Pelosi Praises Illegals For Bringing Their Children to America

Anyone with a sense of patriotism and self-esteem, would have realized earlier this week that they were on the wrong side of a losing battle. When Nancy Pelosi was confronted by illegal immigrants at a press conference on Monday – confronted by chants of “all of us or none of us” while trying to work on amnesty for Dreamers – she should have gone back to her office, looked in a mirror, and said, “You know what…how about none of you!?” She IS, after all, an American citizen, no? She DOES believe in the rule of law, does she not?

Oh right, it’s Pelosi. And there’s no depth to which she will not sink to pander to the leftist hordes.

Thus we have her back out at the podium only two days after being chanted off the stage, and what does she say?

“Be grateful for what you’re getting?”

“You realize you actually don’t have any legal right to be here, yes?”

“Perhaps you’d like to take your chances with the Republican Party, hmm?”

No, she lacks the backbone for any of that. So instead, she goes out there to prostrate herself in front of a bunch of illegal immigrants.

“These families did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here, who are working, who are in the military, who are in school, who are a brilliant part of our future,” said Pelosi.

Wow. “These families” (illegal immigrants) “did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here” (by breaking our laws).

What a fantastic message to send. We’re not even sure that Barack Obama sank to these depths. At worst, he was guilting us into caring for these illegals by making allusions to Mary and Joseph. That was bad, but did he ever go as far as to PRAISE illegal immigrants for making our country STRONGER by breaking our laws? No, this is a brand new level of insanity that makes us think less of Pelosi than we already did. And we actually didn’t know that was possible.

The protests on Monday demonstrate all too clearly that saving DACA will not be a one-time-and-it’s-over kind of thing. And Pelosi’s hedging shows us that once the “children” are legal, the Democrats will once again try to make the rest of the 11 million legal. That’s why it’s so important to nip this in the bud right now, and that’s why Trump is making a big mistake by working with Pelosi on this legislation.

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