Pelosi Spent $500K Since 2020 On Private Jets Even Though She Wants To Reduce Emissions

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spent over $500,000 on private jets since 2020 despite repeatedly describing climate change as an “existential” threat the U.S. has a “moral” obligation to address.

According to campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission, Pelosi’s campaign paid a Virginia-based private aviation provider, Advanced Aviation Team, over $437,000 between October 2020 and December 2021 and over $65,000 to Clay Lacy Aviation, a California-based private jet provider.

Private jets are notoriously bad for the environment, producing significantly more emissions per passenger than commercial flights. Pelosi’s campaign spent $67,605 on private air travel just months before she said she viewed tackling the climate crisis as a “religious thing.”

“For me, it’s a religious thing,” she said in November after leading a 21-member congressional delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. “I believe this is God’s creation, and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards.”

Pelosi came under fire in September after she claimed climate change was even more of a priority to discuss with China than its multitude of human rights abuses.

“Climate is an overriding issue, and China is a leading emitter in the world,” she said at the time.

Pelosi is far from the only climate hawk to indulge in private airfare. 

The campaign for President Biden, who promised to make climate change a key priority of his presidency, spent over $15 million on private air travel over the course of his 2020 campaign. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has also been vocal about climate change and being “committed to curbing the effects of climate change,” but they have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Advanced Aviation Team in recent years.

Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, took a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership. 

Kerry defended his high-pollution ride at the time, calling it “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle” in an interview obtained by Fox News. 

In August 2021, Fox News Digital calculated that Kerry’s family jet already emitted approximately 30 times more carbon in 2021 than the average vehicle does in a year.

Pelosi’s campaign did not respond to an inquiry Sunday by Fox News Digital.

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  1. Ricardo Julio Estrada

    do as I tell you, not as I do.

  2. Much as I dislike Nancy Pelosi I will have to come to her defense as CO2 does not heat the atmosphere. And, I offer you proof in a $6 demo experiment you can do with a free paper you can see at with accompanying supporting papers by Ph.D.s for those who think such people are the only smart-fellers. All the chemistry and physics are included plus all applicable equations and stoichiometry (quantitative relationships) Please have your local Physical Science teachers read the paper and have their students repeat the work as we could save the nation at least $1 trillion, which is what they have wasted on this nonsense to date. Read it and do the demo as I prove what I say.

  3. Lets Face it, Demoncraps will Lie about anything & Pelosi & Joey are the two bigest liars in DC, followed closely by Kammie !! None of them REALLY give a rip about so-called Climate Change , which it doe all the time, & has been doing since this planet came into existance!! They only want to belittle & tax to death the peoplem while they spend their ILL GOTTEN MONEEY on their Comfort !! THAT IS THE TRUTH !!!

    • Mary- Jo.
      I think you need to get your brain washed.
      Your above post is total Bull Shit.-

    • wish they would all have to live on the income of people my age. (89) For just one year bet they couldn’t survive 3 months. They need to go home, grab a sandwich and thank God they are still alive instead of trying to teach our younger generation that socialism is acceptable. They don’t care about climate change or anything but themselves. God has managed the climate control for how many years now???? He has done a wonderful job. Time for them to retire>

  4. Poor baby! She’s so needy!

  5. Remember people, democrats are immune to rules and regulations. They are special people. More important than any thing anywhere. When they look in the mirror they see a god.

  6. But do t you know who she is???

  7. But she spends YOUR MONEY! If you cauldron fly private on her money wouldn’t you do it?

  8. Pissedbeyondbelief

    ANYTHING & EVERYTHING I could write regarding Nanzi Pelozi …… would IMMEDIATELY BE CENSORED! She’s demonic.

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