Pointless Demonstrations Plague Chicago

No one with an ounce of humanity could watch the video without feeling disgusted. While it’s important to remember that we don’t have all the facts, the footage showing the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald is, to say the least, damning. Charged with first degree murder, Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke is being held without bond.

While there are undoubtedly questions that need to be answered – why it took 13 months for prosecutors to bring charges against Van Dyke being chief among them – it’s not entirely clear why Chicago protesters have hit the streets in force. What are they protesting? Assuming the incident was exactly as outrageous as it appears on the video, an officer killed a man without just cause. Pursuant to that, he has been arrested and charged with murder. The family has been awarded $5 million by the city.

What else is there?

Well, the Reverend Jesse Jackson has naturally anticipated that question. “It’s not enough to focus on what brought us here today — the execution of this young man,” Jackson said Wednesday. “That takes the scab off a deeper sore, a deeper cancer. We want mass demonstrations, mass voter registration.”

Mass voter registration? That’s…out of the blue.

But in any case, Jackson is singing the same refrain the Black Lives Matter supporters have been singing since Ferguson. The pattern is remarkably consistent. First:

This was a heinous tragedy and we won’t stand for it!


The facts about this particular case don’t matter – this is about the big picture!

The big picture, in this case, having something to do with voting? Strange. Very strange. But when it comes to these demonstrations, strange has become the order of the day.

In many ways, this movement has stomped all over its own aims. By ignoring the facts and antagonizing the very politicians who would be inclined the help them, they’ve made much of the country quite unsympathetic to their cause. If there is provable, clear injustice, you won’t need to use exaggeration and hyperbole to draw in supporters. But when you stretch social injustice to include every incident in which a black man gets killed by police, every instance of a racial remark, and every instance in which a university professor doesn’t know your special definition of “oppression,” you’re only going to be left with the ignorant and the crazy.

For the sake of a civilized society, we have to keep close watch on the men and women we trust with more power than the rest of us. We must be vigilant to protect our freedoms and to protect our very lives. But when we go too far – when we decide that any individual instance of injustice is a symptom of systematic racism – we’re no longer creating a safe, orderly society. We’re creating anarchy.


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  1. The writer sounds like a babbling idiot. The incidents (like many others) was being sweep under the rug. The police tried to keep it quiet during the election, and the Black family were paid to keep quiet. FYI the killer cop had a history of past complaints, but White cops don’t get punish for dishonoring the badge. What Jesse Jackson need to do is form a coalition of ALL Black Churches, Black organizations, Fraternities & Sororities and all other clubs. There first objective is to get EVERYONE registered to vote, they should get Qualified Blacks to run for some of the elected offices. and they must decide as a coalition who they will support in the next upcoming elections, AS ONE, maybe it be DEM or a REP. But the party must promise to address a list of issues that negatively affect Chicago Blacks. The same actions should be done by Blacks in Ferguson and the whole state, and a few other states.

    • “”they should get Qualified Blacks to run for some of the elected offices.””
      Hehe, now there’s the ignorance of blacks- luckily, drug dealers aren’t elected~

      • Not many are qualified they only know how to protest and for the wrong reasons at that. This is why you see so much corruption in the Black community’s that are run by BLack’s , look at Baltimore.

        • Yes, look at Baltimore, just as other failed cities run by black politicians, plus Baltimore black police chief. Black mayor orders cops to stand down and allow blacks to do what they do best: throw rocks, loot and burn shops. As always, liquor stores are first to be looted, then CVS was looted for drugs, then burned down.

    • you have some great ideas for causing even more trouble. as for finding qualified blacks to run for office, may i call your attention to the blacks already in office that fellow blacks considered qualified. just listen or read some of their quotes in speeches or comments. then you have the black caucus politicans, now thats a really great idea of coming together with their fellow politicians. they have their separate little group that comes together if they disagree with the whites on anything concerning blacks.

    • The churches need to keep out of this mess, The Lord does not want His worship areas to be used for such worldly corruption, they are there to preach the Word of Salvation in the Lord , not to protest worldly affairs. remember what the Lord said concerning the world, “If you are a friend of the world , then you are an enemy of His.”

      • The Black churches should be used for making Blacks aware of important social information, but not political endorsements. However, every church member should have a voter registration card. Black Citizens need to hold their black spokesperson or leaders to a higher standard than Whites. The American Latinos have formed a coalition to unite all speaking peoples here in the US to become a strong nation of people, both political and increased economically. Praying and marching will not solve their problems.

        • NO, once again. All Churches Black , white Hispanic or otherwise who claim to be the Lords people should use that Pulpit to preach the need of repentance of their charges and the only Path to salvation in the Lord. which would include the Family Unit as The Lord has Taught in His Word, The Family Unit is the foundation of society. when it fails , society fails like we see today.

        • What a lot of their churches preach isn’t social information it is just to get them more angry then they already are.

  2. These demonstrations are kept going by Soros-n-company. Keep the chaos going, the law and people in constant turmoil. That’s part of Obama-Bilderberg-UN force us into the NWO.

    • Don’t forget, Soros is the MAIN financial backer of the American Communist Party with it’s 30+ offices nation wide–and LOVES what he is doing to the USA——-Google THE AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY and find the one closest to you and pay them a visit sometime……As much as FOX NEWS (Times Sq.) bitches about the left …….. the ACP party office is located due south and west of Fox News Studios; about 25 minutes away-by taxi—–I would wholeheartedly suggest “The Oreilly Factor” send Jesse Watters down to pay them a visit and publicize them to the MAX; so people can be aware of those sewer rats and everything they do and will keep on doing until they are finally exterminated……

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    • Exactly!!!! Can’t we get smarter and think of something that will outdo them?
      Like, since it is so far along, we have to remove Obama by force now.
      Forget about the money they have. That is not the only thing that works.

    • The demonstrators don’t even know they are still “working for the man”.

  3. Part of the story I read about why it took so long to air this Video, is because the Family didn’t want the Police to show it to the public. I suppose now they has received over 5 million dollars from the city, its ok to do so now, lets hear the whole story about this Lad and his family, I also hear that he was raised in foster homes at a very early age until he got out of school, His family didn’t do anything for him as far as raising him, so why were they awarded 5 Million dollars , was that the insurance that the city had on their police officers in cases such as this ? I am waiting for the truth to come out about this and other Black lives matter Black men were killed by white Police . This all sounds very corrupt to me. and what in the world has voter registration have to do with all this , the Black population is only about 13.3 % of our total . what are you trying to do . register all Black men and women of voting age as many times as you can to corrupt the voting rights. ? I think we the people need to check all Voting age people with Voting cards and make sure they are alive and not dead or otherwise.

    • The Big Question is , why aren’t these Black Lives Matters groups and other Black people in Chicago screaming about all the Blacks killing other Blacks daily . there has been 100 times as many BLack’s killed by other Blacks in Chicago, And Detroit, and NY city, and other cities throughout America, Why has there been “NO” screaming about all those lives ? Jesse maybe you could enliighten us all about that issue ?

      • Black Lives Matter is a total canard, just as is their old worn race-card-canard. It’s all they have, when all else fails. It’s nothing but hocus-pocus to deflect from the real issues that plague blacks and their community. Then to top it off, they have race-pimps,Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton taking advantage of them at every turn. In the mean time white folks are as docile as ever, not a peep. All they do is lay back and complain among themselves, never taking any action. It’s sad to say the least.

        • It seems so, these Black protestors are living in the past each time something happens to a Black young boy being shot by a white Police officer , you hear just one side although I think its way to much to shoot a person 16 times for any reason, but the officer has been charged with murder and his court case is coming up, let the system work. And these uneducated Blacks always bring the race card and the slavery card into the mix, lets get real folks slavery isn’t in America anymore hasn’t been so for nearly 100 years, seems the race card is always called in by BLack’s, what is their problem ? I see they are trying to get what they do not like about American History removed from the Institutions of Higher learning now ? These protestors need a reality check and soon. I say get to class and learn what you are suppose to and protest on your own time and stop interrupting everyone else .

  4. Have blacks in America gone crazy? Or is it just the few we hear about,-just anything to warrant mob violence, looting and killing and maiming mostly innocent people? Are blacks so ignorant that they actually want another civil war? And are they so stupid as to think they could actually win it? Where are the black Americans who are Americans first,-then black,- who will stand up to the stupid ones and say, “This is enough?” If God is good, we will never have another black president. Not if this one is an example of things to come. God willing, if Trump is elected president and he can do as he says (I think he can) and create an atmosphere for the creation of jobs, maybe these stupid blacks who are now emulating Satan will decide that working for a living is what makes for a good American,-neither black nor white, just American…

    • I totally concur with your statement.

    • Bingo!

      I have posted the following comment several times before, but it is often short
      lived because the “reviewers” seem to have a problem with the facts presented.

      With few exceptions, when blacks move in (Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, Chicago, Youngstown, DC, Philly, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Charlottesville, Stockton, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Norfolk, St. Louis, Memphis…)and predominate in the population, DECAY begins and is usually followed by lawless violence. (A good example of the black culture in schools is depicted in a true story movie called “Lean on Me” with Morgan Freeman)

      THE SAME IS TRUE WHEN most BLACKS ASSUME POSITIONS OF POWER (Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, Booker, Waters, Barry, Rangel, Dinkins, Clark, Jackson Lee, Barbara Lee, Nagin, Susan Rice, Elijah Cummings, John Conyers, John Lewis, Lynch…).

      There are two types of black people. There are the respectable folks who are, LAW ABIDING, educated, mannerly, considerate, employed and who have legitimate children. This group is called Negros, but they seem to be few and far between.

      And then, there is the apparent majority of blacks who didn’t even finish high school, think the minimum wage should be a living wage…if they work, suck of the welfare system for generations, breed illegitimate children like rabbits, leaving homes fatherless, have the highest abortion rates, participate in flash mobs, steal, loot, rape, are gang members, own illegal weapons, fight
      to buy expensive things they can’t afford, are very racist, play the “knockout game”, build ghettos, live in a dump, currently occupy OUR White House, “department of justice” and some seats in Congress…..these are the n I 99 e r s, most of whom never had a “daddy” to provide some guidance in life (this includes “obama”, and they also come in colors other than black…)

      I don’t have a problem with either word, because both are descriptive of character or lack thereof.

      I am a race realist! There is a list of black people that I truly admire (Alan West, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Denzel Washington, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Alan Keyes, Dwayne Johnson, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Sheriff David Clarke, Willie Jones…). To this list I will add the young black man who immigrated from Africa, excelled in school AT THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF HIS FATHER, and had offers from 5 “ivy league” schools. He is an example of what can be done, and he should be an idol for the black culture…

      However, most blacks would choose some vulgar “rap star” as their idol…

    • The city of Chicago tried to hide the murder of a black citizens by officer Van Dyke. No US police officer can justified shooting any person over two times, especially after they are lying on the ground. No US police officer can justified shooting a person that HAVE NOT threaten anyone with their weapon. This BS excuse uttered by so many white officers “I fear for my life” is nothing but a chance to murder someone. The Chicago power leaders knew quite well that the murdering of McDonald could change the outcome of the election. So they offered the parents five million dollars and told them to keep their mouth shut. The Chicago police destroyed at least one copy of the surveillance recordings that would be very damaging for VanDyke. Note, that Vandyke had many other complaint filed against him. Hopefully, ALL Black Americans will march to the voter registration offices and register to remove all the elected persons involved in the coverup. Yes, I agree praying and marching is useless, Black Voting Power is much more powerful and effective. Hopefully, Black Americans will support and vote for the lesser of the do-nothing evil white candidates and vote for B.Sander.

      • You must be very proud of your 2nd grade education.

      • Must be a socialist porch monkey!

      • It sure wasn’t right but I think when a person faces what these people do day after day it looks like he finally hit his breaking point.

      • All brought to you by the progressive cook county democrat party. Amazing truth, eh?

      • I can see that you have never been in a situation where you had to protect your life. Rational thought doesn’t apply. If you have 15 shots you will use all of them to save yourself. You are not counting bullets. Self defense for woman is to aim at center mass and don’t shop shooting until the gun is empty. Armed robbery is termed as by force or fear. It does not that a weapon to produce fear. A scared person will hurt you. Your protest are just more proof of irrational emotional hissy fits controlling your lives. The liberals are the one that you have elected and now you are blaming who for the problems? Is your black voting power going to give you more liberal cities to riot in?

      • Barry Sanders is a communist, he is at the core of the problem communists are behind all of the racism in this country….something like 93% of blacks vote democrat…The democratic party is completely communist…republicans are not far behind the democrats in being completely communist….The communists have genocide planned for white people…..communists have slaughtered over 230 million people in under a century ……Black lives do not matter to blacks that’s why they slaughtered so many of their own people , the vast majority of black murders are committed by blacks….

    • You might want to check out the writings of Lloyd Marcus, “the unhyphenated American”. I believe you will find him a refreshing read.

    • They’re doing just what soros’s agenda calls for!!

    • Typical Tribal mentality.

    • I could claim to be a “German-American,” but do I? No, I am an American. Period. The “hyphenated” crap has got to stop, or this country will fall. (…United We Stand, Divided we Fall…)

    • These blacks are the minority of the blacks as are the liberals the minority of our nation. They and their hissy fits are an embarrassment to us all. The liberal propaganda tells them to hate those that disagree with them. Those that disagree with them have made a rational choice. The emotional propaganda is how the socialist control their group think clones. It is sad that we have starting at the top with Obama, who claims that the majority of Americans are his enemy since they choose to disagree with his hate for them. Our President is supposed to be the President of all Americans. Not an emotional hissy fit ruling by whim and a socialist agenda.

  5. An average of 20,000 murders are committed every year in the US; of these about 14,000 or 70% are committed by young Blacks 19-30 years of age, and about 90% or 12,600 of the victims are other Blacks. Now we know that the Black gangs employ minors for those murders since the minors are not sent to adult courts – so those devastating number are even worse.

  6. Bit by bit,drop by drop,we are not just witnessing the turmoil of a city or the destruction of a country but a collapse of civilization itself. To understand this statement you need to look up the definition of civilization. By knowing this we can get a clearer understanding of where we are at in this evolution but by what we see happening,we can see where we are going. The civilization I speak of started over four hundred years ago and not just in the U.S. Foreign interests and influences played it’s part.Think of the word inertia,things in motion tend to stay in motion.Then there is entropy: all things come to an end. As we continue to travel in thousands even tens of thousands of directions at a time,we are losing our enertia. This civilization has lost it’s compass and purpose. Our forfathers actually had it easier since they had all that.It just took a while to get their inertia rolling. They created something good and were able to build on it. Today there is almost nothing to build on. See what you can find that is solid and trustworthy. Having a family? Planning a career?College education? Starting a business? Buying a farm? Owning property? Never before in our history has these carrey so much risk as they do now.
    Civilization needs to be reset but that can happen only after the old one fails.

    • it doesnt need to fail, just make a few major adjustments and we can rebuild very easily. of course these adjustments may turn bloody.

      • David,thanks for the reply.
        Prof.Tainter and Prof.Chaisson have both done studies of civilizations from the past.Some had survived major disruptions like volcanoes,earthquakes,floods and even wars. The difference in what hold a civilization together and why they fail is what happens after the devastation.
        Either other countries come in to help rebuild and bring in their civilization such as what happened after WWII when the U.S.,Canada and other countries help rebuild England,France,Germany and others thereby preserving civilization.
        Rome is the clearest history to study.Rome’s civilization was in taters,already crumbling and after fighting the Barbarians numerous time ,Rome was finally defeated.Barbarians being what they are,nomads,no formal structure to their society never rebuilt Rome or even tried to.
        At that point in time there was no civilization,only social disorder that was governed by might.
        Today,the professors say,when Greece or France or germany fall to economic distress,there is no one capable in rebuilding their infrastructure,their ability to grow out of the collapse with sufficient funds to rebuild. One collapse will,in fact lead to the next and because the world is so tightly wired together and each country needing monetary help of which there is none or very little,it would be a full scale collapse including civilization itself.
        This is no time to point fingers or to find blame.It is a point in time where history tells us these things are all lined up for an eventual outcome. If you are looking for a reason? It comes in one four letter word: DEBT.

        • so very true, its just too bad that the politicians arent able to see the future as well as you do.

          • David. For decades the politicians have feathered their bed monetarily and legislatively. They have written laws against you but left themselves above them. The citizens are nothing more than revenue generators for their machine. The liberals are runningout of other peoples money.You know that can’t last. A bureaucracy demands more and more until there is nothing left to give. Think,what would happen next?
            With every event that happens,I always ask myself,where do we go from here?

          • have to agree with you completely, if you have ever read any of my other comments, you would find that politicians come in pretty low on my like list

          • To leave on a positive note,after the collapse,small groups or small communities will come together to pick up their own pieces. Agriculture will be the economic base. There are now hundreds of these around the U.S. that have their own markets and their own currencies to do business. The road back will be long but these people will have a leg up to move forward in causing a society that works. Get to know your neighbors today.
            All the best. Chao.

      • Thomas Jefferson once said that the blood of patriots must be shed from time to time to retain freedom (paraphrased).

      • WOW Kelly,thanks for sending me that article. It is almost spooky how all me study work was laid out there including even more information to prove what I had said on disqus.
        It was very considerate of you to take the time to send it to me.Thanks again.

        • My pleasure Richard: I found it wildly coincidental since I’d just read this article yesterday and it spoke right to the heart of your post….

          • Yea,kinda spooky. Would you like me to fill you in on my thoughts of digital currency?
            Most people don’t get it but you seem like a person that thinks outside the box.

          • Yes I would appreciate your insight concerning digital currency. Digital currency scares the bejesus out of me since it can be so easily tracked, manipulated and has no basis or backing by something of real value.

          • Okay Kelly and thanks for asking.
            It is a known fact that the governments want to control more of your money.Limits have been put on transfer of funds with limits. Obama signed a bill last year that would allow the federal gov, to tap into private funds,bank accounts,IRA’s,pension funds and other public funds for the purposes of national disasters,economic collapse or national defence. By having all these funds in digital,the government could take what they need ,when they need it under the law.The government will sell this to the American people in several ways.First,of course,is drugs and gun smuggling.Hundreds of billions of dollars are lost every year due to these activities and it ain’t right that the taxpayer gets short changed.Next would be mafia and gambling money that never see the tax man.More revenue lost. All cash businesses are a severe threat,working under the table scrapes off billions of tax revenue that the taxpayer has to carry.
            By going digital,these people could not deal in cash. Transactions would be done as they are today. Swiping your card. You got 7/11 and buy a candy bar,you swipe. All the money you have in your account is digital,in and out.You pay your babysitter,you transfer funds from your account to her account by computer of Iphone. No more cash. Everything you earn and everything you spend shows on your account. Now the government knows where you go on vacation, the schools you go to,the sports you like and so on. The thing that people must face is this system is already 95% complete.Direct deposits,wire transfers,automatic payments are happening right now.These are already digital. My S.S.check is direct deposit now.I go to the bank and pull out cash. Under digital currency,I would only be able to swipe it out by buying things or paying my bills.Banks love this.They would have control of much more money and fire half their staff because they will not use tellers any more. ATM machines would be eliminated,no more cash. And the Libs. would love it because they can finally get rid of that “In God We Trust” crap. There are a couple of other things in the government’s favor but you get the idea.
            Now here is the problem the government has. Just like us that have money set aside,small businesses call it a slush fund,the government has these too. This is called blackmoney. Many agencies of the federal government uses this money to pay informants,politicians,drug people.foreign governments and politicians and so on.This money has to be clandestine. It would be difficult to run this through a digital account and it not be recorded. So they would have to get around this somehow.For example,Let’s say they need to pay off an informant. the government already has accounts with businesses around the world.The embassies buy thing from local purveyors,food ,office supplies,automobiles and so on. So,instead of paying in cash,they set up an account for the informant to purchase food until the account is drained out.They can even buy a car,give it the the informant or the politician as payment and charge it to the embassy or any other business that the government controls.At the national level ,the governments can set up barter systems as payoff or certain arrangements or favors by using commodities. No cash or no digital currency needed. So you see how this works now.
            Now,what the hell do we do??
            Well,in hundreds of localities around the U.S. they have set up doing business using their own currencies and most are successful. You can study these systems on line.Ithaca,New York has the longest lasting independent currency in the U.S. It has been in operation for thirty years.They figure half of the transactions done in town are done with their own currency. Another way is to set up a barter system,a little more complicated but it still works.One thing people fail to realize about barter is you can barter work hours for food or other commodities. So you work for three hours pulling weeds and go home with potatoes,carrots,lettuce and corn. This is where you organise your neighbors. Talk about barter and who can or would do to create an exchange program of commodities. I raise yucca,potatoes,plantains,bananas,corn,beans and other crops. If you are growing lettuce and tomatoes,we can do business. We are eating well and the government don’t even know it. This is the simplified version of some of the ins and outs of digital currency. For most people today,swiping won’t mess up their life on a day to day basis but when California slides into the ocean,the people find that half their account was taken to support a national disaster. It’s only the right thing to do.
            Bueno suerte.

    • The Romans were ruined when they started breeding with the slaves so it tells you where the problem is.

  7. Racial divide in America is now the highest it’s ever been, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama. Chicago has the highest BLACK on BLACK murder rate in the nation. Of course Chicago has been run by liberal Democrats for decades, mainly because the voters don’t know any better and keep reelecting them, thus insuring more property tax hikes, courtesy of ultra-leftist mayor Rahm Emanuel. There are on average 50-60 shootings each weekend in Chicago, mostly BLACK on BLACK. Nothing ever changes.

    • Where are the Black Lives Matter crowds protesting that fact concerning Chicago ? and the calling for the Mayor to step down and the Police chief. ? come on Jesse and Al, lets get with the program.

  8. Nevermind the fact this young man was high on PCP and running down the street with a knife, that he would not drop. Maybe the police saved the lives of some INNOCENT people that night.

  9. Wonder if Black people are upset because Obama is failure ??? Just sayin

  10. Chicago has had their liberal leaders in place for many years. Now they want more liberal leaders? What’s up with that?

  11. This is the legacy of Emperor Daley and Emperor Daley II. Justice is raped continuously in Crook county, and I bet that that Clintonista , Rahm Emmanuel isn’t making things any better. So, Dr. Evil sends his armies of destruction and harassment there to make sure that Justice doesn’t have a chance of recovering.

  12. ANY excuse works to start a protest, followed by a riot, followed by looting and destruction of property.
    The welfare crowd has a lot of time on their hands when away from their big screen TV…

  13. Nothing to protest. Nothing at all. Well, there IS the fact that not ONE of the other cops present that day, every single one of which lied about the encounter, has been charged with anything. There IS the fact that it took 400 days to bring charges against the one cop who was charged. There IS the fact that Rahm pushed that $5 million hush money payment through, even though the family hadn’t sued. And there’s the high likelihood that charges never would have been brought had it not been for this video. (Remember, the cops erased the surveillance videos.)
    Yeah, nothing to protest. Nothing at all.

  14. What amazes me is that people think they are being done wrong by one another. How about the middle class form a group since they are being wrong by everyone.

  15. Did you say “Pointless Demonstrations in Chicago?” You must be a Repub or TP who think Blacks should be shipped back to Nigeria.You must belong to Trott camp who said: “we should have shipped them all.” He lost faith with his fellow racists and bigots. All police killing Blacks reflect what you wrote. So you are the one pumping white police officers to kill Blacks. Let me tell – Blacks are not going anywhere. This is their home and Country just like you and your fellow TPs and Repubs.

    • Can’t think of a better place to ship them but wait there is no welfare there for them, how will they survive?

      • We have had an African-American First Family in the WH. I believe you were crying and having stomach pain seeing the WH is occupied
        by Blacks. You were raised to believe Blacks were stupid and that you were intellectually superior to Blacks. Too bad for you. May be we should change the name WH to Green House. After Obama family leaves, we are going to have Dr. Carson and his wife in the WH. I believe you know Dr. Carson is an African-American although he fakes a Repub or TP. So there will have another 4 or 8 years stomach cramps. Why can’t you jump in the lake? We will pull you out before you crop. I think after that you won’t be a racist of bigot.

        • Yes the African nations are a shinning example on how intelligent blacks are along with all the islands they control.

          • I have been wondering why Blacks still lag in employment and education. I
            found it- racism and corruption of hiring people in government and private
            sector. We Blacks are peaceful people for we have been abused for a long time.
            When I was growing up, people told me you were intellectually superior to
            Blacks. But then I went to college I found you were just regular people. I was scoring highest in physics, chemistry
            classes. I did not see any racism or bigotry in college. But when I left
            college to look for employment, I realized there was still preferential in
            hiring based on skin color. That is when I found the cause why Blacks were
            lagging. Racism, bigotry and corruption. People should know this a Country of
            laws. Have you seen who is with Trump at rallies? All are Whites. So please
            stop bragging you intellectually superior to Blacks. Come to terms – Blacks are here to stay and
            work with you whether you like it or not. The cop in Chicago did not adjust to
            reality that he is a regular being.

          • Don’t cry to me about blacks not having opportunities as spending over 30 years in management had to hire blacks over a lot more qualified whites. A few years ago New York fire department lower the test scores 3 times to finally get a black to pass the test. I would have no problem if they did want to work side by side with whites but you know damn well that isn’t true. The ghetto is getting bigger and that is what the blacks are building. In high school graduation they are last even against illegals that come here not speaking our language, so stop making excuses as blacks have had laws passed in their favor that no other race has had. What have they done with it, for the most part nothing.

          • You are talking about “The ghetto” – who is dying of cocaine and alcohol? Rich whites in the suburbs. Do you why cops do not arrest those people? They are their neighbors and relatives..So cops go to Black communities to fill their quotas.

          • They breed like rabbits in the ghetto so don’t worry about them dying out. Yes another poor picked on me B.S. I just wish the white cops could pull out of black neighborhoods and let you people go at it with each other, that would quickly thin out the population.

        • Maybe you should read Josetoyou’s comments as it nails it to a tea and I couldn’t have said it better.

          • Did you read about Chicago police officer who shot a Black man running away from him? 16 bullets. This cop made sure the Black teenager was dead. People whether rich or poor, powerful of weak should know this a Country
            of laws. But many powerful people in government and private sector tend or fake
            to forget that. This is wake up call to all government officials including
            federal district and appellate judges especially those in the 7th Circuit.
            These think they are more of human beings than poor Black people. Thank God Blacks
            are peaceful people. Police and judges abuse Blacks all the time; and this was
            another example.

  16. What else do people on welfare have to do as those with jobs don’t have the time to spend days on end demonstrating.

  17. These hate mongers will keep spewing there hate until everyone is fighting each other as that is there purpose and O’Crapo lets it go on as that is his objective to divide and conquer. We have come along ways but some are determined to destroy this unity between the blacks and whites. Many whites and blacks have married each other. Human Beings are all created the same and the color of there skin has no bearing on who they are. It is what lies inside of them and the path they choose to take. You can choose Good or Evil its up to you. I was raised around black people and they were my best friends and I loved each and every one of them.

  18. It’s time and past time.
    This is not going to change th liberal scum have a new mantra they will ride it to death.
    We can no longer coexists with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, it is time for us to physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms, it’s that or civil war.

  19. when I watch my cable programs I see a lot of programs called Cops or Cops reloaded so much crime of black on black is being commited every day,,,,how come the ever present Reverend Jackson—race baiter supreme seems somehow to overlook all of that,Is it to him not note worthy.for him to discuss these crimes,or does he not get enough attention, or if no white person is involved,it is not a crime.What do you think,personally old mush mouth is a disgrace to his people,because he only uses them for his own purpose,any way,he is a pile of crap.

  20. Hey People Wake Up ” Its Not Black Against White Or Any Other Color ,Its The New World Order , Obama’ s Way Is To Cause Chaos & Confusion .To Take Our Constitution Rights ,Giving People Free Money Like Welfare just To Keep Them Dependent On The Money ,To Round Them Out To Fe-ma Camps , That’s Why Our Middle Class Working People, Have No Work , We Can’t Impeached The President ,Because He’s Not A Citizen ,We Will Have To Get A HOLD Of The Sargent Of Arms To Get Him Out . We All Must Ask This To Congress With Phone Call’s & Petitions And Impeach Hillary Also, We Must Stand Together On This with no violence, Or It Will Lead To Violence “

  21. Hasn’t that porch monkey jackson died yet?? Dayummm!!!

  22. I believe that the average black citizen is as appalled as we are about these protests. There were PAID protesters and rioters in Fergusson and Baltimore. They are most likely funded by the ACP. Soros has his grimy fingers in every anti-American activity in this country. I believe he single-handedly put Obama in office with his money and unscrupulous tactics.If we could get our hands on the right documents, that man would be gone.Please do not blame all black people for the actions of a few rabble-rousers

  23. Pointless demonstrations from a pointless liberal state.

  24. anything to cause trouble.

  25. Well the RACE HUSTLER Jessie JACKASS….needs to go find a DEEP HOLE to crawl in…..It is his ILK who don’t solve problems….They just POUR MORE GASOLINE ON THE FIRE….To Fan the Flames even HIGHER…

  26. Man’s best friend is his DOG; and man is his own worst enemy bar none!!!!

  27. Can’t you see what too much money does to a warped mind

  28. I used to care about the plight of blacks in the U.S.

  29. Juris prudence ala Cook County aka Chicago. One might note that the people there deserve the screwing they get,from the political garbage they put into elective office.

  30. So sad that the majority of the demonstators are ignorant with maybe an elementary education at best…maybe. Do you know how easy it is to get people with so little education riled up? Yeah, just that easy!

    So when the good ole Reverand Jerkoff starts ranting at these misguided groups of blacks, it doesn’t take long to incite a demonstration and voila, another waste of time! But the good ole reverand got to feel important by reminding his brothers and sisters how impoverished and abused they are while he goes back home to his large enclosed estate protected by guards and a gate. So nice that he can relate to his mistreated brethern. Isn’t he “Special”…Not.

  31. As I recall, there have been over 1700 shootings in Chicago just this year. Of those there have been over 440+ deaths. Wonder why these “professional paid demonstrators” weren’t in the streets then? But we all know the answer to that question.

  32. Bath House Barrys Home town, this is what the rest of america will look like once the clown gets done… Prepare or suffer…

  33. These protest brought to you by the 1) communist led riots, 2) radical idle youth with no direction in their loser life, 3) radical trouble makers earning their daily money from radical left wing supporters, and 4) idle youth looking to make a name for themselves or commit suicide by cop.

  34. Not pointless. The author misses the point. Jesse, Al and BLM are getting air time.

  35. I am sick and tired of there poor me attitudes and the marches for every thing that they can find to object too. Why don’t they make more use of there time and energy by helping clean up the black neighborhoods and getting rid of drugs, gangs killing innocent children and people every day. Why not take food to the poor, help the homeless , be a mentor to the children who have no fathers. In other words be of value to your community and stop the burning, looting and disrespect for Police that is happening. Quit throwing stones at others and stop and make a difference like Martin King who found that violence was not the answer. I was taught to respect my Family, my Teachers and my Elders and the Police. Let the law and justice take its course and quit prejudging things. There are those who keep this Hate going to further there own means.

  36. These cities that are having race riots are the cities that the liberals control. They are talking voter registration when these are the people that they elected. Who are they rebelling against when they are the ones that created their local government? The federal government is also controlled by the liberals. The conservative did not create the situation. It is like a black panther told me, he said, ” they lied to me. they said that the whites caused all of our problems. There were no whites where I grew up. We had to create our own problems.” Blaming conservatives, christians , republicans and whites for the problems that the liberal democrats created is normal for the emotional hissy fit propaganda. These people talk hate and killing which is encouraged by Obama and the liberal media. The whites talk about disagreeing with them, which is thoughts not emotional hissy fits. The republicans, conservatives talk about the truth, facts and common sense. Which does not work on irrational emotional hate filled hissy fits. The hate is coming from the left, the right doesn’t hate, they just disagree.

    • Where in the hell did you get those stupid and ignorant thoughts? More Blacks have been murdered and beaten by whites than Blacks killed in Iraq. Sadly many many murderers have been hidden or the victims families have been paid to keep quiet, such as the McDonald family in Chicago. There are two major issues in the US relating to gun violence. The murder of Blacks by the police and Blacks killing each other. Bishop TD Jake said that Black Citizens need to register and VOTE out many of the incumbents, than praying and marching. Sadly I’m not hearing that from the so called black spokesperson (I do not call them leaders) about getting everyone registered. There still TOO many Whites that still have the plantation mentality. Their racial hatred that was dominant for awhile has now risen since the election of the BLACK President of the USA.

      • Your insults and liberal propaganda which is lies and deceptions of emotional hissy fits. Try rational thought instead. More blacks and whites are killed by blacks then by whites. You have heard of the knock out game? That is blacks assaulting whites. You have heard the black lives matter, black panthers, and the nation of islam soliciting the murder of whites? These are criminal acts that are going with out any arrest. The hate is coming from the blacks. The blacks that act like a civilised person has no problem fitting in. Act as if you have respect for yourself and others will respect you as well. Threatening others with racist hate will get them thinking about self defense. I was an abandoned child, raised as a ward of the country. A half breed, I, nor anyone else had a choice in how they were born. The hate for whites is coming from the same people that say don’t judge me for the color on my skin. They are racist, judging all whites by the color of their skin. Obama has created race riots and racial hate for whites, republicans, conservatives, christians. That is a lot of hate. The conservatives don’t talk hate for the liberals, they just talk facts, truth and rational thoughts that disprove the liberal propaganda. Trying to deal with someone who refuses to think is not possible. The liberals are living in emotional propaganda telling them to hate.

  37. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

  38. There was a Democrat lady on the radio last week that says Emmanuel was involved in that as he’s been involved in covering up all the crimes of his son that’s been committed. But no matter what the Marxist empower do they don’t go down as Obama has sloughs of things with invading people’s privacy’s, attacking his enemies with the IRS attacking white people ,when the crimes on white or skyrocketing every day in this country and being covered up by the media which is the norm of the Democrat/communist party.

  39. It’s wrong to call them “Pointless”. I believe they are part of the chaos to occupy people’s minds and attention. There’ll be more of these situations because they fit in with the New World Order’s plans. This administration has been the most chaotic, criminal and un-American for a reason.

  40. Get rid of Rahm purge the current Police Department and split it into two separate sectors Administered by two separate Top Officers. and Re-Indoctrinate all of the Police Force in its duties and responsibilities.

  41. “What else is there?”


    Why does Right Wing Propaganda carry water for murderers and the cops who cover IT UP?

  42. Jihad on Americans
    and black on white murder is becoming a daily event.The exec. Gag order forces
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  43. One must ask, who in this liberal mecca holds the MORAL HIGH GROUND? The city officials who hide the facts of the murder of a troubled youth who appeared not to be threatening a police officer for the purposes of not creating a scandal prior to an election that may have become contested if the current mayor lost support of the Black community, or a surly bunch of folks who are having trouble understanding why they are not informed about police work and how blacks are treated by the police in Chicago? ELITE PROGRESSIVES vs LIBERAL ETHNIC MINORITIES who elected them……sounds like fodder for MAD Magazine under SPY VS SPY to me. Maybe CNN could hold a debate on the subject at hand and have LUCIFER himself BE THE MODERATOR! The ratings would even astound Mr. Trump.

  44. Act NOW!

    Jihad on Americans
    and black on white murder is becoming a daily event.The exec. Gag order forces
    law enforcement agencies to hold back the facts. Need protection but don’t want
    the F.B.I. digging into your past to buy a firearm? There is a way. Replica cap
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  45. These idiot demonstrators are destroying their cause because they are too stupid to know they are being used by Jackson and the politicians. There are many injustices in this life AND in this country but, as far as I know, they are the only group who demonstrates by obliterating where they live. In Ferguson they even celebrated the first anniversary by destroying what little had been rebuilt, again. All that in spite of everything they claimed happened turned out to be lies. The libtard left sees what is happening with Trump/Cruz and they are going to do their best to divide the country as much as they possibly can. These uneducated morons have no idea that they are ONLY a vote to the politicians and will be cast aside as soon as the election is over. The more intelligent ones should educate the stupid ones. They might just get out of those ghettos if they learned the pride of hard work and ownership instead of gang banging, drug dealing and, waiting for the welfare check from the government.

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