PC Nonsense: Now They’re “Undocumented Citizens”

Well, well, look at this. First, it was inappropriate and offensive to refer to them as illegal aliens. It had to be illegal immigrants. Then that was offensive. So it became “undocumented immigrants.”

But now, if the University of Maryland’s new poster campaign is on the leading edge of the left’s movement, even that term is too offensive. The new preferred terminology is “undocumented citizens,” implying that these are simply U.S. citizens who don’t have their paperwork in order. Nothing more than that.

The way these liberals phrase it, they try to take the politics out of it. To them, it’s just eliminating racist terms in the hopes that no one will feel offended. But that’s not the bottom line here. It’s always political, and this is an attempt to make our terminology regarding these people so antiseptic that it is rendered virtually meaningless. Which is funny, considering the posters say, “Words have power.”

“The use of ‘undocumented citizen’ (along with other terms such as undocumented individuals, immigrants, etc.) seeks to avoid dehumanization of an entire group of individuals,” said Nicole Mehta, a UMD activist.

No, what is seeks to do is make it sound as if these immigrants did not break the law of the United States upon crossing the border. Thus, when it comes time for (actual) American citizens to vote on these issues, they don’t come to the ballot box with any particular knowledge about what it is they’re actually voting for. It’s an attempt to make it seem like America is a land for everyone, and that any laws that restrict access are somehow inhumane.

But that’s ridiculous and it’s also very dangerous. What is our country if our laws are meaningless? What is wrong with having borders? What is wrong with having some sense of who is actually in this country?

These liberals don’t understand the damage they are doing to the future of this country. There is only so much welfare to go around, and almost every one of these “undocumented citizens” is siphoning off the public wealth. Soon, taxes will have to be raised to such an extraordinary degree that there will be no such thing as the booming economies we used to regard as a hallmark of American strength. And at a time when the future of the American job market and the middle class is more unsure than every before, the last thing we need are a bunch of leeches coming here because they couldn’t make it in their home countries.

It’s important to fight these language changes. It’s not about being offensive; it’s about being correct. You can’t address these serious problems if we’re using language that obscures the truth of those problems. This is just like President Obama’s refusal to call ISIS an Islamic terror group. Since there’s no inherent reason that someone should be offended by a term like “illegal immigrant,” it should not be of anyone’s concern in the first place. Which is good, because no one actually is concerned. This is a fake movement aimed at obscuring the real goal, which is a system where we no longer have any control over our country’s borders.

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