Phony Conservative: “50 Civil Wars” Will Break Out Over Supreme Court

It’s an extraordinary thing that, with the exception of drooling, rabid feminists and actual Planned Parenthood employees, it feels like the television pundit most interested in seeing Roe v. Wade preserved is none other than conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

IS Rubin even still identifying herself as a conservative these days? Because she has traveled far, FAR off the reservation in recent years. It’s one thing to set yourself up as some phony “NeverTrump” conservative who thinks that the president is wrong on trade and sets a bad moral example for the youth of America. We think those concerns are pretty weak at this point in the game, but we can at least respect your adherence to a certain ideological viewpoint…even if it is realistically irrelevant.

Rubin is another matter entirely. And her dedication to loathing everything that the Trump administration does proves that she no longer gives a damn about conservative principles, if she ever really did. And if there still remained any doubt about where her political priorities lie, she has put them to rest over the last couple of weeks with her push for Trump to nominate a pro-choice judge to the Supreme Court.

“The people who brought Donald Trump and delivered him to the White House want [Roe v. Wade to be overturned], and I think they will not be disappointed,” Rubin said on MSNBC on Thursday. “So then the question is, if they’re not able to withstand this onslaught, not able to hold back a justice that would reverse Roe, what happens? In essence, we go to 50 civil wars in each of the states, plus the District of Columbia.

“And here is where I think the Republicans have badly overplayed their hand,” she continued. “There is no, and I mean no significant constituency for doing what they want to do, which is criminalizing abortion and punishing women and/or doctors. Poll after poll, 67%, 69%, 70% of people want to keep Roe. And what that means is, they want to keep a constitutional protection.

“If that then goes back to the state legislatures, you’re going to see an uproar,” she predicted. “And I think if we haven’t already seen women mobilize through the #MeToo movement, through the election of Donald Trump, through the separation of children, you are going to see even more women in the streets, on the ballot, and voting to throw people out who do not recognize women’s personal autonomy.”

Is that so? Well, that’s not called “civil war,” Jennifer. That’s called democracy. That’s called voting. So if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade and 70% of the American people want to see abortion rights protected, then there won’t be any “uproar” in the various state legislatures, will there? No, people will vote for local politicians who promise to keep abortion legal. They will vote Democrat in the next national election. There will be a huge push for an (actual) constitutional amendment providing for legal abortion. This ought to be the left’s dream scenario. No longer will the legality of abortion be a subject of debate. When the American people really decide they want something, our system of democracy provides for that to happen in due time.

But see, that’s not what Rubin or Planned Parenthood or any of these liberal feminists actually believe is going to happen. No, they know that the majority of Americans do NOT support “safe, free, legal, on demand on every street corner” abortions. They know that the badly-misjudged Roe v. Wade case is the only thing keeping their sick industry afloat. They know that their propaganda that confuses “women’s personal autonomy” with infanticide is going to come undone in short order. They are desperate to protect the status quo because they know that if we ever start from scratch and have a REAL debate about this murderous practice, their side is unlikely to come out on top.

Personally, we don’t think the reversal of Roe v. Wade is as much of a foregone conclusion as the left is making it out to be; this has the distinct feel of a get-out-the-vote, call-in-the-donors hysteria outbreak. But we’ll see.

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