Pelosi Praises Illegals For Bringing Their Children to America

Anyone with a sense of patriotism and self-esteem, would have realized earlier this week that they were on the wrong side of a losing battle. When Nancy Pelosi was confronted by illegal immigrants at a press conference on Monday – confronted by chants of “all of us or none of us” while trying to work on amnesty for Dreamers – she should have gone back to her office, looked in a mirror, and said, “You know what…how about none of you!?” She IS, after all, an American citizen, no? She DOES believe in the rule of law, does she not?

Oh right, it’s Pelosi. And there’s no depth to which she will not sink to pander to the leftist hordes.

Thus we have her back out at the podium only two days after being chanted off the stage, and what does she say?

“Be grateful for what you’re getting?”

“You realize you actually don’t have any legal right to be here, yes?”

“Perhaps you’d like to take your chances with the Republican Party, hmm?”

No, she lacks the backbone for any of that. So instead, she goes out there to prostrate herself in front of a bunch of illegal immigrants.

“These families did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here, who are working, who are in the military, who are in school, who are a brilliant part of our future,” said Pelosi.

Wow. “These families” (illegal immigrants) “did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here” (by breaking our laws).

What a fantastic message to send. We’re not even sure that Barack Obama sank to these depths. At worst, he was guilting us into caring for these illegals by making allusions to Mary and Joseph. That was bad, but did he ever go as far as to PRAISE illegal immigrants for making our country STRONGER by breaking our laws? No, this is a brand new level of insanity that makes us think less of Pelosi than we already did. And we actually didn’t know that was possible.

The protests on Monday demonstrate all too clearly that saving DACA will not be a one-time-and-it’s-over kind of thing. And Pelosi’s hedging shows us that once the “children” are legal, the Democrats will once again try to make the rest of the 11 million legal. That’s why it’s so important to nip this in the bud right now, and that’s why Trump is making a big mistake by working with Pelosi on this legislation.

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  1. Crazy old bat knows the only chance she has to stay in power is to bring in all new voters who have no idea what a wacko she is. I think even some liberals are beginning to realize she’s nuttier than a fruitcake. Although they’d be to afraid of insane liberal rage and condemnation to admit it.
    An elected official praising people for breaking our laws. The Democratic party’s desperate pandering and nosedive into depravity just keeps getting worse, good.

  2. “Praising Illegals”???? – Why not just resort to Devil Worshiping?

    I hope she goes the extra mile and adopts them all and takes personal responsibility for their education and healthcare rather than saddling the American people with more unwanted dependents. But that will never happen because liberals only spend other people’s money when fulfilling their ideological pipe dreams.

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        • I’ve done this so many times and nothing is done The bitch is a sick liberal.

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    • They can all work in America Samoa where she and her husband own controlling interest in Dole pineapple, slave labor.

      • you are very lazy person -None of what you said has any truth to it-

        See “Samoan Nonsense” section of FactCheck link below-shame on you for being so guillible to false conservative websites-If you use this bogus crap to base your voting,America is f_ _ _ ed!

        • Sorry Charley, it was Star-kiss tuna…Facts:
          Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s home district includes San Francisco.

          Star-Kist Tuna’s headquarters are in San Francisco, Pelosi’s home district.

          Star-Kist is owned by Del Monte Foods and is a major contributor to Pelosi.

          Star-Kist is the major employer in American Samoa employing 75% of the Samoan workforce.

          Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband, owns $17 million dollars of Star-Kist stock.

          In January, 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase so Del Monte would not have to pay the higher wage. This would make Del Monte products less expensive than their competition’s.

          Last week when the huge bailout bill was passed, Pelosi added an earmark to the final bill adding $33 million dollars for an ‘economic development credit in American Samoa’.

          Pelosi has called the Bush Administration ‘corrupt’.

          She should know.

          • RIGHT you are! Found this out a few years back and
            have since, STOPPED buying ANY of their products!!

          • Here’s the part of these right wing nut job “fake news” you forgot to include-

            facts below,” which is not the case.

            ORIGINS: Prior to 2007, the U.S. territories of Northern Marianas and American Samoa were exempt from federal minimum wage standards; instead, the minimum wage standards in those territories were established by a committee appointed by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 (H.R. 2), introduced to Congress in January of that year, sought to revise U.S. federal minimum wage standards, including the gradual raising of the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour. When it came to light that the bill extended federal minimum wage standards to the Northern Marianas but exempted American Samoa, Republican critics charged that this circumstance was the doing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a favor she was granting because the island’s primary employer was headquartered in her district:

            Under the minimum-wage increase approved by the House this week, employers on the Northern Marianas would for the first time have to pay their workers the minimum wage, which would rise from $5.15 to $7.25 an hour. For years, Republicans — with the help of convicted lobbyist Jack A. Abramoff — have fended off efforts to bring the islands under federal labor laws.
            The bill would leave American Samoa as the only territory not covered by the $7.25 rate, and because Samoa is represented by a Democrat, Del. Eni F.H. Faleomavaega, Republicans cried foul.

            Faleomavaega’s campaign coffers have been well stocked by the tuna industry that dominates his island economy, but Republicans picked up on another issue: StarKist owns one of the largest canneries on the island, and Del Monte Foods, StarKist’s parent company, is based in San Francisco, which Pelosi represents.

            Speaker Pelosi was the Congressional leader of the party that sponsored H.R. 2 (214 of the bill’s 222 cosponsors were Democrats), and it is true that Del Monte Foods’ San Francisco headquarters are located within the boundaries of the California district she represents in Congress. However, we haven’t found any evidence of a direct link between Speaker Pelosi and the decision to exclude American Samoa from the minimum wage legislation: Democrats maintained that Speaker Pelosi did not work on the details of the bill, and that the exemption for American Samoa was created at the behest of the island’s Congressional delegate:

            A spokesman for Pelosi said the bill excluded American Samoa at the request of nonvoting Delegate Eni Faleomavaega, a Democrat who represents the Pacific island territories in the House.
            The minimum-wage bill was drafted by [House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George] Miller’s committee, and Pelosi had little input on the nitty-gritty details of the legislation, House sources said.

            Faleomavaega did indeed strongly advocate that American Samoa be allowed to retain its exemption from federal minimum wage standards:

            One person who is concerned about enforcing the federal minimum wage in American Samoa is non-voting Rep. Eni Faleomavaega, who echoed the arguments of many conservatives against raising the minimum wage in poorer regions of the U.S. mainland.
            A “decrease in production or departure of one or both of the two canneries in American Samoa could devastate the local economy, resulting in massive layoffs and insurmountable financial difficulties,” he said in a statement provided to The [Washington] Times.

            “The truth is the global tuna industry is so competitive that it is no longer possible for the federal government to demand mainland minimum wage rates for American Samoa without causing the collapse of our economy and making us welfare wards of the federal government.”

            As a result of the controversy, Democrats asserted that American Samoa would indeed be covered in the final version of the bill:

          • I had read that she and the husband had a deal in Cuba for the labor. It would be much cheaper there. She is really up- standing,isn’t she?

        • Did you read “will22” comments? Get informed before you add you naive comments. While you are reading, check out THE SHADOW PARTY to see how your party has been infiltrated by George Soros. This goes back to the time when the Clintons controlled The White House. You are in for a shock. After you read this book, as a true American, you could never vote for the so called Democratic Party again.

          • I agree , Although it has been many years since I have said Democrat , The Communist Party formerly known as the Demonic Rats are definitely the Enemy Within

        • W R O N G !!

        • Your “facts” are nothing more than propaganda and as usual are erroneous. You had better get your facts checked before posting. Having lived and got out of California I know a lot about what a decline is falling in on the state!

        • So Rich am I to assume you agree with Nancy??

        • You must be one of those hateful liberals.
          You could have simply pointed out the error made my wil22 and moved on. But no, you had to get nasty! Typical of you liberals.

          I applaud wil22 for making the correction and not getting nasty back. Typical conservative.

          • Got Hypocruisy?

            Ouote from a few of your many unhinged posts…

            Appropriate terms for these trans weirdos is “It” or “What-the”

            “…every person who supports what Krapperdink does really is an SOB”

            “You’re the most hateful person in these conversations! You’re nasty and vile.”

          • You’ve the one that is nasty and vile. and by the way shit for brains you’ve black from this site.

          • “…black from this site….” talk much? Please research your spelling -if I am “black” from this site” how did you get this response…you are an idiot.

      • It’s not Dole Pineapple and it’s not truth -check your facts…

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        • IT used to be true. Her husband sold the stock in Pineapple company quite a few yrs ago. And, WHILE we are talking American Samoa, Ag workers in that part of the world, are NOT getting minimum wage.

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          • What’s min. wage in American Samoa? Min. wage varies greatly from place to place.

          • Right Sharon. Those who worship Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto believe EVERYTHING should be equal worldwide. It WAS
            that way in the”Garden of Eden” until along came a hoodwinker and tricked Eve. Then another hoodwinker born in Africa came to America and hoodwinked a faction who wanted to restore the “Garden of Eden” where everything would be free. Mankind in the first incident and Americans in the second are now paying dearly for both wrong choices.

    • Like so many in congress, she cares less what the average American is concerned with, our needs and too often has to struggle for. While giving away our country and ignoring our best interests, needs and values – She lives off the American tax payers!

    • I have a bumper sticker on my Car , that says ” Veterans before Refugees ” , and that is the way I feel ! ,but i alked out of Bob Evans the other day and some one had put a very nasty letter under my wiper ! Next Sunday a message with spray paint !

      • I wholeheartedly agree with your bumper sticker. IF anyone tries spray painting your car, I certainly hope they get caught and have the book thrown at them.

    • She does that too, apparently, albeit to no avail.

  3. another nail in the Demorats coffin, I hope Killary runs again.

  4. Is this the same Nancy Pelozi who was questioning the sanity of POTUS?

    • She said Obama the Kenyan or is it Indonesia that she Oked tp run for President !, Do you think she is smart enough to read our Constitution??

      • Kenyan born, according to the Kenyan national parliamentary record praising America for electing their native son as POTUS, but his only actual known citizenship is Indonesian since his adoption there, which cancelled any pre-existing citizenship elsewhere, and there are NO records he ever naturalized in the US after returning. He claimed Indonesian citizenship as an adult to get Fulbright scholarships to Occidental for sure, and likely Columbia as well.


      • I don’t think liberals can read.

    • To the insane, the sane seem insane!


        • granny, I don’t recall where I found this or to whom do I give credit but here goes!! Use it if you like!!


          A major research institution has just announced the discovery of
          the densest element yet known to science. The new element has
          been named Pelosium.

          Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons,
          and 223 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.

          These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are
          surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

          The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

          Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact
          with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy
          neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of

          This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that
          Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in voting concentration.

          Again I don’t know to whom to give credit for this BUT IT FITS TO A TEE!


  5. Pelesbo praises the mestizo invaders with good reason. The American people know their Marx and Orwell, and will never voluntarily submit to dictatorial rule, collectivism, foreign domination or being subsumed under a world government. The existing population will have to be replaced with a brown Third World lumpenproletariat for that to happen, and this can best be done by amnesty and nonexistent borders. This confused communist crone does not seem to be aware, however, that she and her comrades will be the first ones under the bus or into the camps, as we saw when she was ejected from her own press conference by the representatives of La Raza and the Chavez revolution.

    • Neville Chamberlain found out you can’t appease those who wish to vanquish your nation. You have only to read the history of Texas to understand the way the Mexicans work. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s the Mexican government asked settlers to come to Texas to develop it in exchange for land grants. The Mexican government didn’t have the money or the will to develop the area that is Texas today. The settlers came and they did develop large areas of Texas. When the Mexican government saw this, it reneged on their promise to give the land to these settlers. This is why Texas went to war with Mexico in the 1830’s to protect the fruits of their labors from the unscrupulous takeover by the Mexicans.

      Now, we have our government allowing these thieving non-citizens to come here and rob the United States of the fruits of its labors. The only difference is these Mexicans aren’t wearing uniforms as Santa Ana’s troops did, but they are just as much an invading force.

      • Great comment ! Takes a minute to read !

        • Sorry, it’s hard to say anything without going to a couple paragraphs. Education in this country has denied 2 generations now any historical background for where we are now.

          I was just trying to put into context why some of us are so violently against illegal immigration. We have ancestors who fought to keep the Mexicans out. To just step aside and let them take back the land those ancestors developed is just more than we can take. It does beyond racial.

  6. Poor deranged Nutsy Pee-lousy. She’s worthless and useless. She’s no better than old One Shoe and the rest of their party of losers, they all want to destroy our country. If old One Shoe had won we would have been inundated with illegals and other cockroaches under the guise of “refugees”.

    • We can’t depend on any of our elected officials to do the will of the people, so it’s time the people began to be proactive in reporting illegal aliens one at a time to ICE. My only fear is that ICE doesn’t have the manpower to come pick them up, but we need to find out.

      • Agreed. If old One Shoe had won we wouldn’t have border patrol at all. Hopefully President Trump will beef up our forces.

        • So, let’s approach the President to get him to deputize every native-born citizen to help carry out the work of our Immigration officials. It’s time we took our country back one deportation at a time.

          • What a great plan!!! I’m all in AND I’m licensed to carry.

          • I’ll make that suggestion to our President. I start my concealed carry classes to carry next week. Everyone who believes in liberty needs to be able to defend himself. That is the only thing that is keeping the United States from looking like South Africa. South Africa gave us its guns and wound up being enslaved by the worthless blacks who coveted all the good stuff the white race created in that country.

  7. While President Trump is trying to drain the swamp, we the people should be fumigating Congress to eliminate all traitors – for good!

    • BECAUSE OF their ‘lack of knowledge’ too many Americans are their own worst enemies…without even knowing it!!!

      • @EMERCITNA, Absolutely correct. In 1965,my father passed away. He had a lot of antiques, many of them being clocks. When we were short on money, which was often, my mother sold most of what he had collected, having zero experience, or knowledge of antiques, sold them for almost nothing. My mom was newly widowed, having two children with her (ages 7 and 11),and people still took advantage of her lack of knowledge, and the fact that she was going through very hard times. I talking about hundreds of dollars, on some of the sales.

    • That probably more than Half of Congress !

      • Too bad for the other half because none of them, not one, has clean hands. They shook on deals that never benefited any of us. I propose we empty this un-hallowed hall completely.

        • When I grew up a hand shake meant you would keep your promice , but today it does not work. I know recently I sold a lot of Antiques through an Auctioneer , When it came to my Mechanical Musical Items which I did not want to sell he made an Offer to sell them for 15% which I had been offered by another Auctioneer , We shook and he slipped in them on the items that were to sell for 25%,that hurt as I had over 40 Music Boxes , and Outside horn Phonographs from over 60 years of collecting.

          • I’m angry with you. It describes, pretty much, how the members of congress scheme against all of us.

          • @ Ed Shick In the early 60’s,my father CO-signed on a loan, for a guy he worked with, (to buy tools ).My father never used credit, he always paid cash. The guy quit the job, and skipped town, taking the tools with him. My father had to pay the loan, of course. After that, he wouldn’t sign for anything ,for anyone By the way, my father never had new tools, he bought his second hand. . That is really sad about the guy getting rid of your music boxes etc. It’s a shame that you can’t trust anyone. Did I understand that you didn’t even want to sell some of them? Isn’t there a legal remedy for this? He knows who he sold them to. I wish you well.

          • The Auctioneer from Apple Tree said that they would bring an easy 50 t0 sixty Thousand , many thought a Hundred , It was mechanical Music Items From toys such as Roll harmonics, Roll Sacks to about 40 Music Boxes such as Regina’s , Capitol Cuff boxes there is one of them on the ebay , top bid was 9600 and mine showed up on Antique road show the people said thy bought it in central Ohio on internet for 3000 and had just flew out and got it , They read the note I had put in it describing , they were made by F.Otto and sons , made in New Jersey and only in the year 1896 , they made the cuff shape as of Patent rights ,It was one that i had asked him to put a 3000 dollar reserve on , His ink on the contract disappeared , then there was an Edison Doll that played on a small Cyl, One had sold in New York in 2012 for 25,100 dollars , that one was of the First made in 1897 and not strong enough for Childen To play with , The one i had was made later, But there were German Bird Cage where birds moved and sang , Biggest was a 17″ Stella disk music Box , My up stairs was full plus my out side workshop , I complaine to our Ohio dept. of Agriculture , Mike Dewine our state AG and Columbus BBB , and I ma wrong as at 85 , they know I am not going to be here for ever! It sure sent my Blood Pressure up , The Dayton Ohio VA hosp has been Great ! I guess the are #1 in the nation , I will get over it but it sure took my children’s money and also my Grand Children”s , they really did know what i had ! I thought it would have been neat for them after I was gone to se them Sold by a good Auction House !

          • Ohio needs some one checking Auctioneers other than the department of Agriculture , The went to Newark spent an Hour , got his lunch Bought and I am Wrong !

        • See my post to you above.

    • We can’t, unfortunately; 2/3 of the Senate doesn’t change at one time; and they reinfect any new faces sent in.

      • We can if we persist until the pendulum swings, which it will if keep close watch and diligently do not re-elect them as they come up for re-election. It took decades for corrupt people to fill the seats of congress. It will take more than a few re-elections to flush them out. A good man is not so easily infected.

        • Good men don’t run for Congress as a rule, these days. IF they did we wouldn’t have this mess. And since we can’t clean them all out at once, we can’t prevent the continuing infection from those remaining.

          • Alabama’s Judge Roy is not only a GOOD man, but knows and respects our Constitution. I disagree with your position. I will continue to exercise not only my constitutional rights, but accept my responsibility to take the actions our Founders gave us.

  8. Nancy Pelosi, like so many liberal left-wing nut cases here in California…can only be described with a series of bad words! They give new meaning to the word “evil”!

  9. IT’S AMAZING how an insane woman like Nancy Pelosi can remain in our U.S. Congress!!!!

  10. Will she be praising drug dealers their only trying to make a living.

  11. The problem with states like California that vote to become sanctuary States, they do Not have enough State dollars to take care of the illegals they choose to feed and protect, so they want federal dollars from American taxpayers to give these people free medical care, free education and food stamps, while the illegals work and are paid in cash.
    I want my tax dollars to protect and help legal Americans, not Illegal Aliens.
    Legal Americans should always come first and be helped first.
    Pelosi is a sick sorry low life Traitor to America.

    • Ohio is getting in the same boat as in Columbus in 2012 we had 25,000 Somalians , now it has increased to over 45.000 Somalians and they still act like Pirates . Kasich is about as republican as is McAin

      • They ARE pirates: that was their national “sport” for centuries. Nearly all those piracies we hear about in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific area are Somalis!

        • 2 years ago my great grandson was on his way to school as a seinor , he got attacked by a gang , they took his money and they used ball bats and he spent over 3 Mos. in Hospital , I upset my son in law and he is now dead ,but he so had a brother die about the same time ! sad but we allowed them to enter our nation!

          • My most sincere condolences on your loses, sir. And you are correct, except no one asked AMERICANS’ opinions about letting them in; this was government decision in collusion with the UN, and PTB who govern above our national gov’t.

  12. Simply aiding and abetting a Federal Crime and all should be charged. The Government lackeys must do something about this, NOW!!!!

  13. Most of them been here for 36 yrs and took jobs away from Americans abused the system house and got life insurance and health insurance for nothing. All this time why didn’t they apply for American citizenship.? So I don’t feel sorry for none of them who didn’t apply for American citizenship go back to their country and come back to Legal when

    • How many of these refugees are willing to serve in our military and become american Citizens ?

      • They don’t deserve citizenship and shouldn’t be in our military either! THINK about it: would YOU want your life or your kid’s life depending on a lying thief who’d been here for a decade or so, lying to and stealing from you and your kid? Because in the battle you have to depend on the guy beside you in order to survive; and his incentive is to have your kid DIE, so he can steal more.

  14. it figures, ANOTHER MENTAL CASE in the works. She gives the word ignorance a new meaning. Too OLD to continue to /steal from American.

  15. Yeah, SHAMEFUL, but WE ALL KNOW
    she’s A REALY SICK BITCH!!

  16. That is why we are in the mess we are; she, and many like her, have no repect for our law or the men and women who are challenged with enforcing the law while people like Pelosi stand in front of TV Cameras and crowds and encourages violations and cheers for the people violating the laws!
    The next time you hear of any violation of law by any illegal immigrant, or any citizen of this country, hear of any law enforcement official or local, state or national politician injured by a law violator – Remember PESLOSI and her attitude toward American values.
    Our nation is a nation of laws that pertain to anyone and everyone in this country REGARDLESS OF WHAT PELOSY THINKS.

  17. What a dumb, delusioned, WITCH!!!!

  18. It is time for Californians to ditch this troublemaker! In my recent travels many with California license plates said we hate what is happening to California. You in California are seeing an exodus of your more wealthy people a lot due to Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, etc.!

  19. It doesn’t matter, she is an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  20. This is going to be the Dems new voter base. LBJ sought to use the African-Americans by setting up wealth redistribution programs like wellfare and food stamps. His main accomplishment was total disruption of the once tight knit African-American family unit and destruction of a once extremely strong African-American middle class. Now the Dems are going to kick the African-American to the curb for the Hispanic vote.

  21. A friend of mine recently said she thought Nutsy Pee-lousy was so lucky to have that face because it saved her so much time not having to find a scary mask for Halloween but I reminded her that the rest of us have to look at that toilet the other 364 days of the year. She took it back…..

  22. I believe what Pelosi is doing is a Felony

  23. Get the hell out of the usa. I despiie you hog pen. Cookie

  24. Notice how Mexico never sends blacks into the US? Do Mexicans not like blacks from the Caribbean or what??

  25. Pelosi need these illegal to bring drugs to the daughters…maybe Pelosi taking some

  26. A Country that enforces law on a selective basis will eventually face anarchy. Having local and other government elected officials enabling the criminal act of “illegal entry” into the Country They, Themselves, are guilty of criminal acts. Useful idiots parading as representatives of the people while being puppets with strings pulled by hidden masters.

  27. I always thought “Nancy” was little more than a high-priced “whore”———–and, once again, she’s gone and proved that point. Apparently, just like “Hillarious”, the laws of this country don’t apply to her——-she’s SOOOO much above them——–especially the laws that deal with prostitution———–although why ANYONE would pay her for her “services” is FAR beyond me——–considering that all she does is TAKE——-“giving” is only for the “little folk” you know!!

  28. Pelosi is no more than a politcal prostitute!

  29. Enforce our laws , Absolutely no type of Amnesty in any way ,Shape or form , Deport the Foreign Criminal Invaders immediately , Once You pander to and advocate for them You have become a Traitor to your country and the Enemy Within , If You give a mouse a cookie ,It will demand a glass of milk , We are fresh out of cookies and we have no milk left for our own children

  30. Good you moron, keep them all in your state AND HOPEFULLY NEIGHBORHOOD. GEEZE you just can”t make this stuff up!!!!!!!

  31. Nothing could possibly be more inane than saying people breaking our laws and STEALING from us for years, even decades, somehow “helped” us!! On the contrary, they HURT our nation, our culture, and most especially our kids’ futures!

  32. she needs to be hanged for treason, along with all the Obama administration.

  33. She’s a useless hole. She’s also like the rest of that party of worthless losers. If we aren’t to enforce immigration laws then why should we enforce ANY laws? Murderers should be allowed to kill freely if they explain just HOW BADLY they wanted the other person dead. Thieves should be allowed to steal whatever they want simply because they wanted it more than the other person. Where should we draw the line?

  34. The illegals all broke the law. Why didn’t they become citizens during their time here if they are so great?
    It is so unfair, that illegals get more benefits then our citizens. Our citizens leave college with major debt some Illegals get free college. I know a girl from Vietnam Nam who came in legally. She also has big college debt. Who is helping our legal citizens?

  35. Only the stupid can believe this liberal liar. Only thing she did was force Obamacare on us and you better make sure you read every line on the next thing she endorses.

  36. Just where in hell is Pelosi’s brain?? Must be in her boobs ’cause it sure as hell isn’t in her head !!! Every time she opens her mouth she makes us realize just how stupid she really is….The real tragedy of it is the fact the people who keep voting her back are just as stupid as she is, and I didn’t think there were that many stupid people in the state of kalifornicate…………..but I guess there are….

  37. I drank my last Pepsi!


  39. Bottom line , illegals today , demorat voters tomorrow. This is why pelosi turns her back on this country. She is nothing but a vote getting whore traitor

  40. Justin I agree where did she sprout from?

  41. and taking America away from Americans

  42. Those illegal aliens and their children should show up at Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco and demand voting rights, WIC/EBT cards with $500 benefits, low cost housing, a driver’s license, free daycare for their children and any previous criminal charges expunged from their records.

  43. And I praise anyone who breaks into Pelosi’s home and makes themselves comfortable, eating her food using her stuff, helping themselves to her jewelry and electronics and making a general mess. Why should she have nice stuff when so many thers do not????

  44. That broad would do a great thing for her country if she would go and not return to one of the immigrant country . Well maybe not . I shouldn’t wish that on any country . She would do us a service by just going away . Maybe she could take all the nfl protester people with her so I can watch the nfl again . Don’t forget roger what’s his name the commissioner. Now all of the above would really be a boost and a great thing for our country

  45. We shall defend agains the Dumbocrats!

    Civil war is a comin’ and the libs will have fired the first volley!

  46. What the FFFF —- this moron is totally outta touch…..They cross deserts with kids – many die —- One time in Laredo – I was operating the FLIR and caught a couple (on camera) CLIMBing a tri-level car carrier with something in their arms…..After opening and removing the illegals – the bundle happened to be a baby – I set the couple up for prosecution and under Reno and Miossner got only an EWI charge against them….

  47. She’s not a friend, only a foe with a clock for a brain wound up backwards!

  48. How nice of her. Whens she going to take care of all the American children living on the streets in CA? When is she going to take care of the Vets living on the streets? LA county alone has 63,000 homeless children and their parents. CA has over 526,708 homeless children and she’s praising illegals for bringing more children into our nation. Oh, my mistake, Obama and Pelosi and their ilk can find housing for illegals and imported immigrants. It’s jus US citizens and their children they can’t afford to house.

  49. Another proof that Pelosi and the socialist Democratic Party care more for ILLEGALS than they care for the American citizen.

  50. Pelosi Praises them as they help offset all the Babies Planned Parenthood Kills every year.

  51. I’ll take Pelosi seriously on this issue, Right After SHE takes in a BUNCH of illegal aliens, to get them off the WELFARE Rolls!

  52. Pelosi says it all in her latest book “It’s OK to be a Leech on the Butt of Society”:

  53. Illegal = CRIMINAL…I don’t care that you came here with your parents as a child.. blame your parents for breaking the law. As adults, they KNOW they are breaking the law. Go back to country of citizenship. ALL OF THEM!. You have children? Take them home with you. Then you can explain to them that you have broken the law by being in this country so you have to return to the country that is your homeland. If you wish to return to the USA then apply LEGALLY an jump the proper hoops to get here and become a citizen. Any other country in the world would have dumped them in a prison. And not a nice easy prison like we have here either. They would need to have money to pay for food in Mexico, and better hope someone knows you are there or you might not see daylight again during your lifetime. Why doesn’t Pelosi just move to Mexico herself if she feels these criminals deserve to live here free? She is so brain dead it isn’t even funny anymore.

  54. Praising illegals?Get rid of thebswamps?estelle

  55. What a sick BITCH

  56. Pelosi says Thank You for bringing your Children here as we have Murdered most of ours !!

  57. Pelosi you are then a law breaker and should be treated as such. You are encouraging people to break the law.

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