Paul Ryan: I’m Voting for Trump

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan finally made the endorsement everyone’s been waiting for. In an op-ed published in his hometown newspaper, Ryan said that while he still had areas of disagreement with Republican nominee Donald Trump, he believed Trump would be better for the country than Hillary Clinton.

After offering a preview of a Republican House agenda for the next four years, Ryan said, “It’s short of all that’s required to save the country, but the goal was to focus on issues that unite Republicans. It’s a bold agenda but one that can bring together all wings of the Republican Party as well as appeal to most Americans.”

Ryan said the choice was then simple: which of the two likely presidential candidates would sign that agenda into law?

“One person who we know won’t support it is Hillary Clinton,” he wrote. “A Clinton White House would mean four more years of liberal cronyism and a government more out for itself than the people it serves. Quite simply, she represents all that our agenda aims to fix.”

Ryan said that he had come to believe, through private talks with Trump, that the billionaire would support his agenda.

“I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives,” Ryan wrote. “That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall.”

The hesitation is still palpable, of course, and Ryan doesn’t really hide the fact that he would rather the Republican nominee be almost anyone else. But that’s fine. It would be unseemly and even a little pathetic if Ryan suddenly pretended as though he had loved Trump from the beginning. And it can’t be ignored that Ryan has his own political future to worry about. He doesn’t want to identify too strongly with the Trump movement, just in case all of this comes crashing down in November. Call that cowardice if you like, but it is what it is.

Really, though, we should appreciate how unlikely all of this seemed even a few short months ago. With still a month left before the Republican National Convention, Trump has done the improbable: He’s united the GOP leadership around him. No, not everyone. No, not unconditionally. But he’s done it. And that’s a lot more than his critics thought possible.

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  1. I believe Paul Ryan Is a backstabbing untrustworthy SOB. Trump would be best served not to get cozy with people of his Ilk..


      Well hell James give Trump a knife too.Nothing like a little knife fight between two worthless republicans

      • Sounds just like a liberal-vilolence will solve the problem right? Democrats and Republicans are one and the same. They put pn a good show in front of you and are drinking and laughing it up together behind the scenes.

    • yea! I agree with you completely it’s good that they’re all coming together but if I were TRUMP I’d keep one eye open cause I don’t trust them either…and ryan is a snake in the grass

      • We are taking over the republican party Paul Ryan, Romney, Bush and the globalist believers can get out of the way.

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        • You’re right – You cannot trust Ryan, McCain, Mitch and other prominent TPs and Repubs. They are actually now pull away their endorsement from Trump. Reason-Trump bashed a Mexican-American federal judge of being biased against Trump. Trump thinks this judge will put him in prison for RICO activity at Trump university. Well you may as well start getting used to it. Hillary is the next President of this Big USA and the World. y

          • LOL !!!

          • Now that’s funny right there. Hillary the lying cockroach will be staring at you from behind prison bars!! TRUMP2016!!!!

          • Did you see that on Tuesday? She cleaned Bernie with his socialist ideas. I like Bernie, but he is the extreme of Trump. These are self-made extremes. I want to keep this country modern capitalist. People should continue to have businesses but at the same time not reaping others by stealing from them or killing one another for money. Please join me to vote for this Angel – Hillary.

      • “I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into
        laws to help improve people’s lives. That’s why I’ll be voting for him
        this fall,” Ryan wrote.

        THAT is Ryan telling everyone Trump has CAVED to the GOP party line, the opposite to what HE RAN ON.

    • Ah, but Trump plays a great game, and the stupids jump in and that stupid now is Ryan because he wants the present job and money! He hates Trump and knows things are gonna change and Ryan doesn’t want that to happen, but maybe he got the word to wake up and do this and hope for the best.

      • Possible warning: BigTeat Might Go Dry!!!! Just think, no more side deals, no Lobbyists, and all the fun things they supply, my foreign Bank Account in Danger!!!

    • Trump has CAVED IN to all the GOP positions.
      you cons should be paying attention

      • Baloney He’s just being “nice” the way they asked him to be. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Render unto the globalist the pharaoh of their dreams and chains of eternity as their world crumbles, Trump will set his people free!

      • billdeserthills

        Why? Are you suggesting that a vote for unamerican loser bernie or pos murderess hillary would be a better pick? And don’t tell me you are writing in the libertarian candidate

        • well
          A. Trump has lies to you and you all took it in hook line and sinker
          B. Hillary is only guilty of being the target of Right wing Nuts.
          funny how no law enforcement agency has never pursued any of these evil crimes.

          as for Bernie and socialism, more proof you are a brainwashed human.

          get a pen.

          write this down.

          It’s called Democratic Socialism. and YOU were born INTO a Democratic Socialist Society.

          you might take a seat for rest.

          Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
          Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
          Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
          Post Office is Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
          The US highway system is Democratic Socialism(and in the Constitution)

          our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
          Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism
          That road in front of your house is Democratic Socialism
          COPS and FIRE are Democratic Socialism

          AND here we have our first example of Democratic Socialism done BY the Founding Fathers no less.

          “An Act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen
          was passed by the 5th Congress. It was signed by
          President John Adams on July 16, 1798. The Act authorized the
          deduction of twenty cents per month from the wages of seamen, for
          the sole purpose of funding medical care for sick and disabled
          seamen, as well as building additional hospitals for the treatment of

          so tell me again why you are whining about “socialism” and it’s evils, when you have been the beneficiary of it for your entire life?

          • billdeserthills

            Why do you tell these lies?

          • so what proof have you seen?

            “a tell all book”

            let’s hear it!

            pretending you don’t live in Democratic Socialism is just proof of your brainwashing.

          • billdeserthills

            I don’t need proof, facts are facts, a decade ago I read about the 58 best dead friends of the clintons. They had all died under mysterious circumstances, I knew those folks were 100% scum when they stole furniture from the White House upon leaving. The list goes on & on. They have no respect for anything or anyone but themselves, a fact which is evident upon speaking with anyone who ever served on their security force.

            A better question would be What could you possibly be getting that would make selling out for hillary worthwhile?

          • Get lost Marx!!!

          • I know.
            reality tends to make conservatives go nutty.
            but ya, YOU LIVE IN IT.

            you think you don’t because of your brainwashing.
            wake up!

          • Are Bodies in Benghazi Democrats???

          • I am thinking they were conservatives since they didn’t have the common sense to take the extra security offered.
            I find conservatives lack basic common sense.

      • Ryan, in the photo above, has the look of some first-graders I used to teach when caught pretending to be innocent. The look says “I’m sweet, innocent, and if I could fool Mom, this teacher is toast”. But not knowing Ryan well enough, which “look” is more sincere? This twisted, on the verge of tears look, or the full-bearded Muslim look? He lost a bet, right? Personally, I don’t buy either. Suddenly, they both reek of junior-high prankishness, to substitute for not having the fortitude to admit that he was out-Trumped by Trump, but lacking the humility to say he was wrong.
        Mr. Ryan, we are Trump supporters. We voted for him and his goals for America. Don’t try to stand in our way. You never had the fortitude to stand up against Obama since day one. Do find the fortitude to stand WITH Trump and the American people.

        • Trump has already caved in to the GOP demands

          Like Ryan said, Trump will help them get their way, which is the opposite to what Trump campaigned on.
          like passing TPP.

  2. …and then appropriately denounced the whiny little bitch for running his racist, bigoted slobberin’ lying orangutan mouth about Judge Cruiel .

  3. Ryan said that he thinks Trump will support “his agenda.” What is HIS agenda? I didn’t know that we pick a president according to the House Speaker’s agenda!

    • Is this your first time to vote, no civics class ? A presidential candidate is chosen by the party members to represent and articulate the plans set forth or the agenda of that party. That’s why the candidate is called the ‘standard bearer’…he/she carries or bears the direction and standards of the party. The candidate is not a single entity but is the embodiment of the party and its ideas to serve the people. Drumpf, Trump or John Miller, whoever he is this week doesn’t know enough to understand the process either . The hilljacks that voted for this whiny little bitch aren’t educated enough to understand this very basic concept. Junior High stuff.

      • Read my comments again. A lot of Republicans have already endorsed or backing Trump and the party was waiting for dip shit Ryan. Ryan did not state the Party’s agenda but “his” agenda. Trump supports the Republican agenda or at least the real republicans. Trumps wants less fed power and more power to states, uphold and implement our immigration laws, to protect our nation and the people within, protect our rights such as the 2nd ammendment, to turn the economy around (in a positive manner), etc. As a former republican I support these views and I left the party due to the incompetence of past presidents and today’s republicans of pushing the NWO and globalism. The Republican party no longer has the people and nation interests at heart and are pushing their own agenda which is governed by the elitists purse.

        • States rights – code for loss of personal rights. A great Republican describes John Miller or Trump or Drumpf in 1950.

          • sounds like Obama and Hillary

          • Truth is truth no matter who says it.

          • The rioters who try to shut down free speech at Trump’s are the fascists. He’s not intolerant of other races, he’s intolerant of illegals who cost taxpayers $100 billion a year. He’s also not intolerant of Islam, he’s intolerant of the Jihadists. Also no refugees, we already have enough people on welfare. Try again.

          • Judge Cruiel is a born Hoosier. John Miller frauds money from grandmas, how’s that his recruiting manual reads? …”Look for people with problems; they make good targets .”; profiting on other’s pain. I don’t agree with violence when non violent protest will bring down a scum bag or stop ignorance every time . They are attempting to stop fascism, we’re all sick of this arm of the republican party and its attempts suppress personal rights, backward direction and oppression. But we don’t need to use hate or violence to fight the ugliness. Protest is an act of patriotism and nothing is as thrilling as non violence and its power . I will protest this man, who wants to build walls among our people and the world, every chance I get because love and care for one another is the road to a great society,fascism is not an acceptable road.

      • Obviously the people like Trump’s ideas and agenda and sick of the back stabbing RINO’s. The voting of the people have shown this and that is why he is the presumptive nominee. You can bash Trump all you want but it doesn’t change that the majority of Republican Americans want him and you are a minority.


          Oh.Does Trump have any ideas? Please tell me what they are.All I hear is he’s going to build a wall and he’s doing great in the polls

          • The wall is one of his proposals ( to finish the wall that was started and to protect our orders like any sane nation ). Instead of just hearing why don’t you read? Go to his website and look at his policies. Listen to some “real” interviews not bits and pieces that are clipped to fit the mass media propaganda.

          • He just might sign an Executive Order to start research on how to remove that thick, opaque, smelly colon mucus from the PC Lib’s, RINO’s & terrorists heads/eyes/ears or at least build higher fences around the asylums?

          • He has declared sometime ago his policies and plans, but you want hillary, so suck it up!

      • Trump knows a lot more than you think, h m, and that is why he is feared. I don’t like either of the 2 parties in 1, and want them to get their comeuppance.

  4. Theoline Isaacson

    Paul Ryan is a self serving liar–I hope Paul Nehlen replaces him.

  5. SouthernPatriot

    That sure is nice of the Weasel RINO Paul Ryan. Like my sainted mother used to say, “Bless his sweet little heart!” I am not sure his endorsement will help Trump, but I guess it is better to have it, than not.

    Now, for Ryan to campaign for Trump with all the other RINOs–McCain, Grahamnesty, et al. Trump can use all the votes he can get, because he will be going against Hillary who will have the dead vote for her.

  6. When I heard that Ryan was being considered as Speaker, I knew that if he was selected it was going to be a mistake and, unfortunately, I was right. Ryan is just another insider, who will kowtow to the Democrats at the expense of his own Party and the Citizens he supposedly represents. Since it became evident that Trump was going to receive the nomination he has done nothing but work to take down his own Party’s candidate and his actions fueled the momentum of Hillary’s campaign. For God’s sake, doesn’t this man understand that his actions are bringing us one step closer to a Hillary Presidency?

    Ryan constantly talks about conservative values of the Republican Party, but what Republicans is he talking about? Could it be the ones who have been nothing more than another arm of the Democrat Party and have failed their voter base miserably over the past two and one half decades. Maybe he is talking about the Republicans who helped create a mountain of debt that we can never hope to repay, stood by and allowed the destruction of our health care system and were involved with the passing of legislation that led to the closing of about 55,000 US manufacturing plants, resulting in millions of our jobs being lost to other countries. Are these the Republicans that he wants Trump to emulate? I certainly hope not.

    In reality the Republicans and so-called conservatives we have elected haven’t done one single thing to help improve the future of this country for our children and grand-children. Instead, they have worked side by side with the Democrats to aid them in their agenda, which is destroying our country. They have been a total embarrassment to those who elected them and if Trump doesn’t want to go down the same road of destruction that they have chosen for us, all I can say is, “Thank God”.

    When, and If, Ryan runs for re-election I hope the voters of Wisconsin send him packing. We don’t need anyone in the Republican Party who isn’t a team player. If this election is lost to Hillary, one of the most corrupt, inept people to ever run for the presidency, it won’t be Trump’s fault. Instead, it is going to be due to people like Paul Ryan and a long list of others from his own party who have fought him every step of the way.


    Anyone who supports Trump endorses everything he stands for ,including racism

  8. Who really cares what Paul “Obama-Enabler” Ryan does??? He’s part of America’s problem and must be defeated. Otherwise, he will be a constant obstacle for President Trump!!! PLEASE do the right thing, 1rst District of Wisconsin,….. otherwise the rest of America WILL hold you responsible!!!

  9. itme for all the other sore losers that claim to be part of the republican Party to get up off their pity pot and put on their big boy pants. sneaking off to a dark room to plot against the country is not a thing to do except for liberal progressives.
    The never Trump folks are trying to elcet Hilary. They cannot cone up with someone who can get even 30 percent pof the vote so they are making sue Hilary wins

  10. I believe he is not telling the TRUTH! Pro politician hand picked by john boehner! Americans need to wake up to the washington d.c. of today. Criminal, corrupt, treasonous! There has even been a trickle down effect to state governments. Time to clean house! Top to bottom!

  11. Ryan is no dummy. He knows he must chose the candidate that will most likely be the President…and hopefully one from his own Party. Why would he cut his own throat and endorse hillary when Trump will more than likely become President.

    Ryan has done/said some disagreeable things and has lost the respect of many Conservatives. If he wants a future in the U.S. govt, he had better drop his grievances with Trump and become his right hand man. Working together, they will be unstoppable removing the latest president’s liberal destructive actions against America and her people.

    Praise Ryan for using his head. He is needed to rebuild our Nation and perhaps to provide documentation against obama’s muslim reign of destruction. He’s an important player that can make Trump’s job a bit easier!

  12. Like Ryan or or not, it’s time for everybody to unite 100% behind Trump.

    I have things that I do not like about Trump, myself, but there has never been any candidate for any office at all that I liked every single thing about them.

    There is NO WAY we can let that Treasonous Felon cackling witch win.

    Put Trump in the White House and put Clinton in the big house.

  13. Paul Ryan is a no-good son of a beehive ( i can’t say what i REALLY wanted to say ) Reince Priebus is no good either and i bet he’s in “cahoots” ( a cowboy term ? ) with Ryan, probably instructing him on what to say and do. They are BOTH worthless. First they tell Trump he should meet with them to get some things straightened out. Trump goes along and agrees ( no big deal ) and NOW they say he “CAVED” What a couple of two-faced jerkd/traitors these guys are. Hey Mr Ryan……………….if you’re reading this i say to you: “SHUT THE HELL UP “

  14. which one of you is Yusei Fudo Luna is my grilfreind i am in love with Luna send her to me Yusei my address is 1701 overlook road longwood florida 32750

  15. Really? That’s hard to believe that RINO Ryan thinks Mr. Trump will be better for America than Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton! That’s really big of him!

  16. Lying Ryan just can’t make up his mind, am I with him, or against him ~ if I say I am with him, I can get my name in print more often, but maybe not, so I’ll say I am with him, will vote for him ( did I really say I endorse him ) and then tell the world that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about, so me and my ‘elite’ buddy Mitch will go along with him to get in the headlines, and then screw Donald every chance we get! Donald is no fool – he will do what he feels is fair, and I can see his point – and if this case actually goes to court, then we will see who had the right vibes about this hired judge ( hired by the Washington Post ) Surprise, this case winds up in California, in front of a Judge (Democratic without a doubt ) and has a very good reason to side with those hoods we all saw recently, have videos of them, and I didn’t see any outcry from the Judge , from the Washington Post, from the joined at the hip – Paul and Mitch – no, that scene was okay with all of them, but oh my, Donald is picking on this Judge because he has Mexican parents! Of course, Donald will be treated fairly, regardless of the fact that he wants to build a wall along the southern Border to keep illegals ( drug king pins, users, criminals, etc. ) out of the United States, almost every state bordering Mexico is now swarming with these people seen on those videos, waving Mexican flags, while sucking up all the freebies given to them by Killary, Ryan, Mitch and the “King” in the White House! We have your number, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, so crawl back under a rock, and stay there.

  17. Trump has been getting slammed about the chances of a judge being bias. The demos are saying NO, it’s racist. Pinocchiobama has appointed two judges to the Supreme Court of Judges, do you think they have no bias’s. If you don’t think so you are crazier than Killary.

  18. Paul Ryan is pathological liar. He is not going to vote for Trump. Do you remember in 2012 Paul Ryan accused President Obama caused the closure of Janesville auto assembly plant in Wisconsin. That plant had been closed before Obama came on board. Now you think he telling the truth. Not Ryan. Please join me to vote for the winner – Hillary.

  19. Clinton wants you defenseless- and will take all registered firearms-
    Obama says it will take 20 years before the firearms are taken from criminals-
    but Obama is willing to let the law abiding citizens be vamped for 20 years
    to see it done. that means you and your children will be victims big time for
    2 decades–if Obama is correct–but the 18th amendment did not rid America of
    alcohol did it? people get what people want -legal or illegal- if it is illegal-
    china and mexico will make billions in the black market of guns–
    meanwhile working class americans will die by the tens of thousands
    at the hands of the free for all criminals and hoards of
    looting murderous BLM obamaphone people.
    nationwide- everyone needs protection that can be quickly administered-
    and it must be lethal. if you do not want the hassle of registering a firearm
    there is another way to have power in your pocket-
    the law allows for the direct purchase of a cap and ball black powder revolver-
    no registering it- unregulated-(for now anyway) and the purchase of what is called
    a conversion cylinder– take out the original cylinder that is cap and ball-
    and replace it with a conversion cylinder to accept modern ammunition-
    when the conversion cylinder is put into the revolver it technically becomes
    a firearm- but when it is taken out of the revolver the revolver reverts to a
    non regulated non-firearm.
    vote to keep the second ammendment intact.

    check gunbroker and google…

  20. Ryan caved. Ryan flip flops more than any fish.
    As far as polls numbers goes the libs broadcast theirs on MSM.
    Plus MSM Fabricates their polls all the time. I don’t believe any polls they spin.
    I have gone to lib poll sites and they fluctuate ea minute. They say they have 90 votes saying one thing and the next it’s 150. Go back and they have maybe 95 votes. They lost 55 votes. What! And next day they have 140 votes.
    Conservative sites don’t fluctuate as much but libs won’t broadcast theirs MSM.

  21. He just can’t seem to tell the TRUTH!

  22. RYAN said, Trumps statement about judge Curiel was SORT OF RACIST and he (Ryan) would disavow the statement. The statement was considered racist by Democrats and RINOS. TRUMP was correct and it was NOT a racist statement. Just like TRUMP called Rosie a pig does not mean all women are pigs. This is just more crap by Hillary favorites. And if Regans boy doesn’t vote for Trump means he is a HILLARY supporter (either one).

  23. If this man is so slow mentally,as to decide who to support, he sure doesn’t belong running water, much less the House!! Ryan is No Good. Google Hehlen-Wisc. and donate,o the man who can take him out of our midst. I have donated, and plan to keep on donating, as donations would be a cheap price to pay to get rid of this Traitor.

  24. Is this little boy with the widow’s peak even old enough to vote?

  25. Support his” agenda! What a friggin’ joke. Ryan’s agenda, just like his predecessor is to give Ovomit anything he wanted and sell all of our as-es down the river. SCREW YOUR AGENDA Ryan. You RINO pig!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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