Paul Pelosi’s Hammer Attacker Facing Decades in Prison

Photo by Andrew George on Unsplash

( – David DePape was handed a 30-year prison term for a violent assault on Paul Pelosi, the spouse of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in their California residence. DePape received concurrent sentences of 30 and 20 years for different charges during a court session where he showed no emotion as his sentence was pronounced.

At the sentencing, a statement from the victim was presented by Pelosi’s daughter, Christine. Nancy Pelosi, serving in Washington, D.C., did not attend.

Last year, DePape was found guilty of attempted kidnapping and assault on a federal official’s immediate family member. Although the prosecution requested a 40-year sentence from Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley, the final decision was 30 years.

The assault, which occurred right before the 2022 midterm elections, was documented on a police body camera. DePape confessed during the trial that he had entered the Pelosi residence with the intent to detain the then-Speaker and threatened to harm her if she misled him. The situation escalated when police arrived, and DePape attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer as his plan began to unravel.

The defense argued that DePape was influenced by his political beliefs and conspiracy theories. During his incarceration, DePape called a local news station, proclaiming that he had a significant message for America.

Medical reports revealed that Paul Pelosi suffered severe injuries from the attack, including two skull fractures and wounds to his arm and hand, necessitating emergency surgeries. A neurosurgeon testified that one of the skull fractures was dangerously close to a major vein, which could have resulted in fatal bleeding.

Paul Pelosi also shared his harrowing experience during the trial, describing how he was suddenly awoken by DePape who demanded to know the whereabouts of his wife. Realizing the gravity of his situation, he tried to remain composed despite the imminent threat.

In addition to the federal case, DePape is facing state charges including assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and burglary, with his next trial set to begin with jury selection on May 22nd.

However, there may be hope for DePape yet, as the judge announced on May 20th that an error was made in his initial sentencing. DePape was not allowed to make a statement in his own defense, as required by law. Therefore, the sentencing will be reopened, and a new hearing has been scheduled for May 28th.

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