Pesky History Stands In the Way of Liberal Efforts

If there is one great flaw to liberal philosophy, it is that it runs counter to the facts. This is no problem, of course, when you control 99 percent of the media, have Hollywood falling over itself to produce movies that propagandize your efforts, and a base willing to believe anything you say. But it does run into trouble when it comes to history. History tells a story that leaves no room for liberals to make their argument for big government. That’s why, of course, they want to make sure they add public schools to the list of media outlets they control.

When you go back and study the Founding Fathers, you’ll find a belief system that couldn’t be less compatible with the modern liberal vision for America. This country was founded on the belief that government should intrude into the people’s lives as little as possible. That the federal bureaucracy should take a backseat to state and local government. That people should be free to live their lives, pursue their dreams, and make of themselves whatever they should choose. None of this has anything to do with the liberal vision.

Liberals want to undo all of that. They want to insert government into every available space. They want to tell you what you can buy, what you can say, and what you can do. You are just a simple idiot, prone to making bad choices when left to your own devices. Only by giving yourself over to the wise, powerful state can you be delivered from your mistakes. And even if you, personally, are not an idiot, just take a look around you! You don’t want that dumb neighbor of yours to have any power, do you? Of course not. Better nip that in the bud.

Twisting the Story

But to get people to believe in their aims, they must do something about that inconvenient history. Kids can’t learn the truth about America’s fight for independence and then turn around and swallow Big Government. They must be coaxed into believing that Washington, Jefferson, Adams, et al, were evil. That they were hateful. That they gave rise to a terrible empire of racism and intolerance that must be destroyed from the inside out.

So we get the history books of today, where the Founding Fathers were simpletons only interested in enriching themselves. Where they were racists, only interested in creating a nation of White supremacy. We get the lesson that the Constitution doesn’t really mean what it says, and even if it does, it has no applicability to 21st Century life. We are told that America’s great heroes are not those who stood against British tyranny, but rather those who simply suffered.

In a liberal’s ideal history book, Christopher Columbus is the white devil, any Christian references regarding the founding of America should be removed, and conservatism didn’t exist until the election of Ronald Reagan. And with their hands directly in the Common Core cookie jar, they are closer than ever to getting that book in front of American students.

The scary question is: what happens when they do?


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