Plummeting Gas Prices, No Thanks to Liberals

Liberals are surely enjoying the break we’ve been seeing at the pumps as of late, but they probably don’t realize that we’re seeing these gas prices due to a surge in American energy production. Of course, liberals have stood firm against drilling, fracking, and all of the other energy-production methods that might bring the cost of oil down. If we had blindly followed the left-wing philosophy on energy from the beginning, we’d probably be paying triple at the pumps.

Now, oil prices aren’t so simple as to be explained in a couple of sentences, but they aren’t entirely mystical either. There are still some basic rules of supply and demand that can be applied to our current situation. Demand is down. That, more than anything, is what has driven oil prices to their current lows. But supply is up at the same time, and much of that is thanks to good ol’ American energy production.

In the last six years, we’ve built domestic stores of oil up 50 percent from where they were in 2008. Entire industries have sprung up in the search for natural gas, allowing us to get at more of that industry-fueling oil than ever before. Protestors continue to march down the streets with signs that implore us to move away from hydraulic fracturing, but it’s going to be a tough sell in the face of these spectacular gas prices.

Let’s Keep It Going

Speaking as someone who has appreciated the drop, I’d like to keep it going as long as possible. But that means we need to make some changes on the national level. No, we don’t need to pump federal dollars into wind farms and solar panels. We need to take a holistic approach to improving how we deal with fossil fuels. That includes lifting drilling bans, approving pipelines, getting rid of the ethanol mandate, and rolling back restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. There is no compelling scientific evidence keeping us from making these changes, but there’s an entire “green energy” industry standing in the way.

The answer, as usual, is to let the free market decide. There’s a time and a place for government regulations, but we’ve long since passed the point of reasonable limits. The green movement has overtaken our national common sense, forcing us to wreck our economy over unfounded fears about global warming. Even the EPA has admitted that their greenhouse gas regulations will have virtually no effect on “climate change.” But no one brings this up! We just keep doing these things because…because…well, because it seems right.

This is, of course, about more than cheap gas. The left is in a big hurry to leave fossil fuels behind, but the fact remains that the world is powered by oil and gas. And all of the regulations in the world aren’t going to change that anytime soon. When green energy is ready to go, we’ll have green energy. In the meantime, we should make it as easy as possible to drill, baby, drill.

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