few weeks after the murder by two blacks…they were released from jail smiling.

        • I don’t !!!! eradicate the cancer of society~

      • Muslims are the enemy we are in a war we cannot afford to lose yet the majority, including the police, don’t even know there is a war going on. Berry aka barrack hussein obama, king obama knows he is bringing thousands of muslim terrorists into the country every month. These are well trained militant’s that make up his army, and nobody cares. We better start caring and soon or it will be too late.

        • Well he is going to try and bring 10 thousand straight from Syria, now i know why he would not attack Syria. He want to bring his brothers here to start a war and finish us off.

          • I also blame Congress for allowing Obama to destroy America. Last year I worked at our Republican headquarter’s and we won by landslides, but what did that get us? The same Obama and Democrat policies, if Cruz or Trump isn’t the nominee, hubby and I are going to help bring the Constiution party into our area, past time for a third party, the Republican party and the Democrat party are the same party with different names.

          • Sorry, there is NOT much the Senate or House can do, unless they have a super majority. Don’t remember when Harry Reid made the Senate proof against blocking legislation, by requiring 60 Members to OK, or block an OK? (Senate cannot Filibuster, with the CURRENT rules, set in place by Harry Reid, unless a BUNCH of Dem’s “defect” to the cause that the GOP is pushing- Then, Those people will get ZERO support from their party, when re-election time comes up.) I’m NOT real happy with the GOP, but the Dem’s don’t give a Rat’s A__ about working class Americans, unless they belong to a BIG union, or belong to a “minority” group, with lots of money to DONATE to their party.

        • Just

          Sharing Some Historical Facts.

          To: Obama:


          was you who told an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”


          was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”


          was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build

          foreign mosques.


          was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the



          was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a



          was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi king.


          was you who sat for 20 yrs in a Liberation

          Theology Church

          condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.


          was you who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us

          have to pay.


          was you who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from

          your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.


          was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while

          repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.


          was you who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.


          was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the

          building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of

          the World Trade Center.


          was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to

          host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.


          was you who ordered both Georgetown
          Univ. and Notre Dame to
          shroud all vestiges

          of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast,

          you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.


          was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.


          was you who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.


          was you who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to

          Muslim communities.


          was you who as an Illinois Senator were the ONLY individual who would speak in

          favor of infanticide.


          was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the

          WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.


          was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.


          was you who refused to condemn the Ft.

          Hood killer as an Islamic



          is you who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women

          throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of

          hypothetical human-rights abuses.


          was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of

          radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that

          is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.


          was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.


          was you who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new

          commemorative stamp.


          was you who directed our UK

          Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim



          was you who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to

          overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.


          was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar

          schools across our country.


          is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during



          is you who departs for Hawaii

          over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating

          in seasonal WH religious events.


          was you who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim

          Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s
          Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s
          strongest ally

          in North Africa; but, remain muted in your
          non-response to the Brotherhood led

          slaughter of Egyptian Christians.


          Was you who attended school in Indonesia
          where your school records listed your religion as β€œIslam”.


          Was you who, while living in Indonesia,
          attended the Mosque with your stepfather on Fridays.


          was you who appointed s your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett , who is a member

          of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

          It was you who allowed Valerie Jarrett, (born
          in Iran) to negotiate a secret treaty with Iran that would allow them to continue
          developing nuclear weapons without fear of further sanctions by the U.S.


          was you who freed five Muslim terrorists from GITMO without giving Congress a

          thirty day notice as required by a law that YOU signed.


          Was you who brought hordes of Muslim refugees
          to the U.S.
          to be supported by taxpayers, while ignoring Christian refugees who were being
          slaughtered by Muslims.

          It was you who approved the change in the U.S. military
          dress code to allow men to grow beards and to wear Turbans


          we really need to go on?


          you may be a lot of things; but, for certainty, you are no Christian.


          who refers to himself as: “A man of Africa”,

          is precisely the type of ‘divided loyalties” individual that our Founders

          attempted to prohibit from ascendancy to the presidency when they constructed

          our Constitution.

          • Thank you for the reply. Now we know the face and name of our enemy. May our fight be blessed of GOD and may we be swiftly victorious. Victorious in removing them from every hiding place they choose to crawl until everyone of them, man, woman, and child are eradicated from the face of the earth! This is a plight that we placed upon our nation by forgetting and turning out back on GOD and not remembering His commandments and turning this nation into Sodom and Gomorrah. I see more and more people returning to GOD and following His word. I only hope that we as a nation will turn around and place GOD back at the top.

        • BRUCE……not to worry, we already have those camel jockeys in our sights. Having a burn the Quran picnic in two weeks. Advertised too. Am sure that we will have no problem with our target practice that day.

          • Sounds like a good time for all red blooded American patriots. Would like to be there i’ll bring my own ammunition.

      • Maybe some day the blacks will attack the muslims and both will be eliminated from our society huh!

    • like all, we have choices to make. black have been rasied to hatewhtes. my land lord just evected his whole other apartment full of blacks. why? they cause trouble, they are dirty and have fights in the street and there animals. he just piy one next door to me and i tried to make firends, but he is a racisit. his bddy wears a black cap liks isis. he has disturbed me a few times and when i ask him nicelly to turn down his rap music he got real cocky. i told him, where nieghbors and should have each others back. his reply? mind your own business so i said, ok! thats how you want to play it. fine. that mornig at 3am he started playing his rap. the cops came and that settled it. now he won’t even look at me. If he causes me any more problems. he will be one dead nigger.

      • I was going to say you better watch your back, never leave your door unlocked. I just moved from my home town and bought a house where i know they wont come. And you are right you cant be friends with them, they do hate us, unless you are give them money or drug or sex, then they will still stab you in the back.

        • You paint with broad strokes and you are a bit off base, maybe a lot off base. You have classified all blacks as bad because of just a few. You are wrong.
          Our neighborhood, middle upper class, is about 20% black and about the same Hispanic and Asian, the rest of us are lily white and in several cases we are total rednecks. Our neighborhood is just too cool for words. No one acts as if there is a problem, not even one, because we are all Americans and there are no problems except for the thugs that come up here out of the ghetto looking to rob us.
          The media has really messed things up bu showing ONLY the dramatic crap, blacks killing cops, blacks killing blacks, Hispanics do things we disapprove of…….etc., etc., etc……
          It is way past time to ignore the media, ignore Sharpton, Ignore Jackson, ignore Obama, ignore Holder, and I could go on but I need more coffee.
          In other words, be an American, we are all part of the same team so let’s work together and take care of our fellow Americans damn it!
          There, I feel better!

          • OldHighland: We do not classify all blacks as bad. But when they show they hate whites, that’s a different game. There are some good blacks in politics and/or government jobs that are really great. There are some in those jobs that are real racists. I try to be friendly with blacks & if they want to be friendly back…..so be it. Its the black idiots in the headlines that have many of us realizing they are BIG BLACK RACISTS. What I find really sad is that those bad ones are teaching their kids to be racists also.

          • I know one GREAT Black man…Dr. Ben Carson!

          • Great man and great surgeon . Medical field lost a good man

          • I know of many blacks who have significantly contributed to the world, apparently your education has been deficient.

            You also seem to be out of touch with current affairs — for about the last 50 years.

            Neal deGrasse Tyson
            Kahan Tazadaq
            Frederic Douglass
            Mathew Henson
            Maya Angelou
            Percy Julian
            Rosa Parks
            Bessie Coleman
            Doris Miller
            Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.
            Langston Hughes
            Thurgood Marshall
            William Haste
            Harriet Tubman
            Elijah McCoy
            Jan Matzeliger
            Lewis Latimer
            Fred Jones
            Lloyd Hall
            Charles Drew
            George Washington Carver …
            Jesus Christ

          • So Jesus Christ was Black? Now who looks like the idiot! I know a lot of great Black men…but right now my eyes are on Dr. Ben Carson!

          • Oh this is AK”lady”…I should not have wasted my time with an answer.

          • Oh, and you believe that Carson is the only individual worthy of note?

          • The Church that I represent,was the first interracial Church in the World.We are blessed by having wonderful black families in our congregations.Some of our greatest Church leaders are black.We love one another,and through Christ,we realize that it is not the color of a person’s skin,that makes one evil,but the condition of a person’s heart.

          • Of course .It’s the poor me jack asses that fee thatl we owe them a living that I can’t stand and the mouthy ones really piss me off.

          • Yes. You are speaking of the Christian Blacks. The problem “Thug” blacks are not the same Blacks that you see in Church. Reference to the South Carolina church shooting where they REFUSED TO RIOT. Those are of Godly peoples. The thugs burning and looting are NOT of the religious order. That is why your church friends are easy to get along with.

          • muskat antonopolis

            Gerald…my heart really hurts for this Nation and pray daily that God will heal this Nation,
            this land and it*s people……….I am thankful that your church represents black and white and those in between….young and old and, rich and poor…..everyone…..years ago I asked
            a young man who was overly proud of his race…I asked him what did he have to do with
            his parents getting together and making him? the answer is nothing,,,he had no say…and
            he came out into this world just as he is….and he cannot change a thing naturally about his
            being…so I encouraged him to simply be the best person that he can be….and to love the
            Lord God with all his being and his neighbor as an equal……I am so very tired of mans
            hate for his fellow man…..to the point that I simply feel like withdrawing into a place
            of peace and letting the world with all of it*s evil pass by……With the understanding God
            has of us,,since He is our Creator…can you imagine how His merciful heart must hurt
            when we deny His beloved and only Son, Jesus….when we hurt and hate each other?
            …I am soooo tired….God please be patient with us and return soon Lord Jesus…heal
            the nations…..

          • Thank you for your very kind,and gracious reply.I felt the pain of your heart,as you mourn over the horrid conditions that are around us.u

          • It isn’t going to get any better only worse. There are more things yet to come that we, as Christians, are going to have to endure. The mark of the beast is coming and if it isn’t taken then we aren’t going to be able to buy or sell anything; we are going to be persecuted for the love of God, and other things like this. Read Matthew 24 and you will see.

          • muskat antonopolis

            Karen…yes my friend I know…thank you for your reply….God will bless…

          • I hope to see you on the other side of Jordan. God bless you. πŸ™‚

          • First Inter-racial Church?
            That would be the original Catholic Church

          • You are incorrect.The Roman church started 335AD. The Apostolic Church began 33 AD.

          • Correction.325 AD.

          • Amen brother!!

          • The very fact that “color” is in your vocabulary speaks ot racism.

          • When it comes to black or white, there is NO such thing as a good black- Savage genetics~

          • In every race there is good and there is bad. I know quite a bunch of black people that are good Christians and just good altogether, and then I know quite a bunch of whites that are no-good scumbags. So you can’t go by the color of their skin.

          • Oh yes I can, and regardless of your insistence I’ll continue to denigrate blacks~

          • The difference is your neighborhood is “middle upper class”. Your neighborhood is probably single family homes. Apartment complex’s in middle class neighborhoods usually have problems. Townhouse complex of middle class sometimes have problems. I used to live in a middle class townhouse complex and called the cops quite a few times, drug deals, section 8, 2 doors down didn’t have to work so made noise late at night, black man trying to run down his wife and baby with the car. Never called cops on the white people but threatened to on the 20 something daughter of next door neighbor when she had 2 guys out in parking area (looked like white thugs) leaning on my new Thunderbird. I opened and leaned out upstairs window and told them to get away from my car. I stepped back from the shut window still looking out and saw them bending down near the car, then I had to drop the F bomb and told them if they scratched it, I was calling cops then I went down in my robe to inspect my car when the cops drove by. Sometimes they would patrol there. They cleared out then. My pre-teen daughter was standing by with the cops phone number if they bothered me. After they moved, a couple with small boy moved in. One day the sliding glass door was open and I heard a racket like someone falling down stairs and the young woman crying asking why did you do that? I walked out on patio and real loud said if you push her down those stairs again that “I” was calling the cops that she didn’t have to. They did not stay long. I was lucky that nothing every happened to me because I always spoke out, but there is a different attitude this day and time.

            I was white in my 30’s, divorced with a daughter at the time back in the late 80’s. After I moved 20+ years later an illegal Salvadoran construction worker beat a teenager to death because she ignored him when he whistled at her.

          • I can count on one hand how many blacks i have associated with in my 84 years that are worth anything;. I was born and raised in racially mixed area and when i got married we moved to a little nicer ,newer area. I worked with them ,,played high school and big 10 college with them in basketball and in the army… I have had incidents where i was being polite and offering help when a black person had a problem but was told to go to hell. They are like a pack of dogs when they confront usually a single white person. Your right they are not all bad just a little over 99% are rude and racist’. They always scowl and give white people dirty looks. The only way for them is violence to settle something. Whites can’t even look funny and they are all over you. School busing,,affirmative action,,,black teachers union ,,black firefighters union,,black policeman’s union,,black congressional union on and on. When we live 12 miles from the u. of Washington and my son with excellent grades was not allowed to go there because of minority enrollment which meant LESS qualified students moved to the front of the line. He graduated with honors from Washington State U…. He went back to the U of Washington to get his master degree and was again told the color of his skin was wrong. So he went to the U of Oregon=paid out of state tuition and graduated in the top 5% of his class…He could have lived at home for all his higher education and saved approximately$120,000.00. My oldest sister was a registered nurse in Chicago in the 1950’s and one day after getting of work at the hospital she was beaten and pistol whipped by a black man in the hospital parking lot in broad daylight. There were approximately 30 people within 50 feet of her who were almost all black who claimed they never saw anything or heard her screams for help. She died 3 month’s later from the attack.==THERE and that’s the truth

          • ur rite, black lives don’t matter~

          • ALL lives matter!!! I don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, Cherokee, or purple with pink polka dots!! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

          • You say that now~

          • I’ve said it from day one, and I’ll say that until the day I die.
            ALL LIVES MATTER! Black, White, Asian, etc. When it comes to skin color, I’m color blind just like God is. You can call me what you will. Jesus wasn’t liked by all people either. I try to be like Jesus. Do YOU? Evidently not with the way you replied to me and AKLady2015.

          • You are a white male.. Your posts say you are anything buy upper class.

          • hey douchbag, splain to me what u says, eh~

          • My guess is you are about 12. Your fixation with sex is a dead giveaway. Go play with the children.

          • I assume you’re an old worn out slore w/out any sex, and instead of playing w/yourself you play on your computer for fun- just go away and die~

          • Down to age 9 or 10, the fixation with sex is the dead giveaway.

          • just be happy and eat a banana- bye~

          • I’m thinking you are more like 6 or 7 at this point.

          • I agree with you. Tell that to Obama, Al Sharpton, etc.

          • They are fully aware of that fact.

            What you best keep in mind is that as of this year, over 50% of Americans are minorities.

            Simply put — if you are white, you are now a minority.

          • Maybe so, but the 30% of WORKING WHITES are supporting all that useless trash!!!!!!!~

          • You have the useless trash part confused.
            The useless trash is now white and male.

          • Nope, ur wrong, but what would we expect from a racist nggr troll sucking on societies tit and whatever else you put in your mouth~

          • You have the useless trash part confused.
            The useless trash is now white and male.

          • and the other 50% are supporting them…

          • That is lie — an ugly lie which probably insults your ancestors.

          • Don’t know where you got those stats from but their not true. Besides, if they were correct then the minorities would have to give up their classification because they’re now the majority. I think the amount of people who refused to assimilate into American life are not a minority either, but that’s just my opinion so true or not it doesn’t matter. One thing I do know as fact is over 50% of America speaks Spanish, got that from a jeopardy question. But that doesn’t mean the population is over 50% latino, a lot of white people speak Spanish as well.

          • Suggest you stop, think and do some basic addition.

            Minority is a “basket” that holds many items — those items now outweigh the basket of white, Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of America.

            Heritage has nothing, whatsoever, to do with assimilation. Never has, never will.

            I have an eye-opener for you — America assimilates, not the opposite. Everything American came from another heritage, another culture.

            America’s First People, the true Americans, have been reduced to almost non-existent status. They have been en endangered species on the North American Continent for several centuries.

          • Easier said than done since they don’t have their ears open to people like us.

          • I suspect you are incorrect.
            I have a good friend who has three letters which have Obama’s actual signature on them.

          • Oh really? If a white person kills a black person, then you hear them yelling racism. If a black person kills a white person then you hear, “Oh yeah that was a justified killing!” So I’m incorrect on this, huh? I can guarantee that his signature is just a copy on a form letter.

          • The charge and conviction rates tell a whole different story.

            In this country, guilty is not a jury verdict, per se, but a rating of the attorney your could afford to hire.

          • Even Obanana says the very same thing. He loves playing that worn out racist card just like Al Not So Sharpton and Jessie Jack___! And it is just like I said in my last reply.

          • Maybe you should increase your reading comprehension.

            I did not say one word about race.

            I said it is about MONEY.

          • All lives matter to people whom love life. Democrats don’t believe in Jesus. They believe that until you breathe a breath of air, you are only tissue. They support ABORTION. Isn’t THAT life?

          • Hence the emphasis on the word ALL.

          • Robert, you are a fool — prime example of a brainwashes fool.

            Political party has nothing, whatsoever to do with utilizing abortion.

            On the other hand,
            political party has a great deal to do with trying to control the lives of others.

            Why is it the right-wing cannot seem to keep their noses clean, yet want to control everyone else’s behavior?

          • That skin you scrub off in the shower every morning is alive.

            The sperm you ejaculate is alive.

            What exactly is your point?

          • If the ova wasn’t then how would it develop into a baby after the sperm entered it?

          • Suggest you research the scientific definition of “life”.

          • All lives matter.
            You are an embarrassment to America

          • Explain to me why WHITES aren’t burning down their cities for the crimes BLACKS commit~

          • Americans are burning down cities.

            They are killing thousands of innocent women, children, elderly, disabled, poor … all over the world.

            White America does not limit its violence to hometowns, it takes it to foreign countries. It pays people to do its bidding.

          • Yep, you must have brown eyes~

          • Thw majority of the world’s populations has brown eyes.
            What is your point – speak out in plain English.

          • Washington State is too liberal and that’s why your son couldn’t get into WSU. I’m in Michigan and UofM stopped that PC BS and were sued but won so only the top students get in now. Liberalism is a mental disorder and destroys anything it involves itself in.

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          • Bigotry is a mental disorder.
            Bigotry is a moral disorder.
            Bigotry is an embarrassment to America.

          • Your right it is but why are black people NOT called out when they are racist?

          • have you not heard? clowns like al sharpless, louise fairyconman, kanyan boyo, and a host of other than whiteys have said it over and over that blacks can not be prejudiced…only a honky can be prejudiced….

          • Maybe you should have stayed in school, you would be able to express yourself in English. You might even be able to read and form your own opinions.

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          • They are, quite frequently, apparently your source material is limited.

          • What’s YOUR source???? Made up???

          • We taught racism to them from the day they arrived !!!

          • You are an embarrassment to the world,,. from a veteran. We had three stars in our home window in WW2 ==#1 Killed in Action–#2 Missing in Action–#3 Prisoner of War and i was in Korea AND afraid of the truth

          • My father was KIA in Korea — buried Arlington National Cemetery.

            My first husband was KIA in Vietnam — buried Arlington National Cemetery.

            I served in Vietnam.

            What did you do, wind bandages and bake cookies?

          • NO ,i served in Korea and was a soldier What did you do troll the airports?

          • No, I sewed your pieces-parts back together. Well, when there was enough left.

          • As you are an embarrass to have been a part of a family with such distinction . For our black men shed blood and died protecting us and themselves in combat ,just as well as the whites. Do some research, this coming from a veteran !! As I have before mentioned in some of my other posts ” We caused Racial Hatred, not hate Blacks”!!

          • I told of MY experience and it was all true and have the right to my opinion based on FACTS of been there done that . If you think i am the only one who feels this way ,you are wrong. I never owned or wanted any one to own a slave and refuse to pay for something that i was responsible for. Two out of three of my daughters are married to minorities and are great proud Americans and have succeeded without free/bees and i would not change that for anything.I am proud to have made America a strong ,lawful country and am glad i lived when there were people with out culture clashes. America has become a giant free for all on morals and lawlessness. Good luck with the future yor going to need it

          • you are an embarASSment to America, but no one will throw your worthless azz out….

          • Childish foul language.
            Go play with the children …

          • go play with yourself, everyone will be a lot happier…

          • Who elected you?
            Speak for yourself.

          • go play with yourself…you can get a good price on batteries at Wal Mart..buy the rechargeable ni cads…they will last longer and give your dildo a new dimension of sensation…

          • Childish foul language.
            Grow up

          • Worthless is being a part of the problem and not the solution, and you sir, fit hat description !!

          • any thoughts as to how I might be part of a problem with the racist clowns in blm…these are the same brain-dead twits that listen to al sharpless and louise fairyconman…now they and their parasite friends are following the racist clown act of your messiah, kenyan boyo, executing police officers…Well that will result in some circumstances that you will live to regret….reduced patrols, failure to investigate black on black crime, quicker reaction to any perceived threatening moves on the part of blacks that are being stopped or investigated…the job is tough enough as it is without clowns with vendettas based on hysteria instead of facts acting the way the black criminals did that were “demonstrating” in Ferguson. One hour into their destruction should have had tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons brought to play..if the did not disperse then four or five shot and left lying in the street would have brought the “demonstration” to an end and Baltimore would never have gotten started…I lay the blame on that illegal african pretender…your messiah, kenyan boyo, for his continued meddling in local affairs that have a “racial” component and his causing the truth to be ignored – fanning the flames of racism….

          • Will respond soon, dealing with a sick spouse(Cancer)

          • AKLady,
            I cannot pass this one up.You are now qualified to judge mental disorders? Or moral disorders? You do not even believe in the Bible. So you have no source for moral disorder except your own beliefs. I, in fact, do not disagree with your beliefs on these issues. I just do not buy your sources

          • Jerry, Child, religion is not the sole source of moral education.

            In fact, it is one of the worst sources — it teaches hate. Yes, Jerry, every religion teaches hate.

            The Christian religion stands at the head of the class in that aspect. Unless you accept Christian dogma, you are unfit, you are a sinner going to hell, you are not good enough …

            You have no idea what my sources are. The Bible is one good story book. There are many others. http://www1.umn.edu/ships/evolutionofmorality/text/01.htm

          • AKlady,
            Your “morality” is based on what? Christianity does NOT teach hate nor even support such a fantasy. You supposedly read the Bible. Surely you know why Jesus came to earth. It had nothing to do with hate but love. Christianity is based on love and faith. God sends no one to hell. They go of their own choice. The entire Bible sine Adam and Eve is about choices. People make choices. That and that alone is what brings about any condemnation. You have a choice to make. No one can make it for you. As much as I or any other Christian might like to do, we cannot. So don’t pass your bad choice off on someone else. YOU make your own choice, not me or anyone else.

          • All religion teaches hate.

            The Christian religion is one of the major transgressors.
            Your post is a prime example.

            Surely, you are aware that your beliefs violate the First Commandment.

          • AKLady,
            How can you say my beliefs violate the First Commandment when I specifically said I could never send you to hell or hades or whatever you wish to call it. But it is a real place to be certain. It is in the Bible many times and was referred to by Jesus more than once. Look at Matt. 5:22, 10:28 and 23:15 for starters. Speaking of Jesus, why did He die on the cross? Did He do it just for fun? Or was it for redemption? If redemption, then redemption from what? I need you to make some sense in what you are saying.
            But the real issue is that you do not understand nor have you done what Jesus told Nicodemus to do in John chapter 3. I John chapter 5, John explains in broader terms. I am referring you to the whole chapter. You would not be making the statements that you do if you read and heeded that very important message.

          • First Commandment (Exodus 20:2): I am the Lord Your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

            Second Commandment (Exodus 20:3-6): You shall have no other gods beside Me. You shall not make for yourself any graven image, nor any manner of likeness, of any thing that is heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them, for I, the Lord Your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers

            Third Commandment (Exodus 20:7): You shall not take the name of the Lord Your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain.

          • AKlady,
            According to you, the Old Testament is a fairy tale. Why are you quoting it? But since you did take that liberty, I agree with what the Bible says. ALL ten of the Commandments. See? I gave you a very explicit answer. I gave you more than one bit of scripture to back up my stance. he last one was a whole chapter in the Bible. Do you do the same in return? I ask you again, why did Jesus die on the cross? The Bible says it was to redeem people from their transgressions so that they might attain righteousness and join Him in Heaven. There is no room in Heaven for unrighteous sin. There has to be some other location for those who choose to reject Jesus and continue their own pursuits without the faith in Jesus that He requested. So did Jesus die on the cross that we should automatically obey the Ten Commandments from a book you call a fairy tale?

          • There are several, who could be your “Jesus”. History is a bit sketchy on that issue.

          • AKLady,
            There is only one in the Bible that I know of. He was the one who went to the cross in about AD 33. He is specifically referred to by both Hebrew and Roman historians, ones which I have presented to you before. So you are trying to pull my leg. No sale.

          • My sister, on this issue that CHRISTIAN religion teaches hate, you are waaaay out in left field !! It is the doctrines of man that promotes and institutes hate not Christian religion. Sorry, you are on tour own on that issue.

          • Really? Believe my way or go to hell — typical Christian rant.

          • Jerry that twit should be able to judge mental illness, she has a severe case of it….

          • Kent2012,
            I do not judge the lady. She has done a huge amount of reading and I commend her for that. I guess that if you live in Alaska and have those vey long winter nights, that reading is a good practice. But it is also easy to get misled I you let that happen.

          • AK Lady, I get real tired of reading your nonsense! You have no clue about real life! You are a pathetic excuse for a human being! Bigotry?! You don’t even know what that is! All you liberals know is how to call names! Some liberal azzhole taught you to say that word, so you say it, and you have no clue what it really means!

          • Childish foul language.
            Go play with the children …

            I strongly suspect I have lived far longer than you.

            I strongly suspect I have lived In far more places than you have.

            I have no doubt that I have far more education and experience than you will ever have.

            Keep those insults coming. They say more about you than I ever could.

          • It is obvious that you have no clue about real life. We call them thugs, hooligans , and gangbangers . We have the blue print on that matter ; Lynch mobs, posses , running them with dogs ,skinning them alive, raping their wives and daughters. We should sit down, shut our mouths ,pray and and ask GOD for his mercy and compassion, as we are served this humble pie. Do your research ,we are to blame for most of this hell !!!!!!

          • Preach it sister!!

          • I wholeheartedly agree with you. It is unfortunate that these behavior are being condoned by politicians and or people who are in the public eye. I wonder what they would say if bad things happen to them and their families.

          • You are a racist.
            Your demand separate but equal,
            then complain when you get what you demand.

          • imbog is 100% correct- enough is enough!!!!!
            I’m sick of paying for their useless life and destruction- Exterminate ’em and you also~

          • I am also — time to stop the endless wars.

            America spend more on military than all of the other modern, developed countries combined — including Russia and China.

            The military budget of the United States during FY 2014 was approximately $578 billion in expenses for the Department of Defense (DoD), $149 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and $43 billion for the Department of Homeland Security, for a total of $770 billion.

          • What’s that gotta due with feeding the nggr population of america?~

          • You are a racist.

          • Bein a nggr, someone musta helped you figure that out, right?~

          • Keep those insults coming.
            They say more about you than I ever could.
            Are you a Nazi?
            Is Hitler one of your heroes?

          • Think on this, are you saved? Not with what I’m reading, but when you die you will be with all races in heaven or hell. So you may as well accept it and move along.

          • Ah, prove what you state!!!!!!
            And what are you saved from????~

          • I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and been set free from SIN. That is what I’m saved from. If you open my heart you’ll find Jesus there! If Jesus were to come back to gather His children home I would be going with Him. Can you say that? And even though you might not believe me, it’s going to happen. If you hate me for saying this to you, then, it will prove that I’m letting my light shine for Jesus and trying to live the way He wants me to live.

          • Ah, I don’t like lamb or any particular blood for that matter, so if that’s what makes you shine, great!!!!!!
            Have a good life or whatever ????~

          • The “Lamb” is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the blood is what he shed when he died on the cross for you and me. So if you don’t like lamb or blood then you don’t like Jesus! Jesus’ love for me is what makes me shine. He loved us enough to lay down his life for us. Like the song says, “When He was on the cross, I was on his mind”; and so were you. Talking about Jesus the Bible says this about him: “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13).
            I’ll be praying for you.

          • Thanx, I guess someone has to, and hope it works..

          • You just got to have faith. And I wanted to make myself clear; I didn’t mean like the lamb meat that is called mutton that you eat, I meant the lamb that is brought to the altar as a sacrifice. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. He went to the cross for the sin of the world and you and I are included in this. He is now sitting on the right hand side of God making intercession for us. He is also living in the hearts of those who accepted him as their Saviour. Prayer is the key to heaven, but it’s faith that unlocks the door.

          • Okay, nice, thanks for that……..

          • Sir, first of all thank you for your service. The whites are no better than who you encountered in the past, you are 84 yrs old , then you know for a fact that most of us have never given them(the blacks) a chance ,we never wanted to get to know them,and never tried and for far more yrs than you are old, the whites have been ganging them ,lynching,burning and raping them, and we say they are gangbangers and thugs. and we are 99. 1millionth % rude as heck to them . We have greeted and welcomed them with violence for years. Affirmative action was obviously first given to us in a land that was not ours . It is us who for the most part have met them with opposition, WE TAUGHT AND INSTITUTED HATRED ,AND WE ARE REAPING THE AFTER AFFECTS OF IT!!!!!! You and so many of our older ancestors, grandfather, grandmothers and our greats promoted and are still spreading this Cancer called Hatred and Racism!! Just as you and the others on here are still stirring the Cauldron of Bigotry. You are to old to still be spreading hatred , GROW UP!! and help show our younger generation that we (Our Country) will never succeed if we continue to hate !!!!

          • I have told you of my experience in every fashion of my life.. If you think by accident my life is different than other whites ,you are wrong. You will find through your life that your likes and dislikes are based solely on YOUR experience and not what some one TELLS YOU what to like or not like. You keep your head in the sand where i am sure you feel is right and i will Not bend to what i know through experience and will stand for the right to voice my opinion even with people like you who think that people who speak the truth must be racist

          • My wording was intended to say those two

          • Racism is taught. In many parts of the South, white children are taught that Blacks are less intelligent, and not quite as entirely human as whites.

            It is disgusting. However, one generation passes it on to the next. This is seen more in impoverished rural area than in places where economic status is higher.

          • I agree with your response 100 % and would like to add that it is sad that it seems most of the older heads it seems in all races are teaching or continually stirring this hatred, but you are sooo right.

          • Sir, you said ” They are not all bad just a little over 99% are rude and racist”. You also said “They are like a pack of dogs” again a statement that only encourages hate, because you said they . You also said “The only way for them is violence to settle something”. Again look at where this training and ways started, US! You proceeded to say whites can not even look funny and they are all over you (us)” But research history, we taught them that they could not even look at us ,they were taught to hold their heads down. These statements should have been made more personal and pointed at the area that personally affected you , because you did not try to enroll in their unions, their police union, teachers union,their firefighters union, nor their congressional union. It was the university of Washington that your disdain should have been pointed at ,or the blacks that you had personal incidents with. But you are pointing at the race as a whole, and this could not be further from the truth. My Grandfather if he was still alive he would be 12 yrs older than yourself and he always taught me” Son , no matter what a person does to you, do not judge that family or race because of what one or a few may do, but judge everyone as an individual”. I would like to add that my daughter was abducted by two white men for 5 months but that did not make all white men bad, but hose two I classified as sick and the scum of the earth because there is no need to treat anyone in such a manner”
            What I am saying again” is that our race has caused a lot of the hatred that we receive from the blacks or any other considered to be minority group by how we entreat them.I am sincerely apologetic of you and your families experiences but we can not stereotype or profile them all.

          • I have to agree with you. I have several black friends who are very dear to me. I don’t care what color their skin is. Their hearts are fabulous and I love them. If we could just get some of these racists out of the picture, the decent people, no matter what color would get this settled correctly. Those of us who feel this way need to make our voices heard over the negative voices! You just HEARD mine!

          • If you live in the inner city it’s getting bad. Have you been watching tv about Baltimore it’s only showing a small amount of the problem. They mayor of Baltimore is resigning she’s getting out of dodge before the crap hits the fan.

          • Your neighborhood seems to be the exception. Unfortunately there are a lot that does not fall into your category. We have to wise up. A neighborhood does not make the whole country.

          • Amen.
            We are all Americans.
            Our Black citizens did not ask to be Americans — we dragged their ancestors here in chains and treated them like animals.

          • their warring ancestors lost a fight and were sold into slavery by other blacks. here’a an idea compare black lives in america to those in africa especially when we ( the united states ) dont help them please tell us how much better lives in africa are, hummmm m, what no answer thought so

          • Is that supposed to excuse your racism?

            Whites bought them.

            Is it the reminder of that evil which is the fuel for whites to hate?

          • Here’s the problem, under any circumstances race trumps sanity and logic in the Black community 90% of the time no matter how wrong the Black person is in a situation [there are notable exceptions, but not many]. Even the 80% of the Black population that is generally rational about most life subjects still votes for insane politicians who do nothing for them and haven’t for 60 years.

          • You say it is time to ignore the media, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Holder, etc.! Please tell me, just how in the HEXX do we do that?! I wish that I could ignore them! I wish that none of them even existed!

          • I know what you mean. Every time we turn around one of them has their UGLY Mugg on the TV playing the racism card!

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        • I’m repeating what my dad told me when I was about 10 years old! He said, “Son, a (n-word) is a weird kind of person, if you buy him a coke to go with his lunch one day, he’ll want to stab you in your back the next day, if you don’t buy his lunch!!”

          • More hate and lies.
            I suspect you also claim to be a Christian.

          • And you are a racist==the worst kind,, the only thing you can say in response is “You are a racist”.

          • that is due to a severe mental shortfall…also educational shortfall..she thinks that we brought the slaves here…probably would tell you that Tom Jefferson got into his cigarette boat and went to Africa and personally rounded up all the healthy black folks that he could find….not only that he sent Sam Adams back with a big freighter to steal all the things of value…now those poor folks have nothing but grass shacks and bowls made from roots…

          • In your world, how did the Africans arrive in the Americas?
            My Louisiana cousins bred “high-yellows” and trained them as house slaves. Made a whole lot of money.

          • I would suggest a little research that would yield the fact that the black clowns that are the ancestors of your messiah attacked and kidnapped members of tribes that were their neighbors and sold them to european slave traders who then put them in stinking filthy ships for the long death ride to the Americas….oh and the rags that your messiah is helping? their ancestors were there doing their best to support the misery and their cousins were in Tripoli running their kidnapping and ransom operation against any countries ships. Our leaders decided enough was enough and instituted the Marine Corp and then sent them to rout the rags…

          • There is a lot more to that tale, but you have the bigoted version down pat.

          • nice retort, too bad that you have not “enlightened” us bigots…

          • You do not need enlightened. You are fully aware of the factual history and simply choose to write a condensed version which is constructed in a way to being disrespect on Blacks.

          • what factual history are you referring to? the one the commies in the education system in the USA have created out of whole cloth…next you will be blaming the GOP and the conservatives for prostitution and Vietnam era veterans for aids…oh and that George Bush created hurricane Katrina and the Korean conflict…..

          • Grow up.
            No one is impressed by your childish insults.

          • I’m not CLAIMING anything,……but I’m probably as much of a Christian as you are!!

          • I’m not a Christian.
            Gave the addiction up a long time ago – when the hypocrisy became so glaringly evident.

          • the n word is not just for blacks its a word just like honky or cracker which blacks can use to describe whites but heaven forbid whites use any derogatory words to describe low life blacks

          • Excuse, excuse, excuse …

            There are social unacceptable people in all races and walks of life.

            One can discuss their shortcomings without using racial slurs.

            Your lies don’t impress someone who grew up in the South and lived through the 1960s.

          • Truer words have never been spoken~

        • Young man, as you asked Kay, are you giving them money,drugs or sex ? Because you seem to know a lot about it . Again, it seems that most of the comments on here ,only condone and encourage more bigotry and hatred. Stop being a hate monger and do something constructive with your time and not destructive !. You all are boxing yourselves into a box with no way out ,if you feel you only need one race. Take the brakes off of stupidity and let it go. You are missing out on a lot of real friends !! Please go and watch the full version of the movie “REMEMBER THE TITANS” and not he cut version that it seems you are still watching.

      • Been there, done that, and also lived by nice hard working blacks. Yes a lot of blacks are taught to hate whites, and it is a taught hatred as children see no colors just a new friend, then the hatred breeds hatred as we are treated badly by those who are taught to hate. We then believe all are bad. I lived by a bunch of white thugs who beat up others weaker than they were, lived like pigs, robbed their neighbors and eventually their house was condemned and they were forced to move. I had to take them to court more than once. Does that mean all whites are bad? No, I just got stuck with some living behind me.

        • KAY: Life is realizing who the racists are. There are BAD blacks, and there are BAD whites. Whats really bad is those parents teaching the hate to their children, when most of them are in integrated schools. I always hope those kids have the brains to think for themselves and realize that this is 2015…..not 1925, and learn to like the ones that have a good heart, fair minded, and do not listen to the ones teaching them hatred.

          • People should judge people by the persons action not race. I have had more problems with whites than I ever did with blacks. A 16 year old tried to run over my 5 year old and another 5 year while they walked with a group of older children to the bus for no other reason than he wanted to. I had all the tires slashed on both my car and truck by a white guy I didn’t know nor did he know me but he was just out slashing everyone’s tires. The worse a black ever did to me was punch my husband in the face when we were driving in their neighborhood. And I lived in a middle class development in a ranch style house with working class neighbors so it wasn’t like I lived in the ghetto. Criminals do not come in selected colors, incomes, nor areas but are what they are. I moved to the country with no neighbors to get away from whites.

          • Kay try and see a doctor asap. you are a total freakout. I thought maybe you should move to Harlem where you will be appreciated. If you moved away from whites to be safer you have a mental disorder and should see someone asap–Good luck

          • KAY, you must be married to a black man. Seems the neighbors are not in your corner, & you are not a favorable person to know…..plus I sincerely doubt that anyone tried to run over your 5 yr. old. There is something wrong with your mindset…..see a doctor as soon as possible. I certainly hope you are not living close to me, you are one scary broad.

          • No I am not and never was, and my husband passed away a year and a half ago.

          • better you hang yourself and get away from everyone~

          • I’m white, Kay, & believe it, I hope you STAY the hell away from me!!!

      • You can’t deal with ignorance so keep your back covered and stay cocked and loaded.

      • You use of the slur tells me you are a liar.

      • Not all Blacks are raised to hate Whites. My son had a learning disability in school and was treated better by the majority of Black students, than students of his own color. The only time I ever had a problem with any Black child was from a group of four led by a White psycho and promoted by a Black bigoted Principal. I stopped that by going to the Superintendent of the elementary schools. The majority of the Blacks in my area, pretty much are no different than the Whites in my area. We all get along rather well. It is not uncommon to see White and Black kids hanging out playing basketball, little league, or sitting at pavilions in the Parks. All are mannerly and will even offer assistance to people. Many are also working part-time jobs and going to school.

      • You are obviously nearsighted and have been drinking from a tall glass of Double standard mixed with a cup of stuck on stupid. I agree we all have choices to make , like whether to hate a man for who he is, or the color of his skin or to judge him by how he looks ,or what he wears . Come on! wearing a hat that looks like Isis ! Watch the movie “LONE SURVIVOR” it was written about friends of mine!!! But the thing that blew most of us away was that The leader of the Afghan village put his entire village and children’s lives on the line to honor a 2000 yr old code of honor which they called Pashtunwali. which required to undertake the responsibility of safeguarding an individual against his enemies and protecting him at all costs. Was it not amazing how GOD allowed Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell to come along at that set time ,during their honoring of that Tradition ? Learn to try and help someone, not out of fear, but help someone and be a friend to someone because you want to make a difference. Stop being a part of the problem and try to find a peaceful way to better the situation. Contrary to what you or any of the other bigots on here think or feel, There are very intelligent Blacks and others out here also, that you and a lot of us can learn from.

    • Honey you dont know the real black people and what they stand for or what they are about, ive had to live around them. And they hate white folks unless, your giving them some sex or your supporting them or giving them some drugs. So why do you like them so much, you giving them some.

      • How best can I show you how ignorant your reply is. Let me see, I am over 65, recently lost my husband, never did illegal drugs, don’t drink, have lived by blacks, know how they can all seem racist, but have met plenty who are hard working and kind such as the time my car broke down in a bad section of town and several black men helped fix it and took care of me so I would be safe. I have also seen the bad side of some blacks. Just as with whites, Hispanics, and all races, you have the good, the bad and the ignorant. You know, whites like you. They see only the bad and never look beyond it.

        • No you need to look at statistics from the Clint Eastwood movie the good,the bad, and the ugly. Then check the prison population by race.

        • KAY its people like you that really make it bad for the rest of the senior citizens. I bet you have the “OLD-TIMERS” disease. Your brain isn’t working, because you keep changing your versions about the different races. GO SEE A SHRINK….you really need one.

          • Let me see, it was white males who slashed my tires on both my truck and car as well as my neighbors, they were bored, it was a white 16 year old who tried to run my 5 year old and another 5 year old over with his parents car, not sure why but a 357 helped his parents decide to move, it was white males who tossed a pit bull into my yard because they thought it would be funny to watch it kill my dog. Shame I had to shoot theirs, It was white males who robbed my house but got busted, and it is because of whites I moved to the country where I do not have close neighbors. I use to work 60 or more hours a week and didn’t know a single one of these people but I can promise you that they soon knew me and I never had another problem out of them. So please do tell me how “nice” the whites are and evil the blacks are. I only had problems twice with a black but some people need to face the fact that even in nice middle class neighborhoods you get nasty little white thugs.

          • You do have “old timers”, because you seem to enjoy the “COPY & PASTE” available on your computer. Your words are like toilet paper. Full of BS.

          • You are disgusting, Granny. If anyone has a deranged brain, it is YOU!

          • muskat antonopolis

            granny..i sincerely doubt that you are a granny…I think male not female…none-the-less,
            I remember how it went with the socialist party supporters……unless you agreed with their
            agenda you were singled out for persecution……and with the Nazi*s, the same…if you were not in goose-step with them then likewise…you were singled out for trouble……Sooooo,
            is that what you are? Do you hate because somebody dosent agree with you? No, I do
            not think that you really feel that way…..ALL of us must agree to disagree without feelings
            of anger or hate…..THAT is part of the reason we as Americans are part of the greatest
            Nation on earth……all olther nations because of hate have fallen in upon themselves and
            ceased to be a Nation……..God bless

    • Back in the late 70s – early 80s, the NYPD accepted recruits with “minor” criminal histories, that is, misdomeanors. Resulting in trebling of police brutality complaints and law suit; police commuting crimes under color of law, ranging from extorting businesses to escort service to drug dealers to sexual assaults.
      This is the future unless the public smartens up: high-quality men and women will shun “The Job”, under-qualified people will fill the ranks.
      BTW, courts and DA’s share blame in the NYPD disaster above. They often plea-bargaineded felonies such as burglaries, down to misdomeanors vandalisms. What they did in effect, was subourne the NYPD’s hiring of thieves.
      As a black retired police officer

    • How about we utilize those FEMA camps we hear so much about…. We can employ veterans as security in them to make certain that the “little darlin’s” don’t escape.

    • Well said! The issue I see with police is, they need to police their own, turn in the ones that are doing wrong, and make sure the bad ones are booted to the curb. The problem is that the police unions don’t give a rats butt if they are backing up a good cop or a bad one, but if the unions used their heads, they would realize that the public has had enough of them making the bad cops stay on the force. Cops need to forget the brotherhood, and do what is right, get the bad cops canned, and maybe then the public will start respecting the police again.

    • Holder, Obama, Sharpton, et. al., did not create ghettos — they have been around since before this country became a nation.

      Ghettos for Chinese Americans. .
      Ghettos for Italians Americans..
      Ghettos for the Irish Americans..
      Ghettos for the Jewish Americans. .
      Ghettos for the poor Americans..
      Ghettos for Catholic Americans. .
      Prison camps for the Japanese Americans.

      Ghettos for Blacks are simply the most recent.

    • I agree with you 100%. The news media have done a good job of undermining the authority and respect due our police officers. When I see a police officer guarding the public at a civic function, I feel safer and calm. I make it a point to shake their hands and tell them how grateful I am for them being there for me and everyone else. Institutional racism is going to be very hard to stop. A lot of people (of ALL races) suffer from it. When the news media gets off their liberal feed, we just might get the news the way it should be given. As we speak, even the Pentagon is having a hard time getting the truth.

    • The race issue isn’t simple, is it? The same race that produced Obama, Holder, and Sharpton also produced Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson. In Dr. Carson’s case, he even started out as a youth in an inner city in a single-parent home. The thing that made a difference in his life was a mother who cared enough about her kids (and was smart enough) to want little Ben and his older brother to get good educations. What did she do? She had Ben and his brother read books! Little Ben soon realized he was meant for better things than street gangs, and he eventually really made something of himself. (Dr. Carson’s older brother eventually became a successful engineer.) Not coincidentally, it also made Dr. Carson a conservative Republican.

  3. Before election of 2008 it was all known just how really bad and anti american Obama always was ! No Secrete at all a confirmed Nazi-Marxist Commie ? Entire family and Friends list ? Voters of Liberal Democrat forced him into office without even understanding Obama wants to tear down replace Capitalism USA with Nazi-Commie Marxists Government. He wants to be Dictator Emperor ? Fools in the Congress are ass-holes worthless to even see Through Obama Politics , Impeachment is required to regain our Country. Useless Senators will not fix our Country when they could have done so instantly. Obama is a CURSE to Black People and Everyone.

  4. As the landshark says keep your six covered. I have never been more ashamed of this country in all of my 74+ years, the grand experiment of a black president has turned into a vast and utter failure. Not saying we could not thrive under a black president but under this bozo we got it hasn’t and never will happen. Pray that the sane voters in this country turn out and get rid of this Democratic Liberal regime and what is left of all democrats in the House and Senate in 2016. One should not be very pleased with the Republicans either though. Tis the pity those are the two choices we have at this point in time.

    • Sir, he is not a black president he is bi-racial, so we can’t say he is our first black president. If Ben Carson gets the nomination and is elected then he would be our first black president. I believe we could be proud of him.

  5. That last question said it all, “Is there anything the “liberal” left touches that doesn’t turn to $hit?” Nothing that I can think of, including the Democratic party.

  6. I support the police 100%

  7. That fascist clown in the white house isn’t fit to be our President, he needs to be impeached for treason. He keeps bringing trash into America to suck our economy dry. He wants to suck it dry before that Bas Truds term is up.

  8. I bet that scum Obama will try to stay in office, wait and see, I bet he calls for Marshal law before his term is up. He has tried for the last three years now to divide the nation and cause race riots to the best of his abilities. Now he will bring ten thousand more Muslim trash into our country for us to support. He will take away from seniors and Vets to do just that. Impeach the left wing fascist trash.

    • Agree with you completely but the term is martial law not marshal law. Don’t mean to sound like the spelling/grammar police. We need to take care of the men in blue. I’ve recently seen yard signs and bumper stickers that say; We support the Badge with a picture of a badge and all done in blue and white. I’m going to get some how about you guys?

  9. i am sick and tired of all the attacks on our police in this country. they do deserve better and we should all be supporting them any time we can

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. The next time my congressman has a town meeting, I want to ask him face to face why Obama is not getting impeached. What good did it do to give both houses to the Republicans they have done nothing. I hope everyone remembers at their next election time.

    • Unfortunately my congress person is Gwen Moore. The most ignorant liberal democrat in the house. I have written her many times about motions or actions that they are considering and soon would vote on. All I ever get is their typical form letter taylored for that specific topic. It is a waste of time and effort to try to get through to any of these morons. As far as elections go we are in a geographic hell hole of inner city and fringe city areas. She keeps getting elected by a wide margin in spite of all the campaigning I do for the one person that keeps challenging her. Tired of wasting my time, energy, money and emotions.

      • REIN=Replace-Every-Incumbent-NOW!.

      • Think you have it bad? Both Senators from the state of Maryland are died in the wool Communists. Then there is Elijah Cummings, Obummer’s Pit Bull in the House. Same in California. The Democrap Party has been taken over by Communists and the people who vote for them don’t comprehend the grave implications that fact has for the future of America.

        • I’ve tried. Now for two election cycles. I have campaigned for the only guy with a chance at replacing her. He is my mechanic (owns his own garage and business), is active in all the republican activities in the area as I do, and my friend. So far the overwhelming majority of ignorant democrat voters in our area keep voting her in by landslides every time.

          • For now all we can do is keep the facts in view. And lately, I am convinced most elections are rigged and rife with voter fraud. Recently was reported a couple hundred thousand Virginia demoncrap voters were registered to vote in several states. And then there are the dead voters.

  12. This officer unfortunately just underscores the problem. Police think the public is stupid and they refuse to acknowledge their issues much less address them. Newsflash- we aren’t stupid, at least not all of us.

    We KNOW that most police are good and that they fill a very necessary role. We KNOW that they have a tough job and are faced with many things that we have chosen to avoid by pursuing other careers. We KNOW that this can be wearisome on a person.

    BUT….there is too much evidence and too many examples of police abusing their authority. We see SWAT teams spending most of their time serving petty search warrants and police killing an estimated family pet every 90 minutes. We see footage of those SWAT raids for petty search warrants or for some petty credit card fraud and see American citizens treated like enemy soldiers with cops screaming and swearing about how many holes they’re going to put in people’s heads if they dare to move. And we say to ourselves…are we really ok with American citizens being treated like this? What if it were myself and MY family? Would I be ok with being treated like this? We say “NO” to that question.

    We see police that used to help save people even from themselves take a person threatening themselves or a crowd with a knife and swarm them under to get them to treatment, now just empty their magazines when the suspect takes a step towards them. We see families in this situation calling to help get their loved one to take their medicine for mental issues or get them to a hospital and see them shot and killed when they have a screwdriver or a hammer. These are supposed to be trained professionals to “serve and protect?”

    In the face of all of this evidence and video and audio, we see police act like children- saying they can’t or won’t enforce the law because they “might get into trouble.” Or we see them completely ignore the facts that point out there are some real issues to address and pout instead about how the public doesn’t “appreciate” them and how dangerous their jobs are. Yeah, so dangerous it’s not even in the top 10, at least not the way it’s done now with an apparent “shoot first” mentality. The consistently refuse to admit there COULD EVEN BE AN ISSUE, choosing to sulk instead. And that doesn’t fill us with confidence. That doesn’t fill us with respect.

    So again I say, quit treating us like we’re stupid. We know and appreciate law enforcement. BUT…there ARE some issues. Those issues are in current policy and procedure and even training. There is some effort needed by those in blue as well to help turn things around and that effort isn’t burying their heads in the sand and denying that anything is wrong. The law enforcement officers and organizations of America need to wake up, acknowledge the issues and partner with their communities to resolve the problems. Then they’ll find that they don’t have ANY lack of respect, in fact, they’ll have much more of it than they have today.

  13. Just to let policemen know, I live in Stockton, CA and if I see somebody try to attack you, I will jump in to help if necessary, just don’t think I’m one of the bad guys, I’m not.

  14. These recent goings on are so uncalled for. Obama should be rallying our country together with encouraging respect for our officers and others. Even if you feel like you are being unjustly singled out, you should be cooperative, calm, and do nothing that makes you appear as a threat to an officer or anyone. Because if you are arrested wrongly, you have the right to a lawyer and get things straightened out. You’d have your dignity and life intact. Officers have families too, and they want to go home to their families intact also. Obama has stirred the pot and removed R E S P E C T , from the English language in this country.

    • We have a county sheriff here in Milwaukee WI that has gained national attention. He advocates for people to utilize their second amendment right for self protection. He admits that when shit happens it happens fast and there is no way law enforcement can be there to protect you when it happens. He also suggests that when you see a cop or other first responder thank them for what it is that they do for us. I really love sheriff David Clarke and suggest everyone follow his suggestions. If you want to defend yourself then get a weapon and get lisenced and trained. I personally thank every officer I see in the course of my everyday travels. You should too.

      • With you all the way except for that “license” crap. ELECT candidates who will repeal unconstitutional gun control “laws”!, and establish that the God given right to self defense and the Second Amendment are the ONLY authorization American citizens require to properly be capable of protecting themselves and their communities.

        • Agree with you completely but as long as it is the law and I want to carry concealed and not get arrested if I ever have to use it. I will follow the law. What scares me is newest attempts at gun control with this UN globalist treaty or whatever they call it. It would provide a universal gun owner registry and then the next step is confiscation. That is how it has happened in all takeovers of countries throughout history. Then there is the Social Security gun control crap going on and the mental health gun owner confiscation crap. It is all coming at us from every different angle you can think of and is going to get through one way or another according to Obama. It will be one more link in his legacy as he sees it.

          • I understand your position. It is the same in most of America. But in actuality the licensing to carry a firearm in not constitutional. All government entities which carry out such practice are in violation of the constitutional rights upon which they INFRINGE.

            I don’t believe any attempt at blanket confiscation will be successful. And Obama’s legacy will be that you CAN NOT violate the US Constitution and get away with it, NO MATTER who you are. He’ going to prison.

          • muskat antonopolis

            he is not going to prison…and who will put him there?…all of the posters on the anti-obama
            blogs? they cannot even get beyond childish name calling and empty threats…they will not
            even take the time to call their congressman or woman and express their wishes….it is
            my opinion that they would rather see anarchy than law and order and civil rights for every
            Citizen…I think that this is my biggest problem with all of the MOUTH that is posted on
            any of the blogs…..all of the anti-black remarks…I doubt many if ANY of the anti-black
            posters on this and other threads were combat vets…..I doubt that they were in a firefight
            with a black man as your buddie keeping your 6 from being blow apart….you hate mongers
            disgust me with your bs and empty statistics…what color is a black mans blood!!!? the same
            as yours ….red…….and all of you who jump the black man because of all the hate that
            they have experienced for 200 years or more, that he wants NO MORE of it and hates
            like you do…..where is your RIGHT to hate…they have a right…hey white BOY…..fetch
            my cane so that I can beat you with it and hurry up BOY….how many of you would
            accept that kind of treatment as well as the black man, and his women, raped by their OWNER
            and carrying that baby to term only to have it sold by it*s father to a stranger…..you people
            who hate, hate, hate are infested with hate and you learned it with your mothers milk,
            the air that you breathed as a child on this the hate filled killing fields of the USA….
            get on your knees and ask God to forgive you and go do something to help your black
            brother or sister…and God have mercy on us ALL!

          • You are some kind of psychologically SICK Communist lapdog. I, and most who despise Obama, despise him for his politics and his disdain for the US Constitution and the favoritism he dispenses to Muslims. You are a racist POS the accuse me or anyone else who has not made a racist comment on any of these venues you speak of.

            You speak not of the murders theft, rape and mayhem committed by the evil you protect with your empty accusations

            Yes! I have been in combat with my black brothers at my side. BUT! Black people, as white people, are not all the same.

            I pray to God every day to fix this nation. You need to spit that Communist penis out of your mouth and get up off your knees and beg God to forgive your stupidity. FU!

          • muskat antonopolis

            landshark….thank you for your reply….let me inform you as I know that you really care,
            I am not a socialist…..nor a socialist communist…..I am not a dog…..as I do not have
            fur all over my body and four legs and a long tail…bow wow….bow wow…well…in all truth
            …..I did tag on to your post ….but it was not you that I was targeting specifically…..it was
            the whole group of mouths with four legs who huff and puff and scream and wail about
            everything but DO NOTHING to correct anything….so you just happened to be the one
            that I tagged/replied on your comment….sorry…I am gonna go slam my finger in the
            door a couple of times….ok..now let me see…hum….I am not a piece of shit….nope,
            checked and I for sure am not a pos…..I am not racist…..nope…only super tired of
            of all the racisim that I encounter everyday….never surprised at the worst in the best
            of us humans and best in the worst of us…..speak of rape and mayhem I assume you
            mean “African americans”? are committing rape and mayhem?…there are white, brown, red, yellow and black murderers, rapists and other types of criminals and most crimes
            committed by these are limited to psychologically sick groups and some individuals
            and NOT the majority……and, I do not prefer male to male sex…I am a heterosexual
            so there is nothing to spit out…..as to Praying…I DO pray for YOU old buddy every
            day….and NOTHING>>>NOTHING that you say or accuse me of will cause me
            to become angry at you……..

          • Gee. You’re such a nice guy. But you have still accused a plethora of people of the sins of a few. And none of us alive today have sold a child into slavery, unless there are pimps and or Muslims among us. And it is dangerous to assume. But, since you were speaking of the ancient wrongs committed against blacks, though members of all races have historically experienced slavery, then yes, for the explicit purpose of that conversation, I was referring to black, not African, Americans, as you were making all sorts of libelous assertions in your defense of that particular group as you excused their “rage” as deserved retaliation for crimes which were not even committed against them.
            And if there is any justice on this planet, Obama will go to prison, and receive the penalty he truly deserves. It was very racist of you to insinuate all posters who disagree with Obama’s policies are racists. Praying you can see the light. Anger? No. Pity? Yes.

          • muskat antonopolis

            stuff it in your ear…..who cares what u stink and u do…..bite it….it dosent matter what any
            one says to you..you will reply in your usual way….bs…bs…bs….hope that you have a good

          • muskat antonopolis

            landshark….you didn t “gotcha” anything except a really serious case of DUMB ass..
            …..my my landshark is using big words now…”punk”…your education is paying off….
            idiot emeritus……..

          • Wrong mutrat. Your allegedly absent anger is blatant. Your promise of prayer a lie. You are a vindictive imbecilic Punk.And, apparently, YOU care.

          • muskat antonopolis

            umm?..oh?…I see…umm…no don’t think so…..bye

  15. It would be much easier to support the police if it weren’t for the never ending problems with police and NO accountability for their illegal actions.
    Seems like every time I start to think I should support police I see another incident where a cop breaks the law is is put on PAID leave until the heat is off and then goes back to work. No accountability for the illegal action.
    It seems that any time I have contact with one he/she is arrogant, overbearing and in many cases disrespectful of me.
    I have a major problem finding any respect for the police.

    • Yes I have so much more respect for the criminals, never ending problems with police? Dramatic much? This respect thing goes both ways, so who do you respect? Who do you call when you have incidents?
      Any time there is a “problem” they are put on leave while it is being investigated you twit. Why do you have contact with them so much that they are arrogant, overbearing and disrespectful of you?? Do they just walk up out of the blue and just abuse you for no reason? Seems to me now days that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I bet you just have a problem with authority figures period.

      • Yeah, I called the police when I had 2 motorcycles stolen. 4 hours later a deputy shows up to take the report, and acts like I am being a PITA. The reason she took so long was that they were doing a seatbelt and child seat stop on the other side of town.
        My first encounter with a cop was when I was 16 and he wrote me a ticket for 55 in a 40. The dirt bike I was riding would only do 45 (on a down hill run). When I went to court and tried to plead my case the judge says, “If the officer says it, it is so.”
        In CA splitting lanes with a motorcycle is perfectly legal. I got stopped for it, even though all 3 lanes of the freeway were at a dead stop. The cop was exactly what I said, arrogant, overbearing and downright disrespectful (he made a comment about me being too old to be riding in the first place).
        Then when I (finally) get off the freeway I am doing 25 in a school zone and the same cop goes flying by at well over the 40 mph regular speed limit.
        Had a dipstick write me a ticket for failure to use a turn signal, when pulling out from a curb, on an empty street. When he left, he crossed 4 lanes of the same street without a signal. I made a complaint and when the internal affairs woman (cop) listened to my complaint she said “I drove all the way to work this morning without using a signal. I don’t see what the big deal is.”
        We all see cops breaking the laws, all the time, and NEVER have to be accountable.
        I have trouble believing there are any “good” cops because ALL of them turn a blind eye on the transgressions of the others.
        I can spend the next year listing all of the times cops have done something that would have got me thrown in jail for years, and they get paid leave for a month then are back on the job.
        Sorry, but I DON’T support the police unconditionally and it takes at least 3 independent witnesses for me to believe ANYTHING a cop says.

        • Yup, I think Mary was right. You are the one with the attitude. When you are approached by a LEO I think you portray an attitude of disdain or anger. Most officers will still be polite and fair with you until you keep up the attitude. You need to check back on your attitude and look for where it is that you pushed to confrontation to the point where they just responded in kind. I have been stopped/pulled over about a half a dozen times in my live time. Every time I was I was in the wrong. I acknowledged it and was polite with the officer. They responded in kind every time. I have talked with many officers over the years and have many friends in LE. They are, as a group, polite and respectful until you push them over the limit. Remember, they are people too and will only take so much BS before they get frustrated and angered.

  16. When SOME police officers move around in the public and mistreat the citizens,there will be a wall of dislike and distrust between them. Sadly the cops that follow the training they received, DO NOT correct a bad cop who is out of line. These Bad cops create hostile situations and do not get reprimanded. The police union stand by bad cops. Many of the police supervisors were bad cops, that rose up the rank. So the police deserve the hatred from some of the citizens. However, no police officer should be murdered or an unarmed citizen. There should be a consistent penalty of Death in ALL US States for anyone killing a cop, and the same for a cop that murdered a unarmed citizen. Police chiefs and Sheriffs should retrain all officers on the proper use of force, too many cops are going from 1 to 6 pretty much at the same time.

    • I think that you are giving way to much power to the anti-police factions. The percentage of so called bad cops or bad apples in the barrel is so minute compared to the total number of LE personnel out there. They are by and large a very well trained and controlled group that excercise their authority with dignity and poise. When the bad guys confront the police and refuse to cooperate with lawful orders what are they suppose to do? They are trained and paid to deal with that kind of belligerence and ignorance.

  17. As the man said: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Badges and ‘blue walls’ encompass that power and far too many formerly common folk have either fallen victim to or eagerly endorsed that truth. As in all things there are degrees. Say it ain’t so and you’re ignoring stark truth.

  18. When are the police unions going to figure out democrats are not for them????

    • Some of them are. Did you hear about the police union in Boston that boycotted Obama when he went there recently? They took their stand because he was not publicly decrying the anti-police rhetoric and supporting the law enforcement community. His lack of action says a lot about where his head and heart is at.

    • Why have we allowed ‘Public Servants’ to have Unions?. They were absolutely needed before the beginning of WWII, but since then have been ‘Parroting ‘ the leftest line right out of Karl Marx. It is extremely hard for the Police to function in the present climate of libtard induced ignorance and hate. Our city recently arrested one of our Assistant Chiefs for assorted criminal activities from which he was able to reap several millions of dollars over a 10 year period.

  19. Year ago I was part of Support Your Local Police organization. I was considered a radical. Where are you radicals today??? Come out come out wherever you are

    • Everyone has gotten complacent about supporting the police. Right now you are not just a radical for supporting the police you are racist and everything else they can throw at you. I say to hell with that BS. Lets support all our LEO’s where ever we see them. I personally thank every officer I see for their service and then tell them we’ve got their back. Try it a couple times, Most of them thank you right back and you get a smile out of them. It’s a great feeling also. Just a little perk of doing the right thing.

  20. This was written by a retired NOPD officer on facebook. It speaks for itself.

    Once upon a time, “Reasonable Suspicion” led to ” Probable Cause”, which led to the arrest of individuals carrying guns. This no longer exist in New Orleans for sure, and without a doubt in ALL urban cities
    of America.

    Look at Chicago this past Labor Day Holiday; 8 murdered and another 46 individuals shot. The tide has turned in America! What do I mean? Very simply put, the police are the criminals, and the politicians have made them the criminals; with no support, and continued condemnation from the very top of the American

    There was once a time in New Orleans (1970’s) when it was encouraged that police officers go out and make gun arrest. Not today by any means. As a patrolman, on one occasion, myself and my partner during the course of an 8 hr. shift made seven gun arrest in one bar where heroin was being sold. The next day the owner of
    the bar in the French Quarter called the captain, and complained that we were “ruining” his business. The captain said that he would read the reports and get back with him. That is exactly what Captain Norris “Rocky”
    Randall did. He called the man and told him that his men were going to continue to come into his place of business, look for guns, and weapons. He further told the owner that based on the FACT that guns, drugs, wanted subjects were patronizing his business, and that in one case heroin was found in the diaper of a baby, that he was going to report the bar to the state A.B.O. Control Board, which he did.The owner had his license suspended for 6 months. When he re-opened he never complained again. Today, the police officers would be
    suspended or fired. Things were no different when I was a sergeant in the Tactical Unit, the men would work the Sixth District on a regular bases, hit the bars, stop people coming out of the bars and confiscate guns nightly, and on a regular bases. The men would hit known locations for drug activity and when we walked into the place, guns, knives, drugs, and God knows what would ” hit the floor”. Names were run, and so many known and wanted criminals were located and arrested for everything from murder to traffic attachments; not any more.

    One can only imagine what a difference that made then, as compared to what is taking place in New Orleans today; and other urban cities. We can only imagine how many murders, aggravated batteries, and armed robberies had been averted. Had we not taken those actions then, there are countless people who are walking
    the streets of New Orleans today who would not be walking the streets of New Orleans. They would not be working, or raising their families, or enjoying a life they richly deserved. They would be in their graves.

    So now in all urban areas of America, the criminals rule supreme. Now, police officers are so disrespected and loathed that the police are being shot and assassinated by the criminal element. Well America, apparently this is what you want, and so this is what you got. If you don’t change your attitude it will only get worse, and all of us, and I mean all of us are going to pay a terrible price that is already totally out of control.

    9/10/2015 – – Overnight: 1 dead, 2 injured in French Quarter shooting

    New Orleans police say a man is dead and two others are in stable condition after an overnight shooting in the French Quarter.

    Donnell Jackson

  21. There’s good and bad in everyone in this world.

  22. Here in Walnut Creek, Ca. Police are respected.

  23. I agree with Kay. Police should not protect any of them. Don’t respond to calls. Let them kill themselves. they are like the africans in africa. They behave like untamed animals. They like to play the victims yet they are the ones causing all the problems and ignoring the laws. This includes Obama!!

  24. It may come down to those that dislike the police will have to call the blm or the black panthers for help when they are in trouble?

  25. If the BLM people continue to go after cops, who’s left when their homes or lives are threatened by black-on-black crime? As the Ghostbusters theme says, “Who ya gonna call?” Certainly not BLM. They’ll be too busy hiding in a closet.

  26. Look – WE have allowed these socialists to set up a no win situation where the police are concerned. If they do their job, they’re wrong and if they don’t do their job – AHA – they’re wrong.
    Are we afraid of BLM and NBP?

  27. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    When a good cop covers up in any way for a bad cop as has been happening at an alarming rate then the police need to realize they are making them against us in many cases, Instead of complaining be good cops, stop covering up

    • Hang in there. I’m doing my best to talk good, qualified men and women I know and have met to talk them out of becoming a police officer. So far, six out of ten have chosen other professions.
      One more thing: bad cops don’t last long. They get fired. Of course the media rarely reports this fact.
      Nor do they advise citizens of complaint procedures; internal affair investigations; or state AG procedures to follow.

  28. There are a lot of people who support our law enforcement agencies but are out voiced by the biased left media rags and an administration who is more biased than the media and who promotes violence toward law enforcement for his own agenda. But we do need to find a way to rid this country of this virus called obozo.

  29. There are blacks and there are subhuman black thugs! Our Law Enforcement Officers need our support and if that means getting physically involved then so be it. Most of these black hoodlums are cowards that need to gang up on senior citizens, women, children and infants. Have you noticed that most of the murders of Police Officers are committed by black back shooters? The others are committed by two, three or more assailants. That’s because black thugs only pick on the weak or, those that they can overwhelm with their numbers. Get this straight, I’m not talking about ALL blacks, just those freeloaders and vicious animals that leech off of society as a way of life!

    I carry a gun (sometimes two, depending on where I’m going and/or doing) and I’m not afraid to use it. In today’s world of militant blacks and “illegals” ordinary citizens need to be prepared to protect life and property! Add Muslims to the equation and the need for preparedness becomes even greater. So, remember that we are a country of laws and that, our Law Enforcement Officers have a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” type of job. If enough of us show our support for them, maybe would be killers will think twice before trying to do their cowardly acts….

  30. When that happens and I think it is already underway it will be like living in Mexico and I don’t think I have to explain what I mean by that.


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  32. The majority of real American Citizens support our police. The ones that don’t are not really citizens because they do not contribute to our nation. They are the takers with their hands out wanting everything free. So much is being freely given to people that are not citizens and intend to never put anything into our nation except damage. The leftist criminal rule we are presently under is our enemy. We the people are behind our police.

    let hiM Tell IT! !

  34. The people that should be charged with a crime are the press. THEY are the ones that are fanning the racist bigotry by the way they report the news. Even after the
    courts found that the felons were at fault, the press STILL reports the news as if the police killed an innocent person. All they are doing is emboldening their hatred.

  35. Obama wants our police criminalized and he wants blacks to kill each other and police. Obama wants a reason to call for marshal law any reason. He is using the black race to get what he wants. Wake up America, see that clown for what he really is.

  36. He’s a scum bag and now people see it , that’s why support have fallen !!!

  37. ,Goal statements should begin with “I will treat you,the way I would want to treated,And the public should look at “IT” with the same respect…PUBLIC,Keep in mind a police officer is allowed to USE that much MORE FORCE,that it takes,to subdue his oppressor.Police officers wear body cameras and TURN them ON !!

  38. I support the police because i need them. I don’t go around with a gun flaunting the rule of law. Keeping peace is their job and without them, there is no peace.

  39. This is all part of the Marxist plan, by Obama, to take over the police departments.
    PEOPLE…YOU NEED TO STAND UP, AND BE HEARD, OR THERE WILL BE NO ONE OF GOOD CHARACTER THERE, TO HELP YOU, WHEN YOU NEED HELP. Instead..you will have Black Panthers, and the like, coming to you, when you call…and if you are White…your dog will be shot, you valuables taken, your women raped, and then killed. I am not joking! If you have not heard the rantings of the New Black Panthers…then you need to read up!

    I am a former police officer, and I research politics, and I know what I am writing about!

    Time to make up your mind…which way are you going to go?

    This officer is asking for your help! Well??????

  40. I’ve noticed an attitude problem, with the police in my area, every since the Home land Security debacle has went into place. The police have become more militaristic and they treat the people, they are supposed to be protecting, as threats and they are rude to the citizens and put them on the defensive from the start. The area I live in is a small town and there is no need for this kind of behavior. I have had two or three encounters with them over the last five years and really noticed the change in behavior. I don’t understand why this arrogance and rudeness, on their part, is necessary to do their job.

  41. Without Laws and police to enforce them Chaos reigns and no one is safe from rampant criminals. The Holders,
    Sharptons, Farrakans, and others will profit from the victims that their followers have attacked for property they can simply confiscate. There will be no justice for all. Think about it. Is that what you want?

  42. I would just like to say to officer Hendrix there are a great many of us who still “have your back”. I have friends who are police officers and they are seriously considering leaving because of obama and his hate filled drones. They love the job but you can’t fight the president who is a racist police hater. He will be gone soon and we will hopefully get a president who support and defend the police. It is time that our government support our brave men and women who wear the badge, who run toward fires and who show up when people go down. You have my sincerest thanks for what you do especially against a hateful administration. I salute you all.

  43. Black, White…or ‘Other’. One ‘Culture’ acquires a few bicycles. Within a decade they have built dozens, to hundreds of factories, ‘Each’ factory manufacturing in excess of a million bicycles… each year (note: Pacific). Bicycles of all qualities and types, primarily destined to sell to a consuming world, in order to profit and provide a relatively prosperous living to all of the people involved. Historically known as Capitalism.

    Another ‘Culture’, ‘The Cradle of Humanity’, as described by National Geographic, is Given the funding (for over 200 years of charitable missions and foreign govt Aid) to supply millions of free bicycles. Within a time, the funding is depleted,… repeatedly. The bicycles are worn out and the ‘Culture’ endlessly demands more… of everything.

    Color is not the problem, as people like Dr Ben Carson, Col Allen West and countless others demonstrate. The problem is ‘Culture’. A culture of perpetual dependency addiction, such as ‘The Great Society, War on Poverty’ politically encouraged and provides for their ‘voters’ without rules or restrictions, is the problem.

  44. What would you expect when you have a criminal administration importing thousands of criminals to prey upon Americans while allowing blacks to commit crimes against whites with total impunity. The police are stuck in the middle and have been reduced to nothing more than targets by obama and the DEMS.But don’t worry the REPUBLICANS aren’t any better, ( TURN COATS ) Face facts until the people stand up to this corrupt and criminal administration and take back thru force OUR country, OUR rights and OUR freedoms we are all in danger. LOCK AND LOAD now because an unarmed citizen is nothing more than a statistic.

  45. I would have liked to go to his FB page and post something positive. But I couldn’t find it.

  46. worse thing that ever happened to police was to have the ability to police their own ranks… always stinks to high heavens…

  47. We put security cameras around our house, so when the police need footage, of a suspect, we make them a copy on disk, so they can get the discription. Support our cops!

  48. Re the Face Book comment be Hendrix,some/all of which??? is quoted above, the following thoughts present themselves. Ye shall reap as thy sow is one adage that applies. Another is, as I recall, What goes around comes around. Most police officers are no better, no worse than the general run of people. There are some glaring exceptions to be seen, at each extreme. Sad to note those police who, it turns out are sinners, rather than saints cause one hell of a lot of trouble for everyone.

  49. l believe the “Silent Majority” still has you back Ricky. lt’s the vocal left, and a compliant
    “Lamestream” that doesn’t. l say screw ’em, they don’t mean nothin’!!!

  50. I grew up in Buffalo N.Y., in a racially mixed area. It didn’t matter if they were whites, Blacks, Latinos, Orientals, middle Europeans, American Indians or East Indian. or Mediterraneans, or whatever. We got along because we WANTED to get along. There is no reasoning with people who don’t want to be part of a community. They want it all their way and until they get it, they will continue to spread hate and discontent every where they are.They will use groups ( which could actually do some good) like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and pervert it into a juggernaut of rioting and destruction.I believe that every community which has a large group of gangs needs to police their own neighborhoods. If they can’t do that, then cooperate with the police and don’t protect criminals just because they live in your area. They are criminals, and you know it. so help the police instead of keeping your mouths shut.

  51. Once again a rogue WHITE NYPD cop attacked a Black American Citizen. As an ex cop I am vehemently against all the rogue cops, but those good cops have to share the blame by turning their backs to the cops out of control. My prayers go out to the families of the cops and their lost, but also my blessing go out to ALL the Black
    Unarmed citizens killed and beaten by these rogue cops. Sadly the wrong officers are being killed in retaliation for the rogue officers crimes. The good cops should “Plead for support” to get rid of the BAD Cops.

  52. We can thank obama for promoting this black racial tension. He has encouraged it because he is also a racist as well as a jihadist.

  53. We have forgotten who we are. We need to stop talking about racial issues because AMERICANISM recognizes the individual. Under the Constitution of the United States there are no minorities or majorities; there are individuals. All races need to acknowledge this and accept each other as individuals; especially BHO; he is the worst race baiter.
    Rioting and crime is not a race problem, it is an authority problem – tragedy

  54. Perhaps this concerned police officer should direct some attention to those of his macho, swaggering fellow officers who are all too often nailed on video using excessive force, as in the recent case of the outrageous take-down of the highly respectable James Blake, internationally famous pro tennis star and Harvard graduate. While totally minding his own business, he was tackled and roughly thrown to the sidewalk by a burly plainclothes policeman who mistook him for the subject in a sting operation. Blake was handcuffed and arrested. He suffered only cuts and bruises, but obviously he could have been hurt worse.

    The sting operation was not targeting violent criminals–terrorist bombers, Mafia hit men, bank robbers, or common muggers; it was an effort to identify some perpetrators of an identity theft racket of some kind, hardly the kind of enterprise expected to be operated by armed desperados. This story has been all over the news, with video of the take-down from start to finish, which documents without question the UNNECESSARY FORCE employed against the innocent Blake.

    Since nearly everyone has a video camera in his/her possession and many businesses have surveillance cameras for security purposes, more and more of these kinds of inexcusable instances of police misconduct are showing up. Still, for every such instance caught on video, one wonders, how many other such incidents go unrecorded,leaving the victim of the police hit job a victim also of what is basically a no viable defense situation–his word against the cop’s, whose story is not likely to disclose the brutish details of a mishandled arrest and will probably be backed up by any of his fellow officers who were at the scene of the assault by cop.

    Police are big about organizing various protective and beneficial associations in their interest. Perhaps they need to expand the mission such enterprises to insist that all their members adhere to a much more rigorous standard of conduct than that shown by Mr. Blake’s assassin and to appropriately stigmatize members who fail to conform.

    • No, he wasn’t arrested. I saw him whining on the news again last night. He was in cuffs for 10 minutes. Cops are human, they make mistakes. And yes, there are bad cops, bad doctors, lawyers, etc. etc. Bad doctors probably cause more deaths per year than cops, but you’ll never see that in the news, will you?

      • He was arrested according to the legal concept of “arrest.” He was not booked, but he was arrested. Read more on this case and get educated:


        There was absolutely no justification for the cop’s aggressive over-use of force.

        Was Blake “whining”? He said this:

        “”I think that that kind of police officer tarnishes the badge, which I have the utmost respect for and I believe that the majority of police officers do great work and they’re heroes,” Blake told the AP. “So this person doesn’t ever belong in the same sentence with the heroes that are doing the right kind of police work and keeping the public safe.”

        Is THIS whining?

  55. We are living in a different generation it’s the fee hand me outs by the Gov. (taxpayers are Paying) they don’t believe in working for what they want they just want to take it and they are being allowed to do so. They can destroy neighborhoods and get away with it. This is a do nothing , thug mentality generation and it leads to the WH. Cops are leaving the force and no one is taking their places due to the rights of criminals.

  56. Thank Obama for all these negativity and racism. And Al Sharpton too. A black guy killed a police officer filling at the gas station and where is Obama and Sharpton? Nowhere. Had it been the opposite, he would have been the son Obama never have. And Sharpton would not have stopped his racism tirade. These people are the ones dividing the population by the color of their skins.

  57. Break the law you pay.
    A police office is supposed to uphold the law.

  58. It is sad the Democratic Party and Obama sold out the Police around this country . It is sad the Democratic Party accepted ” BLACK LIVES MATTERS ” . When they are killing our Police Officer around our nation . All lives matter ,not just black lives .

  59. All part of Obama’s grand plan. Reduce the police force to nothing, send in his illegal “police” force to take guns, create chaos, etc. etc.

  60. There are bad cops but there are bad people! The cops can’t win because the people that are causing the trouble are the people that NEED them the most! IF the cops could take a month off the entire country would be like Chicago!! Then the people would be crying that the cops aren’t doing their jobs!!! Go Blue!!

  61. The lies are the ones the police tell. If he really cared about the people I would ask what he has done to get rid of bad cops besides having their back

  62. Affirmative Action quotas made the police lower their standards for minorities only. Prior arrest were not a problem for minorities. Test scores for hiring and promotions were the highest minority score was equal to the highest non minority score.

  63. I support you. I am proud of your commitment to our sorry soc

  64. No truer words have ever been said that whatever the left touches turns to SHXT! The leftists are totally screwed up people, who have no sense of direction in life! They stand for nothing, and they are totally lacking in character and integrity! King Odumbo, who is a very EVIL man, is out to destroy this country, and is doing a good job of it, but most of the American people are so STUPID that they have no clue what is going on! Odumbo is creating a country where anarchy is the rule, and it is open season on white police officers! No white police officer, in his/her right mind, is going to want to do that job in a few years, because of the environment that Odumbo and his cronies have created! You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job, and have to deal with all of the crap that they do!

  65. I support the honest hard working law enforcement men and women how ever there are bad and mean ones that need to be weeded out and only the honest ones can do it. We have to back up these men and woman and not be afraid to speak up and tell them that we are with them, To often they are used by politicians and special interest and it is up to them to decide what is good or bad for the people they protect, A mean cop is hated and it wipes off on the good. I have never seen a piece officer smile or be polite or treat me as an equal many only see bad things but that goes with the job , IF a man is unhappy with his chosen profession he can’t perform as he she should and they must find a position that is more to there liking police are not to think everyone is a criminal.

  66. The last question in this article must be rhetorical. The left IS excrement!

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