Patriotism Officially Dead In America?

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

( – A recent public poll has shown that the majority of Americans are unwilling to serve in the U.S. military and would not be willing to have the country enter a major war. There has also been a decline in the public’s confidence in the armed forces. 

In recent years all branches of the armed forces have been struggling with hitting their recruitment targets. In 2023, both the Air Force and the Army were around 10,000 recruits away from their target, while the Navy had been around 6,000 below its target. 

There has also been an overall decline in the number of active duty personnel since 1987 of 39 percent. Experts had argued that these shortfalls were worrisome, especially considering the global tension. They have also questioned when American leadership will have to call for its full military force next.

U.S. Marines former transport operator Justin Henderson stated that currently, they have stationed outside Israel, strike groups, and aircraft carriers. Henderson, who now works as a military recruiter stated that currently they are funding two wars and that they have drones in Gaza. He added that he was not certain of what was happening in Taiwan but that this was a tumultuous time for the country as they didn’t know what was going to occur. 

Center for New American Security senior fellow and former Navy attack submarine commander Tom Shugart argued that whether or not this matter greatly varies depending on who you spoke to.

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