Paul Ryan Unleashes On Trump

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has said that Republicans should have performed better in Tuesday’s midterm elections. He also criticized former President Donald Trump saying that he was part of the reason why the party performed poorly and had such disappointing results.

During an interview from his home in Janesville, Wisconsin, by local station WISN 12 News on Wednesday, Ryan said that he had been happy to witness the incredible win by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He also added that Republicans should reflect on why the “red wave” failed to materialize.

Ryan added that they would need to really look at all of the material and the numbers to see why they did not do well. However, he said that DeSantis getting re-elected was a blessing during election night.
DeSantis managed to win his re-election with a close to 20-point difference. This meant that he left Democratic challenger Charlie Crist far behind him as he shaped Florida. In most other cases GOP candidates managed to win incredibly tight races, while on many occasions they also lost the races they were in.

Trump-endorsed Republican nominees Dr Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano both lost their races for the U.S. Senate and governorship in Pennsylvania. In New Hampshire, Don Bolduc did not manage to flip the seat held by Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. Herschel Walker is currently heading for a runoff election against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia. Finally, in Arizona, the votes are still being counted so far both gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Senate nominee Blake Masters are behind their Democratic opponents.

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  1. Paul Ryan is weak and a joke. Rhino at best. He needs to just switch parties and be done with it.

    • yes, Paul Ryan is one of the republican RINOS is slum town USA!

      • Trump is a real problem for us. He’s not electable anymore in a general election and won’t go away quietly or support an electable candidate. I know we don’t like to hear it, but Ryan speaks the truth.

        • We should NEVER listen to RINO, uniparty, elite, globalists like Paul Ryan the LOSER. What kind of fool would do that? The republicans FOR YEARS talked about being ELECTABLE and we LOST these races over and over.

          President Trump is still the strong leader of the Republican party.
          And as for DeSantis, he was an unknown and about to lose the race for Florida Governor until President stepped up and supported him and DRAGGED him over the finish line.
          DeSantis is great but he NEVER publicly supports MAGA and you don’t hear him talking with gratitude about President Trump.

          • Addressing your points.
            Yes, Paul Ryan is a gutless RINO.
            No. DeSantis was not an unknown. He was a Florida congressman. Known in Florida but not on the national scene as he was NOT running for president. Why does DeSantis need to speak with gratitude about Trump. That election was 4 years ago. Is he supposed to kiss Trumps behind forever?? Actions speak louder than words and DeSantis’ actions tell me he supports a MAGA type agenda.

          • Now Paul Ryan is a rhino. Please. He’s a well respected Republican. More respected then the orange turd. Republicans will go no where kissing the orange turds butt. They need younger new life to bring the party back to the way it used to be. Trump is running it into the ground with his dictator acting self

        • And you’re full of it!!! How quickly you people forget that, when Trump was in the WH, our economy was doing great, our country was safe and protected, etc…WE FELT SAFE and OUR FREEDOM WAS NOT JEOPARDIZED, and OUR KIDS DIDN’T have to deal with ALL those freaks! ryan is nothing but a Rep. RINO! If you want to support that kind of people, guess where you fit in.

        • TRUMP 2024 IDIOT

  2. Ryans just another Gowdy…ring full of hot air!

  3. Well, the best thing you can say about Trump is that he’s a whiny, self-obsessed juvenile.

    • Well, the best thing I can say about Trump is gas was a lot cheaper, my 401k went up considerably, same with the price of my house. Now under Pedophile-in-Chief Biden, gas is double, 401k lost all its gains and more, and my house is tanking more each day. A dumb democrat might call that a good thing but intelligent people would say things are getting worse.
      As far as the midterms, democrat women voted with their vaginas, a lot are sluts and whores, the type that need abortions. Their men are puss-whipped, some dem women even have more balls than their men, quite literally.
      It’s sad but true. One might even call the midterms an immoral victory!

  4. While I believe Paul Ryan remains a political weak sister, sadly, he’s not far off the mark here. Trump has fundamentally become to polarizing a figure to 1) get himself reelected and 2) to try and maintain tangible endorsement properties; he’s D.O.N.E. and believe me, I love the guy! Mr. Trump – with all due respect – along with any officials within the GOP, still looking for Trump to be the party’s hood ornament, is making a grave error and he’s hurting all of us by trying to remain on the spotlight.
    These weak, Midterm performances compel absolute urgency for 2024. He not not say another word, just quietly go away and allow DeSantis to garner all the momentum possible!

    • I support Trumps idealogy but stop at his usage of words and criticisms of others who try to help him . He should be gratedul to
      every inch of ground he has garnered to date . But , his refusal to accept others ideas and constructive criticisms , is his bad import. He should have learned that by now. His advisors should grasp the stark reality of this and strongly impress on him the
      absolute necessity that he should not go for the no. 1 slot on the ticket . Instead, if he were to go for the V.P. slot , that would make a win-win situation. As such he could become very useful as the leader over Natl. Defense and Homeland Security. There are
      many issues facing America , the most important item , going forth will be the Womens Rights to choose their own medical futures.
      This last two elections has brought that to square one.

      • I agree with you. Have said this myself. He needs to step aside if he really cares about America. He would be great in some other position rather than President. He does not take criticisms well and does not like to be questioned or told what to do. He also needs to stop and think before he speaks and choose his words carefully. When he calls people names and belittles them, it bounces back at him. I appreciate everything he did while in office, but I don’t think he should run again for the Presidency. He needs to support Desantis if he decides to run.

  5. I think you may stop bashing Trump and start focusing on what really happened…the baby body parts being sold gor votes! Pro choice folks found away to sway voters from long ago with cool ads for planned parenthood. Like abortion is a party! Along with the path for cannabis legalization. Paul Ryan should a make better talk. That was cheap.
    Get REAL and stop the old story line Trump crappo. We are all sick of it.
    “The Great Reset” is like AI. And started pre -Trump.
    It gloms into whatever the weakness is identified and exploits it. Screams it from the mic, over and over again.
    Planbed parenthood can provide all services except very limited abortion. Very limited abortion. Pro choice is not limited. NOT limited including afterbirth!!! You need to work harder and ask better questions. Where is Paul Ryan on Abortion? Cannabis? Fentanyl And , a President Biden overstepping his power, by a mountain leap, with student loan give aways?? How to dumb down kids, teachers, communities? A greed beyond belief.
    Take Farm Girl Flowers for example-they gave 20% off for PPH and PPH gave them a boost too marketing moment in Feb 2020. How sick is that??
    Why not feature Abortion Death factories, pain inficted on premmies in utero, selling baby slushy body parts and the guy exposing them is locked up? Is that pro-choice? Or murder. Someone is dying 100%.
    How about Cresco, billion investments? Crypto rip offs?
    Do your job!

  6. Paul Ryan should know that it’s no ones fault that the Repubs didnt do as good as they thought they would, but the same cheating and fraud that was used in past elections by the Dems. Please watch 2000 Mules and you will see the proof.

  7. PB, I was a big Trump supporter but you have hit the nail on the head, he is to polarizing and needs to let DeSantis handle himself.

  8. Paul Rynn is nothing more than a closet demon-Rat.

  9. Paul Ryan is a POS RINO! As Speaker of the House, he did nothing to help the American people but he did the Dumocrats’ bidding.

    As for President Trump, if he was as bad as he is portrayed, why are the Dumocrats so afraid of him? They’ve tried to impeach him twice and failed. They’re still trying to get him for other BS, like documents and J6.

    Republicans didn’t do as well as the polls indicated but neither did Hillary, the election Denier, and the Democratic Party in 2016.

  10. I hate saying it but in Desantis you get a seasoned, experienced 44 year old fit for eight years and no negative baggage, therefore garnering more votes from more republicans, independents and even some dems. Trump loses a lot of that support especially after the latest examples attacking tow of the best republican governores (any governors!) in the country in a long time (since Reagan in Cali)
    I never cared at all about how crude Trump was as long as his geffective policies got enacted. Unfortunately too many others will discount the good stuff and hang on to his crude remarks which dont get enacted into law, so who cares about puffery words from his mouth. Other good presidents were tough minded and tough mouthed such as Teddy Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and others.
    If Trump is bordering on cantankerous now then what will he like in 5 to 6 years from now in his 3rd and 4th year? i dont want to see him trying to bloody Desantis and Cruz in a vicious primary contest. No one does – bad for the party and bad for the country altogether.

  11. Perfectly said! These libs and rhinos all sing the same song but Trump got stuff done that they all said could not be done. He was a solid leader that our enemies around the world feared. This garbage on the international stage would not be happening If he wasn’t cheated out of his win in 2020. These people are slime bags. Look at all he accomplished with those assholes standing on his neck from before he was even nominated. I don’t know how he did it. You want to blame anyone for our loses blame that asshole Mitch Mcconnell and Kevin the phony Mccarthy. They both stabbed Trump in the back many times. The turtle held back money to help republican candidates because Trump endorsed them and Mccarthy is just a plain phony and everyone knows it. I hope he doesn’t become speaker. The republican leadership has no spine. They talk a good game and then run the other way when the fight is about to start. This is why so many people no longer want to vote. There is some good strong new blood in there especially MTG and LB. Those 2 women have more guts than most of the men. They will never be heard as long as the typical Dc republican stays in office. So don’t blame Trump, He did more as a civilian getting people across the line than most in the DC swamp who get paid to do so!

  12. Paul Ryan was a fake from the beginning…..nothing but a lying RINO…and Fox was stupid for hiring the clown. he accomplished little or nothing for the country while in office. As for those whining about Trump, find your pacifiers. He did more for the country while fighting 90% of our supposed government that was turning commie. He’s from New York where they’re brusk/rude. I don’t care how he says anything as long as it’s true which I know all of you whiners think all you say is true…SMFH.

  13. Every time someone talks about Trump , Trump followers get upset if you continue to follow Trump you will be a loser just like he was in 2020 and these last midterm elections get over it the man was fired because he was not doing his job as a president he criticized everybody that didn’t agree with his thoughts and ideas

    • At least he doesn’t try to make up false charges or fake dossiers or try to silt or jail his political opponents like your Pedo-inChief Joe does?
      BTW. Are you a pedophileetoo, Alfredo Lasagna??

      Can you explain why you want communism here in the US so badly?

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