Photo ID For Voting Made Mandatory?

Ohio legislators sent Republican Gov. Mike DeWine a GOP-backed bill that would make it mandatory for voters to show photo ID at the polls during elections and would lessen the timeframe in which absentee ballots or vote early in-person requests could be made.

The measure would replace the state law that allowed voters to present other identifying documents, such as utility bills or bank statements, and was passed by the House. The bill would also stop in-person early voting on the eve of Election day and would reduce the time that voters had to make their request for an absentee ballot.

Legislators had previously considered a number of different measures but ended up opting for one of the more restrictive ones.

DeWine has said that following the vote he would have to extensively read the legislation to determine whether it should be signed into law. He added that the last two secretaries of state had noted that Ohio has a fairly good system where it would be hard to cheat. Despite this, Republican legislators are set on increasing election security.

Democrats and voting rights groups have been unsupportive of the measure arguing that it would make it much harder for Ohioans to vote in upcoming elections.

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