Pelosi: Hillary’s a Woman, That’s What’s Important

If you were to ask a hundred Americans what they wanted in a president, you would get an interesting range of answers. Intelligence, some might say. Courage, others might opine. Experience, leadership skills, similar political views, and a proven track record would undoubtedly be among the answers. But if you were to ask House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, her answer would be a simple one: the next president should be a woman.

In a press conference this week, Pelosi was asked if Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War should disqualify her from the White House, seeing as how Pelosi had characterized that war as a “grotesque mistake.”

“I don’t think a vote on a war 13 years ago…I mean this was wrong all around,” Pelosi said after stammering around a bit. “That was then, this is now. We go forward. And I do not think that Hillary Clinton took on that, nor did I think the vote John Kerry took on it disqualifies him for being president.”

Pelosi could have left it at that and been content to wallow in her usual stench of hypocrisy. But no, she is apparently a banner member of the Clinton campaign, and she felt it was her duty to start stumping for Hillary. And since there is very little to say about Clinton in terms of her accomplishments, Pelosi turned to the only trait she has that seems to matter.

“What’s important is what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States,” she said. “It’s a very major consideration.”

It’s so satisfying when they slip up under pressure and accidentally expose the truth about their entire party. Not just their entire party, but the entire ideological movement that is liberalism. Of course, that truth is evident to anyone who cares to notice it, but for the Minority Leader to come out and admit that the most important thing about Hillary Clinton is that she is a woman…well, that is just magnificent.

Liberals look at Clinton, and that’s all they see. Just as they looked at Barack Obama and saw only his skin color. President Black Man. Candidate Woman. Is it any wonder that they are so quick to call their critics racists and sexists? If a person is nothing more than their category, then of course any criticism against them is based on that category.

To people like Pelosi, there is no way to separate the individual from his or her race, sex, sexual preference, nationality, what have you. And it doesn’t stop with politics. It’s everywhere. It’s why you can’t oppose illegal immigration without being accused of hating Hispanics. It’s why you can’t question the Ferguson narrative without being called a racist. It’s why – seven years after Obama came on the scene – his defenders insist that Republicans are only after him because he is black.

And yet somehow, they fail to see how this makes them the worst bunch of sexists and racists of all.

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  1. this cracker should be put out by dismemberment

  2. “….If you were to ask a hundred Americans what they wanted in a president, you would get an interesting range of answers….” that won’t be surprising for they suffer from the Authority Cult.

    • But hey, there’s no “police state” huh? Come on all you good little prog/lib governbots…what ELSE ya’ got, what OTHER fairy tales?!!
      Talk about “the blind leading the blind” (or a pitiful attempt)!!!!
      Thank you “croc”, this is indeed scary stuff….but what’s even scarier, is how all we “conspiracy theorist” whackos, or “Right wing extremists” (I LOVE THAT one), are just discounted as candidates for shock therapy, or a padded cell…when the very ones that are pointing those nasty little robotic fingers, are the ones that are too “programmed”, or to shallow, and narrow minded to be calling ANYONE ELSE “nuts”!
      They have NOT the ability to reason, they have NO moral compass, no code of ethics, no REAL humanity…they are just….”Governbots”!!!!!!

    • Excellent video!! Most people can’t handle the truth, so they bury their heads in the sand. We are a nation of cowards!!

  3. And who cares about Nancy anymore…. if the Republicans win, it will be the end of civilization as we know it.
    Time for this old woman to go out to pasture….

  4. Concerned Citizen

    The right PERSON, man or woman, belongs in the White House. What an idiot assuming gender is a consideration as a qualification.

  5. How would Pelosi know, she is a brainless animal that should be in zoo. And Hilary is not a women. No women would EVER do the things she’s done!

    • Pelosi is afflicted by Terminal case of WADDED panties which cause CRAP F:LOW reversal in a way that she qualifies for the S-it for brains title….

      • Good one hawk….wondered what that look on her sour mug was!!! LMAO!!!!

      • I can’t take credit for this but thanks to whomever penned it originally!

        A major research institution has just announced the discovery of
        the densest element yet known to science. The new element has
        been named Pelosium.

        Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons,
        and 223 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.

        These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are
        surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

        The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

        Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact
        with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy
        neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of

        This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that
        Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in voting concentration.

        Again I don’t know to whom to give credit for this BUT IT FITS TO A TEE!

        • WOW… LMAO, and whoever originated this deserves Kudos as you do for Posting it!!!
          Regarding HITLERY…Who do you trust more??
          Mexican Tap water or her??
          Gas Station sushi or her??
          Obama iran nuke deal or her?
          Holder testimony to congress or her?
          Kerry :’it’s a good deal or her”
          Sharpton preaching the END of racism or her?

        • Love it…

  6. So was Squeaky Fromme and Lizzy Borden and Pelosi’s point is? ]Liberals are mentally ill..

  7. So Pelosi and her dumb sheep thought it was important the U.S. have a black president and look at the mess that got us in.

    Now Pelosi and her dumb sheep think it is important the U.S. have a woman president.

    I guess we should once again ignore all the incompetency and scandals of the ‘Woman, Hillary’. Pelosi has repeatedly made an arse of herself both on the House Floor and, for that matter, every time she opens her mouth.

    She is just an old, senile hanger-on who would just shrivel and die if she could not maintain the power the dumb sheep give her.

    Pelosi, ‘just sit down and shut up’. Your time passed long ago. You and Obama already cost many Democrats their seats in the last election and the rest are going to be swept away along with you and Reid in 2016.

  8. Katherine Gabriel

    Oh brother! Seriously, Nancy, you should fold it up before you embarrass yourself any further.

  9. Nancy Pelosi was a fool, is a fool and will always be a fool! Ms. Pelosi is an affront to everything that is good in leadership! She is intellectually dishonest, stupid and morally inept!

    • YEP, thank you.

    • And those are her GOOD points…..

      • Waaaaaiiit…….LMAO!!!!

        • Waaaaa..ditto…

          • Hillary’s a B, but she’s more our B,
            Than any crook from the rank GOP.

          • Name a crook from the GOP who is anywhere close to Hillary in lying, cheating, stealing____need I say more? Carly Fiorina would be a much better choice and would make mince meat out of Hillary on the debate stage.

          • Ahem, from the link, “The long-term political effects of a successful… health care bill will be even worse — much worse… It will revive the reputation of… Democrats as the generous protector of middle-class interests. And it will at the same time strike a punishing blow against Republican claims to defend the middle class by restraining government. – William Kristol memo, ‘Defeating President Clinton’s Healthcare Proposal’ 12/93.” The business model for today’s entire GOP is to sell out the US working and middle classes to the highest bidders. For prison, let’s start with DumDub, Cheney, and Rummy.

      • Remember, she said she was “going to clean the swamp” when she became speaker?? She didn’t. Instead, she jumped into the “swamp” with both feet!

    • Wrong !
      Not one of those lying Crooks are fools !

      They know exactly what they are doing…. AND saying.

      As Stephen Biko put it : “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

      Those who believe the words of the lying Crooks are the fools…..


    • her whole family here in Baltimore were Mafia Scum… what do you expect ?

    • And CORRUPT!

    • Right on!!! I guess in 2008 and 2012, the important thing was that the DumBOcrat candidate was 1/2 Black! And, we had to pass DumBOcare so we’d know what was in it!!!! That was almost the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard a member of Congress say!!! She said she’d “vetted” DumBO, too, and how nice it would have been had Conress READ the DumBOcare bill BEFORE they voted on it!!!!! I am beginning to wonder if there is anyone left in this country with 1/2 a brain and a modicum of integrity!!!

      • HEY!…..why ain’t dis “Bath House Barry”……”HALF WHITE”? He Mama, was a “rollin stone”…..never met a sex opportunity, she didn’t like, & take advantage of….”Frank Davis…..”Barry Obama, Sr……..Indonesian “guru”?……Who be da Pappy? bath House Barry don’t have no idee!~………………………:O{{{{{{{{

    • she is just another one of oboners sluts

    • Who can you trust more??
      Mexican tap water?
      a rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign??
      A Jammah Cawtah Economic Position??
      Obama Nuke Deal with Iran?
      Kerry :” it is a good deal” BS???
      Anything Obama says??
      Al Sharpton PREACHING anti Racism???
      Or Pelosi and Hilderbeast??
      I might start with Mexican Tap water and work my way down FIRST!!!

      • Stick with the Mexican tap and maybe the rattle snake, but don’t go any further.

        • I TRUST NONE OF THEM beginning with HITLERY! You DIP STICK! Just wanted to see which of the LIBMORINS would take the bait first!!! YOU WON!

          • He is saying that the only ones on the list he might trust is the Mexican tap water and the rattlesnake, but not the others. He is using a little sarcasm if you hadn’t noticed.

          • Well there is a possibility you may be right after all… just so that he is not LANNY DAVIS Spinning more BS to the Clinton KROWD…. :0)

    • Skellator – Also known as Nancy Pelosi is a corrupt and vile political hack……

      • and a true IDIOT! but not any bigger than the IDIOTS that Vote for this MORON!

      • she is a shrew. She goes back and forth to Calif . every weekend and we pay for that jet, we also pay for all of her liqour bills as she brings friends with her. She was able to get all kinds of jobs for hubby, now they are multi millionaires. But now she is in her 70’s and has dementia, Time to put her in a home before she does more damage, Just make sure you throw the key away after looking her up.

    • Why would you credit her with having any kind of intellect?…be it good or bad?…I heard her say she has 5 children, can you imagine that?

    • Well said! Amen!

    • Well put.

    • Now tell me how you really feel about Pelosi.

    • Piglosi is a die hard demon-crap and only worries about the party. NOT the people of the United States of America. When are they going to put this beast “Out to Pasture:?

  10. I don’t believe they really care – its all about the demonization of their opponent – which is a classic leftist/Marxist tactic – What they continually strive to do is to appeal to peoples base emotions – the ones who are vulnerable to this kind of rhetoric ..

  11. I am continually impressed by how stupid Liberals are , especially their ” Principled ” leaders …… And from these comes the new vision for our country ….. WoW …

  12. I really hope the sheep will wake up soon enough to not let Clinton into the White House.

    • As long as the liberals are sending their checks, they have no intention of waking up. They just don’t know what’s in their future and that’s that they will be trashed for the illegals as soon as Obama can get it done.

  13. That is why we have Obama, He was a black man. No other reason. Look at us now. Worst president in history. 18 trillion debt. Household income reduced by 2000. Insurance premiums through the roof, deductibles at unheard of costs. wasted so much for bankrupt companies (all have gone into bankruptcy). banks charging Higher interest and require larger down payments for home purchases. Lost standing in the world stage for political innovation.

    At least he did what he said he would do, lower the deficit, lower taxes on middle class, end the wars, close guantanamo. Oh wait, he did not do anything except offer free health care, increase deficit, waste billions on cronyism politics for bankrupt companies,Etc., Etc,

    Now people want Hilary because she is a woman???? No other reason. and Micheal believes the republicans will end civilization?

  14. Did she like, look up Hillary’s skirt? Or should I say look down the pants suit.

  15. Killery isn’t a woman, she is a soulless empty suit. There is no difference between her and Obama’s idea of change. Don’t you liberals feel CHEATED yet?

    • They don’t know how to feel cheated, they are so busy cheating everyone else, including each other, the blacks haven’t figured it out for 50 years what the Dems have done to them, nor many Hispanics, nor many women who actually think the Republicans created a gender gap when the Dems pay them in a poorer manner.


    • Naaaaaahhh…NOT yet!!

  16. It is clear that the Crown Princess is going to be carried by the media, illegal aliens, assorted decadent and exotic pressure groups, professional welfare recipients and foreign tycoons and tyrants into the presidential palace (called the White House back in the days of the Republic) just like assorted nonentities and incompetents were carried by the Praetorian Guard into the imperial palace during the decline of the Roman Empire. It is likely that the you-know-what will hit the fan when she is in office, with bankruptcy, collapse of the dollar, geopolitical decline and social and economic unrest that will likely provoke a state of emergency and a true clampdown by the tyrannical bureaucratic state that the present regime has constructed. Those who do not wish to be the subjects of a one-party socialist Mexamerica owned by the Chicoms, run by Soros and his minions and dominated by a nuclear caliphate need to begin planning for secession, partition and restoration of the constitutional republic.

  17. Pelosi doesn’t know what she is? Neither do I know what she is.

  18. Piglosi must be the same person who once said, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” Right? I guess we have to elect Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton so that we can evaluate how the first female president might perform. I think we have enough information about her past evil, cunning, shrewd, and ruthless ways to know that she does not deserve that honor and privilege. That special historic significance must be reserved for a highly qualified and patriotic woman who cares about America rather than a self-serving self!

    • Not on my watch. I’ll do everything in my power to see that she never darkens the doors of our White House again. She tried to take everything that was there when she left the first time and there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

  19. Two of the biggest Idiots on the planet ,One was once the speaker of the house and the other wants to be
    president. God help us all. After Obama got two terms I think anything could happen.

  20. The gender-verification test will make for interesting views. I will look at Jeb if you will look at Hillary. Two problems: (1) porn sites are stiff competitors and (2) Article II of the Constitution, defining the executive power, says that “HE shall hold HIS office during the term of four years.” [Emphases added.]

    Let’s be frank. No one reads the Constitution any more. It is yesterday’s old news. A mongrel mutt from Mongolia can be our next president. The inconvenience of a written document is that the terms of the agreement are spelled out in black and white. That is why Lincoln torched it.

    • Maybe you don’t read it but plenty of others do and it is still the law of this land. And, again, as usual, you liberals publish false information and declare it’s the truth. Lincoln did not burn the Constituion. Wiliam Lloyd Garrison, an abolitionist burned it because he believed it promoted slavery which it does not.

      • If the Constitution had been observed as written, Lincoln would have allowed the constituent states to secede from the union.

        Why am I now a “liberal”? Just because I point out that Lincoln provoked the American Holocaust so that seedy “capitalists” in the northeast could retain control (1) over the mouth of the Mississippi, our continent’s greatest river system, (2) over our export earnings, of which 90% were southern crops, e.g. cotton, indigo etc., (3) over tariffs, which imposed huge protections for a corrupt coterie in New England to the detriment of the people, (4) over a banking system that Andrew Jackson had taken down and which the predators of Wall Street were drooling to reestablish — Lincoln’s Banking Act of 1864 could never have been passed in a “democratic” republic — well, I could go on, but I am sure that I have already lost 95% of my readers at this point.

        The Constitution of 1789 was repealed at Appomattox. The Constitution of 1868, itself bogus, was nullified by the Brown decision of 1954. There is no such thing as the Constitution anymore. “Conservatives” are complicit with “liberals”, Republicans along with Democrats, in destroying our republic.

        What I want to point out is that the Constitution still exists in black and white for any literate person to read. Like the Declaration of Independence!

  21. That is the most asinine evaluation of what a president should be that I have ever heard; however, coming from the Pelosi, I am not the least bit surprised.I have not agreed with a single word she has uttered in her professional career as a legislator. As my great-grandmother would have stated,”Like a snake, she can’t help speaking with a forked tongue” The sex of our prez is not important, but he/she must have an IQ at least 50 points higher than Pelosi or he/she will not get my vote.

    • Pelosi is not stupid. I am old enough to remember that 65% of Americans voted for LBJ’s vision of gimme-gimme socialism in 1964. We still have MLK Day to celebrate the victory of communism. Nothing wrong with riding the socialist sleigh as long as the bells are still ringing and the EBT is still ca-chinging before you die.

      • You are as ignorance and uninformed as the lowest of the liberals. There is plenty wrong with riding the sleigh and that’s that you don’t work for the sleigh ride and WE do!!!

        • Hello? Did YOU vote for LBJ in ’64? Those of us who worked for Goldwater (I was too young to vote in ’64) truly believed his message of self reliance and his advocacy of small government. But 65% of Americans bought into LBJ’s message of socialism for the masses, getting what you can grab while the grabbing is good etc.

          • Hell NO I did not vote for LBJ in 64 nor would I have voted for LBJ in any year!!! I voted for Goldwater because I was more than old enough to vote. I have never been a liberal in my life and LBJ is just one of many reasons!!! Just because he was a Texan and I am too means absolutely NOTHING!!!

  22. And Pelosi is NUTS, that is more important!

  23. Pelosi is the female version of Dirty Harry. She is as corrupt or more corrupt than Reid. But then, is there even one democrat that is not corrupt? That is a requirement to be a despocrat.

    • You surly have got that right! She has to be suffering from dementia! No one flails their arms and hands like that! If she has one more face lift something is going to crack open!!

  24. Pelosi is a disgrace to Catholic women and to women everywhere. She is a fake and a liar and she is also self-serving, like Hillary. Two of a kind. I would not vote for either on my worst day, in a coma. Despicable women

  25. PatriotParatrooper

    Yes. A murdering, law breaking woman, just like you pelosi.

  26. Pelosi is an IDIOT… That is What really Matters, so an endorsement from an Idiot for a Phony Lying SOW is really not worth a “FARTING”

  27. Pelosi: You are a woman and that’s certainly not any more important to the people of this country than the fact Hillary Clinton is a woman. Both of you are much more than that which is evil, corrupt, immoral, dishonest and criminal and not acceptable to any decent person in this country. Hopefully your constituents have finally gotten to the point they no longer want you to embarrass them on the world stage and will send you home in November 2016. Let your husband put up with you for a change. We have done it long enough!!!

  28. So obama was a black man and since that is so, then he deserved to be placed as the Liberals King, now it is hillarys turn/ time since she is a woman to be our Queen. Boy what logic the Idiot liberals have in choosing a person.

  29. This remark by this remarkably stupid woman ranks up there with another stupid remark and i quote “you have to pass the bill first to know whats in it” referring to obamacare….oh that stupid remark Was PIGLOSI’S ALSO. What a pea brain!.

  30. I rarely use this word as I find it so despicable, but it fits Hillary to a tee, She is a “cunt”, period. Absolutely no redeeming features!

  31. Hillary is the most dangerous, morally corrupt, most deceitful, most polarizing woman in America… she is a sewer rat just like Pelosi and Reid! Look at all the scandals she’s been included in… plus, she has not one accomplishment anyone can think of!!

    • Cant wait for someone ( NOT MSM or Empty air heads from Networks or CNN) to ask :” Can you give me a list or even just ONE accomplishment you can Honestly claim .. and No being shot in Bosnia is not acceptable “

    • If ya’ ask “them”, they will tell you of at least one “accomplishment”…and dat’s all dat matters in their shallow, narrow minds!!!!

  32. Francisco Machado

    To recognize that Obama is irrational one must listen to what he says. To his dismay, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of what he has said. There is, however, no shortage of characters of the Far Left whom one need only to hear them to recognize that they are berserk ideologues. Among them: Gore, Reid, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. The intonation and speech patterns are sufficient. One need not even understand English to recognize the madness.

  33. Being a female is a reasonable qualification to be a whore. President, not so much.

  34. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    WOW did she see her/him with her/him clothes off. piglosi is arrogant,ignorant and dumb as a slug!!

  35. TeaParty Patriot

    Just having a vagina does not make hildabeast a woman

  36. I should think any woman considering public office would have the humility to self-examine and assess honestly whether she is truly fit for a role in government leadership. By the way, I’m a 61-year-old woman who would not trust most of my female acquaintances with that type of responsibility. nor would I trust myself with it. Egotistical females in my opinion are even more dangerous than egotistical males.

  37. I have a better suggestion, if we’re using the female gender as a reason to elect someone as President, I think Lassie, a female dog, is a better choice. Not only is she female, she’s smarter than Hillary could ever hope to be….and if there’s ever another Bengazhi, Lassie is already qualified as a compassionate living being with Rescue qualifications. She’s rescued many human beings, many times, including Timmy. That’s more than we can say for Hillary, and besides ” What difference does it make”! Lassie, Hillary, Lassie, Hillary…you be the judge? I’ll go with “Lassie for President”, I know she’ll get more votes in the primaries. Besides Lassie would do a much better job on tour in the “Scooby Van” than Hillary could ever hope to do. I find it interesting Hillary named her transportation after a “Dog”, is there a story here? Perhaps the story of Lassie?

  38. Oh Nancy, are you sure of that!

  39. But Nancy, Hillary has made it very clear she doesn’t want anything sexist including her name so we cannot vote for her because she is a woman(sic)…Hillary, Dillary dock, her words got caught in her sock(maybe bloomers), she cut her own throat, to get a non-sexist vote,..sunk her cuban cigar boat just like a rock…….bwaaaaaha, it ain’t art folks but it is cute… feel free to add a line or two..

    • Yes, you are “too cute” girl.!! 🙂
      “that Cuban “cigar”…didn’t get slick willy very far….let’s get out the feathers, and tar” !!! Hehehe!

      • How could anyone want to relive the nightmare from the first Clinton presidency. They turned this country into a joke, and Bill has never stopped that behavior and won’t stop if the hag gets elected.

  40. Both pelosi and hillary are female. I have serious doubts they can claim being WOMEN. The requirements of being Woman are more difficult to achieve.

  41. wish this old Mafia bitch would just drop dead…..

  42. I will not vote for Hillary because she is a woman. I will not vote for Hillary because she was secretary of state. I will not vote for Hillary because she was married to Bill Clinton or because she was a senator, or because she is a liar. or because she has a terrible record as a public servant, or because she is not fit to be commander-in-chief, or because she left people to die in Benghazi. I will not vote for Hillary because I love my country and do not wish to turn it over to a person who has no scruples, no ethics and no ability to do the job.

    • You really hit the nail on the head. She is corrupt and unscrupulous and it just boggles my mind how anyone could vote for her. Also scary that she could win because people choose to ignore the truth about her.

  43. Just as Bozo was elected solely because he was black, to follow that same path and elect HRC just because she is a woman (I use the term loosely regarding her) will mean we will have to endure more of the same for the next ? years. The low information voters that elect these type of people have done more harm to our country than any results of the wars we have been engaged in.

  44. OK sisugly needs a little lesson in how Americans pick a president. We have a voting system where all elgiable voters get just one vote per person,who you vote for is your business. Its not limited to gender as we don’t have any “its my turn now” candidates you have to qualify regardless which party it is. You must be an American citizen of propper age. Race or gender is not a problem. Damn it she has been lounging around in congress long enough to understand this she is just being as she normally is a fool that blabs and waves her hands speaking out her rear.

  45. TeaParty Patriot

    having a vagina does not make hildabeast a woman.

    • tea, if she has one, who knows, she looks like a man with make up , has just had plastic surgery, mean, nasty, Like I SAID, WHO KNOWS , WHY DID BILL CHEAT ON HER FROM DAY1. Now he is into 12 year old females., on the island.

  46. Hillary is a woman??? Are we taking bets?

  47. If Pelosi says it, it is most likely a lie. So Hellery may be a man even more weak kneed and limp wristed than her musloid ex-boss.

  48. We The People HAVE Certified Idiots and Lunatics for Leaders. When John F. Kennedy was POTUS; his friends said the trait Kennedy most admired in a human being was Moral Courage. NOW; in America circa 2015; in order to be Presidential Material; you just have to be a Woman? If this isn’t an indication of how low we’ve sunk as a society and nation; I truly don’t know what is.

  49. I am a woman and I along with a surprising number of my women friends will not vote for Hillary the socialist or any other woman with that leaning.

  50. She has never uttered one sentence that made any sense whatsoever. A lot of flailing of hands with nonsensical statements. How do they elect such strange folks!!!
    She and dirty Harry were quite a pair.

  51. I did phone banking for John Dennis (Pelosi’s opponent). She didn’t even bother to campaign and she still got 80% of the vote.

  52. Does the fact that H would be the first woman, and O would be the first black, then who will be the first fat president, who will be this first homosexual president,
    You see where I’m going with this……
    Could we please get a President who loves America, and wants us to be strong and stand for good things in the world. It should not cost anyone $2.5billion – something is very wrong!

  53. In a press conference this week, Pelosi was asked if Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War should disqualify her from the White House, seeing as how Pelosi had characterized that war as a “grotesque mistake.” “I don’t think a vote on a war 13 years ago…I mean this was wrong all around,” Pelosi said after stammering around a bit. “That was then, this is now. We go forward.

    But Obama and Pelosi can continue to blame Bush for everything they manage to screw up? Is that fair?

  54. Hitler was a man…so by this dimwitted hag Pelosi’s rationale, that was his main criteria, enabling him to lie, distort, abuse and murder…same as Hillary’s qualifications!

  55. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    She is a damn democrat from California.

  56. Where in the hell do people like this come from. This has got to rate as one of, if not the greatest, brainless remark in all of history. Pelosi is too stupid to be embarrassed by her own stupidity. “you’ve go to pass it to know what’s in it” only if you’re stupid

  57. Nancy Pelosi is a lying piece of filth…she would not recognize the truth
    if it crawled up her backside and pitched a tent!!!

  58. Kinda like pot calling kettle black isn’t it !!

  59. Hey pelosi. if killery clinton was a woman then just maybe that intern would not have gotten to sick bill, or perverted bill your call on that. I will admit killery clinton is a compulsive liar and disgusting evil vile irritating obnoxious convening irrational irresponsible ill mannered deceitful hateful heartless B—H from hell. Oh, you two are both so ugly you gag maggots and cause buzzards to throw up.

  60. Nancy Pelosi defies all logic. This woman, I would go as far as saying has never played with a full deck. We need to have all our elected officials endure a psych evaluation prior to any consideration of running for office. People like her are more dangerous than a firearm in the hands of a psychopathic cereal killer.

  61. old botox breath is spewing her slime again. her mouth is always overtaking her flea brain.


  63. An earlier quote from Pelosi, “What other 49 states?”

  64. Pelosy said something. Why are we posting?

  65. Why certainly! Whatever is in one’s underwear is what’s important. …… to some like Popess Pelosi.

  66. That is what is important?

    Not will she support the Constitution and prove it?

    The alleged murders that went on since her husband was Governor to her “Benghazi” days?

    The fact she accomplished literally nothing but intrigue and questions as a government employee living off the backs of people?

    The fact of her extremely foul mouth and physical assaults on her rapist husband?

    Why does she wear pants only despite it is important to know she is a woman?

    Her radicalism and support of communism?

    Her hypocrisy? Her prevarication as a way of life?

    Her support to destroy the family unit by welfare and same-sex abomination?

    And most of all how come if she is the champion of the people she neglected the tip jar at Chipotle?

  67. Hitlery is “a” woman…not “the” woman.

  68. It takes more than the equipment between one’s legs to qualify anyone for elective office, Nancy. That includes you too. We are suffering through one of the democrat’s “firsts” and no more. Color isn’t a qualifier either, as we’ve found out!

    • The reason why pelosi is saying this is because there is NO other record on which Hillary can run on.

      She is saying to ignore her treasonous betraying communist’s record and elect her as a woman instead. This may actually be very CRIMINAL of pelosi to say this.

  69. They also said electing Obam because he was partly black was important and look what a mess that got this country in. A man who despises America and has no leadership skills yet the democrats stand by the idiot they put into the WH and is making this country a joke around the world.

  70. LauraAnn Johnston

    I have no problems with voting a woman in as President of the United States as long as she is the RIGHT woman. However hillary clinton is the WRONG woman.

  71. Let the liberals have their Clinton Samwitch, it has got to be good now that it has been sitting on the shelf for 8 years….
    As Nancy would say, You must eat the samwitch before you can know what is in it.

  72. Neither one of them should think of themselves as a woman. Old hag is more like it.

  73. The point of the article is spot on. Democrats are very superficial people that try to pretend they are deep and knoledgeable. But the reality is that they use feelings and hysteria instead of facts. They judge quickly by appereances and their reasoning is based on fantasy worlds and not reality. The sad thing is that there is so many people that cant not tell their right from left, and are mislead by this sick minded ,superficial mental cases.

  74. Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    It is time for Hillary to be a Grandmother since she failed at all her other duties (National and personal.).

  75. Pelosi, has “forever” branded herself as “less intelligent than the “blonde jokes”, going around. Actually…..She is the Most stupid political figger in a century, {or more}!
    Pelosi, is as “stupid”…..As “Killery”, is crooked! “Slick Perverted Willie”, is as immoral, as a skunk “stinks”……..These “3” would be the second third,& fourth to be EXILED, right after “Bath House Barry”! America, never “needed” these anti-American disasters in the “first place”!…………………………………….:o{{{{{

  76. Didn’t they burn people like Pelosi at the stake long ago in Salem Mass.

  77. my daughter is a woman and probably more intelligent and experienced of what is happening in this country. Pelosi is apparently not a woman, maybe she should check between her legs to she if she even qualifies, being a woman is not what this country needs to be president. We have over 150 million of them and many are more qualified than Mrs Grandma Clinton. Her name does make her qualified, it only shows that she can care less who her husband has sex with and no matter how old as his trips with his PEDO friend shows. Mrs Clinton has her own Huma to keep her warm at night and has for years. Pelosi is so brain dead that maybe she should not run again but she is probably too stupid to do anything worthwhile except make an arse out of herself. After what the first Gay Muslim Loving President has given us we don’t not need another Democrat that doesn’t love this country as President Male or Female so forget Mrs Clinton is a woman and just look for someone who is Qualified and truly Loves America, you won’t find many Democrats to fit that bill and certainly not the lying deceitful and do nothing Mrs Clinton.

    God Bless America
    SCREW CLINTON because nobody else will especially BILL

  78. Right, this is the same woman who said we have to pass it to see what’s in it, that hasn’t worked out very well for the majority of tax paying citizens, just the non payers.

  79. My last pay check was—-!0! { $9500 } working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging —-!0!{15k} for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,………………….-

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  80. With Pelosi being the dumbest numb-skull on the Planet I can only imagine how stupid and shallow minded the idiots are in her district that keep voting for this blooming idiot,I would be ashamed for people to know that I lived in the same state, but the people in California do have a good choice for a woman President and that is Carly Fiorna

  81. now, now, people. pelosi has a point, just like the actress ashley judd, who said that the hillderbeast was more qualified to be president than anyone else. just take a look at the beast qualifications, and accomplishments. she has accepted millions of bucks from foreign countries, for influence on their behalf in politics. as the sec of state, six billion dollars has disappeared, and no one has any idea where it went. she has along with the pervert she married to, destroyed peoples lives when they attempted to raise awareness of billy boys rapes. she has left a large trail of death behind her also. she is a proven liar, she was fired from the watergate investigation. she disobeys and has been for a long time governmental procedures. she testifys before congress and says nothing that answers the questions. private server at home, deletes thirty thousand e mails she says were private. thirty thousand? and then conviently wipe the server clean. yes, its time that we had a real woman, aka, lesbian president. just look at the bounds we would be making forward. hurray for hillary, (a lot of sarcasm for this bitch)

  82. Nanapoo (AKA, the dingbat queen), you’er both lying socialists dingbats, that is what is important!

  83. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Hillary a
    woman? Pelosi may know, but … does the great white fornicator know?

  84. Calling Hillary a woman might just be stretching the meaning of the word! She couldn’t satisfy Bill who went out looking for “strange” wherever he could find it, including young girls. My guess is, that she is either bisexual or a full blown lesbian. That wouldn’t bother me if she wasn’t also a liar and thief!

  85. Look what happened to the WORLD when low information voters elected a Prezident simply because he was black and smoked pot !!! He and KILLery both maintain known and open Communist ties !!! That’s why they want to disarm us, and use those beautiful new FEMA camps. And the left is pushing hard for the Illegals to vote, and giving them free rides ALL the way here !!!
    We should go back to the system where only property owners could vote, that would change a lot of BS, and career Profiteering politicians.

  86. Why can’t miss “Nasty pslosi, call her whatshe is: A Lesbian, corrupt, sociopathic, progressive, that cares only for “herself’! “Killery”, doesn’t even ‘like” Slick perverted Willie”!……………….{ neither does Monica}…………………………..!…….:O}}}}}

  87. Since she has been described, without correction or complaint as Ms. Clinton, I would assume that she is a woman, with or without the sage advise that Pelosi offers..

  88. Someone needs to inform the college students that you don’t vote for a person just because it is time for a woman president. An interview was just done and that is what they said. Also some women feel the same way. Being a woman, I am ashamed that they are so shallow as to vote for Killery.

  89. Pelosi shows her stupidity again. Being a woman doesn’t make you presidential material……and this is specially true of hillary.

  90. What I think is even more telling is that she wants a liberal/ Democrat woman not a Republican/ conservative/ independent woman to be elected. So really it’s just a card. Just like the race card.

  91. Since Pelosi has been classified as a FOOL soon the people from San Francisco will be given a test to determine if they are all fools. If they vote Pelosi back into office then that proves SF has nothing but a bunch of fools in that city

  92. Pelosi magic hasn’t changed anything important there, I take it.

  93. Pelosi, that’s not what you said when Palin was on the ticket with McCain, you hypocrite!

  94. Let us remember that Stalin’s first overall commander of his Gulag was a woman.

  95. Well, if female is all that matters, what about Sarah Palin? She’s a woman, yet she’s younger, (MUCH) prettier, smarter, more eloquent, prettier, handles people/critics/heckler’s better, dresses better, is much more attractive, and most importantly, has a strong sense of ethics/morals.
    Did I mention that she’s considerably easier on the eyes?

    • You have a point, I think…but I can’t see voting for Palin simply based on you having the hots for her…she does have other qualities, but here is a thought…no one should be prez who can’t handle their own personal household, be it Hillary, pelose, Biden, Kennedy’s, Palin, etc…I know it sounds strange but I think the scriptures give a good example, when God gives you a task and you do well, then He gives you a bigger task…many of these folks in Congress need to go home and complete or correct their family duties, then run for office..

      • Well, her family is one of most well-behaved in politics; the news-media, however, has done their damnest to blow every little thing way out of proportion, not to mention twist and lie. And voting for someone who’s hot – we had a Canuck Gov. for two terms that pretty much devastated our state who was elected twice just because she’s “hot”. My intention was not that being the only reason to vote for her, but that she’s much easier on the eyes. That, and being facetious.

        • Don’t feel bad dfred1…I am not blind either, In my 70’s and I think Rand and Rick are easy on the eyes…just means I am old not blind…I mean let’s face it, if one has to watch a political speech, it is much easier if the person speaking isn’t butt ugly…and I do agree with you, Ms Palin is a beautiful, articulate woman…being attractive these days seems to be a cardinal sin…can you imagine what many of these politicians would look like if you removed their facelifts, eyetucks, botox, etc…Kerry’s face doctor must have really hated him…lol

          • If you meant attractive is a mortal sin, only for conservatives. But then again, being unattractive and conservative is also a point of derision for liberals. If you’re conservative, it doesn’t matter what you look like, you will be hated, mocked and scorned. Liberals are such petty, shallow, unitelligent, mean-spirited bullies.
            Apparently, those early years on the beauty pageant circuit, winning several Miss Congeniality awards gave Mrs. Palin the chops to handle hecklers with grace and aplomb, turning the tables on them, shutting them up and making them look stupid all the while sounding gracious and magnanimous and most importantly, Presidential.

          • Love your post….Kerry’ doctor forgot to add the two bolts to the side of his neck…to complete the look!!!! LOL

  96. “If you were to ask a hundred Americans what they wanted in a president, you would get an interesting range of answers. Intelligence, some might say. Courage, others might opine. Experience, leadership skills, similar
    political views, and a proven track record would undoubtedly be among the answers”….Those traits are NON-EXISTENT in any of today’s puke politicians, and have been absent since Reagan held office.

  97. Since we are lowering the physical standards for women in the military, we may as well lower moral and intelligence standards for presidency! OOps, we already have!!

  98. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Remember Pelousely’s comment on Obummercare?
    “We have to read it to see what’s in it”
    Would YOU approve something if you didn’t read it first???

    • Not quite, it was worse. She said to have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Nobody, not even members of Congress ever read it.

  99. Dear Nancy Pelosi, I hear that you’re a woman too. Look how that’s turned out!

  100. Pelosi is a moron and should be put out to pasture…remember what she did to America with her “lets pass this bill (Obamacare) and then we can see what is in it!”

  101. William Dinwiddie

    another example of why Pelosi is batshit crazy if I vote for a woman I want to know her stands on issues and current events and problems. to me just being a woman just like being a black man is not reason enough for me to giva a candidate my vote made that mistake once no more.

  102. That is as broad a statement as that THING can make. Pelosi is so stupid… think that justthe fact that hillary is a woman represents a SMALL MIND PLUS!!!!!

  103. maybe Nancy Pelosi wants to be Vice President. Oh God in Heaven help and save us from these women.

  104. How would Nasty Piglosi know?

  105. Pelosi is the most stupid woman , what she said insinuates that any WOMAN , house wife or whoever can become president. And this piece of skin(nancy) votes!

  106. Hillary lacks the qualification of a Woman, She is a walking ‘Freak Show’!!

  107. Clinton? A woman? Which one? You could have fooled me !!!

  108. One is dirtier than the other, just not sure which and both lie every time they flap their mouths, Both fall into Moron range and anyone who votes for Hillary is as stupid as Hillary, the lying bitch who killed 4 people by doing nothing. Bet if it had been her daughter she would not have been in such a hurry to let them die to cover up Ovomits misdeeds..

  109. Has Affirmative Action become a gender issue?
    Should Affirmative Action placards be placed for special needs people as we do the handicapped?

  110. Pelosi is a dingbat, that’s what’s scary!

    How could somebody that crazy wield any amount of power and influence?

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