Pelosi Meets With Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas

RAMALLAH: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas met with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Israeli-occupied West Bank Thursday for talks on reviving a two-state solution to the conflict, Abbas’s office said.

It was one of the highest-level meetings with an American official in recent years for the 86-year-old Palestinian president. Abbas urged US action on what he described as “unilateral Israeli practices” that “undermine a two-state solution.”

Those included expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and moves to evict Palestinians from various parts of Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim as their future capital.
Relations between the US and the Palestinian Authority effectively collapsed during former president Donald Trump’s administration, notably after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided capital.”

There have been a series of US outreaches to Abbas and the PA since President Joe Biden took office last year. Palestinian opinion polls show that support for Abbas and the PA are at historic lows, especially after the aging president scrapped plans to hold elections last year.

Experts say Washington is keen to work with its staunch ally Israel to bolster the embattled PA, especially as a bulwark against Hamas, the extremist group that controls the Gaza strip.
Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by much of the West.

Pelosi, who was leading a delegation of eight Democratic party lawmakers to the region, had previously met top Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Naftali Bennett earlier Thursday.
Bennett thanked her for her “ongoing support for Israel.”

In talks with Israeli officials, Pelosi and the US delegation affirmed “America’s ironclad commitment to the State of Israel,” the speaker’s office said in a statement. “We repeatedly reaffirmed America’s commitment to a just and enduring two-state solution that enhances stability and security for Israel, Palestinians and their neighbors.”

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  1. Pelosi wants a two state solution while supposedly showing support for Israel? Does anyone see a problem with that? Israel isn’t going to allow there enemies to have a play ground in their backyard. The Palestinians, if allowed, would only continue to harass Israel from a new state. They don’t want peace, they want Israel and that’s not happening.

  2. Maybe the plane will crash bringing that traitor home!

  3. Members of Congress, including this witch; don’t have authority to do what they should do, much less conduct foreign policy. Their only job is to try to get re-elected the next term to keep the facade up.

  4. I wish that they would put half as much effort into our own nation’s autonomy and security instead of trying to undermine things that have worked in the past.

  5. Nancy and the other democrat’s real purpose for the visit: Photo Op. Later this year the photos will circulate showing Nancy being diplomatic and working on a solution to a crisis. Therefore, re-elect her. Meanwhile the family is enjoying a vacation and shopping opportunity. The free flight to Israel is paid for by the US citizens.

  6. Did Nancy violate the Logan Act, AGAIN?

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