Pelosi: Ben Carson “Disturbingly Unqualified” to Run HUD

Days after overcoming an insurgent threat to her Democrat Party leadership position, Nancy Pelosi took aim at Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Dr. Ben Carson for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Pelosi said Carson was “disconcertedly and disturbingly unqualified” for the job, a line the media ran with in their renewed war against one of America’s most celebrated black conservatives.

Save Trump himself, no one drew out the left’s claws in the Republican primaries quite like Dr. Carson. When he jumped to the top of the polls for a couple of weeks, the media went into frenzy-mode. They mocked him, they launched full-scale investigations into stories from his middle school days, and they painted him as an incompetent, bumbling fool who couldn’t possibly handle the responsibilities of the presidency. How this portrait was possible in light of Carson’s extraordinary and distinguished medical career, we never quite understood.

Maybe Carson was never destined to get very far in the primaries, but this concerted, widespread character assassination certainly didn’t help. And it wasn’t like he was the last man standing. He had a blip in the polls, long before the first debates, and the left acted like he was on his way to being sworn in. Why? Why overreact so early and so viciously to a man of Carson’s standing and reputation?

One guess.

The Democrats know they can’t afford to let the GOP make a star out of conservative minorities. White guys? Fine, go crazy. But look at the way they tore into Sarah Palin. Michelle Bachmann. Carly Fiorina. They don’t waste a second in ripping conservative minorities to shreds, and that includes blacks, women, Hispanics, you name it. The Democrats know all-too-well the power of identity politics and the power of having a non-white/non-male spokesperson.

Because it’s hard for a white CNN anchor to accuse a Ben Carson of being a racist, isn’t it? It’s hard for a guy on MSNBC to accuse Sarah Palin of waging a war on women, isn’t it? So they have to resort to these vicious attacks instead and paint these people as idiots or extremists or both.

Whether Carson is up to the task of running HUD or not will be determined by the appropriate confirmation hearings. In the meantime, Democratic Party attacks are more about the fear of losing one of their most potent attacks than about his qualifications.

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