PC Nonsense: Now They’re “Undocumented Citizens”

Well, well, look at this. First, it was inappropriate and offensive to refer to them as illegal aliens. It had to be illegal immigrants. Then that was offensive. So it became “undocumented immigrants.”

But now, if the University of Maryland’s new poster campaign is on the leading edge of the left’s movement, even that term is too offensive. The new preferred terminology is “undocumented citizens,” implying that these are simply U.S. citizens who don’t have their paperwork in order. Nothing more than that.

The way these liberals phrase it, they try to take the politics out of it. To them, it’s just eliminating racist terms in the hopes that no one will feel offended. But that’s not the bottom line here. It’s always political, and this is an attempt to make our terminology regarding these people so antiseptic that it is rendered virtually meaningless. Which is funny, considering the posters say, “Words have power.”

“The use of ‘undocumented citizen’ (along with other terms such as undocumented individuals, immigrants, etc.) seeks to avoid dehumanization of an entire group of individuals,” said Nicole Mehta, a UMD activist.

No, what is seeks to do is make it sound as if these immigrants did not break the law of the United States upon crossing the border. Thus, when it comes time for (actual) American citizens to vote on these issues, they don’t come to the ballot box with any particular knowledge about what it is they’re actually voting for. It’s an attempt to make it seem like America is a land for everyone, and that any laws that restrict access are somehow inhumane.

But that’s ridiculous and it’s also very dangerous. What is our country if our laws are meaningless? What is wrong with having borders? What is wrong with having some sense of who is actually in this country?

These liberals don’t understand the damage they are doing to the future of this country. There is only so much welfare to go around, and almost every one of these “undocumented citizens” is siphoning off the public wealth. Soon, taxes will have to be raised to such an extraordinary degree that there will be no such thing as the booming economies we used to regard as a hallmark of American strength. And at a time when the future of the American job market and the middle class is more unsure than every before, the last thing we need are a bunch of leeches coming here because they couldn’t make it in their home countries.

It’s important to fight these language changes. It’s not about being offensive; it’s about being correct. You can’t address these serious problems if we’re using language that obscures the truth of those problems. This is just like President Obama’s refusal to call ISIS an Islamic terror group. Since there’s no inherent reason that someone should be offended by a term like “illegal immigrant,” it should not be of anyone’s concern in the first place. Which is good, because no one actually is concerned. This is a fake movement aimed at obscuring the real goal, which is a system where we no longer have any control over our country’s borders.

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  1. Next the left will ensure that undocumented citizens are capable of holding the office of the President of the United States…

    After all, Pelosi and those that confirmed 0bamas citizenship need to cover their felonious arses…

  2. How can a person become a citizen if they are un-documented?

    • It’s a make believe world. with a President that has make believe sons. Now, make believe citizens.

    • Their un-documented vote is worth more than yours… All a politician needs is the assumption that the vote is going their way, and they count it as a real vote.

    • “Undocumented citizen” is an oxymoron and those who believe they are citizens are simply morons

      • Are they really morons?
        They get almost every government welfare program there is.
        They live better than I do and I’m a bone fido Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America of a family that has been in America since the 1624’s. I have had my pockets picked so the illegals can live well, I feel cheated.
        America has to reject all socialist systems and America has to deport all non-citizens and America must definitely get rid of anything islam.

        • Well-said!

        • I meant the morons are the people who refer to them as undocumented citizens and think they should be treated as citizens. Probably a ruse to bring them a step closer to being allowed to vote. If any of us taxpayers tried to do anything without having our paperwork in order we’d get a “REJECT”.

          • yeah…for goodness sake..do not displace your drivers lisc.
            cost us about $40.00+ to get a duplicate….I feel like a stranger
            in my own land…..

        • Too bad the generation behind us has been brought up socialist!

          • I don’t know which generation you are referring to but I was born in 1932 and you can bet your last dollar that I wasn’t brought up a socialist. I and my entire family have been died in the wool conservatives for MANY generations. Even my grand kids are conservatives………

          • I’m talking about the generation x / millennials, “you owe me a living crowd!”
            I’m sure there’s a few true blues in there somewhere? You can tell them by their actions.
            The baby boomers and the greatest generation are on their way out!

    • Barry can make it happen through another illegal fatwa.

    • In the land of ObamOz anything is possible. Just follow the yellow brick road.

  3. Put them on a train, boat, ship, airplane and send back to the starting point . we have 90 million unemployed AMERICAN WORKERS that need to come off unemployment , welfair, gov’t assistance . we don’t need undocumented workers nor do we need those on work visas .Put OBAMA IN JAIL , TERM LIMITS ,GET THE LIFERS OUT OF CONGRESS. OBAMA CAN’T PROVIDE A TRUE BIRTH CERTIFICATE HES UNDOCUMENTED , WILL NOT RELEASE HIS EDUCATION INFORMATION BECAUSE HE IS , IN ALL LIKELY HOOD SHOWEN AS A FORGEN STUDENT.

    • We need to throw all the politicians in Washington in jail for life and take everything they owned should be confiscated and their families made to wonder in the streets without any government assistance. All the employers of illegal aliens should also be given the same treatment as the politicians. I have no mercy and compassion for people that are destroying our great nation.

    • and send them the bill…I’m sure the other countries aren’t doing this for free…but in the USA there are idiots that believe it’s against their civil rights to deport them….

    • I agree with the points you are making but I question the accuracy of your statement that 90 million are unemployed. The population of the country is approximately 315 million, 90 million is about 29% of the total but that does not account for stay-at-home spouses or children. If we assume that 50% of the 315 million are work force eligible and are working or seeking work then your 90 million is an unemployed figure of 57%! Not believable. When making an argument try to be believable or you waste your time and credibility of your entire argument.

      • That figure might also include those who are under-employed as well.

      • That could include the lazy welfare rats who don’t want to work, since they get free Obama phones, food stamps they can sell to buy booze and tobacco with, section 8 housing and not have to take care of their kids.

        • the O didn’t start the welfare train..that was the Demoncrat way
          of insuring the Demoncrat Black vote….and that tactic is STILL being used today..i can understand when you have children to
          feed, but it is time we made jobs avail. to every Citizen of this

        • They’ll be the first to be house in the FEMA camps if Obama gets a third term. The rest of us will have to sleep and live outside with UN guards outside the fence!

      • I read in some online article that the unemployed is 47% in 2015.

        • I’m not setting myself up as an expert in employment or unemployment, although I’ve been both. I grant that the unemployment in the nation is a lot higher than the published figure. I just ask what figures are being used to determine that 90 million or 47% of the population is unemployed? What is being counted? is it the people that are wanting to wok? Are you counting stay-at-home spouses that have full time job as homemaker? School age children?

          • Sorry. I don’t remember the name of the article — but I think I read it on NumbersUSA.com

          • off the top of my head If you count those that are retired, immigrants, incarcerated and those that are government employed, just for chett an giggles, I think we have our numbers!

    • And YOU dream, right along with the rest of us!! NO ONE will have the balls to do shit, except sit on their dead asses and watch this pitiful country perish!!

      • I was hoping Trump would follow through, but that could still a long wait!

        • I think Trump would make a good war president and it looks like we are heading in that direction, thanks to our illustrious leader, sic . I see two things in him, one good, the other not so good at this time in history. I was watching Trump’s face, off guard photo shot of him at the honoring of the survivor soldiers of Pearl Harbor and his expression moved me and it is the only time I have seen that on any politicians face for many years and it was real. The other side, a taste for opulence. I can’t fault him for that but sometimes in order to understand something really down deep, you have to have experienced it at least once and I don’t think he has ever been broke or poor. But, he does recognize it. He is also hard pressed where the evangelicals are concerned, they know that occupying a pew doesn’t make you anymore a christian than standing in an automobile makes you a car.. Ps, he is tireless and not lazy and I confess I thought his penthouse was beautiful, more power to him if he can pull this country up out of the financial gutter we are in…I also like Cruz but there is some sort of Goldman Sachs connection and his wife is purportedly on some foreign relations committee. I don’t know if that is good or bad. Rand Paul is a fervent, fighting for our Constitution, humble kind of guy, which looks strange with all the braggarts around. I would have liked Christie for AG if he hadn’t been photographed hugging Ob. plus, he looks like old time mafia, lol, doesn’t mean he is, he just looks that way.

          • I like Trump even with his short falls he’s not beholden to any special interest. I believe he’s sincere he’s pro American, pro-military, and is serious about protecting America and her interest. Hopefully he’ll open regulation so small businesses can flourish in America. He’s my first choice!

          • The planet’s ONLY current choice.

      • one of the things that causes most of the trouble in this Nation Is
        worrying about things that have already have happened, that you
        cannot do anything about because it has already happened….and
        the other, is hearing a man*s name mentioned too much…….

    • Great start. Just be sure to add Drug Testing!

  4. No matter what you call them, a snake is still a snake and they still do what snakes do!

  5. They are illegal aliens. They are not citizens and this PC shit is completely out of control and no one calls them out on it. The liberals make up shit and lies to advance their twisted agendas

    • Criminal aliens is the term that you are looking for

    • I don’t give a rat’s behind what we call them,…..they DON’T belong here!!!

    • Well Peter, I never thought I’d live to say such a thing, but I NO LONGER BRAG THAT I’m a Vietnam vet. I have been thru hell since then. Open heart surgery with valve replacement 15 years ago, the works! Disabled and originally place on disability list with $1300.00 each month, but last year they took every penny of that away from me. And just last month, our fine treasury dept was nice enuf to write me and tell me that my social security will be reduced by 1/3.. Soooo, now I can’t keep up and I’m losing the home and will most likely have to rent a room. Soooo, I hope everyone will forgive me when I say, “Thanks a lot, you cheap bastards! I hope the terrorists (refugees) that get MY money choke to death on it!! SCREW GOVERNMENT !!

      • Not to make light of your predicament, Mr. Dennewitz… allow me some latitude…

        Yours, is dang near the exact circumstance I have been preaching to the Choir about, concerning Obama and his confounded “gun-grabbers”

        Your circumstance, teetering on losing everything you have worked for, is the prime reason that some… only SOME … go berserk.

        People that have long ago passed “background checks” to purchase a firearm, can be driven BY those circumstances… to do things they would normally never even consider…
        Thank you for your service in Viet Nam !!

      • Michael, You need to appeal what they did to you. There is a veterans Court that hears cases and can hopefully help you get your comp back. Good luck from a Nam Vet. Also get in touch with the DAV, VFW, And the legion someone will help you

        • dream on. One of my children works tirelessly trying to help vets thru one of the organizations you mention, but it is political time now and no one will say anything. I also just read that Detroit has over 2000 homeless vets, both men and women. One tiny little church decided they could afford to feed them twice a month. Imagine, only being hungry twice a month. But, on the plus side they have enough money to be a sanctuary city, another city is a no go zone, and it doesn’t come any more dumbed down than this. Oh, and did I mention they have cut funding for physically and challenged kids twice in the last two years. And don’t go to a Soc Sec office or you will leave foaming at the mouth, but those needing interpreters were leaving, smiling from ear to ear, no rabid foam there.

          • Phyllis, You are right and I agree with you. I was trying to let him know that there are places that are supposed to help veteran’s. It should be press one for English and press two if you are a veteran. There are to many out there that need help and I am not excluding children they especially need it but this is the way obummo wants it. It’s a come to America and take all the benefit’s away from the people who are legal citizens. Obummo sucks

          • On my oje trip to SS office I noticed that there were no Caucasians there beside me, but there seemed to be an abundance of beaners that didn’t speak English as their first language as they were all speaking Spanish & needed interpreters

          • Everybody in the World with a TV set speaks English we are getting the Lowest Slum Dwelling Disease Ridden Pieces of Human Refuse! I’m a Retired 17 yrs. service Fl. Correction Officer! 17 yrs. of DEALING with these Leeches.. They come here for the FREE RIDE. I asked lots of them over the years! Same Answer. Free Country, Free Food, Free Money! Death to Moslems And Democrats!!

        • The VA is far, far too corrupt to fix………….DEFUND NOW !
          Issue Disabled Veterans a Health Credit Card so they can FINALLY receive GOOD Health Care, FAST Health Care, and Health Care WHEN & WHERE NEEDED.
          The DAV, VFW & AL think the solution is throwing more money at the problem.

      • That is absolutely CRIMINAL! Thank you for your service. What you went through there had to be hard enough.
        What an absolute shame to treat a veteran that way.
        It is also an absolute shame that Mr O was never removed from the WH. The Bill of Rights says we can when one is a despot, we have not only the right but it says it is OUR DUTY to remove such a one.
        Why we haven’t just baffles me.
        My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with all the veterans.

        • We still do not have the votes and we do not want the VP to have the rest of his term + his 8. We had a chance but we did not get enough votes last election. If we do not get the votes this time we will have Hillary for 8 and it will be even worse.

          • WAtch where you vote — STOP multiple votes by your citizens . WE are only allowed to vote once.. DO not allow the — votes — to be counted somewhere outside of your district.. Remember our ass/hole chief had the votes counted outside the USA.. OUT IN La La Land..

      • I know what you mean, happened to me last year. Of course I can’t blame it all on the govt, my house got hit with a fire, then the flood from hell, under water for a week, then identity theft. My cup runneth over. I would tell you what was done to me but I would probably die of a heart attack repeating it. I hope you make it sir. I sometimes wish I hadn’t. I lost my home too but a different method was used to do me in. What state are you in?

      • I don’t know where you live brother, but go to combatvet.org, scroll down the page and find a chapter near you. Our motto is Vets Helping Vets and we have members of every expertise. Best of all we all served in combat zones so we’ve been there. The local chapter in your area should be able to hook you up with resources to help you out.

      • Foking Libarel FedCoat screwed another American Citizen… can’t wait to skin a few civil servants for revenge… this country is about to go up like a burnt match head all thanks to Political Correctness Pukes…

      • WE have been thru two anti vet administrations, Clintons and Obama. Nothing will change until we get a Christian Conservative President. I know there is a differance between the VA in different states. The Hosp. and Clinics in OK are very good; moved to LA and they are soso and very slow, if its serious don’t go there.

      • Thank you for your service and there are private agencies who can help you, find them and sic them on the government.

      • Michael, I am truly sorry that all of these bad things have been happening to you. I would be surprised if you are alone. I can’t fix that but for what is is worth I am still proud of you and of your service. And you should be, too. Please don’t give up the honor of having served. I know it doesn’t pay the bills but if you lose self-respect, especially for what you did for your country, it will be just one more thing to add to the list that an ungrateful country has taken away. Know that we are not all ungrateful. Remain proud. Remain diligent. Remain an American. And it wouldn’t hurt to jump up on your Representative’s desk and raise a little Hell. Semper Fi, brother.

      • Trump will fix that for you friend.

        • The way Trump talks about helping vets sound good to me, it’s way past due too sound like he is going to try to straighten this BS out. We owe so much to every one of them that fought for America. I served from 62 to 64 & volunteered for a short tour got approved but I didn’t go


      • Retain a lawyer seems they have left you no option, I feel your pain after fighting & risking it all for this country I think they owe you more than they have been getting. Get in touch with Am
        Vets they will help you & they have a lot of pull especially after loosing a limb or more

      • MICHAEL DENNEWITZ: I fully understand Mike. Did three tours myself. I used to suggest and recommend a career in the military to young guys after high school if they couldn’t afford college. BUT NOT ANY MORE. This POS government we have now screws and demeans the military every day and every way they can. While I support our vets as much as I can, being one of them, it is criminal that Wounded Warriors have to beg for help for our fellow vets after they have given their arms, legs, and MINDS for this nation. And what really pisses me off is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the Secret Service, the FBI, and all these politicians know what is happening and don’t have the guts to do anything.

      • Another reason to vote
        Trump into office if he does just 1/2 of what he promises we vets will be in better shape US army 1962 to 1964 & those 2 years was enough for me

    • No they are Illegal Immigrants who have broken Federal Laws. .

    • You hit the nail on the head!

    • Does “he” include himself in there? Criminal is the right word!

  6. How about illegal invaders…since that’s what they are. ENOUGH of the PC b.s.

  7. New terminology makes it easier for them to vote for the continued hand-outs at the expense of the few remaining American citizen taxpayers.

  8. Many generations of my family were born here. I have worked all of my adult life. And yet, I feel like an indentured servant to these “undocumented citizens”.

    • That is because you are picking up the tab for all their welfare benefits while the businesses who hire them pay next to nothing in their cheaper wages and certainly no benefits. Welfare and entitlements cover that. Big win win for business and politicians who are on their payroll while you and the rest of us tax payers get screwed!

    • My ancestry goes back to the Cherokee nation. How do you think we feel? lol

  9. Calling them citizens does not make them citizens. They still need to be sent back to where they came from!! NOW!!

  10. Our universities are at the cutting edge of destroying our country. These professors need to be taken care of–mind changing–before they completely ruin what we have. All “illegal citizens” need to be rounded up and deported yesterday including their so-called anchor babies. The only way to save America.

  11. Works for me! I can now refer to our current President as an “Undocumented President” as he has seen it be correct that “All” information about him has been hidden from the public, unless released by the New York Times, Washington Post or the Huffing & Puffington Post! And we all know that these paragon’s of journalism would never, never lie about any President!

    • Obummer, born to muslum father and American mother, we aren’t sure where, both with communist leanings, friends and family with communist beliefs, boarded with the family of Bill Ayers, with communist ties, following in the foot steps of Sal Alinsky, a union thug with socialist beliefs, came to power with the UN and EU socialist elites backing, his friends and minions from Chicago, a communist hot bed. Na, he’s not a commie muslum. Is he ???

      • I don’t have a clue! Everything is hidden from public view, I would guess that only a few folks could answer the question. I would think Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Whatsherface and the listed journalists gangs would know, or at very least make up a great story about who and what he is! I actually think “He” doesn’t know who or what he is!

      • Don’t forget being tutored by Frank Marshal Davis. Another piece in the puzzle.

  12. Anyone involved in immigration of should look up the definition of sauverancy. It took me two years to get residency in Costa Rica with 90 day stay limits along that period of time.In other words,I had to leave the country for two days and then re enter for another 90 days. You don’t want to be caught overstaying your 90 days.

  13. Uh oh! I am in agreement. I don’t believe they should be called citizens. That’s it. I still don’t go along with the muslim baiting and Obama birthing


  15. Come on just say it—- “WETBACKS”.

  16. They are neither immigrants nor citizens. They are illegal aliens.

  17. Illegal is still illegal!! Screw PC language.

  18. I dont know about any of the other CITIZENS here but i am offended to be lumped in with the “undocumented citizens” here. What about my feelings? Oh thats right i am an American i dont count.

  19. Trump/Cruz 2016…because demanding respect for our nation should come natural to any elected ‘leader’…For these two, it does…others? They’re all about power at any cost…It’s time to make America great again…our kids and grand kids deserve their American Dream first…Trump does four years and Cruz does eight…it’s going to take a long time to fix this nation…

  20. The term ‘illegal invaders’ is still apropos…

  21. The left and the dem wits have always tried to relabel illegal aliens. It is their hope the invading herds will all vote for them illegally of course. They don’t care, they are desperate and know they have pissed off the silent majority. And we are going to vote them out of office at each and every opportunity. Them and the go along get along rinos!

    • Part of that silent majority are millions of pissed of veterans that are loaded to the teeth. In addition, there are millions of pissed off Patriots that are hunters and also loaded to the teeth. Will there be another American Revolution ??? Maybe. Will you be ready ???? I will. US Navy vet, 1966-1970; Hospitalman, FMF Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacy Tech: the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); Freedom is NOT Free; America, Home of the Free Because of the Brave; All Gave Some, Some Gave All; America, the most Exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth, and don’t anyone forget it.

      • And when the terrorists have their machete at your neck, all that prior allegiance won’t amout to squat! What this country needs to do – – people are too chickenshit to stand up and DO!

        • By the time they get that close there will be dozens of their comrades laying before me. Remember the Viet Nam scuffle ??? The body count was at least 12 to 1. And that was just the bodies they left behind. No telling how many are still buried in the collapsed tunnels and blown up bunkers. After the Tet Offensive, old General Giap wrote that we had them on their knees until LBJ and the demowit congress cut off the funding and went to the peace table. History knows what happened next.

      • First, thanks for your services reagangs. You may be right if the graft and corruption continues. And your assumption about preparation of the country populace is correct. That is why the dems and the rinos are trying so hard to disarm the country. That is also why we have this 2nd amendment to prevent an out of control government from continuing its existence. The forefathers knew this would come to pass and BO may very well be the one who forces this on the legal citizens of this country. Not all will fight, but you are right freedom is not FREE. Many, many have paid the price for us to this time. Now it may be our turn. We likely are facing the most traitorous administration in the history of this country.

  22. Kenneth Van Antwerp

    Regardless of what you call them, they still shouldn’t be here. Remember an ILLEGAL CITIZEN IS STILL an ILLEGAL.

  23. They are and always will be CRIMINALS. They are breaking our immigration laws. They are here illegally, they crossed our borders illegally or stayed here after their visas expired which makes them criminals according to our laws. Obama’s own aunt and a brother were criminals because they stayed here after their visas expired for years and years. They stayed even after they were ordered out of the country by a court of law. Obama is a criminal because he went to college on grants as a foreign student from Indonesia. There is no record of him as a US citizen so he is a criminal according to our immigration laws.

  24. These liars know no limits, they know no truth, they know no law, they know no constitution, they know no economics, and they know no respect for standing social structure. They can’t be reasoned with, they can only be defeated.

  25. Criminal Invaders out to Rape, Plunder, Pillage and destroy our nation. They have nor respect for us on any
    level and could care less if our nation fall. We have elected individuals who are just as bad and one in the
    oval office who is working night and day with his Socialist Democrats to render us back to third world status
    ripe for a muzzie invasion. They are not “Undocumented Aliens” citizens or any thing else except criminals
    who only deserve one thing, to rounded up and shipped back home. Drop them on the Tarmac of the airport
    and let their country take care of them. Legal and Lawful Immigrants are welcomed and accepted as long
    as they understand our customs and respect the. They must learn to assimilate in to our society and not
    expect us to convert to their way of thinking. Our culture is a conglomeration of many societies from
    around the world into our own unique blend of freedom and respect for each others. Our skin tones may be
    different and out ethic background but we come together as AMERICANS in time of need. Foreigners do
    not understand that, how we can put aside our differences to act as one for the common good of our nation.
    We do not want, need and will not accept invaders at any time.

  26. Citizens my ass. They are Muslims brought here by Obama and his Islamofascist Democrat Party to destroy America. Compounded by all the sleeper Muslims all ready here, America will soon be paying a high price in blood. Just watch the increasing terror in Europe. Even Merkle is having second thoughts.

  27. To say that liberals don’t understand what they’re doing to the future of this country is bullsh*t. They do understand what they’re doing to the future of this country. They see America as an imperial power in the world that needs to be reduced to being one of many equals. That’s been Obama’s policy all along. This fits in well with the left’s tenets of equality and social justice.

  28. We hard working Patriotic American tax payers don’t really give a squat what illegal aliens or their enablers think or feel. If they haven’t been medically checked out, vaccinated, finger printed, cross checked for criminal records, sent through orientation about our values, taught beginners English, and passed, taken our Patriotic oaths on National, state and local governments, looked for a job and actually found one, went to work, started paying taxes and contributing to their communities and looked a local group of 100% Americans in the eye and received assurances that if they didn’t measure up, they would pay the price, then, and only then, they would be considered “citizens”. That’s the way it is. No “ifs, ands, or buts”. Pure and simple.

  29. It’s time to start telling the truth instead of lying about it in order to change attitudes. Immigrants who came to this country are just that — illegal immigrants. If they want to be citizens of this country, then they need to come legally and follow our legal path of citizenship.

  30. Truth is NOT racist. And why don’t they just call them what they are ‘illegal undocumented ‘VOTERS’.

    • At last election the following instructions for voting was published in a SW FL newspaper:
      “You will NOT BE turned away if you do NOT have proper identification”.

  31. CRIMINAL INVADERS not undocumented citizens, this is all a ploy to get them to be able to vote, for Democrappers only.

  32. They are CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN TRESPASSERS and they ALL need to be removed from US Soil until they can arrange to come back LEGALLY from their country of origin. Also the law needs to be corrected so that any child born in the US who has either or both parents US Citizens shall become an automatic US Citizen, but if neither parent is a US Citizen then the child will be considered a foreigner allowed to stay under the Visa the parent has but if they wish to work in the US, attend school in the US or receive any benefits from the US or any state, need to apply for Immigration Status Legally.

    We fixed this whole mess back in the eighties with Simpson-Mazzoli, but then we never enforced the new, strict rules. So tens of millions of ILLEGALS came in and look at the mess we are in now.

    Also, NO ONE should be permitted to work in the US for anyone or even have their own business unless they pass the e-verify program, have a valid Social Security number, and are either a US Citizen, Legal US Resident with Work Authorization, or on a valid Visa that permits working in the USA. They must file annual tax returns and be current of their taxes or their Visas should be revoked.

    Simple, common sense!

  33. Short of armed rebellion what can Patriotic Americans do to make the biggest “BANG” to impress congress to correct the course of America?

  34. Mission creep .

  35. I agreed they are illegal aliens. They should no be given any kind of welfare assistance, food, clothing, driver’s license, jobs, and even health care. The illegals have made impossible for 95 million Americans who want to work jobs.

  36. What part of illegal do these liberals not understand.

  37. Democrats are DEMONIC RATS that are damned by GOD and are Minions of SATAN!

  38. Illegal entry into the US makes them Illegal. They are aliens because they are not of America. They are not immigrants because they have not immigrated. They are not citizens because they have not taken the oath and agreed to assimilate. They are undocumented because they have no documents. So, they are UNDOCUMENTED ILLEGAL ALIENS! What part of that equation do the Liberals not understand?

  39. This crap is exactly how the female (???) shooter is San B was given her visa by DHS. It is DHS policy to NOT check an applicant’s social media pages in order to not offend them (WTF?????). I heard that this morning and it checks out. Yet, the NSA scours American citizens’s phone calls, emails and of course social media pages yet DHS does NOT do the same for an individual from a known terrorist country??? Who the hell is running this country??? Clearly, the nuts have been allowed to take over the nuthouse and they are going to take us all down with their dumb a$$es! I don’t think Trump or Cruz can help straighten out these idiots! A huge catastrophe might culture shock them into reality……

  40. The way these liberals phrase it, they are offending the common sense of the America’s real citizens of all persuasions. I do believe these elitist liberal/progressives take correspondence courses on how to become a full fledged idiot. Well America, we programmed Obowelma to lead us in that progression. of idiolism.

  41. Next the undocumented citizen will be offensive and the libturd PC police will say they are citizens….can’t fix STUPID!! Why is it offensive to call a criminal a criminal or law breaker??? Proves libturds hate the truth!

  42. Every time one of our homeless CITIZENS freezes or starves to death the President and all members of congress should face at the very least charges of negligent homicide.

  43. They are not citizens
    They are felons…
    They broke into our country and dare to demand something?

    More BS and more lies.

  44. I’m so G.D. sick of this administration & the “PC B.S. that has come with it, I could puke!!! I’m just wondering if we can EVER get back to being America again,….or is it gone forever?!?!? I still cannot believe the voters of America could come this close to ruining this country!!!!

    • It is because so many people in this country have no stake in this country. They just want to take whatever they can from it! Too much diversity.

  45. Stop callling these propayers of spind libreals. They are propagandists who are living in a fantasy world. PC’ers are another political force. Neither beast nor fish nor fowl they poisen the mind with foolishness. Raised by Barney the Dinosaur they think everybody under the skin is just like them.
    Our ancestors were better at being people. The truth is that the soft language hides the facts.

  46. We have to have the most idiotic and just plain stupid leaders of anybody on this planet! PC is BS! When our own government does not know when laws are broken then we are doomed. Things have to change from the direction we are headed or this country is done for!

  47. The PC crap is getting out of hand.

  48. STOP sending your children to Liberal Colleges. That is the only way to put these fcking morons out of business.

  49. Other countries shoot people or put them in prison to rot. We give them an apartment, food stamps and free medical care, a cell phone and movie passes – oh and cable.

  50. They ARE aliens, and they ARE here ILLEGALLY, so the PROPER term is ILLEGAL ALIENS, PERIOD!
    Close the damn BORDER and WAKE UP AMERICA!

  51. Let me get this straight, everyones posts that I’m reading is about illegal immigrants coming across our borders and taking things that you all deem as yours. Well imagine that, a bunch of Illegals themselves calling everyone who NOW comes to the USA illegal, when by definition “American Indians” are the only true citizens here in America and everyone else are FOREIGNERS!! I personally don’t want anymore illegals coming here and destroying my home of birth, just like all of the illegal immigrants did way back in 1492, who now have the intestinal fortitude to gripe and call this their country, who have stolen it from the original inhabitants. But I digress, let’s vote Trump into office and just maybe he can do some good about all of the illegals including obama and all of his cronies by pursuing Federal charges against them for Treasonous acts against America, by ignoring the Constitution as it’s written.

  52. These University morons need to be re educated ,censored and muzzled!
    The legal definition of unauthorized persons in the USA is “ILLEGAL; ALIENS”!
    Arbitrarely changing the designation to anything else is not in compliance with US immigration Law
    and underscores the moral bankruptsy of left wing academia and the democRATs!

  53. Illegal INVADERS!!!!!!!!!!

  54. They are “Enemy invaders”. Anyone that invades this country for any reason is an invader and that makes them an enemy.

  55. Stupidity Breeds Stupidity ——-What else can I say

    • But Ellen, WE ARE THE STUPID for letting them get away with it. All WE THE SHEEPLE DO IS SIT AROUND, TALKING ABOUT UT! NO ONE has the balls to stand up and do anything, ANYTHING about it!!

  56. Remember the verse?
    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    Don’t allow the left to redefine lawlessness for compassion for us Christians. Redefining the language to justify their Utopia agenda is deceitful and comes from Satan himself.

  57. Peter, I would opt for either ‘ILLEGAL ALIENS’ or ‘UNDOCCUMENTED FELONS’.

  58. More Liberal ignorance , they thinking Illegal or Alien are Racist terms , they aren’t , they are legal terms ….. I also love how Liberals use the Constitution to their advantage … as in Trumps threat to ban Muslims until the Obama Administration could prove they are vetting these people correctly …. but on the other hand are willing to strip Constitutional rights when they disagree with what the Constitution says , as in the First and Second Amendment …… typical Fascism …..

  59. It’s the perfect storm. The dems see ignorant voters, the repubs see cheap labor. A marriage made in Hell for Americans.


  61. The stupidity of the left knows no boundaries. Illegals, are just that. People who are breaking our immigration laws. They do not deserve any rewards for their illegal behavior. All they deserve is to be rounded up, and kicked out of the country. it is just sickening to see how the progressives and the left are destroying our nation

  62. The term Undocumented Citizens doesn’t even make sense. If you’re not a Citizen, you can’t be an Undocumented “Citizen” and these people are not Citizens. If you’re a Citizen of Mexico and you’re here illegally, you’re an Illegal Alien. If you are here and have papers that allow you to be here, you’re a documented immigrant. If you’re Muslim and are here, you’re an unwanted nuisance

  63. Let’s call a “spade” a “spade”, not some “fancy graphic” that includes a vague description. If they crossed our borders WITHOUT PROPER DOCUMENTS they broke our laws! If the left keeps trying to candy coat their clueless act of acception, then perhaps we need to route all these law offenders to live in the left’s neighborhoods? If libs are so delusional abt what their actions are doing to our country, then they need to see and feel it up close and personal from the illegal law breakers themselves. And let”s see how “accepting” the lying left really is.

  64. Liberals are undocumented citizens also

  65. I much prefer the old terminology of “WETBACK”. If that offends someone…….tough poop!!! They are “ILLEGALS” no matter how you spin it. They came over our border without proper documentation. In many cases they destroy border ranchers property, and in one case they murdered a border rancher. They are known to steal from the border ranches and break into their homes. Ranchers on that border are forced to carry a sidearm at all times even in their own homes. When out and about on their own property, they carry rifles or shotguns in addition to a handgun. THAT IS NO WAY FOR AN AMERICAN CITIZEN TO HAVE TO LIVE !!! However, being realistic, that is probably going to be the norm for all of us living along border states. I don’t leave my property without being armed. What a hell of a way to spend my elder years…………..

  66. “CITIZENS?” Like God-damned Hell they are!! They are illegal aliens. Period!!

  67. I’d rather call them illegal aliens and criminals, and if the PC libtards don’t like it, they can kiss my white conservative ARSE!

  68. Was it the socialist left wingnuts who coined the term Political Correctness, which is like a woman being just a little bit prego!!!

  69. Once upon a time in the early 20th Century, illegal immigrants were called WOPS, without papers. I remember as a kid in the 1950’s and early 1960’s that on TV and at the Post Office there were PA’s and posters calling for all aliens to register on an annual basis. No one thought of this registration as being against aliens and that the government had a right to know where they were.

  70. Who gives the University of Maryland the right or power to change what the Illegal Immigrant are, because it sound offensive? So what will a sexaul rapist or a murderer should will be called?

    • Suspect UofM is over-run with crack heads, nincompoops, PC LiberalTARDS, RINO’s, brain damaged and colon mucus coated idiots………select any two?

  71. As citizens of the world we are entitled to everything that you have, including your jobs, your benefits, your schooling, health care and social services, all for free. And when it dries up or if the state collapses we will move onto the next welfare state, leaving behind another decapitated economic system in our wake. Dumb Americans, they just can’t see it for what it is…an invasion.

  72. pleasetellmeimdreaming

    There is NO such thing as an UNDOCUMENTED citizen. They are undocumented ALIENS. Cut the PC crap and call them what they are!

  73. By definition, you can’t be a Citizen without owing allegiance to the country in which you born or naturalized .So an “undocumented citizen. is simply put, an oxymoron, not a person. IF THEY ARE UNDOCUMENTED, THEY ARE ILLEGAL! Documentation doesn’t mean a damned drivers license.It means the same kind of documentation our great grandparents got when they came to this country.They learned the language and pledged their loyalty to this country

  74. Sorry, they’re “illegally” here, meaning they circumnavigated the legal process to be here; and they’re “alien” meaning they owe allegiance to another country or are a foreign born person. So, “illegal alien(s)” is the correct wording and definition regardless of how it’s termed in the democrat party. “Undocumented citizen” is a corruption of the language, much as the undocumented Kenyan corrupted the White House.

  75. Yeah, citizens of another damned country, UNDOCUMENTED in THIS country!!

  76. How about cutting the baloney, and refer to these people as exactly what they are, ILLEGAL ALIENS. No big word there, are there?

  77. My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!


  79. If they were citizens they would be documented.

  80. Libs really want to buy their votes.

  81. ENOUGH of this PC ( PURE CRAP) Obama Vacilating Vomit full PROCLAMATIONS…..Ler’s call a SPADE A SPADE and Invading Illegals WHAT THEY TRULY are… And DICK HEAD JEH JOHNSON better start VETTING THEM ONE AND ALL CORRECTLY!!!!

  82. Well in this World of convoluted thinking, how about coming up with a term for an American born disabled senior citizen who is damn sick of paying taxes for these “Undocumented Citizens”, maybe that way I can keep a few more bucks of MY OWN MONEY! Let the liberals figure out how to pay for all this on their own. However, No Increased Debt Or New Printing Of Money Allowed!

  83. waiting for the Call to Arms… illegal bastard invasionary force are just future targets to me…

  84. Yea right these are the same people who are delusional and represent an illogical minority and
    rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media which holds forth the
    proposition that is it is entirely possible to pick a turd up by “the clean end”

    • lol,see libs @ the park picking up their dogs turds….. ahhhhhh…. too foking funny… country is full to the brim with nit-wits…. clean end of a turd…. Ahhhhhhhhhh-FOK a DUCK ! 😛

  85. Al PC is a lie and all who use it are liars. What can you expect from insane people, all Liberals are infected with a type of insanity. Dr. Michael Savage will back up this statement.When you are as old as I am, you can remember when a liberal was a conservative person and a conservative was a scrooge. Now Liberal, Progressive and Democrat all are PC for a Communist.

  86. Being from another country and invading this country, then as invaders they have no rights under our laws. Just saying.

  87. THEY are putting in your mind that they are already citizen here. How ’bout “illegal citizen”? LOL!

    Might as well fight oxymorons with oxymoron statements. The homeopathy approach.

  88. Come to think of it ‘undocumented citizen’ may be the correct terminology after all.
    Upon slivering into our country in the middle of the night they receive all the welfare benefits any self respecting ghetto dweller would be proud of. Then, as if that wasn’t enough there are even entire cities devoted to receiving them and giving them ‘stuff’ called sanctuary cities.
    Doesn’t it make you feel good about yourself….generating an entirely new group of people dependent on ‘entitlements’ making all sorts of demands on an already bankrupt welfare system!
    There is still one constant, the white Anglo Christian taxpayer still remains the racist bigoted American/Mexican undocumented citizen and Afrigan American haters that pay for all of this…. yea dem honky types is jus bads peoples !!!!!

  89. Regardless of what the liberals think, they are still ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  90. well liberals called them whatever you want. they are still illegal and i am offend that they are here.

  91. To QUOTE the DEMOCRATS………..”You can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig”…………..Take that you PC Dumba$$es

  92. illegal alien, fundamental islam, and calling a spade a spade should be used

  93. They are thieves and liars and lowlife scumbags. I want a better life for my sons and I. But my government has taken away my rights and work and given them to foreign criminals. We have no where to go. So in order to give them a better life, I am going to become an unlicensed bank robber, because they have the funds to give us a better life. I might also become an unofficial illegal alien ass kicker and deporter.

  94. They may be citizens some place. But not here.

  95. They are all criminals guilty of entering a sovereign country without permission, not a damned one of them should be allowed to stay and suck our country dry, take our jobs, and depleting our country. Trump is right about the immigration but he should’ve said to close all immigration from every country for a period of ten years to allow the country to heal

    • Trump, is mellowing… I am sure what you are saying, is what he means… He must know that instant mass deportations would not work well…
      Persons caught without permission to be in-country, including those who have overstayed student or work visas, need to be invited to leave… until such time as they satisfy a vetting process…

      • Agree, mass deportation will not work however, enforcing the law and deny employment, certainly will have them go back to where they came from. It’s that simple.

  96. They can call them what ever they want but they are still ILLEGAL and not Citizens.

  97. they are illegal aliens they will never be citizens of American no matter what kind of papper they have

  98. You and the camel you road in on…Don’t let the door hit you in the as-s on the way out…

  99. How can you be an “undocumented citizen” when you are not a citizen at all? This PC crap is off the hook. We need to get back to plain language with simple meanings. By the way, being a bit non-PC; Merry Christmas. If that offends you, too bad.

  100. With this BS I think it is about time to end this pc bs in fact it is way past due to end. Lets get our country back to the way it was before the left got into power. I guess I will never be PC no matter what if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck how in the world can someone tell me it is a chicken, I think you get the idea.
    These days things like the San Bernardino attacks could have been prevented if only the people that notice all the irregularities would have reported them but they didn’t want to be called racist how stupid can one get???

  101. “These liberals don’t understand…”

    I’m not willing to give them that benefit of the doubt. They know *precisely* what they are doing. It’s called Cloward-Piven: so overload the system with demands that it collapses. They’re doing it deliberately.

    liberals don’t understand the damage they are doing to the future of
    this country. – See more at:
    liberals don’t understand the damage they are doing to the future of
    this country. – See more at:

  102. Crap by any other name is still crap!

  103. Yes they are citizens, but not of this country. If they come in legally, they should have a path to citizenship.
    If they break our laws by coming illegally, they should never become citizens.

  104. Undocumented citizens my [email protected]@. Ain’t no such thing. Even calling them undocumented aliens is bad enough. If we let that stand then we need to call drug dealers “undocumented pharmicists”.

  105. Maryland’s opinion is JUST that, an opinion. The rest of the country doesn’t have to agree with it, especially since it is valueless. The TRUTH is the millions of people, from other countries, who have been breaking American laws when they ILLEGALLY cross U.S. borders, are illegal aliens, whether Maryland likes the terminology or not. The flow of immigrants is steady because of socialistic liberals, like those in Maryland, and others. They have no loyalty or respect for America, and it’s established laws, so they through their actions and words, teach or give the impression to illegal immigrants that our laws mean nothing.

  106. I have an idea why don’t we call rape undocumented penetration I mean if going kiss the ass of the lawbreaker than we should call a murder unfortunate death we could call pedophiles overly friendly citizens

  107. There’s no doubt where this came from. I don’t care what “they” call them. They are illegal border jumpers and after an appropriate warning should be shot if they continue. But after all that has happened and is happening now it could be shooting at the wrong people. If we had ANY leadership we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

  108. They are in NO WAY citizens of this country

  109. These are the weapons the Socialist (Corrupted former democrat) party will use to destroy our rule of law in this country! Obama’s plan to make this just another Third World Country! ILLEGAL INVADERS or ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS! They need to be deported according to the law! Same for that ILLEGAL in the White House!

  110. horse pucky they are undocumented alright undocumented criminals that illegally came into America, and now they want to call them citizens? if they were immigrants they would have immigrated here through legal channels not illegally, they are criminals and anyone harboring or helping them in anyway are also criminals!

  111. We have Immigration Laws for a reason. Avoiding these laws allows good and bad influences to enter the Country. Then all is lost. The Immigration Laws our Grand Parents followed are NOT broken as the President says. They just need to be followed and enforced. It is amazing how things work when we use them correctly!

  112. Why do liberals avoid the truth?? Illegals are illegal. The term UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS is totally incorrect. You cannot be a citizen unless 1. born in the US or to US citizens and 2. apply for and go through the process of obtaining citizenship as did my grandparents. Another change is to minimize the term WELFARE by changing to ENTITLEMENTS. Are you entitled to a paycheck if you don’t work for it??? How can you be entitled for food coupons, housing assistance, heat assistance, payment for having children many out of wedlock, and money from the government, fed and state, health care, when the recipient has never paid for these freebees? The truth is that these are all welfare payments. An entitlement is something earned by work or investment and payment for the benefit. Again, liberals lie and Obummer is sets the pace.

  113. So if I used an “undocumented weapon” and popped a few of these “undocumented citizens” it never really happened??? Just sayin.

  114. There is no such thing as a undocumented citizen.

  115. Let’s stop pussy-footing around and call them what they truly are: Criminal Alien Insurgents.

  116. They are and shall remain CRIMINALS. ILLEGAL (SNEAKY) ALIENS.

    When someone sneaks in your home w/out your permission they are known and hopefully charged with being a burglar. If they are not caught or if they are released due to some Politically Correct Bull Sh*t, they usually commit even more Violent crimes. Stats don’t lie.
    How are ILLEGAL ALIENS, who SNEAK into The United States any different? If they are not caught or if they are released due to some Politically Correct Bull Sh*t, they usually commit even more Violent crimes. Stats don’t lie.
    Think just maybe it is time to enforce the laws we have on the books”?

  117. Criminals one and all – illegal means CRIMINAL

  118. They are God-Damnmed Beaner Wetbacks! Always Have Been and Still Are! Always Will Be!! Remember White Folk!!- P/C stands for “Pussy Cracker”!!

  119. If they are citizens they would have a birth certificate showing they were born on U.S. territory OR papers showing that they have been “naturalized”. Lacking either one of those forms of documentation they are aliens and therefore have no rights bestowed upon American citizens by the Constitution. A passport or visa does not afford them citizen rights. What Obama is doing with these illegals and refugees is totally against the law. We are NOT bound by any refugee or immigration programs of the U.N.

  120. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  121. This is all documented bull—-!

  122. What a crock! Frig PC! They are ILLEGAL Immigrants! They broke our laws. As that feckless, cowardly weakling currently occupying the Oval Office is quite fond of saying: PERIOD!

  123. “Undocumented Citizens”???? What Bovine Excretion.

  124. The University of Maryland can go to hell!! Who are they to decide what is proper terming?? They are ILLEGAL ALIENS who cause nothing but TROUBLE!!!!! Round them up and throw them the hell out of our Country!!!!

  125. PC Nonsense: That sounds about right, and to the point also, without the usual regiments of weasel words.

  126. Call them anything you want, but it’s still the same product, an alien in country without papers. Re-naming it doesn’t change crap.

  127. Illegal law breaking disrespectful pieces of human waste.

  128. Welcome to our wonderful, heavily polluted, fast spinning around the Stoli system, planet dirtbag, where upside down is rightside up and good is bad, and evil is worse.

  129. They may be CITIZENS of the WORLD but in the United States they are still ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  130. PC – Political Censorship of the 1st Amendment rights of the American people. This is what this Admin of Obama and the Minority groups of this country are about, they can’t control so they denigrate those who don’t see the way they think. It is ok to put down those who don’t agree with you.

  131. We are the only country on earth without borders because, ya know, its bigoted.

    • 75 years ago the invaders were Nazi’s and American’s youth stormed beaches and died to stop the invaders…..today the PC LiberalTARDS & RINO’s offer welfare, cell phones, housing, DL’s, and the right to vote…..

  132. Time to rid America of the Left. And illegal immigrants.

  133. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS,and anyone who supports them are law breakers also!!SEE:Federal IMMIGRATION & NATIONALITY ACT,,section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii).

  134. unadulterated garbage.

  135. This is just so much horse hockey. If they are in this country and they are not supposed to be, they criminal foreigners. They are criminals because they broke our laws, and they are foreigners because they are from a foreign country.

    The left wing loonies who use euphemisms in a worthless effort to not hurt those criminals’ feelings are certifiable idiots.

  136. Illegal aliens are Illegal aliens!!!!

  137. Jumping the White House fence means the trespasser is and undocumented visitor.

  138. They will always be “illegal aliens” to me, and I will correct ANYBODY who tries to call them any sanitized version of something else! Screw that crap. I’m even considering renaming them as “criminal aliens”. Yes, I think that I shall do just that. Stand up or get rolled over!

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