Plummeting Gas Prices, No Thanks to Liberals

Liberals are surely enjoying the break we’ve been seeing at the pumps as of late, but they probably don’t realize that we’re seeing these gas prices due to a surge in American energy production. Of course, liberals have stood firm against drilling, fracking, and all of the other energy-production methods that might bring the cost of oil down. If we had blindly followed the left-wing philosophy on energy from the beginning, we’d probably be paying triple at the pumps.

Now, oil prices aren’t so simple as to be explained in a couple of sentences, but they aren’t entirely mystical either. There are still some basic rules of supply and demand that can be applied to our current situation. Demand is down. That, more than anything, is what has driven oil prices to their current lows. But supply is up at the same time, and much of that is thanks to good ol’ American energy production.

In the last six years, we’ve built domestic stores of oil up 50 percent from where they were in 2008. Entire industries have sprung up in the search for natural gas, allowing us to get at more of that industry-fueling oil than ever before. Protestors continue to march down the streets with signs that implore us to move away from hydraulic fracturing, but it’s going to be a tough sell in the face of these spectacular gas prices.

Let’s Keep It Going

Speaking as someone who has appreciated the drop, I’d like to keep it going as long as possible. But that means we need to make some changes on the national level. No, we don’t need to pump federal dollars into wind farms and solar panels. We need to take a holistic approach to improving how we deal with fossil fuels. That includes lifting drilling bans, approving pipelines, getting rid of the ethanol mandate, and rolling back restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. There is no compelling scientific evidence keeping us from making these changes, but there’s an entire “green energy” industry standing in the way.

The answer, as usual, is to let the free market decide. There’s a time and a place for government regulations, but we’ve long since passed the point of reasonable limits. The green movement has overtaken our national common sense, forcing us to wreck our economy over unfounded fears about global warming. Even the EPA has admitted that their greenhouse gas regulations will have virtually no effect on “climate change.” But no one brings this up! We just keep doing these things because…because…well, because it seems right.

This is, of course, about more than cheap gas. The left is in a big hurry to leave fossil fuels behind, but the fact remains that the world is powered by oil and gas. And all of the regulations in the world aren’t going to change that anytime soon. When green energy is ready to go, we’ll have green energy. In the meantime, we should make it as easy as possible to drill, baby, drill.

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  1. The greenies complain about offshore drilling killing off the fish and other sea creatures. But the charter fishing boats know that the best fishing is around the platforms where the sea life has thrived. On land when I was drilling wildcats, after the second or third day of spudding in we would see deer, elk and other wildlife walk across our location.

    As for CO2 emissions the fauna loves it.

    Climate change? Yes it does, the weather is cyclical, it warms up for a while then it cools off. We have draughts some years and we have floods others. Get over IT!

  2. bo just waiting for the right time to B.S the U.S. Citizens on how he created the low gas prices while supporting his muslim brother hood in Africa & Arabia..! No rest or truth by the wannabe dictator hero, a legend of his own..!

  3. One thing we can change is to have an extended hunting season. Put 100,000 liberals in our hunting preserve and they can be hunted by bow and arrow, by shot gun, by clubbing them to death or by setting trapps. No limit on bagging liberals. The meat can be used to feed the big cats in zoo’s. Other meat eaters can be fed too. Hyena’s for example. Then the following years we can expand the hunt. There does seem to be an endless supply of stupid liberals, hey need culling. That is why the demon’s have been trying to cut the world population in half since 1921.

    • Tell you what Genius.. Why don’t you go inside one part of the Preserved Armed and I go in the other and we can see who walks out.. What an idiot trying to condone Murder.

      • Tell that to those black gangbanger turds in Missouri, who I’m sure you’re siding with.

        • That’s the problem right there you see all black people as Gangbangers.. Those are your words not mine. Most of the People protesting in Ferguson did so peacefully and were protesting against a system that allowed a District Attorney (who is suppose to TRY and indict the person accused of breaking a law) to appear before the Grand Jury. This Same District Attorney is the head of a Foundation that raised money FOR Darren WIlson.. Look up the Term “Conflict of Interest” sometime..

          • ROFL!!!! You’re either insane or the biggest liar next to Obama. Too bad you weren’t standing around close to those “peaceful” protesters. They should have opened the firehoses on them. That would have cooled them off and saved a lot of businesses that they completely destroyed. As for Wilson, when the yard ape attacked him he had no choice but to reach for his weapon and stop him whichever way possible.

          • Thank you for proving you are in fact a POS Bigot Racist. I love it when people’s own words convict them.

          • Do yourself a favor get your head out of your ass and stop watching Fox News. How you could believe and organization that when to the supreme Court for the Right to LIE on the US PUBLIC Airways is just to hard to believe. But since most of the FOX NEW VIEWS Are Sheep anyway there not much question That its only a matter of time before your TEA PARTY MASTERS Break out the shears and start Fleecing you even more then they have done so far.

          • At least I’m not a bigot against my own race, which is what you obviously are. Nothing lower in this world than a stinking wigger.

          • Sorry Numb nuts.. There is only one Race that’s the human race. But thank you for showing what a sorry example of it you are.

    • John pay no attention to liberal naysayers, I absolutely love your idea and so will every Patriot!

    • I couldn’t agree more. As a cat lover I’ll bet they’d love the taste of libmeat….ha ha.

    • using hyenas would be cannabilism

  4. Obama has stated that gas prices must rise to promote his green energy agenda. Ethanol is a big joke. It takes MORE ENERGY to make it than you get back out. It kills fuel mileage. FOOD/CORN is used to make it causing food prices to be higher. Farmers are using reserve land to grow more corn. Big gov subsidies paid to ethanol producers also. It’s a lose, lose, lose, propisition !!!!!

    • pcs, you have bought into the idea that ethanol is causing food prices to go up. I come from Kansas, the bread basket of the world as used to be known as. We have an ethanol plant right outside our community. They take in only field corn. They grind the food grade part of the corn out first. Then they press the corn oil out. Then they place it in the vats to make alcohol. The process only consumes the sugar out of the corn. Then they use the by product to feed live stock. The field corn is not used to feed people, only the heart of the kernel is used in the food process, and the heart is a small portion of the kernel. The field corn has always been used to feed livestock. Cattle have a ruminate stomach which does not like the sugar in the grain. They love the ethanol byproduct because it has no sugar. So the corn is being utilized better than it ever has before in history.

      • Do you mean that the famers grow the same amount of sweet corn as before ethanol?

        • Terry, field corn and sweet corn are not harvested or marketed the same. Field corn is harvested after the plant has died and the kernel is hard and has a low moisture content. Its harvested by combines. The corn is hauled to the elevator and sold on a per bushel basis. Thus you anyone can by land capable of growing corn, raise, harvest and sell it on the open market. The sweet corn market is entirely different. Sweet corn can be harvested by a corn picker machine. It is completely different than a combine. So you can’t switch from raising sweet corn to field corn. Sweet corn is still picked by hand by many producers. Sweet corn is harvested while the kernel is soft, full of moisture, and very palatable. Once picked they have to sort it by hand. They sell sweet corn at a local farmers market, to produce wholesalers, canning companies, and some times directly to a local grocer. You just can’t buy ground, raise, harvest, and market sweet corn. Why? Because you have to work hard at developing a market out let to sell the sweet corn. You have to prove that you have a quality product, and if you want contracts you must also prove you can provide the volume contracted. The price of sweet corn is higher than field corn. Sweet corn is found in the grocery store as corn on the cob, frozen, or canned corn. Field corn is found in the grocery as corn meal, taco’s, tortilla’s, breads, ect. Popcorn is also a completely different market than the other two. Its raised and harvested like field corn, yet you need a contract to sell it to a popcorn manufacturer. You can’t sell it on the open market like field corn. Field corn production of yellow corn has replaced some acres of white corn production because the yellow corn price is higher. White field corn is used by the Mexicans to produce their taco’s, tortilla’s, corn meal, ect. So it has caused a market decline of white corn driving the price of white corn up. The Mexicans don’t have to starve because they can’t find enough white corn, they just need to be willing to use some yellow corn also. The cost of the yellow or white corn product is only a small portion of the price of the consumers product. Energy costs are a large part of the consumers cost. As energy prices are now falling, don’t expect the manufacturers to pass that price decrease to the consumer. Increased Government regulations also increases the cost of the end product to the consumer. Food manufactures and grocers blame ethanol and higher corn prices for their increased food prices. The FDA will blame ethanol so people don’t realize that the increased FDA regulations raise the price of corn food products. Its a deception to focus the blame on ethanol so people don’t see how the manufactures and grocers inflate their prices when corn prices go up, but don’t reduce them when corn prices go down. The oil companies have also presented propaganda against ethanol because they didn’t want completion driving oil prices down. Now some major oil companies are looking at including ethanol production into their business plan to capitalize on future energy production. Some researchers receive large government grants to research the effects of ethanol production on the environment, food cost, ect. They will publish all kinds of propaganda promoting the possible evils of ethanol to scare the consumer and convince the government they need more grants to do more research. Its actually called corruption.

          • Jeez Stan, you are an expert, problem is that you must think that we are all city slickers who think that sweet corn grows on trees and field corn bubbles up from the ground! Trust me, if you have been growing sweet corn, you can in fact switch to growing field corn. Plow the dead sweet corn stalks under and plant field corn which many big time farmers did when they found out that the government was paying them to grow it for ethanol and they could still sell it to the oil companies. If ethanol is so good, why don’t you leave 10% ethanol laced gas in your lawn mower for six months and then try to start the thing?

          • Terry, no I don’t think that all city slickers think as you have said. And I do not think I’m an expert at any thing. I have run into a lot who haven’t a clue that farmers are responsible for the food that is in the grocery store, and make ludicrous statements like who needs the farmer, I get my food from the grocery store. I’ve met many who didn’t even know that milk came from a cow. And yes a large corporate farmer can afford to switch because they can afford harvesting equipment for both. Yet they won’t be stupid enough to switch all their sweet corn production to field corn. Why, because they need to keep their sweet corn market going in case it becomes more profitable to switch back. But the average farmer is not large enough to do that. A combine today can run $325,000 dollars +or- a few thousand. Try farming 2000-3000 acres and buy a combine and a corn picker. I knew many farmers in North Carolina who farmed only 40 to 80 acres. They grew produce and/or sweet corn. Everything they produced was by the hands of migrant workers. Tell me how they are going to switch from one to the other. It doesn’t matter if you can raise field corn or sweet corn on the same land. What matters is the economics that the farmer is limited to. Your idea of all you have to do is plow one under and plant the other is the problem Congress has. Why reduce spending when all we have to do is tax the people. They don’t take into consideration fiscal responsibility. But then they don’t have to be profitable. A farm does. He can’t just do whatever he wants to do. He has to work in the confines of his resources.
            Now to answer your question on leaving 10% ethanol gas in your lawn mower. First of all, not all small engines are not made to burn any level of ethanol. Second of all, you should not leave ANY type of gas in a small engine for an extended period of time with out use. Why, the gas has a chemical reaction on metal in the carburetor, and eats away at the carburetors needle. Let it go to long, and you won’t be able to start the engine, or if you do it will run a bit and die. You will then have to take it to a small engine mechanic and have him replace the damaged parts.
            NASCAR has been burning straight ethanol for decades. So tell me, if its so bad, why do race car drivers place their careers and their lives into the hands of ethanol? How do they obtain the speeds they race at if ethanol is so bad. Ethanol does have a lower BTU rating than gasoline. Ethanol has approximately 90% of the BTU’s of gas. So many people say it is not as good as gas. Wrong. Ethanol burns 100% of the ethanol’s BTU’s in the engine. Gasoline only burns 75% of its BTU’s in the engine. They don’t like to tell you that. Grain ethanol will never replace oil based gasoline. But it is good for adding to our energy base. It helps increase our energy independence, and it reduces pollution. Wind energy will never be the sole source of electric generation. Yet it is good to add a small supply to the grid system. Are we getting this figured out?

          • Well Stan, you are right about Congress, just take your car in to have the struts replaced, Congress says cars must get 35 miles a gallon so the automobile companies reduce the weight of the vehicle. Don’t worry John Q will pay to replace the whole front end. Why would Congress opt for lower efficiency cars when nobody wants them, ah yes, Californica and the tree hugger lobbies. Why would Obama and the fearsome foursome from California again, opt for a trillion dollar ACA for only 10% of the population and screw everybody else especially with the economy in the toilet. I’ll tell you why on the latter, the commie liberals knew that they were going to lose control of the house in 2010 so they sold us out for a completely unknown entity BHO! NASCAR changed their engines to accommodate ethanol, probably paid for by .gov. Your explanations Stan, would be much more palatable if you didn’t throw in a condescending last sentence

          • Terry, I apologize if you feel I am condescending. I do admit I have a personality of a mud hen, but my intentions were not to be cruel, I’m asking if you understand where I coming from. Ethanol is nothing more than moonshine that has been denatured by additives to render it undrinkable. I have an E-10 engine. I’ve run E-85 in it and the mpg’s dropped from about 21 to 19.5. A flex fuel engine that can run straight gas, E-10, E-30, or E-85 has an oxygen sensor that senses the different blend of fuel and the computer adjusts the fuel air mixture to the proper setting for the type of fuel. Thus there is no fuel mileage reduction in a flex fuel engine. My E-10 engine doesn’t have that ability, thus the E-85 blend doesn’t burn properly causing the 1.5 mpg lower fuel mileage. I have no clue as to whether NASCAR has to have a special engine to run straight ethanol or not. But lets face it, they are high performance engines, and they know how to make them perform to their peak.
            When biodiesel first came out, many users didn’t know that the vegetable oil would react with rubber gaskets and hoses and deteriorate them. They just thought the fuel was no good. Todays diesel engines have replaced the rubber with synthetic materials that allow the biodiesel to be used causing no damage to gaskets and hoses. Ethanol had much the same problem. It is highly corrosive to certain types of metals and other materials, and the older engines couldn’t run ethanol with out causing damage.
            I grew up working with farmers in my youth, but I actually reside in a community of around 500,000. The only reason I know some things about Ethanol an biodiesel is because I studied it for a few years as a hobby. I also hauled wet distillers grain to feedlots some years back. When it comes to intelligence, most people have a level of intelligence in some area of life, but none of us know everything. Even Albert Einstein couldn’t color coordinate his clothes or tie his shoes. His wife did it for him. So I don’t look down on people for not knowing something. When I was a USMC Sargent, I learned that a lot of my troops didn’t have the same upbringing and life skills training that I had. So I got used to teaching them all manner of things I could to help them survive. That’s probably why I try to teach what I can about subjects I know to this day. Its the USMC infantry that helped me get my mud hen personality.

    • pcs, lets talk about some of the events which caused food prices to increase. The grain market is like any other market, it has its boom and bust cycle. The grain market remained low for many decades because the government kept a 4 year supply of grain on hand. They don’t do that anymore, due in part to high storage costs. The world population reached the 7 billion mark in Oct of last year. Price of oil shot up, thus the price of food production, food manufacturing, all manufacturing to support the food industry, transportation, grocery store construction and energy costs all went up due to oil prices. Government regulations have strengthen thus driving the cost of doing business. Land, equipment, fertilizer, seed, fuel, ect have gone up. The so called educated elite were the ones who decided to get rid of the 4 year storage plan and decided to balance the production level of the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere. When one is in its summer months, the other is in its winter. Thus the idea was that the North would supply the world for 6 months, and the south for 6 months. Works great on paper. But in real life we have crop failures all the time due to drought, flooding, insects, disease, ect. Well guess what happed last decade to shoot the grain prices up. Sever weather conditions in North and South America as well as Russia all hit at one time. Happens every now and then, but the educated elites didn’t factor that into the equation. Add in the world population increase and no long term grain storage and shortages appeared. Prices went up and everyone tried to blame the ethanol industry for the food shortage. Just another lie to cover up the truth. The grain supply has now increased and grain prices have gone back down, but you won’t see the store prices go down. They use every increase in the grain and meat market as an excuse to raise prices, but when the farmer/ranchers price goes back down, the store prices remain high. That’s why they lie and blame ethanol. They don’t want people to see the truth.

    • PCS Right now your right about Ethanol but I would be will to bet if you go back and look at speeches by ALL presidential Candidates in the run up to the Iowa caucus you won’t find a single one that did not support Ethanol production.

  5. Normally I would slam this feed but since I am going to be traveling for awhile just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


  7. Too bad we can’t get gas pumps just for liberals,I hope the liberal HOE’s who voted for Obama enjoy the cost of their health care.

  8. It was President Bush and VP Cheney who created the energy plan that sparked the energy boom in the US.

  9. Gee, maybe the left wing liberal low life scum bag green brains can put even more evil gas in their suv’s. Does anyone think our Creator will let man destroy his creation. Do not put your faith in the wisdom of man but in the power of God!

  10. You can bet Obama and the rest of his left wing thieves can’t wait to raise taxes on oil so that they can push the price of a gallon of gas even higher than it already is.

  11. Politicians, Wew ? Now I don’t know all. But Fracking shatters layers of rocks, that release gases into peoples drinking water & kills people. they do it near where I live.

  12. You know its well past time we go rid of the myth that any politician can have an effect on Gas prices. There are exceptions War, Economic Sanctions, Stopping oil company Giveaways.. But on the day to day cost of gas they have no effect either Republican or Democrat. So since there is not an unlimited Supply of oil what is your objection with trying to find something that can Replace or Supplement Fossil Fuels. The Bigger problem is the Fresh water Supply. Until we learn how to cheaply convert Sea water to Fresh water in large quantities Future wars will be about Water Not Oil.

  13. Diesel is one fuel they are making a killing off of since it’s cheaper to make but usually a $1 more. It should be a $1 less. There’s never been an oil shortage. If the tankers didn’t sink spilling millions of gallons into the sea there’d be a lot more. it’s just a ruse to spike the cost of fuel.

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