Pelosi Refuses To Accept Dark Reality

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that the polls that want the Democrats to be losing the upcoming midterm elections are wrong and that her party is “in great shape” ahead of the election.

During an interview with Punchbowl News Pelosi responded to the recent polls by The New York Times and Associated Press which showed that Republicans had gained a large number of voters ahead of the election. The polls also indicated that the economy and inflation continued to be a key issue for most voters who trusted that the Republicans would do a better job than the Democrats.

Pelosi said that while inflation is an issue, it is a global issue. She also noted that the Republicans did not actually have a plan to curb inflation. She continued by saying that it is natural for inflation to go up as unemployment is dropping and under President Biden, unemployment has been effectively halved. She also said that inflation is not as bad in the United States as it is in other countries and this is something they will need to heavily focus on in the next three weeks ahead of the election.

Pelosi also continued by saying that abortions are a key issue that is bound to have an impact in the election, despite voters saying that the topic is not as important to them in the upcoming election.

Monday’s NYT poll showed that 26 percent of voters believed the economy to be the most important issue. In second place was inflation and cost of living with 18percent of voters. And in third place, tied were abortion and immigration with 5 percent each. Crime only appeared to be in the top five concerns for around 3 percent of voters.

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  2. Nutty Nancy is getting more pathetic each minute that goes by and cant accept the fact that citizens are tired of her and the Dems politics. Repubs should easily win the midterms (but remember that The Nutty One is quite good at cheating and fraud).

  3. Alexander Mackiewicz

    The Demo Crime Syndicate has been pushing mail in ballots for over 3 weeks and it is quite certain their operatives will be dumping tons of phony corrupt ballots into the public boxes as they did to get the career criminal Dopey Joey installed into the W.H.

  4. The lib confidense lies in their ability to steal elections. Nothing more.

  5. What do you expect from a pathological liar???

  6. Nancy need too go some were and hide she is a liar
    They are on they way out not doing anything for this country but take everything away from USA.

  7. Nancy need too go some were and hide she is a liar
    They are on they way out not doing anything for this country but take everything away from USA.send them home

  8. frederick fetty jr

    She is one of the ones who keep repeating that the southern border is secure. If you think that enough fentanyl to kill every American 20 times over and (by the latest count) 5,000,000 illegal border crossers along with over 200 foreign terrorist have entered into our country since Biden took office makes for a secure border, then, by all means believe her. As a Retired U.S. Customs Border Officer, I remember when we had a secure border and people living near the border could sleep securely in the beds. This is not true today and even those who do not live near the borders are having family members murdered and robbed by these illegal criminals. Understand that the ones who are truly coming here because they want to work hard and obtain the American dream are always welcome, if they do it legally. There is an old saying, the first time is always the hardest, after that, it is easy. This is true with sex, driving, skiing, buying a house and breaking the law. Ask any criminal about how hard it was to commit their first robbery and how was it compared to the last one. I am a Vietnam Veteran and the first time I fired a weapon in combat was horrible, but I learned and survived. Nancy has learned to lie and she is very, very good at it.

    • Thank you for your service in both the roles you submitted. This administration knows exactly the harm they are causing to ” joe six pack “They are trying to put a finger on the scale of justice and curry votes for future lib candidates .When you don’t have the truth to back up your standpoint, then just LIE,LIE, LIE. The lib playbook is open for every American to see.

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