Pence Shoots Straight: NO ONE Has the RIGHT to Come to the United States

After being shot down by a federal appeals court, President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from six dangerous Middle Eastern countries will be going before the Supreme Court. In an interview with Fox & Friends, Vice President Mike Pence said he was “very confident” that the court would return with the right decision.

“The ability to come in to the United States of America is a privilege, not a right,” Pence said.

The vice president pointed to recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and England as examples of why it was so important for the U.S. to be able to implement a program of “extreme vetting.”

“In both cases,” he said, “we see a grim reminder of the ruthlessness of those who threaten out country and threaten our allies.”

Commenting on the administration’s emergency filings with the Supreme Court, Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores said the DOJ was “confident that President Trump’s executive order is well within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism.

“The president is not required to admit people from countries that sponsor or shelter terrorism,” she continued, “until he determines that they can be properly vetted and do not pose a security risk to the United States.”

The rulings we’ve seen thus far do not bode well for the Trump administration’s chances with the Supreme Court, but we’re holding out hope that our entire judiciary has not been sold out to the forces of liberalism and political correctness. We shouldn’t need “conservative” judges to fight back against the wrongheaded decisions of the Fourth and Ninth Circuit Courts. This is one of those cases that should be a slam dunk, 9-0 decision by our esteemed high Justices. The president of the United States – love him or loathe him – clearly has the authority to do what this executive order aimed to do. Especially under the circumstances.

Do you think for ONE MINUTE that the courts would have blocked Barack Obama if he’d issued an identical order? Hell, one of the lawyers for Hawaii actually ADMITTED in open court that, had this order been issued by Hillary Clinton, it would have likely been constitutional. Now just how in the hell can a lawyer make that admission and STILL get a favorable ruling from the panel of judges.

How, unless the judges are just brazenly partisan fools who would rather violate the law than risk being shunned by their liberal buddies at the local country club?

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  1. I don’t understand why the left is so blind on the subject of illegal immigration.

    I understand why the Elite criminals in charge want open borders and no voter ID laws, as that gives the Elite politicians millions of fake votes to use as they please…. The politicians can use these fake votes to keep themselves in power and to pass laws that benefit themselves.

    But, why do the average run of the mill democrat (people) fight for this corruption? Can’t they see that illegal immigration and no voter id laws are being used to disenfranchise them as well?

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    • We are fortunate that so many of our immigrants come from Catholic, South American countries.

      • Yes. They have morals standards principle and integrity and are hard workers, and come here legally and respect and keep our laws. Those are the ones who don’t sneak over and continue to live a life of crime.

    • all the left wants is to bring in anyone in order for the them to vote for the left and keep them in power. by having open borders and no voter ID laws they can do this.

      • Seeing that the Democrats are manufacturing votes these days, all they need is a name and an SSN.

        If we don’t get some voter ID laws, democrat computers will be creating more votes than people that vote.

        Our Republic will be over, we will no longer vote in politicians, and we will no longer have representatives approved by the people.

        Kind of like a communist dictatorship.

    • Two reasons, they want to keep their status as a leeches of the government and they are quite ignorant.

    • Follow the money!!!

      • We are doing just that against the MEDIA at:

        The money leads to the elites, the elites lead to a communist style government where the people work for the state.

        The MEDIA is being used to brainwash the people. I figure the MEDIA head is as good as any of this communist multi headed beast.

        • A poster called Tiger gave a link on YouTube called “Agenda 21 – Explained” by John Anthony.
          It was very troubling to me, although I know we aren’t practicing “sustainable development” right now. But, this is scary and Mr. Anthony even has downloadable government records to prove his point.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      As long as their freebies keep coming in every month, they could care less.

      • Let this be a warning to the freebie moochers out there.

        When the socialists/Communists take over their free ride will evaporate.

        And if they complain, they will find a bullet in their head. Dictators don’t like whiners.

        So Cupcakes, you better start rooting for Conservatives…..

    • Paul Nickerson

      you are so right.MAHB001

    • Ahhh.. They are sheeps… they don’t think, they just follow.
      I do not want to use harsher language. 🙂

    • That is a puzzle to me also!
      I have two very nice, sane, smart, informed and loving friends that think the illegal aliens should be allowed to just waltz across the border and get gov. handouts and citizens rights!
      But, they get gov. handouts also. Perhaps they just are in sympathy of needy folk. They do certainly help their poor neighbors as much as they are able.
      But somehow they aren’t able to see the larger picture at all!

      • It is confounding isn’t it.

        I have noticed something in common with most of these confused people. They automatically dismiss anything that comes from a conservative source as a lie, and simultaneously are completely unable to question anything that comes from a liberal source.

        The result is a completely closed mind controlled by the left. And they are unable to tell that the left is lying to them. .

        • These two sisters appear to be very conservative, yet your description of their thinking patterns fit them!
          Since I only visit them one time a month when I take them groceries from our church’s free food pantry, I have chosen to stay off political issues.
          Thanks for your thoughts about this.

          • God Bless and keep the faith.

            If they watch TV they may just be misinformed and need to get out a little.

            The left controls the TV MEDIA these days and if they do not watch Fox News they are not getting a balance of information. They simply are getting the lefts propaganda.

            The MEDIA turned on the bias by omission so slowly that those that are immersed in the stuff could not recognize the corruption seeping in.

            Bias by omission is explained here.


          • Ah, yes, I think you are correct! A light bulb came on!
            The only nice item in their trailer is a LARGE FLAT SCREEN TV!
            I never thought of that since I haven’t had a TV in years!
            Thank you so much. I won’t judge them so harshly now. I hate to admit that but I was doing that!

      • Right! It’s always the welfare recipients, not the payers, who want the illegals here. I think they’d change their minds if THEY were footing the bill. You had better speak up to these two women otherwise they’ll influence others to their way of thinking. Maybe you can wake them up. Ask them where they think their money is coming from. When they answer “the government” kindly tell them that money is taken away from hard-working people who want that money for their OWN needs. And, understanding this, do they now still think it’s fair for American citizens to be forced to have their money stolen to be given to illegal aliens. Maybe you’ll hit home.

    • I also question just how the average Democrat is being so blinded. The title of a book (by Hal Lindsey) written years ago, “Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth” comes to my mind!

      • Another book written long ago will give some insight as to what is happening to America today.

        “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen. I believe you are correct. I believe that Communism is a government created by Satan. Who else would want Man to rule on earth?

  2. Pence is right, I am Mexican and I do not want Mexicans to be illegals anywhere in the world. If we can not fix our own country we should not go to destroy other countries as muslims do.

    • Thank you Jose…coming to the USA to work through the visa/green card programs is fine…what really makes the USA great is when folks from all over come to the USA to be “Americans from…..” and, like many before them, contribute to America’s greatness..

      • @@ jose marino!!
        YOU ARE A TRULY A M E R I C A N !!!

      • Alexander Seredin

        “American greatness” you must be kidding. After arming thousands of ISIS to kill other Arabs and paying them “stipend”, “American greatness” is gone

        • it is bad go shoot yourself so that it will not bother you any longer…oh and if possible find a steel foundry and shoot yourself on the edge of the furnace so that you fall into the latest pour…becoming something useful..

          • Stellafparadise

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          • Charles Burnes

            Just what the hell is this supposed to refer

        • American citizens didnt do that. Obama did. Obama would warn isis before bombing them.
          If it was up to me we would pull out of the middle east completely, we have enough oil here.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Thanks Chad I disagree with you on Obama, Because ISIS was formed by the US agencies, Mr. MC Cane in particular, ISIS is an American military entity. As for having 1,000 bases all over the world, US has no right having any of them or to interfere in any country on the planet.
            Tolerance of people of different races and faith is the primary intent of democracy, an African proverb says that “If the young people are not accepted into the village, they will burn it down to feel its warmth”

          • The Africans are killing their own, raping little girls, where is their tolerance??

          • Alexander Seredin

            I guess you must think that Vietnamese killed 5 million of their own and spread Agent Orange to kill more next 1,000 years, and that Iraqi tortured themselves to death in Abu Ghraib. At million Iraqis committed suicide by your account.

          • Mccain does seem to love war, probably profits from it like many politicians and their connections do.
            Most American citizens dont agree with the actions of the government.
            Voting doesn’t change much. Congress is a large problem, most are useless and there should be term limits.

          • Charles Burnes

            ARE YOU as ridiculous as you have presented here. The governments to which you refer ALLOWED for bases to be there by mutual agreement. Check your facts.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Of course they did with little arm twisting and by planting US puppets to rule them

          • Chad, if it was up to me, OBAMA would be hung by his gonads and lefty to rot. That son-of-a-bitch has done more damage to the U.S. than all of the wars perpetrated here. And he is still trying to do more damage. My opening statement STANDS.

        • Charles Burnes


          • Alexander Seredin

            You have to be dreaming. US created Taliban, Al Qaeda, IS and all other crap long before Obama came. The reason US is in those faraway lands is because it wants to steal resources, oil and pipeline routes, US does not care how many people died in the process, American or native. Obama does have many faults, but he had nothing to do with the creation of ISIS and chaos in Iraq and Middle East.

      • I have noticed that those that came here legally and worked for their citizenship value being American. Those that come here illegally cling to their flags and call themselves (ethnicity)-Americans. Those that earn the priveledge honor it. Those that don’t trample and attack it. But still expect to be given welfare that native citizens can not access. Then they scream cultural appropriation, racism, and white priveledge! It is truly insane! My rights are being subverted for outsiders that have no intention of becoming part of this country.

    • You are so right. Furthermore, many people label anyone who says this haters of Mexicans or what ever country they happen to come from. However, that too is not correct. I do not believe anyone form a foreign country has the “right” to come here yet I raised a legal Mexican boy.

      • Arizona, aha…you used the “magic” word…LEGAL! We love our Mexican friends and neighbors who are here LEGALLY and love America as we do.

        • I lived and worked in Douglas Arizona for several years. It is a border town and many were legal Mexicans born in this country. All I knew were my personal friends and very good people. However, unlike what many people think the Mexican Americans who live here also do not appreciate the illegals either perhaps more then me.

          If I were to relate all the stories I would have to write a book so I’ll leave it at that.

          • Exactly, Arizona Dan! Illegal immigration into the US is UNFAIR to those prospective immigrants who want to come in LEGALLY and who have patiently waited in line. This is NOT about any nationality or ethnic group. It IS about secure borders and the rule of law. — Blessings, John

          • Precisely.

          • old alexi has his twat all astir..

          • Be polite, young man.

          • why ?? that is not how the supporters of the african rag loving communist ahole or the arrogant, incompetent criminal hore clintoney act..? why should Trump supporters, those Real American conservatives, act politely with dignity when the $luts that supported the $lut clintoney act like gutter trash or worse..??

          • Here, Here!! Hip hip horah!!!!!

          • Charles Burnes

            Although polite folks seldom get to be heard. Look at the LIBTARDS and demorats.

          • One of the consequences of the Trump political campaign is the way Americans have been turned against each other. Instead of being able to discuss different points of view, there is great disrespect and vitriol coming from one to another, and this is incredibly anti-American. It is, actually, what Putin was looking for – if we are fighting amongst ourselves we can’t be good leaders of the free world any more. “Lock her up”, the “Muslim ban”, the wall between us and Mexico and so forth; the basest characteristics of Americans have been brought to the foreground and we are hurting ourselves a lot. Great idea to ignore climate change, btw; hey, we don’t need clean air or water; and we love those chemicals on our food also. Let’s frack everywhere and screw the national monuments and parks; please, we’re all Americans, let’s work together to forward the goals of our country.

          • Yet it’s the anti-Trump groups that were violently protesting and beating people up, who condone BLM spewing hate, who don’t allow speakers on campuses that don’t agree with the liberal talking points. These things are their choices, their behaviors, not the fault of any Trump supporter or Trump’s campaign. A candidate saying something you don’t like doesn’t give you license to commit violent acts or try to shut down free speech. If it did, the right would have done so in the eight years of obama.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Oh, please do write a book and tell everyone how bad mexicans are

          • You think I said Mexicans are bad people? What I said was only the illegals.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Nobody is “illegal” on planet Earth, anywhere. Bits of paper do not make you a Mexican or American. Aztlan was Mexican. Most Aztecs still call it their homeland. You may call it USA but they do not.

          • You are a blooming idiot and not worth my time!

          • So where do you live? We are all headed there to party and trash your home. Got any good stuff we could steal while we are there? By the way, there’s a few of them that will stay and camp out…they are kinda slobs, they leave dirty diapers and old Kentucky Fried Chicken tubs around too.

          • GoingMobileBeepBeep

            Yep and rape your women and children too.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Typical piece of Trumpistani excrement

          • Really? And you, the typical air headed moron that got participation trophies and never the Championship … Grow up child, you will have to deal in reality someday.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Trumpistani Excrement

          • Shecky, he lives in the town of “No Reality,” and most Conservatives just do not know the directions to that town.

          • What the hell do you mean no body is illegal on planet earth. The United States ( like every other country) has immigration laws for a reason ( because without laws) there can be no order

          • GoingMobileBeepBeep

            Ah yes the libbie utopian believer speaks.

          • must be dianahos boyfriend..

          • Maybe Alexi needs to cross over the border into Mexico unannounced and try to stay there. He would find out very soon what happens to illegals there.

          • You can’t PROVE where Aztlan was or if it even existed. Besides, if you think we are giving up what was built here by mostly “white” people, you’re crazy. This country was nothing but undeveloped land before the “white” man. The value it currently has lies with its improvements created mostly by “white” men.

          • Alexander Seredin


          • Your answer is ridiculous! You talked about giving the US back to natives. I said no way in h*ll. It has value because it was built up by white men. What does the US have to do with Germany, China or Sweden? Your answers are all over the place.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Never once mentioned that US has to give anything to anyone, it just should get down on its knees and beg forgivness of those whose people they murdered, raped and made homeless. starting with our natives and ending with the people of Syria whom they keep on murdering

          • the inability to understand has a lot of folks with their panties bunched up just like alexi…that is why we are putting up with morons setting up “sanctuary cities” and we have twats like kathy griffinhole (one of alexi heroes) doing her schit…of course alexiboy has probably just left his indoctrination course in his safe hole university where “there are NO borders”..twat needs to fly to chinkee land and talk that nonsense there…do you hear the sound of tank engines warming up ?

          • Gosh, Kent, you sound just like a bigot. Why don’t you go to Russia and eat borscht with Putin like a good little Trumpette.

          • another brain dead twat…is your Giant Vagina costume still in the cleaners…

          • Stop licking HellBitchery’s crotch!

          • Alexander Seredin

            Did you know that 3,5 million Americans live in Mexico mostly illegaly? For decades

          • My job (flying for the US government) took me into Mexico several days a month for years. Consequently, I know quite a bit about Mexico. Mostly those who live there live there legally and with Mexican government knowledge. Some I worked with lived there while working for the US government.

          • Oh come on Don, write the book, write the book. I wanna read it.

          • Well I hate to turn down a lady but I really do not want to write another book. Sorry. About that subject anyway.

        • Paul Nickerson


        • sandraleesmith46

          Most of them don’t really want the illegals here either, in fact.

      • They are think they have the “right” & get very upset when you tell them no you DO NOT.

        • R U Drunk???

        • Yes. Some of the illegals do seem to think they have the “right,” and even say that having DT in office is making their children feel “unsafe and even psychologically damaged. Isn’t that a hoot?
          But many are just poor, ignorant folk that want to make a living so their family can eat.
          At any rate, they are criminals simply because they are here and should go home, pronto!

          • I would be the first to welcome immigrants who come here legally. If they come illegally, send em packin’ back home, so they CAN come back legally

          • But are you okay with bringing in muslims legally? I am not.
            I can’t remember the name of a poster that very succinctly expressed my belief, but he said, “The only difference in peaceful muslims and radical muslims is that the radical ones want to kill us, while the peaceful ones ‘hope’ they do!”

          • Oh good, another bigot. Look in the mirror, why don’tcha?

          • Hopefully diana you get to be at the party those radicals throw…they for the most part (there are a few that aren’t…maybe) want you to convert you or kill you as an infidel. If you don’t get that…like I said, hopefully they move to your neighborhood.

          • Please put on your burka!!

          • Check your history, Diana. Do you believe that what is happening in Europe is an accident? Its been that way for over 2 centuries.

          • Or the peaceful ones will wait until they have a majority in numbers and then turn on the “non-believers” … as they already have in Hamtramck, Michigan.

          • Could you share more about the town in MI? Or send a link.
            I recently had conversation with a resident of a Georgia town (forgot name) who said the muslims had taken control of the town government! She was checking out FL as a place which to possibly move.
            I really think that peaceful takeover of our country is the real goal. Right now, Americans are focused on terrorism and don’t notice what is really happening.
            Actually, we have had few recent muslim immigrants who have committed acts of terrorism.

          • Hamtramck, MI Used to be heavily Polish.

          • Only after a thorough and PROPER vetting!!

          • DUH! If you come legally I think you get vetted

          • I’m a talking BEFORE they come in asking for citizenship!

          • I’m talking about AFTER they have the AOK to come on in

          • So, Mary, are you gonna pick the spinach then? Or should it just rot in the fields?

          • Go pick your spinach if you want it….what, you have to have an illegal pick it for you?

          • Please go back and try to COMPREHEND my words! I was speaking of the ILLEGAL ALIENS! Not those who come in legally with green cards.
            I was reared in a farming community, and we needed those folk to help during harvest. They made the same wages as the American workers.
            The difference is that when their work ended, they returned to their homeland.
            Now, illegal aliens just waltz across the border, stay here and do work much more cheaply than American workers!

          • GoingMobileBeepBeep

            Love that line from the Dirty Harry Movies. “Well I’m just all broken up about his rights.”

          • I like that line! LOL

    • God bless you, Jose! We wish more thought like you.

      • God Damn you Jose Go back to where you came from you illegal bitch!!!

        • Wow! Maybe Hillary was right to call “some” of Trump supporters deplorables, because you are proving to everyone that you are one who paints the picture of disgust for all of us. One rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch, so please stop your hate speech!

        • Are you having a bad day? I don’t recall your previous postings were of this nature.

          • I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!! His postings here are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! I’m not happy with the influx of people either but I kinda think he went overboard!

          • Yes, he did go overboard. However, I would prefer that the illegal aliens were all deported, and no more Muslims allowed in period!
            These two groups are complicating American citizens lives now, and it could even worsen in the future.
            I sometimes despair for the world that our youth has inherited. Wish we older folk had awakened sooner!

          • Some of us ACTUALLY did but the DemonRATZ had FULL control for many years!! To clear up ANY misconceptions, YES I BLAME THE FREAKING DIRTY DEMOCOMMIESCUMBORATS FOR THE COUNTRIES DEMISE!! After all the Crap from the LibTURDS, Snowflakes an DemonRATZ I’m about 99.9999% ready to state the only good ones are the dead ones!! I’m not there yet but 0.0001% away at the present time!!

            They’re gonna keep up the SHEIT and start a 2nd civil war! As the saying goes be damn careful what you wish/ ask for because you’re just liable to get it! Since most of them don’t like guns they will abhor the outcome!!!

          • The dems still can’t believe The Donald, a businessman, won the election! They haven’t a clue that there is a huge block of Patriotic Americans whom are up to their eyeballs with their current corrupt, foolish, blind antics.And we are no longer rolling over. More like: Molon Labe!
            The buck has to stop here with us if our progeny are to have a real American life!
            However, The Donald must stop putting his foot into his mouth, and learn to cover his backside!

          • Agreed! Except only up to their eyeballs??? I’m at the point I can’t see my hairline!! LOL

          • LOL, LOL!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Did you even read his post??? Mr Marino is a proud MEXICAN citizen who doesn’t want his people to be “illegals” anywhere, but to FIX Mexico so they don’t leave! He so stated in very plain English, too!

          • jclusterhump has his diaper full, but mommy can not hear him over the noise of the slot machines..

          • sandraleesmith46

            Something; Mr Marino was very clear as to his position, one which I respect and admire.

    • Excellent

    • I told you Pence has IQ of 89. Pence does not know Donald Trump was an Anchor-Baby for his parents were illegals. I have no idea why Trump ever thought of having Pence as VP. Thank God, Ivanka is now the VP. We respect Ivanka more than Pence.

      • Talk about IQ’s. That’s about as dumb as it gets

      • You’re another left wing traitor. I’d be willing to bet you’re either a stinking muslim or a muslim loving atheist too.

        • I am Catholic. I believe in the Creator but do not believe in born-again Christians like Session, Giuliani; Newt; McConnell, Ryan; Herman Cain; Allen West and Cruz. These are in government jobs to look for women.

          • I imagine you’re one of these phonies like Nancy Pelosi who claims to be Catholic but disagrees with just about everything in the Bible. I too am Catholic, but I agree with the Bible and disagree vehemently with the religion of big govt. left wing extremism that is spouted from your liars and hypocrites from the Democrat and Republican neocon parties.

      • You are an idiot or worse.

      • TheRealPatriot

        Well she is prettier that’s for sure !

      • Pence has an IQ of 189. You are an idiot.

      • Get back to your liberal website you Hildebeast troll. You brain dead POS’s should spend a year in a socialist country to realize how good you have it.

      • Donald Trump’s father was an American citizen. His mother, a Scot, came here legally so DJTrump IS an American citizen. This has been your tenet all along. Where’s your proof? I personally think that you’re an illegal.

    • Welcome. Legal immigration is ALWAYS welcome. This is what makes America great!

    • Paul Nickerson

      Well stated ,JoseMarino

    • Thank you SIR for some true words.God Bless you

    • Thank you for your honesty and obvious heritage pride.

    • Then go home you filthy wetback.

      • I expect that JoseMarino really is here legally.
        What is strange on this site is the NUMEROUS “suck-up” postings to him. They act as if they want to put Jose on a pedestal and declare him to be King!
        It is rather amusing to me.

        • Jose’ is not here legally. He is a terrorist with a bomb strapped to his sphinchter.

          • A poster on this site has pointed out that Jose is wearing a uniform from MEXICO. So that means he is not even in the United States. He is a Mexican official. The joke is on us, really. LOL I would bet that HE is laughing at us.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Thank-you,sir; we have nothing against people who immigrate legally, according to our already too lax laws, but those who sneak in are akin to burglars breaking into others’ homes to rob them, regardless where they come from. Most of us will appreciate your views and respect you for them.

    • InternetCensorsREvil

      Bravo Jose. I married a Mexican National and we BOTH feel the same way.

      If there were to be any change, I would say we need a better avenue for migrant and seasonal workers and to shorten the long wait currently encountered to a visa.

      For those whose only crime is crossing illegally and are contributing members of society, give them a discount on fees to apply for RESIDENCY but no automatic path to citizenship, which is only politically motivated.

      • NO! This will give them license to collect welfare. I’m tired of paying for people on welfare.

        • InternetCensorsREvil

          I said CONTRIBUTING members of society. If they are working and paying taxes and end up laid off, they have just as much right to draw benefits as anyone else does.

          • Many of these “contributing members” work for less money. They are not paying nearly enough taxes to even start covering the freebies they receive. And they should NOT have the same rights as American citizens!

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            And they would not as they would be only residents.

        • Me too!

    • Exactly, Jose! You are welcome in my country anytime! However, I hope you will come in LEGALLY. The first thing ANY person entering another country should do is NOT to break the laws of that country! I hope and pray that ALL immigrants share your views! Blessings, my friend, John

    • Alexander Seredin

      Jose, you are wrong. Mexicans that I see toiling in the Imperial Valley to bring the white man his food to the table are the hardest working people I have ever seen in my life. They deserve all the respect they can get from the ignorant Americans

      • Americans are not ignorant but you certainly are! We have a visa program to allow farm hands from foreign countries to enter, do their job, then return home after the season. That should only account for about a million farm hands. What’s your explanation for the extra 10,000,000 (cough, cough) illegals in this country? They certainly aren’t picking fruit. The women are ALL collecting welfare for their American-born, illegal alien children and the men are draining jobs away from American citizens and/or causing Americans’ wages to lower. The law in this country, as well as most other countries, is to ask for permission to live (t)here. Stop your diatribe!

        • You are 100% correct Law.Abider. Sad there are so many people who can’t think this issue through to its logical conclusion.

    • Well said Jose.

    • I’d shake your hand if I could, Jose. I’m proud to call you a fellow patriotic American, sir.

    • Thank you.for your comment. I have a neighbor next door to me who is from Mexico. He and his whole family are better friends and neighbors to me that the American neighbor on the other side. I do know that the bad neighbor is a democrat because he put up Obama signs.

    • Jose can you see? By the dawn’s early light, no matter how you look at it thinking that Muslims destroy other countries is a lot of b.s. Some very radical Muslims act as terrorists, but the majority are regular folk. As for illegal Mexicans, Most of the illegals in the USA are hardworking people doing jobs Americans won’t do, such as field work, and if you don’t understand that, I guess that space under your hat needs a bit of education.

    • Thanks Jose, YOU are an American, pal ! Of Mexican descent. You already know, if we lose our country everything else is irrelevant.

    • bien dicho!

  3. district judges are just that they cannot rule for the entire country. trump has every right to issue this and besides no one has the right to come here pence is correct it is a privilege. the left does not care about who gets hurt just about their brand of social justice no matter what. ship all refugees to judge watson

  4. For all those who wish to come here legally and abide by the Constitution and Laws of our Country, you are welcome. All those wanting to come to Our country and bring your Laws, please stay where you are.

    • There should be conditions that have to be met if allowed to come here. For instance a pledge to assimilate into American society. Those who come here and want to change America into the country they left should stay home and that also included those Mexicans who come here and wave a Mexican flag. Here the American flag is the symbol of our nation either accept that or stay home. We do not want you here. Pledge to learn to speak America English or don’t come.

      We should have a English only law as well.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I have a moron living next door from Ecuador. Every time he and his brothel begin talking out in the yard, I crank up Pink Floyd to a max. They usually go back inside..??

  5. He is absolutely correct. We need to vet everyone and only after we set yearly limits. The immigrants we should be letting in from the middle east should be Christians who are persecuted.

  6. Michael Dennewitz

    Our judicial system is corrupt. There are STILL MOOSESLIMES in our government and they need weeded out quickly. If Mr Trump’s order fails again, that will be a clear sign that there are mooseslimes STILL hidden within our “system!” ?

    • There are several cities in the USA that have moslem councils, and one is running a candidate for Gov. of the State.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        The VA clinic here in Orlando has even hired mooseslime RNs and doctors. Hell, if you don’t die from your previous/present condition, don’t worry, the mooseslimes will fix that!! ???

  7. The Vice President is absolutely correct. If there were no bias with the Supreme Court Justices and they abided by rule of law, the decisions they make would almost always be 9-0.
    But we all know that’s not gonna happen. It will be 5-4 as always.

    • You can dismiss ACLU card-carrying Justice Bader-Ginsberg who believes two things: court decisions should consider those made in European courts, including The Hague; and The Constitution is a “living, breathing, evolving document changeable with the times.”

      And Justice Kagen, thinking parallels Justice Bader-Ginberg’s.

      Both justices BTW, voted favorably for same-sex marriage in June 2015; both had previously presided over same-sex marriages…Justice Kagen as recently as September, 2014, a mere nine months previously.

      Both should have recused themselves. Both lacked judicial integrity to do so.

      Justice Sotomayer, another left-of-center activist liberal, is just plain weird. Tried reading her book…couldn’t.

      Justice Kennedy, the alleged “moderate” is given to vote which side of the bed he woke up on in the morning.

      PS: As long as it is 5-4 in favor of the Trump Administration.

      • Agree and wonder what the OWEbama “surveillance” of Kennedy provided to make him “change his mind” that OWEbamacare was indeed a tax, thus called OWEbamaTAX…

    • No leftist that I know of pays the least bit of attention to the US Constitution except to attempt to get it banned from America. Just because a person is a lawyer or a judge or a politician it should never be expected to see or hear about any honesty, integrity, or patriotism coming from that person.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Too many of the courts are STILL loaded with appointed mooseslimes, thanks to the little velcro headed faggot!! ?

  8. Watched immigrants being sworn in as new American Citizens yesterday.
    Really a moving experience. Most had waited for this day more than a decade.
    They all went through the system: reading our Constitution, learning English, studying our legislative process…the whole nine yards!
    Point is: They earned the right to become Americans…illegals do not.

  9. When America needs people to fight a war, where do they look, “TO THE PEOPLE”,

    And in a country with a government “BY THE PEOPLE” when those elected refuses to take the steps to protect “THE PEOPLE”,

    The only option left “TO THE PEOPLE” is for “THE PEOPLE” to take matters into their “OWN HANDS”.

    “Ultimately”, “YOU” as a “CITIZEN” are responsible for your “OWN SECURITY”,

    We “NEED” to reorganize the “MILITIA” all across this country, county by county, state by state,

    with “EVERYONE” carrying as a “MINUTE MAN” able to response in “SECONDS”.

    And “DEMAND” that these “OFFICIALS” who’s view the “Rights of foreigners” to be “GREATER” than the safety of “CITIZENS” be removed from office,

    If not, then the MILITIA will remove them.

    “YOU”, and “YOU ALONG” are the only one who can protect “YOU” and your Country.

    • Be patient. Trump will come through for us.

      • From your lips to God’s ears!

      • Mikey, the “Constitution” does not charge the Government, the Courts, Law Enforcement, or the Military with maintaining your “Rights and Freedoms”,

        but “YOU” the “Citizen”.

        Imagine how long this country would last if Law enforcement and the Military was as “Perfunctory” in their “Duties” as the “Citizens” are in “Their duty”.

        “Citizens” and the “Second Amendment” are the only defense against “Tyranny”.

  10. Impeach those nasty Judges, now they are ruling and reigning as they please, they are not on power to make that determination our President is!!

  11. MR.PENCE is 100% right!! long time ago,my father said: the country w/out border is like a village w/out dogs,and you can walk w/out cane!!

  12. I have nothing against immigrants who want to come here and apply to become citizens of our country. What I am against is the criminal element who want to maim and kill anyone who doesn’t see things their way. Sounds like a lot of liberals I have had to deal with. If you don’t agree with them, then they would just as soon kill you as look at you. These heathens who come from other countries illegally or overstay their visas just so they can plot against our government and it’s legal citizens should be stopped in their tracks. I completely agree with President Trump and Vice President Pence on this issue.

  13. Absolutely spot on. Ellis Island was known as the island of tears, as many were rejected and not allowed into the USA. Now between jumping borders and Obamas welcome mat to those who hate us, and want to take over our land and even change our laws to Sharia law and worship allah as the supreme god, we have terror on our soil. We are not safe nor secure because of OBAMA and his Muslim administration.

  14. We shouldn’t need partisan judges on any court bench, local, state, federal, circuit or supreme. We need judges who rule on the basis of law and our Constitution. Period.

    • Laws are subject to the Constitution and must comply with the Constitution. Therefore, judges must rule according to the Constitution and ONLY according to the Constitution.

      If judges ruled according to laws AND the Constitution, then which should have precedent – a law that does NOT comply with the Constitution or the Constitution itself?

      Therefore, judges must rule ONLY according to the Constitution. Period.

  15. Jihad, need anyone say more? OK, maybe Caliphate.

  16. Michael Dennewitz

    If that’s the case Mr Pence, why the hell do we have mooseslime RNs and mooseslime doctors working at the VA facilities right here in Orlando?????

  17. England – FUBAR. France: FUBAR. California: SUPER FUBAR.

  18. “ONE” PC, liberal to the bone, judge(?), on some ‘Federal Court,’ can have the “POWER” to shut down the President of the United States? Let us then surmise that The President of The United States of America is NOT “The Most Powerful Man in The world!” The reverse should be required when some ‘judge’ objects to something the President does, require the ‘lone’ judge to “make his case” before the SCOTUS, and have the ‘Constitutional Decision’ before SHUTTING anything down – at the least, the process would certainly be ACCELERATED.

  19. Frikkin FUBAR California took $15 million in our tax dollars and earmarked if for helping with the legal expenses of illegal immigrants. WTF? Yep – its true. The Democraps are so desperate for votes that they will STEAL our tax dollars to defend illegal immigrants.

  20. Pence is right on target. If you mis-treat the privilege, you should be deported and lose your citizenship….plain and simple.

  21. We are all foreigners that came to America to be free and BE Americans. My Welsh ancestry is just what it is but I am American. I do not want to change this country to be that country. I do not wave the Welsh flag or English though I respect and honor them. I do NOT hate Mexicans though they have brought problems to America.

    Working together we can fix those problems and solve the lawlessness that is plaguing both countries. But rest assured it is not a Mexican problem. It is an American problem with Mexican contributors. Additionally we have other foreign factions contributing to an even greater problem that threatens both the U.S. and Mexico. Again we can work together to solve that problem.

  22. Robert Kahlcke

    If there is an attack, every Justice on the Supreme Court, should be sentenced to one year in prison for each and every American who is injured or killed. ie: ten killed and ten wounded = twenty years for each Justice etc.

  23. These stinking left wing judges who are turning this into a political battle because they hate Trump are outright traitors to this country. They deserve to be at the end of a rope just like any other Benedict Arnold traitor.

  24. All sovereign nations have the right to control the kinds of people coming into their nation. America has been the greatest at allowing proper immigration. The melting pot of the world is right here in America. Many countries are much tighter at keeping certain folks out. The leaders of all sovereign nations can block undesirable and dangerous groups if they are a threat to national security. Even the Pope is smart enough to block undesirable people from entering the city of the Vatican. It’s called common sense. Check out his wall.

  25. Another liberal fairy tale bites the dust.

  26. Pence Shoots Straight: NO ONE Has the RIGHT to Come to the United States.
    That’s more than I have a right to come to your house … especially uninvited.
    I am so glad the Vice President pointed this out, because the commi liberals that want to destroy the United States… do not want that truth known.
    This needs to be made clear, because these lying Commi liberals have our people thinking that anyone and or all of the world has a right to come to America and we have no say so and or have a duty to let them in.
    It’s a lie and deceit.

  27. How can a lawyer make that kind of statement and still retain their law license? Time for the people to begin giving the boot to these Charlestons?

  28. Michael D. Jevnager

    I can think of several more “countries” that should be on this list, non muslim ones, which would “delete” the religion objections some morons have. Stay safe folks.

  29. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    Ginsburg needs to recuse herself because of her anti Trump statements. Other courts have ruled based on the president’s statements made on the campaign trail

  30. No one seems to mention the environmental havoc that would occur if Lil’ Kim shot off one of his nukes. That would be catostophic. But I guess it’s OK because it is a communist doing it.

  31. The murder of federal judges has begun. The KKK is on the rise.

  32. Thank you Vice President Pence the word is illegal plain and simple.

  33. I have long been curious about this. It is O.K. for other national entities, aka countries to exercise control over who enters, for how long they might remain, and so on. No problem until or except the United States chooses to exercise the same rights as every other national entity, or country if you prefer. Why is this the case, I have previously inquired, without benefit of an answer, I should say reasonable, sensible answer, which excludes the goody twoshoesers type of response usually offered.

  34. Jose Marino. I am Hispanic too. No one has proved me Spanish or Mexican.. Doesn’t matter. WHY? I am an AMERICAN above all other things.. I agree with you. There should be NO ILLEGALS period. ANYWHERE. islamb and the muslims have to be erased. PERIOD. RID the WORLD of them ALL.


    YAHWEH’S MINISTRY, HILO, HAWAII supports President Trump’s travel ban, 100%

  36. Seán McGouran

    Name a country Muslims have “destroyed”.

  37. Boy my High School government class was all wrong….I thought judges ruled on the constitution and the words in it NOT their personal and political interpretation of the document……………………. man I have been duped.!!!!!!!!!

    Also why does it take 100’s of pages and thousands of words to write a law……. if it is criminal to kill why not just say “If you kill someone you are guilty” or “if you come to this country illegally then you are illegal.” etc.

  38. Now the ACLU liberals are defending illegals like they have rights. What part of the word illegal don’t they understand?

  39. Alexander Seredin

    You are right Pencie boy. Nobody should be allowed to come to USA, most especially creeps like you and Trump. And those NATIVES that you see they should go through conversion to Christianity with a whip and boiling water in order to qualify to be here.Same goes for the black people who built this country under a white man’s whip, including the White House you sit in. My God have you ever read a book you bloody idiot!

  40. Alexander Seredin

    There are at least 3.5 million Americans living in Mexico, many of them married to Mexicans Mexico should do to those Americans what Trump is doing to hard working Mexicans. Even trump appreciates their hard work, otherwise Mar-A-Lago would look like a jungle, and there would be nobody to make his hamburgers.

    • The good citizens of the USA are opposed to ILLEGAL immigration. It’s you radical anti-America demonicRAT globalists who are opposed to LEGAL immigration while you welcome and encourage lawless ILLEGALforeign invaders.

      • Alexander Seredin

        Stick your “ILLEGAL” crap where the Sun never shines. Those “good Americans” you are blabbering about slaughtered 20 million native Indians. Those are the “LEGALS’ the only ones I know and they are mostly dead. Aztec lands were stolen from them in 1885, they also are legal people of this country. People like you are ILLEGAL

        • FYI, the Spanish took the Aztec lands in the 1500s – not in 1885.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Your “knowledge” of US history stuns me. Don’t you know that half of the US is the land of Mexico populated by Aztecs, and was absorbed into USA in 1885?

          • Yes, many people are stunned by my knowledge of US history.

            The Hopi, Zuni, Apache, Commanche, Cheyenne, Kiowas, Utes, Piautes, and a few others lived on the lands that are now the southwestern US. The Aztecs lived in what is now Mexico.

            The US annexed much of the SW US after the Mexican-American War in 1848 – NOT 1885.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Their invasion did not change the outcome of WWII which was won by Soviet Union. US spent too much time in the bordellos of London to help free Europe from Nazism. Not only that US adopted Nazism after the war including many that should have been left to rot behind bars.

            So far as your knowledge of US history, I am stunned. “Annexed” you say it is like STOLEN from the native mexicans who lived here for more than 300 years, and you claim that they are ILLEGALS. You are nuts!

          • Because you hate the USA so much and admired the socialist Soviet Union, YOU have MY permission to move to any socialist-controlled nation. I suggest you move to Venezuela.

            No Mexicans who were living in 1848 when the US won the Mexican-American War and annexed the southwestern states are still alive today. Therefore, they are NOT ILLEGAL ANYTHING.

            If ILLEGAL ALIENS from Mexico believe they will have such a bad life in the USA, why would they ILLEGALLY immigrate to the USA?

            Let me know if you have anymore questions about US history. I’ll be glad to give you the FACTS.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Norman you are a scum, who knows nothing about anything. This is the last I will answer your fascist crapola. US won NOTHING anywhere, it is just a matter of time before Aztlan becomes part of Central American federation. Which other “war” did US win, aside of the war of London bordellos. We are all guests on this planet, and all have the same natural rights as anyone else. Go ahead build your fucking wall.

          • Is Atzlan a mythical place from the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings novels you dimwitted radicals believe are true stories.

          • Alexander Seredin

            Illiterate moron. Ever heard of Google? Excrement!

          • I thought two responses ago you PROMISED not to answer, illiterate idiot.

            Anyway, of course I’ve heard of Google. What does Google have to do with mythical places . . and excrement?

        • You don’t know where Aztlan is. No one does so stop your false narrative.

          • Alexander Seredin

            You are an irrational, uneducated, illiterate bigot if you cannot find the map of Aztlan. Maybe Trump will make you his Eudcation Secretary like that De Vos bigoted swine

  41. Vincent Marcantelli

    Vice President Pence, again, hit the nail on the head. “No one has the RIGHT to come into the United States of America illegally” no matter what some Governor or some city Mayor says, maybe that state’s Gov. has forgotten, just where that state is located, and for that city mayor to make such a statement, the citizens of both those places need to question – are those “so called leaders” really that qualified. Let’s look back, remember we had a person in the WH, who knew that we had (57 states) along with many other things, and look what the country looks like today – scary huh?

  42. It is the liberal left that thinks illegal aliens are OK. Hard working people who have come from Mexico and other countries the proper and legal way are assimilating and becoming a part of the American fabric of life. Why the liberal loonies cannot understand that is disgusting!

  43. Just saw a video of then President Bill Clinton’s 1995 state of the union where he talk about dealing with illegal aliens…. just he used those words…. he said EXACTLY the same things Trump is now saying, only back then everyone was applauding Clinton….. Trump gets vilified! And really, if Hillary had said these things during her campaign, people would have cheered for her.

    • Of course you are correct the proof is what was said about the travel ban or what ever it is called now. A judge on the ninth circuit said if hillary had made the EO it would have been legal and not stopped.

    • Here is the video:

      Radical obama made Bill Clinton seem comparatively moderate. Congress gave him a standing ovation. That was before they realized illegal aliens were unregistered demonicRAT voters.

  44. I agree with Pence in part however , this should not be going before the Supreme Court as the supreme court or not elected officials. It is not trunks right to use his power to do this it is his duty to use his power sworn by the Constitution to protect the American people in this country he needs no permission from no courts to do this it is his duty, so I don’t know why were going through all this dog and pony show with all these or know what it official activist.

  45. pence is right the president can block any one from entering the great usa

  46. Pard – trump is a monkey wrench in their corrupt machinery —– His plans to privatize the FAA is genius with some drawbacks. It means innovation – modernization – accountability – service……If I remember right – Reid slapped down a postmaster general for the same thing —- The PMG wanted to stop the bleeding of billions of dollars EVERY quarter by REORG – stream lining – reroutes and stopping Saturday service….Reid – schumer – durbin – started screaming about “old People” not getting their junk mail…..It’s the same farce as before with throwing gram over the cliff……

  47. Pence said it like it is —- No one HAS the RIGHT – and they never assimilate – every city has it’s little italy – mexico – cuba – guatemala . etc….They just come for the bene’s…..

    • Are you seriously stating that Italians never assimilated? I know several and only one actually speaks Italian. Besides, Italians came before there were “bene’s.”

  48. Thank You, V.P. Pence!! A person who wishes to enter a sovereign country must do so in accordance with the law, and become a citizen, in order to be able to justly claim any rights.


  50. After getting out of rehab at Fitzsimons Military Hospital
    in Aurora, Colorado I was medically discharged from the Air Force in 1971. I worked in law enforcement ever since. I was on the Weld County Sheriffs Department for 15 years. One of the major jobs was rounding up invaders and turning them over to be deported. I processed many several times. This should never happen. I then was accepted as an investigator on Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado. I have seen firsthand the destruction they cause on America. One of the first things we must do is to stop referring to them as immigrants. They are invaders not immigrants. They invade America destroying it the same way they destroyed Mexico and the other countries that make up the countries south of the United States of America, and other countries around the world. These invaders steel Billions of dollars and Billions of dollars in services. They put such drains on America that there isn’t anything left for American citizens. They bring with them their lazy attitudes. There feeling that because they snuck in that they are entitled to everything that honest hardworking American citizens are. They use the same poor skills and deplorable building skills that are leaving America looking like the third world country that it is rapidly becoming. They also bring their dishonest lawlessness. America just went through 8 years at the hands of an invader. This one did irreparable damage to this GREAT FREE NATION. This one showed the world just how destructive these invaders can be. AMERICA MUST SECURE IT’S BORDERS! WE MUST GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, ALL OF THEM INCLUDING THE BABIES THAT WERE SNUCK IN INSIDE THEIR LAZY IGNORANT MOTHERS! ALL MUST GO. All their money and the money of the families that harbor them. All their property must be used to repay as much of what they stole as possible. While securing our borders all people and vehicles leaving the U.S. must be
    searched and all money seized. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. As soon as the traffic jam reaches a line a sign must be lit advising that the port is closed to further traffic until these are processed. 8-hour shift after 8-hour shift 24/7, It’s the job.


  51. That is something that is lost on a lot of people – NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY – it is a privilege. The same can be said when you travel to other countries – YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE – they have allowed you to visit. If you are an American citizen – When you leave the U.S. look behind you – your rights are back there.

  52. Previously leftist Americans insisted the US is only one nation of many thus it has no authority to interfere with human rights violations in foreign nations. Now that PRESIDENT Trump is in office, they suddenly insist citizens of foreign nations are guaranteed the same rights as US citizens according to the US Constitution.

  53. Constitutionally, the president does not have to allow anybody but verifiable American citizens into this country. Immigration to the U.S. is not a right whatsoever but a privilege. We can allow individuals to come to the U.S. seeking citizenship under very strict requirements, or to visit for which they must obtain a VISA. A VISA does not mean they can stay here permanently. VISA policies and rules must be tightened 1000%. H1B visas need to be reviewed and reformed due to the massive abuse by businesses just looking for cheaper workers. Believe me I know all about H1B visa abuse, because I lived it. Pence is absolutely correct. Nobody has a right to come to the U.S. and the presidents primary responsibility is to protect the lives and security of American citizens and legally qualified other individuals.

    • Constitutionally, he does not have allow anyone, remeber, he works for us..we do not have to allow anyone here.
      The questions one ought to be asking is why do Muslims want to come to a Christian Nation…for what reason? If Allah is so good and so great, why do they have to come to Christian Nation? why not make their own nations great? Why are they in the United States???? it’s because they have an agenda, and that agenda does not include being Americans. Don’t doubt me.

  54. Pence – isn’t he the one that wouldn’t sit at a table alone with a Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup jar because it was too curvy and he was getting an erection? That Pence? The guy with no brains at all? Pence? Who cares what he thinks, he’s an idiot.

    • He spoke the truth nevertheless.

      • Alas, when you have nothing substantial to say, you attack someone personally? BTW, the plural of sheep is sheep; one sheep, two sheep; why don’t you get a dictionary and perhaps a book about being civilized? 🙂

        • I have plenty to say to people such as you, but it would be a waste of time, you are too far gone, too mentally dieased with foolishness and idiocy.Thank you for your interest in my spelling ability, it is most kind of you your interest is greatly appreciated.
          By the way, did you look at the mirror today?? 🙂

  55. Go VP Pence! Kick some “snowflake” rump!

  56. Perhaps it is time to change judges. The Conservatives need to speak out and be louder and better than the liberals.

  57. Way to go VP Pence!
    Nobody has a right to come here! How do non citizens have rights?
    Do i have the right to move to Saudi Arabia, demand a monthly check, food stamps, nice free apartment, free health care and open up a Christian church?? Or any country?
    Time to clean house in America, drastic cuts to immigration H1b, refugees! We are trillions in debt, infrastructure needs trillions in repairs, cities are broke, etc, etc.

  58. Washington is a complete embarrassment on the world stage, we have a great man with an effective plan being bogged down by crooked politicians. Charge the Democrats with obstruction of justice and move forward with “Making America Great Again”!

  59. The VP is correct and so is Jose. This country became great because people wanted to come here for Freedom and to become AMERICANS!! Not hyphenated people.

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