Pelosi: Hillary’s a Woman, That’s What’s Important

If you were to ask a hundred Americans what they wanted in a president, you would get an interesting range of answers. Intelligence, some might say. Courage, others might opine. Experience, leadership skills, similar political views, and a proven track record would undoubtedly be among the answers. But if you were to ask House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, her answer would be a simple one: the next president should be a woman.

In a press conference this week, Pelosi was asked if Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War should disqualify her from the White House, seeing as how Pelosi had characterized that war as a “grotesque mistake.”

“I don’t think a vote on a war 13 years ago…I mean this was wrong all around,” Pelosi said after stammering around a bit. “That was then, this is now. We go forward. And I do not think that Hillary Clinton took on that, nor did I think the vote John Kerry took on it disqualifies him for being president.”

Pelosi could have left it at that and been content to wallow in her usual stench of hypocrisy. But no, she is apparently a banner member of the Clinton campaign, and she felt it was her duty to start stumping for Hillary. And since there is very little to say about Clinton in terms of her accomplishments, Pelosi turned to the only trait she has that seems to matter.

“What’s important is what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States,” she said. “It’s a very major consideration.”

It’s so satisfying when they slip up under pressure and accidentally expose the truth about their entire party. Not just their entire party, but the entire ideological movement that is liberalism. Of course, that truth is evident to anyone who cares to notice it, but for the Minority Leader to come out and admit that the most important thing about Hillary Clinton is that she is a woman…well, that is just magnificent.

Liberals look at Clinton, and that’s all they see. Just as they looked at Barack Obama and saw only his skin color. President Black Man. Candidate Woman. Is it any wonder that they are so quick to call their critics racists and sexists? If a person is nothing more than their category, then of course any criticism against them is based on that category.

To people like Pelosi, there is no way to separate the individual from his or her race, sex, sexual preference, nationality, what have you. And it doesn’t stop with politics. It’s everywhere. It’s why you can’t oppose illegal immigration without being accused of hating Hispanics. It’s why you can’t question the Ferguson narrative without being called a racist. It’s why – seven years after Obama came on the scene – his defenders insist that Republicans are only after him because he is black.

And yet somehow, they fail to see how this makes them the worst bunch of sexists and racists of all.

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