Pinterest Caught Blocking Content From Pro-Life, Conservative Sites

Thanks to a whistleblower who works for the popular image-sharing site Pinterest, the investigative reporters at Project Veritas have revealed that the site is blocking and censoring content that originates from pro-life, conservative websites.

The insider told Project Veritas that Pinterest currently has certain sites, including the pro-life activist website, conservative website,, and others listed on their porn domain blacklist code. These websites, obviously, do not post pornography and would seemingly have nothing to do with Pinterest’s mission to keep it off their website.

“The documents we obtained raise questions about whether or not these tech companies really operate like neutral platforms, as opposed to publishers with editorial agendas,” said Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

A Pinterest spokesperson reacted to the report with the usual PR blather: “Religious content is allowed on Pinterest, and many people use our service to search for and save Pins inspired by their beliefs. To protect our users from being targeted based on personal characteristics such as their religion, we have policies in place so that ads and recommendations don’t appear alongside certain terms.”

This is, of course, unrelated to the fact that there is a PORN BLOCK against and these other conservative sites. It also fails to address why LiveAction had their Pinterest account suspended in the wake of these revelations.

“Pinterest says that their mission is to ‘help empower people to discover things that they love,’” noted LiveAction founder Lila Rose. “But despite the fact that millions of people love babies and the pro-life cause, they are secretly censoring our life-affirming messages. Pinterest users deserve to know the truth and our messages deserve to be treated fairly.”

The whistleblower told Project Veritas that while private social media companies may have the right to implement the policies they deem necessary, they should be up front with users about how their political ideology affects those policies.

“I think when public policies don’t match with how social media companies are actually implementing them, people have a right to know, people have a right to that transparency,” they told the site. “And the thing is one person can make all the difference…one person can bring transparency to big tech.”

Time after time, these companies are being exposed as the leftist propaganda hubs that they are. It’s only a matter of time before what has been obvious to conservative activists for a long time becomes obvious to the entire country. And when that happens, the free market may decide that there are better places to congregate and socialize than the sites that dominate Silicon Valley today.

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