Parkland Teens Gave Gun Industry the Best March Sales Figures Ever

Give it up to the Parkland teens. Students-turned-activists like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez may not have done anything to convince gun-rights proponents that they should re-evaluate their stance on the Second Amendment (meaning, in effect, that they’ve done nothing at all), but they have managed to do one thing: Become the finest gun salesmen in America, this side of Barack Obama.

In a statistic that is both fitting and entirely predictable, the FBI released their background check figures for the month of March – the primary way gun sales figures are calculated in the U.S. – and it turns out that it was a gangbusters month for the firearms industry. More than 2.7 million background checks were run last month, making it the best March for gun sales in history.

Great job, y’all!

So does this mean that we can say that the Parkland teens are shills for the gun manufacturers, the way they claim the NRA is? Because from our vantage point, it looks like Hogg and his cohorts have done a hell of a lot more to send guns flying off the shelves than the NRA could dream of. In fact, until these kids started showing their faces on every news channel on the dial, the gun industry was getting a little worried about declining sales numbers. But along come these high school idiots and the liberal media to make sure people remember that their Second Amendment rights are once again under attack.

You have to wonder sometimes: Will the left EVER learn that everything they do against our Constitution ultimately backfires on them?

This isn’t, of course, the only sign that the Parkland teens are working against their own cause. Record attendance at a Florida gun show only a couple of weeks after the tragedy was the first indication that these kids were making things worse (for their side) than they were before. Then came the news that the NRA’s political PAC had racked up a record number of donations in the month since the shooting.

And, while we haven’t seen this transpire yet, we’ll bet you anything that liberals – once they get some distance from the issue – are going to really start questioning this boycott of Laura Ingraham. Well, not all liberals. There will always be those millennials who think any and all conservative speech should be silenced. Hopefully, though, there are still a few free-speech defenders left in LiberalLand who recognize how dangerous the deplatforming trend really is.

On the subject of guns, though, the left is fighting a losing battle. Worse, they are actually digging themselves into a trench. We’re not going to sink down to David Hogg’s level and say the Parkland teens have hands covered in blood. But their hands are covered, perhaps, with a little bit of ink from all those gun-sales receipts.

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