“Phony” Businessman Was Behind Russian Dossier Claims

We’ll give the vast majority of the mainstream media credit: With the exception of a few outliers, they did not give much credence to the infamous “dossier” that claimed Donald Trump was a puppet of the Russian government. Even Trump’s fiercest critics were honest about the unverified nature of the report. The salacious details gave late-night comedians plenty to joke about, but no one (other than BuzzFeed, CNN, Mother Jones, and a few liberal lunatics) took the report seriously.

Their restraint has paid off, because we’re now learning more about the source of that dossier…and it isn’t anyone working for Vladimir Putin. It’s a businessman from Belarus named Sergei Millian. The Wall Stret Journal identified Millian this week as being a major source for ex-British spy Christopher Steele, the man who provided the dossier to the FBI.

The Daily Caller spoke to Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, who said that Millian is a “phony” who is “out of his mind.” He denied that Millian had any relationship with Trump, though they met once for a photograph.

Millian himself does not stand by the claims made in the dossier. The businessman told the Wall Street Journal that the memo was “fake news” and characterized it as “an attempt to distract the future president from real work.”

So why did Millian make the claims? That’s still unclear. The Journal reports that Millian gave the information to an unidentified middleman who then relayed it back to Steele. Our best guess is that he was just running his mouth, trying to impress people with his inside knowledge about the hottest topic in politics. Our second-best guess is that anti-Trump forces were giving away money to anyone and everyone who claimed to have some dirt on the Republican nominee. Maybe Millian decided to cash in with a handful of ridiculous stories.

Either way, this will hopefully bring some comfort to any half-witted Americans who really thought President Trump was being blackmailed by Moscow. Now the media will have to go digging for something else with which to attack the president, and we’re sure they have journalists working around the clock.

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  1. No name of author attached to this the above posted article; is this a fake news story regarding Millian ???. Fake News, Writting against fake news. ???

    • Peatro Giorgio = Mexican who crossed the southern border ILLEGALLY . How do you like that for fake News ?

      • charles17121 the gullible, nit wit, dim wit,half wit ! So Charles Apparently your believing an article, where in no author has attached his or her name to said article ! Said article is just as asinine as the reports put out by CNN ,MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BUZZ FEED, WASHINGTON POST & THE NEW YORK POST They who Cover stories they Know full well to be lies. If your buying the bullshit article above your just as stupid as the Lib-turds who follow every word breathed by the above net works & News rags. As for A Mexican citizenship ? Mexico would not even let you cross the border, let alone give you citizen status. How ever I do digress. As I’m 3rd generation American of Italian decent both sides of my Family tree.
        And each of the 2 previous generation before me also served our Nation America ! Maybe next time when someone is calling attention to facts not in evidence You then might think twice before opening your pie hole

        • Amusing – it needs an author for vindication? What about all the drivel that the alt-right report, some so full of holes you can drive a truck through them. Moron!!!!!!!

  2. Just another nail in msm’s coffin.

  3. We know for sure that the information in the dossier has not been confirmed by any reliable authority or witness. Rumors always exist about major players in the world politic. What bigger player now than Donald John Trump? His enemies within the Republican Party (McCain, Graham, etc.) and those in the Democrat Party numerous enough to fill a major city phone book.

    The problem I have is with those who hired Christopher Steele in the first place. Steele gets most of his info from Sergei Millian. I have a few stories to sell, One is about a who built nothing in his life, in fact, though he was for a short time an instructor of the U.S. Constitution, he then spent 8 years of his life, violating that same constitution almost daily as adjudicated unanimously by the U.S. Supreme Court. Another story is about a woman, who was an abject failure as a Senator and as a U.S. Secretary of State. Her party nominated her as the worst candidate they could choose and she lost, and they were surprised. I won’t charge too much for the stories, and the names will not be changed to protect the guilty.

    • Barry Soetoro “studied” the US Constitution so he could violate its principals. Ever since he was abandoned by his father, mother and step father and lived with the Chicago parents of Bill Ayers, all communist, the commie elites groomed Barry for his “destiny’ as a power hungry elite.

      • For get MSM BS ! The fraud and usurper Barry Soetoro AKA barack hussein obama nerver EARNED a degree from Harvard University ! Harvard University was given 20 million Dollars from a foreign concern who sponsored him to their collage . Harvard University sold their educational integrity and GAVE the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama a diploma from their prestigious institution . Remember this idiot barack hussein obama thinks there are 57 states ! I doubt he knows what in the US Constitution !

      • Trump has his own Constitution: Trump Organization using YOUR government to make billions in profit for his whore daughter Ivanker…and her Kushy husband.

        • How dare you call someone you don’t even know a whore? Sounds to me you are a sore looser because your wonderful Hillary lost.

          • Or a whore herself…LOL Kills me how liberals always like Muslims but they both hate queers…

          • Hey Slut…the greatest number of illegitimate kids are born to white southern and midwestern whores. Get FACTS, not those alternate facts.

            This isn’t about Hillary shitface. It is about MY country not being turned into Putin’s private little kingdom, something you fukking morons of the right condone. Keep condoning the rigging of the election. Keep condoning Trump grabbing pussies but then try and dump your slut guilt on the rest of us and see if we don’t withdraw every dime of our state funding that ends up in your shitbagger states. Hope you like being poor.

            Dem states NEVER run out of money. After all, Wall Street and the UN are IN a DEM state, not a fukkarooo state. Go play with your old man’s limp dick lady.

          • Your mother should wash your mouth out with soap! How sad it is that you can not have an intelligent conversation without the filth – shows your IQ for sure!

          • I’m guessing your Mommy never taught you how to douche that stinking twat of yours? I don’t hold intelligent conversations with trash like you. Sorry, I don’t waste my fine education on women who can’t make it on their own with Mr. MAN’s approval. Better go ask Mr. Man if you need to douche…Been keeping his distance lately? Maybe, he has a jiggly ass hick twat on the side? Most Mutton Chops and Corn Pone males do or they seem to do what your boy Hastert did…play with little boys.

          • Try not to converse with those illiterate morons. You’d get more intelligence coming from the old oak tree in your backyard. Just wallow in our victory. They were all so sure the criminal was going to win. It’s like Christmas every day.

          • Is there any way to shut someone like her up? Her language is just awful! I don’t mind if someone has a different point of view but this goes way beyond the first ammendment.

          • Hover over It’s name, a down arrow will appear to the far right.
            Click the arrow and select Block user, and confirm. The loser is now gone from your sight, and you never have to read it’s filth again…

          • Thanks for your help. I hovered but nothing happened. I clicked on it and that didn’t do it either. How do I find her address so I can slap her silly? She actually posted stuff like she wants to hang Trump. Is that not something that the Secret Service should know about?????

          • Believe me, they’re well aware of her. Happy to help. When someone cannot engage in a civil conversation, I drop them from my sight. Try her m
            name on Facebook and other social media, and she may be found with whois.com, I believe it’s called. Good luck and God bless!

          • DONE! I am so happy that I don’t have to “listen” to her nasty mouth! I still would like to slap her upside the head!!!

          • If she has a head she stole it from a skanky ho….

          • I suspect that she’s actually AKLady posting under a different name. O possibly actually even Redman.

      • O knew and knows nothing about the Constitution and was only a hired lecturer to “teach” about the Constitution and the class was canceled after just a couple of classes and it is clear why – knowing the Constitution and saying you know it are two very different things. He was a paid puppet and nothing more. Never seen by professors nor students in classes. His choom fried brain couldn’t take it. He came as a foreign student and we have never seen any application to be an American citizen. We have been conned and played with for more than 10 yrs. (he was a senator in Illinois and only ever answered anything but present.

    • Has anybody ever stepped forward to claim they were in the class that he allegedly taught? I have never read or head anything like that. But I have heard or read many people who attended classes at colleges that he was supposed to have been in that don’t remember ever seeing the guy.

      • Youtube “Dreams From My REAL Father: A story of Reds and deception”. Obama had this banned from theaters before the 2012 election because it has interviews and microfilm and microfiche records that were overlooked during his purge of his digital history. It’s worth taking the time to watch, and is even more damning than “2016: Obama’s America”.

      • Could be that that movie Tail Wagging The Dog was based on his life.

  4. The mistake the writer makes is in calling them JOURNALISTS ! They are propagandist plain and simple ! Real JOURNALISTS check out a story three ways from Sunday before he/she puts anything on paper !

    • “Real JOURNALISTS [ USED TO ] check out a story three ways from Sunday before he/she puts anything on paper. Todays version are nothing but “script readers” much like all the stuff coming out of Hollywierd. They are all “want to be celebrities” like Megan Kelly and that other blond bimbo Gretchen Carlson and about 50 more and not all are females. That is why their major in college is not Journalism but Mass Media; BIG DIFFERENCE.

      • Here is a fact that most people don’t know ! Lawyers are mostly LIBERALS as is Megan Kelly and Gretchen Carlson only Carison make no secret of her liberal bent were Megan Kelly tries to sell herself as conservative .

        • Don’t watch TV but do know Megan was an attorney and obviously not too good at the job. However, having worked with and many attorney friends many are and were for Trump. So can’t paint everyone with the same brush because that is how O got racism started up again.

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        • Clearly charles you haven’t a single clue as to what your talking about. I for one am a died hard Fox fan Sean Hannity, Bill O’REILLY Now Tucker Carlson ,Fox 5 ,Judge Jeanne, Megan Kelly at least once a week would declare her political Persuasion as a Liberal She never Hid from It . In fact she is an was an honest TV Commentator slash reporter. I believe it to have been a huge mistake on Megan Kelly’s to have left fox. I appreciated her dedication to facts . I will not however leave fox to follow her No Way.

          • And how does your response relate to the fact that lawyers are liberal ?
            I would also add to Charles post that they are also liars at will. They live in a opaque gray world where any means justify a win. Honesty be damned. That is why our political system is so corrupted and rotten to the core. Politicians are mostly lawyers. They should be barred from public office.

          • So your stating : (Lawyers are Liberal) ” O Really ” Senator Ted Cruz Lawyer not liberal., Senator Jeff Sessions Lawyer not liberal, Senator Mike Lee Lawyer not liberal, Lawyers for the Heritage Foundation Not liberals , lawyers for the N.R.A. Not liberal, .Lawyers For The G.O.A, Not liberal , Lawyers For The 2nd Amendment Foundation Not liberal. Lawyers For The R.T.L movement not liberal, Lawyers for the Tea -Party movement not liberal.Most of The House of Reps. Conservative Calkus Are Lawyers an are not liberal. Judge Andrew Napalitono A Lawyer not liberal Judge Jeanne Lawyer Not liberal. Mark Levin The man Who birthed The Constitutional Convention of states Article V Movement Is a Lawyer an is not a Liberal. So I can Imagine
            Painting with such A Broad Brush is not the best Idea!” Right.” One can not even say half of Lawyers are Liberal. Hell yes one can say there are to dam many liberal ,progressive, or socialist lawyers. THAT certainly is True. One need only look to the ACLU,the S.P.L. to know there are in deed to many liberal progressive socilist who are Lawyers.
            Now to conclude: To say lawyers are liberal implies that all lawyers are liberal
            Not even remotely true.
            Which brings us right back to the topic of liberals in general. As I had stated to charles. Not all liberals are the same, Many are Hard working law abiding kind giving generous folks. They should not be categorized with progressives or socialist or even communist these last 3 are just plain evil. Yes it is also true many progressives, socialist & Communist claim they are just liberal they are hiding behind that lie.simply because they are lying thieving scumbag cowards.

          • Yadi Yada.
            Ted Cruz might be a republican however he is lying lawyer like the rest.
            Lawyers will be liars regardless of their political affiliation.
            To be a liberal one has to lack common sense. Someone with common sense would have to go against their basic mental and moral makeup to be a liberal..
            Fact, only the top 1 percent of income earners can afford to be liberal/progressive /socialist. The rest of us are conservative by default. Don’t spend more than you earn, don’t expect your neighbor to support your family etc.
            With that in mind when someone states that he or she is a liberal they are either on the dole and have a vested interest or willfully ignorant.

          • Optimista: Simple suggestion. Before one makes a judgement call upon others. It is always best to be educated on the facts of the subject one intends to judge. Other wise one projects themselves as the ultimate hypocrite. In this case your opinions of all liberals is rather reflective of one who’s life’s exsperiences are rather narrowly focused & exstremely limited. You may wish to redirect your rage anger ,where they will be more useful as well pointed in the proper direction. That directions of course is toward the progressives,socialist & communist . Liberals are for the most part miguided an often enought will learn an change their Ideals.
            Progressives, socilist an communist however are absolutely dedicated to their Ideals even so much so that they will continue even when knowing the out come is self destruction & only death will dissuaded them. Those are plain & simply evil ,ignorant utterly useless , worthless leaching scumbags.

          • Is that why you rarely get anything correct? Don’t know arse from elbow.

          • According to you “Ass Clown ” everyone else is always wrong. Unless of course their as brain dead indoctrinated as you.

          • Still awaiting refuting.

          • Still that fixation with my bottom – should I worry you’d bring petroleum jelly to a meet?

          • “Wakey, wakey” Moron!

        • Best thing Fox News ever did was to get rid of its blemish in the form of Megyn Kelly. Nothing but an attention grabbing narcissist who tried to make a name for herself at the expense of Donald Trump. Too bad, Kelly, it didn’t work.

      • You forgot huge lib: Sheppard Smith.

    • We use to know the difference in America, but that was when we had an honest press.

    • There are no real journalists anymore. Just propagandists.

      We must now look for multiple sources before forming an opinion. The main stream MEDIA is in the tank for the left.

  5. Bunch of brain dead morons from the left would have NOTHING upon which to pin their hopes if it weren’t for lies and fake news. Now they are saying the loser/ has-been, Hillary is trying to get a reality show to prop her up for yet another run at the presidency. Those morons forgot she was like death eating a cracker during the last election.

  6. Typical leftist SOP. When it comes to a conservative they will jump in with both feet on the story from a guy who knew a guy that lived next door to a guy who thought he heard someone say, so it must be true. You know, because it’s the seriousness of the charge. If your a lib, there could be a video tape in HD, a 10 page hand written confession, 50 eye witnesses, but there won’t be enough evidence to investigate much less prosecute.

    • It amazes me that they are still wasting their resources on crap like this. But, I guess they are being true to their socialist/communist beliefs of “a lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth”. It seems also to be a part of Old radical socialist and union thug Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Especially Rule #13.

  7. I believed it was a “rush to judgment” to sanction Russia for the so called leaked data that was supposedly influencing the election. Not that Russia was above this hacking charge, but I felt that eventually the truth in the matter would be revealed.

  8. Lets not forget that Obama actually acted on this information too.

  9. It was proably Soros

  10. Right wingers lie as big as their Fukker liar in chief. You assholes should know it wasn’t a Businessman…it was in every media source in Europe that it was a British MI6 agent who is now in hiding due to Trump and Putin death threats.

    Don’t for one second think you won. Not when there are already enough European and US journalists getting to the bottom of how a shitbag like the Liar in Chief managed to pay off 270 electors, ALL Republicans and how that is tied to the Republicans states redistricting. YOu people have NO idea how your alternate facts will take you and your fukker in chief down.

    We know he rigged that election. The very fact that he can’t stand being told he lost the popular vote eats him into a mentally deranged frenzy. We are going to take him and you down. You can teach your sick little illegitimate welfare brats to lie.

    The fact is that you cannot lie to the rest of world. In 2 years, there won’t be a Republican left in Congress. You did that.

    • Project much?

      • Please….give it the hell up hot shot. No projection. There are continuing protests you hicks all thought would just be a one shot deal. But the part I love? Texas and Arizona will take the biggest economic hits now that the Asshole in Chief has played his Micro Power games with Mexico.

        Here is NO projection. Xi Jinping, China’s president yesterday announced he is in negotiations with Mexico for a trade deal. China. Right next door to you Confederates. I live up north. So, the worst in on Republican states. Our sanctuary cities will just stand on states rights like your Republican states have done since the Civil War to avoid paying your fair share of federal taxes.

        oh how I love this! Nothing like a tycoon Titan of Trickery to fukk up your states.

    • Spoken like a true lib. You have been lied to for so long( but it was ok because it was your guy lying ) that you would not know the truth when you hear it. I guess if you live in lies, the truth would be a lie from your prospective. PS It was the media/lib news that brought up the BS about low numbers at the inauguration. Little did they know they were being played as the end result is the investigation into voter fraud. That is the last thing the democrats want so now they are calling Trump unhinged trying to derail the cleaning of the voter roles.

      • Wrong asshole. I am not an ideologue like you. You can’t even take a shit and use the toilet paper unless you check which ideologue it was manufactured by. Go live in your fukkbagger alternate reality.

        You are going down. And so is that fukkbagger you put in the White House. That’s not an idle threat either. Have another dish of Trump shit for breakfast asshole.

        • You are such a good lib. Good luck living with your head up your ass.

          • You are such a GRATE CONman. Why in the hell would anyone believe a word out of any right wingers mouth? Your asshole in chief gets caught in lie after lie. There are 6 videos of him in interviews all saying how he “approves” of torture or how “I think torture should be used.”

            This guy like you asshole won’t be able to set foot out in public when we are done with you. Stick your dick in Melania’s mouth. After all, that is one of the ways he got to be president…sexual favors from Ivanker and Melania.

          • Very good. Asstaker just doesn’t get it. If a lib finds themselves in a hole it is best to stop digging, but that would take intelligence and common scene,both are severely lacking in the democrat party. .

        • Eleanore, you are such a dumbass….I can only hope when your Muslim buddies get next to you they cut your clitoris out like they like to do to women and then you will understand the evil that the Democrats are embracing!

      • Voter fraud is easy to stop..just simply require picture ID in order to vote..what is so hard about that? OH Yeah ,,right…the DUMOCRATS wouldn’t like it! LMAO

        • Because the dead and the illegals can’t vote. Who are they kidding? A good voter ID is the best protection for our Democracy. The COMMUNIST PUPPETEERS already got the mainstream media, the schools and our Unions to brainwash the masses so their chosen puppets can hold the office, who they can manipulate for their own sinister purpose of crashing America without firing a single bullet. This is the promise the Communists promised and worked towards America’s demise since the 1950s….wake up America. Research who are behind the propaganda, and make up your own mind. Don’t be like DUMB DRIVEN CATTLE ready for slaughter at the end of the Communist and Globalists game. Don’t vote for puppets backed by their money who are beholden to their “EVIL PUPPETEERS.”

    • Crawl back under your rock Troll!

    • You sound like an angry looser – please leave and take your meds!

    • Are you aware that the recounts in WI, MI and PA brought Trump MORE votes, not less, or do you just ignore that because it doesn’t support your propaganda?

    • Mentally deranged frenzy .What is that some sort of self diagnosis. ???
      Isnt funny as to How now that President Donald J Trump has ordered & investigation in to illegal voting & voter fraud in general. The lunatic left an some rino rejects have become totally unhinged an are now running for the hills ; While in the very same breath doing their very best to block ,halt the DOJs investigation. And why is that ?? Answer : Shall be found in the very proof I shall provide. Heritage Foundation investigation in to voter fraud developed a list of over 700 counts of prosecutions of voter fraud across this nation 90 % of those conviction were of democrat affiliated persons.
      Next 2016 recount in Michigan where the count was halted by a Democrate judge . When it was then found that in many Democratic controled districts,where those districts were being recounted. they found 3 x yes three times the number of votes over the number of registered voters in those districts. NOW ONTO THE STATE OF VIRGINIA WHERE it has also beeN found in some democrat strong hold district. There were up to 19000 votes over the NUmBER of registered voters in those districts.
      We also now Know that California issues drivers licenses to illegals thus giving the illegals the identification needed to register. We also now know that the state of California issued at least one million yes that is at least 1,000,000 illegals drivers licensus. Now onto NYC THERE WE KNOW THERE TO BE AT LEAST 1 MILLION ILLEGALS living . MAIL IN BALLOTS AN ON LINE REGISTRATION, ARE BOTH REALLY RELATIVELY EASY TO COMMIT FRAUD.

      • I don’t know who the hell you think you are fooling. Time Magazine already published the article on how Putin’s authorization of stealing DNC voting data was done. You want to live in that Alternate Reality? We usually put people like you with those dangerously delusional mentalities in mental hospitals where you belonged since your Mommy discovered your masturbation deformed what little brain you had.

        First of all, NC went before the Supreme Court for trying to suppress voting rights by cutting the number of voting polls in that state.

        There is no voter fraud you asshole. And, in case you still think there is, better find out why Tiffany Trump, Bannon, Spicer and Mnutsy are all registered each of them in 2 states.

        There were 200,000 votes in WI for Hillary that never got tallied. In Florida, that asshole Rick Scott decided to use the hurricane as an excuse not to count 3,000 votes.

        Now, because you are so math challenged asshole. When anyone goes to the polls to vote, they already are registered. They don’t need to show ANY ID. Here in NJ, the minute we pay for automobile registration our names are checked against the lists of voters. If our name isn’t on it, you are sent a voter registration by mail. Any more shitbag bullshit out of you and I’ll send a gang of very pissed off women to put your balls into a blender.

      • You know, but have no proof or substance. The Pea-brain we all know and love.

  11. it is far easier for the untalented writers to use lies , conjecture, and personal perspective than actually investigate and write honest news.

  12. I think that anyone who bears “false witness” or lies about someone that is released to the press or any organization or person that uses this information without proof should be fined and jailed. This has to stop and there is not a party line for this, it is called honesty and not trying to bring great trouble to others with lies. Lies have no party lines!

    • LOL….this is so funny…Obama was the greatest liar I have ever witnessed. The number one lie was that he was a Christian. Raised as a Muslim, the greatest sin a Muslim can commit is leaving Islam, which he never did do. In Islam it is encouraged to lie in order to further Islam, which he did every day. He was the number one Jihadist in the world and did more damage to this country than any other country we ever fought in any war ! To me that should be viewed as traitor!

    • Absolutely. We have libel and slander laws, it’s time to dust them off.

  13. Journalists? There are no journalists any longer: they are all opinion columnists, and little more.

  14. Note to lame stream agit-prop media: journalistic “due diligence” and “fact checking” does not consist of consorting factcheck.com, or snopes.com it actually means getting off your duff and doing on site research but how should they know if all they had was Columbia Pseudo School of Journalism Non-Training by left-wing biased politico “perfessers”. “Phony” is always a recommendation to them since “phony” are all the left wing politicians they support.

  15. And why is the story still characterized as ” Unverified “, how about calling it what it is, a bald face lie and fabrication. That is putting it in the proper context.

  16. Anybody know where Liar-in-Chief Harry Reid was when thiss sh#tstorm kicked up??

  17. Again, the half baked media sends out a story that is half baked itself! How ridiculously infantile and unprofessional!

    Keep it up Media and the American people will start ignoring your stories — a fate worse than death for any journalist! It’s coming! And the journalists will have a look of confusion and despair as the noose tightens around their throats! Oh, but that’s already happening right now isn’t it?!! Once a “Poser” always a Poser! For shame. A high school Writer has more skills than those trying to tarnish our President’s reputation.

    • I already ignore them and their stories, have for years. Got tired of the propaganda and them telling me what I just heard as if I couldn’t possibly understand for myself. Worthless and a waste of time to listen to them.

      • YOU are a very smart person to realize that, but America has a large majority of people who have limited intelligence and believe those media fools.

        How do you reach those individuals who refuse to research the lies for the real truths that are being hidden or ignored? It’s an issue that goes much deeper than just manipulative Medias.

        Where is the intelligence that used to flow in our nation? Gone? Almost. Or is it that the newer generations do NOT HAVE THE SAME VALUE SYSTEMS, SO LYING OR CHEATING OR MAKING UP STORIES IS ACCEPTABLE like getting abortions? Not in my book. They get informed right away if their info is wrong or their lack of morals is showing! If they want to act like children they will be treated like children…

        • The mass sale of those super market tabloids verifies your first paragraph.

          • Disgusting isn’t it?! We laugh outloud when reading the headlines on those “Trash Rags” – nothing but sensationalistic stories. I swear their writers dream up most of that nonsense.
            Sad so many young people read those like they are true stories.

            Our young adults need to get some smarts because one day they will be ruling our world. God help our future!

          • Don’t know how much it’s done today, but I remember years ago when it was admitted by some in the tabloid racket that they actually hired journalistic students to write those total nonsense stories for the supermarket checkout market crowd. It was a way for them to earn tuition money. The issue was brought to a head when some actual researchers checked into the facts cited in the stories and found them to be completely bogus. The people and places, not to even mention to the events, simply did not exist. I thought the stories were, for the most part, comical. but I was surprised to have otherwise intelligent people tell me that the stories had to be true because they were published and it was illegal to publish lies. Talk about being naive!

            We still have freedom of press. We do not have a responsible press today.

          • I remember something abt that too. But the current journalists still make up incredulous stories. They must have “brainstorming” sessions while smoking LSD or whatever.

            Too bad our general public isn’t smart enough to know truth from fiction…duh.

  18. George Soros probably behind that too with all his damn dirty money!

  19. Propaganda. Reading mass media headlines this morning the media is full of negative Trump news Accusations of over stating under performing is beyond ludicrous. Hitler would be so proud of the mainstream media in America today. George Schwartz Soros agenda to destroy America. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  20. Joseph Goebbels would be so very proud that CBS (Communist Bull S***) is following his advice,
    “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise”. Just not CBS alone but NBC,MSNBC, ABC, CNN, all part of the propaganda ministry.
    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” And,“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must
    confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
    The above statements were made over 80 years ago, but hold true now as they did when he uttered them in Nazi Germany (remember Hitler was not to the right but to the left of the political spectrum. Franco and Mussolini were fascists, but Hitler was a socialist for all intensive purposes). The media is and has been for quite awhile complicit in trying to destroy the Republic, low life scum such as Scott Pelley, David Muir and the rest of the “talking heads” are unable to comprehend the level of damage that they have been guilty of by association with the last president, who was a Marxist/Communist in thought and deed.

    • Good post

      • Thank you. What the so called Democrat left (more accurately defined now as Communist and Marxist in nature) would have liked more than anything else was to see Israel destroyed, and a world war with Russia. By having a world war their dream of a PAX New World Order would have been a reality. My biggest fear is that the Communist news media in the United States (and in Europe) will continue to whip up the loony’s in the Democratic Party; to such an extent that someone actually assassinates Trump. If that happens there will be a civil war for sure. The Trump supporters will have reached the point that they have nothing left to lose and retaliate against the Sorros backed media, politicians (like Graham and McCain) and the result would signal the end of the United States as we know it.
        There was a time that I remember pre Kennedy era that the media was for the most part objective in their reporting. That sadly has become ancient history. Semper Veritas no longer exists.

  21. what about the truth about barrys birth certificate and college records , what about his and her law credentials in illiinios

  22. We need to find a new name to replace journalist/journalism. You know similar to illegal is sold as undocumented by the libs. So I’m thinking story teller, opinionator or fakeanator. Any thoughts?

  23. Progressive Republican

    Funny how he turned up dead, isn’t it.

    Nothing suspicious here, move along rubes…

  24. They both were paid, not that hard to figure out, the msm buys their narrative where ever they can invent it!!

  25. Ha…does anyone think Buzzfeed & CNN will apologize for their awful conduct…??? Nah I didn’t think so.

  26. Thank you for taking the time to report “truth”!

  27. Our self-appointed “senior statesman” Senator McCain either knew it was bunk, but tried to pass it off, or his brain is deteriorating. Why did AZ send him back?

  28. The man was hired by Hillary and her corrupt campaign, what more do you need to know?

  29. The Russian who submitted the phony lies about Trump should be executed. That would slow down the trouble makers who have no regard for truth and honesty, Putin should have Millian shot to set a president.

  30. I knew from the second it came out it was FAKE news! And so did CNN, but they ran with it anyway. So can
    anyone blame Pres Trump from staying away from the enemy (CNN) of his administration. CNN will lose more and more of it’s viewers and hopefully go away. We don’t need their fake news. Only stupid brain-washed libs gave any credibility to this non story. The liberals do will anything to try and hurt Trump’s presidency and this was just another example. Look at these protesters all sent by Soros organizations.

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