Pence to Conservatives: Trump is the New Reagan

In the midst of speculation about how enthusiastic Donald Trump was about choosing Mike Pence as his running mate, the Indiana governor wasted no time proving his worth to the ticket. Pence explained in crystal-clear terms on Tuesday why hesitant conservatives should embrace the controversial GOP nominee. Speaking at a luncheon put on by the American Conservative Union Foundation in Cleveland, Pence compared Trump to the greatest president of the last half-century.

“I have to tell you, having had some time to spend with this man and his family, I know that Donald Trump will be a great president of the United States of America because his heart beats with the heart of the American people,” Pence said. “I honestly believe in the collective wisdom of the American people and the capacity of the people of our nation to know who we need, who the right person is, at the right time for America.”

Continuing, Pence said, “For all the world, he reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan achieved great things in his life and his career – a movie star, a celebrity, governor of the great state of California, but he never lost the common touch, did he?”

Pence said that Reagan’s belief in the greatness of the United States was a quality he’d found in Donald Trump.

It is in this arena that Pence can be a powerful weapon in the Trump campaign arsenal. Trump has the support of the people; with Pence, he can begin reaching out to establishment Republicans and scorned conservatives with a message of unity. That’s not going to be a lightning-quick process, but Pence can build the bridge faster than a Chris Christie or a Newt Gingrich.

The faster, the better, because we’re going to need all hands on deck. The ideological split on the left may not mean as much to Hillary Clinton’s chances as we might have hoped a few months ago. Her trust issues are still significant, but the Democratic Party and the American left are more or less united against Trump. If we go into this election with the constant infighting that colored the primaries, it’s going to be tough to pull off a win.

To get there, politicians, conservative commentators, and donors will have to take a leap of faith. If they’ve held out this long, nothing Trump can do or say is going to make them change their minds. But with principled individuals like Pence standing behind the billionaire, maybe these holdouts can recognize the importance of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House…at all costs. And maybe once they put away their pitchforks, they’ll come to see that Trump isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. I just finished watching the News from TV5 in Paris…France wonders what kind of person Trump is. Having checked the varied information Trumps declares, for accuracy, Trump excels Hillary Clinton immeasurably with lies. His abilities for interaction with foreign nations is very questionable. The every day Frenchman on the street does not trust Trump and wonder what is wrong with American’s wanting him for POTUS. Some found him amusing and unbelievable. Over all, the French does NOT like Trump. Most likely the other nations have the same view. Will let you know.

    • Michele Holbrook

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    • Strange, I read the news papers from around the world and they have doubts
      about Trump because he is not a Political creature who has show his ass
      around the world. But they have not respect for O’muzzie who they know
      is a weak ineffectual person with strong muzzie leaning that are wrong for
      the world. TRUMP is gaining respect around the world in the eyes of
      the citizens as they are hearing him speak, but many will hold their opinion
      until he is in office and they can see which way he will go. As with most of
      us no one trust a politician any further than they can throw them. I think
      that once TRUMP is in office and has his cabinet established we will see
      the United States honor being restored and we will rise in world opinion also.

      • And inspiring many since England to get back their countries from global communism and stop being slaves to the evil elites (or villeins in French and the peasants did the work until they died of pure poverty and diseases). I know I don’t want to go back to a Middle Ages lifestyle and that is what we will have with Hillary and Soros. I want to shoot down the empty suit’s desire to be president of the UN, but just be treated as the traitorous illegal he is.

      • Trump has done business and forged relationships all over the world, so he is well known for who he is and what he can accomplish. A breath of fresh outsider!! air for America and the world who used to respect us and look to us, even when they didn’t really like America because of our administrative employees screwing up time and again and lying like carpets on the floor. Time to refresh our country and remove and replace this administration, fed departments, and a large percentage of Congress as well. Cleaning house will be fun to watch as we pull back the reins as the real government and they are fired, removed, and leave with no perks/benefits, etc. Can hardly wait for the cleansing of garbage in DC!

      • You most likely know how the French are about their politics. I think what bothered them about Trump was how he changed his information from one day to the next, and how he said he would go about the Mexican border thing. I think he will win the election in spite of his pessimistic view of every thing. I suppose that is to cause fear. He was seen per the news cast I saw from France and in French language, that his rhetoric was like that Hitler used to unify the nation of Germany after the decimation of WWI. I like you said, will have to wait and see. I am not sure if the French dislike Obama or not. Haven’t heard much on that. They have their own terrorists problems which have gotten worse and bolder than in the past years. I recall there has been terrorist problems for years and years. Many were taken care of on the spot, and not a lot was made of it internationally.

        Information on Trump’s business dealings are not as rosy as most think. I feel so insecure with the possibility of his being President that you cannot imagine. We can only hope..should he be elected that he will do for the working man what he says he will.

      • Your insinuation that our President is a Muslim is way off base. Mr and Mrs Obama are members of the United Church of Christ. No Muslim would ever claim affiliation with a Christian church.

        • Apparently you have not studied nor researched the Qu’ran and its tenants (Verses for reference” 16:106, 3:28, 40:28
          3:54) might give you a much clearer picture. Also the
          Rev Wright (converted muslim) stated he had to change
          his preaching to accommodate Obama and get him to
          join his church. Also for the record they have video
          of Obama admitting on numerous ocassionas that he
          is a muslim and he quotes it at the drop of the hat
          while he cannot even pretend to be a Christan at
          any point. His actions are against any thing that
          Christians stand for on any level.

          • First of all, who are “they”? Secondly, where can I locate the material you mention? And do you know beyond a doubt that Rev Wright converted from Islam? Can you direct me to that information? And what does the President quote “at the drop of a hat”? It would be useful to know your sources. Thank you.

          • Check out Rev Wright bio, the information was on there also
            there were three interviews on YouTube where he was
            questioned about the statement. He acknowledged that
            they were true. Also if you are intellienen enough go and
            heck out the qu’ranand its verses on his actions to Lie,
            Cheat, Steal and commit other action of orruption to
            advance the goals of Islan over others at any cost.

    • By most oither nations you mean European nations? Well, France and ALL of Europe were so in love with Obummer they praised him as high as possible…… and they didn’t know HIM either. Now that ISIS is stirred up and many deaths later I wonder if they still like him so much. I have been to France many times and they are a wonderful people although certainly liberal in their thinking. How well do we know M. Hollande? Ahhhh, who? We don’t. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what the French people think about Mr. Trump anymore than what we think about M. Holland, it’s what WE think that’s important. Go Trump/Pence!

      • You are correct about it does not matter if the French like Trump. They do not have to live with him. The French people as a whole do not understand what Trump is about with his building a wall and getting the Mexicans to pay for it. There are a lot of odd concepts he has that you may say is “foreign to the French”. I wrote of the French opinion of Trump based upon the news and their analysis of him from TV5 out of Paris. The Frenchman and his politics are like many Americans and their Church. At this time I think Holland is accepted as OK. Yes, the Frenchmen as a whole love Americans. They, like many Americans, were mesmerized by Obama. Yes, the French are liberal except for the opposing parties like Le Pen, and the conservative right. There is a fairly close mixture of right and left. Their extremes are more extreme than our rt. and Lft. What is apparent is that the French are more and more like the Americans as time goes on. The reason I even offered the information that I saw had to do with what Trump having said that the French loved him. It may not have exactly been that statement, but the meaning was the same. I, at the time wondered where he got this, as I had seen nothing related to that. I imagine you are aware that the influx from the mid-east began with Mitterrand. Before that DeGaulle got France out of Algeria, and some of the Arabs from that nation came to France. Mitterrand allowed the Muslims as green-card residents to vote on the local level in order to get support from the elected Congress. The influx of mid-easterners has been constant through the years. Believe me the French would have preferred if the Americans came to stay. My experience in France has always been good, except once in Paris. But that was insignificant.

        With the increased problems with terrorist activities, it certainly has been a major issue. The EU has not always had a positive effect on the members. I was surprised when France joined he EU, but it was for economic purposes. That issue is kinda good in ways, but really bad in other ways. It is a most evil organization as I see it.. The Bush, Clinton and a bunch of others want that One World Order. That is another issue, but yes, like you said, love Americans and they are French. They definitely will be supportive of American, for all logical purposes that our government has. Who cares who likes Trump, it will be ours to find out, if he is elected and I feel that he will win the election..

    • Well, obviously you don’t know the French. They have never, ever like Americans, PERIOD, and are afraid of their skimpy weak government losing its place. France has always had issues with itself and us, so I don’t go there anymore. They stopped being strong when Charlemagne died! Who cares if the French don’t like Trump or us. They have caused their own problems for centuries so I have no empathy for them. They have socialism, millions have no jobs, money is running out to support anyone, they allowed their borders to be open (even though this has proven time and again to fail them) and allow invaders in and even lack the testicles to call them terrorists, etc, have nothing but high taxes somewhere over 70% and many rich people have left, so less money. They have always envied America and on a couple of great Frenchmen came to aid our Founding Fathers, such as LaFayette, because on the whole the French has no courage and it shows. The only part of the country I have liked is Burgundy and Tours, the rest is a waste of good land and good people. On the other hand, they sure look to us to bail them out for all, don’t they? Hypocrites and especially in Paris which always reminds me of NYC full of inconsequential non-entities who think they are great and definitely are not. NYC was smart to wise up and work with Trump or that dirty, dumpy city would not have attractions at all to the tourists, and the food is lousy as well!

      • So you believe I do not know the French…I know quite a few French. I have been married to a French immigrant for 50 years, of which I am proud to say. He became a citizen of the U.S. after having been her for 5 yrs…per the minimum time. My visits through the years in France gave me an opportunity to meet lots of people. We have traveled through out France. The people I met loved Americans, though not always understanding their choices in political figures. People loved the Americans who came to save them in WWII. They have never forgotten and want their children to know of the sacrifices made. There were politicians at the beginning of WWII that gave France a bad name, but the citizens were many heroes who helped the Americans and English troops as they prepared to come onto the shores of France.

        The people who are allowed to come into France, when the border policies changed, are like the other nations in the EU. The EU is supposed to unite certain nations and give a better economic stability. That is still up for debate in many aspects. It is easier to get into the EU than to get out without problems…just ask the Brexits.

        I don’t think you would say that the French are without bravery if you actually knew what went on with the civilians and also the French troops in WWI and WWII. It is not that the French have never liked Americans, they have and they still do. They like to rule themselves, and are for being sure that things are as they are presented to them before they go jump into a illegal war. They still are in NATO and pay their bills for the privilege.

        As far as their taxes, I asked my spouse tonight if the income taxes were as high as 70% for the French. He said taxes were high, but not nearly that high. We will go back for a visit soon, so I will check that out. The rich are leaving? If so it is because they are no longer protected by off shore accounts, as Switzerland. As far as being a Socialist nation, they do have excellent social programs. The influx of foreigners has caused problems, but like I said, that is true of all the EU nations.. For those who pay into the system for health care, they have good care and benefits. I have found no months of waiting for service. Some of the Drs. have been found to milk the system. That is or has been taken into hand by the government with corrective procedures.

        Paris is beautiful….especially in the snowy Christmas season. Parisians can be abrupt, as they seem to be in a big hurry. However, when I have shopped there I found the people gracious and attentive. If a French merchant thinks you are critical of him or France, he will be glad for you to go elsewhere. The French are a proud people and have a good reason to be that way. so if you are not liked, it is likely because someone thinks you think you are so much better than they. As for NYC. People are just different…they are also in a hurry and not interested in making friends for sure. However, I find most people from most places interesting in their own way.

        It has been a long time since I have been in NYC. If you are referring to the food being bad in Paris, I guess you just went to the wrong places. My experience with French cooking has been great to say the least.

        So, I think it is best that we acknowledge that you and I have had very different experiences with the French and France. The French, whom I know love politics and have never heard anyone like some of the ones we have. Trump is scary to them, as he is to a lot of Americans. We will see that we will see if he is actually elected. I, am like the French, I value my freedom and hope that we all will continue to have the privileged of voting.

    • And the French have credibility? They are worried trump will call their hand.

      • Yes, they have credibility…Trump calling their hand about what.? Well, a man with at least 1,000 law suits against him, as alleged, is going to start calling the hand of a foreign nation? I bet, he will let Pense do the diplomacy on foreign soil.

  2. I have liked Trump from the moment he threw his hat in the ring for President. I
    am not sure if I would compare him to President Regan at his time but he is on
    the right track for a very exclusive circle of Presidents who United our Nation in
    time of need. After 8 years of corruption, pay offs, Bribes, kissing the backside
    of terrorist nations and groups by the current resident of the oval office we need
    someone to return our nation to the rule of law and regain the respect that has
    been squandered by a Mau Mau from Kenya whos is a loosey goosey left wing
    Liberal muslim. TRUMP has the ability but he has a long uphill fight agains the
    worthless idiots on the left in the Media who have been bought and paid for
    by George Soreass the bottom feeder who has sponsored the hate groups and
    the BLM hate group that goes around calling for the death of our Police men and
    Women. This must stop and we must elect Donald J Trump to help save our
    nation, but we must also look at our elected representative and those who refuse
    to stand with us should be replace asap with other Men and Women who will
    honor their oath of office and not their person pocket book.

    • What did Pence say – Trump is new Reagan? Reagan caused the melt-down of 2008 and even Greenspan agreed with me. You should know Repubs and TPs are very angry with Trump for choosing Pence as VP. And in fact that reflects Trump has an IQ of 99 very low for a leader. Pence has 89 IQ. GOPers are asking Trump to drop out and to go home to NY to his wives. We are told Pence is KKK operative and therefore a racist, sexist and a bigot. In fact, Pence looks like a retard to me. Look, he is short and fat like Trump. Compare that with Obama’s pick – Joe Biden. Both are tall and good looking. Americans love to elect good looking presidents. Trump/Pence ticket is DOA. GOPer might as well fold and go home. Let’s prepare for Hillary to take over from President Obama. Vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. I will love to see Hillary confront TPs and Repubs moron in Congress in 2017. They know Hillary does not put up with Repub nonsense. She will tell them off like what she did with Benghazi hearing. John McCain and Trey Gowdy came of the hearing room whining: “She too hawkish; we cannot stand her. That exactly what TPs and Repubs

      • And another Democrap Socialshitter from the land of TROOLS who drool constantly over Hildabeast and the corruption of the left.

        • And too dumb to realize that any DNC candidate will take us right into communism and he will either wind up dead, in a camp, or a serf/slave to their wants and living the lifestyle of the Middle Ages which is why I would never vote for any DNC candidate because that is their main goal. pm will have nothing because the evil elites will have it all, and you will die of hunger, overwork, etc. That is how communism works and my family has had that experience but never more because voting for Trump.

          • Do you know Democrats who become Communist? You may say they are, but what does that count for?

          • And you know all about communism – what it is and what it isn’t. Am I correct in my assumption here? Well, vote for Mr Trump is you wish as that is your right; but don’t start crying when the Republicans introduce their latest version of trickle-down economics. That’s where the fat cats get fatter and the rest of us get the shaft. You know how that worked under Mr Reagan and Mr Bush. Indeed, under Mr Bush’s watch the economy of the entire world almost collapsed.

          • My husband made the most money and we had the most prosperety of any time durinig the time of Bill Clinton being Pres. I am not discussing any or his dalliances. We had no communism resulting from having a Democratic Pres. There are other things you might look for, but communism isn’t one of them. Reagan suggested that families should get together again…..and it happened. Young adult children had to go home to live with their parents because their jobs were taken away…the economy was excessively bad. Crime rates go up. Out of about 2,000 plus employees where my husband worked, only 200 were able to remain due to the economy. This was true of other industries here. My husband off for 14 months, before the economy was good enough for him to obtain another job. There are various concepts of morals. Some people are focused only on the sexual aspects of people’s lives, abortion…But the same people never realize that the economic problems experience by people can lead to desertion of families, by husbands so the wife and children can have supplemental income and supplemental food stamps. Robberies increase. Violence increases. Many things happens that destroys the fabric that holds families together. Poverty results where it had not happen before. This is when people turn to revolution and communism. When a nation is prosperous people have better lives and the over all economic standards are higher.

      • pm, you are the one with a very low IQ, obviously, and your dislike of anyone with a VERY high IQ (such as myself and definitely Trump and probably Pence) is pure jealousy and ridiculous accusations about anyone or anything because your mind has been overtaken by lies, and more lies. Shame on you. Obviously should leave America for wherever. However, we will keep your passport so not returning to enjoy the fruits of our and Trump’s endeavors!

      • Yeah obama is good looking if you put a spear snd s loin cloth on his fraudulent dumbass! And Biden? HS.HA HA HA HA HA HS HS HS HA HA HA HA HA! You need your eyes tested dude if you think either of those two pathetic.losers are remotely good looking, maybe they’ve tsken s good licking, but nothing handsome or basicslly appealing UNLESS YOU ARE S HOMOSEXUAL! That’s it! You’re HOT FOR.BHO!!! Now we know who you really are and why all the dumbass comments abt Conservatives and their candidates. You think if you sksm dunk every Conservstive’s comment, maybe just maybe, bho will notice and adk you out on a date. Well aren’t you one clueless rogue in heat! Pmbalele has a crush on obama!

        You’d say anything to realize your gay dream of obama now wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Too bad for you that bho isn’t impressed by you or your ignorant blogs.

        Next time just put it on the table instead of.beating around the bush… And please don’t embarass yourself again comparing the oh so “Monkey with Dumbo ears” to either Trump or Pence. Bho would win the ugliest dog contest in 2 seconds!
        Even democrats would admit that one!
        Hey, it’s oksy to be scared of what’s going to happen in your future when Trump takes the Presidency. Even cowards know when to back off. So what’s your problem?

      • You are living in a very different world than the rest of us. It will be very sad for you and your friends on Nov. 9.

      • You are an idiot, a fool

      • You are told Pence is KKK, do you ever research what you hear or are told?

        Who picks our President on the way they look (stupid people that’s who)? You criticize people on the way they look, so all your friends are beautiful?

        It is a sign of stupidity not to research everything you hear and read about a politician before voting for him/her. Evidently you have not been productive by spending your time to research Hillary.

        • A lot of people do like a Pres. who has nice looks, speaks well, who encourages people. Then there are those who like someone they can join up with who helps them have the opportunity to hate others with no shame of doing so. Trump is so unpredictable that it is scary to anyone who sees him for what he is. Pence has a very bad record as governor. That is where you go to see what happened under his leadership.


      • How do you breath with your head up your azz?

      • I agree with you, but I am really afraid that Trump is going to bully his way to the WH. He just says s..t and people as well as himself believes it. This is the craziest situation I have ever seen in my many years. I would like to say he is evil, but who cares, especially if you walk under the conservative flag. All one has to do is say “I am conservative”, and he is automatically “saved”. His next step is Sainthood. Democrats are considered to be immoral, illiterate, and rotten to the core. It seems to me that people who were not originally the Republicans, just join up, to become self righteous haters.


    • GOD knows that My all time hero is Ronald Reagan; but, Donald has the support of all His Children whereas Ron had Patty to deal with. All that aside Ron broke down the Soviet State after Years of the Democrat destruction of Our Military—–fast forward—-all the Bush Family did was to put a “R” in front of the Democrat Agenda——–Trillions of $$$$$$$$$$in debt and America borrowing from enemies is crazy.

      • Like i always said : It is easier to jump into a hole then to climb back out !

      • Yea right now long do you thing Trumps’s children will be in his will if they did not Support him. remember you taking about the most petty man alive in the world today.

        • The prize for being petty goes to Cruz.

          • Actually I think the prize for having principles enough to refuse to endorse the man that insulted his wife goes to Cruz. God I can’t believe I am saying something Nice about Cruz.

      • that America borrowing from enemies.. You are aware that Trump is in debt to the tune of a couple 100 Million dollars to Foreign banks right. So if one of those backs calls the “orange one” and says. “want to knock 50 or 60 million off your debt? just get XXX bill passed” he would trip over himself to get it done.

        • If he owes a couple hundred million dollars to foreign banks, and is worth $10,000 million (also known as $10 billion), it looks to me like his debt to net worth ratio is doing pretty well. The debt to net worth ratio of the US Federal government is in a LOT worse shape than that!

          • You realize that the reason he is not releasing his tax returns is because it will show that not only doesn’t he pay taxes and cheats on what he does but that it will show he is NOT a billionaire so another lie exposed.


          • So this year instead of an empty Chair on stage they stuck an empty Suit up there.

          • robert franklin stroud

            Really, I hope you are paid by the letter to shill because the words you are using are worthless. Seriously, you sound dumb.

          • Really all you republicans Prayed to God back in 2014 to put the right man in the White House.. And now your all upset because he answer your Prayers. You think you know more then God??

          • I surmise You have read RULES FOR RADICALS and took not that it was dedicated to satan.

          • Gary Von Neida here is an interesting question for you.

          • The wise Man needs no advice whereas the fools never heed such.The word liberal has been “turned on it’s head” by the NEW SPEAK crowd referred to in the book “1984”.

          • robert franklin stroud

            God told me you’re an idiot and he was right so at least he has gotten back on track.

          • So you hear voices in your head huh? Well that makes complete sense

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            crooked lying Hillary you hear lies…..

          • God knew better than we when Mr. Donald J. Trump would be ready for the presidency.

          • You are completely delusional and appear to have know knowledge of history. Trump is following hitlers playbook almost step for step.

          • I understand about parallel universes, and obviously you are operating in the imaginary one. You people can’t stand the fact that Mr. Trump is going to win in a landslide!

          • Lets see last non partisan poll had 90% of american Americans against him.69% of Women. 79% of Hispanics. 59 percent of people under 25 years of age. Just don’t see your landslide numbers because those Groups right there will decide the election. He got a bump from the Convention but anyone that follow poltics knows everyone gets a bump. Clinton’s Gets her bump this week and then has the Rest of the Time just watching Trump run off at the month.

          • I wonder if Trump will quit OR if the Republican Party will get tired from trying to keep him behaving like a gentleman, statesman? The Party is tired being embarrassed by his statements, which threaten various countries, as well as his fellow Republican political figures. I, often wonder if Trump actually would provoke an attack and delcare war against a sovereign nation like Bozo Bush did? Just because Trump thinks someone deserves to be beat up, is no reason to attack them verbally either. Of all the elections I have witnessed, I have never seen the behavior of any candidate to be so bizarre as Trumps. His mental stability is being questioned by several Psychologists. You have brought out a number of important facts. Always enjoy good humor, too.

          • That’s not the scare part.. The host of Cup of Joe who promoted Trump shamelessly during the primaries reported last week a source that briefed Trump on Foreign Policy stated that Trump ask him 3 times questions Like .. “If we have nuclear weapons why can’t we use them.” Anyone that is sane should Reject Trump for that simple statement.

          • WOW! I am speechless. ….but why should I be surprised? DT often says insane things then has to come back and corrects himself., likely because he is told to do so. But that statement gives me a sick feeling.

            Thanks anyway. I imagine you have been able to secure a lot of information about DT. Putting it all on to print at once would end you up in the court of DT. I couldn’t believe when Trump sued Bill Maher. Trump has a fragile ego, so should a foreign country’s leader insulted him, he’ likely send a few missals…..obviously he likes to do pay-back. What has the Republican party unleashed on the US and the World???

          • OH I would love for him to sue me.. there are enough how power lawyers out there what would love to go after him with a Counter suit for just about everything he owns (Or I should say his Creditors own). They would leave him with just enough money to have TRUMP painted on the Said of a Chevy Volt.

          • Right now on CNN there is discussion of what will save Trump. His staying close to the message on the teleprompter is his only way out of whatever. That tells me his supporters have a very, very short memory or automatically forgive every negative thing he says. Often you read excuses and rationalizations made to defend his horrible statements. Maybe they just agree. There also was mention of how he likes people who are less informed, less educated etc. I recall when he said he liked the uneducated people. It did not seem to bother those of his followers who obviously were educated. I hope I live to see him stop trying to be a political person. He should have to attend college for political science before he runs again.

            I had either read or heard (I regret for not paying attention to sources.) that he has three people who go to conservative blogs to get information about what the contributors have to say so he could use their words or ideas to speak on. That, in part, may account for all the raciest, hate messages he gives. But I think he means a lot of the negative things he says.This particular blog does not have as negative contributors as some of the others.

          • This country has done a LOT of negative things in recent history. So, why NOT talk about them? We learn from our mistakes and go forward. Good god, you guys think Hil-liar-ly doesn’t have an ego? She has one for the Guinness Book of World Records!

          • Of course, Hillary has an ego, but it isn’t fragile. Trump’s is or he would not carry on for- ever when he is criticized like he does. Yes, America has to go on and I think it will. Our politicians would do a lot better if they did not have one agenda, an never work to improve things. They need to get serious about this mid=east stuff. They are serious, but there is a need to understand the Arab history and their mind-set. That is for starters. There needs to be a sorting of who is who among the refugees. We need to keep tabs on China, North Korea and Russia. Which we probably are doing. Russia has never used it’s own ground to fight on since WW2. Whoever is elected Pres. better play it cool, especially with N. Korea’s mad-man. China has lots of controls over us. Be sure to pay the bills. Russia has a former KGB guy who is still very much a Communist and will not take anything from us. Let’s hope that no one needs a war to make money, as this is so attractive.

          • Why?? really Ok.. Because there is no such thing as a SMALL Nuclear war. Once the first bomb is dropped or Missile Fired then anyone else that owns one is going to start thinking if i don’t use mine I will lose them if they shoot at me. While the Old Movie “War Games” was a fantasy the last few minutes show the idea that no one “wins” a nuclear war. In the history of the use of Nuclear weapons there has been two Constructive uses listed for Nuclear weapons and both of them don’t take place on Planet Earth. One for use against a Asteroid or Comet that has Earth in its Cross hairs. The 2nd to be used on the Martian Polar regions to start the process of Terraforming. You explode a nuclear weapon above the North and South ice caps the the heat starts melting the Ice which releases CO2 which starts Thicken Martians Atmosphere.

          • Rick, we desperately need common sense government and Hil-Liar-ly will not approach that or truthfulness. She’s just what we need. A lying, multi-faced person w/o an ounce of common sense or courage. Mr. Trump is an outside the box thinker. Why not consider all the options. It does not say he’ll actually use them. It just puts a little stutter in the likes of N. Korea, Iran or Pakistan and really anyone who thinks about attacking us or continuing to destabilize the world. Harry Truman wasn’t afraid to use them.

          • First off. The argument about if Truman should have used them is still argued. Its a common Belief that he was sending a message to Stalin about what his new weapon could do th Soviet Cities if he crossed the United States. The Scientist that built the bomb sent letter after letter asking that Truman setup a Demonstrate for the Japanese on what the bomb could do before using it on a City. 2nd You saying we need common sense government. Ok but the problem is that is something Trump is lacking. He has no impulse control and if you add in all his stupid statements you would realize that. But here is the one question to ask. If you were a small business that was award a contract for a Trump business and after investing the time, and Materials and Man hours for that project won’t you expect to be paid. And before you say he should not pay bad work let me point out that just about every one that has come forward was told that if they excepted a cut in what they were owed that there would be more “Trump Work” for them. He brags about making people take Less and the book and has reported over and over he has told people that do work for him that they need to take what he offers them or they will get nothing in a bankruptcy.. Sorry I am not voting for a con man.

          • The time is past for statesmanship! The establishment has it all under control. In 3 years we’ll be under Sharia Law and the resistance will be VERY strong. Is that what you want? Civil war?

          • No…….but do you want WW3? Trump has no self controls and believes that he can make no mistakes, and has no knowledge of how government works. Unless it is the Court System, and the IRS. He disturbs foreign nations…our allies. I am sure our enemies wonder what he would do.

          • Mike let me be clear.. I don’t want one which is why I am so vocal against Trump. Because its much more likely there will be one if he holds office. The first time he issues and illegal order to the Military will be the linchpin. you will have Members of the Armed forces refusing to follow an order that in their mind is illegal. Want an example. It is a war crime to target the Family members of combatants. And there are more then enough honorable members of the Armed Forces to say no when he gives that order.

          • If the “combatants” are ISIS illegals there is no problem. They are not solders who have honor in war time, but terrorists. Simple thugs that must be taken out. Contrast that with Obama who has fired General ranked people, left veterans in a lurch and lowered their pay for the last two years, while seeking his own massive pay raise when (if) he leaves office. Mr. Trump doesn’t even want to money from being President. The armed forces WILL follow his orders and I salute them (not with a latee) for it. He will make help America great again!

          • No he won’t and all 5 living Presidents has said he won’t . His economic “plan” was Vetted By an independent firm and was reporting it would add about 1 Trillion to the Deficit. He has gone on the Record saying there is no Debt problem because he will just have the treasury Dept print more money. I don’t know how he could say that with a straight Face because all that would do would devalue the dollar and start us on a Super Inflation tread till we are looking at 20.00 dollars a gallon gas, All food and Produce would triple or more in cost. Whats Trumps campaign is about is Trump. His comments Yesterday and today are the last straw. If someone said that if he were elected someone one would be looking to Stop HIM. Every person on this website would be screaming to high heaven.

          • Not true, Rick. The current administration has already printed us into insolvency (nearly $20 TRILLION). You think Mr. Trump doesn’t know that? One thing he is, is a very astute business man. Once he get this country working again and a tax income we will have a balanced budget. That will take some time because of the Oslimo administrations attack on Tea Party members and other indiscretions. I can go on. I don’t care what 5 living presidents have said. Mr. Trump is his own man and will not take prisoners. This discussion is NOT about HIM. It’s about his administration vs. Oslimo’s and Hillary’s. After 8 long years of it’s abject failure we CANNOT subject this country to more of the same. Hell, Hil-liar-ly is too sick to be president, anyway.

          • VERY TRUE. You can find the video where he said it on You tube. Second thing you are insulting every real Astute Business man by calling Trump that. He has more in common with Mr Haney from Green Acres then he does with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Elon Musk. So just answer me one question. If someone cheats you do you go back to them and say “thank you sir can I have another” Trump has a history of not paying his bills. He is being sued for Fraud. So I have no idea why so many people are in fact saying thank you sir can I have another. NOW lets address your other statement

            According to 56% of the American People He is a Very successful President. According to our Biggest Allies, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan he is a very Successful President. oh and by the way Last time I check 56% wins every election that has ever been Run. He has been very successful for expose the GOP as the obstuctionist Party of the Rich. ANd lastly he has been very successful at every other Metric that a REPUBLICAN President has been Judge by and has even Exceed them.

            Here is what he has not done.. He has not pandered to the Right wing extremist, He has not pandered to the “chrisitan Right” that wants This country ruled by the laws of the “bible”. He has out witted the GOP at every turn on a regular basis. And every confrontation has come out ahead of the GOP. He reaches the “Middle” more then any president since Clinton. (Oh and buy the way I don’t care how many blowjobs Bill got in the oval office as long as he was dong the job. )

            And since I brought it up lest take a look at the men that pushed for Clinton’s Impeachment since its going to come up between now and November.

            Newt Gingrich
            Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) led the push for Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Following a disappointing election in November 1998, he announced he was stepping down as Speaker and resigning from Congress.
            Gingrich later admitted that, while he was pushing for Clinton’s impeachment, he was engaged in an affair with a Congressional aide. “There were times when I was praying and when I felt I was doing things that were wrong. But I was still doing them,” Gingrich said in 2007. He later said the situation was “complex and, obviously, I wasn’t doing things to be proud of.”

            Bob Livingston
            After Gingrich announced his resignation, Republicans unanimously selected Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA) to succeed him. Livingston represented the party as Speaker-elect in the led up to the impeachment vote.
            On the day of the impeachment vote, Livingston announced he was resigning following revelations that he had engaged in an extramarital affair. According to Hustler Magazine Publisher Larry Flint, who offered a reward for information about the sex lives of members of Congress, he “found four women who said they had been involved with Mr. Livingston over the last 10 years.”

            Dennis Hastert
            Following Livingston’s resignation, which occurred on the same day the House voted on impeachment, Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) quickly gained support of the Republican leadership to succeed him as Speaker-designate. He began formally serving as speaker in January 1999, and held that role while the Senate conducted their trial on the articles of impeachment.
            On Thursday, Hastert was indicted on charges that he illegally structured $1.7 million in payments to an individual in an attempt to cover up prior misconduct. According to reports, the payments were allegedly intended to “conceal sexual abuse against a former male student he knew during his days as a teacher in Yorkville, Ill.” The LA Times also reported that “investigators also spoke with a second man who raised similar allegations that corroborated what the former student said.”
            On April 27, Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for improperly structuring payments to cover up the abuse. In open court, a federal judge repeatedly called him a “serial child molester.

            So please remember that before you start on Bill Clinton because those that were sling mud at Bill were doing it from a PIG Pen that they lived in.

          • Net result, one of the worlds most successful business men. Everyone has failure and missteps but he HAS learned from them. Hil-liar-ly just keeps on taxing and spending….. mostly on herself. She is a sick crook and needs to be put away. Oslimo has spent more that all of his predecessor COMBINED. Democratic Detroit and Chicago are fine examples of the democratic leadership. Abject failure! Most large American cities are on the edge of bankruptcy and many already over it. No, thank you. No more democratic slave owners for me!

          • NET RESULT Donald Trump one of the worlds BIGGEST Con men. The proof is there can’t help that you don’t see it.. You going to believe it when he loses this Trump University case. Or that the investigations into the Florida and Texas Attorney General proves he bribed them to drop the case. Or you think its Just chance that right after they Dropped the case Trump made contributions to both of their Reelection Campaigns? if you believe that I would like to interest you in some beach Front property I own that’s about 300 yards off shore in Florida.

          • Well, IF he’s a con man where did he get all his wealth? I simply will not vote for a known felon. Mr. Trump is a breath of fresh air in Washington and EVERYONE who does not have this countries best interests at heart had better look out. People like Feinstein, Shummer, all those wakos from California, Durbin, …… you are either an American or you’re not. I include LEGAL immigrants as Americans, too. Too long have we pandered to special interests and others around the world. Now, it’s our turn. Make America Great Again! Hil-liar-ly would be to our complete destruction.

          • FROM HIS DADDY>. He inherited about 40 million dollars. He has some success when he first Started in Real Estate but his MO is to over pay for something and then Lose money on it. He is nothing but a Greenmailer whose most successful product is to License his name to so venture. But he has pretty much shot himself in the foot with the campaign.. He is one of the most Disliked Presidential candidates in history. There is no way to count the number of Small businesses he put at risk with his methods. There is a way to count how many times he has been sued for none payment or going back on a contract.. over 3000 and if you can’t trust the man to honor a contract (which most US Banks DON”T) then how can you trust him with the important business of Running the country. Sorry You can praise him all you want. If you take off the rosey glasses you will see he is so disliked by so many groups of people that they are going to band together and keep him from winning an election. thats a fact you can bet the house on.

          • TO be fair Mr. Trump was not my first choice. But, it’s what the system gave us. I would vote for anyone rather than a PROVEN felon. I hear a lot of B.S. about Mr. Trump most good some bad, but that’s politics. Mrs. Clinton has a LIFELONG alliance with murder, money laundering, lying, deceit, and other corruptions that I could go on for an hour about. I’ll grant you that Mr. Trump is not perfect. He is impatient, he shoots his mouth off to quick and he is a BILLIONAIRE. So what? That same sentence describes 90% of congress. His aim is to put the rule of law and the Constitution back into government. He wants to see violence STOP. We live in a world that is just like Hil-liar-ly. She can’t and won’t do anything to reign it in because she is part of the problem. That would be biting the hand that has fed you all your life. Sorry, under the conditions, Mr. Trump is my man and I think a ton of others, too.

          • You need to look up the word Proven because it does not mean what it you think it means. Proven means found Guilty in a court of law… Not lied about over and over with the hope someone will believe it somewhere down the line.

          • Rick, for once you are pretty much right on. Congress is a pig pen. That’s why Mr. Trump wants them all fired for NOT doing their job. They pander to the rich, and that’s corporations, individuals, and countries. Hillary is in there grabbing with the best, in fact better that the best. Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached and even thrown from office. I agree, congress is a mess, but Hil-liar-ly won’t do a damn thing to address it. Go Trump/Pence!

          • So going to bring up the Whitewater Witch hunt huh.. Its funny in all the time they spent gunning for the Clintons the best they can come up with is a blow job in the oval office. So how many service men lost their lives because of that blow job. But then again how many service men lost their Lives in Iraq because of a president that lied to get us there in the first place. And if in fact he did not know he was lying then he really was as dump as a Stump.

          • What about Whitewater being a witch hunt? No the best thing they could come up with was that he LIED about it. This guy has been a sexual predator his whole life and it’s finally catching up with him. IF he really believed what he said during the trials about it being a sin, he should have stopped, but did not.

          • so lets talk failures shall we. I give you a reply for each one because there are SO SO many of them.

            Trump Steaks
            Launched: 2007
            Service rendered: Steaks
            Years in business: 1
            What went wrong: Trump filed the trademark nearly ten years ago, noting that it would be used for “meat, namely, beef, veal, lamb, and pork.” The meat itself came from the Sysco-owned Buckhead Beef, and after first (and presumably, unsuccessfully) attempting to sell the Trump-branded meat on a custom steak-centric website…Trump decided to work out an exclusive deal with—where else but—The Sharper Image. A bizarre pairing, sure, but The Sharper Image had nothing to lose. From Think Progress:
            [Sharper Image CEO Jerry] Levin described the licensing agreement as “unique,” noting that it lacked the kinds of things he had seen in traditional agreements, like minimums, which would have required the Sharper Image to pay the Trump Organization a set amount regardless of how many steaks they sold.
            As you would expect of anything worthy of bearing the Trump name, the steaks didn’t come cheap. For instance, $1,000 would buy you 24 burgers, 16 steaks, and the dull pangs of regret.
            For whatever reason, the wildly expensive steaks sold by a novelty electronics chain didn’t fly off the shelves. Or, as Levin put it, “The net of all that [media attention] was we literally sold almost no steaks,” Levin said. “If we sold $50,000 of steaks grand total, I’d be surprised.”
            But how did they taste? According to one reviewer, “They are really greasy, have no flavor, over-priced and just gross!!”

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            VOTE TRUMP RESTORE REAL AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • One it was never yours to take neither yours or your kind.. But why don’t you say what you mean. You want him to restore WHITE America.. The really bad thing is he might restore it just like he Restored..
            Trump Air,
            Trump Steaks
            Republican Party
            Trump Casinos
            Trump Magazine
            Trump University.

            So you think when they are alone Putin uses Lube before he has his way with TRUMP?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Are you a Liberal racist ? You Hate white people? Why are you angry at white people? Why are you a racist liberal against white people? You are sad you hate whites?

            Crooked Hillary Loves Terrorists…

            Crooked Hillary loves Illegal rapists

            Crooked Evil Lying Hateful Hillary wants open borders

            Crooked Hillary wants your neighborhood to be flooeded with burglars, Murderers, rapist illegals

            WoW the liberal thugs need to be deported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Stick that nose up your liberal ASS!!!!! YOU RACIST MORON!!!

          • There you go you just proved my point. Completely This is why I only hate conservatives. They have been on the wrong side of history Every single time in the history of this country. If we when along with Conservatives in 1775 we would be watching the Union Jack raised every time Michael Phelps won a gold Metal and they would be playing God Save the Queen. This is what I can’t stand about you personally. You are a bigot. You think no one but you is entitled to an opinion and if it doesn’t match yours then you belittle them. I can accept you having an opinion but what I don’t tolerated and will fight against is your insistence that anyone that does not agree with you is not an American. How about once in your sorry life you try out the Gold Rule there skippy. Maybe you won’t come off looking and sounding like a jackass all the time.. But I do understand the DNC is interest in you posing for a painting. They want a more current looking DONKEY to use as a Symbol of the party.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            You are a Hypocrite you stated …In your words …Verbatim ” Completely This is why I only hate conservatives.’ I though you said you don’t hate oh my another liberal liar like crooked lying Hilary lol Your an idiot what the hell does Michael phelps have to do about TRUMP?? What are you smokin? You are a liberal jackass liberal snake slmey CON ARTIST YOU LOOK LIKE A LIBERAL WHITE SLIMEY SCUMBAG…YOU LOOK SCARED….

          • Scared of the likes of you.. Why would I be scared of something I normally just wipe off the bottom of my shoe.. I Pity you because you are gullible enough to believe that Trump and his kind are in it for themselves. Actually if you go back you see I have said Many times I don’t hate people for who that are or what they look like. I hate those that try to bend people to their twisted views. Yea those I hate. But to be honest I am starting to pity you because you have been hornswoggled into thinking Trump has a change.. this is going to be the best ASS WHOOPING in the last 60 years. Hell in the last week of polls Trump was up in only two states polled Texas and Georgia. and his lead in Georgia was Shrinking.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Rick you are a Liberal Racist coward. I pity you and your low energy supporters who want a liar, crooked and a con artist in office. You are sad and a propagandist and you spread lies and hate typical of your kind. You are a coward. I pity you and I will laugh in your face when Donald Trump becomes President!!!! Crooked Hillary will be in jail where she belongs I pity you…ha ha ha you coward!

            Launched: 2006
            Service rendered: Travel search engine
            Years in business: 1
            What went wrong: Remember Orbitz? Expedia? What about Travelocity? provided exactly the same service but with significantly more Trump (i.e. pictures of his face, a delightful mustard-gold trim, and “Trump Picks,” which highlighted “specific hotels and vacation packages that are his personal favorites”).
            As Trump explained in the website’s About section, “I only put my name on the best, and at you will get the best information and the best online rate available.” Unfortunately for the Donald, “the best” doesn’t really mean much of anything when you’re boasting both private jets and cheap hotel deals.
            When the site launched, a financial analyst told The Washington Post that it seemed like “a vanity site” that “won’t make much money.” He was right. The site shut down the following year.

          • Trump Airlines
            Launched: 1989
            Service rendered: Hourly flights between Boston, New York City, and Washington D.C.
            Years in business: 4-ish
            What went wrong: This was another case of Donald Trump attempting to turn a service that already exists into something a little more Trump-y. But this time, rather than build something entirely new, Trump purchased Eastern Air Lines Shuttle, which had been offering hourly flights on the East Coast since 1961 with moderate success. That all changed with Trump’s magic touch. The airline had succeeded largely because of its no-frills service—you didn’t need a reservation ahead of time, there were no seat assignments, no check-ins, and no boarding passes. You’d show up and hop on a plane for relatively cheap. When Trump bought 17 of the company’s Boeing 727s for $365 million in 1988, “he added maple-wood veneer to the floors, chrome seat-belt latches and gold-colored bathroom fixtures.”

            Apparently, customers who appreciated the service’s ease weren’t into the over-the-top makeover. Alienated customers combined with the high fuel prices of the late 80s translated to Trump Airlines never turning a profit. As Time explains, “The high debt forced Trump to default on his loans, and ownership of the company was turned over to creditors. The Trump Shuttle ceased to exist in 1992 when it was merged into a new corporation, Shuttle Inc. No word on whether the gold-plated faucets survived the merger.”

          • Rick, the entire airline industry nearly went bankrupt in that time frame. And you pick out a single fledgling to make what point?

          • you are missing the point. Good Businessman pay a little be less or the amount a company is worth. Sometimes you pay a little Bit more. TRUMP paid almost 3 times what the airline was worth. It was a vanity purchase. something Good Business men never do.

          • Trump Vodka
            Launched: 2006
            Service Rendered: Drunk
            Years in business: 5
            What went wrong: After labeling the drink as “The World’s Finest Super Premium Vodka” and proudly quintuple-distilling it in Holland from “select European wheat,” Trump was proudly telling anyone who’d listen that T&Ts (Trump and tonic) were about to become the number one drink in the country. Trump was supposedly attempting to rival Grey Goose for a spot on the nation’s top shelves. No one else seemed to have gotten that message, though, and the drink went out of production in 2011 when no one ever wanted to drink it.

          • Trump Mortgage
            Launched: 2006
            Service rendered: Residential and commercial real estate financing
            Years in business: 1.5
            What went wrong: Even someone as deluded as Donald Trump probaby should have been able to predict this one. While the bubble hadn’t burst quite yet, in 2006, market prices were already starting to fall. And a few months after that is when Trump Mortgage decided to make its debut, with Trump telling CNBCthat it was “a great time to start a mortgage company. I’ve been hearing about this bubble for so many years from you and everybody else in your world, but I haven’t seen it. I will let you know when I see it.”
            “I’ve been hearing about this bubble for so many years from you and everybody else in your world, but I haven’t seen it. I will let you know when I see it.”
            A year and a half later, after failing to hit any of its financial targets, Trump apparently decided he saw it, and Trump Mortgage shut down for good. Although if you ask him about it now, Trump calls the business a “tiny deal” that “he never ultimately moved forward with”—which is objectively untrue. Trump did move forward with the company, it’s just that no one wanted to follow.

          • Trump: The Game
            Launched: 1989
            Service rendered: Family fun
            Years in business: 1
            What went wrong: In 1989, Donald Trump decided that if people love Monopoly, surely they’ll love what is essentially the same thing but Trump-themed. He convinced Milton Bradley to release the game, assuring them that this face could move 2 million units off shelves in a year.
            His face, of course, could not, and the game went out of production after a year. But for the Trump purists among us, you can still buy a (lightly used version of) the game for an appropriate $69 on Amazon.

          • Trump Magazine
            Launched: 2007
            Service rendered: Entertainment for luxury-enthusiasts
            Years in business: 2-ish
            What went wrong: The magazine launched in late 2007—just after his mortgage company was forced to shut its doors. Most people might see a failing market and a just-failed business venture as a sign that maybe it’s not a great time to start a print publication dependent on a general interest in luxury goods. Donald Trump, however, is not most people.
            While the magazine “saw early success, cashing in on the booming advertising market for yachts and other high-end commodities” (at least according to the closing press release), in actuality, it… did not. As it turns out, people suffering from a major recession aren’t too keen on “yachts” or “high-end commodities” or “anything that requires money.” Who knew.

          • So lets turn to the MAJOR ones.
            Trump University
            Launched: 2005
            Service rendered: For-profit, non-accredited fake business degrees
            Years in business: 6
            What went wrong: For a “school” that can’t actually give you any sort of recognized degree, $35,000 is a hell of a lot of money to spend on tuition. Especially when that school, according to the lawsuit four students filed against the business in 2010, consists of classes described as “extended infomercials,” sells “non-accredited products,” and takes “advantage of these troubled economic times to prey on consumer’s fears.”
            Once the lawsuit hit, state education officials started hammering the school for operating under the name “university,” since it was never chartered as such and was operating as an “illegal educational institution.” So that same year, Trump changed the name to the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative. Already outed as a fraud, though, the business shut down a year later.

          • Sounds like every other school in the U.S. They will BREAK you to meet their enrollment numbers. I know, I’ve taught there for many years. I know a lot of Universities who start out as unaccredited schools. This is exactly what Mr. Trump did. Besides Trump University is NOTHING compared to the Federal Reserve. Why won’t they allow an audit? Because they’ve NOT been protecting the American dollar. It’s lost 98% of it’s value since the Federal Reserve went into operation. NO thank, to a track record like that!

          • Looks to me like if you look up the word Failure in the Dictionary your going to have a picutre of The Donald staring off the page at you.

          • …… and Hil-liar-ly under liar and felon, and murderer, cheat, sneak, deceit, abortion, anti self defense, socialism, bigger and ever bigger government. Government is supposed to be the tool of the people, NOT the other away around.

          • Here is your problem.. You can prove none of your claims. I on the other hand can prove everything I said about Donald Trump and most of the times its coming out of his own mouth.

          • Ha! Ha! Ha! I CAN prove my claims but one needs ears to listen dispassionately, first. Stop swallowing EVERYTHING the media tells you! Hil-liar-ly IS a CROOK!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Wav dat fist !!!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Did a strong white man kick you liberal racist democrackhead ass??

          • Yep.. you proved it again you only think white people matter.. thats kind of thinking is what is going to have Donald Trump giving a concession speech on the Night on Nov 8th.. Wait what the hell am I saying.. I have money bet in Vegas that after he loses Trump won’t have the Class to concede.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            well you hate whitey always attacking the white man..thats the kind of Liberal Democrackhead trash you are!!!

          • So do you think you can answer a serious question with a serious Answer. Because if you can I am interested in your opinion..

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Rick you know what your problem is and issue ..You are a Liberal low energy Nerd! You can’t accept truth I know it hurts thats why you always change subjects and deflect from the real issue. It’s typical Liberal spin and nonsense but with me I crush you like a liberal Democrackhead racist thug you are! You are ignorant and weak. I read your posts and it shows how liberalism is so ignorantly impotent!

            Now go wav dat fist on high and spread your liberal racist garbage and keep hope alive…there’s no hope PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GOING TO TAKE THE WHITE HOUSE
            Whether you like it ior not keep spreading all you lies, hate and propaganda it ain’t working!

          • Ok first of all that answers my question about you answering a serious question so thanks for that. Second thing.. When a campaign Changes its executive Staff, Three Times in last the 8 months its not because everything is coming up Roses? What it means is they don’t think their message is getting thru and they are trying to do something that will work. You don’t do that if your winning. So Dream all you want about a “President Trump” because its only a dream. . Oh by the way Great Picture of Donald giving that hand Salute great looking car he is standing in. I like how you have Hillary in there waving goodbye to have after he loses the Election.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Why would I answer your Liberal nerdy question when you won’t answer mine? Who do you think your talking too. I know it hurts …when PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP wins you will be on a jet to the mid east with your Hollywood liberal thugs …the heavenly doors are open and TRUMP will win BIG and we will take over AMERICA!…

            PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to Win and you Rick Liberal Low Energy Rogers can’t do a damn thing! Crooked Hillary will be indicted when Trump wins see below!

          • The question was simple.. Are you going to be online here on Nov 9th when your bubble gets busted.. Are you man enough to take your lumps?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            President trump first 7 days Day 2 Crooked Evil Lying Rigged Hillary will be in Jail!

          • 1. The president of the United States does not have the power to have someone Arrest. .So that the first Stupid thing you said.
            2. No judge will allow an arrest without probable cause. Its illegal in fact. And the Director of the FBI statement that she did nothing wrong means Judge throws it out.
            3. and the last one. I did not know that Trump was running for president of his Home Owners Association. Because that’s going to be the only thing he is President of and he will have to buy every Condo in the build to get elected at that. If you had picked a real Candidate Like Colin Powell you might have had a chance. Now you left the choice between Con Man Trump and Former First Lady, former Senator, Former Sec of State.

            You are aware right that If he is convicted in the Trump University Trial that Criminal Charges could be filed as well. and that puts him in Jail.

            god its amazing there are misguided people like you out there but then I remember the saying about a sucker being born every minute. Only question did the put the name Sucker on your bracelet when you were born?

          • See his Milwaukee speech for ALL Americans. He is an outside the box thinker…… let’s wait and see before trading blows, shall we? try has been a melting pot for a long time and that will not change. BUT, we just cannot let our sworn enemies in the front door and turn them loose.

          • You realize that he gave that speech in a roomful of white people with not a black person to be seen and he was not even in Milwaukee when he gave it.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            PRESIDENT TRUMP is coming Restore America back from this low energy President and Crooked Lying Rigged Hillary!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • YES Just please GO Trump and Remember what The DUMP said.. And Don’t forget it.
            Because the Majority of the country is going to hold him to it.

            ‘If I lose, I don’t think you will ever see me again’

          • Yeah, all the people who want to see their handouts continued. We can’t afford them, plain and simple. Hil-liar-ly wants to completely bankrupt thus country and will do it say ANYTHING to get her ass in the White house so she can steel more silverware. She us reprehensible AND no leader! Under her watch we’ll be under Sharia Law before her first term is complete. NO HIL-LIAR-LY, EVER!

          • To bad.. Get Ready to start Madam president your going to have a lot of practice saying it. AS for your Claims. Its a fact you can find in any Congressional Budget office report because that Office does not answer to any Party or power group in congress. The Federal government hands out more money To corporations and Business then it does to individuals. Much more to Corporate farms and big Pharm then the small fraction they spend on the social net. If people like you would pick up a book sometimes you would realize that the Bankrupt your taking about is not from making sure some kid has food but its from starting two wars on the Countries credit card. That not only cost us money but the lives of some of our best and brightest. All because Bush Jr wanted to finish what his Daddy started and Cheney saw a way for his Company to steal Oil. But tell me You know who Senator Jeff Sessions is. He was the scumbag that said that we could not afford the Veterans Benefits we committed to the members of the Armed Services. He stated we could not afford to care for the needs of those that sacrifice a part of themselves. either physical or Mental. It makes me want to punch every Republican congressman and Senator in the mouth when I hear the lying claim they support our Troops. Sorry Tied of hypocrites and the gullible that believe them . They don’t have solutions to this countries problems they want to tell you who to blame for it. The cost of those wars totals out at between $4 trillion and $6 trillion. This fuller accounting includes “long-term medical care and disability compensation for service members, veterans and families, military replenishment and social and economic costs,” Harvard economist Linda Bilmes calculated in 2013. What would we do with 4 to 6 Trillion dollars. Your not taking about a number that can be paid out in a year or 5 years or 10 years. your talking about an amount that is likely your Grandchildren will be paying when they turn 18.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            You liberat atheist racist twerp…look at your post feeble minded, weak, low energy and pathetically Liberal. You my friend are a true Liberal moron! I will lol in your face when

            Oh my I said White House

          • You are following Pike’s playbook.

          • I know enough to know I don’t know everything so don’t feel bad and saying I don’t follow your reference there.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Stick dat nose up your Liberal ass you probably would enjoy you pervert ! HAHAHHAHAHAHA

          • Hil-liar-ly is just peachy though, eh? No record of accomplishments, married to a pedophile, lies so much she can’t remember the truth….. Mr. Trump can save us from 8 years of an illegal president. Hil-Liar-ly cannot and will not.

          • Hey Mike.. want a bet if he does not chicken out before the first Debate he will quit before the 2nd one. You really don’t think his ego is going to take the beating he is about to get..Hell I know people that are voting just so they can vote against him.

          • Come on Rick, nobody’s going to chicken out at this point. Hil-liar-ly has been ducking Trump for a long time and I see no reason for her to stop, now. I know even more folks just voting to just so they can vote against Hil-liar-ly Why would you even consider voting for her?

          • So he makes up a story about the Letter from the NFL about the Debates. Says its a Plot by Hillary and Democrats even though the Schedule was set over a year ago. Yea and Hillary is the one that does not want the Debate??? Trump knows Nothing. Except the fact that this is not like the circus he was part of in the Primaries. The moderators are not going to let him get away with the crap he pulled in those Debates. And they are going to call him on all they Facts he makes up.. IT’s going to be beautiful watching him get dismantled one step at a time. I am going to bet he will top the GREATEST Debate Misstatement of all time. During a 1976 presidential debate against a then-obscure Georgia Governor named Jimmy Carter, Ford famously uttered: “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” The moderator, Max Frankel of the New York Times, responded incredulously, “I’m sorry, what? … did I understand you to say, sir, that the Russians are not using Eastern Europe as their own sphere of influence in occupying most of the countries there and making sure with their troops that it’s a communist zone?” Its going to look like a Saturday Night Live Sketch with him making up crap off the top of his head. Maybe he could just save Time and Get Will Ferrell to stand in for him at the Debate.

          • Rick this is more nonsense than I’ve from anyone. Mr. Trump will do fine in a debate. Hil-liar-ly has so much to hide she will go down hard. Don’t let a mistake by a sitting president nearly 40 years ago influence your judgment today. My god, you must be a dyed in wool dumocrat. Who else would even think to support a woman with NO record at all. Jimmy Carter was a fine President wasn’t he?

          • I would Rather have a GOOD Man in that office trying to do the right thing. So yes Carter was a good president.. He has proven that with his activites after the White House.

          • I agree with you there, he just wasn’t a leader that we needed at the time, 40 years ago. Then, America was a way different place than it is today. Folks still had common sense.

          • I believe History is going to judge him a lot different in 20 or 30 years. Because one of the things that a lot of people forget was that the Military Build up that Reagan was given credit for.. Was actually start up under President Carter. and as much as I did not like some of the things he did looking back He was right about a lot of things. He was right to keep us out of the Moscow Olympics. It made no sense to send our team to reward the Russians while they were killing people in Afghanistan. The two Cabinet departments he created had stated goals of help to do away with Energy Dependence and to have a national standard of education so that someone that gets a high school Diploma in California has reached the same competency level as someone from Virginia. The biggest complaint coming from college educators is they have to waste time covering topics that should have been covered in High School. There are way too many “refresher” Classes at the college level to bring high school Grads up to the level they need to be. Also don’t forget the Term “Human Rights” was pretty much his buzz word.
            Lets not forget the only treaty between an Arab country and Israel was thru his foreign Policy work.

          • Maybe but that doesn’t change the fact that he was one one term president. There’s only so much any president can do in one term. I will give him credit for the Treaty between Egypt and Israel. That truly has stood the test of time……. I’ve been an educator in higher education for about 13 years. The one thing I can say is that no one thing fits everyone. Laura Bush tried pushing that again and failed miserably. The government needs to get OUT of the education business and let classroom experienced educators make policies. You can have all the great ideas in the world but if they’re not practical what’s the use? I think every president has had the idea to get away from energy dependence.
            Again, you are right about the human rights in the Carter Administration. Something the Obama “administration” has completely forgotten. IMO it was not right to stay our of the Olympics. All that did was punish athletes who had nothing to do with Afghanistan. 25 years later WE were the aggressors anyway and did those people wrong when we left that country in ruins that still exist today. I’m willing to wait 30 -40 years for that judgment. I am more concerned with right now. We have 2 candidates running for president and neither one is really qualified. But, I KNOW Hil-liar-ly and she can’t possibly change things. It’s outside of her cultural barriers. The last really GREAT democratic president was JFK. His massive tax cuts really fueled the US economy and gave us 5% growth every year until Johnson and Ford started giving away the farm. Reagan did that again and we had good growth for nearly 2 decades. Hillary has the same redistribution of OUR wealth as Obama does. It didn’t work in the old Soviet Union, Venezuela, Panama or really anywhere it’s been tried. They’ve all tried to use the old tested (and failed) policy of printing more money, just like the Fed. You just can’t spend you way out of a hole. It takes discipline and heartache that Bush and Obama had/has no stomach for. At least GB Sr. (who had plenty of faults) prepared for the future which Bill Clinton absolutely squandered and GB Jr. did nothing to help. So much for dynasty’s. Then along comes Barry, and now we’re nearly out of it all together. $19 Trillion in debt between him and GB, Jr. But mostly, Barry. We really need somebody and something brand new. The American people deserve it and the whole world needs it. I pray to all that’s holy Mr. Trump does not let us down. But, he needs a chance and Hil-liar-ly doesn’t deserve it. GO Trump/Pence!

          • You in higher education?


            You might want to go back to school, because I’m a university professor and quite well educated about the fact that homosexuality is biological, not a choice and not changeable. Even the ex-gays say they’re born that way:

            MYTH: The ex-gays have changed from gay to straight.
            FACT: The largest ex-gay group in the country, Exodus International, disbanded last year after finally admitting they are still homosexual. They only engage in heterosexual behaviors, but their innate orientation remains homosexual. Their former president, Alan Chambers, had this exchange with Anderson Cooper:
            Cooper: Do you think gay people can become straight, In other words, is it a choice?
            Chambers: No, Anderson I do not. I have come to accept the fact that I will always be attracted to men, even though I’ve been married to a woman for three decades.

            Watch the interview here:


          • What the hell are you ranting about? YOU sir, must be queer to uplift these folks in such a way. You let Mr. Chambers, a queer man, tell you how wonderful queers are, w/o listening to the other 98% of the population or even looking at the facts. I really don’t care how much bigger anybody’s “willie” is and I do not want your gift of being queer. Queer guys do not have “better sex” more often. Where did you get that moronic idea? I am VERY happily married, have been for a long time and we have children together. You are a typical university liberal loony and part of the problems in our educational system. I KNOW of a lot of queer folks that have been transformed by therapy and are very happy to have done so. Do NOT quote Wikipedia to me sir, nor any of your other liberal press nonsense, because “I ain’t buyin”! Of all people you, an educated person, should know the pitfalls of Wikipedia! Oh yes, let’s use a study from Sweden, the worlds center of queer folks. Look at the diseases carried and spread by queer folks. One glance at those spreadsheets will convince even you that the queer lifestyle is very dangerous. Queers cannot procreate and that FACT alone is enough for me. They are simply an aberration of nature.

          • No person has ever changed their sexual orientation. It’s not possible to do so. The ex-gays admit they are still homosexual.

            Queer has nothing to do go homosexuals, you moron.

            Jesus you just be over 80 years old. You have no business teaching at a university. Your level of intelligence is lower than a rodent.

            Many homosexuals have biological children and I know them personally. I cannot speak for queers, since they are not homosexual.

          • There is been no person who changed their sexual orientation using therapy. If you know one, you need to present them, because the experts say they don’t exist:

            Human beings cannot choose to be either gay or straight. Sexual orientation emerges for most people in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether or not to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.
            American Psychological Association, Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality, July 1998

            Can a homosexual orientation be changed?
            Homosexuality is not an illness. It does not require treatment and is not changeable.
            American Psychological Association, Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality, July 1998

            There is no published scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of “reparative therapy” as a treatment to change one’s sexual orientation… American Psychiatric Association, Statement, Dec. 11, 1998

            We oppose any psychiatric treatment, such as “reparative” or “conversion” therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based on the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her homosexual orientation. American Medical Association, Resolution, 2000

          • There are many!

          • No, there have been none. The ex-gays admit they are still homosexual in orientation. You can’t change it.

          • You’re begging the question, sir. Also, not allowed.

          • I’m not begging anything.

          • Yes, you can!

          • I’m happy that my state is one that has banned conversation therapy for gay teens. It is against the law. You know why? Because there is no evidence anyone has changed their orientation. It has also been proven to lead to depression and suicide and does nothing to change orientation.

          • Where are you getting your information? There are plenty of therapies, a plural word, available. What “state” do you live in? Must be along denial.

          • Califronia. New Jersey has also banned conversation therapy for teens and younger. They consider it child abuse.

          • Well, You can’t predict ANYTHING by looking at California. N.J.? Who is from New Jersey? What is conversation therapy? I’m talking about action therapy. Like keeping your pecker where it belongs.

          • You’re talking about sexual behavior, which is not the issue here. I’m talking about sexual orientation. No gay person has ever become straight. It’s not possible. The ex-gays admit this.
            Such therapies are condemned by every major mental health organization:

            Human beings cannot choose to be either gay or straight. Sexual orientation emerges for most people in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether or not to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.
            American Psychological Association, Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality, July 1998

            Can a homosexual orientation be changed?
            Homosexuality is not an illness. It does not require treatment and is not changeable.
            American Psychological Association, Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality, July 1998

            There is no published scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of “reparative therapy” as a treatment to change one’s sexual orientation… American Psychiatric Association, Statement, Dec. 11, 1998

            We oppose any psychiatric treatment, such as “reparative” or “conversion” therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based on the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her homosexual orientation. American Medical Association, Resolution, 2000

          • Bla, bla, bla. MORE from the APA. That organization already takes for granted that which most are still taking exceptions against. The APA had staked out it’s turf long ago. They have nothing new to say!

          • Who is talking about “Conversation Therapy”?

          • You said people can change their sexual orientation. Science proves that this is false. No human has changed their sexual orientation.

          • All that’s holy?


            What a pathetic turd brain you are.

          • I suppose NOTHING is Holy to you, my friend?

          • You’d be right, since god is a manmade concept.

          • I am done speaking with you. Like most library’s YOU already know how the world and everyone in it works and are not about to change.

          • Library’s? That made me laugh.
            Have a nice day.

          • Tell me where you teach, because I’m reporting your comments to your university as proof that you have no business teaching college students. You probably teach at one of those religious indoctrination camps, like Liberty University or Bob Jones.

            You shouldn’t be allowed in civilized society.

          • No, sir. I teach at a school that believes in the sanctity of people, not the sanctity of orientation. as long as they stay where they belong all is good.

          • Gays belong with same sex partners and straights with opposite sex partners. That’s natural law as nature intended. I’m against a gay person marrying an opposite sex partner. That’s immoral and wrong. It’s not fair to either partner.

          • I am against gay people period. Most if their lifestyle is dangerous and who wants to take that chance with one of the most sacred unions that God ever created?

          • The heterosexual lifestyle is much more dangerous:
            Teen pregnancy
            Abuse of women
            Unwanted children
            Accidental pregnancy

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Rick did someone knock you out or did you lose all your common sense?

            Rick your GOD OBAMA is gone hahahahhahahahahaha lmyassoff lol hahahahahha

          • It chaps your ass that the TRUE REAL AMERICANS elected him twice doesn’t it.

          • You do realize don’t you that your cheering the fact that he was elected Twice. Did you get your little feelings hurt 2008 and 2012.. You know its like Cheering the Fact that Mike Phelps is retiring and you won’t have to watch him any more.. But oh.. he still has his 23 gold Medals. He was still president of 8 years. And chances are with his current approval Rating he would be both Trump and Hillary if he could have run for a third Term. I see your little count down and remember a few years back when he made Trump look like a Fool at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I downloaded that to my computers so I could get a good laugh every now and then. But what the hell I know you can’t stand that REAL AMERICANS Elected him Twice and have now given him a 54 % approval rating Right in line with where Reagan was when he left office. So cheer. We are cheering also because he has done the job we sent it him to do no matter what the GOP did.

          • how how you must hate the facts.

          • Come on Rick, Neither candidate is the person they were at the beginning. Trump is learning and Hil-liar-ly is so covered in slime of her own making she can’t make out a coherent sentence. And yes, Hil-liar-ly does not want to debate Mr. Mr. Trump. He will expose all her panhandling, Clinton foundation, Bills sexcapades (and HER cover-ups’) , pay to play schemes and more . She doesn’t need that press and Mr. Trump has no problem exposing it. Mr. Trump is not without his warts either so we’ll see who can bring up the most. Talk about Saturday night live! I can’t wait! It should be at least entertaining, and that’s what most folks want anyway. It will be up to the spin doctors o TRY to make sense out of BOTH sides. 🙂

          • I bet you were one of those that thought Sarah Palin beat Joe Biden in the debate in 2008. If Trump is so ready to debate why did he lie about the NFL letter and complain about the Debate schedule that was set more then a year ago. Ok and Please let him bring up Bills Sexcapades. PLEASE Let him.. Last time I check Trump had 5 children from 3 different Wifes. Some of those wives were his Mistress before he divorced his Previous wife. YEA let him bring that up. As clinton Foundation. Sure let him bring that up don’t think she is not ready for that question with the quote from Charity Navigator. Which quotes 86.9 % of the Funds going to Charitable work. Yea let him bring that one as well.. As for Cover ups. He will need proof or he will look stupid.. Oh wait.. he is going to do that all his own all by himself. Lets Think this thru.. Trump has NO Debate experience because that Dog and pony show he when thru to get the Nomination is not even going to come close to what a Presidential Debate is. Except for Chris Wallace. The Chosen Moderators will Call people of lies or untruths. God you have no idea how much I am waiting for see Anderson Cooper moderate the 2nd one. She testified before Congress during an 8 hour marathon session. Trump complained about a 2 hour debate. Trump is going to be is so thoroughly out classed by Clinton that’s is going to be fun. I and Will put money on it that he will make a Gerald Ford type of GOOF sometime during the 3 debates. Oh.. sorry I just realized I did something wrong. I used Trump and class in the same sentence and thats something that should never go together.

          • Hi Rick,
            Well, Billy is a criminal and should be brought to trial for his actions. I don’t know of anywhere so many people could make such accusations and the accused go free to meet with the AG to exonerate other people, all democrats. So yeah, let’s bring that up. Most Americans have been divorced and have children from those unions. It’s not good but that the reality of the situation. I think the other candidate were, at least many of them, stronger candidates that Hil-lier-ly. Granted, they were not democrats (except for MR. Sanders, and we all know how THAT turned out) but Mr. Trump and his bravado out classed them all. How many were there again? Hil-lier-ry has a memory problem. She can’t remember ANY of the bad stuff she did as Secretary of State but seems to be able to remember with clarity what little good really happened. The questions of her health are gaining traction. I don’t know if they are true but I look for HER to make the GOOF rather than Mr. Trump. Remember, Mr. Trump wasn’t my first choice either, but Hil-liar-ly will NEVER be a consideration. No more of the abysmal Obama administration. Kennedy put a man on the moon. Obama but a man in the ladies restroom.
            I didn’t watch the vice-Presidential Debate so I don’t know.
            Charity Navigator is like the fox watching the henhouse. Only too willing to oblige. Where was Hil-liar-ly when the Louisiana coast went underwater under water, or when there were negotiations with Mexico? No where to be found. Her numbers are dropping pretty fast. Maybe she can makeup some ground in the debates but I just don’t see how. Trump will rocket to a one sided victory. Hil-liar-ly is just too frail and outta touch. I really look forward to those debates, if they actually happen. 🙂 Be well! We ARE all on the same team.

          • I beg to differ…..Hillary is not married to a pedophile…….but “a womanizer”. Pedophiles molest children, under the age of 17. It is significant enough to drag Bill’s elicit behavior into this election, as he is not running. Hillary is not responsible for Bill’s behavior, so keep it in the right prospective, please.

          • Bullsh*t! She is just as responsible as he is! He IS a pedophile! He’s screwed anything that come across his path! Let’s investigate him before you make such a pronouncement. His track record is unenviable!

          • Since you called Bill C a pedophile…give names and charges made and reference to court records. Not hearsay…please.

          • How could Trump save us from 8 years of the Bush Administration that’s the only Illegal President I have seen.

          • The Bush administration was nearly a decade ago. Let’s focus on bringing America back up to par and not use divisive techniques and arguments to keep us apart. Hil-liar-ly would do that just because of her personality and how she try’s to accomplish things. Let’s do away with a failed establishment and endorse something new. Look, I don’t know whether Donald Trump is gonna be any better than anybody. But he is outside the establishment and that’s what I’m counting on. He will set everything on it’s ear and change things. Hil-liar-ly simply will not because she can’t. It’s outside of her paradigm. Is she going to have an epiphany? Maybe, but I doubt it. Because that’s what it would take. All of her experience will only bring us more of the same B.S. A congress that can’t (or won’t) get along, a Supreme Court that’s become the laughing stock of America, crime rates that have gone up 25% in the last year, failed schools since before the Bush era (that Mrs. Bush did nothing to help), police departments that have become targets, invading Muslims that want Sharia law……. and who wouldn’t in place of what we have now? We have to take care of our own FIRST. Then perhaps, if we can afford it, we can look at others plight and try to help there. If America isn’t strong and free who will be? Russia, China, the middle east, Europe? Not a chance on our life times. In the mean time some pretty tough choices face all of us. Let’s be up tot he task.

          • Ok one by one.. The Congress has been controlled more by republican then Democrats since the 1990’s So you can’t point fingers at that.

            Trump is a conman and the only establishment he needs to get involved with is the federal Prison system for Fraud and Tax Fraud.

            They Supreme Court has been a joke because it was Stocked with Conservatives for way to long.

            Police Departments will become more Targets until the Good Cops start standing up to the BAD ones. And stop covering for them. The Good ones need to understand is that Bad ones are putting their lives in danger. I live for the day when I see a cop that is in the process of beating someone that is not resisting and another officer hit the one doing the beating with a TASERS Arrest him for assault. Once you start weeding out the ones that Abuse their power then maybe people will start trusting them again.

            But the part that Really saddens me is that you who for all intents and purposes appears very intelligent is willing to waste a vote on a man who has a clear history of doing nothing for anyone but himself. A man that has about 3200 lawsuits against him for not paying small business what they are owed. I man whose campaign is in so much trouble this is the 3rd time in 6 months he has change the Leadership.

            You know what it looks like. He got in it to Promote his Brand then then got shocked when people are voting for him. Now he is looking to say the most outrageous things he can so he doesn’t win.

          • Well, congress hasn’t been able to agree on ANYTHING for so long I can’t remember when. To me it’s not a republican or a democrat thing. It’s about people having too much power for too long. Look at John McCain and those weirdo’s from California. I think the 9th circuit Court is a zoo. The SCOTUS is a joke for pandering to less than 2% of the population. There is no queer gene and those folks make a choice to be the way they are. Perhaps it’s not always their fault but it all too often is. Don’t get me started on the Trans folks that Barry is so protective of. Those people are just plain weird. Mr. Trump has stated that he will hire more police officers and make damn sure they are good ones. I agree with you, bad cops are bad news just like legislators. But good ones are priceless. I do know that Mr. Trump has a history and I don’t like a lot of it. But my god, Hil-liar-ly , is pure evil. It just can’t happen, more of the Barry nightmare. I would vote for Mr. Carter before that wench. I think Donald will win, by default if nothing else. I am not a Republie or a Democrap but a staunch right leaning Independent. So, I try very hard to look at these politics for what they are & not what anyone really wants. That’s not in the cards these days. Be well!

          • Too bad the experts disagree with you:

            The Royal College of Psychiatrists states:

            ” Despite almost a century of psychoanalytic and psychological speculation, there is no substantive evidence to support the suggestion that the nature of parenting or early childhood experiences play any role in the formation of a person’s sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is biological in nature, determined by a complex interplay of genetic factors and the early uterine environment. It is therefore not a choice.”

            Human beings cannot choose to be either gay or straight. Sexual orientation emerges for most people in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether or not to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.
            American Psychological Association, Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality, July 1998

            The American Academy of Pediatrics states:
            “The current literature and most scholars in the field state that one’s sexual orientation is not a choice; that is, individuals do not choose to be homosexual or heterosexual. There is no scientific evidence that abnormal parenting, sexual abuse, or other adverse life events influence sexual orientation,”

            The word queer hasn’t applied to gay people since the 1950s. Did you post this ignorant comment in 1950? This is 2016.

          • Oh , jeez! There you go again quoting the such highly esteemed sources as the APA and the Washington Post. The APA is doing their best to change the long held rules (THOUSANDS of YEARS)of what being queer is all about. The Washington Post is so liberal most won’t even read it seriously. Common, grow up……

          • Homosexuality was never considered an illness until some conservatives pressured them to make it one in the 1950s. It lasted only twenty years. Freud thought homosexuality was perfectly normal. It fails to meet any criteria to be a DSM. Queer has nothing to do with gay people. It pertains to gender. You’re still in 1950.

            You exhibited a typical rightwing diversionary tactic. You attack the source because you cannot address the issues. The article was written to a world respected geneticist who knows a hell of a lot more about genetics than you do.

          • I am NOT a right winger, sir. I am not a repuglican nor a democrap. So, do NOT try to label me as such. You know exactly what I’m talking about when I say queer. Freud loved and probably fantasized about having sex with his mother AND was a coke and heroin addict. Do not try to impress me with HIS credentials. WE still do not know exactly what makes less than 2% of people queer. Probably early life problems with being exploited by the same or seeing that kind of behavior. BUT, there is NO queer gene and NO genetic code that links one to perversity.

          • Sexual orientation is biological. We don’t know what makes some people left handed or geniuses; either, but I’d rather be a genius and gay than an imbecile and straight, like you. It’s genes, plural, which influence sexual orientation, not one gene.



          • Yawnnnn. I’ve heard all those things before and from the Washington Post as well. A more left wing “news” paper will be very hard to find. But, left handedness is FAR more predominant in all people that their sexual orientation. In addition, being left handed hurts no one. Being queer does. Perhaps the queer gene is more than one, in any event scientists have not found any association with genetics. Left handedness does cause some problems for those folks. people are 100% left handed they just show a predominance for that. However, they do use both hands. I guess I’d rather be a genius and straight, all else being equal. 🙂 How do you know it’s genes, plural, that causes orientation? It could simply be that dark forces were at work in the developing individual that pushed him/her/it over the edge. Anyway, why all the hype over probably less than 2% of the population? We have FAR more serious problems to deal with.

          • Heterosexuality harms people more than homosexuality and by miles:

            Teen pregnancy
            Abuse of women
            Unwanted children
            Child molestation

            The gay population isn’t less than eight percent. I’d rather be gay, a genius and left handed. A great example of that is Leonardo da Vinci, who was gifted with all three. Left handed people are more intelligent and many presidents have been left handed, including Obama, Clinton and Reagan.

          • Ohhhh, here we go again. You are right gay people constitute less an 2% of the population. However, they do tend to organize in their own communities which makes anyone trying to make the numbers look like something they aren’t easy to do,. I’m sure there are a lot of decent gay people but, there are a lot more that want to have the “gay pride” marches and do all kinds of unmentionable things that most mothers find VERY offensive. So, crawl back under your rock and stay there.

          • Early life has zero impact on sexual orientation:

            The Royal College of Psychiatrists states:

            ” Despite almost a century of psychoanalytic and psychological speculation, there is no substantive evidence to support the suggestion that the nature of parenting or early childhood experiences play any role in the formation of a person’s sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is biological in nature, determined by a complex interplay of genetic factors and the early uterine environment. It is therefore not a choice.”

            The American Academy of Pediatrics states:
            “The current literature and most scholars in the field state that one’s sexual orientation is not a choice; that is, individuals do not choose to be homosexual or heterosexual. There is no scientific evidence that abnormal parenting, sexual abuse, or other adverse life events influence sexual orientation,”

          • Pretty hung up on what’s NOT responsible for queers aren’t you. They may in fact, be a product of extreme things that happen early if life. I mean things like abuse and being shown inappropriate ways of getting long. There are so few of these things I do not doubt we will even knows the answer. They are what they are and THAT community is so disease ridden they need to be quarantined. AIDS, Hepatitis, poor choices and now a need to force everyone to obey THEIR rules. How stupid does that make everyone on the left?

          • I’m sorry you don’t have the biological gift of homosexuality. I understand why you’re not happy about it:

            Homosexuality is a biological gift:
            1 homosexual males have larger brains:
            2 homosexual men have higher cognitive functions, superior spatial memory and verbal skills:
            3 homosexual men earn more money and have more education than heterosexual men:
            4 homosexual men have better sex more often
            (no link required for that one!)
            5 homosexual men have larger pen ises than straight men per capita

            Anyway you slice it, straight men come up “short” when compared with gay men. That’s why they are unhappy, and why 1 in 4 women is abused and 1 in 5 women is raped. 100 percent of mass shooters are heterosexual males, and 98 percent of child molesters, including those that molest boys, are heterosexual males. Do the math, people: straight men are very unhappy people. That’s why heterosexual men aren’t gay.

          • We can agree to Disagree because I believe we have been very fortunate to have President Obama in office these last 7+ years. and his Approval rating is backing that up. He has been the Best president we have had in the last 58+ years bar None.

          • MR. Obama has used executive orders to do most of his “work”. He is the anthesis of a “good” president. Failed healthcare, failed foreign policies, failed Iran negotiations, failed monetary policy, failed trade policies, ….. It will take years to undo his executive over reach. The system of checks and balances was put in place for a reason. He has abused them mightily. He is by far the worst president in history!

          • Lets look at each of your claims..
            Failed healthcare.. Last time i checked the Numbers there were about 15 million americans that now have healthcare that did not have it before and inflation of healthcare cost is slowed to a crawl compared to where it use to be. Insurance companies can no longer take a persons money for years and then try the “pre exisiting condition claim. There were 643,000 bankruptcies each year because of medical bills. and the healthcare industry just raised the prices for everyone else to cover those cost.

            Failed Foreign — Your going to have to tell me what your talking abou there. Because The President is will liked overseas.

            Failed Iran Negotiations?? ok let me ask something do you know what a Centrifue is? it used to enrich Uranium to either a Reactor Grade class or weapon grade class. 9000 Centrifuges could produce fuel for one nuclear weapon from Natural Uranium in just under 7 months. Iran had 19,000 of them and was building more. the Treaty calls for Iran to shut down all but 6104 of them and those will only be set for Enrich uranium to Reactor-grade Levels. Not weapons grade.

            as for the rest please. tell me why you think the exact Failed Monetary Policy and Trade policy is..

            Also as for Executive over reach you talking about executive orders. ok.. so lets look at those..
            Eisenhower 484 orders in 8 years.
            Reagan 381 orders in 8 years.
            Clinton 364 in 8 years,
            Nixon 346 in 5 years 6 months 20 days ( he was on pace to exceed Eisenhower). Ford 169 in the time left of Nixon’s 2nd Term ( when you add Nixon’s And Fords together you get 515 Executive order.)
            Johnson 325 in 5 years 1 month and 29 days
            Carter 320 in 4 years
            Bush Jr. 291 in 8 years
            OBAMA- Wait for it.. This huge overreach number.. 242 in 7 years 224 days 23 hours as of right now. Majority of these were renewal of Orders First Signed by other Presidents that were set to expire. Something Every president has done in the past.

            Ok Checks and Balances.. 1..Lets look at immigration.. The Former Speaker of the house got in from of the media and pretty much demanded The President do something about immigration.. So the Democrats and republicans in the Senate put together a Immigration bill and passed it. Then then sent it to the House.. And the Speaker Refused to allow a vote on it. Its still there today. So he issued executive orders that he made very clear would expire the day that Congress passed an immigration bill and sent it to him to sign. So you want to blame someone blame the Group in congress that won’t do anything at all.

            2. Supreme Court.. The Wording in the Constitution is that the President nominates Supreme Court Justices. Scalia Dead. Conservatives Freaked out. President has his job requires nominated what maybe one of the most Qualified Moderate Judges ever put up for the Court and Senate republicans refuse to act. So come Christmas don’t be surprised to see a recess appointment to the Supreme Court. all of the House is up for election this year. so does that mean they don’t get to vote on anything until after the Election in Nov. Why are we paying them then?

            Unless you can come up with some things that are specific and not just GOP talking points the worst President in history was the one that Lied to the American People and got 20289 military and US Civilian Contractors Killed, 165,000 Iraqi Civilians killed and 104,000 Afghan Civilians killed.. that’s not counting the wounded or Crippled.
            The president that presided over the Worst Economic Disaster since the great Depression. The President that Bleed out our Military in two wars and saw reenlistment Rates drop into the toilet). The President that Started The NSA spying on American Civilians.. Yes Ladies and Gentleman.. Thats your worst president his name “George W. Bush” and the guy with his hand up his back making his mouth move .. DICK Cheney.

          • Too bad Obama has used executive orders less than any president since 1880. Where do you right wingers get your nonsense?


          • That may be, but executive orders have a place and they are NOT in making policy and preempting congress. If you were in Congress would do anything knowing it would just get vetoed, anyway. Why spend months crafting a bill just to have the “executive” veto it.

          • That’s a good question. Why have the idiot Republicans drafted legislation multiple times to repeal Obamacare, knowing full well it would be vetoed? They waste our money and should be thrown out of office.

          • Because they always hope that the veto can be overturned. How many of the, what was it, 18 of the exchanges have shuttered their doors? Last count that was 16……… we can and will do MUCH BETTER than Obamacare. As soon as we get the federal budget under control.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            8 YEARS of Obama disaster and corruption. OBAMA Worst failed incompetent President everGONE WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          • That right here shows me what a complete Crack pot you are. When you line up the numbers President Obama numbers Exceed Every President INCLUDING Saint Ronny. So because of you complete Lack of understanding of reality not wasting any more Time on you . You have demonstrated you have the common sense of a Gnat and its only fun to yank the chain of people that can fight back with some intelligence behind their words. My Final Words to you (At least until November 9th) are that nothing you said effected me in the least (well besides the fact I am verbally going to rub your face in it on November 9th). You are the real Threat to those of us that are REAL American’s. Your White Supremacist ideas are disgusting and makes any real American sick to their stomach that in this day and age there would still be people like you around. So go bye, I wish you knowing but the worst.. I be ready to eat a big old Crap Burger on Nov. 9th..

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            “My final words, My last response to you, Im done I will not respond.” That’s all you say
            in your posts and you keep responding to me. Your a Moron, your pathetic and ignorant!

            Crooked Hillary will never win…You Racist Liberal thugs are idiots! Anyone who disagree’s with a Liberal pos is labeled a racist hahahahhahaha

            The only racist is you who brings up the issue typical with Liberal Racist Democrackhead morons…Everyone’s a racist except liberals lmyassoff!!! Stick dat nose up your liberal ass!!!

          • Sir, please do not equate anyone living today with that madman until proof is there. YOU have no proof so far. The Muslim presence in this country is unprecedented. It was THEY who flew planes into the World Trade Center, it is they who have gone on murdering & terrorist sprees, it is they who reject everything western but want to come here anyway. He does NOT blame immigrants for American problems. My god he’s married to one! Mr. Oslimo has used race to stir up this country to what it was back in the 50’s and 60’s. Mr. Trump wants the best for this country. Hil-liar-ly just wants the country. I am not a Republie nor a Democrap but a staunch Independent. So, don’t even try to pull the wool over my eyes.

          • Trump hates Muslims and immigrants. Have you not heard him speak?

          • You see right, or ANYONE who came into this country illegally. He has no problem with legal immigrants.

          • He has a problem with Muslims and I have problem with Trump on that issue. I have many fine Muslim students.

          • I will bet you that everyone are legal immigrants, too. What problem do you have with deporting illegals?

          • Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any president since Eisenhower- a little known fact.

          • No, Mr. Trump hates ISIS and so do I. If we allow them to come into our country unveted…… well you can imagine!

          • Too bad all the recent mass shooters had this in common:
            1 natural born citizens
            2 legslly obtained guns
            3 no criminal record

            Who is the danger to society? Sounds like someone just like you, not an immigrant.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            The Only crack pot is you and the Liberal racist thug party that spews it’s ignorant. and hatred… are a Moron! You are a racist thug and a sad sad person! Now go blame Whitey, Bush,The Rich and Christians…you idiot!

            Real America will elect TRUMP and guess what when Obama greets him in January I will be laughing my ass Off…especially when Obama said Trump will never be President lol….

            The Problem with this Low Energy President is he should be governing but he’s scared shitless like you because he is campaigning with Crooked Lying Hillary what a JOKE this man is!! Sad…..he is campaigning and not governing how pathetic…typical Liberals

          • Too bad the majority of Americans and the world think Obama has been a great president:


          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Most Liberals do but the majority thinks hes ignorant, pathetic and low energy like you!

          • Most Americans are liberals. That’s why you have to suppress votes to win elections. Why did you win in 2014? The voter turnout was the lowest in 72 years? Why? Because the majority of Anericans were quite happy with the direction of our country.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Little Liberal kItty watch it before someone nuder’s your liberal ass…PRESIDENT TRUMP will WIN! THE VOTER TURNOUT IS hugeeeee

          • Hahahahahahahahahahaa you’re going to lose BADLY!

          • By the majority of the world you mean Europeans. They are so liberal they are completely broke and sinking fast. America is following in their footsteps with the liberal democrats. We have to STOP. GO Trump/Pence!

          • Trump is a fascist. You want another Hitler? No thanks.

          • What about Hitlary? Want her?

          • Yep, I’m for her. I was with her in 2008, and went to hear her speak. I’ve shaken her hand. Nobody is more qualified to be president than Hillary.

          • GREAT post GODBlessReal America! He is so far gone NO ONE will even remember him!

          • Well, to be fair that was a pretty abysmal time to be an American but the same could be said of the Carter Administration. I did like Jimmy Carter, he just wasn’t a good and inspiring leader. Mr. Bush had congress to mitigate misjudgments and did not do so very well. The first 4 years Mr. Obama had everything he wanted and what came out if that was a new congress that, at least on paper, would temper him, but that has turned out to be a disaster as too many Rhinos are in the congress. The American people are fed up with this and rightly so, IMO. Mr. Trump says he will reverse that and with nothing else to go on, I believe him. Mrs. Clinton has attacked him based on the ‘one mistake”. Her whole career has been a mistake, one after the other. I really fear her presidency. We need to come together as a nation. Can Mr. Trump do that? I doubt it but he can set the tone for consolatory actions. Hil-liar-ly will keep us divided and set a tone for more. If Mr. Trump makes too many missteps, a convention of states is already gathering momentum.

          • This is the part I don’t understand. Nothing in Trump’s career shows any history of bring anything together except for complete dislike for him. I own a small business.. I have about 25 people that work for. It is very common knowledge that one of his Method is to refuse to pay a bill until he can try and “renegotiate” a lower price then the one he agreed on before the work was done. Even with everything else I find disagreeable about him. That one single thing is enough to not waste a vote on him. IF someone did that to my business I know the trouble it would cause and its one of the things he “brags” about in his book. He is a failed businessman that does not pay his bills. Not who I want in the Oval Office. and that’s the Bottom line.

          • Well, I can certainly appreciate your point of view. I was the manager of a laboratory that did a LOT of work for General Motors a few years back. Even though the terms of our contract said to pay in a net 30 days, GM would drag it out sometimes for 6 months. I think you can appreciate the strain that put on our finances and I really began to resent them for it. To me it was a sign of a company in a lot of trouble but hey it’s General Motors. I should have followed by gut instincts and stopped doing any work for them because in a fairly short time, they were in Washington begging for money to meet their debts. Mr. Obama bailed the and the rest of the auto industry out and appointed his own car czar to over see that mess. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but those bail outs was to “buy” democratic votes and it worked like a charm. There is no question that Mr. Trump has a lot of warts that I do NOT like. But, Hil-liar-ly just can’t be allowed to keep the ultra-liberal left on the tracks. The Supreme Court is already a joke, Congress is dysfunctional (and up for the highest bidder), the government is wayyy too big, lawyers reign supreme, this country is absolutely broke and a small business has virtually no chance of success, especially trying to start out. Believe me, I feel your pain and wish you the best. I just don’t think Hil-liar-ly can or will help. If Mr. Trump can just begin to get some common sense back into government, I think the rest will, eventually, take care of itself. Only time will tell. It may be that I will NOT vote for him next time.

          • We there is that.. but I always thought you had to have some Common Sense to use it. Going to meet the President of Mexico after you have spent almost a year insulting Mexicans. He couldn’t see that for the Train wreck it was going to be. Of course I am more then happy to have him keep “Stepping in it” .

          • Well, it was not a train wreck and Hil-liar-ly has done NOTHING but insult people. “We have to change people’s religion & half of all Trump supporters are ……” Where does she come up with this garbage? Are we all to think and speak the government line? I and a ton of others I know will never do that, even if it’s in our favor because that’s the lines that more despots that have lived in the 20th century have used. We are a free people and intend to remain that way. We are 3 states away from a Constitutional Convention, mostly because the government employees exempted themselves from Obamacare. If you want a worse mess in this country, try forcing it’s citizens to do something the government is unwilling to do itself. They are supposed to lead the way! I DO have some Common Sense and have read Thomas Paine’s book, “Common Sense”. We have precious little of that in our government today. I WOULD HAE GONE TO MEXICO TO MEET WITH THEIR PRESIDENT. Hil-liar-ly is a coward to do such things! The Mexicans NEED to be insulted! Where else in the world is a boarder so porous and why? Because the President of Mexico wants it that way! He can just pass through all of his and other countries undesirables. Well, that HAS to stop.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            The traitor low energy fool is gone hahahahhahahahahahaha
            I LOVE IT!


          • Suprised you did not Disappear fecal Matter Head. You BOY got his Tail kicked and I will bet you any amount he won’t show up for the Next two. Which would prove that he is a cowardly bully I have claimed he was all along.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Suprise you are alive Rick Perverted Liberal Roigers.You’re Liberal Crooked Hillary lost BIG ! The Only thing Hillary has is Bill Perverted Clinton….did u get you’ re blow up doll in da mail heres a photo enjoy! LOL

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Suprise your still around you Liberal racist pig!

          • tell you what Mike.. do yourself a favor.. Just use Wiki.. and type in Hillary.. I would list it for you but I don’t like showing up people that keep this on a Civil level. Your one of the few I have respect for but that does not mean I don’t think your only believing what the GOP wants you to believe.

          • Thank you, Rick. I have respect for you, too. I am NOT a GOPer and I will not swallow their lines w/o much consideration and actually seeing what they will do. I admit in recent years they have been sadly lacking, Rhinos. I have looked at Wikipedia but too many of their articles need more references and are not allowed in APA format writing. I don’t discount them entirely but enough to t use them very often. Democrats often want to do the right things but when they establish sanctuary cities, pay MY tax dollars to middle eastern jihadists (even a few) and let immigrants into this country completely unvetted and then lose track of them, I have a major problem with that. Believe me, neither the GOP nor the Mule heads will me by the nose. I can claim to make my own mistakes! Mr. Trump is not one of them, at least so far.

          • You are so stupid I am ashamed of myself for even responding. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

          • so is that your excuse for being on this website all the time?

          • TrumpSucker.

          • Killary Liar!

          • Trumpbag Trumpdo,

          • Hey make sure your here on Nov 9th as well so I can rub your nose in Trumps Landslide LOSS.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • He does do some of these things and it’s ringing true to the American peoples ears. We are so PISSED OFF at the way our country is run and how OUT OF CONTROL it’s become, it’s time for some real change! I claim to be educated and completely understand where he is coming from. Now, if he will just accomplish these things!

          • Just so you know where I am coming from Hillary could be bitten by one of the “Walking Dead” and have come back and I would still vote for her over Trump. Hell I would vote for her over trump if she DIDN”T comeback. He is a liar (There are plenty of Videos that prove it) A con man (Trump University), A Tax Cheat (listing real estate worth on one government and under valuing the same property on a different form. And he has done this more then once), And just over all a complete Ahole to women. Sorry Trump and I were the only people left on this Planet would not vote for him. He is a pathological Liar

          • Well, there we it. In my opinion neither of these characters are worth a vote but Hil-liar-ly has already put our country in jeopardy and cost lives. Mr. Trump has not. You think Mr, Trump is a pathological liar and I know Hil-liar-ly is a pathological liar and a thief. Now, her health problems are going to probably kill any attempts for her to come back. Certainly not presidential material. It had been nice getting to know you, Rick in spite of our differences in presidential choices you are a fine and thoughtful person and I DO wish you all the best!

          • Then we will agree to disagree. Because I don’t think She has put our country in Jeopardy or cost lives. But I am 100 % positive that Trump Would.

          • Rick, I don’t follow your logic. How has Hillary NOT put us in jeopardy? On her watch (at least) 4 deaths can be directly attributed to inaction in Benghazi, she has taken money into the Clinton Foundation with reckless abandon (from even our enemies), and she has let state secrets get into our enemies hands by doing exactly what she was forbidden to do. Use her own PRIVATE server. MR. Trump will put up with NO bullshit and that’s a fault? That’s how this entire country used to be! I would no more die under Obama’s command that I would Hil-liar-lys. But, when fighting for something that I believe in, no holds are barred! Be well my friend!

          • God knows what is going on and will go on. I hope you do not think that God would do any evil or harmful to people. He Is the source of all that is good and kind. It is people, us humans who screw up so bad. I have a problem that the Republicans have projected the idea that they and they alone have a corner on God and Heaven. Do you believe that God has chosen Donald Trump to be Pres. of the US? That is how your statement reads.

          • It is possible that God has sent this man at this time to help heal our land. According to Scripture, He has done things like this in the past. God is love and God is good.

          • I respectfully ask you what healing abilities do you see in D.Trump? He seems excessively angry, divisive, meaning he promoted racism, threatening minorities, worries our allies, projects the idea that he is a warmonger. He has an obvious habit of retribution. Is that a healer? He offends and never attempts to apologize for his mean spirited insults. Good people never make fun of others, especially American POW heroes, or people with disabilities. Even more importantly, he has no knowledge of government. Perhaps, he knows of the court system, but making of laws is not giving orders.

            If Trump has the capacity to heal our Nation…..I do not see it. We shall see.

          • The problem might be the lens through which you are seeing. If you are looking through a Democrat, RINO, socialist, or Marxist viewfinder, you will not see anything but bad things.

          • Sorry you could not answer my question. You only made accusations regarding my ability to see things as you. However, please tell me how Trump will bring healing to the US. Many Thanks.

          • As I see it, Mr. Trump reminds me a little of President Reagan, because he has the ability to connect with the American people. He has become our messenger and voice within the political milieu. Many of us, have felt disenfranchised for a long time, and what a great leader does is instill optimism and belief in the achievement of lofty goals. People, in general, prefer winning, not losing, and Mr. Trump seems to embody that.

          • Much better. Thank you for the reason that you support Trump.

          • That’s my reasoning, you’re certainly welcome to yours.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Ru ignorant or on Democrack? Wake up TRUMP will be your PRESIDENT whether your ignorant ass likes it or not and you can’t do anything hahahhaha

          • You are likely right if America is inhabited by ignorant jerks like you. Of course, I personally can not do anything about Trump being elected. Since I am so ignorant, tell me how Trump will pull out a win when he is currently behind in the polls? Could it be that a lot of people who will vote for Trump are so ashamed that they want no one to know they’d vote for such a horrible creep? Is that where the votes will come from? Have a wonder day. Try to get more sleep!

          • So your saying it was God’s Plan to make Trump look like a fool over and over again. Who spouts hate and Bigotry.. Well then… Ok Great plan he is doing that daily.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            You will see PRESIDENT TRUMP take over as your President and you can’t do anything you are soulless and you support a liar, fraud, takes money from terrorist want illegal terrorist in our Country. Crooked Hillary is a disgrace!

          • Crawl back under your rock of ignorance.

          • You know I might consider it but your Fat ass is there taking up all the room.

          • All the ??? (whatever You consider yourselves) voted for “hope & Change” The change is “burger joint” jobs for real jobs and welfare for those that would not work t Jack in the Box.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Really all you Liberal Democrackhead racist thugs pray to Satan that’s why you are so ignorant, hateful and low energy! You will get yours in November PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

            Watch the election when Crooked Hillary loses you will cry like a little liberal ass O

          • Did you ever look into those two Drugs I told you about with your Doctor.. They are suppose to work wonders for Dementia

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Rick stop spinning Im the one that told you to lay off That Democrack most liberals get addicted and you can’t shake that ignorance…we called a doctor for you.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            The drug you mean you are smokin Democrack you Liberal Democrackead pos …Go seek treatment you lunatic pos!

          • Yeah, take that Rick Rogers!

          • But they’re being audited, according to Mr Trump. What he doesn’t know is that even if they are being audited the can still be released. I assume Mr Trump filed his taxes so the original information is available. I am not sure about this, but I think the IRS can release those returns without permission — but I might be wrong about that part. I do agree that Mr Trump has something to hide, something of which he might be quite ashamed.

          • Unfortunately only one that can release those returns is Trump. My law the IRS can only do it in the case of a criminal Suit because of Tax Fraud or evasion. Which just so happens to be what he did when he valued a 50 Million dollar Golf Course at 1.5 Million dollars.

          • Thanks for clarifying this for me. Very helpful. But, of course, Mr Trump still remains a low-life in many ways.

          • I agree with you complete if you turn that word “Many” Into “ALL”

          • What about the “occupier&chief” that has never released any school records or papers written? Why is it after almost 8 Years is He still a mystery? I would like to see His D.N.A. run against reported family members.——

          • I just read on a report of the IQ of Presidents, as seen on this blog, that Obama was one of the highest 15% in his graduating class from Harvard. He had a very high IQ also. The Bush family occupied the lowest on the totem pole. How about DT? Got to look it up. If it is high, he would release it. Unlike his tax report.

          • robert franklin stroud

            You sound like you cry when you masturbate. Pathetic.

          • You must be smoing some good shit in the Oval Office with the Mau Mau wannabe there.
            If he was not paying his taxes the IRS would have shut him down so fast that he never
            would have been able to get this far. That also goes for NY state taxes You are throwing
            jackass poop and hoping it might stick to the wall somewhere.

          • No but you must be if you believe Trump is not a tax Cheat. When you claim something is worth 50 Million dollars in your Candidacy Filings paperwork and then try and insist its only worth 1.4 Million Then you have a Tax Check or Tax Fraud.. take your pick. Its very well Documented. Both Documents are official Government Forms that is fraud to knowingly submit information you know to be untrue.

          • Rick with the condition of Hildabeast and the Democrat
            Socialist and O’muzzie telling the DOJ and IRS to
            go after any and all GOP members or anyone who might
            cause them to lose a seat. If they could find or even
            fabricate a shread of evidence they would be all over it

          • Lets try this a different way.. Lets say you live in a 200,000 house. And make about 50,000 dollars in upgrades to that house new Kitchen. Added a pool. And when the tax Appraiser comes out you claim the house is only worth about 95,000.. But you just filed paperwork to Refinance your Mortgage and claimed the house was work 250,000.. that is fraud. That is what Trump is doing with his golf courses and that is what makes him a tax Cheat..

          • There are many “breaks” that are given to homeowners. The value of the property can be move in many different directions based upon the deductions you are granted by
            the taxing authority. Prime example my home is valued at $187,000 where I live but after my exemptions it is only taxes at 46,000, In Trump’s case his Golf courses were given
            special tax rates to draw him to build there, Him home
            could possible qualify for tax exemption you and I are
            not aware of. There are numerous reason and trying
            to label someone on pure speculation is not a good idea
            It can come back to bite you on many different levels.
            You can pay the semantics game all day long but
            it still comes down to the fact that unless they can find
            a something to build a case on they will not charge
            him with something. If the State(s) or the Federal
            Government are auditing his returns, as I am sure they
            are doing, and nothing turns up then they will sulk away
            whining. If they can find anything they will howl at the moon to try and destroy him. Trump has put the fear
            into both the GOP (RINO squad) and the Democrat
            Socialist plus all those who have been sucking the
            life out of our nation for their personal greed.

          • Sorry your not paying attention to the news. They are building a case against him which is why he is audit every year. There are only two reasons not to release his tax Returns. 1. He does not want anyone to know how Little he is paying. (He said as much in an interview a week or two ago when he said the Romney releasing tax returns was why he lost the election). or

            2. It will show everyone he is not the Billionaire he claims to be. Since the Trump Name showed up so many Times in the Panama papers Don’t think for a second there is not someone looking in to that.

          • Last night I was watching CNN and there were 4 individuals discussing Trump, prois & cons. One, who had done a study on the amount of lies Trump tells, stated about 3/4 of the time Trump is untruthful. Talk about honesty, and he calls people names to cover his inadequacy, or he just decides if he tells things a particular way, it will be that way.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Go grab me a sammich

          • Your the one that jumps on everyone elses Typos and you can’t even Spell the word Sandwich??? I thought that would be 2nd nature for you since you have to ask every Customer “would you like fries with that” every day at your job.

          • robert franklin stroud

            The US after Obama’s corrupt mismanagement has a debt near 20 TRILLION and growing. No better person than TRUMP with his experience to fix that mess.

        • Hillary indebted to Foreign Powers that have contributed Millions to the Clinton Foundation-slush fund—–Millions paid for access thru Her role as Secretary of State.
          When Bill picks up a Million for a speech and favors are granted,then it becomes clear why “E” mail transactions had be destroyed ( Thirty-Three Thousand at last count) to avoid criminal prosecution . Bad judgment? Treason?

        • When you learn something about finance, I will pay attention to your posts.

          • Here is the number one Rule in Finance.. If you agree to an amount your going to pay someone for Services and Goods you don’t go back after the work is done and tell the contractor or Vendor you only going to pay a fraction of the agreed upon amount. (Like he Bragged in that Art of the STEAL book. You do that enough and pretty soon no one weil work for you or preform work for you.

            You also don’t create Phoney Schools that over charge Students for worthless classes.

          • Like I said, you need to educate yourself in finance.

          • So your admitting you all for the sort of Dishonest underhanded “finance” that Trump practices. I guess that pretty much puts a nail in the coffin about Trump being a man of his word..Unless it has to do with him cheating someone out of a buck.

          • Let’s stop pussyfooting around, either you are going to vote for a businessman or a criminal. End of story.

          • You just a bit off.. Actually I am going to vote for the most qualified who has served in the Senate and Secretary of State and NOT the Fake Businessman who also is a criminal.

            while many of the Clinton cases involve suspicion and shadowy links which have never been Proved, many of Trump’s are fully documented in court cases and legal proceedings. Thats not even taking into consideration the Bribery Charges he could be facing if the FBI finds he did infact bribe the Florida Attorney General and The then Texas Attorney General to drop Trump University Fraud cases. Which after Donations from Trump both of them did the very next day.

          • You are a fool!

          • I take that as a compliment since its coming from someone that thinks A con man is a good business man. Trump would make a great used car Sales man… oh wait..sorry need to take that back.. Its an insult to used car salesman.

          • well here is one thing to keep in mind there skippy.. No matter what you say or what you do. When you pull the lever in the voting booth come November I am going to be somewhere doing the exact same thing.. CANCELING OUT YOUR VOTE. So tell me who is the more foolish. The Fool (trump) of the fool that follows him.. (YOU)

          • So then lets talk about Business men and women. Here is a nice little article in fortune Magazine that list the REAL Businessmen (most of which have been life long republicans That have endorsed Clinton. Of course you have the two richest men in America have have also endorsed her. I would venture a guess that Gates and Buffet now a bit more about Finance then you do.

          • This just proves that there are rich and poor morons.

          • Yes they are rich and you are supporting the moron

        • Do You know the difference between Millions and Billions? Trillions in debt have increased over the past Year from 14 to 19 Trillion +——–that is debt.

          • So debt is what you care about then.. So tell me how is it possible you want to elect someone that was quoted in an interview that he was the King of Debt? Someone who’s stated “plan” has been vetted by 3 different economic experts as something that will increase debt another 2 to 3 Trillion dollars.. Tell me how does that make an argument. for Him? One of thing. Trump has been using his campaign to funnel “payments” into his own companies.. If he owns stock in a company do you know think for one minute he won’t make sure that those companies are taken care of with Federal Contracts?

        • Jesus Rick, liberal policy has placed the entire country under a MOUNTAIN of debt, and you’re working about 100 million? Wake up and smell the coffee? We spend way more than that electing a president!

          • Sorry Mike but the Facts don’t support your claims. and the facts are this. Under the so called Liberal Presidents the United States saw less of an Increase in the National Debt then it did under the Republican “Conservative ones’ Of the presidents that start with Eisenhower the only presidents that that had decrease the Deficit were Clinton and Obama. All others increased it from their first day in office till their last. Those are the facts. Not the made up ones like the claims that that President Obama’s Foreign policy trips cause 200 million dollars a day. That was a lie and its been repeated time after time. You can find these numbers in the Library of Congress, On line at the Congressional Budget office. and a number of other pleases. Not asking you to take my word for it. The said fact is that the “Conservatives” Are not conserving anything thing at all. And it rolls back around to the statement in the Constitutions Preamble. We the People. Not we the companies, Not we the corporations and REALLY REALLY not we the Churches..

          • You sir, are badly mistaken! Mr. Obama has spent more than ALL the rest of his predecessors COMBINED! I do agree there are a ton of Conservatives acting & voting as liberals these days and they need to go. I am an independent leaning conservative. do not agree with every conservative position I hear. BUT, Mr. Oslimo has been very bad for this country and he MUST go, too. The sooner the better and be replaced by somebody with some common sense. Mr. Trump was not my first choice either but if it’s him or Hil-liar-ly , he will get my vote EVERYTIME.

          • Your entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong it is. They Stock market regularly sets records. Unemployment is lower then its been in years. All the major companies on fortune 500 are raking in record Profits. Health Care Inflation has dropped to an all time all time low. We have avoid shooting wars with countries that Trump would attack if he gets out of bed on the wrong side in the morning. The Presidents Polling numbers are slightly above Ronald Reagan’s when he was about to leave office and are almost twice what Bush’s were at the End of each term.. Yes he had to spend money when he first came into office. We were in the worst Economic Crisis since the great Depression and he had to do something to jump start the economy. The Consumer Confidence Index was 38 in October of 2008. the most Recent consumer Confidence Index Number is 93.7.. New Home starts are back at record levels. The automotive industry has reported Record profits and most have paid back their bailout loans. Thats an Industry that would have died and taken every part Supplier with it if Romney had been elected. So sorry but you numbers just don’t add up. But I understand you can’t admit it because if you do your admitting that Trickle Down does not work. The

        • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

          Go play with you’re Crooked lying Hillary Blow up doll you Liberal pervert!!!

      • Don’t tell me that you actually believe that Ronnie did that magic with “tare down these walls”? Actually, though few people in the US are aware of it, was that Gorbachev’s government was in debt and the Russians could not longer afford to finance East Germany. It took a while but Russia essentially sold East Germany to West Germany…..that is why the wall came down. I saw a documentary on this about four years or so ago. The film was spoken in German, there was English interpretation that I had no problem reading and understanding. The film was from Europe. Hate to burst your bubble about old Ronnie. He was as big a liar as Trump. And Trump will take our economy down the drain just like Reagan with his trickle down economy.

        By now everyone who can read and comprehend knows that the Bushes, particularly GWB, though elected twice, was a zero. If people want to believe that the tax brakes to the millionaires is going to help them get a job, wow! It did not happen before and it won’t ever happen.

        • Revisionists history as often is the case deletes any facts those that revise don’t like.
          Ronald Reagan broke the Russians financially;however, the final blow was not delivered and after Bush took over——–well there are volumes to be said—–J.F.K. had a traitor L.B.J and Ronnie was saddled with Bush.

        • Trump will take down our economy? You speak as if Hil-liar-y won’t. MR. trump has vast experience running “an empire”. Hil-liar-ly has no experience, at anything except feathering her own nest. Folks, don’t ever vote for Hil-liar-y!

          • StupidConservativeValues


          • What does Putin have to do with US elections. I think he’s more on Hillary’s side. He can hack her e-mails. Still, an alliance east/west is intriguing from a practical point of view. From your moniker. I don’t believe you’d know the difference between a stupid Conservative value and a stupid Liberal one, of which there are plenty to choose from…….

          • What Putin has to do with this election is what any nation with power has to do with elections of other powered nations. Putin, no doubt chooses a side that he likes the best, and who may be in his best interest, and that is available to service him best.

          • Just another Hildabeast troll that has no job, probably in a crack house with government
            funding to support the habit too.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Fuck yea! And all on your dime asshole!

        • You are partially right, The Soviet Union was broke with the effort to keep up up with the USA in spending on the military in spending and spreading it influence around the world.
          It was financially unable to continue spending and sending billions of dollars around the
          world to support third world despots and their thirst for power and dominion over their
          people. There were numerous cracks in their policies that were obvious to other
          nations and they saw the competition between the USA and Russia as a chance to
          get rich at the expense of both the Russians and the Americans. Fortunately we had
          a better financial picture than the Russians at the time It was economics that cause
          Russia to lose control over many of their satellite countries such as Germany and others
          as we saw it break up. Putin is trying to rebuild the USSR in the same manner they
          did before by conquest and intimidation of others. Many of those same countries that
          broke away are still subject to and governed by many of the same fears they had in
          the past. I seriously doubt that all of them will fall back under the Russian sirens song
          and be dominated by Putin and Russia. They have had a taste of freedom and self
          determination plus national identity and they like it.

          • The documentary I saw was on French TV out of Paris, and originally in Germany, and spoken in German. Therefore, the information was pretty much on target. Also, it made sense. So, the exchange in releasing of the East Germans, to the West, took place before Reagan said “take down these walls”. However, it is true that American was funding the Russians with wheat and only God knows what else at that time and we were in trouble with banks in SA. Same ole take from Peter to pay Paul.

            I do not doubt that Putin wants to establish any kind of take over to regain territory. The KGB king still has the KGB mind, which does not allow for much freedom. I do hope that the previous satellite nations will be able to remain free from Russian rule. Our nation was one of the few that was not ruled by a king or despot for very long. We do not want that to ever be a part of our government. Subversion is like the devil, it makes people believe that it does not exist. (I should say those who participate in subversion; but the message is real).

            Many of the older French people who were in WWII, were alarmed at the uniting of East and West Germany. They had the fear of Germany becoming the same power as before and aggressively wanting to dominate the world. However, it is the One World Order philosophy that is doing the take over by controlling the economy through the EEU. The EEU designates the kind of seed that is used to plant crops, the amount of fish that is caught by each nation, how much milk can be sold, how much beef can be sold by the farmers. That is not freedom. What is bad is that the EEU wants the farmers to use the Monsanto GMO seeds. The farmers fight this battle to use the original seed they have. So far the labeling of products (food) has to have the country of origin (in France). I do not know about other places. Regulations are good in some cases, when it benefits the citizens, but when consumers are hurt, and the farmers are hurt, that is counter productive and not good for anyone.

          • I was in England at the time wall came down and had some friend both from France
            and Germany plus some other countries there. The French were nervous about
            the reunification of Germany and what had happened before. There is not the best
            relationship between many of the European countries and I could understand some of
            their concerns. I do know that there was a lot of Political discussion among NATO
            nations and the USA at that time that were never made public and that was a much
            debated question. What bothers me about Europe at this time though is in
            Germany Markel has failed the German people with the invasion of the muslims
            and the problems we are seeing across the whoe of Europe. That will be a much
            bigger problem than they realized and the question is how do they correct or
            remedy it?

      • <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be445p:….,…..

      • You are well aware are you not that most of the so called “Reagan Build up was started” before Reagan ever took office. Or do you think Naval Ships get built in a Day?

      • But Trump’s Children inherited his SCUMBAGNess

    • Sounds like accusations. And the start of of rumor.

    • Now, now, Obama was never a Mau Mau. Assuming his birth certificate is legitimate (and Sheriff Arpaio has serious doubts), he was born in 1961, and the Mau Mau Uprising in British East Africa (BEA) was pretty much over by then. His father, on the other hand (listed as one, “Lolo Soetoro”) was listed as a Kenyan. I think it VERY likely that Lolo was a Mau Mau, especially given the unusual hatred Obama seems to have for the British (the first thing he reportedly did upon entering the Oval Office for the first time was to send a “bust” of Churchill back to England – what a stinking insult to one of our best allies! – but then, that’s typical Obongo).

      • About the bust of Churchill…..Where did that info come from?

      • True but remember the “Dreams of his Father” who was there
        in that time span and his hatred of the White people. Does
        give rise to thinking he may have those same thoughts especially
        when you look at his distain for Police officers and White People.

        • Tell me more about the President’s disdain for police officers and white people. Where did you get your information?

          • Straight out of his ass.

          • Egor von Johnson

            Ben, you need some counseling and medication to rehab your “fucked up” mind. Having read your comments you are beyond dispair. Your private life must be a disaster with few, if any friends, as well as a wife whose likely cheating on you, cause you are such a complete asshole!! These incriminations will follow you to bed every night. you lay your head on a pillow. to begin your nocturnal nightmares.
            As a reknown Psychologist, see Am. Jr. Psy. Bio., Take your emotional problems to Our LORD in Prayer. My Best, and you really need it!!!! Dr. Egor von Johnson

          • Where to start on your stupid rant. You are no doctor, just a retard. There is no fucking God. And you think i am the idiot because I will not vote to put a sociopath in charge. Go take a horse cock up your ass.

          • Poor lost soul, Keep believing that and Satan will be waiting
            for you with open arms in Hades.

          • We already have a sociopath in charge, his name is BHO. Never again!

          • Sociopath as witnessed by what? That word perfectly describes Trump. So twisted he has a hard on for his daughter. I don’t know how any person of religion squares that up as acceptable.

          • What? How do you know this? you left wingers have all the answers. Too bad they’re mere fabrications. GBO is a sociopath witnessed by his continued support of immoral gay and lesbian AND his LACK of support for veterans and the military. Need any more?

          • I guess you are speaking of BHO. The things you are suggesting as evidence of a sociopath have nothing to do with being a sociopath. Having answers has nothing to do with being a left winger.
            There are any number of political agendas that anyone supports that do not have the same values as someone else. That is a difference of opinions, not a sign of a mental disease. Look up the behavior of a psychopath, or a sociopath.

          • Would you rather have Hil-liar-ly as a president? She has so much “dark” money it’s is despicable how she got it. She’s in bed with big pharma and has so many “charities” she skims off of she will NEVER be at a lack of money. Yet, she and Bill were broke when they left the Whitehouse. If anyone actually “buys” that I have a bridge in Nebraska I’d like to sell, too.

          • BHO has no behavior pattern of a sociopath.

          • HELLO, open your ears and read his own words. Perhaps
            if you put the Kool Aid down you might actually learn
            something. He has attacked the Police, the Military and
            White People since day one. You are truly an ignorant
            and lost soul. We will have a prayer for your return to sanity

          • Can you give concrete examples? Just saying stuff doesn’t really cut it. I like proof. That way I can make up my own mind as to the truth or falsehood of accusations.

          • Perhaps if you avoided the free lunch counter you could
            actually do your own research but I guess that is to much
            for a Liberal Troll.

          • I learned a long time ago that there is no “free lunch”. You make the assumption that I am both a liberal and a troll. When all else fails, do some name-calling if it makes you feel better. Of course that accomplishes very little.

          • From his own mouth, his support of BLM, his lack of support for the “racist” All Lives Matter, for his patronage of Trevon Martin, ……… do I need to go on?

      • Please check out the article at for information about the bust of Churchill. Make sure you know what you’re saying before you say it. Citations are important so people can decide for themselves who’s giving the correct information.

      • Check obamma D.N.A. against that of Communist Frank Marshall Davis—–a small time pornographer who included obamma’s mother a a model.

    • Well, wait until he has all Muslims register and wait until the famous wall comes to fruition and perhaps wait until the wonderful trickle-down economics, which the Republican love, starts to happen – that’s where the fat cats get fatter and the rest of us get the shaft.

      • robert franklin stroud

        Obama nearly doubled the national debt to 20 TRILLION all while having now nearly 50 million on food stamps and over 90 million not in the workforce.

        If I want to see Democrat policies in action I need only look to the collapsing country of Venezuela where there are mile long lines for toilet paper or the City of Obama’s Chicago where corruption is a sacrament and murders are measured by the minute.

    • StupidConservativeValues


    • StupidConservativeValues

      “I have liked Trump from the moment he threw his hat in the ring for President.”

      • At least I have the ability to think on my own and base my decision upon thing I’ve have
        witnessed over the years while you are still crapping yellow in your diapers and playing
        with it. Not go get another IV of the Hildabeast Kook Aid and play with your other trolls.
        Maybe you will live long enough to actually learn to think for yourself after you get off
        the welfare rolls and perhaps get a job.

    • I would have liked him more if he threw his Head into the ring instead of his hat.

  3. I really like Pence but he if he wants to keep his credibility he needs to be careful what he says. Trump has NOT even spent one day as an elected person so saying that he is another Reagan isn’t the brightest thing to say. He will fall somewhere between Reagan and obama but it won’t be at either end most likely. I would celebrate for days if he turns out to be another Reagan but he is not always the most truthful person I have heard. I will vote for him even with all of his faults because if the hildabeast was the only one on the ballot I still would not vote for her. Trump has done some really great things but we don’t know how he will be as POTUS and won’t know until he gets there. Hopefully Pence will have a LOT of input into what is done.

    • The fact that Mr. Trump hasn’t spent even one day as a elected official is a good thing. Finally, a breath of fresh air into Washington and not more B.S. Can you imagine Hillary as President? I cannot. I agree comparing him to Reagan is a stretch but so is comparing him Oslimo. No one could be that bad or as greedy! Mr. Trump doesn’t need or even want the money, he’s above that and above most of the lobbying. He will do fine and Mr. Pence will make him better. 🙂 Now, if the rest of Congress will get off their asses, we’re all set. Oslimo should have been impeached years ago, not re-elected. Thanks, Congress!

      • Totally agree. Enough with those we elected to work for us but enrich themselves and treat us like peasants. Sorry, but We The People Have Spoken for Trump and not the Cruzes nor other bought and paid for establishment creeps. We did not vet them for many things and will eject them from Congress asap with no perks or benefits of any kind as we, THEIR EMPLOYERS, did not okay them. Sorry, but off you go with many just like McCain, Reid, Schumer, McConnell, Ryan, etc. We need a non-politician who has been a proven success in the real world and knows how to pick good people. Pence has a good background but he will only be the VP and that doesn’t mean much but as a good employee under any president. It appears that his approach to business and America is very like Trump’s and that is important for them to work together for America. And both are good looking, not Democrats!!, and actually have great records of accomplishments unlike the empty suit and the Clintons.

        • You’re speaking my language Rosech! Oslimo. nothing but a community organizer. Boener, Schummer, Pelosi, Clinton, Reid and the like, as you say, all empty suits. They gotta go!

        • The reason that Ted Cruz has not been liked very much by his fellow law-makers is that he tells the truth, and he is an honest man. That should say a lot. If I had someone to accuse my father of being a communist, and try to link him to the assassination of Kennedy, I’d raise some hell. Trump is rude crude and uncouth. He is not one of us, he is not one of anything, but for looking out for Trump. With him it is “me”, “my” and “mine”. He decided he is a Christian because he could get more support if he were. Do not ever use one’s faith as a means to an end, or brother you will have an end. At least Reagan said he did not carry his religion on his sleeve.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          It’s the American way to make money any way you can. Just what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you a Commie! Get the fuck outta here!

      • We will find out if it is good or not, that only time will tell. I was not comparing him as an equivalent to obama. I was just saying he will most probably fall somewhere in between the best and the worst. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that. I want him to do really great, that is my prayer. I will be voting for him. I just hope he realizes that it is not a business. His business sense will be a great help but they are different animals. I think he is sharp enough to realize that and make the necessary adjustments. If he listens to Pence things should go fantastically and we should see some real progress in bringing America back before the end of his first term.

        • You are right, only time will tell. I think I know Hil-liar-ly well enough to say she sold out a long time ago so she is not under consideration for a vote from me. Where he falls as a president will depend on the advisors he has in his inner circle and how well congress will work with him. They’ve been so soft on Oslimo it’s hard to believe. There should have been a movement to impeach him a long time ago. He nearly forced a convention of states to possibly dissolve the union, not to mention he’s probably not even an American. That would explain a lot. I am very happy with his choice of Mr. Pense and I do hope he calls often upon his experience. Be well my friend. 🙂

        • StupidConservativeValues

          “progress in bringing America back” That makes absolutely not fucking sence at all.

        • Bring America back? That implies undo what Obama accomplished. So you want another Bushista near depression.

      • Trump doesn’t want the money….that is all he talks about, but he never validates his taxes so the people can see his actual worth. I heard there is a rumor that Trump is not as rich as he says he is.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Did you star in Dumb and Dumber?

      • Impeached for what, dildo? Being black is not a good answer.

        • For is illegal executive actions, for NOT enforcing our border laws (and getting people killed), for putting our military in serious jeopardy (not only by removing experienced Generals), tax payer paid for EXPENSIVE vacations, how long to I have to go on? Each of these can be labeled high crimes and misdemeanors. I don’t care what color his skin is. If he were lily white I’d have the same opinion.

          • Your list is all BS or fabricated. Go on until you find something real. Repukes wanted to get Obama since day one. He has been under a microscope and is clean as a whistle. BTW, I don’t suppose you said anything about Bush for lying us into the Iraq war.

          • We were NOT talking about Bush. So don’t deflect your answer. These are ALL real things he HAS done and continues to do. WE do not need to be a welfare state and let American get killed in the process, because they are!

          • Well, they are all real and actually happened or are happening. They are not B.S. I am an Independent and that’s too much for the far left to deal with.

        • For his absolute refusal to do his Constitutional duty and protect our borders for a start. I really don’t care what color he is. Now who’s the racist?

    • Pence was not comparing trump to Reagan ‘s resume” he was comparing his love for America, positive attitude and leadership qualities.

    • Pence is likely a nice fellow except when it comes to the policies he has had in Illinois State Government. Trumps business experiences don’t seem to be the kind that most of us would be proud of. I am interested in getting more info on his wheeling and dealing. I understand your skepticism, but if my decision is between a so called “crook” and a “lunatic”, I will go with the “crook”. Crooks can be figured out in respect as to what they will do. The nut case is dangerous….I am serious. God help us.!

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Do you think Pence shaves his nuts? Hell, do you think Pence even has balls?

      • You will never agree with any politician on everything. My feelings are that if we are in agreement on the majority of things I can live with that. The hildabeast can not win or America is through as we know it through SCOTUS. Her appointment would make Kagan and Sotomayor look like conservatives and when you are talking about 3 to 4 selections it will doom the country for generations. The Constitution will be totally thrown out and absolutely nothing good will come of her presidency. She is far worse than obama. She must NOT win.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You are one dumb mother fucker.

  4. Only One Speaker, Cruz, represented Reagan Legacy with Honor.
    The rest of the mob at the Convention Aborted the Integrity of The Party Of Lincoln.
    No Candidate from either Party has Trust or Respect of the Silent Majority .

  5. pENCE IS A BIT SQUIAHY ON HOLDING THE LINE. He will do an adequate job.
    Now we have a replacement for teddy the turd kennedy. He is teddy the turd cruz. A man without honor and who will nn as required by th Constituton.
    ot honor his pledge.
    Conservatives believe in the ballot box and that the will of the pople must be followed. Trump follows this, Cruz does not. But what d owe expect from someone who is Constitutionally inelgible to be President.
    Cruz will be over with the democrats untill he is ejected from office

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Are Pence’s arm’s long enough to give Donald his daily reach arounds? I mean Donny’s got a bit of a belly and all.

  6. We haven’t had a president with presence, intelligence, a successful business record, and who is hardworking, honored and respected by his thousands of employees, and beloved by his family since many, many decades ago and many times it was difficult to vote for them but we did with hope and dreams and we were failed time and again. Yes, Pence is important, but more important is a leader that is a LEADER and not someone spouting, like Cruz, etc., for the future of America. Yes, they will be a great team but the winner for us is Trump, and Pence has political connections as well to further our country via Trump. The naysayers don’t know what to do but spill vialnes everywhere because they know their lying, cheating, ripping off America and pushing America into communism is closing in on them. Cruz’s speech was smarmy as usual but I admire Trump for inviting him to speak so he could again show he is a lying, cheating, not qualified for anything Cruz, as frankly he embarrassed himself royally last night. Also, when delegates are sent to support the candidate and renege,then I hope when they get home they are cast out in the garbage for betraying the citizens of those states. They showed they do not care about our future and frankly embarrassed themselves with mostly ugly frowning faces and lack of good will. I had hoped that after Day 1 they would have been recalled by their states and new delegates immediately sent to take their place. This was not America in action, but in disgrace. PBS is also known for not being objective and has proven all 3 nights and even denigrated Perkins, who was not an original supporter but knew we all should back Trump as he won the position of candidate/nominee. Yes, we should withdraw our money from NPR which has always been a negative overpaid group of people against America and not for it with those they support and not being encumbered with their beliefs instead of being open to all, and PBS lost its being truly for America and more for the DNC sometime ago. Sad, some organizations are easily bought with money, but the DNC and Clintons are known for doing just that and are afraid of losing their biased connections with us and Trump. Sorry, but the dirty and evil must go!

    • Great first sentence.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You’re brain’s wiring is all fucked up.

      • And you must be ignorant enough to want Hil-liar-ly! She has never done ANYTHING. But, I suppose that’s a prerequisite for a leftie. Let’s put him/her in and see how they do…… Well, we’ve seen, thrown up and are still gagging on it. NO more lefties! I am a proud independent. GO TRUMP/PENSE!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          In case you haven’t read ass brain, Trump and Putin are best buddies. But then you’d like that wouldn’t you commie pinko!

          • Call me names all you like but that doesn’t change the facts. We’ve had 8 long solid years of liberalism and our economy is on the verge of imploding, we can’t afford Oslimocare, our armed services are in a state of (at least) disrepair, we have porous southern border, we have ISIS in this country because our president refuses to vet them, at all, people are dying everyday because this administration holds BLM and Syrian refugees up to support them NO MATTER WHAT. The queers are just like everyone else, even though they aren’t like everyone else. Europe was in love with this guy when he won 8 years ago. I wonder how they feel, now after the slayings in France, Belgium, Germany, the U.S. (and probably others). So, big deal if they’re best buddies. Maybe THAT will stop a nuclear Armageddon and that stupid Iran nuclear deal. If you wanna look for the bad in EVERYTHING, you will find it. Looking for the good takes character, sir.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re a conservative and you talk about character!?! FUCK YOU!

          • A typical response from a leftist that can’t think of anything else. I have already told you I am an independent. Yes, I do lean conservative but I have more character and tradition in my little finger than you will EVER have.

          • Your response just goes to show the depth of your character. I have already told you I am an independent but lean conservative. You’re pushing and shoving me there. I have more character in my little finger than you will ever have, sir.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Wow, I’m that influential! If you have more character in the tiny tip of your cock head than I do, you best rethink what you wrote ass hole.

          • Didn’t say you were influential, just a comment on your character. Hil-liar-ly is influential without character. Donald Trump is a character for sure, with growing influence. You have no character and not much influence either. Waiting for a new name ………

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I imagine that when you turn eighteen, you’ll be able to change your name without your two fathers’ consent. How about: Richard Littlewood?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            When you turn 18, change your name to: Mike Hunt.

          • Wouldn’t it wonderful if the East and West could get along without all the stereotyping…….. for once? I’ll bet a man like Putin is pretty good at a lot of things, unlike yourself.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Commie Cock Sucker

          • I am none of the above but think communism is about the worst thing this country could devolve into. Mr. Trump and NOT Hil-liar-ly fit that bill perfectly. What is it about her that you love so much?

    • PBS: Pinko Broadcasting Station.

  7. Really so that means Trump has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember the names of his Kids. I can buy that because its been very well Documented he can’t remember what he says from one moment to the next.

    • The nannies have done a great job with Millertrump’s litter from 3 mothers haven’t they? The ‘kids’ and ex-surrogates had to sign ‘no squeal’ contracts. Last night’s nanny, “I have not been coerced”…who thought she was until she said she wasn’t ? LMAO! I hope next week to hear Secretary Clinton’s pool boy give the key note address !!

      • What you bet the kids had to get a review as what to say, from Trump himself. The only thing is these young adults are not kids. We do not know how good they turned out. If I was loaded with dollars, I am sure I could help my children do everything. But the difference is that I would be there for them as they grew up. I would help them have important values in life that would make them not have to check in to find out what I am about,. I read the other day that DT said he takes from 50 to over 100 phone calls every day. He just does edicts, it sounds like. That isn’t work that is commanding people to do what he says.

    • He just speaks with a forked tongue…..what ever makes his situation best for him. What ya bet?

    • Seems he forgot who his daughter is. He clearly wants to fuck her. Sick bastard.

      • Willing to bet money he has sampled it already. After all did the wont be Royal families in Europe have the the market down on Inbredding. Since Trump thinks being president means your king he would be all over that.

  8. I love Trump, and Im thinking Pence will do a fabulous job,Ted made a complete ass of himself, it was like the ex boyfriend showing up at his ex girlfriends wedding and begging her to come back, ,,lol,,,so funny

    • Never thought I was say this about Ted Cruz.. but he actually acted like someone with Principles last night. Damn now I have to wash the taste out of my mouth for saying something nice about cruz

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You should wash your boyfriend’s kum outta yer ass before writing.

        • ever hear of sarcasm.. really good art form you should look into it. I enjoyed watching Cruz make trump look like a fool.. Of course Cruz makes himself look like a snake oil salesman all by himself.

    • Trump

  9. To hell with what foreign entities think of Trump, and that goes for all liberals also. We at this abode like what he is standing for. And those who vote for the hag who said What Difference Does IT Make Now are anti American…

  10. Egor von Johnson

    Hip Hip Hooray. TRUMP and PENCE can now , really “fuck” Hillshit and put her ass in prison.

  11. Until the last two presidential elections I felt the American people would do what is right
    Maybe it can happen this time. Trump really is the right man for our times.

  12. I like that, and I do like Donald’s choice for his VP! I also appreciated seeing many of the candidates attending, acting like Republicans, also some who had hoped that maybe they would be asked to be Donald’s VP, ~ also accepting his choice with applause ~ then along came Cruz. He is such a party pooper! Such a sore loser, he has a lot to learn, but after his performance, I don’t think it will matter much ~ he is toast!

    • You do realize that Mr Pence is vehemently anti-gay and is against a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices. He is no prize. The people in his home state loathe him.

  13. Cruz is the only one at Rep Convention who Honored faithfully the Reagan Legacy and Rights of We the People.

  14. Reagan- The Union buster remember when unions got ya $15-$20 bucks an hour in 1979 for a job that now pays $8-$12? If President Obama sold arms to Iran, like Reagan/Bush, instead of delaying more nuclear arms in the world who would have screamed that he’s Anti-A? Millertrump will make great deals like that? Well, they do both have Alzheimer’s disease. Mr. Reagan nearly destroyed this country, will Mr. Miller copy that? .

  15. Here come trickle-down (supply side) economics. We all know how that worked out under Pres Reagan. The rich got richer, the middle class got shafted, the poor were left out in the cold. If Mr Trump is elected we will – the average person – will suffer big time.

  16. The comparison was made to show that an outsider could be president and work to make America good at that time. Today’s world is no different and we need a man, again an outsider, to make America great. Trump came in our hour of need, or as many of us think, God’s gift when most needed AGAIN after so many decades of nothing getting done and we the real government being ignored. Mea culpa but now we can rectify our lack of defining ourselves as the real government and move ahead with these two men who have proven their worth, one an outsider, and the other politically smart. A complimentary pair!

    • Trump is the antichrist, It would be rather ironic if God sent him to solve anything.

      • Egor von Johnson

        Did you hear me Ben, you sick POS!!!!!

        • All you do is fart up this place. Nobody does anything but laugh at you.

          • Egor von Johnson

            Ben, You are wrong since they agree with me, not you, cause you are misguided and need help asap And you know it. Say bye, bye for a while and get help, We will pray for yuu, as well Egor

          • They are called conservatards. Of course they agree with you. But they even laugh at themselves. The price of signing up to be a Repuke is submitting to a lobotomy. In many cases no brain matter is found in there. I suspect you were one of those.

  17. Reagan memorized a script hosting the televised GE theater. He was aided by the John Birch Society which was funded by the father of the Koch brothers. His practiced line was how government could not do anything and how trickle-down would fix everything. That did not play as Governor of California and he survived by compromising with moderates.

    As President he did the same, sponsoring both scientific and environmental programs that today’s Republicans call communist. Contrast that with duh-bya who accomplished two wars and two depressions while inventing his own facts and blocking contrary information.

    The 30 years of trickle-down had middle-class income barely pacing inflation while Koch-class income doubled every few years. Middle-class Republicans tolerated that in exchange for the false and illegal promise to force christian prohibitions by law. Many of those same voters finally blame their party’s insiders for their economic duress but still in hope of mandatory christianity they mouth blame at the “Democrat” party.

    A new Reagan would be a step up from Trump but can’t save the party from religious charlatans.

  18. It’s time we stop being polite about what is going on. It’s time we stop sending out the funny memes and making cheap comparisons. It’s time we stop dancing around what is truly, frighteningly, happening in this country.

    We can no longer deny that Donald J. Trump is running a fascist, hate-filled campaign based on absolutely nothing but fear and hate. We’ve said these things before. We’ve talked about it among ourselves, at home, with friends. We might have even posted a meme or two. We also thought it wouldn’t last and believed there would be no way he would gather enough support to be elected. We didn’t take into account his playbook, which will be addressed later

    A lawsuit was filed against him for attempted rape. When The New York Times ran the story, the Trump campaign contacted the victim in question, Jill Harth, and tried to pressure her into recanting her account of the events and to say that she made it all up. Ms. Harth is standing by the account as described in her lawsuit. He sexually assaulted someone and wants them to shut up about it.

    Trump would have no qualms limiting our Freedom of Speech. He has repeatedly stated he would shut down parts of the internet (if that were possible), he sends cease and desist letters to anyone who criticizes him with the truth, just ask Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer of “The Art of the Deal”. This is a man who undoubtedly would crush anyone who would dare to talk about him in the same manner that he has talked about President Obama and countless others.

    Freedom of the Press would be history. You just need to look at how he handles publications that run articles viewing him in a less than favorable light. The country would be left with propaganda rags who run only pro-Trump messages.

    Muslims who are U.S. citizens could face being deported for no other reason than the sheer fact that people they have no contact with and share no common traits with other than religion are extremists. Trump would kill the families of terrorists even if they were against radicalization. This, by the way, is a war crime.

    Trump is a man who admires inhumane dictators. He has openly praised fascist leaders who oppress their people. He admires their power and their strength. In other words, he has no interest in and does not care about people. He cares about power and strength keeping people in line.

    He thinks it’s acceptable to put guns in schools. There’s no justifying that.

    In an interview with Lesley Stahl, he talked about how he knew his Vice Presidential pick, Mike Pence, voted for the Iraq war. He has used Hillary’s vote for the war against her and repeatedly called it an indication of bad judgement. Ms. Stahl cornered him on that. Trump said Mike Pence was “allowed to make a mistake once in awhile.” Lesley asked, “But Hillary’s not?” Trump answered, “No, she’s not.” Hypocrisy at its finest.

    He has made up things as he goes along that have no basis in truth whatsoever. He claimed someone had a moment of silence for the shooter responsible for the deaths of the five Dallas police officers. That never happened. In fact, he makes a lot of claims that have never happened, including that he was against the Iraq war from the start. He makes up stats, i.e., “in fact, the unemployment rate is up near 42%”. And people believe him!

    As far as women are concerned, you can sum that up by his comment that it doesn’t matter if he gets bad press as long as he has a beautiful piece of ass next to him.

    Trump has never talked about caring for the working people, the poor or the disenfranchised. He takes every issue, every topic, every opportunity to talk about himself. He is beyond the text book example of an egocentric. Nothing is about the American people, it is all about Donald Trump.

    Then there are the things we’ve already seen over and over, the “Mexico sends rapists” comment, the mocking of a disabled person, the clip of “I can shoot someone in the street”, the self-congratulations after domestic terrorism, and on and on.

    He made immigration a front-and-center issue and preyed on fear that these immigrants are criminals who are stealing our jobs and worse.

    He preyed on the fear of terrorism. He has made it sound as if terrorists are washing up on our shores in the thousands and hiding under our beds when this is not the case.

    He takes every opportunity, including domestic terrorism carried out by U.S. Nationals, to say that he was right, only he was correct about radicalization. This isn’t true but that doesn’t matter.

    Trump portrays our current leadership as weak and ineffective. He insinuates they have exposed us to international threats. How many times have we heard him say President Obama is weak? How Hillary has exposed us? How unsafe we are?

    He talks about being strong, how the world must fear us. He says we must be smart but also says we must be forceful and feared.

    He encourages violence. He does not denounce the vile and dangerous comments of his supporters. He is happy when he hears the crowd yell “lock her up”. He did not denounce the comment that Hillary should be shot. He encouraged violence at his rallies.

    Now, let’s look at some history:

    In every case of a dark mark in history, you will find a common thread: the mix of fear and deeply held beliefs, which lead to a herd mentality. This has been a very successful tool from the Salem Witch Trials to Nazi Germany to the McCarthy hearings. Every dark event in history bears this trait.

    You will find in every rise of a dictator a common thread: making people think they are under attack and unsafe while convincing them the current leaders are weak and they, and only they, can keep the people safe.

    Common traits among fascist regimes, including Hitler, Mussolini and Franco: the use of patriotic symbols and mottos, identification of the enemy, supremacy of the military, controlling of the media, sexism, intertwining of religion and government, corporate power is protected, an obsession with national security.

    From Hermann Goering, a leader of the Nazi Party: “. . . . . it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    THIS. This is Trump’s playbook. He has literally taken pages from the rise of dictators to the rise of Hitler. This is not a cheap comparison. This is actually what he is doing.

    He preys on fear and mixes it with religion, which is why he insists on calling it “radical islam” because it ties it to the religion and not the individual terrorists.

    He has successfully convinced people they are under attack from all sides, that President Obama is weak and only he can keep them safe using power and force.

    Trump is a man who wants power. He does not care about the citizens in this country. He wants power. He wants control. He wants to be America’s first Dictator.

    This cannot not be denied. It cannot be shoved aside any longer and it’s time we stop being polite about it.

    • Your writing is an absolute work of honest art. Bless you for your work and obvious good sense. We don’t need people with common sense, we need people with “good sense”. I am a very concerned individual, and my gut feeling is we have too many people who do not assess nor analyses anything. There are too many who feed upon hate.

      Again thank you for saying what many of us wanted to say.

      • Glad you liked it, its just some of what needs to be considered, there is plenty more. Copy/share if you wish. Peace.

    • Flake off libnut!

    • Excellent detailed comment, UND2RESRCH. By the standards of the just ended convention… Lock him up.

  19. Since Ronald I have not been so impress by a Man loyal to His Country. Better than Ronald mainly due to the fact that Patty was a leftist——Donald’s Children are loyal and wonderful—–true test of a Man
    Hillary and Bill’ary were just PARTNERS IN CRIME.

  20. Sure hope not ! That is the reason all these years everything went sky high, and wages were stagnate, ever since Reagan stopped some of unions that caused the lost of our pensions, benefits,insurance , maybe some holidays, while he got even richer. Look at the pensions he got. Plus all that money given to him in office, and as a movie star. Wonder what he explained to God !

  21. Great Convention! I am just sorry that his earlier rants turned off some people and they gave up on getting a chance to know him and his family.

    People we need every vote we can get, talk to your friends and ask them to spread the word or we are going to lose our country.

    Some of the disgruntled delegates left still saying “never Trump” and that they will vote 3rd Party. Well, the 3rd party candidate, Johnson smokes pot and wants to legalize it. In an interview he promised not to smoke it if he is elected President. This is a stressful job, I am sure he will be smoking all the time. He said he had smoked it approx. 2 weeks before the interview.

  22. Go see the movie “Hillary’s America, The Secret History of the Democratic Party”.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      I saw it. It’s the biggest piece of crap ever produced.

    • Directed by the ” Hollywood, anti Christian, gay, liberal ” who directed the(trump style) scary, fear filled, satan under the bed ‘The Exorsssssist’! Renounced by God’s Tea Baggies every where. Geez, what a duplicitous bunch of fellow citizens.

  23. Some don’t think about Trump not being a Criminal. He lives just as we do other than he has a lot of money. Money buys nice things that the most of us don’t have. In his business life more than likely when he was a Democrat, he was given the wrong advice from fellow Demo’s of which caused bankruptcies in some of his businesses. After he changed from Democrat to Republican things started to get better as he quit listening to the Demo’s. Now we have a great person that is running for President and should be backed up fully. Being Cruz got so beat up in his actions and words from running against Trump he is now hateful. Personally I thought Cruz lied a lot and didn’t like him but this is politics.

    • StupidConservativeValues


    • You are not on speaking terms with reason or logic. Exactly who do you think the guy takes advice from? He told us he knows “more than the generals.” And then topped that whopper off with “Believe me.”

  24. StupidConservativeValues


  25. I don’t know about comparing Trump to Reagan. They seem too different for me. I think it would be better comparing Donald Trump to Winston Churchill. They were both severely criticized for being “warmongers” for having the foresight to warn of the coming dangers of deadly enemies (Hitler in the case of Churchill and ISIS, et al in the case of Trump), and they were both “bulldogs” in the sense that they NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up! Trump may yet preside over America’s “Finest Hour!” And yes, this may not be the end. It may not even be the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning…

  26. If Trump is elected this will be come the national symbol.. because when Pigs Fly is about when it will happen. so lets go down the list. 64 % of women hate trump, 72 percent of hispanics, almost 95% of blacks. Think if we add them together thats enough of a group to make sure Donald does what he says and we never hear from him again.

  27. The present occupier in the White House has borrowed and indebted Our Nation that is Trillions upon Trillions and We will be some time repairing the Nations credit rating.Hope & Change——-how is that working?

    • The money was already spent, Einstein. Bush’s stupid wars, replacing military equipment destroyed in those wars, caring for troops wounded in those senseless wars, handing blood money to Israel. And that tax welfare for the 1% which Repukes demanded. Obama has actually reduced spending otherwise.

      Where would your boy Trumpturd cut spending? All he talks about is spending more. Evidently he likes Cruz’s plan about not paying the bills… See how that helps our credit rating.

      • Egor von Johnson

        As a Psychologist I have diagnosed you as one very sick asshole. No doubt a stupid democrat, unemployed and on welfare with your nose up Hisshit`s ass

        • You really need to retire your feces covered crystal ball. It ain’t working. I am retired and quite wealthy, thank you very much. Yes, I am proud to say I never once have voted for a Repuke. But that was evident by my comments that set off your tin foil hat.

  28. robert franklin stroud

    So much better than Krooked Kasich would have been.

    This guy may not be perfect (nor is TRUMP) but he loves America as much as TRUMP and when you use that as a guiding principle the country will win.

    If you refuse to vote because your candidate lost, you are in effect giving your support to Hillary and her cronies and that makes you WORSE than her supporters because you know better.

  29. The new Reagan indeed. Trumpty Dumpty is senile and a very bad actor.

    • Egor von Johnson

      Keep a good look over your shoulder, dickhead. We be sneaking up on you real soon. You better watch out real good cause some black ass nigger gonna take you out, soon.

      • Yeah, you are a doctor. Uh huh I am calling my congressman about the mentally ill having Internet access at asylums.

  30. Egor von Johnson

    Ben! Of course you would be an Atheist. That explains your irrational thought. May I suggest a Brain Scan prior to your psychiatric interview. Removing the tumor would be best performed prior to your psychoanalysis and drug therapy. Good Luck and may you find CHRIST! Trump has found HIM!!!! You too could be saved with repentance. Trump will restore that “shining city on the hill”, after the Mexicans build the Wall. I am clarevoyant, just so you know.
    ps. Seeing your picture, I know a “turd”, when I see one.

  31. Mr toucus , Rome was not built in a Day, nor was the debt——begin it with L.B.J. with a repreive from Reagan policies and a disaster beginning with the Bush Dynasty with the “coke whore clingstones” and the “sell out to China (for which Ron Brown lost His life) America has borrowed from the (hidden) puppet masters that ruled the World from the Dark Ages to the FOUNDING OF AMERICA——–time for the sleeping giant to AWAKE.Middle Class America not the DEMO-PUB’S that have been sponsoring the “dog and pony” shows elections.
    GOD Bless Donald Trump, not unlike George Washington a rich Man that served His Country, not made Millions such as the CLINGSTONES and the fraud foundation.

  32. <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be445p:….,…

  33. Mr. Donald Trump is the right man for the right time–vote Trump-pence 2016!

  34. StupidConservativeValues


  35. StupidConservativeValues


  36. So in less then 6 months Trump has changed up this campaign leadership 3 times? That does not sound like a Campaign that thinks they are going to win. It sounds like someone frantically trying to find something that will work. Of course you can do with the Conspiracy Theories if you want. that Trump and Hillary are in Cahoots to destroy the Republican Party and that this was his Plan all along. I have a hard time believing that for the simple Reason that Trump is not that Smart.

  37. IF your going to support a man that brags in his book that That Cheating small businesses is how he does Business.. You might be dumber then a 5th Grader. So should not vote.

  38. I am not a Trump fan but he beats Hillary by a long shot

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