Pastor in Disbelief Over Persecution of Christians

Never one to mince words, the Reverend E.W. Jackson took the stage last week at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall event to decry the state of Christian persecution. “It bothers me to think my own country is a strange land,” Jackson at the pastors’ retreat. “I never thought there would be a day when my nation would persecute the Bible-believing Christian for standing for what the word of God says and reward those who come against it as if they are heroes; as if they are great Americans for standing up against God, but that’s where we are.

Much of Jackson’s speech was aimed at the widespread acceptance of gay marriage, but that wasn’t his only concern about the fate of the nation. “I never thought that I would see the day when people would brag about their ability to destroy children in the womb, but that’s exactly what we have today. And not only brag about it, but demand that your taxpayer dollars go to support the destruction of unborn children,” he said.

Jackson also illuminated a point that will likely strike a chord with cultural conservatives, saying that the problems facing America today were not just political in nature. He insisted that they were spiritual at their core, and that it would require a “spiritual solution” if we wanted to get past them.

Naturally, this is an argument seldom heard in the secular media. Our broadcasters have determined that they would prefer a godless America, and they have done a damn fine job of making their vision come true. It’s hard, after all, to justify all of that wasted time in front of the tube if you’re really living for a higher purpose. Hard to justify needing all of those “things” they sell in between the content. Harder to justify the content itself, for that matter.

But the media’s role in it aside, there’s no question that the United States is not the Christian nation it once was. For a country that was founded in part by people seeking religious freedom, we have excised God from nearly every aspect of our lives. This in itself is a monumental liberal victory that we hardly ever talk about anymore, simply because it’s all many of us have ever known. Many kids today would find it as strange to see the word “Christmas” in an advertisement as they surely find Linus’s speech in the annual Charlie Brown special.

Problem is, can you ever put the cat back in the bag? A new study says that millennials may be the least religious generation in history. You can’t convince people to come back to God with an “it would be good for society” argument. You can’t convince atheists to believe in Christ by appealing to their sense of patriotism. For one, that’s not the way faith works. Two, these people do not see gay marriage and abortion as bad things. Quite the opposite, in fact.

These things do swing back and forth with some regularity. But this particular turn away from God may not see a rebound. What that means for the future of America remains to be seen. Loathe as the left is to admit it, we were born a Christian nation. As a Christian nation, we thrived. Without that spiritual component, we head into uncharted waters. And as the old maps used to say, Here There Be Dragons.

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  1. I cannot believe it myself, but Satan is at the door. The scary thing is a majority of Americans are welcoming him in like he is a long lost brother.

    • I read a recent poll that polled only those claiming to be Christians they found over forth percent of those polled said Satan was just a symbol of evil, I can only say that these people haven’t read their Bibles. If an enemy doesn’t exist then it cant be an enemy.

      • Satan’s greatest achievement was convincing man that he does not exist. Our federal government is cloaked in secrecy in such a similar way!

        • From the Prophet Daniel we learn that evil spirits can get control of man’s governments and the Apostle Paul confirms this when he warns us about who we war with. This is the only explanation of what is happening today in our own government. We can learn so much from what the ancients recorded about the temple prostitutes and the goddess Ishtar “The Mother Of Harlots” how all this led to our federal reserve banking system, not to say knowing this has anything to do with salvation, but it’s good to know when trying to explain God’s plan to the young, most today have never been taught about the evil spirit world that wars against them and why, I have spent hundreds of hours studying the ancients and what has been revealed in archeological discoveries in the past twenty or more years, if I didn’t believe in God and the Scriptures before these finds I would after comparing what was found in them. I prayed to God that He would give me discernment however looking back I suppose I was expecting to wake up some morning and have all my questions answered LOL I never dreamed I would have a burning desire to read and research every single day sometimes as much as 16 hours a day, but I do enjoy it, I have yet to meet anyone personally that shares my enthusiasm.

          • It is inspirational to see others with the motivation for the search for truth. I studied theology for some time a decade ago, to see the intricacies and inner workings of not just religion, but a spiritual search. Now I look at the different government’s forged by the hands of men to see the varieties and separate points of strength and weakness. The one thing that I keep in mind throughout my quest for fact and knowledge, is the pursuit and reminder of God’s divine true law, of which no man has had the influence on to flaw.

    • The only place satan resides in is that delusional brain of yours. Satan does not exist & neither does your false god.

      • Tell us, O learned one, where did you go in this life to lead you to such an abysmal outlook. No happiness nor satisfaction in your life so you must torment and degrade to create an ersatz version of contentment. You are as entertaining as an STD and as informing as a fecal mass.

        • I like your reply to the “O Learned One”

        • I just scrolled by and laughed again{):-) I better stop it, she might have connections from low places.

          • I appreciate your comments. I am a devout Christian and when some lout, with the personality of an earwig, deems it necessary to assume the role of judge or critic, then it’s time to invent a appropriate description of the their vileness.

      • Just as I suspected Faye. King Kong DID drop you on your head as he scaled the Empire State Building!

        • It never ceases to amaze me when you Christians fail to come up with an intelligent response , you have to resort to posting such childish & ridiculous bullshit!! Is that the best you can do ? Moron!!

          • Tsk, tsk. Miss Faye, true to form, you’ve resorted to foul language and name-calling. A common theme people of your ilk stoop to when confronted with opposing views. If you don’t believe in God or the Bible…fine. That’s your right. Hopefully, I pray you change your attitude and embrace and except God, his Son and his Word.

          • Well, Faye Hayes, you should thank God – or whoever it is that you thank for your miserable life, because if you lived under islam, you would be dead now.
            You will one day meet your maker, and I hope you have lead a good life otherwise, cause you have a lot of “splainin” to do! But, God is merciful, He loves you even though you don’t acknowledge Him, and He will forgive you! I pray that you “see the light” before you see the “light”!

          • Give us your thoughts on Islam and those who adhere to this religion. If you lived in a Islamic country they would behead you for expressing your views if they were anti-Allah, Allah is just the opposite of the God of the Bible.

          • I am an Atheist. I don’t believe in any god or gods & all religions are man made. Does that answer your question ?

          • How about
            Matthew 10:33
            But whosoever(that’s you) shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

          • Not another quote from scripture ? Can’t you ever think for yourself, without having to go to that ancient false book of yours to back up your ridiculous claims ? It’s all you have. It’s really sad that the one thing you lack is critical thinking. Without that you are nothing but a slave to your evil master in the sky.

      • Don’t think that Muslims won’t kill you if you don’t convert to believing in Allah, you goof.

        • Maybe she likes Burkas? Notice many like her will take the side of Muslims anytime a debate comes up concerning Christianity and Islam.

          • The problem that we face in modern times is, we as Christians have a live and let live policy. The political entity of Islam has a strict convert or kill ultimatum!

          • If almost fourteen hundred years of Isis like atrocities committed against the innocent especially Christians doesn’t convince them, then nothing will, except maybe their own heads on the chopping block, even then I believe they would blame everything but this evil religion.

          • You know the saying, “you can lead the flock to water, but you can’t make every sheep drink.”

          • That one sentence describes you Christians perfectly to a tee.

          • That is because it derives from the Bible, you don’t see us chopping off the heads of “non-believers” though, do you?

          • You’re a damn liar!!! You have no tolerance for Atheists, whatsoever!! If we don’t believe in your false sky daddy, we are condemned to hell to burn in fire for all of eternity. So much for your live & let live policy. Hypocrite!!!

          • I don’t go forcing my beliefs down your throat or go crying to the federal government if someone disagrees with me. You are free to think whatever you may. You aren’t going to force me to believe in your decaying lifestyle either.

  2. This article starts off with a false premise:

    “But the media’s role in it aside, there’s no question that the United States is not the Christian nation it once was.”

    This nation, as defined by our Constitution, was never a “Christian nation.”

    Those who wish to read a well-documented account of the origins of this nation as they relate to religion are encouraged to obtain a recently-published book, “One Nation Under Gods”) by Peter Manseau. Here is a link to the page for that every enlightening book:

    One reviewer’s comments: <<>>

    • This country has many enemies…Obama, Islam, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism. As a Christian I am supposed to love even my enemies…but…I am not a very good Christian because I would prefer to love them to death! If you are what your words accurately describe then Satan is your father and you are my enemy! If I could I would travel through this wireless connection, take you by the throat, shut your air off, and personally introduce you to Jesus! Evil is as Evil does… One Nation Under God…no compromise! I will defend that until I take my final breath…

      • Spoken like a true Christian. Headonstraight is 100% correct. This nation was not founded on Christian values. The majority of The Founding Fathers were Deist & The Constitution is a secularist document, not a religious one. This is not one nation under god & never was, so get over it!! I would take headonstraight’s advice & purchase that book he recommended . Can’t hurt. It’s worth a shot. You might learn something of value. I’m even considering purchasing it myself.

        • Says another fool as she boards the Satanic Silver Streak Express…rocketing into an eternity of Hell! Unfortunately you will have lots of company!

        • Victor Archuleta

          Faye, I urge you to read the writings of the Founders instead of books written by revisionists. America was not intended to be a Christian nation, a theocracy. It was intended to be administered by Christians for God-fearing peoples. The Founders did not trust muslims, the Pope, or the Anglican church. They had no objection to Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American faiths, but believed the morals and ethics of Jesus of Nazareth were ideal for all people. In fact, the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha is a perfect compliment to the Beattitudes of Jesus, and both faiths prophesied the coming of Jesus.

          All of the American founding documents are based on Bible principles, but they are only “self evident” to those who carefully search the Scriptures – as the Founders did. For example, you can begin your study with these:
          Laws of nature: Romans 2:14-16. The Creator and Author of life: Genesis 2:7. God, the grantor of liberty: Galatians 5:1. The pursuit of happiness Ecclesiastes 3:13. The Second Amendment: Luke 11:21; 22:35-36. The Fourth Amendment Deuteronomy 24:10-11. The Eighth Amendment Deuteronomy 15:2-3. Constitutional form of government, with three branches Isaiah 33:22. The individual’s responsibility to the perfect law of liberty James 1:25.

      • headonstraight

        My words accurately describe the TRUTH. If you are the enemy of TRUTH, as seems from your words, then it is YOU who are allied with that father of lies, old Scratch himself.

        And should you stumble upon some mode of wireless transport of your angry self to my domain for the murderous non-Christian purposes you embrace, I would advise you to bring your lunch. We do not suffer fools gladly around here, and posturing, malicious, threatening fools even less.

        But please, Oldawg70, before you launch your hostile self me-ward, get your attendant to wipe the drool from your chin. We try to keep things neat and sanitary around here.

        • Truth is never a lie and a lie is never the truth! I have read enough of your posts to discern that you specialize in twisting facts. Debating with you is a waste of time and energy…many have tried. Posturing…not even. Angry, frustrated…absolutely…knowing that mindsets like yours are turning this nation into a toilet bowl. Have no doubt that GOD will hold me accountable for both my actions and attitude… As for you…enjoy it while you can, although I suspect there is no joy in your life! Truth is coming, along with judgment.

          • Among those acts and attitudes for which God may hold you accountable are those hateful and murderous desires you expressed relative your arriving miraculously at my doorstep and strangling me to death. Repent of your hatred and malice, lest you ultimately find yourself in a place warmer than any you have yet encountered.

    • headonstraight,
      I am a historian who began my post high school education at Williamsburg, VA in 1855. I spent a lot of time on classes concerning the Continental Congress and the framing of the Constitution. I don’t care what this book you refer to has to say. The early colonies all were Christian but of different denominations. Yes, some of the founding fathers were Deists but they all had Christianity in mind and did preserve Christianity in the framework which the First Amendment spells out. Therefore it is false to say that Christianity was not behind the framework. The objective was to avoid a theocracy, which was done.

      • headonstraight

        What the First Amendment does, as you should know, is to prevent the kind of untenable situations that existed in the colonies BEFORE the formation of the United States as a constitutional republic. The framers of the Constitution knew from experience and observation, both here and abroad, that the formation of a government allied with a state religion would inevitably result in suppression and persecution of religious minorities. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment did not exclusively preserve or protect Christianity any more than it preserved and protected the rights of those who wished to embrace other belief systems. The Constitution protects all religions and prohibits the extension of exclusivity to any one of them Thus this nation is decidedly not a “Christian nation.”

        • headonstraight,
          What did I say? The framers sought to avoid a theocracy, which is what existed in the colonies. In doing so, no religion could be the law of the land. That means just that. as a result no one religion can be the law of the land. But the colonial theocracies were the issue. No one was going to join the union if one was picked over the other, would they? But the point is that while the Constitution is not a religious document, Christianity and the many divisions of it in the colonies was the reason for the concept put forth. Therefore Christianity did, in fact, exist in the colonies before the Constitution was written. That was the point of what was said.

          • The “concept put forth” was not because of Christianity except in the sense that the framers knew the folly of endorsing anyone of the conflicting denominations of Christianity over others. The wording of the First Amendment makes no reference to Christianity, per se, only to religion, and it is instructive to note that the purpose of that wording was to keep government out of the business of the church and vice versa, not to endorse either any one religion or religion in general..

          • headonstraight,
            You are again missing the point. All of the colonies were Christian but of different denominations. My comment on selectivity was a question, not a statement. Of course the Constitution does not mention Christianity specifically, using the word, religion. But the point made was that Christianity was the main “religion” in the colonies and as such were a factor in decisions made in writing the Constitution. The objective was to avoid a theocracy. Fleeing theocracies in Europe was why the colonists came here in the first place.

          • headonstraight

            On this matter, I believe we agree more than we disagree. MY emphasis is twofold. The framers most certainly did not wish to establish anything like a theocracy. As to Christianity, or various versions of it being a “factor,” I would agree. The jarring sects of Christianity, in the way that some of them claimed political supremacy and ecclesiastical dominance over others, were indeed a “factor” in the development of the Establishment Clause.

          • headonstraight,
            I am always glad when two can reach an agreement on something whether it is me or someone else no matter what the issue happens to be. I am glad we do agree on what the Constitution says. Thanks for the sensible discussion. I really appreciate that. In fact, I prefer that to name calling and nastiness any day.

    • Sounds like “The Da Vinci Code” a book made into a movie, both blasphemous, filled with innuendo, non-truths, embellishments and other nonsense.

  3. Look at the present so called leadership and you will see the problem. No honesty, integrity or values.

  4. Rev. Jackson is correct. The liberal leaning in this country does not like any religion at all. That is made clear. But Christianity is more than a religion. It is a state of being. Therefore it cannot be separated from any secular behavior. It other words, a Christian is always a Christian no matter what the person does. It is a natural behavior. The problem is that some say they are Christian and yet there is little or no evidence in their behavior.
    But my real issue is that all sides of the political spectrum are staying away from the original intent of the Constitution.

    • I believe the majority of them if forced today would choose Islam over Christianity , every time I present a fact about the stated goal of the Islamists the Liberals go wild, reminding what is now called the “Dark Ages” many Christians suffered during those dark centuries too. There is a nation with over one hundred characteristics of America that will be destroyed just before the return of Jesus, the nations involve in the destruction are now Islamic nations, Iran is named as one with arrows of fire, no doubt missiles. The people that come into the midst and all around are described as Caterpillars because they come to destroy. This is what the Muslims are doing to America today, just check out their many ABC organizations that are changing this country slowly but surely, most westerners are deluded into think Violent Jihad is the only form of Jihad, Stealth Jihad is going on under their noses. Talk about “strong delusion” it’s the only thing that makes any sense, Islam’s almost fourteen years of bloody history is out there for anyone to see, but when one has ears and cant hear and eyes that cant see then that isn’t possible, just as God long foretold that would happen in these latter days.

      • Apolloone,
        I agree with much of that you say. People can be good or bad. They have a choice to choose God and righteousness but not evil. Evil spirits are the evil. So it is the evil behind the Muslim behavior and not just the people. They simply have not been taught any different. But we as Christians are to be aware of evil on the earth and react against it.
        Stealth Jihad is even more dangerous as it is subtle. We can easily be blindsided by it. The trick is to get our government and especially the federal court system to see what is taking place.

        • Of course it’s evil spirits, Muhammad believed that being he met inside that cave was an evil spirit, some say he claimed it was Satan himself but is wife and other families members caused him to believe it was an angel from God. Only if and until Muslims reject Islam will there be peace and that wont happen, at least on a largest enough scale. Ever wonder who Beheaded all these people that John saw in his wision, this fits well with other verses in the Bible that points to Muslims. Islam is the fastest growing religion and is getting stronger with the interfaith movement, these are Catholics and Lutherans just to mention a couple these very large groups are lobbying to bring more Muslims here, these people are deceived as well as the Muslims, we are not to have fellowship especially those who are antichrist, there is a verse in the Qur’an that is clear about God not having a son, they consider that blasphemy and there are many other things that are contrary to Biblical teachings. I’ll believe the Bible and not doctrines of man, that is the cause of our problems too many Laodicea type Christians today, especially in America. The late Richard Coombes has some great articles still on the website he started. I have done a lot of research before I ever heard of him which was about a year ago. A theologian back in the sixties wrote about these things but was ostracized by his peers and ruined his career, he was certainly ahead of his time, to me it’s just more proof of the evil spirits that have a taken control of America. The Prophet Daniel and the Apostle Paul confirms that these spirits can take control when God is cast aside.

  5. I feel that much of the malarky we have in America today got it’s roots from “snake oil” education w/ the likes of Horace Mann & John Dewey. Give the devil an inch, & he’ll take a mile.

  6. “Here there be dragons”, yes there are and they look like the Peoples Republic of the USA. This is a movement that was laid out in meticulous detail under the Carter administration and the only president who did not sign onto the plan after Carter was Ronald Reagan.

    Considered by most modern day politicians as a failure to control the common people, Reagan moved our country into a place of international prominence and opened up our economy to what became indisputably the best years America has ever known.

    The fact that since Reagan, our nation has only elected closet communists, homo-sexuals, racist, and other assorted mentally ill freaks to the office of the presidency has lead us to the place we now find ourselves.

    At some point, most people are going to start to wonder why nothing ever works anymore like it used too. I don’t wonder anymore…

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Satan’s disciple sits in the white house as satan himself (George Soros) tells him what to do. I used to complain about getting/being old, now I’m thrilled that I have such little time left on this planet.. Even so, Lord come…..

      • LieutenantCharlie

        Obama fits the description of AntiChrist, from the King James Bible, perfectly.
        But then so did Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Papa Doc (Haiti), Mao Tse Tung, Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein. And they were all Dictators and mass Murderers.
        Obama once said that Mao Tse Tung, the Dictator and Mass Murderer, was his idol!

        • Just as there have been imitators of Christ, there are also imitators of the Anti-Christ. Can you imagine Obama as a world leader? The world laughs at him, makes fun of him, and would never follow him, whereas the Bible tells us the genuine Antichrist will be a world leader and will conclude a peace treaty with Israel. Can you really see the liar-in-chief in that role? I Cannot

          • Michael Dennewitz

            NO! and he won’t be a world leader, ever. He’s setting the way for the antichrist. He’s doing “his” bidding, and once the antichrist has arrived, guess what happens to Ovomit? Eliminated, because his job is finished.. Well “reverend,” if this upsets you so much, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! BRING FORTH THE MASSES and fight this evil, eh??

          • I believe Pres. Obama is a antichrist, anyone without Christ is considered an antichrist, but for him to be the true antichrist the spirit of Satan must enter Obama first… and that most likely will not happen until the rapture.

          • Please , enough with this paranoid bullshit. Obama is not the Antichrist & satan will not take over his body. That will only happen in that delusional mind of yours. The rapture is just a figment of your wild imagination. Damn, you Christians will believe anything. At one time, people actually believed the Earth was flat & the Sun revolved around the earth. We now know this is false because Science has proven that it is. You have no proof or evidence that these things you claim are true, only from that ancient old musty book you call the bible, written thousands of years ago. Can you honestly tell me that this book is really the word of god ? PROVE IT!!!!

          • Funny how liberals will read so many details that were not written in a message…. I now my comprehension in my reading could be better and I do read some facts in others writing that weren’t there…. but that is for another time…

            Where did I say that Pres. Obama is the antichrist? I did say he was an antichrist, anyone without Christ is an antichrist, one not having Christ in their heart.

            Are you so wise that you know everything that there is to be known? There is no one human being that can say that they are, that is only common sense.
            Just because you don’t accept the belief of God nor the Bible as being the truth doesn’t make it any less true….
            The Bible says, The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1 But this old man would also add, that I believe it is the fool who doesn’t make a truly honest search for the truth, he accepts what others say without question.
            If anyone says there is no God than their wisdom would have to encompass everything there is to be known from the past to everything here in the presence…. But in truth, they know what they know but to have knowledge of God when they have no understanding of His WORD nor His ways is nothing less than mere speculations.
            Have you ever studied or read through the Bible? My guess is no or you would not have mention science..
            Here is a website that you should check out about some truth scientific facts found in the Bible… I would hope this website would cause everyone who might read this to wonder how could this be that these facts were written 600 to 2500 years or more before the birth of Christ? Most liberals will never check this out because they love their sins more than they love the truth.
            Within the Bible there has been found several thousand prophecies which has already been fulfilled… 330 or so that were written approx. 600 to 1500 years or so before the birth of Jesus all speaking of the His birth, life, death and resurrection.
            You can think whatever you want to think, but if your thinking is not in line with the truth of God’s WORD, than all the sincerity in the world will not change a lie into the truth…
            We all are born with the sin nature, so we all have or considering the new born, all will sin…
            This is from God’s WORD -The wages of sin is death, whether it be a lie or murder the transgressor of just one of God’s Laws is guilty of having broken all of God’s Laws…
            For the man who thinks he knows all that there is to be known, is nothing but a fool unto himself. Knowledge is gained from what man has experienced in life, wisdom is what man does with this knowledge, but true wisdom is given by God.
            There is nothing in this life that man can say for a certainty, unless he has seen, or experienced directly or indirectly that which pertains to his statements, beliefs, or faith. In other words, for man to say, “I know God does not exist,” just because he personally has not experienced a life changing spiritual event is nothing less than pure ignorance.
            Even if a wise man claims he is wise or he displays his degrees from years of studying, without faith in God he still lacks the ability to comprehend or understand the existence of God, because his wisdom is that of the world’s. If you say you are wise then please tell me if you can, why should God reveal himself to someone that does not seek Him, or to someone that is not seriously wanting to know him in a personal way, much less to someone that does not believe in Him?
            God has chosen to hide Himself, but to those who fear Him, He will reveal His heart’s desires. In Psalms 91:1 He refers to His place of hiding as the secret place. Only those who fear God will find this secret place, as we are told: The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. Psalm 25:14 NIV.
            I most always suggest to the non-believer that they should read, The Case for Faith or The Case for Christ both of which were written by a former atheist, Lee Strobel….
            I will also challenge you to read, “The Greater Message,” at and ask yourself how could this have happen it there is no God….
            I know that my sins have been forgiven… And He will forgive you as well if you ask for His forgiveness and accept Christ Jesus as your LORD and Savior…
            Now why would an old man such as I go to the trouble to try to open anyone’s eyes to the truth; I have seen what the love of Christ Jesus has done in my life and I wish to share His love with others.

          • Watchman,
            Since the beginning of Genesis the theme is about choices. Everyone has a choice. Faye has her choice and we have ours. But decisions need to me made after considering the consequences, plus or minus. Rejecting Jesus is a choice all can make. The consequences seem a bit drastic for my taste. accepting Jesus seems much more positive to me. I believe I will take that road. Yes, it is narrow but there are no detours.

          • Thank you Michael…. I also look for the narrow minded pilots and doctors, those with an open mindedness concept will get us killed in a heartbeat…

          • watchman48,
            The Bible is big on preventive medication through diet. I follow a sensible diet and as a result I am doing fine. June is the second time I have been 39. As a result I take very few medications. I am supposed to be a paraplegic but am not. I supposedly suffered a broken foot in May but it is not broken. I got hit by a car crossing he street downtown when I was 57. Now I have to live to be 114 so that I can win the lottery. Confused? “Not I”, said the little red hen.

          • First, I clicked on a reply to Michael, how it ended to you is quite confusing.
            I guess you are trying to tell me you do not believe in God.. So, I will direct you north bound to my message to Faye Hayes if you are interested in some real truth… But I feel that I also need to warn you first… God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him and be saved…. So don’t count on reaching 114, unless you are 96 right now… And I will pray that one day very soon that God will open your eyes to His Truth.

          • watchman48,
            I have been a Christian since 1953 Does that work for you? I take the Bible seriously and that includes diet. I am joking about living to 114 and winning the lottery. I was told that I was twice as likely to get hit by a car in an accident than I was to win the lottery. I got hit by a car in 1994. So by that “logic” I would get hit again at 114 and win the lottery. I did not explain that on purpose.

          • Hallelujah! May the Good LORD bless you and watch over you and your loved ones… The diet would be a good idea for me… plus a lot more exercise would also be good advice for me… If you are interested in prophecies as I am, I tell how 9/11 attack was the first of three major attacks for America… Google; watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101
            God Bless

          • watchman48,
            Bible prophesy is one sure way of dissuading atheists. The “untrue” Bible has been right on target for centuries on prophesy. I know of a lot of other Biblical references that atheists cannot answer. They like to deny the parting of the Red Sea. However, we know from history that the Hebrew people went from slaves in Egypt to crossing the Jordan into what is now Israel. If they were slaves and had no weapons while the Egyptians had all the weapons, horses and other implements of battle, how did the Hebrew people get out of Egypt? Archeologists have confirmed that they did. That is lonely one of many Biblical incidents that cannot be explained away. Archeologists have confirmed more Biblical truths than they have evolution. Of course, evolution according to the “experts” is over a much longer time.

          • Angry in Texas

            I really liked your explanation of the existence of God.I believe it could help many not only to understand but to explain.Thank you.

          • Thank you for your comment…. But please let me make this clear to you… There are very few that have been more hateful and angry with God then me….. Very few could even match my stubbornness towards God, but God can deal with man’s stubbornness and our doubts, this I have first hand knowledge…. It has taken many, many years for my eyes to be opened to the truth of His WORD and I give Him all the glory…. For the last 24 years or so it has been through God’s love that I am a new man in Christ Jesus trying to share His love to those that will listen to His Truth… I will also add that I have been using, The Bible Pathways Ministry Daily Guide most of those years to guide me through the Bible.

          • Faye,
            Now I understand your position. Please disprove the Bible. w That game works both ways, you know. In fact, the only thing you can do is attack the Bible and deny it for yourself. You cannot disprove the Bible to anyone else. Even using the Bible as your “proof” is not valid. I seriously doubt you know that the Bible is about, let alone “disprove” it. I have gone this route with others many times over. So tell me about the Bible. What is it exactly? It is not a history but more a genealogy. It refers specifically to the Hebrew people, not the whole world. Comparing it to evolution is comparing apples to oranges. So where is your “proof”? So your opinion is no more valid than any other.

          • Angry in Texas

            You cannot see the wind.But you can feel it.You see what it can do.If you believed and served Jesus as your Lord and Saviour then you would understand what a difference it could make in your life.Hopefully,I pray that you find out before you die or the end of time.If you do not believe in God then that is your prerogative and your choice but you should not be so angry about others who do.Afterall that is their choice.

          • Angry in Texas,
            Unless a person has been born of the Spirit they cannot fathom the work of the Holy Spirit. Nicodemus did not and questioned Jesus. Jesus provided the same wind example that you did. Nicodemus did not understand it and neither will an atheist.

          • Victor Archuleta

            I do not take divine guidance lightly, Faye. I prayed to be relieved of delivering this message to you, but I was reminded that the ‘net is my mission field. And I have been given the duty to tell you that you wanted proof of God’s existence; and you are soon to have undeniable proof. Your personal life is about to spiral out of control. You are soon to have a series of events that will utterly strike you down with pure fear. You will soon learn that there will be no place to turn but to God. He is your only refuge, and that is His goal for sending you the trials you will soon face. Very soon you will be searching that “old musty book” for the way out of the mire into which you will shortly be drawn.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I usually get hot bulletins on my phone – I just missed one. But it said something to the effect that Ovomit signed something into law.!? Wait until he sets a time to really drop the hammer on us. Already, he knows America is communicating via the internet. This is why we’re all being monitored! Once he decides to make his move, he’ll shut down the internet completely!

        • I don’t believe Obama is the anti-Christ. He, or she, is yet to come and will be much more evil than O. I do believe we’re close to the end times and the Babylon described in the Bible may well be the USA.

          • I think Obama is the false prophet, leading up to the antichrist.

          • I think Obama is the son of a jackal. LOL!!! How can you believe in such foolish nonsense ?

          • Angry in Texas

            I do not believe he is a real human as we can see all of the demons he demonstrates.Maybe he is one of the people born from dark angels sent from Satan.Sounds crazy I admit but that was existing on Earth before the flood and the escape of Noah and his family.I do believe God is watching over his children that serve him.

          • There’s one thing we can agree on. That what you stated does sound crazy & you’re freaking insane !! Demons ?? You’ve got to be joking. This is what religion does to the brain. It turns it into scrambled eggs. Do you think Obama has the numbers 666 written on his scalp ? You Christians are so indoctrinated into believing your own bullshit & it’s very disturbing to say the least.

          • Angry in Texas

            I do believe the mystery Babylon in the Holy Bible is the U.S. without doubt.

          • I do believe the Earth is flat & is only 4,000 years old. DUH!! LMAO!! You Christians are so funny!!!

        • Angry in Texas

          I believe you.These people you mentioned are anti-christs preparing for the final new world order anti-christs.

      • Don’t waste it. The kids today are lost and someone has to get the word out. There is no one better than you to do that. Now, go.

      • You give George to much credit.

    • The fact that Obama has done all that he has against America from the start does not cause me to pause in wonder at his hate towards Christians. . That all of Congress stands back and lets him do it is what stunned me. I use to know some of the Senators and had no idea the evil had spread so fast and complete. This does explain why Obama wants Christians stopped from speaking. He knows they lose in the end and yet somehow his vanity leads him to believe he will actually win in this like he did everything else he wanted. I wish I could be alive when God comes back to Earth. I would really love to see the looks on the face of everyone that do not believe. Laughter. The faces of everybody for that matter. Imagine my jaw will drop too…………………..I liked Reagan. His failure to control the common people is because he didn’t try. He really believed all the things he said. He really did talk to God, and read his Bible. I lived outside of San Francisco in Pacifica when Mr. Reagan was in office as governor . He put in a gas tax on fuel. It wasn’t very long before he came out and apologized to the people and took the tax off. He was a good man. Not afraid to admit mistakes. Very vocal and when he said something he could look you in the eyes, because he was honest. I do not believe Obama is the antichrist. I believe the real one will have some kind of powers and people will literally believe he is Christ. He will be loved and admired and looked up to and all nations will believe in him. Maybe he will even look like all the pictures of Jesus that are around. Maybe that is why those pictures are out there. Satan wanted us confused and his plan as been since when he fell to Earth. Could be why God put the second commandment in stone. Sorry people. I could and sometimes do go on forever about God and all that is happening.

    • What responsible, intelligent and informed Americans are going to wonder is how you and your ilk have become so deranged as to make those all-subsuming, absolutist and slanderous accusations concerning the last several presidents!

      • Look. there are a lot of easier ways to prove your incompetence. Don’t bother to think or research, just keep typing. Eventually, everyone will understand.

    • Angry in Texas

      I think we should be able to lie-detector test the people running for office with questions pertaining to intent and moral standards before running for office.If they have nothing to hide then they should not complain.The people in office have been so good at hiding so many issues then when the door is opened to them they come sneaking out of the closet.

      • There is a far less complicated solution. Require ALL persons running for public office to certify their net worth at the time they decide to run. Then, every quarter the certification must be updated with the total income earned and the exact source of the income. Anyone caught committing fraud should be immediately prosecuted and banned from ever holding public office for the rest of their lives. I understand how corrupt these people are and so the setting up of trust funds must be banned and any hidden or protected source of income must be considered fraud and prosecuted as such.

        Second, the incomes of these people must be directly tied into performance, i. e. Obama would owe the American people trillions of dollars for his incompetence while in office.

        Now there is a headline you can print, “If Obama were paid for his performance while in office, he would now owe the American people every penny he would ever make if he lived to be 100,000 years old”.

  7. True scripture believing Christians have no reason to believe that there would not be persecution… or elsewhere.

    • It will happen, but today we have too many that don’t read the bible, they are the Laodicea types. A recent poll was taken and over forty percent who say they are Christians believe that Satan is just a symbol of evil, this proves they don’t nor have they ever read the Bible. I cant imagine sitting in a church that teaches this.

      • Most of those people who don’t read their bibles are Christians. People who do not believe in a god or religion , know that the bible is not the word of god & was definitely written by man, thousands of years ago. It’s nothing but a book of fairy tales, no different from Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. If you really believe that a man could live inside a whale & survive or The story of Noah’s Ark, Adam & Eve, a burning bush& people could be brought back from the dead, then you Christians will believe anything. There is no actual proof or evidence that these things really did occur & your bible is just a book, like any other Science Fiction Book, which I may add, is very entertaining. You have been totally brainwashed & sold a bill of goods. Wake up before it’s too late!!

        • For those who believe proof is not necessary for those who don’t, proof is never enough. Yes the Bible was written by men, but men that were inspired by God, I have studied enough history of the ancients especially the Babylonians combined with all the prophecies that have come to pass right on time, that it makes me wonder how could there be any doubters out there, but God gives the answer to those of us who asks that question. You chose to believe the Liar.

        • Were you able to control your drooling while writing this blasphemy?

          • No, I was smiling the whole time.

          • So you believe that the world and the people in it evolved from a speck of dust into what we have/are today? If man evolved from a speck of dust and evolved into current man, WHY have we stopped evolving? The animals are not evolving anymore either. If you are stupid enough to believe THIS ( with absolutely NO EVIDENCE) and you question the bible’s word about Adam and Eve, etc., you are soooo mixed up. You need to get on your knees and pray to God to save your soul and give you discernment of the word before it is too late for you! Death is always at our doorstep and you cannot now argue that you didn’t hear the word of GOD!

        • Now, now, Faye. Take a deep breath, and listen carefully: Yes, men wrote the bible – as directed by GOD. It is his word that they wrote. As far as believing what you can’t see – how about love? Can’t see that, but surely even you will admit that it exists. Can’t see the air, but we know it’s there. Same with gravity – how can that possibly exist if you can’t see it? It’s called having FAITH! Look around you at all the joyous wonders and beauty in this world, and then tell me that you deny God. It’s not fairy tales.
          Have you never witnessed anyone passing to the other side? That is a miracle in itself. I do hope that you can come to grips with things before it is too late for you. It is NEVER too late for those who believe in and have a relationship with GOD, because the best is yet to come.

        • Angry in Texas

          Believe what you will but it sounds like you are afraid you might be wrong.Those who protest so loudly have a under current of fear otherwise you would say nothing and go back to your reading of the ‘Athiest’s Ten Commandments’.

      • I can’t imagine ever sitting in a church, as I once did when I was a Christian. All that time I wasted worshipping a false god that most certainly does not exist.

        • Hello Faye: I don’t go to church either although I would love to find one, the last three I attended weren’t what I expect. It seems most are more like social clubs than churches. But we are in the seventh church the Laodicea era, that’s not to say there aren’t the Philadelphians it’s the Laodicea are in the majority. You are an Atheist you say, does that mean you don’t believe in any spirit world either? I just cant understand how anyone cant believe in God. I study ancient religions and history everyday. I find all the ancient religions and have one commonality and that is the goddess Ishtar, she has many names depending on what part of the world you visit, this goddess can be found in Christianity, but that’s another story. In America her presence is in NYC and Washington, D.C her statue sits in NYC as the Statue of Liberty, a statue of her is in the capitol building. A study of our founding fathers will prove they were Free Masons. This is a very long and deep story much too long to put on here. I have done enough research as in thousands of hours and I’m convinced that America is the new Babylon in the end times, no nation on earth comes close. When I started researching I didn’t know a man by the name of Doctor Franklin S Logsdon had written a book back in the sixties, about America being Babylon, it cost him his career because he was ostracized by the Christian community for doing so, and then I find that the late Doctor Richard Coombs has written a book on America being Babylon. Why don’t you look them up their books were downloadable for free at one time. Compare the Characteristics of America with what the Bible say about this mysterious Babylon . The majority believe this end time nation will be rebuilt in Iraq, this is laughable. If I knew you were interested I would list some America’s characteristics compared to this end time Babylon 1 Has a mother (America has England 2 Comes up in a wilderness area, taking land from others, America did 3 Will have defenses mounted up to the heavens America /NASA and an advanced Air Force 4 Hammer of the whole earth. America is the policeman of the world 5.Has many rich people her citizens live better than most/ 6. Has many rivers, lakes and deep water ports 7 Has a meeting place for the kings of the earth America does, the UN building NYC there are over a hundred characteristics like these I don’t think it can be a coincidence. The prophets declare that this end time nation will have problems with nations that are now Islamic nations and that this nation will have many foreigners coming into her midst that will do her great harm, God likens them to Caterpillars one nation mentioned by name is Persia which is modern day Iran. Another prophecy that has come to pass is the Prophet Daniel where he wrote there would be an increase in travel and knowledge and that Israel would come back as a nation, which happened in 1948 and what about the increase in knowledge just think man has been on this earth a mighty long time and all of a sudden we get all this knowledge doesn’t that make you wonder. Most Christians don’t believe Ishtar is real but there is overwhelming evidence that she is real and she made her new home in America, all these symbols of her isn’t an accident. America will be destroyed by fire and the dooms day clock is ticking. Let me know if you think I’m Insane{):-)

    • Have you looked into the interfaith movement, these large church groups are lobbying for more Muslims to come here, why? there is big money in it mainly from the taxpayers. Look up immigrant resettlement watch, Ann Corcoran is the sites owner, the main two groups in the Interfaith Movement are Catholics and Lutherans but I’ve yet to find any group except “The Voice Of The Martyrs” that help Christians. I read a story they sent to me about a young Christian mother who was breast feeding her baby, a group of Muslims attacked her, and they cut off her breasts and left her alive with her baby, believing that the baby would starve to death. I would like to ask these interfaith fools why they wont help people like her but do whatever to help those who despise Christians and that commit these kinds of atrocities against Christians.

  8. Thank you Rev. Jackson for calling this what it is!!! All of us need to get on the band wagon
    and fight for our Religious Rights…fight for the unborn not to be murdered, not to applaud those who

    are corrupting our nation, trying to tear down our beliefs. There are still enough of us who love and serve God!

  9. SouthernPatriot

    Those who “name the name of Christ, but are nominal Christians at best” are the ones who helped to elect the most anti-Christian president in U.S. history. The attack on natural, traditional, and Christian values began with the election of Barack Hussein Obama or “Barry” as he liked to be called when younger. Barry led this nation to ruin as fast as he could, with his sycophants AG Holder, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi and numerous Senators, Representatives, and Governors staying awake at night and conspiring to attack the next pillar of our strength.

    Some churches voted almost unanimously for Obama, even on his second term. All sub-categories of the American electorate voted by majority for Obama except one–my category–Caucasian males 45 and older. We were the only sub-category with enough sense and integrity to vote to hold back the gates of hell. All groups need to repent and make sure not to violate God’s Word again with the next federal election, and meanwhile to be in prayer and study to nominate a core conservative who will do his best to right and re-float the ship of state.

    • Perhaps in 2008, but in 2012 you are dead wrong, according to exit polling the Religious Right were absent to the tune of 6 million in key states which easily could have turned the election, apparently they do not like Mormons in the Bible Belt which is where I live. Nice to blame it on the youth, but that is a falsehood.

      • Greyguy,
        You may be correct. Many southerners do not care for Mormons. However, I live in the midst of them. virtually all the agricultural counties in southern Idaho are Mormon. They are specifically right wing voters.

        • I live in Central Appalachia and this fact was driven home by a liberal friend of mine who has lived here all his life, and his observation was proven on the mark by the exit polls in the last election. Also converstion locally give great insight into the thought process! I went to school with a feww an your statements are on the mark.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      As I see it, and not only do we need a good “faith based” leader, but the only thing that will stop this “take over” would be a highly trained sniper and an all out, full scale rebellion!! Think what you want – the writings on the wall!!

      • Victor Archuleta

        I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… and again. The weapons of our warfare are prayer and the vote. Action follows faith, and God rewards both. The public must be made aware of the threat to Liberty. It’s easy to pray for inspiration and having received it, prepare a typewritten copy of your concerns and hand it to your friends and relatives, to the teller at your bank, the clerk at your grocery store, the mechanic at your garage…your elected representatives. If the seed you sow are produced by your heart-felt beliefs in this country’s founding, they will take root and produce much fruit.
        Ill-timed actions can bring about an exchange of our God-given republic for a tyrant’s nightmare, an exchange that might never be corrected. The Tree of Liberty – AT THIS TIME – must be nourished with the sweat of God-fearing Patriots.

  10. The German Jews who finally left germany before Hitler started his rampage, said the same thing

  11. The Rev. summed it up perfectly.
    The America you and I know and love can not endure without the populace actually believing in and practicing basic Christian morals and ethics…just won’t happen folks!

  12. One definite sign of a problem is when conservatives who decry the loss of morality feel they have to use four letter words to express their outrage. Just saying.

    • Some of the vilest language to be found on the web comes from angry disordered, self-deluded ultraconservatives. Many of them seem to thrive on it, perhaps because they have so little to say that proves their case and believe that profanity fills the gap between merely ASSerting and actually proving.

      • I don’t expect liberals to act morally since morality is not part of their agenda.

      • “Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.” Thomas Jefferson I believe everyone on this site is trying to live up to being a good citizen and looking out for one another because our government is not doing that. Transparency for the current government in D.C. is anything but transparent. They have no respect for our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Maybe you do not care enough about your country, if this is really is your home country, to respect the freedoms and rights that we have. We want to preserve the freedoms our forefathers sought after leaving their original homelands. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

        • What the hell does your comment have to with religion or a god? NOTHING!! I live my life according to The Constitution, not by some outdated ancient book written thousands of years ago by ordinary men who like to make up fairy tales. It’s pretty obvious to me that you Christians don’t respect the freedoms & rights of other Americans who choose not to believe in your god & want nothing to do with your religion. Then you have the nerve to accuse us of persecution against you ? You guys have got it backwards. It’s time to grow up!!

          • Faye, you need to grow spiritually. Our nation was established as a nation UNDER GOD. Whether you are an agnostic or an atheist makes no difference to me. When our moral values in America are in jeopardy and deteriorating, and they most definitely have deteriorated, it concerns everyone. The way we preserve our freedoms is through the Constitution and Bill of Rights but for the past several years they are being assaulted. However, the way we preserve our moral values is through the teachings of Christ and the Bible (the Ten Commandments). Our nation is becoming corrupt because of the lack of moral values and the worship of financial gain. Worship of God and being a Christian is in jeopardy because of the two causes just mentioned.

          • You need to grow up period & stop believing in such nonsense!!

          • You need to join the Muslims and live under Sharia Law.

    • That’s because they have nothing of value to back up their false claims. When Christians are challenged on their beliefs by Atheists or nonbelievers, they act like little cry babies & tell us we have no morals. They love being portrayed as the victims who are being persecuted. Christians claim to be moral, but when someone like me challenges them on their beliefs, I’m called a devil worshipper, a Muslim lover, anti American & the best one is that I will be going to hell just because I choose not to believe in their false god. The hypocrisy is overwhelming!!

      • Like a true liberal, you misunderstood what I was saying. I was saying that if conservatives want to talk about being for Christianity, learn to eliminate even minor profanity from the vocabulary. Morals aside, you need to understand the definition of profanity. Profanity is the ATTEMPT of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully.

  13. Keep on voting democRAT and hell is approaching ever faster to the Solialist Peoples Republic of Amerika!
    But what the heck we will never abandon God and Jesus Christ who IS the GOD of this (western hemisphere)Land!

  14. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Jackson, sir, what can you expect from an America with a Muslim-Arab black messiah dictating our beloved country with a hate and rage Agenda of REVENGE? It is Sodom and Gomorrah in our life time, sir. That means, the beginning of “end times” is near.

  15. We are in the boat we are in today because, 45 years ago, 37 million female baby boomers were brainwashed by non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists to substitute the false ideology of radical feminism (career-oriented) for the truthful tenets of their Christian faith (family-oriented). Despicably, these influential females, and former Christians, are now the source of most of the anti-Christian voting patterns and acerbic vitriol, as they promote a feminist lifestyle defined by abortion, divorce, fornication, homosexuality, adultery, single motherhood, same-sex marriage, illegitimacy and irrational hatred of Christian men. It’s time for the influential Christian men, in all walks of life, to stop bemoaning the problem, recognize these twisted women for the dangerous enemies of Christianity they truly are and begin to FIGHT BACK!!
    Google, “10+ Tenets of Christianity vs. 10+ Ideals of Radical Feminism” to see that these two philosophies are diametrically opposed to each other and CANNOT co-exist. There can be only one winner, and at the moment, Christianity is losing the battle because most male Christian leaders are unwilling to acknowledge who their greatest enemy is, and as a result, are unwittingly assisting the feminists in their war to destroy Christianity in this country, by continuing to politely tolerate these anti-Christian radical feminist’s concerted political, judicial and academic efforts, and inroads, to declare Christian morality illegal! It’s time to WAKE UP!

  16. I’ve found, through observation, and personal experience, that the more a person or people obey God, the harder the devil attacks you. So, instead on resting on our achievements, we have to pray HARDER and constantly to repel these attacks. It’s like weeds- where do they like to grow the most? Right next to a healthy plant, so they can steal its nourishment while slowly strangling it. This is the devil’s and “Progressives'” method of operation. The battle will not truly end until God says it’s time. Success starts with one individual making the commitment and sacrifices necessary, and it spreads one-by-one, just like apathy spreads one-by-one. We can’t worry what the next person is doing or not doing. Just do it, and encourage others to do the same, all the while praying and walking by faith. That’s what built this Country, and that’s what is going to restore it.

  17. Victor Archuleta

    I am a Conservative Christian, a pastor and evangelist. When God called me to the internet, I completed another study of the Scriptures, and came to understand that “Whazzizname” is a high priest of the anti-Christ, who is described with our marching orders at Ephesians 6:10-20. The acolytes of the adversary’s high priest have brought from the depths of hell the anti-Christ temple, approved killing of the unborn as their human sacrifice, approved abominable practices, and declared war on God’s people. And we are in a war – and the same passage of Scripture tells us how to engage the enemy.

    These posts are calling for a revival – a starting over – and it happens when ministers start preaching old fashioned sermons about hell fire and brimstone. God will not act until we, by our actions, reveal to Him our convictions and our righteousness. We can begin it right now. I call for a time of repentance, fasting and prayer.

    Repentance – for ignoring God for so long. Fasting – turn off the TV for at least an hour daily and read Scripture out loud. Prayer – offer Psalm 5 or 36. After doing so, pray the chosen Psalm daily with thanksgiving until your prayer is answered.

  18. The socialist agenda is to remove God from every aspect of Societal life. Once that is accomplished, they begin to indoctrinate the young into thinking that government comes before everything else in life. They are viciously attacking both of these values with an insatiable fury. Prepare yourselves, for evil is upon us!

  19. Richard Polley

    I find it difficult to believe that you people are so set against the sensible attitude we Liberals have against the unborn. Little monsters.
    I have a modest proposal: as it is necessary to terminate these budding offspring, for reasons of popultion control, once aborted, we use the carcasses for meat for hukman consumption. It would be a cheap and wonderful source of this delicacy (known in some of the more enlightened parts of the world as “long pig”).
    And, it is only fitting that the first person to honor with this delicious dinner so rare be our revered and widely-adored president. I have the perfect recipe that I am sure His Excellency would enjoy with the first (and last) bite. The child would be marinated in a wonderful and tasty mixture of strychnine, an aresenate of choice, hydrogen cyanide, with just a dash of succinate acid. This steeping in the marinade for 24 hours will provide time for me to get my sorry ass out of town. Not that I far imprisonment (or worse); it is that I do not believe 24 hours is sufficient to build the floats and prepare the confetti raining down on my parade of victory, with me as the Personage of Greatness, thereby guaranteeing my place in history of this great and wonderful, generous country.
    Now, if perchance I should be terminated by those wonderful Liberal folks trying to drag the country down the path to self-annihilation; the country that permits these mongrels the right of free bullshit they spew, I get the 72 virgins – males that they are…

  20. Richard Polley

    I was timed out. The 72 virgins are male, as that is the popular pursuasion of all things Muslim. However, should they be female (doubtful), I would be hard-pressed to find 72 virgins in any state in the Union. Be sure to vote in the next national election – not voting is a vote for the sleazy, poll-cheating opposition.
    Oh, by the way my humble apologies to the Irish writer, Jonathan Swift, for borrowing his theme..

  21. Victor Archuleta

    Ever since the snow began to fall in Boston – the cradle of American Liberty – I have warned again and again that the storms and California drought were unusual; that they were God’s way of calling the people to return to the spiritual roots of this nation. Not long ago, I posted an explanation of “national sin”, describing how the administrations’ errors are attracting God’s wrath.

    Now, the nation is assaulted with tornadoes and floods which continue to affect the lives of both believers and unbelievers – because the rain falls on both the just and the unjust. And it is equally true that the displaced creatures will bring their particular “offerings” to believers and unbelievers – mosquitoes, rats, field mice, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, roaches, reptiles, bacteria… There is not much to be done for the unbelievers; but to the believers, I urge you to read and study the first and second chapters of Genesis. Become intimately familiar with your authority and use it wisely. Familiarize yourselves with the increased authority that Jesus of Nazareth bestowed upon you with the second birth.

    Assure that your robes of righteousness are unstained by the world because uninvited guests will soon be making their way through the population. The robes are your uniforms, your protection, separating you from the deniers who will soon suffer for their blasphemy of the Author of their lives. Their irreverence has not gone unrecorded. Use this time to build up your faith – as if your lives depended on it.

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