PC Police Mean Business This Halloween

It’s that time of year again. It used to be that Halloween was a time to let loose, dress up, and have some fun. Supposedly, these opportunities still exist. But now we have special rules to follow that take some of the fun out of it. Liberals have decided that Halloween is rampant with offensive stereotypes, and they are on a mission to make you feel guilty about something they call “cultural appropriation.”

Cultural appropriation, if you’re not in the loop, is what happens when a white girl puts on sugar skull makeup. It’s what happens when a white man puts on a Native American headdress. If you’re not an authentic part of the culture, you’re not supposed to wear anything that came from that culture. If you traced this back far enough, you probably would have to show up to your Halloween party naked. But then, with some of the costumes out there these days, that wouldn’t be a big change.

Some colleges have posted phone numbers that students can call and find out if their costume is culturally appropriate. “Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” says one poster at State University of New York. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

But this lunacy isn’t limited to liberal universities. Walmart and other retailers are under fire for selling costumes that might be offensive. Of particular concern was an Israeli solider costume, which brought scorn from Arab-American groups who think Israel is the very definition of a terrorist state. Walmart withdrew the costume under pressure, ignoring the other side of the coin.

“Israeli soldiers are heroes,” said the Israel Group, an activist organization. “But Walmart removed an Israeli army costume from their website. Why? They surrendered to a vicious hate campaign – a campaign to demonize Israel.”

Mashable ran a story this week encouraging their liberal readers to confront their friends about questionable costume choices:

Help your friends think critically about their potential costume choices and encourage them to find other options, while allowing yourself to advocate for cultural sensitivity. If they don’t change their costume plans, or the offense competes unforgivably with your values, there’s no shame in dropping them for Halloween night.

Boy oh boy. If you were planning to go to your Halloween party as something bland like a princess or a hot dog, this is a good reason to switch to something a little more controversial. It’s a great litmus test, you see. Find out if you have any friends you need to snip out of your life. Because if you’re wearing sugar skull makeup and some caustic liberal comes up to you and starts talking about cultural appropriation, you don’t need them around.

Why is our society suddenly so interested in being offended over every little thing? Is there no room for a little light comedy? Do people actually live like this?

Have a little fun in your life. This trip doesn’t last as long as you think.

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