Planned Parenthood: Bring Your Kid Here for Transgender Hormones

When it comes to the nation’s most despicable abortion mill and their latest initiative, we’ll just hand the introduction off to WWSB in Sarasota, because only the liberal media could find a way to frame this in a positive light:

Planned Parenthood is hoping to make life a little bit easier for the transgender community.  They are now offering transgender hormone replacement therapy for those under the age of 18.

“We had a lot of parents actually reach out to us wanting to get care for the young people in their lives,” said Dr. Suzie Prabhakaran, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Planned Parenthood.  “So we decided it was time for us to expand the care that we were providing to minors.”

Oh, Planned Parenthood. There really is no end to what you will do to ruin this nation, is there?

While the spokesman for the organization was careful to note that children under 18 will require their parents’ permission before submitting to the hormones, we’re certain that’s a barrier that will fall before too long. It certainly didn’t take long before states started waiving those restrictions for abortions, did it? And we’re sure it won’t be long before children of all ages can bike down to the local Planned Parenthood to start getting the estrogen/testosterone they need to begin “transitioning” to the other gender. What a world, what a world.

It might be nice to live in a world where everyone gets to simply “choose” their own identity, but numerous medical studies have shown the psychological damage that accompanies this particular choice. Long-term surveys have shown that the majority of trans-leaning children eventually grow out of their temporary confusion. But what happens when they have already gone down an irreversible path of hormones and surgery by that time? What happens when they’ve had their puberty turned upside down by irresponsible medical professionals who are more interested in pushing a political agenda than doing what’s right? Well, what happens is we see astronomical suicide rates, and a country increasingly untethered from reality.

At several points in both the campaign and his presidency, Trump offered Planned Parenthood a deal: Stop performing abortions and we’ll let you keep your federal funding. Now, there’s no chance in hell that the organization would ever agree to that deal, but this stunt proves that we shouldn’t be funding them even if they did. Seriously? Our tax dollars are being spent on the destruction of the unborn and, now, the runaway freight train that is the transgender theory? Um, no. No thank you.

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  1. I was going to comment, but I truly cannot think of a single thing to say. Words aren’t enough to convey this level of disgust. I don’t understand the world we live in, and I don’t want to.

    • Karen VanCraenenbroeck

      I agree with what you say – the world today is going in too many different directions. To offer this kind of service to children who at that age don’t yet who they want to be when they get older is disgusting. My only concern is what will happen to our children in the future.

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      • Hopefully they will grow up to be a better adult than you are. Look, we all know that there are certain kids who are just different from other kids in one way or another. Like it or not, some of those kids are going to be transgender. They can’t help it and you can’t stop it. All the forbidding in the world means nothing. Why not let them live in peace with their differences, rather than jeer and condemn. How would you like it if somebody talked about you the way you talk about transgeder people? I hope you aren’t a Christian, because you are really screwing it ip.

        • All you said, and nothing about where the taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for the psychological issues of people who cannot accept their own gender?
          I would never advocate the people should pay taxes, only to care for your LIBERAL psychosis.

          • it’s NOT the kids it’s their fucked up parents. the parents need to be given a shot of CLOROX in the Juggler.

        • Obviously Jim Dandy is a loon! Karen offered up a very rational, reasonable explanation for what is going on. To begin popping hormones into children who’ve not yet entered puberty is grotesque. Liberals are looking for victims who they can ultimately claim are deserving of special protection (hint: tax breaks, welfare, loads of free stuff) from the government.

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Liberals are always looking for the next “project”!… Praying on America’s youth falls in line with their grotesque fetish. It’s like the old movie, The Island of Dr. Moreau where he experimented on captive people looking for a new species and what did he get!?… something resembling the “tolerant left” exibiting animalistic psychosis. YES Jim Dandy is a lefty loon and epitomizes all that they are.

          • Liberal Tears Are MY VICTORY,
            You statements are 100% correct. It goes back to the early 1900’s with their eugenic movement in America supported by the progressives in our country (DEM’s). They referred to certain people as “Human Weeds”, Disposable People. No regard for human life. Historically they are as bad as Josef Mengele

          • Sharla Duiett Atkinson


          • human weeds were ALL blacks and economically poor people. precisely the original reason Margret sanger gave for needing planned parent hood.

          • …said the meat-head who is spiritually and intellectually bankrupt.

          • check out Margret sanger you undeveloped, liberal, empty headed, jack ass; if you can find the skill of an orangutan. that was an idea she expressed in many taped interviews.

          • you are talking to the mirror meat head..

          • Lol, don’t strain yourself with your ridiculous hyperbole. Now, can you elaborate on the “human weeds” thing? I think you don’t even know who is supposed to have said it, and that you are just aping somebody who’s got you trained like a chimp in the circus.

          • nice to hear from you chimp…when will you start slinging poop ?? life long member of the pervert party…

          • The pervert party is the one led by a pussy-grabbing child ogler—children including his own daughter. Yuck.

          • yeah that $lut billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney and his two criminal $luts need to be fitted for orange jumpsuits….and we should send that african ahole back to his birthplace in kenya, new dork city does not need any more african aholes trashing the rotten apple..

          • Golly, I don’t know how much oxycodone you’ve been on, but Bill Clinton has been out of public office for 17 years. It does speak to the virtue of the liberal wing that you have to go back that far to find anyone you can compare to Dirty Don. You could have chosen a better deflection, but I think you’d have said something stupid even if you were working with correct information. And by the way, Dirty Don himself has disavowed that whole “born in Kenya” thing. You need to update your bullshit.

          • well jimmi that clown has NOT been out of the lime light along with his hore that you admire..Trump is much more of an American than that $lut from Arkansas and that hore commie loving criminal from Illinois…you NEED to be on drugs, but the democrapo aholes closed down most of the successful insane asylums so your just schit out of luck….maybe you could convince that darkie, kenyan boyo, to take you to africa to visit some of his friends…like roberto mugabooboo…you would like him, he is a lot like the rapist traitor billy that you admire…

          • Thank you, but your opinion of me, while flattering, is shit. And the word you’re looking for is “preying.” Try to remember, you had that one in elementary school. Meanwhile, I’ll pray that Jesus will knock some of the bullshit out of your head to make room for reality. Your inability to cope with human nature is no reflection on those you take upon yourself to judge.

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            Yes JD, you caught me in a grammatical spelling error…good for you. As for my opinion of you, yes, my opinion of you IS Sh!t ! But then again, that is My opinion. You are the epitome of the left, blinded by the inability to cope with facts as you troll through this very Conservative news blog looking to spar with anyone. You don’t have to troll far here, everyone is more than willing to point out your unbelievable stupidity. I have a news flash for you JD, Trump is your President as well and will be for 7 more years. Oh wait, “The Russians”…. give me a break. The most corrupt FBI and DOJ in history has thrown shade on our (yours and mine) President with nothing to show for. What a waste of taxpayers money.
            * largest tax cut in history
            * fastest growing economy in history
            * lowest Black unemployment in history
            * lowest Hispanic unemployment in history
            * fastest addition of jobs (real FULLTIME employment) in history
            * largest cut in red tape regulations in history
            I could go on and on. Sorry if you are now triggered Sir, but you brought this on yourself. I don’t blog looking for your approval, actually I could give two Sh!ts what you are all about. It’s plain for everyone to see. Go back to your coloring book in your safe space and don’t come back, certainly, no one here will miss you…Pathetic!

          • no jimmi you are schit…a rather large pile of schit like the clowns and aholes that hate America and long to turn this great country into another perverted socialist cesspool…

          • Hay Jd your probably pisted off because you have to work no more welfare.Did you ever see transgender in the bible you moron

          • Thank you, coming from you, that’s a compliment.

          • Thank you. Coming from a cretin such as yourself, that’s about the best compliment I could hope for. Tells me I’m doing my job, crashing the mental circle jerk you guys have going down here in the alt-right Echo Chamber, where you recite and improve the talking points you’re dispensed by Rupert Murdock. Of course I’m oversimplifying the medium of your brainwashing, but I dumbed it down just for you.

          • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

            LMAO… replying to a post that is 12 days old!? Certainly you have something better to do than to troll looking for a verbal jerk off! Done with you!
            Blocked… for your own good!

          • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

            In your hint you didn’t include the number one draw from their victims, Their VOTE.

          • I thought that was a given, Sharla. Nothing trumps the democrat/liberal/progressive’s lust for the VOTE. Not the Rule of Law, not the Constitution, and certainly no matters of principle or morals will interfere with it. Recently a leaked memo from Hillary’s communication director, Jennifer Palmiere, came to light. She’d written, “Democrat’s fight for DACA is also a central component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.” In other words, get the illegals in, give’em a bunch of free stuff, get’em legalized, get’em to the polls on election day, tell’em to pull the lever marked “D” and the goodies will continue to flow. Nothing else matters…which is why they’re against a border wall.

          • You think (and I use the term loosely in your case) that liberal humanitarianism is to get votes? Yeah? So what? Now watch what happens when a whole bunch of voters have gotten sick and tired of a reprobate like Donald Trump, who lies and collaborated with the enemy to get votes. But this conversation was about Planned Parenthood’s good work, not DACA. Somebody must have fed you the wrong gripe to be wrong about this morning. Try to keep up.

          • Planned Parenthood’s “good works”? Good works? Like what, selling baby parts, including brains tissue and eyelids? I knew you were one of those demented liberal loons? You can’t even mention the word “humanitarianism” without the liberal modifier. You’re one sick puppy, Dandy…

          • Like Planned Parenthood provides the only birth control or prenatal care available to women who are poor in many communities. You think they are all about abortion, which constitutes only a sliver of what they do. They are about making sure expectant mothers and their unborn get the best care possible. If you don’t know that, we’ll, now you do. Your insinuation that they are a vivisection racket is ridiculous.

          • Spoken like a solid San Francisco liberal. I say fine, let’em do it with their own money. The Federal Government should NOT be funding the likes of Planned Parenthood with taxpayer money – not a single dollar. Period!

          • how does it feel to be wrong all of the time pervert ??.

          • well twat lips we are through with dealing nicely with perverted aholes like yourself and when you and your butthumping buddies get out in the street the next time you will find that the USA has an adult president instead of a racist rag loving communist pervert that hated the USA….now the perverts will be rounded up and disposed of…

          • Who says they’re popping hormones into children who have not yet entered puberty? You should be able to tell what a whacky proposition that is when you hear it. Yeah, I’m your liberal boogeyman, and all I think of is shit I think will offend you. You should have the fucking brains to tell that whoever is telling you this shit is lying to you. And lucky for you, you do have special protection that I support, and it’s called the First Amendment, which allows you to vomit back all the crap you swallow. But I call on you to engage that brain God gave you and stop believing everything you hear on Fox News. For that matter, you really shouldn’t believe *anything* you hear on Fox News, but if we can get your brain in gear, that will happen automatically.

          • After 11 days, you’er still fomenting like a tortured, little LGBT(Q) supporting twerp, Jim Dandy. Your hormones not working? The sexual reassignment surgery went awry? You fit in beautifully with that damaged party of deranged misfit democrats and losers…Jeez, what a loser!

        • What’s a “screwing it ip” ip???? I hope you don’t consider yourself a sane and intelligent person because you’ve fallen far from that mark! Sure kids are going to be transgender regardless of their delusional mental state, and I can see why you would support transgenderism, you probably suffer from that same disorder and can relate

          • “screwing it UP” Charles S. Look, it’s a typo. Concentrate on the comment. I don’t agree with Jim Dandy at all, but I won’t attack him for a damn typo. You went for the throat, that’s good.

          • No, and your having to pretend I’m something I’m not in order to find something wrong proves that you are already half-aware that you are, in fact, dead wrong on this issue. But I get it. Dirty Don tells you what to think, and before you know it, you’re right there on the lunatic fringe, being wrong with all your might.

          • The only reason you don’t like President Trump is because he is NOT letting anyone tell him what to do. He is doing what he said he was going to do and the Demoncrats and Libturds don’t like it.

          • You know what? A leader who never lets anyone tell him what to do is a dictator. He’s also a fucking fool. It’ll be okay, though. That was Hitler’s undoing, too. Unfortunately, Hitler had completely destroyed his country. Let’s just hope we can mitigate the damage of Dirty Don’s stream of stupid edicts.

          • I would rather have President Trump working to make America great again instead of Odumbo, who was going around and kissing the enemies butts! You know you’ll go to hell calling people a fool. Just take a look at Matthew 5:22 and you will see.

          • No wacko, Don does NOT tell me what to think; but its pretty clear that you seem to be suffering from dementia…..
            Get some help, sicko!

          • The opinion of the AMA and APA is that transgenderism is not a “delusion.” Your refusal to accept that fact has made you a fool, and a fairly mean one, at that. Your denial, you see, really is a delusion caused by your sheer terror at anything different from you. That makes you a bigot, which, while not a bona fide disorder, is a moral failing. So shame on you.

        • Yep you are a dandy alright!! A dandy idiot!! These young people who are preteens and teenagers are now changing their minds! Unfortunately, those who had already started hormone therapy will have to take meds and never be able to have children. The doctor who pioneered this therapy and ultimate surgery is now advising against it, in fact, refers to it as child abuse because many times when it doesn’t change their mental state they end up committing suicide! People like you disgust me! There are many kids who thought they would rather be a boy when they are a girl and visa versa that as they get up into their teens those feelings go away! There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with making them wait until they are old enough to make that decision when they are adults! Liberals are truly mentally ill!

          • You are wrong. If they “change their mind,” they can stop the hormone therapy and everything will return to baseline. It’s really weird that you can accept an adult trannie, but condemn transgender youth. You think adult trannies didn’t know what they were in their youth? Too bad tbere’s n vot just some hormone you could take to make you bright.

        • It’s wrong to give children hormones because they want to change gender. In fact, it is EVIL! It is much better and more compassionate to help the child accept themselves for what they are not what they want to be. This trans thing is a gender dismorphic disorder and should be treated as a mental illness because it is. Dr. Paul McHugh did a 10 year study on post operative transexuals and found that 77% had committed suicide. You never used to hear about this transgender BS because we promoted better morals on our children and didn’t have the vile filth on the media that affect so many people.

          • In the first place, your little statistic is bullshit. In the second place, those who do kill themselves generally do so because living in a world full of ignorant fuckheads like you is worse than dying. I’m not even a trannie, and you make me pretty sick.

        • Jim Dandy,
          You are either not to bright or are in on the political agenda (DEM’s). Yes there will be people that are different but never so many as today. These children are being feed propaganda. It is disgusting and shows you how low these teachers have fell. They should be kick out caring about a political agenda instead of teaching the children Math, English, History, etc. Where does a society talk about an issue like education for over a half century and it just keep getting worst. This is just being used as another tool to destroy our country. What is this about Christians, only they care about their children? That is another ignorant statement. Try thinking about what you and your kind are doing to the children.
          Everyone matures at a different rate and most people do not mature until they have responsibilities. Can range from mid 20 to 30’s. So who are you kidding.

          • How low these teachers have fell? It’s ‘fallen,’ dipshit. I bet you rant for English only, too, even though you can barely speak it yourself.

        • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

          The key to your remark is where you commented “going to be”. Most children don’t know what they are “going to be” to become productive adults so how can they cumulate the more complex issues?

        • What does Christianity have to do with it? What Planned Parenthood is offering is wrong on all accounts. This is something that they can help. If they get right with God then they will see that this isn’t the life that God would have them to live. That is why you hear about so many trannys committing suicide. Because they are lost and confused. Satan is the one that has them confused. A Christian would talk to them about the Bible and what God has to offer them. Not accept it and leave it at that. All that is going on is that the so-called transgenders are saying that God made a mistake in creating them and let me tell you, God DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES. If they are confused about what gender they are, then all they have to do is look at what they have covered up in their underwear.

        • Why do our tax dollars have to pay for it ??? Let the parents pay a Dr the 100,000. dollars…Sick of you free loading jerk offs…

        • you are part of the problem…supporting this bunch of scum sucking pigs that missed the opportunity to murder a child…. well hell let us see if we can reach out to some really screwed up parents(sic) that are doing what they can to screw up their child’s life…

      • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

        What children? That is the purpose of planned parenthood to control the growing population of the undesirables. They have been murdering the unborn and now they are planning the prevention of pregnancy in the first place by this move, unless someone knows how a male can give birth and a female inseminate.

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    • Oh, you watched Trump’s State of the Union, too, huh? Yeah, it was like that.

      • The funniest parts were the obstructionists faces, almost as if they were going to cry, not to mention the 50+ year old playbook response (only now with homosexual and transgender issues) from Kennedy. Pffffffft…….

      • Get some help, you’re not well, Jimmy boy!

    • This is what happens when you have mentally-ill same-sex “couples” are ALLOWED to adopt children and raise them to be “one of their own” (even if they have to take them to “PP” and FORCE these hormones on them.) These SICK FREAKS should be arrested and imprisoned for GROSS negligence and child abuse. THIS is what happens people, when a gay, mooslime FRAUD and his tranny are shoved down our throats by RAMPANT voter fraud in an attempt to “transform” this Country into a third-world craphole. Now look at what we have…”women” walking around with faux “sex organs” on their heads, Idiots screaming at the sky like a bunch of rabid DOGS, police being “targeted” and murdered, MS13 gangs running rampant, robbing and murdering at will, black LIES matter destroying private property and threatening to murder police, antifa being “allowed” to keep destroying property and people’s lives… mooslime “no-go” areas, mooslime “training camps” all over the U.S. ALL bought and “paid for” by the likes of OSCUMBAG, soros and his “family” as well as the DNC/RINOS and their minions. The “list” goes on and on, and MOST has been going on since that MOOSLIME FRAUD so-called “president” was shoved in. The time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up for ourselves is NOW, before our REPUBLIC is lost forever to the “deep state operators” wanting to destroy it.

    • I hit that point several times and that’s exactly what they want you to think. Keep telling yourself you’re ok and it’s THEM with the problem. We’ve got to fix/stop it.
      It’s just one part of their plan to dismantle our country. Just getting us normal folks to question ourselves shows that they are making progress. I’m showing my age here but I actually read Orwell’s book “1984”. It’s not a great read, and the end is not fabulous. BUT just try to keep in the back of your mind as you read it how it parallels many things we are experiencing today (Flat screen TVs, ministry of history, etc…) All this from a book written in 1949!

      Remember to vote.

      • I read the book too … “Oceania is at War with Eastasia, and always has been at War with Eastasia. Oceania is at Peace with Eurasia, and always has been at Peace with Eurasia.” The next week, the roles reverse, and Winston Smith (working at the “Ministry of Truth”) gets to rewrite all the history books – a truly full-time job. Yup, and the current economic boon is all due to Barrack Obama, and not due to Donald Trump. Right. You better believe it; just remember that Big Brother (NSA, Deep State, etc.) is watching…

    • I am with you!!!!

    • I understand it. A recently published book by Jonathan Cahn, “The Paradigm”, explains the situation very well. Already the left is so incensed that it is trying to get the publisher to cease publication and recall all copies of the book. It names names.

    • Time to stop giving them our tax money !!!

    • Natalie, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your problem is that you don’t want to understand, and that attitude will leave you forever ignorant.

  2. “While the spokesman for the organization was careful to note that
    children under 18 will require their parents’ permission before
    submitting to the hormones,”
    The fine print…..
    PP will not be asking the age of its patients, We respect your right to privacy…

    This sick organization probably has plans to sell the parts too..

  3. It’s too bad people aren’t the way you want them to be. They just keep being the way they really are, no matter how much it pisses you off and you sputter and bloviate on your little blog, of which the readership, if at all significantly represented in the unmoderated comment section, numbers around fifty. Thing is, I think you folks simply have a condition that makes you want to hurt anything or anyone you don’t understand, and there’s a shitload you don’t unerstand, I’m here to tell you. It makes you bad neighbors, bad citizens, and bad Christians. It’s hard to be around you.

    • You really don’t get it.
      The only ones hurt, are those who are forced to participate in the desires and behaviors of people with whom they disagree. Think about the taxpayer!
      They can be different, they can be transgender/ homosexual, they can practice whatever abhorrent behaviors they want, but don’t make it a federal issue.

  4. I would hope this entire story was “fake” news, but if not, might I ask the obvious? How do the concerns of transgenders and/or homosexuals have anything to do with Planned “PARENTHOOD”?
    (In quotations and caps for emphasis of the hypocrisy)

  5. If we can’t use eugenics to alter American society we’ll use hormone treatments to do it. Josef Mengele is rolling around in his grave now realizing that if he just waited 70 years he could practice “his” medicine in the open and be worshiped by 21st century leftwing planners. What was uncool is now cool. No need to imprison people who are mentally inferior and susceptible to dogma from the left they come willing and able for abortions and hormone treatments.

  6. Why are these people still in business?

    • Unfortunately, because you and I are forced to pay for their services.

      • raped by the democrapo aholes in DC who steal cash at the point of a saber and give it to their constituents….who then spend it on abortions and new costumes to do their “gay pride” parades in the street…we need to take a page from the chinkees “street demonstration control” handbook…when the perverts hit the street so do the tanks…..squishy squishy….

  7. All the talk of the world population exploding in the next several years, is a bunch of BS. With children being encouraged to change genders ( PP, Here we will help you be who you want to be.) Suicides rising, from screwed up hormones. Reproduction numbers going down, abortion tossed about as a right and desired. Food that is unhealthy and full of chemicals and endocrine disruptors ( hormone malfunction ) You are what you eat. Doctors should be up in arms over this. Because they know full well that messing with the hormones of an immature child will do immense harm to the health and welbeing of them, both mentally and physically. Yet they sit on their hands afraid to rock the Liberal PC boat, at the expense of our most vulnerable and cherished citizens. We have all been the Lab Rats for the greedy industrial food and pharmaceutical companies. Now those hidden experiments are catching up with us in an angry, irritated, violent, unhappy, disease ridden population. Planned Parenthood was set up to eliminate the inferior, (research their history. Very ugly) and now? Destroy the children, slower and just as cruel as Josef Mengele’s experiments.

  8. Any organization that kills for a living is no better than the Nazis or Stalin! Everyone that works for planned parenthood should be put on trial for murder and locked up for life!

  9. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    What if … ? Could it be, “the questions tell us more than the answers ever will?”

    The destroying of unborn innocent lives and those who have been gender confused at school is barbaric and demonic. Surely there’s a special place in Hell for these Planned non-Parenthood DEMONS!!!


  10. So I guess their new slogan will be “We Kill Babies and Make Freaks!!

    It does have certain cache to it in leftist circles;-(

  11. They want to help people get abortions and now yet another screwed up agenda!! They need to be totally defunded. . . . they are a liberal waste.

  12. Dont you people think that the increase of cancer around the world is staggering? Instead of pharma moving on to turning your boy into a girl we need to see whats in our foods. What are they getting away with,? What are we eatting thats giving our children cancer? If planned parenthood wants to do something to make money I suggest this. Women need to be responsible for themselves. The old stand by that he wanted it more than she did doesnt fly never did? Hand out birth control & the morning after pill at planned parenthood. Make them pay monthly payments for the birth control. Charge some interest for operation costs. No one need or wants to pay for someones bastard child.Some of you are to ignorant to live. The problem around the world is that there is to many people on this planet. Right now the way I see it is youre no smarter than the rabbits and the rats. You will keep breading till there is nothing else to eat. Wake the hell up.

  13. In my humble opinion, there is no real ‘gender identification’ problem at all. The problem is of a personal ‘MENTAL’ nature. I can’t help but feel for those that are supposedly afflicted. The brainwashing and condoning of such a treatment, especially at such a young age, is borderline criminal. The so called ‘identity victims’ have NO conceivable idea at such a young age of the consequences they will encounter later on in life. Just remember, all of this Bulls**t is voluntarily SELF inflicted for ‘whatever’ their reason. In no way should this ever be considered ‘normal’, nor should the transformation, in anyway, be paid for with our tax dollars. In reality, you ARE the gender you are born with. Where their head is at is a totally different matter. Rather than hormone treatment for these people, the monies spent would be better spent on a good ‘shrink’. —– Like I said, “this is just MY opinion”.

  14. inordinate evil! They are bound on destroying lives, aren’t they?

  15. This is child abuse and they should be charged!

  16. I’m sure that Dr. Josef Mengele (well-known Nazi war criminal who performed hideous “experiments” on Jews at Auschwitz) is smiling from his prison cell down in Hell at the thought of sexual mutilation of children.

    • Kevin, your thinking you need to explain who Josef Mengele was shouts that you really don’t know much about it. That you would make such a comparison the Planned Parenthood says you know nothing.

      • First of all, not all readers of this blog may know their WW-II history very well, especially younger people who are victims of the leftist-controlled public school monopoly (you know, spending too much time learning about how many genders there are, or about how perfectly okay it is for Johnny to have two mommies). That was why I included a short parenthetical about who Mengele was. Second, at age 58, and as someone who actually has studied history, I know my WW-II history very well, probably better than you do. I do know more about the naval battles than I do about the land campaigns, but that’s just me (I was in the US Navy for a short while back in the 1970s). Your second point, that I “know nothing” is a stupid remark on your part, especially given all the revelations that came out regarding Planned Parenthoods’ illegal selling of baby parts. Your defense of PP is offensive, and just plain stupid. YOU are the idiot!

  17. This is so far beyond the pale. If there was any better reason for putting those dens of iniquity out of business, I sure don’t know what it could be. Fortunately, My adult children are more sane than these types. If anyone tried to push my granddaughter in this direction, I’d shoot the bastard!

  18. I read all the posts expressing outrage on this particular forum and decrying the evil that allows it. Yet, I see no outraged people acting to convince our reps to defund the nazi organization planned parenthood. Just sayin’

  19. Kids have no business at planned parenthood. Can’t they leave anyone alone?

  20. No tax money to planned parenthood…..ever!

  21. If the parenthood is planned, how the hell can they get the sexual orientation wrong? (I’m being sarcastic.)

  22. More proof that LIBTARDISM is a mental disorder , it just makes you & keeps you STUPID !

  23. It should be against the law to do this to children! Write your congress people. This is evil!

  24. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. End all PP government funding. NOW!

  25. they better not start that crap, I’ll burn their fucking building down with them in it.

  26. So, if the butchers can’t get your babies before birth, they’ll cut ‘um up when they’re older! Custom work, special little details, along with messing with their heads!

  27. When the trans ? child is thirty and decides he -she has been mutilated, who does he – she sue? When he – she commits suicide, who do the grieving parents sue ?

    • No one is mutilating children, you idiot. That you have to make shit up screams that you know the case against Planned Parenthood isn’t very good on it’s true merits.

  28. Sharla Duiett Atkinson

    Now, to me, there is no doubt, population control is their number one agenda. Releiving the world of who they view as the undesirables. Their stance has been to kill the unborn & now this added precept is to prevent pregnancy period; as neither a male nor a female having their reproductive organs removed can propagate.

  29. Planned Parenthood has list their friggin minds. Hell yes! Let’s offer a poor young child a shot of hormkbes so they can get totally screwed up as they turn into teenagers.

    FYI: DO YOU KNOW HOW THIS TRANSGENDER SICKNESS GOT ITS START? A very self centered, unbalanced mother decided that the beautiful baby boy she gave birth to wasn’t what she wanted, so she started dressing him in baby girks clithes and giving him dolls and girl’s toys to play with. As her he/she becomes a toddler, she addresses him as her little girl and introducing him as her little girl. At age 4 the Mother takes him to a doctor saying he is a.little gurl trapped inside her little boy and can thendoc do reconstructive surgery remiving his junk and making him a girl. The doctor said he would do the surgery and it was performed making it necessary for that little boy to take female hormones the rest of his life — and removing all possibility of her.child to ever procreate his own child in the future.

    Now remember, this little boy never knew he was a boy but was always referred to as a she. He was given only female toys, make up, and lityle girl clothes. When that mother wanted the surgery, that doctor should have had that child evaluated by a psychologist BEFORE doing that surgery to make sure the child truly was more girl than boy. But the Mother brainwashed her son so he would think he was a girl. This child was conned by his own mother and the Liberal Left ran with the sick twisted event and labeled him a transgender.

  30. I would call this practicing medicine without a license or child abuse if not both! A child does not have enough life experience to make a choice like that himself!
    We didn’t have these horrors in our faces every day until they took God out if the schools in the effort for progressives to make another step toward world government. Please read Fabian’s Freeway. You will be shocked at how far they have come since the late 1800’s.

  31. I am a child of the early 50’s and it is articles like this make me wonder what has happened to us? We are born male and female and God did not make a mistake in our gender. He made us that way for a reason and the reason was not to have someone change our sex. If this is going to be done (and there will be a day of reckoning for this) then the person should be 21 years of age (I feel that 18 is still to young for something like this. I do not know if a person is ever really old enough to make a choice such as this, but then a lot of fetus’s are flushed away. I have enough problems with abortions and now we want to change their sex to make them happy, GO FIGURE!!!

    • Totally agree with you. God doesn’t make mistakes. The devil can get into people’s heads and make them think that way. And now being that we’re living in the end times, the devil is going about like a rampant lion seeking whom he may devour. He knows his time is short and is going to do everything in his power to turn people away from God. Don’t let this happen to you!

  32. I have nothing but the lowest possible opinion of anyone who works for Planned Parenthood and that will certainly be same for parents who bring their kids to the PP murder chambers to get hormone replacement so the kids can become “transgender”. How (and why) do we put up with this insanity in this great country?

  33. I have an idea: Instead of letting a young displaced, non knowing child to make decisons that make NO sense, why NOT just GUIDE them to the TRUTH and the right way of doing things! I mean I have several children that asked questions regarding sex etc and I told the the PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH! Guess what, they believed me too! So, no trouble knowing they are amale or a female! Instead of letting them make up a mind they don’t have yet, due to ignorance and youth, give em the TRUTH! That will fix things! The TRUTH has a way of making one FREE!! John 14:6/John 8:32 KJV

    • Homer, they do not accept righteous advice. They have made God’s of themselves. Unbeknownst to them that concept did not work out well for Satan and his angel followers – so to for the humans who follow in their wake.

  34. So they’re not only baby murderers. They also operate a Frankenstein lab for ghoulish sex changes. This Planned Parenthood bunch is made up of rock bottom low lives.

  35. When is funding for this murderous criminal organization going to stop? This would make them nonexistent. I do not belong to AARP & told them too stop sending me solicitations since they are backers of abortion which is murder.

  36. Start a class action law suit…No tax dollars of mine or any one apposed should ever go to this…It’s against everything I believe and have been taught…No tax dollars paid for my Fathers death from Cancer nor for my just passed sister in law…If that is the case and it’s ok then I want plastic surgery to look like Elvis because I think I’m him…Paid by tax dollars…KMMFA

  37. We don’t have a transgender problem.
    We don’t have gay problem.
    We don’t have a BLM problem.
    We don’t have a Deep State problem
    We don’t have an education problem.
    We don’t have an immigration problem,
    We do have a liberal dem bloodsucking compost heap problem.
    We all know what the answer is , why are we waiting?. .

  38. This is about as bad as corruption can get. The drug used Lupron look it up. You can do something get educated by going to. Lupronvictimshub. com. There were 2 lawsuits for 2 women both for Lupron. No justice
    Also there have been many deaths including children. I send every person I meet to this web site. Written by a nurse paralegal who is very sick from the drug herself that writing is website trying to get the drug off the market please help in any way you can.

  39. Child abuse – both by planned parenthood as well as the parents.

  40. Funny how an entity that claims to provide women’s health services is now expanding to create faux women.

  41. Hillary’s mentor at Wellesley was Dr. Mary Jo Bane, a leader of the early Feminist Movement who introduced her to Saul Alinsky. Little did her Republican parents know…. She is quoted here:

    “We really don’t know how to raise children… the fact that children are raised in families means there’s no equality… in order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and raise them…” Dr. Mary Jo Bane, Associate Director of Wellesley College Center for Research on Women.

    Also, “It (divorce) makes for a better family life…. Divorce improves the quality of marriage.”

    From “The Document,” Declaration on Feminism:

    “Marriage has existed for the benefit of men and has become a legally sanctioned method of control over women… the end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women.”

    “Liberated sexuality is freedom from oppressive sexual stereotyping. The freedom to choose heterosexuality, homosexuality, bi-sexuality or asexuality, but not be bound by them.”

    Gloria Steinam wrote in the Michigan Free Press:

    “Overthrowing Capitalism is too small for us. We must overthrow the whole f’ing patriarchy.”

    Anyone pick up a clue?

  42. Seems the Medical community disagrees. They call it child abuse. Criminal. You seem to believe Jesus codons , approves of Planned Parenthood .You are seriously screwed up.

  43. Not entirely on point on this thread, but goes a long way to expressing the narrative of EXACTLY WHY the current cultural mores include child abuse and murder. I just read a BOMBSHELL of a book by Jonathan Cahn which outlines a prophetic hypothesis that, if correct, assesses the how and why of where the US is today. The name of the book is “The Paradigm” and I obtained it as an eBook which I could NOT PUT DOWN. I won’t do a spoiler, but it is an amazing interpretation of our current political situation using the OT chronicle of Ahab & Jezebel’s ill-fated reign in Israel 2500 years ago!!! It will shock you when you compare it with present day culture wars. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has read this new work by Cahn.

    • Did not read the book . But I read were Israel is telling Africans to go back home with a free plane ticket and $3500.00 cash or they will get locked up . Great example from our allies ????

      • Wonder about the truth of that. But the point is not Israel but America.

        • It was in the news about Israel , Israel is our No.1 support in the Middle east .The whole world is going nuts !!!

          • I read about it in several places and I agree with the government’s stance to expel them from Israel. I recommend that course of action for ANY islamic “young male” who came in great numbers regardless the initial rationale. Profile, profile, profile – your life depends on it.

          • I am just surprised it has not turned into a issue world wide with everything that is going on . You thought I was making that UP??? If Israel can deport people WHY CAN’T THE USA ???

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