Paul Ryan: Trump’s Muslim Ban Violates First Amendment

House Speaker Paul Ryan is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous politicians in America, perhaps even moving past President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to threats against our cherished way of life.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Ryan, along with many in the Republican leadership, are now being forced to take off their masks and show the country that – when it comes right down to it – there isn’t as much difference between them and the Democrats as they’ve had us believe.

That’s not to say that Ryan isn’t a conservative. He is. To what degree or to what effectiveness he is can be debated, but you would have to be fairly ignorant to believe he’s a liberal.

But as we consider a future that will be endlessly darkened by the shadow of Islamic terrorism, it’s not enough to point to your fiscal bona fides. It’s not enough to give speeches that sound like edited versions of speeches Obama could have given. It’s not enough to stand up there and talk about vague concepts of “American values” when millions of Americans are legitimately afraid for their lives.

On Sunday, Ryan once again went out of his way to criticize Donald Trump. “I obviously don’t support the Muslim ban,” he said in a CBS interview. “I do not think we should have a religious test on people who come into this country. I believe in the First Amendment, I believe in religious freedom, I believe in religious liberty.”

But these are just empty words, and, frankly, you could slap these particular sentiments on Obama’s teleprompter tomorrow without changing a thing. And since we’re talking about a president who has been nearly treasonous in his failure to address Islamic terrorism, that should greatly worry Republican voters.

We have a chance in November to take this country in a new direction, free from the politically-correct chains that have kept us weak for far too long. If we lose that chance due to establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan, we can and must hold them accountable.

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  1. I believe in the first amendment, I believe in religious freedom, I believe in religious liberty….but when a religion requires are demands one to KILL in the name of their God then I find exception to the religion as it is not a religion but a legal loophole to gain power by what ever means.
    A massive cover-up to kill without any guilt…it is pure evil.

    Yes threw out history people have killed in the name of religion .. We as a civilized society now punish those who commit these crimes and label them as insane …murder’s

    It was never to my knowledge a religion that stated kill in the name of God those who do not believe as I believe… it was a few that were not stable but not the religion. The Muslims practice this as a whole… as a religion… that is the difference.

  2. Ryan is the problem. Freedom of Speech does not let people have the right to speak of killing people And Freedom of Religion does not give religion the right to kill people So Ryan is full of BULL

    • muslims have proven by their belief in a koran of murder to all “infidels” { non-believers in their islam cult }, that they are a tyrant enemy of the Free World …. ! muslims are trying to dictate their satanistic cult of terror just like WW 2 hitler’s genocide that they supported murdering Christians & jews … !

      • Who else but hedonistic barbarians would do what they do to shock the world? Seems to me that an “eye for an eye” treatment should be practiced upon them.

        • “maxx”, not an eye for an eye. We must not drop down into their barbaric way of getting “believers”—“believe or lose your head”. With today’s many WMD, that approach could well mean the demise of this planet or at least make it uninhabital.


          • I agree that another Clinton regime would be another disaster, but I don’t think the nature of it would be the same as Obama. (I remember voting for the first Bush (“H.W.”) back in 1988 because it was the closest that I could come to a third Reagan term, but it didn’t turn out that way.) Obama is a hard-core, one-dimensional leftist ideologue, who really doesn’t like working – he really just likes the “perks” of office, eating good, and flying around in Air Force One. Bill Clinton, in contrast, was just a democrat who liked to party with as many women as he could get. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand (see Gary Aldrich’s book “Unlimited Access” and Ed Klein’s book “Blood Feud”) is a determined, power-hungry crook who will stop at nothing to get more power. She doesn’t have any “hobbies” or other distractions (like Bill’s womanizing and Obama’s playing golf). She will “burn the midnight oil” scheming how to implement ever more power and acquire greater wealth, to the detriment of the American People (all the while crowing about how she is “working for us”). (I just heard about yet another Clinton scandal – google “Laureate University Clinton”).

          • clition also raped children don’t forget that one. Since world war 2 the bush family has been get rich so they can destroy this country and clintion will be the last president and their is nothing this country can do to stop it.

        • The worst part of the muslim deceit against all humanity is their are idiots that are duped in believing there are good muslims & only the radical terrorists are the ones that murder ! All muslims that believe their koran are duty bound by their muhammid to murder infidels !

      • Moslimes are a theocracy, a type of government not a religious organization as noted in IRAN. They have come in using our religious freedom in this country against us. BOOT EM OUT! I just wonder what Rat Ryan is getting for his support of this radical theology. They will kill him too given the chance once they do not NEED him. Who believes otherwise except the liberals and the dem wits and the rinos. For some reason all the nuts think they are immune to the horrors of this pack. NOT!

        • muslims are not in this country because they love the american way of life ,they are here to destroy us from with in

          • True. You are the only one I have heard that said this truth and yet this truth is so old and blatant.

          • muslims should do an in depth study of their prophet mohommad (sic) and his life from birth to death


        • Richard, after several thousand years, it should be obvious that your god does not get involved in the activities on this planet—if he (or she?) did, where have they been for the entire recorded time of history? There have been hundreds of recorded traumatic events, wherein over time , hundreds, if not thousands, of people were killed, included many children and those without a religious affiliation—surely some deserved a miracle or two. All, yes all, Holy Books were edited and compiled by mere mortals, years after the deaths of Jesus and Muhammad, using scant materials from varying dialects and languages. There were also an individuals in charge of those groups, also mere mortals, that decreed what would and would not be included in the final documents. Logic, deductive reason and common sense dictates those Holy Books are not divine in any way. Also, there were gods for most everything, such as fire, water, earthquakes, thunderstorms, lightening, floods, and even “golden calves”. Wake up, it is we mere mortals that have to solve these problems, and we had better get started, else there is going to be much blood in the streets of the world—very probably with several kinds of WMD. .

          • Dondehoff. You speak from a lack of knowledge about the subject. When God created ‘man’, he was given free agency. The ‘law’ was written on our hearts, (what most people would think of as our instinct.) We were also given a ‘written set of laws, in case we ignored our instincts. We were pretty much on our own with the tools he gave us to survive. He did promise, if we called on Him, He would help us. When this country was established with Judeo-Christian tenets, men thought it quite natural to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. It has only been in the last half of the 20th century and the start of the 21st, that we have seen a deliberate removal of God from our schools, public meeting and even some religious organizations, by government decree. All because some very stupid people believe the Constitution guarantees ‘SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE”. (a totally nonexistent law.) They erroneously cite the 1st amendment, to validate their mistake. I understand that you might possibly be an Agnostic, which is your right, but please, don’t put down the beliefs of Christians, because you haven’t found the same path we have.

          • Joyce, I am a Deist and truly wish I knew “otherwise”, and I don’t put you or any Christian “down”, as you all come out on “top of the list”. However, everything everybody knows (not just what they have been told)) has come directly or indirectly from “others”—-and ditto for all of the “others”. All Holy Books were compiled and edited by groups of mere mortals and each of those groups had someone in charge (also a mere mortal) who dictated what would and would not be included in the final documents. (Note, there is at least one lengthy Letter in the King James Bible that is clearly a complete forgery—even a grade-school child can see the differences.To that, we are forced to apply logic, deductive reason and common sense,to the equation and that result is not favorable for any Hoily Book being the divine word of a deity. I truly wish it to be otherwise. We must remember that before printing presses, all transcription was done by a very small group of “scribes” of varying abilities (and dialects) and, persons who verbally relayed that which they had heard and perhaps memoriized. To compound the problem, adjoining tribes often could not communicate clearly with each other due to differeing dialects and teaching–and as I have said before,”gods were everywhere”, even “golden calves”. Also, in those days people clustered in small communities, seperated by many miles and various “beliefs” developed, such as the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth. All of these “collections” occurred over many generations, leaving very scant materials to work with and hundreds of years were iunvolved. I am sure you have played the “paylor game” where a short 2 or 3 phrase sentence is written down and then whispered in continuing order from one to another to a dozen or so people and the last person writes down what he or she believes to be the original starting sentence—seldom if ever doe it ever come close and only 5 or 10 minutes has passed not hunreds of years. To set your mind at ease, I personally believe as a rule of law, of “do no harm except in self defense or in defense of others in danger”. That presupposses far more good than the 10 Commandments. Again, logic, deductive reason and common sense must prevail.

          • Dondehoff, as a matter of curiosity, how would you describe a god? Is he omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent? If he was all that, would he be a creator of a universe, or a galaxy or nature, or mankind? I yes, then is it logical to believe that he would abandon us, or would he observe where his creation was heading? If he wanted us to know about him and his desires for us, do you think he might have inspired these people to write down certain things for others to learn about?.The Bible was written over a period of 15 hundred years by 40 different men, most of whom had little knowledge of each other. Yet the Bible meshes together as if written by one person. you can cross reference all the scriptures and see how it correlates with history. History which hadn’t been lived or written at the time of the prophets. I could go on for hours about it, but there isn’t room for that kind of discourse.

          • Joyce, first, let me say I appreciate your civil dialog—not single word of profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk. Thanks. As for you question—as a Deist. I doubt that there is a god, but the general consensus of .most religious folks believe their god has all three of your listed attributes —however, if such a god is “all knowing” and can do anything, that god does not need prophets to “spread his word”..Such a god would have the capability of communicating with the masses, and would not resort to “removing the heads” of we infidels. And, if a god did need assistence, he surely would not select persons who could neither read nor write.or who had a history of bing a “highway robber” (Muhammad). And, wikthout taking sides, Muhammad insists his god and the your god “are one and the same”—-even a grade-school child who can read, can see the clear difference in religious philosophy of your Jesus and Muhammad. It still has not “soaked in” to your brain that everything you know, you learned either directly or indirectlyu from “others” and ditto for all of those “others”—and your knowledge is only as good as the information you have received. Blind “faith”, is not the answer—logic, deductive reason and common sense must prevail.

          • Keep bowing down! Soon it will be to have your head lopped off.

        • The greatest generation of heros were the ones that beat hell out of hitler & the dictators that thought they could rule the world .. ! My highest respect & admiration goes to these VETS & would have fought with them but was not born, so now I fight to keep the U.S.A. Freedom & Constitutional Rights they kept for me ! “In GOD We Trust” is our success !

      • You do know there is more than one book that their white prophet had a part in creating right? He tells his people in those other books that they are only to be peaceful with the heathens till they have a big enough army to kill all their enemies.

        • Other books or not the muslims belief in their murdering cult koran is the bottom line that proves they are a world enemy against Freedom of Human Rights like WW2 Nazis and hitlers genocide to kill Christians & Jews that muslim, islam supported & contributed … !Yes , along with theuir other crimes they are 2 faced liars but not to their cult stench ..!

          • I say this because people don’t know about the other books muhammad had a part in creating. If you read these books you will know they don’t believe in peace because muhammad said to only be peaceful to the other nations until you build a big enough army to kill them all. You see this is important to know no matter what so you can disprove every and all muslims and prevent more people from becoming one in the future. Only someone who is smart cares about what I said the fools ignore it. Basically I’m saying you fucking should care!


          • I “fucking” do “care” but to read about this ass muhammid is not my bag and the damned koran says it all; that muslims are murdering liars & satan’s disciples from hell who have proven to be the enemy against the world of Freedom & Rights…. ! bo is their leader … !

          • Then start teaching people what those books really say so people won’t get lead astray as they are right now because not enough people are speaking up about it.

          • Just taught you but people only learn what they want & have to merit their own respect !

          • Teaching someone means you told someone some information that they did not know before. That is not something you did with me.

    • And he knows as well that islam/muslims belong to a cult. They use the word “religion” because in general we have respect for real religions, cults not so much, i.e., muslims, mormons, those killed by Reno in Waco, the Jones group in Africa, etc. Cults have their own “gods” and never ours. Sorry, Paul, again your ignorance goes before you. As a Catholic, you sure do embarrass me because you ain’t a real one!

      • R Levy, There were 2 recent articles that stated Ryan converted to Islam last year. I don’t know T/F or hear say. If true , could be the reason for his Major Malfunction.

    • Of course he is but he is chosing his side of this battle. Vote him OUT!

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Islam is at war with the west…and Islam laughs.
      Even Western
      leaders know that with the Human rights legislation, Freedom of Religion
      legislation and Western Constitutions…there is no Hope against Islam.
      Islam will win because Western Liberalism seized with foolish liberal
      interpretations ensures that there is no Hope for democracy in the face
      of murderous Islam in pursuit of of a world wide Islamic Theocracy.
      The DHS commenced teaching the forgoing to all member police services and foreign partners in 2004.
      At Sunni insistence all references to Islam and Jihadist terrorism were removed from any counter insurgency training guidelines. Islam laughs as the West deludes itself insisting the enemy is not the enemy.

    • And coated with colon mucus like all RINO’s, Quisling’s, Bat-Dung-Crazy demonicRATS……

    • The first amendment does give me the right to say I’ll kill you but the second gives you the right to shoot me when and if I try. This country is full of cowards now so everyone is so off on hurting people for dumb fucking threats that go no where.

  3. Get rid of Paul Ryan as the Speaker of the House. We get disgusted each time this RINO speaks against Trump.

    • I am discussed with his (Ryan) open borders policy and he scares me on Social Security.

    • Ryan wouldn’t even be the Speaker had Americans been able to vote. He was put in place by Democrats and other Rinos like himself. “Dirty Harry” Reid endorsed him, which speaks volumes!

      • You are absolutely right. I would have liked to see Louie Gohmert in the speakers position. Ryan really doesn’t get it. First off the Constitution is ONLY for those who are citizens or here legally. Secondly the administration has the right to determine those who will be allowed in and who won’t. Obama has chosen to let in terrorists and anti American slime.

        • How right you are!
          obama isn’t “Nearly” Treasonous, he HAS & IS committing Treason on a DAILY BASIS.
          The fact this ILLEGAL kenyan foreign radical islamic muslim squatter in Our White House is Treason, sanctioned by what is SUPPOSE to be Our Own GOVERNMENT!

          • You will get no argument from me on that. He should have been dragged out of the WH, jailed, tried and executed a long time ago for his treasonous actions.

          • You betcha!!!

          • i watched a video of b.o giving a speech in a library and he clearly stated “i am not an American!” there is undeniable proof he is a fraud and foreigner…put in power by global elitists who’s goal is to destroy our country…

          • I have never heard that but it does NOT surprise me one bit.

          • I’ll just say, he is not my kind of American, a red-blooded, trued, blued & tattooed American. A conservative who believes in the constitution & doesn’t want to change it.

          • You are making a false premise my friend and that is he is an American. I don’t think so. He is a mole for the muzzies and commies and he has done a good job in that position.

          • Obama is an ANTI-American Muslim. He is not an “American”

          • I don’t know if you remember when b.o. was first elected and that reporter came out and said he was getting ready to release docs showing b.o. was made by the muslim brotherhood and Saudi Arabians. The reporter and the two coroners turned up dead.

          • I heard in a Debate for the Senate from
            Illinois with Alan Keys, admit to the audience
            and Alan Keys he was not a US Citzen
            In his exact statement he made
            “I’m running not running for president I’m not,
            and I do not have to be, to run for the position
            for the US Senate.”

          • Wonder if they’ll be on Clinton’s list of bodies along with Vince Foster, etc.? Am sure KILLary did him a favor.

          • When did you see this video? Any idea when the video was made, the year?? A few years ago i also saw a video, in which i very clearly heard Obama state: “Yes i am a Muslim” Recently he tried to convince people that he is a Christian. That is one big FAT lie.

          • I saw the conversation he had in 2008 before the election and he said I am of muslim faith . He then said I am of christian faith . He let the cat out of the bag !!!

          • Are you aware of the FACT that when Obama was sworn in as president, besides holding the Holy Bible, he was ALSO holding the Muslim Quran? Kinda strange but he can’t fool me. Yea, when asked how come he’s never seen going to church, he made some excuse, then took the family on one or two Sundays after that. I highly DOUBT he has gone there since. He most likely has his own private “Imam” come to the White House. How he EVER got RE-elected is beyone me. Do we have idiots in this country?

          • Bachelor With Sense

            YES, we have a whole Bunch of ID10TS in this Country. While some of them (like Ryan) are Republicans (typically called RINOs) MOST of them are DemonRats!

          • Well, well. Are we getting back to the subject of Ryan? This is how they can so easily divert you!

          • I heard he said it again inside the WH later . Same ending . Yes , sadly we do have many idiots in this country . Most are younger and have been indoctrinated in college ( Beware folks, where you send your child ). But some are those who like the freebies .They don’t seem to understand IF WE BECOME UNARMED AND WE HAVE ALL THESE MUSLIMS COMING IN WHO WILL HAVE ARMS SOME WAY OR THE OTHER .wE WILL HAVE TO RESORT TO MEDIVIAL WEAPONS TO TRY TO PROTECT OUR SELVES . oops . Our founding fathers came here trying to get us away from all the control and other things . The democratic party is now a party of hate , lies ,control, and violence . Strange that they treat Bush with such hostilities when he was only trying to protect us from another attack such as the 911.I have watched every year to see where the Obamas go to church at Christmas . Well, they go to Hawaii every year and you don’t see them out and never at church . They are both muslim radicals that encourage these animals to come here and take over . I think that is what he meant with his hope and change . I don’t know where hope comes in but here sure has been change and I don’t like it . Our government has become to strong and controlling !!

          • Piano, let’s not forget, it took TWO swearing ins for OWEbama, the first time. So who knows what he was sworn in on in private, after he flubbed the first one in public, they had a do-over in private.

          • I believe the one we saw was “official”. That’s the one that counts………………i’m almost sure, but who knows what this jerk did? He’s so damn crooked

          • Rigged voting machines

          • Sparkitus_Maximus

            It’s in his Christian name . Barak_Hussein.

          • It’s his Muslim name. There is no such thing as “dual faiths” He’s no Christian

          • Sparkitus_Maximus

            You’re a genius

          • Thanks for the reminder lol

          • I have seen the same video. As for Me. Ryan he needs to resign. He sold us out by funding the unaffordable care act and O’ISLAMIST unconstitutional treasonous immigration policy. He too should be dragged out of the wh and hung.

          • Lol you are way too funny. Lol you have me laughing so hard. You should have a career in comedy. Just too funny.

          • Hiya 7papa7 Unfortunately i believe the FBI has their orders from Obama : “Stall the investigation as long as possible, until after the election”. He says he will NOT intercede “in any way” yet he’s giving Hillary his support, and publicly, by the way. He expects those under him to “get the point”, which is…………….Go slow on the Hillary thing. That effin Muslim anti-american S O B should have been blasted by Ryan and others. Why not? Because they have NO GUTS. TRUMP 2016

          • billdeserthills

            Saying Ryan and others ‘have no guts’ is just giving them a free pass. The sad fact is everyone of them has broken their Oath of Office and they need to be charged with Treason, before being made a public example of, in order to give the rest of our lawmakers a good example of what happens to elected scum who turn on their supporters

          • First of all there needs to be Impeachment Proceedings. If he were to be convicted, the NEXT step would be removal from office ( personally i would LOVE to see his sorry azz being dragged out ) Once he is removed from office, i believe there is “more than sufficient evidence” that Obama has broken his OATH to do what is best for our country. HE HAS NOT. Time to IMPEACH Trump 2016

          • I agree he has definitely tried to send that message but I think, wouldn’t bet the farm though, that the FBI is independent enough to do what they think is right. I hope so at least but we shall see and I will with hold judgement until I see what they do.

          • Sanctioned by the dumasses that voted for him & will turn right around, go out in November & vote for this idiot Hilary. The marxist/socialist/communists have an agenda to push. They will go any place, [ Orlando ] say anything, remember Rohm Emanuel saying don’t let a tragedy go by wasted & not turning it into an advantage to push your agenda. [ gun control ]in the case of the Orlando tragedy.

          • I don’t think this house of cards will stand much longer.
            He going to push, & I believe he is isis. At least the figurehead.
            He believes we are stupid.
            That has been in our favor.
            he is realizing we are not, & he has poked the bear one time too many.
            Now he is afraid.
            Afraid of us &them.
            he is crumbling .
            Watch & see.
            Prepare, physically,mentally & spiritually.
            The pot appears to be starting to boil.

          • Emma, it will only be cleaned up when we all work together to elect Mr. Trump. Make America Great Again TRUMP 2016!!

        • and our welfare system programs are for Americans not illegals or refugees…

          • ryans omnibus bill adds 2 trillion to our deficit and none for our country or citizens …a big amount goes for refugees…

          • $20,000 per refugee That’s what they and up in assistance and/or medical

          • Yeah and on top of that they can vote. DUMMERAT more then likely.

          • You are right!!!! But anyone can get if they are illegals, have babies without marriage or don’t want to work.
            When they sigh up for Wellfare they also get a Voter Registration Card and are told of you don’t have a Social Security number we will help you get one and we will not report you to ICE.

          • Since when has obama ever followed the law?? Hopefully the next president will put a stop to it.

          • Well it better NOT be Hillary, because she undoubtedly would do even worse

          • You will get no argument from on that. Hopefully she will be in prison when November gets here.

          • If Hellery wins. SHEDevil will
            seat Obama in the Supreme court.

            Executive Branch is hers & Democratic
            Party is Hers. Obama has already made trips to the UN and had announced
            that he WANTS us there

            We are no longer the force at the UN. If he goes there and Will have the Backing of
            all the Muslim World He would be in control of the two the largest army and possibly
            control the world.

            Take a Kid
            Take A Kite
            Take Time
            Make A Memory

          • I don’t think that obama could get approved by the senate if he were nominated. What congress needs to do is stop funding the UN and tell them to take a hike.

          • Our welfare programs “used to be for Americans” Illegals and refugees are all receiving benefits. FULL benefits

        • Yes, 7papa, you seem to get it. What part of “those who are citizens” does he not comprehend? We are not saying they are denied religious freedom, IF they are citizens, only keep them out until we can vet them. Probably a huge number we cannot vet. If we cannot determine their origin, then keep them out. What these dumass politicians DON’T understand is, Islam IS NOT a RELIGION. it is a cult. It is a political ideology masquerading as a religion, why is no one recognizing this & saying it? No one, not even Mr. Trump is coming out & saying this. If it were left to me, I would not let any of them ever come into this country, unless they renounce sharia law & assimilate into our society.

          • It goes over the heads of all NWO clowns. The problem is that anyone who is a muzzie supports the koran and the koran is the antithesis of what America is all about. You can NOT be s supporter of the koran and be a supporter of America. That being said ALL muzzies need to go or be confined like the Japanese were during WW II. It is called for the security of the country.

          • hpinnc, what are you taking about that Mr. Trump has not come out and said? He most certainly HAS said they are radical islamic terrorists and he will place a temporary ban on allowing them into this country until we figure out what’s going on. What more do you want him to say? TRUMP 2016!!!!!

        • Louie Goohmert should have been the one that got the speakership in the first place!! Screw Paul Ryan!! HE IS THE ONE THAT IS SPLITTING THE PARTY APART!!!! ………………………….. NOT TRUMP!!!!

          • Absolutely. The problem is that the republicans have so few conservatives. They are the party of democrats with an R after there name. We have far more RINO’s than conservative. I would guess about 10 to 1. Have a great afternoon.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Donald Trump as president, or Obama (now) could require background checks on ALL people coming to the USA. Until Obama, routine background checks were SOP. Those coming from ‘troubled’ areas require more checking.

      Obama has purposely endangered the country by dropping any kind of background checking and has violated his oath of office. He should be impeached, but the timid rabbits of the GOP don’t have the stomach for a fight. We need a speaker like Newt Gingrich. We also need a president who WILL defend America, because Barack Hussein Obamacares more for Muslim terrorist’s than he does for Americans.

      • Impeach Obama for what? Being Black, of course. Racist scumbag right wing.

        • For putting all American lives in danger even yours U Saudi mite azz,

          Not to mention all his unconstitutional amendments impeachment is too good for him!

        • Don’t you liberals have any real arguments? So sick and tired of you always pulling out the race card. Tell me, other than the darkness of his skin, why and how did he get in the WH? Same as with Hil-LIAR-y Clinton. Other than a pair of ovaries, what qualification does she have. Have you counted up the dead bodies around this witch lately? She gets a rapist of a 14 yr old girl off and returned to society to prey on others, and laughs about it. She enables a serial rapist, and protects him from prosecution (her husband). She allows him to fly off to an island owned by a know pedifile where the “entertainment” is underage women and sex slaves. Yep, that’s the qualifications I want to see in a presidential nominee! Damn Dummycrats!

        • Not because he’s black, anybody can be black. It is his thought process that scares the hell out of me. He bends over backward to keep from “offending” the muslims but doesn’t care one bit about offending the American people that he works for. His actions on the immigrants have endangered the whole country.

        • STFU you libTURD azzhole!

        • Impeach the trader. Giving arms to the enemy.

        • You are a pathetic little liberal Benny Boy! No body gives a rat’s azz whether O’bummer is black, brown, orange or green you typical lib race baiting tool. We do care however, that he is a Muslim slime and communist usurper. The saddest part about it all is that you and all of his other sheeple buy into his tactics and you will pay just as dearly as we will.

          • More so.
            Not only will their “champion”, obama, not care about them when their usefullness is done, they will find themselves as.enemies of freedom &Librerty.
            They will find no help from Patriots.

        • Oh my…It’s always the “black” thing with you liberals when faced with the truth…how convenient…how race baiting…how stupid when you can’t think of anything better to say than labeling everything some one says as being “black” or “racist”.

        • High crimes and misdemeanors…..or haven’t your read it yet?….
          Neither Ryan nor Obammy have upheld their oath and both have willfully subverted the constraints of the document on their authority.
          btw,…..con safo

        • Seriously? You are in agreement with his policies of the past seven years? You believe being black excuses destroying this country? The man is actually half-white and I don’t care for either half!

          • Obama has destroyed nothing. He came into office needing to repair the shambles from a dumb Repug. And he has done well, despite Repugs dragging tbeir feet on everything. The only thing I disagree with is Obama did not fight hard enough for doing things right. Repugs got away with too much. When we take back the Senate, that all stops. The Supreme Court will no longer be run of and for big corporations, or unlimited money in politics. Time for you Ted Nugent types to get out on a high ledge somewhere. Hillary is on the way.

          • JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID !!

          • Michael Wrobleski

            You need help

          • What an Idiot!

          • As i surmised earlier. You ARE an Obama-lover You just PROVED my point. Man, are you ever screwed up. I apologize if you are suffering with Alzheimers, but i think that is your problem. Hope you get better ( try taking your meds )

          • Dragging Their Feet’? You Mean Like BOEHNER And RYAN…………………. Supporting Increasing Americas DEBT CEILING””? $$$ PLEASE………………..! GET EDUCATED…. The Dems are REALLY…………………’Socialists And Communists’ And buy Votes $$ With Money..Minority Votes. With ‘Give-away’ programs. $ Welfare, Government Housing, Paying For Black Baby’s Out of Wedlock,Bailing Out Puerto Rico (To attain Hispanic votes) Supporting Amnesty For LAW BREAKERS, Free Lunch For Ghetto kids,Cell Phones, drug Programs,Amnesty,Selling guns to The Drug Cartels in Mexico, Trying to Eliminate MY ‘Second Amendment Right’ Etc Etc. They Suck……Donkey……d…s. AMEN’! GO TRUMP”! No More ‘hand-outs’!

          • Yea, On the way to the hoosgow

          • billdeserthills

            You need to be dropped on your dented head a second time

        • William Matthes

          Another tolerant liberal resorting to name calling because others don’t see things his way! Race has absolutely nothing to do with why MILLIONS believe Obama is a terrible president. Incompetence and lawless has EVERYTHING to do with it! Open your eyes man!

        • Releasing terrorists is one , Trading 5 terrorists for a Deserter , the oath of any military says to defend America against all enemies Foreign and Domestic , Chief adviser is a Communist , He as done all he could to bankrupt us , He has never been an American from ether Indonesia or Kenya!

          • You don’t get to decide who those enemies are. That oath is for acting as part of a branch of the military, not as a lone wolf. You know if you take on your commander-in-chief you will be locked so far away that they will have to pump in sunshine.

          • I believe that is why we have a congress , but they are very lax , Why would our government give 150 billion to our Enemy Iran to build a nuclear bomb which would be used on Isrel and the United States , How many Muslim attacks since Obama the trained Communist and his Communist Adviser Valerie , They he has 47 Muslims on his White House staff , Putin put it bluntly to the Russian Duma and He is right , Live in Russia learn and live by Russian Standards and learn the Russian Culture , He says that Muslims are Primative and Russia does not want them How many has came into the US since last Sat. night , I hope you have a CCP

          • Hey Bennie -Boy Tortuous !Stick your Lib Head up yer azz an’ keep Pushin’ till’ YOU See Sunshine!

          • Just what was you MOS? ,,,,, Oh never in the military, huh?

            Like the old saying goes. ” If you aint been there then shut the fuck up.”


        • Do you remember fast and Furrious or Benghazi !

          • I remember those were investigated to the hilt and nothing was found. Repugs have been itching to impeach Obama since day one. So obviously there is nothing out there to justify it.

          • ITS NOT OVER YET DA !!

        • Of course not.
          obama is not black. Looks more arab, however, mulatto At Best.
          Impeach? No.
          An illegal alien who has usurped , occupied & set up a rogue, illegal foreign radical muslim marxist regime can Not be impeached. Especially since our Own elected govt INSTALLED him.

          He must be removed, arrested, charged tried & hanged.
          Further, all who aided him , same fate.


        • How divided we have become.

        • You say Impeach Obama for What ?
          1. Refusing to turn over documents relating to project fast & Furious, relating to a Congressional Investigation.
          2. Illegaly Selling Firearms to known Members of Mexican Drug Cartel / Criminal Organizations.
          3. Selling Firearms with out a federal Firearms License or State or District Firearms Licenses .
          4. Conspiracy to commit Murder.
          5. Stone walling a Congressional Investigation into fast & Furious.
          6. Supplying Money, Arms , War Palnes, Artillery etc. to known Terrorist Group or Groups, Supporting Known Terrorist Group or Groups and Known Criminal Organization/ Organizations.

        • John E Strom Jr.

          Ben, read the oath of office ALL presidents make. Even white ones. IF you can read!

        • Michael Wrobleski

          If your son or daughter was one of the dead your mouth would have a drifrent thought, don’t be a fool race has nothing to do with this am sorry yes it dose you and all the liberal’s have killed race relations in this country I pray for one thing that the black Americans have a a brain fart and see everyone of you for what you are and vote republican by the millions good luck with your race card this time around.

        • meangreenMarine

          His penchant for violating the Constitutional Seperation of powers, there being three branches of our Federal Gov’t, the Legislative, the Judicial and the Administrative! Obama acts as though he has authority in all three…and he doesn’t! He selectively implements Laws passed by the Congress and institutes actions regarding Immigration and it’s financial impact without Congressional authority!
          It has nothing to do with race, only his abuse of power!

        • Screw you Dem.Fruit!

        • Are you some kind of commie?

          How ’bout for violating the constitution that he swore an oath to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic, for starters?

          Mis, mal, and nonfeasance and dereliction of duty would be a good follow-up.

          Leftist POS

          (BTW, I was a Ben Johnson supporter and subscribe to Niger Innus’ blog. – 2 good Americans there.

        • For being a lousy anti-american president. Now go away you damn fool

        • I wouldn’t and don’t care about his color, be it red, black, brown, yellow, white or green. It is his political beliefs that amaze me. Some Muslim friends of mine are totally against obozo because they say he is not a true Muslim. The TRUE Muslim faith is peaceful. These Muslims coming in now are sneaking in, lying about having to be an immigrant and taking free handouts, all the while trying to turn America into an anti-american country. Don’t be stupid, in November vote for someone that will keep you alive.

        • Don’t you read ? I could care less what color he is And he is only 7% black, He is white and Arab !!!And a muslim !!!

        • How about for violating his oath of office?

      • Amen

      • no on impeachment…we’d end up with his buddy biden….who has turned on America!!! he needs arrest along with his entire administration….all violated their oaths of office….

      • Once a Muslim always a Muslim………………and no matter what you may hear, he is NOT a “Christian” That’s B S

    • I think all Repugs should resign. Dump is going to lose.

      • Ben, so you want an insider who takes marching orders from the globalists? I don’t believe you can’t see that they are destroying this nation. All of the presidents since Andrew Jackson have been controlled by the globalist banksters. Their goal? Complete domination of the world under a tyrannical one world government. We have the world court, the world trade agency, they are in the process of creating a one world currency to be later turned into cyber currency for tighter control over we the peons, Trump is not a politician and that is why both sides of the isle do not want him. He has his own money and cannot be bought so they can’t control him. Yes, he says some flippant things, because he is independent of the establishment. But he will do the will of the people and not the puppet masters. The concern would be that not long after he was elected the banksters would take him out like they did to JFK after JFK issued an EO to abolish the federal reserve bank and have congressional money printed by the mints. JFK was also going to end the Viet Nam war, a war promoted by the banksters. We need an outsider to re-establish our country and take it back from these globalists.

        • Interesting – I tend to agree, but even if Trump simply enables/implements only his own will (vs. the “people’s will”), that would tend to favor an improved economic well-being of the USA. Trump’s wealth comes not from manufacturing jobs moved overseas, but from real estate deals within the USA. A better economy in our country means a better economy for Donald Trump, and as someone else once said, “What’s good for GM is good for America.” Another well-known maxim is “a rising tide raises all boats.”

      • ABBA-ZABBA! Go back to your BLM riot F.B.!!

      • If Trump does lose, we will lose the USA .

        • There will be no way saving this country or that Trump will ever win. Hillary is already using voting fraud just to get to be the dem. party nominee. The only way for Trump to win is if there is obvious wrong amounts of votes to prove her fraud. So he would have to have way more than most of the votes in this country and she would have to have a huge amount that its so obvious that she committed fraud. That won’t happen.

      • Well, U should defiantly not be included in the US, or We the People!


      • Michael Wrobleski

        Ben am to a point I don’t care any more we republicans should use the race card we should stand up and say this country was built on Christian faith, we should tell black America were racest and we hate blacks whites and musslems and Mexicans if you come here to harm us or burn our flag and stand on American soil and wave a flav from another country Damn right were racist to the core that said what the ball are you doing in this country am racists and proud of it and I love every American black or any other color that loves this country and stands up as a patriot to protect it and , it’s flag , and our constitution laws of our land are made for everyone not just a few and should be upheld by we the people you break the law no matter who you are you pay a price like the rest of us…..

    • you are talking Stupid about Paul Rayan you people have puled of your masks too the truth is you do not want Freedom and Liberty in this country you do not want any christians here including christians from the Middle east you people are fake you people are not caring for the freedom for the Christians here you should be ashamed you people call your selves Americans the truth is you hate America get out off this country you fakers you are not taking over this country i will expose you on facebook

    • amen!

    • yes ryan is a traitor to our country and owned by global psycho elitist…he drinks at he same trough of the good ol boys club crooks in our gov who gave him his position….

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Speaker Ryan is a fraud. He should have begun impeachment proceedings against Obama but lacked the guts or…..the Democrats (ADL / Anti-Defamation League) has dirt on Paul Ryan. Regardless, he needs to go.

      IF YOU AGREE… Send a campaign donation to his primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, who is running against him. Nehlen is endorsed by TWO patriots, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin. We CAN’T give Ryan another two years – he’s a RINO and hurting us.

    • disqus_ULLEpgIofC

      D’Souza, don’t forget to wear your tin foil hat. Ryan is just a more moderate traitor, liar and nazi than tRump.

  4. The Saudis claim that they have paid 20% of Hillary’s campaign expenses. Do we know where Ryan gets his money? My GGGfather was a Ryan. Perhaps we are related. I want my share.

  5. Paul Ryan is a RINO, an establishment man and an Obama puppet. He needs to go.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist



    ryan and the corrupt government establishment don’t care about American lives,
    if they really cared about muslim refugees then create a DMZ:

    There was a DMZ the size of Delaware between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and just to the east of it there is an existing DMZ between Iraq and Kuwait that is currently guarded by hundreds of soldiers and helicopters. This appears to be one of the safest places in the world that can be quickly modified for the Syrian refugees.
    As of 12/15, the amount of aid sent, has been a total of over $25,000,000,000.00 dollars! $8B from Turkey, $4.7B from US, $1.9B from EU, $1.6B from UK, $1.3B from Germany, $5B from other non muslim countries around the world,

    and only $2B from other middle east countries.

    With over $25 billion, the world can build the best DMZ (or a new country) in the Iraq/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia corridor, and leave America out of this mess!!!

    • In all fairness, it was not JUST the republicans. The democrats had a far bigger hand in this situation all the way up to the White House.

    • I agree with some of what you wrote,except in the first paragraph when you wrote the GOP funded the Muslim programs. It was the Democrats who aided the Muslims! Trump is being attacked from all directions, including the GOP, because they are too afraid to say the words he uses to describe our ENEMIES. and how they are taking advantage of our rules. Trump tells us the truth which is a language foreign to our politicians ears. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation if our so called Politicians would grow a pair, instead of worrying about their careers!! Term Limits would put an end to many of them and believe me they would not be missed!

      • I agree 100%. What these politicians should realize is they may not have a future if something is not done to stop this madness. Do they really think the radicals will spare their lives…are an Illegal immigrant … are an LGBT are even a mad American when all hell breaks loose?

        No one is going to be safe once they get their army into our COUNTRY.

      • Again, this is a succinct way to understand why our political employees think they can tell us what to do:

      • This whole damned dem & rino destruction of the U.S. internally appears as a bo conspiracy to dictate the U.S. & 60% of congress is supporting bo because they know their guilt of bankrupting the U.S. & believe they will get a big piece of bo’s dictator pie but only create their own demise !

    • Vote the rinos & libtard dems out of the senate 2016 and hope the house fires ryan before the U.S. Citizens vote all the rinos & libtards out of the house 2018 or impeach the traitors …. !


        Better idea ! This is great ! Listen up.what if we deport republicans and radical muslims on the same boat with just enough fuel to get half way across the ocean

        • “listen up ” This is better that rinos & dem libtards like you take the helm & navigate … ! Your type cannot navigate your indoctrinated future so 1/2 way you’d sink like now … !

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        AMEN TO THAT.

    • Wasn’t just the GOP but other parties and those who want to take over America, such as Soros and friends, that are fighting to take over America from us. Like your idea of “safe spaces” or DMZs which is something Trump has also brought up. Smart people do smart things; our employees in the WH and Congress do not do smart things, just take care of themselves.


      What? You mean you really don’t know whats going on? Are you and Trump both stupid.Radical islamic terrorist are at war with the west and with America.That’s what is going on.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        Our muslim traitor in chief doesn’t know that or is not telling us his plan to turn America into an islamic caliphate

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        we all know what is going on,
        either muslim traitor doesn’t know, or
        he wants to keep his islamic caliphate of America a secret,

        but who does he think he is fooling?

      • Washington Watchdog

        Your beloved Obama doesn’t think Islamics are involved. He doesn’t even think it is terrorism, the fool.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      I’m a Republican and I DAMN WELL AGREE.

  7. Ryan….go back to your mosque…

  8. Paul Ryan has proven that he is nothing but a Boehner clone. Trump has suggested that a Temporary Ban on incoming Muslims from Islamo-Terrorist States until our government gets its sh*t together and can ensure Americans safety IS NOT a violation of the 1st Amendment. It is honoring the Oath of Office that you morons In D.C. take To PROTECT and DEFEND. Remember that Ryan. Because you stupid M.F. aren’t honoring it, now are you.

    • Didn’t Democratic President Jimmy Carter impose a temporary ban on the people who attacked the Achille laurel?? a while ship at sea.? What is so different.about what Trump is proposing,?? Who are our politicians supporting , it seems as if they worry about another country wellbeing, instead of focusing on protecting the USA! Ryan and company are ready to hand the election to Hillary, even with her checkered past and a possible criminal indictment hanging over her head!Trump never caused the death of four men in Benghazi who begged for help only to find Hillary’s turned a deaf ear!

      • Yep, and so did Eisenhower. Obviously, as dumb as Carter was, at least he knew one good thing to do.

        • And Eisenhower deported the illegal aliens in the US when the war ended to give the vets their jobs back. Surprise, a real president who cared about the vets and the legal citizen’s of this country. Time to vote these turds out of office. Rat Ryan in WI, vote him out!

          • Wisconsin sits on the U.S. border that is a muslim haven so rino ryan might be one of them & the way he sucks with bo is suspicious … !

        • 1953 and 1956 the laws to ban mulims in the U.S. passed because muslims were a support of nazi hitler’s genocide of Christian & Jews ! muslis are the anti- Christ & I believe are the ones that GOD said : ” not to follow for they are the anti – Christ” & satan’s preachers from hell …. !

      • Your Benghazi claim is bullshit. If something could be done to save them the military in that region would have. There were a dozen embassy attacks leaving 60 Americans dead when George W. Bush was President. There was a suicide bombing of a barracks leaving 240 American marines dead when Reagan was President. Republicans conveniently ignore this. And none of you will hold Bush accountable for lying America into a war that killed thousands. Until you address these incidents you really need to keep quiet.

        • So you are saying that Hillary didn’t receive her 3 a.m. phone call and refuse to act
          You are saying that her dereliction didn’t result in 4 Americans being slaughtered in Benghazi
          You are saying that she, Obama and her underlings did not get up in front of AMERICA and the World and deliberately, Intentionally and knowingly LIE about what happened.
          You are saying that American Witnesses who were there, are the liars.
          You Archie are the Poster Child for the MINDLESS, SLOBBERING, LEFT WING TROLL. you do not have a CLUE

          • He is a troll, and he knows very well Hillary was negligent. Probably a paid posting troll, this is something Soros and the dems would pay for I am sure. Low life posting untruths.

          • That fantasy has been debunked by everyone in the military. Were you there to dispute that?

          • Well its obvious killary couldn’t make a call to Israel because they already had their special service on the ground in Bengasi, and might have accidentally hit their own troops!

          • You sure as hell weren’t there & your being alive is proof of your ignorant lying ass that does not deserve U.S. Freedom these guys died for … !

        • They had plenty of time to mobilize a couple fighters from Italy or another nearby country. They did nothing. That has nothing to do with Reagan or Bush or any other President. It is about the Obama administration. Nothing more. There are more questions than answers about Benghazi. That, among other reasons, is why it is important.

          Now go away troll.

        • You are a low life lying liberal dem bloodsucking parasite

          • This ass hole is already three miles below whale shit & sinking fast … !

          • Why do we continue to deal with the low life liberal dem bloodsuckers?
            We all know that we can no longer coexist with these ersatz life forms

          • Government by bo forces this low life to be a part of the responsible citizens life support to these libtards with socialistic thievery that steals from the responsible working & gives to the irresponsible scum that do not deserve to be in the U.S. ! “Hope” that Trump can and will “change” this bo created hell to get rid of the illegals & muslims that are a burden to all Patriotic U.S. Citizens ! The crime rate & National debt will decrease at least 75% !

        • You are a liar, of course there was retribution for the barracks, etc.. Go away TROLL, we all have your number here.

          • Oh yeah,now I remember Reagan attacked a tiny Island in the Caribbbean in retribution for the Marine barracks slaughter in Lebanon. REAGAN didn’t do a damn thing to the terrorist

          • REMEMBER WHAT …. ?

          • Washington Watchdog

            Obama did. He killed family members during his Tuesday drone sessions.

        • you are a traitor and back stabber put your head back in the hole
          just like you SOB Hillary you have blood on your hands

        • Archie, you are correct about Bush. So we need to get both Bushes, Cheney, and other top officials of the era along with Hillary and Obama and prosecute them all for treason. Lets not pussyfoot around any more. Lets go after all the treasonous scum in our government.

          • Only 2 that have proven their treason agalnst all the Patriotic U.S. Citizens are hilt & bo along with duty dereliction to their sworn oath … !

        • Get rid of the Hole Mole and chief and send his minions packing with him

          Republicans included

          • For 7+ years he has been the #1 liar & created himself the #1 enemy of U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights of all the Patriotic U.S. Citizens !

        • You libtards are pathetic liars, always blaming others for your own asinine short comings & bring up the past to create more lying B.S. !

      • charles johnston

        Absolutely. Trump’s words continue to be twisted into the liberal’s playbook to help the Hildabeast. The fact that past presidents have done the same thing, for the same reasons, is completely lost in the liberal’s PC plans. Trump has voiced the only rational plan to deal with the the infiltration of more terrorists. Apparently you don’t have to be a liberal democrat to be stupid. . . seems to infect RINOs as well.

      • bo & his crony clan have supported illegal foreigners and muslims with obvious proof in bo’s EO.’s that let them invade the U.S. non-stop.. ! bo supports illegals & muslims while he defies the U.S. Patriotic Citizens & U.S. Constitution … !

      • Isn’t it amazing? Ryan and other RINOS have joined the far left wing, radical extremist socialist democ-RATS in their attempt to define Donald Trump as a Racist. Anything but! This is proof the Establishment is willing to sabotage this election to get their way. And America be damned.

    • Also a Pelosi clone he fully funded every Obama wish

  9. Why bring that up,look how many times Obama has violated Congress,they do what they want,nobody says nothing,no use of bashing Trump for trying to protect Us.

    • The imposter and chief is subjecting the American people to biological warfare

      along with his collaborators!

      • bo and his commie, muslim cronies have internally created a destruction to all fundamental U.S. Constitutional values for 7+ years & 60% of congress have defied their sworn oaths of office to impeach bo & indict him for treason.. ! This appears as a support for bo that is a treason in it self … !

  10. ARE ALL YOU TEA BRAGGING KOCH SUCCORS REALLY THAT STUPID? Donald Trump, 1969 “If I ran for president, I would have to run as a Republican! because they are the only ones stupid enough to vote for me”


      • and you’re sick. Trump is a breath of fresh air and he doesn’t have a checkered past like Hillary. He also doesn’t play her game of quid pro quo with countries who hate us! They are using her for access to our country, while she is using them to fill her bank account, as she throws us to the wolves! She should never have access to the oval office, but if she does, it’s good bye to the good old USA! In every election there is always a chance of tampering, so I hope we won’t be sending our ballots to a foreign country to be tallied as they were in 2012, even though a reputable US company offered to do the job at no charge, It was odd to have our votes sent to a foreign company where the President was a former Chicago resident while the company reportedly had ties to George Soros, a friend of Obama. As a rule, Reps of both parties are present during the, vote counting watching the procedures with eagle eyes.but I doubt that happened in 2012.

    • Your remark is vile.

    • Really? I have read his history and seen scads of videos of him and his words, and no where have I encountered what your hatefulness is expressing. Sorry, but he did say he did not at those times want to run for president UNLESS it was necessary. Well, it now NECESSARY so get used to it, Wayne, or pack up and leave the only still free country in the world besides Israel and for sure they won’t you in.

  11. Even the CIA director, Brennan, announced today that terrorists could be within the Syrian refugees coming to this country!!

    • And apparently the FBI is saying we 100 ISIS madmen in our country, but I believe it is now thousands thanks to the empty suit and our politicians! Remember, we have a lot of registered socialists and communists we stupidly did not vet correctly and they are in both Houses!

  12. What a F’ing “Turn Coat” to the PEOPLE and AMERICANS …Ryan is definitely in the GOP Establishment, Go straight to Hell , Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “GO TRUMP” …. IN 2016, then put the LIKES of a Paul Ryan ….. “Out Of Business!!!!”

  13. Pussy Paul is a complete sell out . His reason for not passing anything except what the president will sign is
    1. we cannot get it passed in the senate and it will be vetoed unless it is written to Ogayarbs desires.
    Well Paul, you were placed in the speaker ship to follow the voters will not your reelection agenda

  14. Back off Ryan!! Other presidents have limited groups dangerous to this country. The president’s job is mainly to protect and defend Americans and the Homeland.

    • Have we not had “war” declared upon us by Isis and the muslims? When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor it was a declaration of war also. Ethnic Japanese were not only barred but were also arrested and held in camps to prevent potential terrorism against America. The precedent has been set.

      • And BO has not protected this country, our constitution, our borders or our legal citizens. He has selectively enforced laws only when it has suited his destructive agenda. He is a criminal himself and Rat Ryan, the rinos as in McConnell, McCain, etc have joined BO in his agenda. Vote em out, NOW! Rat Ryan is running in WI this year, get em voted out. We are voting Ward in AZ to replace old McCain. It is getting ugly but Ward is much more of a conservative and patriot than the old rino who sat in Hanoi trying to look good for his furture in politics, not because he was a hero. Fake is the word for McCain. His daddy had a get out of Hanoi card for McCain but he stayed with the real POW’s who were treated a whole different way that General Daddy’s baby boy.

      • Richard Trundle


      • Yes, and the Left has done quite a job of rewriting history, portraying that whole episode of American history as something to be ashamed of (interment of Japanese Americans during WW-II). I received a copy of “No Ordinary Time,” by Doris Kearns Goodwin for Christmas last year, and it is an interesting book. Its a biography of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt during the 1930s through WW-II. Goodwin did a massive amount of research, and I learned a lot from the book, but her liberal biases were showing throughout the book. For example, she used the modern term “xenophobic” several times when referring to Republican opposition to allowing unlimited, “unvetted” Jewish immigration from Germany. Republican opposition was based on the fear (probably justifiable) that the Nazis were infiltrating the immigrants with Nazi agents, and we were at war. FDR had sympathies for the Jews, but he understood the dangers of Nazi infiltration, and his primary objective was to win the war. Goodwin also had unlimited praise for all the “good work” that FDR implemented (mostly the New Deal).

      • Deport the rabid animals (AKA: Mu-slimes) & drop a Nuke on Mecca.

    • Barry does Neither!

  15. As usual, Ryan the RINO is a full of she it as a Thanksgiving turkey. He needs to be primaried out of office. The Immigration Act of 1924, Imposed first permanent numerical limit on immigration and began a national-origin quota system. It lasted until revised in 1965 when amended.
    Another fact overlooked by the corrupt MSM is the Obama administration actually stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for six months after two Iraqi-refugees were arrested on terrorism charges in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2011. As one honest pundit put it, “If it wasn’t evil when Obama paused that refugee program in 2011, why is it evil to do the exact same thing now?
    And Ryan spews the same ole establishment garbage as Obama the Muslim now states, “Slamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values. That’s not who we are. And it’s not what we’re going to do.” All aided and abetted by the establishments #1 RINO. Hypocrites all!

    • Obviously Ryans understanding of Americans has never been the deepest values of which he speaks, but a country for REAL people coming, inspected, and becoming actual REAL Americans, and our values is why they came. Ryan, you values are NOT our values, but warped ones of you and those who think and act like you, meaning you hate America, its flag, its Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and all truly LEGAL Amendments. Seems like you should pack up your family and go to Europe with all its open borders. I am sure they would love to have you and we will be happy to see your back leaving our country and its REAL VALUES

  16. Obama has violated a couple of amendments and still Paul Ryan and his fellow Rinos let it go on!! He needs to go home and get out of public office and shut his mouth!! Evidently he hasn’t got the message the American people are fed up with his kind of bought out liars!!

  17. You are full of crap Ryan the RINO and it is past time for you to step down. You are not suitable to be speaker!!!

  18. If, as Ryan says, banning Muslims is against the first amendment, then why is that ban written into the immigration law?
    While the first amendment does provide freedom of religion, I seriously doubt that it granted blanket coverage to a religion that is intent on the eventual take over of America and every other nation in the world. The one objective is a world wide Islamic faith being achieved by: Killing the infidel. Conversion to Islam. Taxation on non-believers. And while the objective is not always violent, it does include taking over by sheer numbers until they are the deciding voices in all governments; local, state, and federal. And so far, this last plan has been successfully achieved in some American communities as well as London, England.

  19. We have so many of the Good Old Boy club in office we need to make a clean sweep. There are not any of them that is not in bed with Obama. He say’s jump and they say how high.Looks like we need to vet our congress members as well as our President. Which they never did with Obama. Also we are getting Muslims in our gov. offices and next we will be in a mess like London. A mayor that is already changing the face of London. If you are a model in London you have got to hate this person already. No adds with scanttlely clad women. No pretty bodies for the guys to look at. Next all you will see are women in barkas. Imagine that we are already seeing a lot of them on our streets.

    • I agree, Lilly, the illness is widespread in both Houses and the WH, and we need Trump to help us clear and clean out the vermin asap. They think they own us and forget they are mere employees that we foolishly elected but now the time has come to “unelect” them and take away all perks they gave themselves without our okay. Let them get home as best they can on their on stolen money and forage just like the rest of us that they have left without income, jobs, etc., but had plenty for themselves and invaders, invited or not, on our soil and also without our permission. This is OUR America and not theirs to sell to the highest bidder!

  20. There has to be a qualified U.S. Patriotic Citizen & conservative to replace the rino ryan and his asinine whims that supports bo’s wannabe dictator B.S. and deceitful abuse of power … ! Vote to rid the senayte of rinos & “hope” the house fires ryan & makes a good “change” before he is voted out of any government infiltration !

  21. He is saying we would be infringing on their civil rights? They are not American citizens. It does not apply to illegals or visitors from other countries. They are not american citizens until the go the mile to get their citizenship when they come here legal.

    • Apparently it has become fashionable for every person on the soil of the United States to be endowed with civil rights; except for actual American citizens.

    • Yep, our political employees consider us dummies and they can pull the strings. Not so any more, Ryan, so get uses to OUR real American values which, obviously, are not yours. Give it up and this time really go home while you can choose to do so.

  22. U.S. Immigration law is defined and refined by Congress regularly. Certain nationalities and groups receive priority and those with assets and professions also receive precedent. The Muslim importees have no talents, no professions, and no assets with which to live, but must receive immediate taxpayer support as commanded by the Obama sycophant, the AG Lynch.

    Paul Ryan is an idiot RINO. He needs to shut up and get out.

  23. It seems that speeches decide who is or isn’t conservative. The TRAITOR Reagan some call the greatest conservative gave us 8 years of massive deficits raising the national debt by 300%, grew government by 50,000 employees per year, raised regressive taxes 11 times and did away with our borders, Ryan wants the same thing, I must not know what the word means. If that is conservative count me out.

    • Cauliflower Brain Reagan started a trend. Repugs electing dumber and dumber leaders. For now, Dumbya is the worst ever. Conald Dump could be even worse.

      • I don’t know if Trump is the answer but he is the only candidate to talk about the suffering American families. I think he is our last shot at restoring America. The money boys has a strangle hold on both political parties.

  24. Concerned Citizen

    dear mr. ryan, The first responsibility of congress and our elected officials is defend our country and its “legal” citizens from the attacks by those who are trying to destroy it.

  25. We didn’t want Ryan and each time he opens his mouth, we know why we didn’t want him. A RINO thru and thru and wants what he and they want and shaft us. Sorry, Paul, the 1st Amendment is for our free speech. By the way, Eigenshower, Carter and Truman all deported and/or enclosed those we didn’t want here for America’s safety, and closing the migration used to be done at the borders by shutting out the unwanted, the sick, etc. Go back in history, Ryan, and get up to date. Better yet, quit and go home as you said you wanted to do before the idea of losing out on almighty donor dollars hit you and you couldn’t resist. Sorry, Trump is right on and you had better get used to it. Any shenanigans from you and others like you will bring about actions you won’t like nor enjoy. We are the Government and you are a mere employee. Get used to it. Best is to pack it in and leave with less disgrace along with several other RINOS and supposed moderates. In other words, we have had it and you ain’t got it! Stop with the empty not well thought out remarks and/or threats, because they no longer have power over us.

  26. Ryan so believes in freedom of religion that he is defending the ideology most aggressively seeking to eliminate ALL religions.

  27. That’s a bunch if Horse Sh*t, no ware in the first amendment does it say we have to admit Muslims to our country.!!!!!

    • That is correct. We have a choice about who we invite in and fairness has nothing yo do with it. But, our current rulers want to rule subjects from all over, so they invest heavily in the “we are the world” brainwashing.

      We have enough people, so demand ZERO immigration.

  28. Paul Ryan has got to go…there is another person running against him in his primary,,. i hope he voted
    out (like eric cantor)

  29. Paul Ryan is a joke===What is he doing helping the democrats??? ,,,Who elected him to be Speaker of The House??. I guess he probably wants McCann to run again and we get laughed at again. Trump for president

  30. This man is a disgrace to his office. He is a Romney toady, and more concerned about being politically correct, preserving his and his cronies’ power base, controlling the purse strings, and giving the electorate the shaft. Who is he that he believes he knows better than the millions who voted for Donald Trump – not Saint Donald? The man is a moral coward, and cannot see beyond his own nose.

  31. Ryan’s an idiot, the Constitution is for Americans, not some evil crap from the dark ages that obama is bent on bringing here and forcing upon us. And I have never seen anything in the Constitution that says keeping enemy invaders out is against it anywhere!!!!

  32. You can’t blame Ryan, the money men tell him what to say and what to think. He just want’s to get reelected.

  33. Would Paul Ryan have inviting thousands of Japanese into America after Pearl Harbor?

  34. Ryan is the worst of worst ! I opposed him being made Speaker of the House (and rightly so). He’s a treasonous POS sellout RINO. Dear Lord let’s elect Trump and prosecute this garbage so called human being. He passed OMNIBUS and now this. Oh BTW a$$wipe Islam is NOT A RELIGION ! Its a twisted, perverted ideology.

  35. Paul Ryan is Obama’s ass kisser.Fire his fucking ass.

  36. Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, etc. – apparently all have the same blood line. Probably all sharing the same bed when in DC. Not a single one of them actually represents us lowly peons out here in the hinterland.

  37. Ryan knows there will be more Islamic Muslim Terrorists within the Refugee Population immigrating into the USA. What is wrong with him. I believe he has joined with the Romney (POWER GRABBING) Cartel.

  38. Ryan is an idiot. Why would anyone same INVITE trouble into their country? Has nothing to do with religious freedom….has to do with threat and risk reduction.

  39. davesnrakleberger

    ryan is proving to be a real jerk.

  40. No Paul. It is not a violation of the First Amendment. The Amendments only apply to those that are citizens of the USA. They are not citizens. End of story.

  41. Paul Ryan is the new JUDUS trying to nail Trump to the cross, to help Hillary to defeat Trump so he can run against her in 2020,,,or there planning to dump Trump at the convention.

  42. Muslim is not a religion.

  43. Incoming refugees have no rights under our Constitution paul R the idiot. So instead of bringing in thousands of people you PC elite politicians can not properly vet and putting Americans at risk we say stop. If your not going to support Trump the person we voted for get out of politics before the next election or we will remove you.

    • Palin said she was going to work to defeat him because he is up for re-election in WI. I hope someone is working on this.

      • Palin and her army of single-digit IQ zombies are on it. Ryan’s seat will end up as a Democratic pick up.

  44. Trump is a very dangerous fascist. Thankfully, the more drek he spews, the more people realize it. Wake up, people.

  45. We need advice on a system that “will” work to reduce the influx of terrorists into the U.S. not persistent advice on what we “can’t” do.

  46. Paul Ryan is wrong!

  47. The first amendment is for US CITIZENS, not refugees!! We are not restricting refugees on the basis of their religion. We need to restrict refugees on the basis of which ones want to kill us and take over this country.

  48. Ryan should be better informed rather than full of “himself”!!! There already is a law, implemented by Democrats to restrict anyone from entering that might/could pose a threat to the United States.
    Vote for Nehlan this election..he is running against Ryan the Bullsh**er!

  49. Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and many other Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Ranks and taken over our party. Donald Trump is speaking for almost all TRUE Conservative Republicans. Republicans should be the polar opposite of the Communist Democrats who are supporting and giving aid and comfort to the NAZI MUSLIM PARTY. We have had mayors threatened by Muslim Terror leaders who want their courts. All we need to do is look at London’s Mayor, he has already fundamentally transformed the once great city, he is a NAZI MUSLIM PARTY leader in England, could become a PM very soon. It is time to distance ourselves from Countries that support the take over efforts of the NAZI MUSLIMS. My Grandfather and Uncles did not destroy one group of NAZI’S to let another conquer the world. It is now the time to commit to resistance of this MAD CULT, These Evil Beings who should be eradicated, ISIS has killed Christians and Jews in the most hideous ways, Cutting children in half, burning Men, Women anbd Children Alive… These are human beings? Does the so called Peaceful Muslims even try to stop ISIS, no they give them support and cover. We need to declare ISIS as our enemy and CONGRESS needs to declare WAR. But Paul Ryan on O’Reilly he did the political two step. Ryan is a LIAR in the image of Obama and he needs to be ousted from Congress.

  50. That would only be true if Islam was a religion. It is not. It is a violent political ideology and has been since the days of the Barbary Pirates. Ryan is a truly sick RINO and needs to be removed from office by the conservative voters of Wisconsin.

  51. You know we should make them really happy. Besides the food stamps, green cards, medicaid, etc. They all sould be issued AK47’s and 1000 rounds of ammo just to get them started. I am sure that Omuslim will agree to that and so will Paul.


  53. The first amendment does not apply to non citizens. If Ryan would actually listen to what is said he would hear that it is halt to entrance until there is a complete background check. I would go further to say that is needed for ALL foreigners entering the country.

  54. I honestly believe tht Paul Ryan is taking his ORDERS from Reince Priebus, big shot of the RNC Islam is “at war with the U S A” as they have stated time and time again, yet Ryan is either stupid or a TRAITOR. Obama has swore to “protect the USA from its’ enemies, and yet he does nothing ( just says he’s doing something ). TRUMP is RIGHT ON TRACK and this dork Ryan ( and others ) want to shut him up. Maybe it’s because Trump will “actually do something” while the others do very little. I haven’t hear much about Ryan putting any PRESSURE on Obama, so what the hell is going on here? How can someone start a PETITION to get RID of RYAN ( and Priebus ) from their interfering with the “WILL OF THE PEOPLE”? They will be trying to change the rules in July, and will try to get rid of TRUMP We cannot let that happen. They are crooked ( the leaders ) and trying to help “WHO THEY WANT” Trump won and he is the ONLY person to run against Hillary, and beat her crooked AZZ. Ryan?? If you’re reading this one, i say to you “You don’t deserve to be Chairman or any ( other ) position in the Republican Party. MAKE LIKE A TREE AND LEAVE for good, you S O B

    • Somehow, I think Ryan ignores retards like you.

      • Hey Ben Did you forget to take your meds? I will put my IQ results up against yours any day of the week. Priebus and Ryan are BOTH against Trump They should be reprimanded, not Trump…………TRUMP 2016

      • Are you ignorant of all the “Facts” pointing to Priebus and Ryan, or are you screwed up like all the ( other ) Obama lovers? YOU NEED HELP

  55. Since when does the Constitution apply to non-citizens? Establishment Ryan is looking out for himself and his donors, not Americans.

  56. Along with Mitt, I voted for him & Paul Ryan in 2012…I have since regretted it…Mitt is only concerned about himself not the American people & Ryan’s just as bad…seems closer to being a democrat than a republican…TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  57. Only American citizens have those rights.

  58. paul ryan and chinless Mitch are both an insult to those who trusted them with their positions

  59. Paul Ryan, as it turns out, is far worse than Bohner ever could be. It is that rhetoric that will cost Trump the presidency and we will be left to be obliterated by $chittlery. She wants to disarm us as a country but, if she can’t do that, she wants much more invasive background checks performed on us when we want to purchase guns THEN she’s THRILLED to place ALL our personal information on a federal database so THEY can track us. She also wants to bring in 100’s of thousands of savage animals under the guise of “refugees” but will have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with placing their information on any databases. In spite of the fact that there is NO WAY to perform ANY type of background checks on them!!! Those are the options we are faced with!!! If Trump doesn’t get in, we will all wish we could get out.

  60. Ryan makes us hope for the return of Boehner. Where is Newt when we need him?

  61. Ronald E. Blackburn

    I agree get rid of Paul Ryan, The first amendment is for the Americans not terrorist and if we let these Idiots like Ryan keep their crap up , we have a problem, don’t forget who we must vote out when their positions come open, number 1 vote Paul Ryan out, he has proven he is an undercover terrorist like Obama we either vote them out or they will give this country away !

    • “Undercover terrorist.” Time to stop the glue sniffing, your brain cells are all dead.

      • Ronald E. Blackburn

        Just open your eyes, anyone can see our President is a Muslin determined to get as many terrorist into our country before he leaves office, while trying everything he can, and I guess you are for taking everyone guns too, I guess everyone has forgot all the innocent people being killed , by the hundreds lined up in their under ware, and being shot down like animals with their hands tied behind their backs or being put into a cage and lowered into the water and drowned alive, or yes lined up on their knees, and having high voltage electric wire wrapped around their heads and fried to where their heads fell off, or just cutting their heads just to show us. Yes those poor people had no weapons to protect their selves and were slathered, and idiots really think you will be safe if only the terrorist has weapons you will be safe, please understand the terrorist don’t need a permit, and don’t care about our laws, but if you want to be lined up and killed by these people I just hope you people are first in line so I can laugh, and ask where will Obama be then or Paul Ryan. You need to stop sniffing glue, or are just blind and mute ?

        • You conspiracy theorists make me sick. If you hate this country so bad, just leave. It really is the simple, Ftard.

        • I am all for taking guns from away demonstratedly crazy people like you. So off your rocker, you pose a major threat to take up arms against our government. Whining about crazy conspiracy theories is a sign of mental illness. There is mental help available for people like you. GET SOME!

          • Ronald E. Blackburn

            I would love playing key board bad ass with you like most love running off at the mouth behind a keyboard , but in face to face they run and hide. please give me an invite for a cup of coffee, it seems to me that you must have a lot of things you want to get off chest , I love coffee.

          • I will just report your ass to the Secret Service. I’m not not going to play with some dumb gun-totting conspiracy freak.

          • Ronald E. Blackburn

            Like I said a hide behind a key Board bad ass.

          • I know all about angry freaks like you. Rant like an 8 year old, then pull a gun. You probably got so angry because you blew your package off misusing a gun.

          • Ronald E. Blackburn

            I will leave you with thought I took it a pond myself to look over your rants on about anything and everyone you rant too, and it appears that in fact, you would know about those crazy , mentally deranged people being one yourself, and I would say you are in fact a specialist, some people that need to be observed very closely by Secret Service , so now little fellow, don’t you think it is time for you to take you meds and get some sleep, tomorrow is a new day, Good Night little man sweet dreams.


  62. Rat Ryan has stopped taking emails in his position as speaker. Funny, now that the little rat has said it is against the law to ban moslimes how this rat has made certain we cannot contact him about it via email. He must not like the emails we have all been sending him. He is a coward just like McCain, McConnell, etc… This weasel needs to go, he does not want to hear from the legal constituents of this country who dislike his agenda as much as BO’s. Vote him out in WI. He is a rino, a liar. a traitor and a cheat. Vote him out.

  63. My Grandparents came through Ellis Island and were vetted before being allowed to enter this country. They left their home country because of dire conditions there. They didn’t come here to live their foreign lives here. They came here to be Americans and assimilate into our colture and our way of life, knowing our system of government would provide opertunities to their children they would never have in their home country. The first generation of children born in this country were even dissuaded from speaking the language of their parents. We were now American children and we must speak American.
    This country was founded on Judio-Christen beliefs. Our basic laws came from the Bible and the Torah. Why would a person that believes so strongly in the Muslim faith want to enter this country, of all the countries in this world, to practice a religion that is in direct conflict with ours and our laws. I believe their plan is very clear and well stated by them. We are non-believers and must be dealt with. We are infidels.
    If you come into my country and wish to assimilate, you are welcomed. If you come into my country and wish to make us bow to your life style, find another country.
    Paul Ryan, you should be ashamed of your self with the stand you and your elite power hungry republicans are taken against the choice of the American voters. Why don’t you traitors just come out and admit you would rather have crooked Hillary as President

  64. Ryan obviously does not understand the Constitution or the First Amendment.
    First the Constitution protects an American citizen and not anyone else. Religious freedom means you have the right to worship as you feel led. Not the freedom to force others to accept your religion. If you visit heavy Muslim populated areas in our country you will find they do not believe this and instead want Sharia Law to supercede the constitution.
    The First amendment was written to protect what had happened to Europeans who had traveled here to escape the religious bonds forced onto them in their home country. Primarily the Church of England. It was to prohibit that action from recurring here so in essence, it is a religious test. If you want to colonize us into your religion your laws and not ours, then you are not welcome here.
    So Ryan, maybe you need to return to school and study the Constitution and American history instead of trying to rewrite it to fit your open border agenda.

  65. I agree. He’s in with ROMNEY, Bushes, Graham , and in turn with Obama and Demos.
    Get the ALL OUT!!!!!


  67. And if Hitlery gets in this is what we will face as a nation…

  68. Ryan is right when he says you can’t ban an immigrant based solely on religion. But he is way off base if he thinks you can’t stop immigration from countries based on a clear and present danger to “OUR” country. We are at war with radical Islam whether DC wants to admit it or not. Never in our history were we forced by law or constitution to take in immigrants from countries who are advocating our destruction. We didn’t take in Germans or Japanese during WWII except by extreme exception. We ban people with certain diseases, criminal histories, etc… If you can’t vet a person, regardless of their religion, from any country they should not be allowed to immigrate here. We know by congressional testimony there is no way to properly vet Syrian refugees/immigrants, whether Muslim or not, so we should not be bringing them here. Period. Why would any sane country invite the enemy inside your gates?

  69. Think is Paul Ryan being paid off by the Muslin Brotherhood is worth now $7.5 million made in the last 2 years and being stupid doesn’t count.



  71. Hy Ryan RINO, go find you an open lot on the corner, on 51 hwy would be good, right in the middle of Janesville, Wi

    You can start a used car lot there after we dump you mangy rino fanny.

  72. It is interesting to see all of the Bi-polar people following Trump….they all like to hurt others and are very prejudiced….and have a incurable insanity…and, Congress…and the people within it…have been the reason…with all of the “HATE” they have showed to all Americans…and this includes, Paul Ryan…who was the leader of the “RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT”…ruling the U.S. a if it could not rule itself, nationally using their “NASTY POLITICS”…but, their is one thing I truly believe in…out of your mouth…reveals to all people how you think and feel within your heart…and I can tell a Narcissistic Person and a Bi-polar person and they both are into the “ME GENERATION” and not into the “WE GENERATION”…to accept all people as the children of God…and out of your mouth comes your “BLESSINGS OR YOUR CURSINGS”…Donald Trump…was thrown out of School at the age of 13…and his father owned a Construction Company…and he went to work for him and then his dad put him into Military School…isn’t that interesting…that is why he is spoiled rotten and a Bigot thinking that he is a “god”….and remember…the First Amendment…is very important to how we address issues…and we all need to “SCULPT OUR WORDS TO ONE ANOTHER” and have control of our “TONGUES”…it shows me you have “POOR COMMUNICATION SKILLS”…in trying to keep peace…I am friends to a lot of nice Muslim People…that young man that killed all those people was “Bipolar” AND SUFFERED FROM “INCURABLE INSANITY”….there are more mean people than there are nice people…believe me..

    • Nice rant. To bad it’s all horseshit. For example, Trump was not thrown out of school. His father enrolled him in military school because he felt the lad needed to learn some discipline. It worked. He is not spoiled rotten. His father loaned (not gave) him a million dollars to start his business. Donald paid it back, with interest. Lets see your 10 billion $$$$.

    • Well said. Nice to see another sane person here. Trumpy Dumpties are brainwashed fools.

  73. According to Ryan, foreign illegals could invade the U.S. with weapons and would be an enemy—but if they invade the country with nothing but verbal “bullets”(which they frequently do), they have a right to commit mayhem. Illegal, means just that, they do NOT possess the same prviliages as citizens, else chaos will prevail—(which it is, as we debate).

  74. As much as I hate to admit it, Ryan is correct. You cannot ban a religion according to the Constitution. You can, however, legally ban immigrants from a country or countries. Roosevelt did it in the ’30’s and 40’s.

    • It’s not a freaking religion.

      • I agree!!! However, the bleeding hearts liberals and all the other losers and Arab pedophiles, wife beaters and those who practice beastiality, will whine. It is a cult in my book. But trust me, you can ban derelicts from certain countries. Lets try that.

        • Being a christian is a cult too.

          • No Ben, you are wrong. I had to rescue a cousin from a cult. Once again, a liberal overloads his mouth with heinous bullshit. Crawl back in your hole and shut up. You know not of what you speak. Piece of Greek scum that you are.

          • Do you always upvote your own posts, loser. Ben the Greek loser. That is what we will call you. Maybe I find a Turk to slit your sorry throat.

  75. The only thing the muslim ban violates is his pocket book. How dumb do you think we are. Certain groups of people have and should be banned. Give us all a break and go home Ryan. It’s hard to look at such an ugly mug like yours.

  76. I don’t believe that non or not yet Americans are protected under the Constitutional amendments, I think that is for citizens. But I may be wrong.

  77. Paul Ryan is a AH Banning terrorists/Muslims or anyone that would o harm to the USA has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FIRST AMENDMENT Goes to show that lawyers are not that smart after all…he is just another politician that is trying to cause havoc in the USA iSLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE they want to kill everyone that does not believe in their Sharia laws. OUR LAWS RULE NOT ISLAM RULES

    The Muslims have proven to be evil and deadly to those in the entire world and I say BAN them like Trump proposes. RINO RYAN needs to go peddle his beliefs elsewhere not here in the USA The whole damn DC clan needs to be replaced. GO TRUMP let him get the job done the morons in DC haven’t done yet for years and years and years.

  78. michael schimanski

    ryan needs to go , vote him out . We have the chance to start to clean house . These politicians who do not want to listen to WE THE PEOPLE have to be shown that We The People are not going to take it anymore . These politician who do not want to try to keep Americans safe , who do not care about our Constitution or our country , these politicians seem to only want to keep their club in tact . The Good Old Boys have to be shown who’s country this really is . Donald Trump 2016 .

    • WE THE PEOPLE are going to beat Conald Dump big time. Also take the Senate and with it the Supreme Court. Hopefully the House as well. Say goodbye to idiot Repukes and their regressive ways.


  80. One mistake DC Politicians make is describing Islam as just a religion. Islam is a totalitarian political theocracy hidden inside the wrapper of religion. Unlike all other recognized religions, Islam has religious, social, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a cloak for all the other components. Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult; it is a complete ideological semi-religious and absolute totalitarian theocracy totally subjugated to Allah with the sole purpose of converting and dominating the world to the world of Dar al Islam (The House of Peace.) And Islam will use all the powers provided by Allah to achieve this ultimate aim. We are not importing individual Muslims (Refugees/immigrants) we are importing a totalitarian theocracy small pieces at a time. Look around present day and throughout history and you’ll see that Muslims DO NOT assimilate, but balkanize every country they are invited into until they can take control of it. A recent example is Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina and those are “moderate Muslims.” Until we understand that this is what we are importing into the United States, be it moderate or radical, we will continue to commit cultural suicide.


  82. Ryan needs to go, along with the rest of the career politicians in both parties. None of them listen to what the voters want. They all have their own agendas and make deals among themselves even if the voters get screwed.

    • Here is a clue. What you and the other Dopes who support Tronald Dump want does not represent “what the voters want.”

  83. As a young boy from Northern Illinois, I am aghast that the good people of Janesville Wi. keep sending this loser back to Congress. Unbelievable.

  84. At the rate we’re going, Conservatives might as well start their own country. We can’t win anything with the current batch of Republicans and Democrats in office. It’s way past time to consider Texas secession.

    • Texass is a toilet. You can have it. I wish we could undo the Washington years of Dumbya Bush and all the damage he caused. Build yourselves a wall and stay in Texass. Keep Trump too.

  85. Again I say……. Paul Ryan should not and should not have been and can not be now the speaker of the house!!!! He is the great divider of the Republican Party!!! He is trying as hard as he can to get the bitch of Bengazi elected!!!! He’s so damned worried about his own political future he’s the worst member of congress bar none!!! He’s an Obama ass kisser no better, maybe even worse than weepy Boehner!!!

    • In case you were not aware, the Speaker Of The House, is NOT meant to be the speaker of the Repuke Party. His duty is to get the job done for all Americans.

    • Thank You Nina”! God Bless You”! Where Can I meet a Women Like You”? The Ones I meet Have Feminism In Their Heads And Only see The WITCH..hillary As their Solution For Male Hatred. They Are Secret Haters Of Men. They Think They Can get EVEN..If They Elect The Witch Of The Left”! The Secret Homo-Sexual…. (Talk on The Internet) AGAIN….GOD BLESS YOU””! RICH

      • Thank you Miyako! God Bless you too! I’m sorry to say the females you meet are not feminists they are just playing follow the leader! Not one of them can think for themselves! Pitiful just pitiful!! Hitlery isn’t beast and its ppl like uneducated women I sorry to say that will ruin this country all for the sake of having a “femal” president! Totally absurd!! Look I’m a obviously a female you’re looking at my pic, and it would be great but Widerbeast? Hell no!!!!

  86. This is a “cry in the dark”, but where in the H— is our Congress? The President and his followers cannot even get out of bed without funding from congress—–something massive is in the mill and I will wager there is going to be much blood in the streets , before election time—-and just like the mass shootings, there is an obvious but still not clearly identified “common thread” in all of this illegal migration. With a nation-wide over- population problem, raising its ugly head, we just cannot have mass migrations ongoing, as it will make the problem far more unmanageable. OK to bring in work crews for both work and training in the Republic and freedom way of life, but return them to their homelands after they have learned a trade and freedom way of life.

  87. We must ban all christians who want to immigrate here too. Radical christians have bombed abortion clinics. So we have to stop them from coming into the country until we find out what the hell is going on.

    • One incident does not a trend make. I heard that an atheist and a secularist shot up Columbine HS. Let’s ban all atheists and secularists from coming into the country. You wouldn’t by chance be auditioning for the village idiot in some hamlet in Europe, would you?

  88. Paul Ryan is an absolute moron, who ought to quit Congress and go to work full time for Hillary’s campaign. This man is a TOTAL IDIOT.

  89. Mr. Smartass, since when are non-U.S. citizens protected under the 1st amendment?


    The poor don’t want refugees.Refugees work for lower wages.The rich man,now he loves refugees .He can screw them all day long and give them starvation wages ,because refugees will take what ever work they can get.

    • Washington Watchdog

      Well, what have you done with what America offers. Have you gotten an education, contributed to your community, to your church? What have you done to make America better? Nothing I would think.

  91. We need to empty both houses of Congress and start from scratch.

  92. impeach Ryan the traitor

    • For what? Not touting a racist to be president? How long until you call for Dump to be impeached? Oh yeah, he will not win anyway.

  93. Americans Wake Up

    Hey Ryan! Illegal immigration violates federal law! Refusing entry to anybody is not a violation of our Constitution unless they are a citizen.

  94. Ryan is more of a RINO than a conservative. In reference to 1st amendment issues. Is Islam even a religion, if so what sect of it, they have been fighting over this since 1258. Second many of the problems we have are with Sharia not necessarily Islam. Unfortunately if you believe in any Islam you try to follow sharia as a religious mandate. suicide bombers have been popular since ayotallah khomeni issued a Sharia edict that suicide bombers in the Iran/Iraq war go to heaven and are rewarded. Because we say sharia law is against our constitution and human rights we can ban sharia followers from US entry. This is because of slavery, punishment by body mutilation, abuse of women’s rights, etc.


  96. Americans Wake Up

    Guess Ryan needs to read the 1st Amendment.

  97. It does not.
    See the McCarran-Walker Act 1952.

  98. Sorry, Sir Lies-A-Lot, importing an invasion by our enemies is NOT protected by the Constitution. Rather, YOU are defined as a traitor by failing to uphold your oath of office and aiding and abetting our enemies.

    Ryan for Prison, 2016!

  99. Ryan has shown what he is and its not good. He is not for America

  100. Unless there’s a way to weed out the terrorists, Ryan needs to put himself in the same position as the Orlando victims before he just says “no”. Does he have a better plan? We don’t have the secret service follow us around with their guns. Does he?

  101. Paul Ryan, Mitt and a few more are just big cry babies. They run and the people let them know we don’t want their lying corrupt ass running the Country. These people on the hill believe people who come here illegal have all the same right as the American people have and more. For one thing they have no rights here. Their here illegally. Our rights are for who are here legally. An American. When did Our tax dollars become the government right to hand it over to other countries and to illegals. Why is it that we have to take care of them? Our government doesn’t take care of Americans that they should.

  102. Congressman Ryan conveniently forgets a precedence was set during the Iranian Hostage situation, when President Carter, unilaterally deported Iranian students, including those attending our military academies; cancelled Iranian held visas forcing them to leave; banned Iranian U.S. entry.

    There was no hue and cry from politicians, per Pres. Carter violating the 1st Amendment. But then again, he was a Democrat. And everyone knows they can do no wrong.

  103. Which Constitution are you talking about Ryan? Is it Ovomit’s constitution or the American Constitution? As everyone knows the DemocRATS have already destroyed the American Constitution. Seems to me Ryan (the top Rhino) has already decided to go along with Ovomits constitution. What a traitor to our country.

    • Looks like he thinks anyone who just wants to come here has our constitutional rights. Has he gone nuts?

      • Well Arizona Don, everyone knows by now ALL RHINO’S ARE BRAIN DEAD. The only thing they know how to do is “Screw the TRUE American people that work and pay for the “give-me all your freebies” illegals.

  104. Ryan has shown he is full of it. The Repubs are only slightly better than the Demos. What we need is Term Limits and a Great President and that sure ain t BroomHilda

  105. THe last that I heard from Donald Trump about Muslims was that he would ban their entrance in to this country until we had a better way of vetting them. Has he updated that, or are we hearing from those who want to make him sound worse than he his?

    • We are hearing from those who want to make him sound worse than he is? He has the same position as before. Which I think is only reasonable. It is obvious common sense is not so common any more! Those who insist on bringing more in without vetting must not value American lives because that is the risk.

  106. If We do not allow them in Country they have no say with Our Constutition…Wake Up Paul..No More Of It! They are too treacherous to bring into America NOW and later they all better whoever and wherever they come from better know they have to app;ly and earn their Citizenship!

  107. Wish someone would shut Paul Ryan up. He has a big ego and a loud mouth. He just can’t keep his trap shut. As if anyone wants to hear what he has to say. Impeach this sob.

  108. Ryan is more than a RINO, he is an idiot. If all terrorist acts that are being comitted by tolerant Muslims, being small percentage, why is it that they blame the terrorist acts on guns rather than on the criminal ? Even with all the guns in the United States, the percentage of violent gun acts is small compared to the percentage of terrorist acts by Muslims.

  109. 1PierreMontagne1

    Islam is at war with the west…and Islam laughs.
    Even Western leaders know that with the Human rights legislation, Freedom of Religion legislation and Western Constitutions…there is no Hope against Islam. Islam will win because Western Liberalism seized with foolish liberal interpretations ensures that there is no Hope for democracy in the face of murderous Islam in pursuit of of a world wide Islamic Theocracy.
    Paul Ryan is just another self defeated RINO living in a self made box from which he permits himself no escape.

  110. I am so disgusted with Paul Ryan. This guy has some real problems with maturity and loyalty.

    Unlike Ryan, we Americans understand the difference between good peaceful Muslims and the Radical Muslims. Mr Trump did not say ALL Muslims! Ryan is a big troublemaker and looks for any way to undermine Mr Trump. Ryan needs to go!

  111. Ryan should never have been selected speaker of the house.

  112. Ryan is representative of the very reason Trump won almost all the primaries; we are sick and tired of GOP RINOs sucking up to Obama and giving him everything he wants. The GOP “leadership” has done everything it can to accommodate and enable Obama’s leftist agenda. What better definition of “Treason” can there be?

  113. Roy Clingenpeel

    Too often politicians and lawyers quote the constitution as a means of rhetorical BS. The way I read the constitution is that freedom and protections for citizens of the united states and not undocumented, illegal and foreign nation potential terrorists who whish to destroy our culture, government and constitution. Only with legal application approval by our government after being thoroughly investigated. Up to that point they have no constitutional rights at all. The only foreign nationals that were borne in the colonies prior to the ratification of the constitution by the states are mentioned.

  114. Screw you, you rino piece of excrement, and screw all of the P.O.S. in congress!

  115. Stupid is as stupid does. People or groups that threaten the overthrow of the United States government by force are treasonous. Islam, a “religion” in its Quran has made, makes and will make that threat. Ryan, you wimp, establishment whore, retire and take the money!
    For your successor, here’s the magic word in re Islam: profiling. The Israelis use the technique without harm to their citizens; it’s like they don’t know it goes on. This is as it should be, quietly efficient in reducing Islamic terrorism.

  116. And the muzzies being here violate 99% of OUR laws, rules, and regulations. They can NOT live amongst us and “assimilate into this country because their “bible” teaches them to kill us!
    I side with TRUMP on this matter!!!

  117. Ken Dometriosis .

    Ryan is a jew psychopath! Nothing he says should be followed

  118. Theoline Isaacson

    Paul Ryan must go. Please support Paul Nehlen!!!

  119. In Russia Putin made it very clear , If you come to Russia you accept the Russian Culture and you speak Russian , We do not want Muslims and their primative Religion , If you can not accept our ways we will escort you to a Muslim nation , Putin put it in a short Speech and the Russian Parliment gave him a 5 minute standing ovation ,, Trump is right The are uncultured and primitive , This is America and if you want to live here , become an American and speak English !

  120. A better suggestion, Add Term Limits to the Constitution and watch all of these ReDemOcraps cry in their soup bowls when they see that their “gravy-train” has come to an end! We no longer have a two-party system, we have only Professional Politicians who spend their days making themselves filthy rich, all at our expense!

  121. vote ryan out of congress…he is and has always been a rhino and voting him out is the only way we can get rid of him and his kind!

  122. Like all the rest of our Congressional representatives, Ryan forgets All of the Laws that are in force and unenforced. The June 26th, 1952 law that says the the USA can deny Anyone that belongs to a group or organization that means to overthrow the government of the United States.
    This does not specify or exclude religion.
    And then I, consider Islam as a political movement; posing as a religion, to overthrow All governments, suborn and enslave or kill all infidels.

  123. Ryan’s constant reference to Islam as one of the world’s great religions shows how stupid this man truly is. Name one thing that is great or even mildly beneficial about Islam. There is nothing but war, death and destruction for anyone who refuses to “submit.”

  124. I think Mr. Ryan needs to brush up on his understanding of the Constitution (inthis case, the First Amendment). Mr. Trump’s “Muslim ban” has nothing to do with the practice of religion/free speech. It has everything to do with American national security, which we are not about to sacrifice for Mr. Ryan’s PC ideas.

  125. Illegal aliens do not come under our Constitution therefor have no 1st Amendment Rights, nor do they have any rights under our Constitution, only Legal US citizens fall under our Constitutional Rights.

    • That is correct. In addition, illegal aliens who riot in our streets are not even covered under Geneva Convention rules on treatment of prisoners of war (as they are not uniformed combatants). Being illegal foreign nationals, in civilian cloths, would I think allow them to be treated as “spies” while in a state of war. The punishment is death. There used to be a well-known phrase years ago: “Rioters and looters will be shot on sight.” This tended to discourage it.

  126. NO RYAN.

    • Sounds like a threat there.

      • A revolution is coming, Ben. If you perceive that as threatening, then perhaps you should. Nobody knows the future. I only suspect that things will not remain the same. Like over 23 million other Vets, I swore a solemn oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I intend to do just that.
        If you wish to report me, then please do so. This site is an open forum where free speech is still protected, even for evil jerks like you. I have family members who are very high ranking in both the FBI and DHS. I’m not the traitor here; but you might be.

      • You’re The threat To Americas Republic. Move To CANADA. a Socialist Country you Would Love.

  127. Whats wrong with Him? Is He giving American rights to possible Terrorists?
    Time for Him to go.

  128. Illegal muslims have no rights,they are not American citizens and by coming to America illegally they are also felones so ryan then you take all the responsibility for muslim killings of Americans since you and your collegues want them to be brought in and to stay

  129. What Paul Ryan is being a hypocrite about is the Obama administration had a 6 month ban on Iranian Muslims from entering the country. How is that so different from what Trump is proposing? Is it Ok for the Obama administration to do what Trump proposes but wrong for Trump? Sounds like a vendetta against Trump and a double-standard.

  130. Paul Ryan in my book is gone next election cycle!

  131. Who’s side is Paul Ryan working for?

  132. Ryan is a damned idiot. RADICAL Islam is NO religion…just a CULT. Federal Law SUPPOSEDLY keeps illegals OUT. (even though oscumbag,hitlery and all the merry muslimes and scumocrats/rinos don’t agree) He sounds EXACTLY like oscumbag…I guess he wants more Americans to die like the MUSLIME usurper and his minions INFESTING our White House.

  133. Ben: I suppose you approve of Clinton making the W.H. into a whore house and Hillary hanging out our good guys to die in Benghazi. Not to mention all those women whom she persecuted that her husband groped, raped, seduced, etc. not for his sake, but for her political ambitions. Please name one accomplishment of this poor excuse for a woman. Just one.
    The Repubs aren’t clean by any means, but they pale in evil deeds compared to womanizers Clinton, Kennedy, Johnson, et al. As a life long Democrat (my father had a picture of Roosevelt and his V.P. in our front window for years) I left the party for independent status after the last great Democrat–Harry Truman. All the beltway bandits are without scruples, but the current House Speaker and his predecessor have become Obama suck-ups. Newt is by no means perfect, but he was a man who did the right things for America–his personal life not withstanding.

    • I don’t care about Bill Clinton’s penis. I would guess his exploits are rather boring compared to my own. I would rather have a president Fing a lady than the entire country.
      As for Benghazi, it has been witch hunted to death. If Trey Gowdy had anything, he would bring it forward. You better take up your complaint with the Repug Congress. They are the ones who cut half a billion from the embassy security budget.


  134. I am supporting the one running against Ryan. I would also support anyone running against McConnell.

    • Vote for Democrats and fix things.

      • Never happening. Voting for a Democrat would be voting for Hitler, Mao, and Stalin all in one.

        • If you vote for Tronald Dump it is like Mussolini, Pol Pot and idi Amin.

          • You have it wrong Mussolini was tied to Hitler, Pol Pot was tied to Mao and Idi Amin was a murder witch ties him to Obama and Hillary.

          • PLEASE>….! Spoon fed”? NY TIMES”? you….! The politicians in America Are Stupid And Bring Attacks To Americas Citizens. I Will Vote for Trump. A Air Force Viet-Nam Era Vet. GO TRUMP’!

  135. It is time to clean house and get rid of the old trash.

  136. Ryan is an idiot that does not know the constitution.

  137. Terrorists have NO rights in this country and should not even be here. ryan should take his wife and move to a mu-SLIME country where they belong!

  138. Ryan knows nothing
    Obammy banned Iraquis in 2011 for six months…all of whom were musselmen……and Eisenhower shipped millions of folks out…and banned whole classes of folks….it’s quite legal….Ryan is a gutless pasty faced liberal liar…..who needs to be removed from office by force of the courts if necessary…

  139. linda Schlachter

    Get rid of Paul Ryan. Hes a menace to our country. Hes not even worthy to be called Speaker of the House. Take back our House and give it to someone worthy.

  140. Ly’n Ryan is a fake “conservative” a fake patriot, a fake RINO, a “One-World” open-borders hypocrite who seeks to transform the USA eventually to a “homeland” which looks like, and sounds like the Tower of Babel. RINO Ryan is also-known-as RIPON Ryan, present head of the Ripon Society, a century-old cabal formed in Ripon, Wisconsin to steer the Republican Party towards Liberal “progress”—as a bipartisan “me-too” set-up for absolute control. Those who voted him as Speaker still wonder why Congress is held in low respect? Hope he loses in his Primary.

  141. Paul Ryan is an idiot.

    A 1952

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if at some point during his
    campaigning Donald Trump said “oh by the way….”

    Here’s a historic fact that would seem to
    indicate that many, if not most, of the people we elect to go to Washington
    don’t have the slightest idea of what laws already exist. I did not know of this
    until now. It’s been law for over 60 years.

    Trump was recently severely criticized
    for suggesting that the U.S. should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration
    of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions
    (Muslims). The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things,
    being Un-American, dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist. Congressmen
    and Senators swore that they would never allow such legislation, and the
    president called such a prohibition on immigration

    As Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise,
    Surprise, Surprise!” It seems that the selective immigration ban is already
    law and has been applied on several occasions. Known as the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality
    Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of
    restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry of
    aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to
    the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for
    such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any
    class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the entry of aliens
    any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

    The act was utilized
    by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United
    States, but he actually did more. He made all Iranian students already here
    check in, and then he deported a bunch. Seven thousand were found in violation
    of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to
    leave the United States in 1979.

    It is of note that the act requires that
    an applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and “attached to
    the principles of the Constitution.

    Since the Quran
    forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, all
    Muslims should be refused immigration.

    Authenticated at:

  142. Very stupid man Paul Ryan! He does not know what he is talking about! He must have plenty of money to be able to protect his family and himself and doesn’t give a dam about the rest of us! Islam is not a religion and never was!

  143. meangreenMarine

    I guess the congress back in the ’50’s, who passed a LAW that restricted Muslims from entering the Country were against the Constitution as well! Bull Feces, Mr. Ryan! They knew that Islam was more than a religion, it was a political and cultural organization! They do not assimilate into the cultures of the Countries they move into! They attempt to change the Culture to their interpretation of the Koran! Look around, Mr. Speaker!
    Look at England, France and Germany! Look at ISIS in North Africa and the Middle East! We have a President who ignores the Constitutional Authority of two other Branches of our Government and does what he damned well pleases! Why haven’t you brought him before your Congress, either by impeachment or criminal violations?
    So, get off your high horse regarding the move to keep unvetted Islamists out of this Country until we know who they are!

    • What are you going to impeach him for? Yeah, yeah, I know… Being Black. Heard it thousands of times from your wingnut cretins.

  144. Since day one, Ryan hasn’t done sqidley-squat accept to appease the Democrats and liberal “money-baggers” in the GOP. He needs to be removed.

  145. Get rid of Paul Ryan period! If his District sends him back to Congress they will prove their worth as “useful idiots”!

  146. Hey Paul Ryan get bent & go get a real job for a living, if you can qualify for any.

  147. Ryan is a closet Muslim. a traditional career politician who couldn’t hold a mop job at a local YMCA. He represents hat is wrong with US politics intertwined in the federal government

  148. A natural born American

    Putting a temporary ban against the potential threat of allowing unvetted muslims into our country is not against OUR Constitution. I wonder where he got his information as it wasn’t from doing his own homework.






  150. Paul Ryan does not even know the history of America’s beginning. no wonder we are having such a hard time in this country. Freedom of speech dose not mean that someone could say that they hate America and that they are going to blow up the White House or that they have some document telling them how to make bombs to blow up a town and kill as many people as they can. Yet this is what is going on with every one that has a document that tells them how to do these things.
    Muslims have the Quran that tells them to do these things. Also their Mohamad did these very things himself!!! PROVE ME WRONG!!!, with documents of History that prove otherwise. All over the world this is what some Muslims are doing. Also you do find Muslims that say they are moderate but not doing anything about these things to stop them ???
    ARE THEY AFRAID OF THE RADICAL MUSLIMS. Now we find that the Sunnie Muslims that said that they are moderate Muslims are doing the same as the Shite Muslims. Am I missing something somewhere or are some leaders blind, and then condemn those that are trying to do something about it???

  151. Ryan no longer addresses his common sense when his mouth talks. He has become a “TRUE” POLITICIAN, willing to say anything to get his name in the media…anything. He used to show promise as a dedicated Congressman fighting for the American people. Now he lays in bed with anyone just so he heard…tsk tsk tsk Ryan.
    Congrats on becoming a #1 Political As-hole!

  152. Paul Ryan is a traitor of this country and the American people. He has no business being the leader of the House. Both him and Obama want all these muslims here to destroy our country. They do not assimilate into our culture and most are on government welfare. Why do we need any more immigrants who do not follow our laws and whom we have to support? Stupid Democrats and stupid RINOS. Obama should have been impeached for treason. All he wants to do is take guns from law-abiding citizens so the enemy can kill us.

  153. soldier for liberty


  154. soldier for liberty

    All corrupt time to clean house and restore the republic I vote for civil war 2017 lets settle it for the next two hundred years!

  155. What about my religious freedom. Who is protecting that.

  156. The First Amendment says nothing about banning a group of people , it says freedom of religion … being muslim is not a religion, islam is the religion.. Ryan , get your head out of Obama’s ass and take a breath of fresh air.

  157. I really thought paul ryan would stand up against Obama and his liberal army.I am very disappointed in paul ryan and mark kirk for not confronting Obama and his AMERICA destroying policies.

  158. House speaker doesn’t know squat about Trumps Muslim ban. Trump can’t ban anyone yet, and even if he does when hes President it isn’t their right yet because they are not legal yet. You have to be a legal citizen to inact your rights! This is how Paul Ryon puts a twist in all that he says and does, just like Mitt Romney!

  159. ,Paul Ryan is a LIAR, he should check section 212(f) of the immigration and nationality act of 1952. Check out the Presidents who have the right to do what Trump is suggesting and who DID what Trump is suggesting. Ryan who says we should build bridges instead of walls. Then why has Ryan built a wall around his home. He should NOT be in line for the Presidency since he cares more for ILLEGALS and REFUGEES than for the American CITIZEN. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION until America’s CORRUPT government starts taking care of the American CITIZEN.

  160. It’s not a ban. It’s a halt to immigration until we can be sure of a proper vetting. It has nothing to do with the first Amendment which protects American citizens, not people waiting to immigrate here. I Ryan doesn’t know better he shouldn’t be in Congress, let alone speaker.

  161. illegals have no rights under the constitution. Ryan is a congressman who wants to protect his pocket. Go get a real job Ryan.

  162. It’s NOT a total Muslim ban! It’s banning from certain countries & areas!
    ALSO the 1st Amendment is ONLY AMERICAN!!! How the HELL does a refugee have a 1st Amendment “right”?!?!? Citizens have the privilege, not immigrants/refugees!!!

  163. Paul Ryan looked like the genuine Conservative when he was VP choice of Romney. I thought Ryan was the right guy for the future. Today, I’m so glad Ryan lost his bid with Romney, who knew they’d be such losers, but they are!
    Paul Ryan is the best Republican the Democrats have! This guy is so disingenuous that he cannot be trusted for a fraction of a minute. He acted as though he really didn’t want the job as Speaker….everyone of us should have thanked him and passed on him as a choice, at that very moment.
    In another time in American history, Ryan would be an apt replacement of Benedict Arnold. He has the guts to solicit donations on the Internet and U.S. Mail. I’m through with Ryan, he’ll never receive one penny from me, he’s strictly a political opportunist for any, I mean ANY opportunity!

  164. Paul is another Bonner picked by Bonner and King Bo to lead the House. Paul Ryan is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) – a Professional Politician and a Puppet of the Establishment

  165. Ryan can’t decide which political party’s backsides to kiss, therefore he kisses all of them. It may be a good way to be heard, but I think it’s a better way to show one’s true character as untrustworthy and make enemies.
    It hasn’t taken him long to drop his angelic impression and to reveal the political back-stabber he is..

  166. I will only quote a retired Green Beret who spent about 13 years exchanging gunfire with members of the “religion of peace”—“Paul Ryan needs to grow a pair and stop acting like a whining bitch.”

  167. Paul Ryan is standing on his and America’s principles, of which Millertrumpbarrondrumpf knows nothing of. I think so much more of the Republican party because they are speaking for what they stand for instead of just letting this dimensioned sociopath move them from American values. Mitch McConnell said it best, “Donald Trump needs to pick a very strong VP because its obvious he doesn’t understand the issues.” I will vote Republican if the party throws him under the bus and saves us.

  168. This dirt bag should be supporting the nominee…Donald Trump. go Trump…

    • Not nominated yet. I’m hoping for a save by the bullpen. I hope Millertrumpbarrondrumpf continues to make anti-American, appalling, salacious statements, maybe the party will throw him under a Cleveland bus. A legit candidate would be refreshing and reassuring .

  169. The President of the United States has a duty and a mandate to protect and to serve the people of this nation. First and foremost on the list of duties is to PROTECT. America is at war. We are a nation under attack from terrorist that are of Muslim heritage and background. Not at war with every Muslim but with those that come into America and hold sympathies and values that conflict with the American values of life , liberty, and the happiness that we want as we work to achieve it. As well as FREEDOM to try to achieve that life as we see fit as long as we don’t break our laws. Those laws are not Sheriah ( or however they spell it) law. Muslims do not have a legal right to come into America and force their belief system upon Americans any more than they have a legal or ethical right to kill people that don’t comply with their standards of behavior or their religious beliefs.
    That being said, Ryan is wrong. We absolutely DO have the right to ban Muslims from entering this country until we have a firm grip upon this terrorist threat to our nation as well as the rest of the Nations of the world. Muslims must not be considered superior in being accepted into America just because some are afraid of the label that Democrats are using to brand all people that disagree with their agenda-“racist”. It doesn’t work in this case because the people that are not going to be allowed into America until a later date ( if at all) are not American citizens and are not subject to American Constitutional rights.

  170. the constitution applies to US citizens and legal residents. get over it you damned pinko commie

  171. I am disturbed to hear about Ryan’s position about the way he feels about Trump’s immigration strategy. Where has Ryan been? Who else has been killing innocent people lately, but various Muslims? Trump is absolutely correct in calling for a temporary moratorium on the immigration of Muslims to the U. S. until we can study the situation and develop a vetting strategy which will considerably reduce the problem. Whose team are you on, Ryan?

  172. Our immigration laws require INS to screen applicants and deny admittance to undesirables

  173. What are you going to do if Trump is defeated by hillary? If this does happen (God forbid), we know that there are forces more powerful at work than that of any lowly Politician. In other words, someone or something is trying to destroy our nation from the inside out!

    Americans got fooled by obama twice. If they allow anyone to take over their country, they are fools and deserve what they get. As for me and mine – I will never accept the laws of a liar and manipulator such as hillary and will defend all my Constitutional Rights until my last breath.
    God Bless America!

    • Radically ridiculous crazy ugly moronic tail. You better check twice on your liar/manipulator, you stand for both when standing with Millertrumpbarrondrumpf…you’ve already been manipulated, we all have.

      • What ever you’re smoking has destroyed your processing because you are an incoherent and slobbering fool. Nice try for a moron.

      • If you have clear thinking and an intelligent brain, NO ONE CAN MANIPULATE YOU…NO ONE. It’s only the ignorant and deadheads that believe everything they read or are told. Which category do you fall in?

        If you are going to rant and rave about the injustices we’ve experienced from the present administration, we already know that. How about some solutions to changing what is happening?

        Trump is NOT politically oriented like killary and he loves our country unlike obama. America will stand a better chance of surviving and remaining strong with him — no one else can make the change necessary to save our Nation. HE WILL BE VOTED IN AS PRESIDENT — it is written.

  174. Dennis B Anderson

    Keep it up Ryan and you could be wisked away to another time zone. Youre looking at PC that belongs in one of Obamas bathroom toilets. You dont let into your country ignorant people with a religion or mind set that wants to kill you in your sleep. Ryan you are the enemy along with Obama Valery Jarrett and the rest of them. Getting Obama out of office will be a war won! Ill be so happy when we can start arresting them for treason.

  175. Paul RINO Ryan, the leader of the DC deadheads. There is nothing between their ears except solid meat, no brain. Ryan you pansy Democraptic wanta be. Be truthful and tell everyone that you really are a Democrap.

  176. There is nothing in the constitution that requires the acceptance of any refugees or immigrants for whatever reason. Trump says stop until immigrants can be verified or vetted. We are not being attacked by the Baptist Church. Get our heads out of the sand. It is the Islamic religious zealots who are responsible for casting doubt on decent Islamic people.

  177. Hey Ryan O’fraud is going against the 2nd and every other Amendments but you don’t care about that huh..Just the one that helps the fraud terrorist with-in from getting his jihad army in here huh pauly.. Traitor!!!

  178. The Constitution does not apply to non citizens. There are different rules for them.

  179. Paul Ryan must have a comprehension problem over Trump wanting to secure our borders and wanting to vet immigrants and stop illegal immigration. Seems to me you should have to be a US Citizen first before Constitutional protections apply!

  180. What Paul Ryan should be getting down to the bottom of is WHY HAS THE FBI BEEN TOLD BY THE WHITE HOUSE THAT THEY CANNOT INVESTIGATE MUSLIMS????? Instead he is making an ass out of himself every time he opens his mouth against Trump. It was a big mistake making this guy speaker of the house. HE IS NOT SERVING THE PEOPLE AND HE IS DIVINDING AND NOT UNITING. It seems that the SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING is just another BLOWING-SMOKE-UP-YOUR-ASS government saying…OBAMA IS A MUSLIM TERRORIST..THATS WHY HE IS COVERING FOR HIS FELLOW TERRORISTS.

  181. dump Ryan, out on the street, cleaning up after the horses have paraded

  182. We need Medicaid for all so Tea Baggers can receive the lobotomies they so desperately need. The Republican party needs to scrape this ugly group from its shoe. I hold the republicans higher now that they denounce the Stupidism party of Trump. Wow, they do care about principles. Perhaps a Cleveland bus would help us all .

  183. RINO Go home and mow your lawn or something, that is if you know how to do that …

  184. Ryan if We do not allow them into Our Courtry there will be no Crime against them…We have that Right! You are being Doubly Duped by People you think you Trust and you need to open your eyes and ears…You Are being Used To Cause Division Between You and the Voters in Many Areas! The Enemies of America are
    Treacherous and Time Is Not On Their Side To Win…Americans Let’s See That Trump Takes Back America From These Terrorists!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      We will deport you to the garbage patch in the Pacific once Hillary becomes president. Better buy some swimming trunks, you’ll be dog paddling there in November.

  185. The liberals are always feeding Us Bullshit How They Can Weaken Us….Wake Up Americans…Vote Trump!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      It’s because liberal patriots tell the truth and cons are scared little weasels who wet their diapers at the drop of a pin. You are a loser, you have always been a loser and come November, you’ll be nearly extinct!

      • Your Biggest Imigination Will Fail You! It will never happen!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          The very fact that you wrote what you did confirms you and you unpatriotic kind will be vanquished from existence after November 8th when Hillary becomes the president-elect.

  186. Ryan put your pasifier in your mouth and shut up because every time you open your mouth nothing comes out that is worth hearing!!!

  187. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Paul Ryno
    The first amendment apples to Americans not Sharia psychotic homicidal moozys.
    See you in the unemployment office.

  188. Islam isn’t a religion it’s an ideology that is not compatible with our Constitution. The people on the hill aren’t compatible with the Constitution.

    • Right, once your a Moslem you cannot change to a different ideology. Called the RADDAH statement. Any Moslem has the right to kill you. You as a Moslem can used any means LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, AND KILL TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. ONCE YOU FEEL SORRY FOR THEM AND HELP THEM; THEY WILL KILL YOU. READ HISTORY…..

  189. I wonder what rock Ryan’s been hiding under. He wants to protect “American values” by inviting those who are dedicated to destroying those values into the country. Is he insane, or did he just escape Looking-Glass Land?

  190. In my opinion: Paul Ryan and most of our administration are ignorant of the Laws that formed America unless they are traders. The meaning of the Laws written at their time are self explanatory, therefore, common law.

    “In the first place, We should insist that if the immigrant Who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
    Words of: Theodore Roosevelt

    I am tired of hearing immigrants and illegals demanding that Americans must bow to them, they should feel honored that we have allowed them into America and contribute to America’s greatness.

    When I hear that some ignorant judge has allowed sharia law (?) to be practiced in America, they should be tarred & feathered and sent away. This is a cult not a religion.

    • StupidConservativeValues


  191. Has Paul Ryan been bought off by the Obama/Clinton/Muslim Brotherhood Cartel ???? Republicans need to stay strong and remain true to the American People, not just enhance their pocketbook and go along.

  192. And yet he says nothing about how Obama and other liberals in Congress are violating our Second Amendment.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Blow yourself. Obama has actually expanded gun rights you fucking moron. Next time you post something, it best be intelligent for risk of giving away just how fucking stupid you are (not like anyone here would notice).

      • Your ignorance, and despicable liberal traits are on full view for all to see, and read. This is exactly the response we have come to expect from scum like you. Other than that, your comment is so revolting that it doesn’t deserve to be dignified with any debate. Move on and take your vile mind elsewhere.

  193. Ryan needs to learn the law. Trump, as president, would be fully within the law to prevent any particular from entering the U.S. as provided by the act passed in 1952. The last SIX presidents have all used that law to prevent various groups from entering the U,S, Ovomit has done it six times, George W. did it six time, Clinton did it four times, Reagan did it five times, George H. W. and Carter both did it once. RYAN IS WAY OFF BASE.

  194. Obviously, Paul Ryan didn’t finish reading the entire 1st Amendment. Read it ENTIRELY. How can all these people be so stupid and have such high authority?????

  195. People need to check out a Federal law that is on the books that was used by Pres. Jimmy Carter to deport people from Iran from the U.S. and to prevent people from Iran from coming into the U.S.. Its the McCarran- Walter A,ct 1952.AKA as the Nationality Act of 1952.

  196. StupidConservativeValues

    “I love the 2nd Amendment, I’m willing to die for it! However, as for the rest of the constitution…fuck it!”

  197. This issue is blown out of proportion. The media has distorted this issue many times over. To be specific, no one can deny the Constitutional rights of any religion or make any laws against that religion. I hold to that position myself. But the national failure to maintain security causes us to seek a way to force better security. The Trump version has been to temporarily restrict immigrants from Middle East countries and to secure our southern border.

  198. Like I said before Ryan does not know sh-t about the Constitution and he just proved it. He should shut his mouth and get out of office.

  199. Listen Ryan you numb-skull. During WW2 the Japanese were put in camps in Calif and such for the peoples protection —REMEMBER FROM YOUR HISTORY LESSONS. WE NEED TO DO THE SAME THING NOW WITH THE MUSLIMS IN FEMA CAMPS. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE.!!! What do we have in Congress a bunch of idiots. When they haven’t proven themselves fit for OUR society then they should go to a camp. How stupid can you get. First Amendment not yet for them.!!! We need to weed out the bad ones first. We have another freaken idiot head of the House. Common Sense you idiots.!!!

  200. Phyllis Schultz

    Ryan is another politician, who does not have America’s best interests in mind.

  201. LGBY Listen Carefully….Obama set the scene for those Killed in Orlando and the FBi
    took their orders from their Boss Obama and told the mans wife not to tell…Probably he just let the Killer kill you buddies so he would not have to do it himself just like him
    and Hitler Hillary pulled in Benghazi by not helping save Our Fellow Americans and
    allowing those People there to kill them so they could not tell on them. It is proven facts by the government reports that they knew of the 9-11 Genocide, they knew of
    the Boston killers and did nothing to stop them and killings in every School House in
    America that was hit by persons they had their eyes on…..SO this tells the rest of Us in America they let every America be killed since 9-11 and after that so they could use the crimes to bring division between Americans and no one would ever suspect them until it was too late…These are low-life terrorists and traitors of America..the 3 We know of are Obama, Holder , and Hillary and whoever else was or is involved …WE need a Brave Tattletale to step forward and help save America from Within!

  202. Unfortunately, Mr. Ryan those you support, don’t hold with the same standards you are bragging about.

  203. Sinner you better run and hide I just turned these terrorists threats over to my bosses in D.C….you are hung!

  204. billdeserthills

    Perhaps if these intolerant muslims were actual american citizens, Trumps plan to deport them might violate the 1st amendment, since these illegally imported scum are not citizens of this country, tossing them out, along with the other illegals will simply be a lifesaving move for the true enjoyers of the Bill of Rights–We Americans

  205. Juanita Williams

    Just read a quote from Paul Ryan on Thursday that he would sue Donald Trump if he tried to implement an indefinite ban on Muslim immigration. He said he’d “sue any president that exceeds his or her powers.” Wonder why he has not sued Obama????? He has surely exceeded his powers!!!! Talk is cheap, Mr. Ryan!

  206. Dondehoff. As a logical person, I can appreciate your position. You said that everything I learned came directly or indirectly from others. Which is true of everything we know. For God to just put the information in our minds defeats His purpose. Logically speaking, a God thrives on the love of his subjects. Certainly He could plant it in our minds to love Him, but is that love? If you see a woman you want to marry, and she doesn’t love you, you could hypnotize her and all would be well right? Or would you rather have her love you because you are a kind man, a caring man who goes out of his way to see that she has what she needs, you defend her, help her make choices. In short, you have her back and she loves you for it. We love God, because we have free will. not because He makes us love Him. The Prophets were sent to warn people of dangers along the path they chose to travel. It was their choice to accept or reject.Just as you would warn your kids that if they continue to do wrong they will get spanked or grounded or whatever punishment you saw fit.Some would accept the warning some would not. As for God and Allah being the same person, I think not. I have read most of the Qu’ran. The god spoken of in their Holy books is not the same God of the Torah and the Bible. God never said to behead anyone who will not convert. In the Old Testament, God laid down a lot of rules for the Jews. Jews were hard headed and always needed a “sign” that what they were doing was OK. In the New Testament, Jesus taught them a different message. He was a Jew and went to the Synagogue or the Temple to worship. He explained to the Pharisees that if they accept this teachings, he would set them free. They did not understand that He meant free from the strictness of the written law. Until a written language was developed, the only way to learn was by the spoken word. It put a limit on how far the word could go. When written language began, the spoken word was transferred to scrolls and many were preserved for centuries. Now, if you were God, would you not make sure that everything you wanted people to know would be written exactly as it happened? Not one jot or tittle would be changed. (logically speaking)

  207. A good thing Ryan was not around back in the 30’s and 40’s as he probably would have insisted on letting in Nazi’s and Communists!

  208. If banning Muslims is against the Constitution, Obama and others have gotten away with it. Obama did it against Iraq for months, If Ryan believes so strongly, he needs to stop running his mouth and impeach Obama!

  209. who cares the muslims don’t go by are constitution so why use it to bring them here,we don’t want them

  210. Paul Tyan is a liar! Banning immigration to this nation is within the legal pervue of the POTUS. Trump is smart by advocating a temproary ban onMuslim “refugeees” coming into this country by the thousands under this Marxist Muslim we know as Obamanation. In my informed and educated opinion, Ryan has sold out to the POTUS. He made a deal and it is going to cost us a hell of a lot of innocent lives. Ryan is a turn cost. Get rid of these politicians who keep surrendering our freedoms as they make back room deals’ with the devils’ disciple.

  211. No one opposes immigration if it is legally done, no one opposes Islam, yet fear Islam believers from war torn Syria might be Isis terrorist if the security checks are not rushed through. Obama has taken the two opposing ideas and like in health care, a Iranian treaty, The PPA treaty, and Cuban treaty twisted them or made them broader. If you oppose him taking in hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken Central Americans, you called anti- immigrant. If you oppose a quick import of Syrian refugees you oppose all Islam believers. If you oppose national health care your against the poor? Basically, he is saying I am going to undermined the rule of law set in the constitution, screw you by making you pay for it, and you better like it or be labeled anti-American? What does the liberals understand, is it really hate, or get what you want by any means necessary? After this executive branch walks away, will we build shrines to worship their lies, deceitful behavior, and obstruction of Justice for political ideology?

  212. Ryan is a plane old fashioned asshole .he doesn’t even know what the hell he believes himself.He is just in politics for the attention hoping to get rich.that is the only thing he i interested in .

  213. You are a G-D’ed TRAITOR, Ryan!
    You were taught and EMBRACED Americanist Values upon which contemporary Conservatism is based. You used these values to get elected! THEN you sold OUT!!
    What did you get for your betrayal? 30 pieces of Silver? How far up David Rocki-feller’s azz IS your head?

  214. Mr. Ryan, Please be advised that Islam is NOT A RELIGION. The Koran is the Constitution and sharia laws for all followers of Islam, Muslims, to follow. Thus it is likened to our Constitution and Laws so that the Koran supplants our Constitution and Laws so far as Muslims are concerned. Therefore, Islam being such means that it is not a true religion but is guised as such to obtain favor for tax free status and opens the door for Muslims to achieve their goal of changing the world to make everyone living a Muslim or they die. President Obama is being used as a sympathizer of Islam to destroy our nation and thus is neither a patriot or honoring his oath to support our constitution and our laws.

  215. Its against our coonstitution to allow people in illegally no matter what group they belong to


    Ryan is a rino , most Americans do not want more muslims in America They are a very dangerous people trying to cut our heads off . They will never bland to the American way of life. But Ryan thinks he knows best just like obama

  217. Robert M Stach Sr


  218. Dennis Derstine

    It was perfectly fine when Democratic Presidents closed our borders to specific people. I’m all for closing our borders to ALL people for a while. We have some house cleaning to do. Let’s put Mr. Speaker on that list too.

  219. Paul Ryan is an eloquent and gifted
    speaker. His following statements Upsets Me Greatly.

    “I obviously don’t support the Muslim ban,” Why NOT?

    He said in a CBS interview. “I
    do not think we should have a religious test on people who come into this country.
    Why NOT?

    I believe in the First Amendment,
    Take away 2nd Amendment @ 1st
    will follow.

    I believe in religious
    freedom, BS. Not Any More We cannot say God they can cry out allahu
    akbar Where is the freedom

    I believe in religious liberty.” BS. Not any
    Churches with NO Cross???

    Redkiter1 believed in freedom of Speech, Not any More.

    believe, Paul Does Not Believe in
    the 2nd Amendment, Since he Didn’t Refer to it in his CBS

    This entire BS. Makes Me Wonder! If he Respects Any Part of the BILL OF
    RIGHTS? And Maybe we should check him out on his stance on that little thing called The Constitution
    of this Great Nation.

    Better Yet Can he say the Pledge of
    Allegiance. WITHOUT A PROMTER?


    Ryan’s Verbiage & lack thereof, Proves, He is A politician And an infiltrated Democratic Lemming.

    He needs to be Ostracized and Openly
    Unsupported. Conspirators are Traitors of
    the People, of the Nation.

    Our Forefathers came to This country, in pursuit
    of Freedom of Religion, Political terrorisms and a civilized life.

    Paul Ryan Aside. Democrats seem to have NO Restraint and
    higher ups even less. Blatant treasonous
    Acts, Illegal Gun deals, Taking and giving Bribes and for recreation
    unforgivable, Perverse, Pedophilias acts and Other Immoral Sexual Activities
    becoming our righteous leaders.

    And what about our National debt. One year its Multi Multi Millions Then after a good bit its Billions, a while later its Multi Multi Billions,
    after another bit it’s a Trillion. Then a short Five Trillion, Then we make the jump to Multi Multi
    Trillion with now @ $20,000,000,000,000.00

    To Conclude. OBAMA YOU SUPREAM Posterior void. Have Orchestrated one of the most devious plots
    to destroy the United States. In your
    first 2 years you eliminated The Military’s Brain power. Hitler is Proud of you. Now I understand
    Fighting power is down to about 1/3. Looked
    like your 1st Term you tested out what you can get away with. Got your 2nd Term. You committed more treasonous Acts Than ALL
    other presidents combined. I Wish You NO
    Good Will.

  220. Mr Ryan had a lot to do with Romney losing the election along with all the illegal voting of course

  221. Bachelor With Sense

    Get rid of Ryan from ANY Position within the GOP, and in particular, VOTE him OUT OF OFFICE!

    He is as much a traitor as Obama!

  222. StupidConservativeValues

    This is Trump’s campaign.


    Those patriotic American citizens who continued to force the House of Representatives to push John Boehner out as Speaker of the House needs to take up the struggle once again and force Paul Ryan out as Speaker of the House as well. Those not in favor are an enemy of the people and should be treated as such
    We also need to force Mitch McConnell out of the Senate leadership as well. Nor shall we allow another man or woman in the office of President or the Congress who acts and speaks unfavorably against our constitution.
    Seems to me that we have elected far too many people to Congress and To State Goverments that believe they were elected to represent foreigners as if they were equal to American citizens with the same exact rights as native and natuaralized Americans. Let us also include John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Jerry Brown, and a whole list of others that are well worth looking into and removing them as represenatives of the People.
    As a natural born native American and patriot of the liberty movement I have a message to all those Progressives as well as Republicans who like to tell us who we are, by implying that we are all immigrants, that we are nation of immigrants, we have heard enough of your insanity and are sick of your politically correct retorict:
    The so called natives, those being the so called American Indians were also immigrants who crossed over the land bridge from Asia. They may have been first but not natives to this nation at the time they migrated to the west. Our ancestors come from many parts of the world, they were also considered immigrants, Many of whom came Legally and used the proper channels of immigration to get here or escaped an oppressive Government to find freedom and asylum in America and assimilated to the customs of Americans under our constitution and guarantee of Liberty and Freedom from Tyranical rulers, murderers, enslavers, and oppressors that used military force to controll land, money, and food supplies to the people of that Nation. Our Ancestory did not come here with intentions to change American thinking, but they came to persue it’s intentions to make a nation of thinkers free to do so without the threat of a ruling class hindering such progress and God Given Right to be free and persue a life where they could live and be happy in those endevouers. In Essence each subsequent generation born to those who migrated to America up to myself, you and your family are not immigrants. We are Native Americans, so stop trying to convince us that we are nothing more than immigrants who should be accepting of an unfettered, uncontrolled immigration policy. Especially when the Illegal Immigration and so called refugees are nothing more than an invading force being used by an empire of evil thinkers to overthrow our nation and take away what has been fought for by mankind since the dawn of time. FREEDOM, a very small word that has been the goal of every civilization in recorded History that is and should be our birthrights, inaliable and recognized by all peoples of this planet.
    A clear reading and understanding of the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America says it all, makes it very clear and yes was penned by men whom put thier very lives at stake to Declare the very elusive Freedoms that have been sought after for so many thousands of years. These men staked the claim, lived it and died for it just as you and I should do to keep it. This Declaration was backed with a ferver for man to live free under some very clear guidlines which to this day should be our driving force to remain a nation of free people. It is written and paid for in the blood of every Patriot who fought and died for it, and that is something we should NEVER take for granted.
    WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    Nowhere does it make foreigners equal to American citizens. Let us not forget the invading forces were non other than the elite armies from the very countries that those who migrated from to start a new country free from the oppression of the Empires of Evil and oppressive rulers. Those who migrated were willing to stand against thier oppressors and fight to the death to secure this great nation and allow you and I to remain a nation free from the dictates of a few against the many.
    Any aristocratic political elite hack elected to Congress who ignores their responsibility under this Constitution should be booted out of office and arrested, and tried for thier crimes of treason against the very freedoms we should have and deserve today. Furthermore any President in violation of their oath of office should be at the very least impeached and/or put on trial for His or Her crimes and punished to the full extent and Intent of our rules of law. Hence Forth… Let Freedom Ring, and remain the factor in which this country was founded. To be a Patriot is to love our Freedoms and the pricipals in which we shall all live and die for. It is my belief that any person who does not defend these principals and tries to violate such, should abandoned the country or pay for thier treason under the law. We are not cavemen, barbarians, savges, we are a civilized people, and being such we should not allow any who are into our country. I for one do not advocate violence, but I do advocate for the defense of our Country and saftey of our people, in which if I nust take up arms and shed blood I feel it my duty and the duty of all who whom love our country to do the same. Let us not allow the few, to dictate to the many. We can an we should bear the cross of the founding fathers who were, Yes I dare to say Rebels, and Revolutionaries, what those who hate our freedoms would call a terrorist today. In my eyes the fight for Freedom is the struggle of all humanity, its a matter of principal, and will remain the cornerstone of the human race for as long as we all remain living, breathing, and fighting to do so. Peace is ever elusive, but to remain a free people is ours as long as we defend our right to be such. Is the cause worth the effort, if so put some effort into the cause… may you all be blessed and take your stand along side of your fellow man.


  225. Is anyone going to and helping them out by at least signing their petitions.
    Because it doesn’t look like it. They don’t get that many some get to 100,000 but that’s about as far as it gets most of the time.

  226. Muslims in this country do have a first amendment right to practice their religion. However, I don’t see anything in the Bill of Rights or Constitution that says non-citizen Muslims have a right to enter this country any time they so desire.

  227. StupidConservativeValues

    An Orange Fuck Face

  228. Trump is NOT trying to “Ban Muslims”. He wants to set up a “TEMPORARY BAN” on them until all their documentation can be VERIFIED, only purpose is to keep our country “SAFE” and hopefully not allow any more Radical Muslim Terrorists sneak into this country. What the hell is wrong with Paul Ryan? What Trump is suggesting is “NOT A BAN, JUST A TEMPORARY HOLD” Then the decent ones can come in and the bad ones will be kept out. Obama doesn’t say much against them, he just bitches about Trump. Our Muslim president wants to let them ALL IN. Paul Ryan? Wake the hell up or get the hell out ( the latter is preferred )

  229. Patricia McGehee

    I’ve been saying many Repubs. should be Democrats. Ryan is giv en proof to that comment. Very few Republicans are actually true Republicans. Be careful whom you vote for when they come up for reelection. VOTE THEM OUT! If they won’t support Trump, then Hillary will be President. Shame on the and pity America. We are being overrun with refugees and illegals. Just wait until all of them are Naturalized or given Amnesty. Our vote will not count for anything. THEY will control everything. Now is the time to vote them out since many are up for reelection. Find out if they support Trump then make your vote count. What good does it do to have a majority of Republicans when they betray us, when our selected candidate is dissed because we haven’t selected the one THEY WANTED. I’m tired of being a peon with no voice!

  230. Trump is asking for a TEMPORARY ban in order to vet the new comers who might be terrorists entering the USA. He is meeting unbelievable resistance from both parties! Why? There is something wrong when Ryan and other elected officials forget the oath of office they took which was to protect America! Jimmy Carter put a Temporary ban on Islamic entry during a similar crisis, why is that any different from what Trump proposes?? For some reason, neither party wants Trump to win, What the hell are they afraid of, he is certainly 100% better then Hillary and her checkered past? The GOP never learns, they are shooting themselves in the foot again, leaving the country stuck with Hillary and her many faces and schemes!

  231. Hope RINO-RIPON ly’n Ryan loses in Wisconsin Primary. Ryan is a “globalist” liberal advocating open-borders, free-flow immigration, reducing USA to a merely provincial “homeland”; he heads “One-World” Ripon Society.

  232. Trump’s ban does not violate the first amendment of the Constitution, undocumented, unregistered Muslims brought here to the United States are here illegally and do not fall under the protection of the Constitution of the United States.
    The Obama and his administration brought them here for political expediency allowing potential terrorist to infiltrate our society, ravage our culture and bring economic hardship to this country.
    It is the intent of this administration to bring America into conformity to the new world order destroying it economically and striping it of it’s autonomy and sovereignty.

  233. Power corrupts but in Ryan’s case, he was inept before he became corrupt. Now he’s equally both and not worth spit to the USA. Trump should dump the GOP and raise his own money. He may not need it but Americans should be able to get involved in his march to defeat the evil foes of our Country. Small amounts from each supporter strengthens support.

  234. Dennis Derstine

    Ryan is as useless as Boner. People have to stop re electing morons. Neither party gives a damn about America, it’s a game to keep the other side from winning. And every citizen loses.

  235. Paul Ryan needs to shut up and back Trump or get out. He is a Rino and needs to know when it’s over and what the TRUE American people want! It’s not his rhetoric or his voice on what HE wants, but what WE want. The politicians days are numbered and the people that own him and the others are OUT !!!

  236. Get a grip Mr Ryan, These refugees have NO constitutional rights.

  237. Personally, I think Ryan needs to his mouth shut about Mr. Trump. Ryan is just another sore loser whom Mr. Trump defeated fair and square in the primaries. Now he’s just another whining brat trying to “get back” at Mr. Trump.

  238. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Paul Ryno doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.

  239. Ryan needs to get his head out of his ass, before a muslim terrorist cuts it off

  240. I would like to know why Obama along with Ryan and rest of Klannn want muslims in america so bad ?? .. Makes wonder if getting paid big money under table

  241. Muslim is a theocracy and is in direct conflict with our Constitution and therefore as President Trump would be in line with the Constitution allowing him to preclude their citizenship and invasion.

  242. StupidConservativeValues

    Unga unga

  243. StupidConservativeValues

    Trump is a shit head

  244. StupidConservativeValues

    Donald talking to himself and all of you.

  245. Still another article about this creep. He is worse than BO, and that is going some. The headlines I want to see is Ryan loses in home town, and Ryan no longer Speaker! Tell me something important, Just what did either or House pass this year, that was for the good of it’s citizens?


  247. Edward Hendrick

    I consider Paul Ryan an enemy of the USA, and we sure don’t need any more enemies.

  248. Paul Ryan is a fine Democrat but a horrible Republican.

  249. Donald Trump is NOT BANNING A RELIGION, he is BANNING RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST! Let’s get rid of Paul Ryan! He is a traitor to the Republican Party.

  250. Speaker Ryan is wrong in feeling that we are depriving illegal immigrants of a right which belongs to citizens of this country, not outsiders. We have a right to vet people in determining whether they pose a problem to the peace within our country, especially when history is showing that they are the ones producing the terrorist actions.

    • johnrozzi, following is a description of an immigrant (a legal one, of course):

      Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

      “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

      Now, how hard is that to understand?

  251. Ryan is an imbecile. I guess he’s too undereducated or too young to remember when President Carter not only banned Iranian immigration, but also l revoked visas, including those issued to student and physicians, as well as tightening security measures to ensure none could sneak back and others couldn’t slip into the US undetected and blow people up or take additional people hostage. During the hostage crisis, he also ordered an increase in our military presence at all our embassies in the Middle East. I never thought much of President Carter – as our president – but he did get a few things right. And I do respect his Christian conviction and the grassroots community service he took up through Habitat for Humanity.

    Apparently Ryan isn’t smart enough to know that our constitution was written to safeguard our Nation and her citizens from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Immigrants are not guaranteed the same protection and rights under our laws as our citizens.

  252. Historically – Anti-Terrorism is the reason for the Second Amendment.
    Paul Ryan is the new benedict Arnold, only caving in to Islam as personified by Obama.

  253. Ryan you are wrong – and an idiot – USA can deny anyone for any reason – including security risk muslims

  254. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Why should Americans be concerned with the first amendment rights of Islamists if Islamists all over the world do not show ANY concern or respect of HUMAN RIGHTS and are using Islam as a right to justify the killing of hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT people in the name of Allah. Islam used to kill innocent men, women, children and babies in the name of Allah makes it a tool of the devil! Period. Where ever Islam goes death and evil follow just one step behind. It has been going on for over fifteen hundred years and is going on today and will be tomorrow. Americans hiding their heads in the sand claiming that it is just “Islamophobia” will be in for a surprise any time there will be large gatherings. With the many holidays coming up Americans have become perfect targets. The message of the goddess of ISSIS to her followers in America is to not come to the Middle East to join the forces of ISSIS, but to remain in the countries where they reside and to do harm where it will hurt the most, from WITHIN. When it does, don’t ask how it could have happened. The ignorance of America’s leaders has laid the ground work for her apathy. From her Muslim Arab “Christian” president on down. As a great leader once said, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  255. Ryan is flat out WRONG! The 1st Amendment applies only to American citizens and not immigration. Obama and Hillary instituted a 6 month ban on immigration from Iran. The last I checked they were a Muslim country and a terrorist sponsor….I guess they feel it’s OK when THEY want it!!

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