“People Trust Me”: Clinton’s First Interview

Americans hoping to get a glimpse behind Hillary Clinton’s frosty exterior were disappointed by CNN’s exclusive first interview with the former secretary of state. Hillary carefully chose both the venue and the reporter, ensuring that she wouldn’t have to face the heat. Instead, the interview – conducted by Brianna Keilar – functioned as an unpaid political advertisement for the woman many believe will be the next president of the United States.

“People should and do trust me,” Clinton said, accusing right-wing rivals of confusing voters with smoke and mirrors. “This has been a theme that has been used against me and my husband for many, many years. And at the end of the day, I think voters sort it all out.”

When asked about specific issues of mistrust such as her private email server, Clinton maintained her tone of casual dismissiveness. “This is being blown up with no basis in law or in fact,” she said. “This is being used by the Republican in the Congress. OK. But I want people to understand what the truth is, and the truth is everything I did was permitted and I went above and beyond what was expected.”

On questions surrounding the Clinton Foundation, Hillary was guarded, saying only that she was “proud” of the organization and hoped to see it continue.

The rest of the interview held few surprises. She said she was “disappointed” in Donald Trump for his remarks on immigration and insisted that her chief GOP rival – Jeb Bush – did not believe in providing illegals with a path to citizenship. At the same time, she criticized San Francisco for the sanctuary city policies that contributed to the death of Kate Steinle. “I have absolutely no support for a city that ignores the strong evidence that should be acted on.”

Strong Evidence

What an interesting way to phrase it. “Strong evidence.” Funny that she would bring that up while simultaneously claiming that her reputation for dishonesty is a Republican-created mirage. Her lies have been exposed on Benghazi, on her email accounts, and on her “harrowing” trip to Bosnia, to name but a few. There are still serious questions regarding her use of the Clinton Foundation for political favors. Her husband was a known liar. Any impartial observer would be able to tell you that there are very good reasons to question Clinton’s honesty.

In the end, though, reality doesn’t matter as much as perception. And while polls show that Clinton is struggling with those perceptions, the voters will have the final say. If she can convince them that Republicans are simply making all of this up out of nothing, she will indeed have a good shot at making history. And if this interview is anything to go by, the mainstream media is going to stick right by her side until the bitter end.

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