“Phony” Businessman Was Behind Russian Dossier Claims

We’ll give the vast majority of the mainstream media credit: With the exception of a few outliers, they did not give much credence to the infamous “dossier” that claimed Donald Trump was a puppet of the Russian government. Even Trump’s fiercest critics were honest about the unverified nature of the report. The salacious details gave late-night comedians plenty to joke about, but no one (other than BuzzFeed, CNN, Mother Jones, and a few liberal lunatics) took the report seriously.

Their restraint has paid off, because we’re now learning more about the source of that dossier…and it isn’t anyone working for Vladimir Putin. It’s a businessman from Belarus named Sergei Millian. The Wall Stret Journal identified Millian this week as being a major source for ex-British spy Christopher Steele, the man who provided the dossier to the FBI.

The Daily Caller spoke to Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, who said that Millian is a “phony” who is “out of his mind.” He denied that Millian had any relationship with Trump, though they met once for a photograph.

Millian himself does not stand by the claims made in the dossier. The businessman told the Wall Street Journal that the memo was “fake news” and characterized it as “an attempt to distract the future president from real work.”

So why did Millian make the claims? That’s still unclear. The Journal reports that Millian gave the information to an unidentified middleman who then relayed it back to Steele. Our best guess is that he was just running his mouth, trying to impress people with his inside knowledge about the hottest topic in politics. Our second-best guess is that anti-Trump forces were giving away money to anyone and everyone who claimed to have some dirt on the Republican nominee. Maybe Millian decided to cash in with a handful of ridiculous stories.

Either way, this will hopefully bring some comfort to any half-witted Americans who really thought President Trump was being blackmailed by Moscow. Now the media will have to go digging for something else with which to attack the president, and we’re sure they have journalists working around the clock.

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