Parents Demand an End to Islamic Teachings in Public School

Parents in Chatham, New Jersey are demanding answers from the local board of education as it pertains to what their children are being taught in their 7th grade social studies class. According to Nancy Gayer and Libby Hilsenrath, their children are being given lessons about Islam that would never be acceptable if they were about Christianity.

In fact, Gayer said at a board meeting on Monday, her son was specifically chastised a few years ago when he gave a PowerPoint presentation that briefly mentioned his religious views. Gayer said he was told to stop “proselytizing” when he included a Bible quote in his slideslow. The teacher told him that a quote like that “belongs in Sunday School.”

Gayer and other parents asked the board to explain why that was off-limits, but it was perfectly fine for the teacher to have the students learn about the religious tenets of Islam.

“My sincere issue – according to policy 2270 – the board of education directs that no religious beliefs be promoted or disparaged,” Gayer said at the meeting. “I’m asking the board meet with the policy committee and eliminate the teaching of Islam and all other religions.”

Hilsenrath passed out materials being used in the classroom, which included a cartoon that made extraordinary statements about Islam.

“It even goes so far as even making a statement “There is no God except Allah,”  Hilsenrath said. “This video also states that Allah is the maker of everything, the one true God, etc. The main character is the cartoon video is looking for converts.”

Hilsenrath said that the argument for the educational materials – that it would expose the students to religions they don’t know much about – did not pass muster. She argued that many of the students were almost certainly ignorant about the finer points of Judaism and Christianity as well, yet those religions were barely mentioned in the classroom. Certainly, she said, they were not taught in the same way as Islam.

It’s real simple: Either religious studies need to be barred from public schools, or there needs to be equal time given to all of the world’s major religions. Anything that strays from that premise invites unnecessary controversy, especially when the teachings are as off-the-wall as the ones seen here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen parents outraged over Islamic indoctrination in the school system. The more it occurs, the more you have to wonder if there isn’t something a bit more sinister going on behind the scenes.

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  1. The way to resolve this entire Public School indoctrination of children is pull your child out of school start homeschooling them. Islam is taught in public schools because the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR is donating big money to the Publishers of these school books. If you don’t think so do some research period that is how Islam is getting in the books. It is a cover-up between the Publishing Company that puts out strictly school books for public schools all across this nation and the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR.
    It’s going to get a lot worse unless their parents start either pulling their children at a public school every way and start homeschooling them or the parents everywhere that have children in public schools band together as one voice in an organization and start paying more attention to what’s in those books because these books I know nothing about indoctrination are the first steps of indoctrination how the children in public school to Islam and being Muslims and anyone who thinks not all you have to do is contact the publishing companies that in these books and find out if the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR OR any other Muslims organizations in fact donate money to these publishing companies that publish public school books and you would be surprised at what you find. I know this because I already done it and I have looked in the found articles that affirm what I already knew.
    There’s no reason for the Muslim Brotherhood to be getting into public school books and and donating money to help publish the books except for indoctrination and Islam. That’s the deal that the publishing companies have them with the Muslim Brotherhood and the other Muslim outfits. They give them money the public can come and take it with the agreement that they’ll put crap in it regarding Islam. Check it out if you want ammunition To Face Down the school districts and those that run it. You always go for the head of the snake not the tail.

    • Satan is on the loose, he wants our children WAKE UP PARENTS!

      • We NEVER had a problem with the islamic evil-cult being taught in our schools until Obama bin Lyin came along. Everyone else notice that?

      • The mythical reason of the war between Yahweh and Satan was said to be due to the admittance of the souls of mortals into heaven, what no 1 can prove whose viewpoint was that?, knowing what I know about the mythical Yahweh I would have to say it was his decision to not allow the souls of mortals into heaven, but being that armies are only as powerful as their numbers Yahweh had to reevaluate his thinking and change his viewpoint.

        You are free to be as completely delusional and in a state of denial as you please though.

      • God help your children….they might learn tolerance, rather than “christian exceptionalism”

    • WITH President Trump now in office and Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General it is only a matter of time that both the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are closed-down within the USA!
      SO MUCH to do in getting America back on track, and President Trump is certainly not on the golf course!

      • He most certainly is “on the golf course,” and has spent plenty of time there since entering office. Here are the facts:

        • SO WHERE is the WP wheel-graph on Obama during his same time in office?
          FACT IS that Trump is getting the JOB DONE in mending Obama’s anti-American disaster one rung at a time….which is what COUNTS most!!!

          • My point, EMERCITNA, is that you were DEAD WRONG in your statement that “Trump is certainly not on the golf course like Obozo was!” Given the very short time Trump has been in office, the proportion of his time spent golfing far exceeds Obama’s. Only time will tell whether Trump keeps up this pace.

          • YES, INDEED, ‘TIME’ will tell, so stay-tuned, my friend!

          • Stay tuned indeed! You have read the part of our constitution about religeous freedom haven’t you?

          • What it was intended and what the ACLU has made out of it are two different stories. So go back and reread.

          • IF you are referring to Islam as a ‘religion’, do you truly believe that our founders meant to include a ‘religion’ that demands the death of all non-believers?!
            JUST BECAUSE a certain group of people create a dangerous political ideology of human subjugation and death and decide to call it a ‘religion’, does NOT give them the right to violate other’s human rights with the ….blessings of our U.S. Constitution!!!!!!!!

          • I totally agree with what you said but I would like to add that our Constitution does NOT apply to non-citizens. So banning those NON-Citizens based on their “religion”, since it IS detrimental to the safety and security of the CITIZENS of the US, is perfectly legal.

          • CAN A MUSLIM who believes in Islam HONESTLY take the oath of American citizenship OR would they have to LIE thus making their citizenship NULL & VOID due to FRAUD?!
            THINK ABOUT IT! ~ NO true Muslim can BE a legitimate U.S. citizen!!!!

          • Those military aged males that 0bama brought over need to be sent back to fight to make their OWN country better instead of coming here and making ours a sh!thole like the one they left!

          • This is fun….will you mind if I school you in what “Time has Told’ in a few months?

        • I am sure he keeps in costant contact with Soros and his coconspirators to ruin our culture.

        • That is another one of Trump’s workplaces. He had the Japanese PM on the links.

      • All muslims should be eradicated from the United States, as should all the Cockroaches that skittered in here from south of the border.

      • No—you can find him in Palm Beach actually. And have you come upon the cost of keeping his wife and youngest son in NYC?

        • The only cost in NY City is do to the news media camped out at the Trump tower . So what cost is there to the US gov. for her to live there other than SS . Trump tower has a security team of its own .

          • Something Trump did in Florida at his country club might cost Americans their lives as well as lots of money.

            He took a phone call about the North Korean missile launch in front of guests at the country club and some of them HAD CELL PHONES WITH CAMERAS pointed at top secret military intelligence documents!.
            That might blow the covers of CIA agents and get them killed and we might lose advance notice of a sneak attack with nuclear missiles!

            IMPEACH TRUMP!

          • Tell us what fake news media did you get this from ?? Plus like a good Demon Rat you changed the subject because you cant answer without a lie.

    • My info is the the publishers actually had imams write the texts for them.

    • There is another one who has it all figured out. All this while Christian missionaries spend billions of dollars to convert non Christians, and while Islam does not have a single missionary on the planet.

    • Consider Simon and Schuster pulling their publication of Milo Yiannopoulos’s book.

      Yes, I know, his quote about sex between adults and minors being perfectly acceptable, does that explain why he believes that?, consider Southern Baptists who take pride in having their daughters married off by the time they turn 16, what about Emancipation of a teen where the court decides that they are responsible enough to take care of themself, does that still make it a crime for an adult to be physical intimate with them, you cannot have it both ways, either you eliminate the Emancipation law pertaining to teenagers or you make exceptions for adults who are physically intimate with an emancipated 16 year old.

    • Totally irrational. I see why Trump received as many voters as he did. You have “bought the farm”. all of you.

      • Hey,,, since I am clearly not as educated, or as smart as you think you are, please expound and an elucidate me a little further why you would say something like that. Let me make it real and clear to you period I don’t have any children they’re all grown and have it home family but if I had children that was schooi age I would never put them in the Public Schools. Public schools have become nothing but government indoctrination of,one agenda or another. If buying the farm means I would not want any of my children learning anything about Islam. Because it is a piece of Filth and it’s not even religion period it’s not much butt wipe. And there is nothing that I said in that article is not true and I challenge you to prove me wrong stop trying to be so high-and-mighty and sanctimonious if you cannot prove it that I’m incorrect. Donald Trump didn’t get so many of us because of whatever you were trying to allude to with your sanctimonious attitude . President Trump got all the votes he got because he turned them and he and the people’s trust. If you did not like the truth being told unspoken why don’t you go to another country with a restricted I’m sure your work out real well there. Then again I’m not as smart as you are so I’m sure you can clear me up and tell me where I’m so wrong here. There isn’t one in rational word or sentence and what I have said that is not correct. It also can be proved but you what you said is what represents the word irrational completely

        • You forget that Hillary received more popular votes than Trump. The results are due to her loss of votes in four states.

          • What I know about Hillary Clinton is this she had no intention of even trying to win she was a bigot period She was a racist she hated Christians. She would owned and operated completely by George Soros. If you had enough of a conservative educational mind you and had get rid of that stuff you a preaching because you were preaching apples and I’m talking oranges you want to keep on harping on poor ole Hillary when their is no such thing as poor ole Hillary. Hillary Clinton was a seasoned politician and you got to stop preaching the crap. That stuff you throw it because it’s not going to spread anymore. Hillary Clinton was a seasoned politician if you want to get on this topic which that’s not what this is even about. She knew very well that she could not win the presidency by popular vote period she knew very well that she had to win by the Electoral College period And if you dare tell me that even you don’t know that you got to go back to grade school period because even I learned that in grade school. She did not even try to go where she need to go to win enough votes of the Electoral College to win the presidency. The Democrat Party I should call it the communist Democratic Party you exactly what they had to do to win the election. Prove to me today tried actually win the election you can’t and if you can’t prove it by conversation and intelligence and a little bit of research then your argument is bunch of crap and you need to get rid of it because it ain’t going to wash. There was states that she needed to win she didn’t even go to the states where she needed to win and stay there long enough to actually try to win and then if she did nobody liked her a message. You can close your eyes and I will buy you personally I pair Rose Colored Glasses to wear for the next four years if you want to so you won’t have to open them up and see any truth at all just give me an address and I promise you I will buy you a nice pair Rose Colored Glasses so you can see only what you want to see for the next four years and the rest of your life period you cannot be mad at Donald Trump for doing what he was supposed to do. He said openly he was never trying to win the popular vote period that is a business man’s way of doing things you go right to the source and leave the middle man alone. The popular vote is nice for the Democrat, nice party the beat that chest on and all these supporters and cry like a baby because poor little Hillary didn’t win. Donald Trump said that he never tried to win the popular vote that he was always trying to go for the Electoral College votes. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have one anyway the popular vote if that hadn’t been so much election fraud and that night has been proved that there has been election fraud period that don’t bother you though I bet you want to keep on crying and beating your chest about poor old Hillary. I don’t mind a woman went in the present I’ll even vote for one not that I really think we matter. But I would vote for a woman to be president if she was a right one. Hillary Clinton will never be the right one period that woman has too many ties with George Soros do you realize that George Soros eight months ago said in the interview before the election that if he could destroy America that it would be the a culmination of his entire life’s work. And you are actually complaining that you didn’t get a president in office that is not only backed by this piece of slime but pretty much has the same philosophy as he does. Make no mistake she would have started World War 3 with Russia and I can spend all night telling you why but again your mind and your eyes are closed. Next time you want to talk about something though how about staying on the topic of the article Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was a poor candidate for the Democrat Party. I don’t know why you would stand up for this woman when she said in a rally and I heard her say it that she didn’t need no white man’s vote to win. That’s funny because that is the vote that she lost election on but then again she said she didn’t need no white men’s vote to win. If you want to blame somebody you’re pointing that thing in the wrong place and it ain’t Donald Trump . President Trump may go down in history as a greatest president even before Ronald Reagan. He has a destiny to fulfill that’s why he was elected. Hillary Clinton could not have stopped him. He was supposed to win and he won and it’s time you to take off your rose-colored glasses and get real. You want to blame somebody go ask this woman why didn’t she go after the places she needed to win the Electoral College votes?
            She had an ungodly amount of money to work with and she still couldn’t even win. And I don’t want to bust your bubble regarding this corrupt human being but if she would run again for years and then she was still lose and even worse. America don’t want her except the illegals the Muslim terrorist and those kind and people like you walking around wearing Rose Colored Glasses and wanted to kill us all with your liberal ideas. I used to think that somewhere between liberalism and conservatism there had to be a middle Ground to work from but I have watched over the years and I don’t think there is no middle ground except death and destruction based on your kind of idea who and what this government should be. Basically your argument does does not register and it is moot. Hillary Clinton lost the election because she wanted to lose and he don’t think so I dare you to do some research of the entire election and you’ll come to only one conclusion. She thought that she was old the election she didn’t think she had to Win It. The people of America thought different I don’t count the illegals voting.

          • It is not possible to reply to this post….I simply cannot devote the time it would take. We do agree on one thing however, Hillary’s team made a terrible mistake that was fatal. She did not spend enough time in the states that would have given her sufficient electoral college votes. Since she won the popular vote she surely would be President now

  2. Parents need not worry. Islam is not a real Religion. It only calls for the elimination of Jews, Christians, Apostates, Infidels, The Great Satin, etc. This from a deity self described as The Greatest Deceiver.

  3. There is something a lot more sinister going on behind the scenes. The plan is clearly to overthrow President Trump, abrogate the Constitution, submerge the country in tidal waves of non-American, un-American and anti-American aliens, establish a one-party Peoples Republic controlled by George Soros and ruled by puppet President-for-Life Obongo and turn the country over to a world authority dominated by islam, which will rule the world through a new indoctrinated generation. If we do not stop this now, we will need a civil war to accomplish this.

    • Satan’s plan is as plain as day, unless we keep pushing our laws to protect our children we will loose them.

      • Well, they will have to be turned LOOSE sometime anyway. PLEASE, learn to distinguish between “lose” and “loose.” If you or others resent correction of such language misuse, then just keep that attitude, but remember–there are plenty of folks who notice such things and who won’t help you to improve.

        • Have no problem with you posting a correction but do have a problem with you because it seems that is your only intent. Besides that, probably all did know that Ronnie meant lose.

        • I myself appreciate people correcting my spelling, but I draw the line when people persecute me for making an error in spelling, or grammar, anyone who is not a member of the Huffington Post I recommend they avoid becoming 1, all the people do is criticize misspelling of words and improper grammar.

          • Congratulations! You have just committed the irony of submitting an ungrammatical run-on sentence while commenting on correct grammar.

          • Why do you use the handle headonstraight. Shouldn’t it be headupass?

          • In my post to that grammar troll, who is most certainly 1 of those Libtard Huffington Post members, I was guilty of a run on, and I omitted the letter “A” in the word least, it did not notice the misspelling only the improper grammar.

            I certainly hope I did not commit an error of either this time, I blocked it, for peace of mind I suggest you do the same.

          • Again guys they are only trying to distract from the subject and point of the comments to begin with. We need to stay on task and not get this distracted or we really are going to end up in liberal hell.

          • What exactly IS your task?

          • To demand that AMERICAN schools do not promote Muslim Islamic materials to appear in the curriculum. If you want to read about Allah then go to a church or library but not a school that can not have a bible in it or say God but teaching Islam is ok. NOPE not in my America and that is my task. Clear enough?

          • Don, Libretards have this condition, other than the Mental Illness that is Libretardism, of believing themselves to be on some higher moral and/or intellectual plain. They therefore revel in self-aggrandizement inoculating themselves in that illusion that they are smarter and better than everyone else but are really just narcissists living in frivolity.

          • I suppose I did, but you have proven that you are a grammar troll, btw I also omitted the “A” in the word least.

          • I guess you missed the lefties in Washington who now proclaim that it’s RACIST to expect proper grammar. You racist.

          • I do not answer to racists in Washington or anywhere else. I am my own person. I spent 5 years in government in Washington and never heard anyone try to make any connection between grammar and racism. The majority of racists I have known are on the conservative end of the political spectrum.

          • Personally, I think there’s much more in this country to worry about than grammar.

          • You got that right! ?

          • You are so right

          • Notice that each of the men who are critical of others, got the subject matter, for this discussion completely off track. You think maybe that is rude and by design. I do.
            There is no such thing as a perfect man or women on this earth. We all make mistakes when trying to think out our comments and typing on these tiny key boards. And yes you men/women who are so perfect and without faults, probably have a few typos in your past too. I know I do. If you find grammer or misspelled words on my reply, who cares. Some are on purpose, to get my ppint acros.
            I am sure folks can get the drift of our message. Now go back to the topic. Forget being judgemental. Only GOD is perfect. ( that is the real God, not any other god). I deliberately spelled the last god with small caps, because that god would not be the God, Jesus Christ. See, I can get off the subject too.

          • By the way Cimmie, I am with you. Just talking to all the other little brats.

          • You are 100% correct. The topic is Islam being taught in the same schools that cry “separation of Church and State” when one of our children bring up Christianity in that same school! I pray that Betsy DeVos does a serious overhaul of the curriculum.

          • My fellow patriot may I point out one thing, you are never suppose to start a sentence with AND. (EVIL GRIN) AND you are so right. Thanks you for saying that. And we must stick together to defeat the evil marching into our country and our schools.

          • But sometimes is is so nice to begin with “and.” And i also to the same thing. Destruction of our language can be entertaining. It proves you ain’t trying to be perfect!

          • Hallelujah, Wyonia. 🙂

          • Actually Sir There are more liberals that are racist. You do not that the democrats were the ones that owned slaves? Republicans were the ones to free them. So you do not know as much as you thought A_ _hole!

          • Demon Rats do not want to hear that just like they were the 3Ks. Just like the Blacks refuse to accept that it was their own who sold them as slaves.

          • and the big supporter of law that prohibit afro-americans to vote,was AL GORE father,in congress!!! this a “”REALLY”” DEMO=RATZ.

          • Ah, and there it is, we now have identified the reason D.C. is polluted with Libretards. Libretards have this condition, other than the Mental Illness that is Libretardism, of believing themselves to be on some higher moral and/or intellectual plain. They therefore revel in self-aggrandizement inoculating themselves in that illusion that they are smarter and better than everyone else but are really just narcissists living in frivolity.

          • The correct word is “plane,” not “plain.” And there is no reason to capitalize “Mental.”

          • Are you referring to plane as in airplane? And plain as to what, a plain person or a flat open space?

          • I am using the term in much the same way it is used in this grand old hymn:

            I’m pressing on the upward way,

            New heights I’m gaining every day;

            Still praying as I onward bound,

            “Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”

            Lord, lift me up, and let me stand

            By faith on Canaan’s tableland;

            A higher PLANE than I have found,

            Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.


          • The errors that you are pointing out have uncovered an issue that gives angst to some who equate correct grammar-spelling with higher education or lack of. I wish that they would instead embrace the concept of “Critical Thinking” .

          • And we wish that people like you two would embrace the concept of “America First”!

          • headupass Wrong!! My use of “plain” and not “plane” is the correct word for the context of my statement. As far as emphasizing the word “Mental” not being necessary, that is your opinion and a frivolous/stupid one at that.

          • 5 Years in WDC scrambled your brain cells.

          • maybe youre not listening enough to msnbc where it has been discovered that it is racist to expect people to speak english

          • Please, expand on your claim re: MSNBC. who discovered what, when, where?

          • In my humble opinion, I detest that ballots, other legal or government documents, are printed in languages other than English. If someone can’t read and understand English, and has to have Laotian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Spanish or any other language, they should not be allowed citizenship, driver licenses, (how many road signs do you see in other than English?)_.

          • Travel overseas much? Speak any language other than English? Willing to defend voting rights? Willing to give others time to assimilate?

          • We don’t live “overseas”, we speak English (The language of this country). President Trump will be defending voters rights when he fixes the system to ensure that illegals are not allowed to vote in the future. Their are many communities (in particular the Muslim communities) that make zero attempt to assimilate. So what’s your point?

          • You dooo persist in Trump’s charges about non-registered voters don’t you? Despite many references that this did not happen. Can you not see that, like a child, his ego will not accept “failure” of any kind……he won!, he is President! He cannot accept Hillary’s win of the popular vote though;, thus those 2 million more votes that she received have to have been from ” llegal Voters”

          • Lizzie2 Damn you are one IGNORANT Bitch. the Votes of 3 Million ILLEGALS don’t count for shit. and yes they were ILLEGAL VOTES also the multiple votes by the same person don’t count either, neither do the DEAD persons votes. and there were plenty of them in every state.

          • Fail!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hillary didn’t win because only the super liberal states of CA and NY, MA, voted for her. Sure, they have the biggest populations, but do not represent the rest of the country.

          • Yes, I do persist. I don’t care about “many references” that you offer as your proof. I do care about the final results that President Trump establishes and the egg that you and those like you, will have on your face after you are proven to be liars.
            I absolutely love that President Trump will NOT accept failure. It is what makes him the strongest leader we have had in decades. Those 2 million more votes that Hillary supposedly received, I will be surprised if they hold water after the investigation into massive illegal voter fraud is concluded!

          • “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see”.

          • Exactly!!! So you need to open your eyes and take the rose colored glasses off.

          • Yah howdy!

          • Loozie2 Repeat that while standing in front of a mirror for your dyslexic reality to adjust itself if it can…… HA. Ha, ha… never happen, that bus of reality left the station long ago.

          • Loozer2 Your pathetic defense using your Libretard nonsense would be laughable if it were not our reality that you and those brain damaged like you were not such a dire threat to this country and our society. Please go skydive without a parachute just once.
            BTW, I see that you avoided any mention of Russian interference causing the election of President Trump, because that wouldn’t fit the narrative of your false claim that Killary won the “popular vote” (another lie proved to be just that) because how would that make sense? You’ve had over two weeks to figure that out, which doesn’t make you smart, just a calculated deviousness. Libretard Evil.

          • As a matter of of fact, I have. Central America, Europe, SE Asia, Austrailia, And yes, I do, or used to, speak several languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, some French, and a working knowledge of German and Arabic. 30 years in the Army, saw a lot of places. (Forgive any spelling errors, not used to this keyboard)

          • I am impressed! I only know some Cantonese, a bit of Mandarin….and school French and Spanish. Thank you for your service.

          • What languages do you speak?…other than English I guess.

          • According to her, that’s probably a racist question, lol. Seriously, though, where do people get such silly ideas? Her screen name might be a clue.

          • You’ve lived a very sheltered life then.

          • Considering that you are doing to others what your lefty friends claim is racist… If the shoe fits….. Pot, meet kettle….. I don’t see the conservatives bashing other’s spelling or grammar mistakes. Only you. I’m only relating what some wackadoo in liberal lala land claims to be “racist”. Maybe that liberal wackadoo is politely saying that conservatives are, for the most part, better educated. Why else would he/she/it say that?

          • Perhaps conservatives are unconcerned about grammatical correctness because they are in general not very concerned about correctness in so many other matters. For example, polls show that about one-third of conservatives still believe the silly-ass notion that President Obama is not a legitimate natural-born U.S. citizen and thus was an “illegal president.” There is a strong vein of pure derangement within the conservative sector.

          • Derangement???? Liberal boys dressing up as girls and thinking it’s “normal” takes the cake in the world of derangement. You lefties are the most deranged group of people in the world. “Boo hoo. Hillary lost. Let’s go destroy our cities.” Need any more examples? I’ve got a lot more.

          • Hey everybody! Block this snowflake. That is what I did. He is succeeding in doing what he is supposed to do and that is get everyone off of the topic of islam (i.e., muslim) being taught in school. This is a lot more important than some stupid liberal accusing conservatives of racism. Who cares what this dumb hypocrite thinks? Not I.

          • That’s not a bad idea. He doesn’t have his head on straight like his name implies. I had to block that aklady because she cuts and pastes the same crap over and over and never provides proof of her claims. They are all sick in the head, aren’t they?

          • His actual name is Headuphisbackside.

          • Your post is a perfect example of your lack of learning. As well as your inability to overcome your low sense of self-worth. I hope that you are not responsible for teaching any child. Our world does not need more bigots. Now, please block me too.

          • Definition of Transgender.
            Assigning someone’s sex is based on biology — chromosomes, anatomy, and hormones. But a person’s gender — the inner sense of being male, female, or both — doesn’t always match that sex. Transgender people say they were assigned a sex that isn’t true to who they are. … “The truth is, gender does exist on a continuum.”
            Definition of Continuum —–
            a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities.

            Occasionally, in the delivery room it is difficult to immediately determine the sex of an infant, due to the fact that an enlarged cliteris can at first ,look like a penis.

          • You are so pathetic. Gender and sex have always been one and the same. That is, until you pathetic, sick individuals, started making the attempt to mean something different. The last example you gave shows just how demented you are.

          • Your ignorence is now totally recognized. If you cannot read. learn and accept something new, no matter how it has been verified, indicates as much. Why don’t you just “google” the terms gender and sex for your self enlightment.? It is really easy now, to enhance one’s knowledge.
            And the delivery room statement comes from my personal experiences.

          • Once again is you have a vagina you are a woman. If you have a peni$, you are a man.

          • I am one of those conservatives. Maybe President Trump (I still love typing that) will make an honest effort to unseal the records of the so-called former POTUS and we can see the truth once and for all. My money is on he wasn’t legitimate. You know, just like you left wing loons are attempting to assert about our new President. The derangement occurs when your side takes to the streets to (ahem) protest/riot. But as usual, it always turns into looting, starting fires, beating up people that don’t agree with them and of course, let’s not forget Burning the American Flag. The sorry part is that these paid protesters/rioters are mostly from other countries, have handkerchiefs over their faces and wave a lot of Mexican flags while ours is being burnt. The good news is that as soon as this administration gets their full cabinet in place, you will see a definite shift in how many of these paid soros instigators are dealt with. If you honestly think that President Trump is shallow enough to allow your kind to undermine the government, you are loonier than I thought. The loony lefts days are numbered.

          • Soros again….more evidence of brainwashed ignorance/

          • You again…more evidence of communist ignorance!

          • Why are you even on this conservative site? Wouldn’t you be better served on a liberal site? You must enjoy being hateful. Be nice and go away.

          • Liberal sites do not have enough hateful posts…..this is more fun!

          • On the contrary snowflake. Liberals are ALL about hate. That and murdering babies in the womb.

          • Liberal sites have no one with any intelligence in them either. You are a prime example of that.

          • This “conservative site” needs a few dissenting voices to prevent the wingnuts on here from constantly wallowing in the mire of self-congratulatory excesses.

          • Bumps in the road I guess!

          • Dissenting voices are always welcome here. Left wing nut jobs are not! We will bask in our Presidents victory for at least the next 8 years. Enjoy!

          • The only hate that I see is from posts on this site. Also, how else would I learn of the ignorance/intolerance of so-called “conservatives.

          • Calling God ignorant may be a costly decision. You need not try to stir stuff at my place any further because your correct on the intolerance. That “I Am”. You want to see intolerance? Burn a Koran in front of some Islamists. Be very careful of what you think you want. I see you roll with 2 names. Have fun

          • I reviewed my latest posts and did not find a single statement that “called God ignorant”. I sincerely hope that you do NOT equate your “conservative” positions with being “Godly”. Would you be surprised to know that: Islam is a 14,000 year old faith, and that they worship the same God as do you and I? You discard an entire religion because of the actions of crazy,murderous psychopaths who use “ALLAH” as an excuse for their hatred! Sorta like some fanatic “christians” You need to study a lot of history….the Crusades, the Vatican’s deplorable actions during the Middle Ages, Protestant vs. Catholic killings in Ireland , not to mention today’s “Bible Trumpeters” who preach racism, selectivity regarding other religions, mysogyny etc.. And don’t forget that southern slave holders were able to rationalize their practices as being approved by their Bible.
            Finally, do I perceive a threat friom you? (“costly decision.”…”stir up stuff at Your Place?” & “be very careful of what you think you want” ? )
            Oh, and I am surprised to know that I have another name…what is it?

          • To much is just that to much. There is one Father and son and holy Spirit! I’m not guessing, I know! I need not hear any more of your controversial replies. I have been on the fence myself and have been shown the truth. I pray you’ll make it back home some day. The name to remember before you leave this place is Jesus Christ. I’m out.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!

            We kicked his Liberal racist low energy out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooo hoooooooooooo
            Bye Bye Obama lol Lmyassoff hahahha


          • The only hate I see is from Liberal socialists that take to the streets because they lost the election. They are the ones that generate ignorance and intolerance. But that’s okay because there are as many of us as there are of you. The big difference is, should the time arrive and your kind push us to it (anarchy), we are better armed.

          • Is that a threat?

          • Not at all. (I don’t threaten Women) Just opining that for every action there will most likely be a reaction. But of course, you idiots on the left consider everything anyone says a threat. Probably time to go back to your safe space. But it is my vision of what will come if the nonsense by the extreme left doesn’t come to an end.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!

            Liberals lost they riot, spread lies, protest, set fires , attack, use horrible language the ignorance is you !

          • Next time someone calls a war to free the blacks from slavery, I saw we DO NOT go; they just label us racist for doing so!

          • Must have worked for Obama, or Hillary, or Reid, or Schumer.

          • Wrong. During the Nixon (briefly), Ford, and Carter administrations I worked for the American people in service to the highest ideals of government.

          • headupAss Prime example of a failure you are having worked for/under three LOSERS that did nothing positive for America, just like your useless narcissistic self. I hope you aren’t collecting any pension for your disservice.

          • So nothing of worth happened to America as a consequence of anything these Presidents did? That radically extreme ASSertion on your part shows just what kind of tunnel-visioned know-nothing you are. I will have to dash your hateful hopes concerning my pension, which the Civil Service Retirement System deposits faithfully in my bank account each month. It is a defined benefit pension, the most desirable kind, and it is fully adequate for my necessities and quite a few luxuries as well. I just bought a new car and will be taking a 3-week vacation in the mountain west this summer and will spend a week in Maine a little later in the year.Eat your withered heart out!

          • Nearly all of the racism I’ve seen in recent decades has come from the left. We all know the left hates conservatives of all stripes, but especially if they happen to be white, Christian or heterosexual. So don’t give me that b.s. about conservative racism. We’re not the ones causing all the trouble even though we damned well should have when that piece of garbage Obama was doing his best to ruin this country.

          • Robert Wayne you are correct. Obama deceived American people by claiming he was Christian. Muslims are taught to lie and when Trump moved into the White House he had to remove Obama’s Islamic prayer room. America is a Judeo-Christian country and the teaching of Islam must be banned in all schools in all states, It is not a religion of peace but one of hate and death and teaches that the only way to get to heaven is to die for allah(their god) in jihad. Muslims are taught in the koran (islam bible) to behead Christians and Jews and any other that do not accept their religion. America beware Islam is trying to occupy all countries in the West through immigration and use democracy to promote their evil cult.

          • Oh dear Vince How do you know all those things in your post…..please enlighten me?

          • Listen Omar, it is clear through the actions of the Muslim communities throughout the country that they have no intention of assimilating to our culture.

          • Vince doesn’t “know” diddly squat. He is simply one simpleton among many who gobbles up every snippit of negative reporting about the former President and, without any fact-checking whatsoever, passes it on to his fellow ignorant bigots.

          • There have been several reports of Obama installing Islamic symbols or accommodations in the White House and all of these have been shown to be BOGUS. Some of these reports were written as satire, but the dense-as-depleted-uranium wingnuts were too dull-witted to recognize that and trotted them out as serious stories.Check it out:




          • So happy that you are not racist and suffer from religion intolerance. and ignorance. It would be good for you to study up on political parties, rather than receiving your “knowledge/opinions” from O,Riley and Hannity.

          • The way you’re taking up for murderous stinking muslims I’m sure you know a lot about ignorance and intolerance. Your goat humping friends wrote the book on those two things.

          • And it would be good for you to study up on the history of the United States of America and see what happens to anarchists when they attempt to subvert this great country, instead of getting you knowledge/opinions from CNN and MSNBC and SNL.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!

            Lizzie Im so happy you get your Liberal Democrackhead talking points from Cnn, Msnbc, ny times I bet that fake news has brainwashed your Liberal perverted hateful racist thug mind huh? Now get lost before we deport your ignorant ass!

          • Oh…you are adorable!….

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!

            Oh you are so liberal and phony!

          • Hey, Headupyourbackside, what I have found throughout my life is that the one yelling “racist” is usually the one that IS the racist! Kind of like you are doing now!

          • Then your life’s exposure to assertions of racism must have been very limited. Either that, or you just pulled that supposed observation out of thin air in your failed attempt to make a point.

          • Can’t you Liberal, snowflakes think of anything original to write. Always the same old thing. It has gotten to a point that the discrimination has been reversed. You people now expect us whites to feel embarrassed over something that happened many years before our time. If those that claim they are being discriminated against would stop whining and making their false claims and actually contribute in a constructive way, they might find that it isn’t discrimination that is holding them back but rather their own form of racism! But of course, you fail to see that.

          • Are your ancestors Native American? Or, did they arrive from English-speaking countries?

          • No, they arrived from a foreign land, learned the English language, love this country and fully assimilated it’s values and beliefs.

          • They arrived from Poland and assimilated into this society. The same as your Muslim and Mexican friends need to do. And that is ONLY if they are here legally. If not, they need to get out of the USA!

          • Your education deficits are present in your posts.

          • your liberal ignorance is present in your post. Personally, I don’t care much how you view me but I will make Darn sure that you and all of the rest of your commie friends respect me if we are ever face to face. So go place your vinyl vagina back on your head and get out in the streets with the rest of your idiot comrades.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica!

            Your liberal ignorance is rampant I can’t believe you exist! Seriously you are one ignorant Democrackhead racist hateful…enjoy!


          • Try walking through a group of Mexicans protesting deportation of illegals.. Try walking through a BLM rally with anything that might suggest you don’t support them. Don’t walk through their neighborhood at night, either group.

          • YOU try NOT spinning hypothetical bugaboos in a futile attempt to buttress your bigotry.

          • Hypothetical huh?
            Here is what you get dimwit

          • Rare atypical and anecdotal events do not characterize a movement or an organization.
            There were incidents of physical attacks at the GOP convention last summer by Trump partisans, but those do not reflect on the entire body of Trump supporters, and the acts in your video do not portray anything like typical anti-Trump interests.

          • lol…you keep thinking that.
            South central LA, Detroit, south east St Louis, Ferguson Mo, Charlottesville, NY city, Baltimore and on and on for the blacks. Chicago south side in places like Riverdale and ALL the surrounding areas are some of the most dangerous places to be in the US especially for a white person.

            Then you have the barios that the Mexicans make. Here in LA it’s horrible what they’ve done to the surrounding neighborhoods of LA and the San Fernando Valley.

          • Oh, how about just how crazy some of them are

          • Talk about Bad grammar,, Obama takes the top prize !!!! lol, lol, lol. And i know he can’t spell what he can’t say correctly. He doesn’t use words in sentences properly either. Now that’s what i call a ‘real–uneducated’ person.

          • If Obama has committed so many grammatical errors. you should be able to give us some examples. Thus far, you have not submitted even one.

          • Then you should be able to ante up some actual EXAMPLES of his alleged bad grammar instead of just barfing up a vague and unsupported ASSertion!

          • Then’ there are you Recipient Race Others! Most of Y’all are not as Literate as “head”.

          • Oh, Touche buddy, touche absolutely.

          • Didn’t miss that, but do strongly disagree with it!

          • I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I read my comment over but not sure what you strongly disagree with. Can you explain?

          • I read that claim too. I don’t know of a single nation that has mixed races in its population and does not have rules of grammar in its language.

          • Gotchya! You’re absolutely right. All languages have grammar rules. Without them we wouldn’t make sense. English is the hardest language to learn but to claim it’s racist to correct people is idiotic. My supervisor is from South America and can have a hard time with the english language at times but you would never know it when she sends an email out.

          • I’m not saying there can’t or shouldn’t be allowances for someone struggling to learn English as a second language. But we can help, without belittling. And how will anyone learn if the errors are never corrected? Do you let your boss know you appreciate her effort on e-mails? Even bosses need affirmation for a good job.

          • Having been there I can tell you that it is a lot harder to speak another language then it is to write it. Also, some email providers use spellcheck, which makes it easier.

          • I rest my case….

          • You need to because you are never going to win it.

          • One great shame to our human race is that there is an ethnic group that is characterized by foul, ignorant language. You can recognize their race by their language!

          • So, give me examples of a correct sentence structure, including where and when to use a comma, period, sim-colon or full colon? I’m not used to this keyboard, as it is full size and I am used to a laptop, So excuse any mistakes.

          • You did not grow up under the tutelage of the nuns in a Catholic grade school. Back then, we HAD better know how to spell. We even had spelling bees! However, I understand your point of view.

          • I am 1/2 Belgian on my father’s side of the family.

            Out of curiosity a few years I did some research into the religions of Belgium, at the time I did the research 98% of the people of Belgium were Catholic.

            My father was the only male heir and oldest in the family by 14 1/2 years, all 3 of his younger sisters attended Parochial School at Corpus Christi, which is now Saint John Bosco, school, not the parish.

            My older sister who was 2 1/2 years older than me, died from Childhood Leukemia at the age of 12 attended Holy Cross school 1st-5th grade, my baby brother by 12 1/2 years attended Corpus Christi school 3rd-8th grade.

            Although I myself and 4 of my younger siblings did not attend Catholic school, my parents could not afford the tuition, we all attended Catechism classes.

            Although I myself never attended Parochial school I am quite aware of the strict disciplinarianism practiced by nuns, the rulers getting slapped across the back of the hands.

            Although I went to public school my 6th grade teacher would punish students by making them kneel, thin commercial grade carpet over concrete, while we wrote a report on a class topic, or why I should not have disrespected the teacher.

            I never considered that teacher anything but fair, he treated all students the same.

            Sad thing is under today’s laws teachers are not as free to enforce rules as they were at 1 time.

            I left secondary 38 years ago, about 20 years ago I ran into my 6th grade teacher, I asked if he was still teaching, he said no, he could no longer handle the stress due restrictions of what you could do to discipline students, competely understandable.

          • As I had said earlier: I was a Rom Cath for 31 years, and I GOT out of that church and I am NOW satisfied! I “KNOW whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto HIM against that day. 2 Tim 1:12 KJV The C/C could NOT give me the TRUTH, they did not nor do they know that TRUTH! 1 Peter 3:18 KJV

          • I had exactly the same experience in Catholic school; and have carried those lessons throughout my life. The older I get the more that I express appreciation of their teaching..

          • I agree. Whichever Pope was reigning at the time and decided to cut way back on the number of nuns the church could support made a mistake. It wasn’t long after that the school was razed and the convent empty.

          • After Vatican 2 and the Ecumenical council the idea was Catholics were to not be cloistered but to go out into the world. “Open the doors and windows and let fresh air in”. My children went catholic schools and graduated from Christian universities. Unfortunately today many schools today have lost their sight of the teachings of our Lord. Almost all universities were Christian when they were founded.

          • Emperor Francis is now dictating to various governments how the should tend to business.

            If I still believed in the intervention of a divine being in the affairs of mankind I would denounce any and all ideas of that Communist Facist fool.

            Tend to your blind sheep Francis and leave politics to politicians, or business men.

            Clerics have no business in Socialogic science.

            Separation of church and state, damn idiot is spreading islam just as Barack Osama is doing, no Osama’s regime is still in operation, using any influence he can to convert the world into a islamic Communist society.

          • I BELIEVE Separation of Church and state MEANS YOU CANT Teach ISLAMIC DOCTRINE’S I N PUBLIC SCHOOLS WHY aren’t you satisfied with that?
            Why dfoesnt a school; system that teaches you have you have to go home to get your parents opinions about religious beliefs good enough for you? Why wont you let the public schools be neutral about religion and make it UP TO YOU TO Teach your children about your RELIGION privately?

          • Is that not what I said.

          • Separation of church and state? Please someone, tell me where this phrase came from, and what national or federal or state document this phrase came from? What is it’s justification for people believing or espousing this phrase? I’ll tell you where it came from, In 1846 (Check date) The Danbury Baptists had written the President, I believe it was T.Jefferson. They had asked the question about the subject of a state/federal religion being established, and it was said by the Pres that that would not happen, that there was a “ONE WAY” wall of separation” to prevent that from happening! In other words the church could be involved in political matters (because Christians were preferred for leaders) but
            the Govt could NOT be involved in church policy making, they were autonomous in their nature and the govt had NO say in church business! So, leave it to the Devil to TWIST the TRUTH, and wicked men to latch onto this TWISTED LIE! THAT is “EXACTLY what happened w/.the statement, “Separation of Church and state” PROVE ME WRONG, OR RIGHT!! SEE Danbury Baptists letter! It is easy to find!

          • You placed “ONE WAY” in quotes; Jefferson never used the term. The concept of separation of church and state as a two-way wall of separation is firmly embedded in Constitutional law. You should obtain and read a copy of “American Gospel–God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation” by Jon Meacham” a very thoughtful book on that subject.


          • Truth is real, and there is good and bad use of the English language. Catholics understand the reality of truth, and it is dying in our nation today.


          • There is a trend toward opinion and consensus rather than reality. This is part of postmodernism with denial of the existence of ruth.

            WE WEre TAUGHT HOW TO BE CITIZENS oF THE UNITED STATES, A Nation That was founded on the belief that it would transcend all religions.

          • This was my point exactly! For many years of my adult life I was controlled by some of the rigid teaching. As I matured, and thanks to further education, I was able to realize both facts & the ideals that were taught in my early years. I grew up! Some of what you state were ideas that most of us grew out of. Others have made me value the core of what we were taught.
            You do what many persons who live lives of…..why? Did you really believe in purgatory. really? Was your maturing brain unable to determine meanings as opposed to dogma Homer?
            As for Citizenship….you are totally wrong Inventzilla, and much too angry. I believe that whaat drives your anger is due to mistaken beliefs regarding the Muslim religion. Your fear and hatred is totally due to the politization of that faith, thanks to the hateful words of your president.
            Your rage, and ignorence prove nothing more than your insecurity as an individual, and a need for an enemy. As for nations transcending religion?….you clearly do not know much about other nations….(goes with lack of experience) Why not do some reading? you can Google anything.

          • Catholics: I was a Catholic for 31 years, and Thank GOD I am FREE from that churches tentacles! I was LIED to and deceived by the C/C and because of Jesus Christ, I am “SAVED”by the BLOOD of the Cross! (1 Peter 3:18 KJV)The C/C told us we had to work our way to heaven, and we had to do indulgences, and we had to keep the 10 Commandments and we had to confess to a man, and to not eat meat on Friday or light CANDLES OR MAYBE WE COULD JUST GO TO a non-existant place called “PURGATORY” but lastly: I/we were told that our good would out weigh our bad, then we would go to heaven: TO THAT, I give this: IF you came home one day, and you heard a gun shot in your house and a man came running out of that house, after just killing your wife and children and he was caught and was found GUILTY, and IF the judge said, well, I SEE here that you have done a lot of good, so, I will let you go free, how would you feel and what kind of JUDGE would that be? GOD JUDGES not based upon YOUR “good” but upon HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS! Romans 1:17-18 KJV

          • See my comments below (following Invntzilla’s post)

          • We had those in public school, back in the day, and tests that were graded regularly, in public school too, back in the day.

          • I did too. Sister Mercy would poke me with her Lindy purple pen.

          • You needed a poke!

          • Teachers pet

          • The NUN is about as Scriptural as “Pergatory”! Neither exist in the KJV Bible or….any bible!

          • Well aren’t you holier than thou.

          • I do not understand your point of view that takes offense at attempting to correct errors in use of the English language. Will you encourage stupidity to grow and spread and destroy our once lovely language?

          • I wasn’t being disrespectful of my teachers. In fact, I am very grateful for all they did for me. I wouldn’t have survived in the public school system back then. I certainly wouldn’t today!

          • I have never resented dogmatic and uncompromising teachers. I remember in school days that students were attracted to such teachers. They enjoyed being with a teacher who knew truth and was willing to implement it. Some teachers were like a wet noodle. Always afraid to offend, always trying to show how tolerant they were. Useless!


          • Amen ! What an idiot he his! Correct that.

          • If Islam takes over, our concern will be the sound of heads dropping to the ground rather than the sound of the English language.

          • DON’T worry about the Muslims, GOD/Jesus Christ has a surprise for them! They have denied that Jesus Christ is the SON of GOD and will NOT succeed or prosper in the end! There has ONLY been one Nation to this day that has even come remotely close to controlling this world, and that was England, where that nation controlled over 1/4 of this planet and they effected this world w/English, the KJV Bible etc but that was ONLY when England had and promoted the KJV! Now, they do not and NOW have a Muslim problem! God will NOT allow Muslims to conquer this world, they are doomed as per 1 John 2:22-23! According to Zechariah ch 12 and 14 God’s going to beat the stew out of ALL who come against Israel and Muslims will do just this. They think the own Israel and Jerusalem but…NOT SO! Anyway, Islam and Muslims are doomed! Read Nahum ch 1 and the read Nahum to Malachi! these are the Minor prophets,and much of what they spoke has yet to be fulfilled! Zechariah 14 tells that Muslims, will BOW down to the Jewish King, and serve those Jews, or they will get NO rain! Muslims have a rude awakening to come! GET YOUR “FACTS” from a King James Bible, and lean upon that BOOK, and forget what man says, he is usually wrong in Spiritual matters, and Muslims, they are “ALWAYS” WRONG! They have about as much Spiritual discernment as would fill the left eye of a blind spider!

          • Don’t type in all caps. It looks like you’re yelling.

          • There is correct and incorrect English, and we must all work at preserving correct usage.

          • Before the modern digital environment, there was no set convention for spelling. English was not as “lovely” as this comment implies. But there is now what is called “Standard Edited English,” or something similar, where with dictionaries and other modern tools, the spelling conventions of words have been fairly well set. People should spell words correctly and consistently. Our software, like Word, has built-in spell-checkers to help us know when a word is misspelled. So there really is no excuse for misspelling a word in today’s digital environment.

          • Question: why is the language of this world “English”? Why is the unit of time, (GMT)in English and measurement of Gas, ie. BTU etc in English and why do schools in most schools of the world teach English? Because it can be spoken as the most simple and succinct language of this world! You can MORE in English w/less words, Vowels, Consanents etc It take less pages in any book to say in English than any other language! Go to Lowes etc and compare the English w/any other Language! It is almost always easier and quicker to say in English what is said in any other language! English is a fairly new Language given back in or around the early to middle 1300-1400’s or there about. English came from other languages etc GOD instituted this and English was Used to Bring the King James Bible to the English speaking world! These are FACTS and can be proven, if you desire the TRUTH! The TRUTH will make you FREE!!

          • English goes back to at least 500 AD, not that it matters. But your implication that the KJV Bible is the authoritative and only reliable English translation confirms that you are an ignorant, uninformed nut.

          • Judging by the clumsiness of your use of English, it looks as though you must have been asleep in whatever English courses you might have taken!

          • When did the topic change from Islam comments to correcting spelling. It’s obvious that someone can’t stay on the topic presented

          • Some very intelligent people with high IQ’s are not good at spelling. I was fortunate that I knew how to spell without much studying at all., but many struggle with it . It doesn’t mean that they are dumb at all.

          • laulau: Sorry. Didn’t mean to imply poor spellers are dumb. I find that my fingers don’t hit the right keys several times in a short post. Age does us all in.

          • Yes, I hit the wrong keys sometimes, and have to proof read it and correct it most of the time.

          • I Did! he Nuns Booked No Ignorance, and Forget Being Stupid in class!

          • And I bet those nuns did not use “Common Core”.

          • Sister mary elephant!

          • All 3 of my dad’s younger sisters went to Catholic Parochial school, yes the ruler across the back of the hand bit and all their other disciplinarian methods.

            My point being, no matter how good of a speller you are the older you get the more brain farts you experience, being that you remember the good ole days of how strict the Catholic nuns were I would presume that time has caught up with you as well, I was an excellent speller in school, I remember the old SRA tests, in 6th grade my reading comprehension was rated as equal to that of a Junior in High school.

            When other children were spending their allowance money on candy or whatever I was buying novels through the Weekly Reader.

          • Sorry to say: but you may get some world knowledge like math and spelling from the C/C but when it comes to Spiritual knowledge, you don’t get enough light as would fill the left eye of a blind spider! The C/C is about as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard! I KNOW, this is hard to take, but, know this: I once believed I was good, being a Catholic and that I was OK! I found out, that I had believed a LIE! 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 KJV and you can NOT find this in a Alexandrian Manuscript, a New American Bible! PROOF is all that’s needed!

          • The kjv is bs and I refuse to hear you spew nonsense on a topic I am familiar with, tell me bible man did you even know what Koine Greek was before I mentioned, did you know anything about the research done to write the kjv, doubtful, sounds like your new puppet masters/ministers worked their marionette well.

          • Yes, you cannot find, because those Anglican idiots added it in.

            Homer, suits you, about as sharp as Homer Simpson.

          • Do not let it get to you Craig. Trying to reason with the troll that is criticizing you over such an insignificant thing as spelling is like trying to reason with a tree stump

          • I agree.

            We’d be in the dark ages.
            another dark ages.
            a real dark ages where dummies ruled-

          • Well lets be honest, English isn’t the easiest language when it comes to spelling. In fact, with all of the silent vowels, vowels and consonants that sound very close to each other and rely on foreign languages for there use, correct spelling is very difficult.
            I’d be willing to bet that if it weren’t for Spell Check these remarks would be very funny indeed!

          • English is also irregular!

          • That is because of a number of reasons. First it makes them feel superior. Second it distracts from the real message. Third it discourages from those without like views from posting a comment. It’s not so much about how it was written and more about what was written. Now these are just my conclusions but I sincerely feel that is the reason.

          • As for me…I simply HATE ignorant racism.

          • As for me I simply HATE people in denial. Answer me this,, Why is America any different than the other western countries that are living in Muslim hell? AND don’t say there isn’t riots, rapes, uprisings and shouts of Allah buttcrack whatever in the streets. What makes America so much better that they wouldn’t dare do that to us here? What keeps us from that same scenario? Give me the almighty answer please?

          • That is an oxymoron for you people because you are ignorant and racist!

          • You should hate yourself you stupid Bitch. get your head out of your ASS and pay attention to the world around you, Stop listening to MSNBC, CBS,ABC, CNN, the far left media has you so brainwashed the only thing left for you is SUICIDE.

          • ……..and the Alt-right has provided you with zero facts or substance – awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

          • However, the truth still seems to escape them.

          • Oh this isn’t a writing course? Since the schools have been smoked out and teachers are demonstrating thought this was turned from an opinion page to a LEARN US.

          • Screw that idiot! All’s good brother!

          • Thanks for your moral support joe joe, sorry it took so long to reply, I am trapped here in the U.S. and my girlfriend is trapped in Sydney, NSW, Australia, so corresponding back and forth is very complicated just like our miserable circumstances.

            Sometimes I am up all night just to chat with her in real time.

            As to why I stay committed to a woman over 1/2 a world away, I have told her things about myself I have only once conveyed to another person, that person is my beloved deceased fiance, my divine Anne accepts me for who I am, I would be a complete idiot making a move on someone who knows nothing about me and could quite likely reject me if they did, yes, I am a play it safe kind of guy even if Facebook would have to create an entirely new relationship status just for me, such as extraordinarily complicated.

            You take care friend.

          • I’m not interested in the Huffington Post nor in what they print. But I am a retired college English professor, and I learned long ago that people have usually become set in their spelling abilities long before they reach adulthood. But they can continue learning to think and reason. Sadly, far too few people do this.

        • PLEASE learn to keep your petty little mouth shut. You have nothing useful to contribute. Now, I didn’t misspell any word, but if you wish, just to satisfy your nitpicking arrogant personality I will be hapy to. Screw you.

        • It is true that mistakes in grammar and spellings take place all the time and that may occur for a number of reasons. Lets not overlook though the most important part of what is being communicated. What is the author trying to tell us? Is it clear and understandable inspite of a grammar or spelling error? If so, then focus on that and not the infraction.
          I have less problems dealing with the “ain’ts” in grammar then the frequent profanities we are subjected to daily. If you truly want to rise up in protest about something, try that hat on for a while!

          • The correct usage would be “I have FEWER problems.” Also, your “Lets” should be “Let’s.”

          • That guy lost his mind.Grammar grammar grammar wow!

          • I wish I could find the Ralph Waldo Emerson pertaining to people who criticize improper grammar, something about a Hobgobblin.

            Intent means nothing to the mind controlled Libtards who in the case of headupass most likely holds a degree in English Literature and is a member of that Libtard tabloid the Huffington Post.

          • I think you’re probably referring to, ” A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

          • I did stumble across that quote in my research, but the way it was phrased left me with doubt as to whether it referred to criticism of improper grammar.

          • No, that quote referred to somebody who plods through life doing the same things ever day in the same way, while thinking outside the box never occurs to him. At least, that’s the way I took it…

          • Damn man you’re grammer nut’s.You might want to seek treatment.

          • I believe we have acquired another enforcer of ideology and quite likely philosophy as well, can you figure out who I am referring to?

          • When you say “we,” to whom are you referring?

          • Your comments make you “a one-trick pony”. Very predictable, and always using word distortions such as “Libtards”.

          • I am far from the only 1, and you will need to be precise as to what comments you refer to.

            My recent responses have been in agreement to opinions of others, you seem to be the 1 going out of their way to pick a fight.

          • Sorry, I am new here…was responding to another’s post.

          • I forgive you, there is way too much stress posting to these blog/forums, someone today told me I was too dumb to understand what he meant by him saying pee 3 times, my reply was do you mean the letter, the slang term for urine, or the vegetable.

            I will admit occasionally I will use the term Libtard, I also use terms like mind controlled, and Demoncommiecrat as well, all to denote the Democratic party and those who tend to vote for Democrats.

          • By the way…. Do you get paid by the post?

          • Oh God, we have another Libretard.

          • No, he is calling you and your kind what you truly are.

          • Yup, that and a degree in Liberal Arts and Gender Studies which would explain how he got a job in the Federal Government; the Employment Agency for the Unemployable.

          • “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

          • “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” But it doesn’t apply just to grammar — it applies to just about anything.


          dont loose your senses for wrong spelling-try to get the messaage-rule are made by humans and we are also humans-

        • You want to help improve peoples grammar but respond with “Well, they have to be turned LOOSE sometime anyway” dismissing the threat these Illegal Alien Criminals are to the physical safety of the American citizenry??? I can live with the bad spelling of someone more interested in protecting the Rights, Safety and Sovereignty of Our country and it’s Lawful citizens over the Mental Illness of a Libretard Moron’s need to correct that person’s spelling. Please insert your headonstraight back inside your sphincter where you pulled it from.

        • Sounds like “headonstraight” forgot the rest of their monicor, “uptherectalcavity”.

          • Why teach islamic teachings when you can’t teach the lords teachings nor can you say the pledge of allegiance because it says god.

          • You have to understand the completely schizophrenic and wholly warped “logic” of the progressive.

            To them:
            “Congress shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion” literally translates to “a separation of church and state”. WRONG!

            And that is followed by; Christians worship God, in a Church, so the use of the term, teachings, ideologies, even morals, of God must be forbidden in public and institutions funded by the public.

            Keep up,

            Allah is not God, in their mind, and muslims worship in a mosque not a church, so it’s NOT covered by the constitution. And it makes christians upset so it must be good.

            But wait, there’s more;

            Science, in their opinion, has proven God does not exist but since allah is not God, allah is acceptable. AND, sharia, which advocates the DEATH of non believers (specifically atheists such as themselves) and only the subjegation of Christians and Jews, doesn’t mean them, just those in the middle east.

            And finally, and most importantly;

            Progressive socialist liberals KNOW better than anyone else what is best for everyone, just ask one.

          • The meaning of the clause is that there should be separation of church and state so no regions are promoted above others. No city or other governmental entity has a right to impose Moslem religious doctrines on the public.

          • “Congress shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion” strictly means that the government cannot establish a religion similar to England. If you stretch it further, it might mean that government must stay completely indifferent to religion, in that it may NOT pass any law whatsoever concerning religion. It is a bastardization for any other interpretation

            That’s what is wrong with this country, every tom, dick, and justice, wants to take very simple and straight forward wording and construe what ever they feel like. It’s bullsh!t, and it’s screwed this country in so many ways.

          • Yes I think Allah is considered a prophet. Still not right. I saw where someone said this is hijage or something like that here in the states not a jihad. No I don’t want to ask a liberal.

          • Good choice, not asking a liberal, the answer would be abstractly obtuse and verbose.

            Actually, allah is the name the false profit mo-ham-mad gave to his gawd. (Spelling errors intentional [headuptherectalcavity])

        • I guess you are the spelling checker for this site? You strain at a gnat but miss the jest of what he was trying to say and end up swallowing the camel.

        • Who cares Get with the program

        • headonstraight, You did know what Ronnie meant, didn’t you?
          Were not in grade school any longer so keep the corrections to yourself.

          • Sure, I know what he meant. I also know what YOU meant when you used “Were” instead of the correct “We’re.” It is amazing,and not a little ironic, how often those who bitch about my grammar assistance commit yet other grammatical errors when doing so, thus further evidencing their need for improvement.

          • Well you just might have a point here. I grew up within the LA school system so the education I received wasn’t good enough. I have gotten by just fine, not so for scores of others who have fallen through the systems cracks.
            This is an example as to why our education system will be disassembled and rebuilt.
            Theirs good days ahead.
            Good day…

        • Who cares if text choses wrong text. Stick to subject.

        • Do you tell people when they have spinach in their teeth too or a piece of toilet paper stuck on their shoe ; you are so kind; we need more people like you!

          • No. But I am perfectly comfortable in helping those whose grammar needs help so that they will look less ignorant in the eyes of literate people with whom they come into contact.

          • Well if there was a way to send a private message on here which I have not found yet,would you think about using that as so as not to embarrass a person ? I have also been corrected more than once and it kind of hurts as that is the only thing about my post that a person noticed as opposed to the point I was trying to make !

            I know that I have been guilty of that too and as a Sunday school teacher; I try to say something positive first about what a kid has said before giving loving and thoughtful correction! I know that most of us are adults on here but correction can hurt if you have not asked for it and are not sure why a person has given it !

          • You struck some nerves….however I would issue a mild apology as those “self asteemer’s” responses are cluttering the streams.

        • I think that those who go around correcting people need to understand that when people write messages there are a number of things that could trigger an incorrect use of a word. We are human and we are allowed to make an error. In my case it would be because of a brain tumor. I have gone from a college degree to sometimes feeling I have no more capacity than a 6th grader in writing comprehension. To be corrected is like an insult and slap in the face proving yet again how much of me I have lost. Please think about that when you feel the need to correct someone. There is no harm in a post having a spelling or grammar error but there could be some in correcting them. JMO

        • Is this the correct spelling “fuck off”?

          • Why, of course it is. It is also a representative expression of your crudeness and shallow mentality.

        • I read a story many years ago that noted that if you were halfway smart, you could read and understand correctly any message presented, regardless of spelling, syntax, and most other rules you might learn in 7th grade English class I expect official documents, magazines, news papers and the likes to be correct, but not comments on the internet sites I visit. I can read through the uncorrected errors and still git the gist of the comment. Death to spelling nazis :>).

        • so the person made a spelling error – big deal – there are more important things going on here than grammar

      • Wow, Ronnie – you sure sent this entire thread down a toxic rabbit hole with your typo. I’m laughing, because from here down none of the comments pertain at all to the subject of Islam being taught in NJ schools. Amazing, huh? (Or is it correctly “hunh”?)

        • Lets not miss the forest for the trees; or is it lets not miss the trees for the forest; either way lets not gets so obsessed with typos that you miss a persons point! I think you know what it was! Did I spell everything correctly “Teach” ?

          • Doris – I think you misread my comment. I was laughing about all the spelling pros hijacking the thread because of one typo. I didn’t care at all.

        • Give me a friggin break, you must be a liberal!

          • And you must be some special kind of stupid.

            How does anyone with 4 working brain cells get ‘liberal’ out of a thread being hijacked by folks who want to carp about spelling instead of commenting on the subject? Tell me, how?

      • A very valid point, Ronnie. Unfortunately, most people reading your comment can’t seem to understand what you said, all because you misspelled a word. But don’t worry; they are educated and intelligent, or so they would say. One of the best ways to distract from the substance of what a person has to say is to pick at a minor detail and send it to center stage. Remember when Marco Rubio reached for his glass of water? Remember when Dan Quail wrote “potatoe”? Some people will use things like that to blow you out of the water, rather than thinking about what you mean and responding to that. It’s a handy and dishonest trick, to change the topic by replacing it with other controversies. Meanwhile, you can take care of that “loose” thing on your own.

      • Anyone with sense knew exactly what you meant.

      • You are so right Ronnie. With Satan walking our earth right now, everyone is endanger but especially innocent children!

        We as parents must stand up to those who would use/hurt our kids. I have never been afraid to speak to a school official abt anything inappropriate for my children. However, being a teacher in high school, I learned that some parents do not know what is good or bad for their kids. For instance, the one young girl student whose parents refused to let her learn sex ed ended up pregnant before her senior year. Everyone else was fine. AND the most interesting fact learned from my students was that they truly thought they couldn’t get pregnant the first time they had sex. Whoa!
        We ended up having a few more days on that subject matter for sure.

        Sorry I digressed. I totally agree with you Ronnie! Good comment!

      • Amen

      • I think you’re loose….in the head.

      • Loose=
        Not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached.”a loose tooth”
        Lose= be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something). Become unable to find (something or someone).

      • We will lose them and the nation.

      • Mohammed was chosen by Satan to promulgate his plan.

      • You “christians” have a tendency to be very non-Christian. in your views. Satan exists in your desire for intolerance toward “the other”. I would look further into Christ’s teachings.

      • I get your point without the spelling lesson. Your right and I disagree. People are jacked and ready to move. 1st we give President Trump a chance but if Congress doesn’t get off their as@ and get the rouges in line, we’ll know when it’s time. The Progressives are baiting us to move first.?Let them make the 1st miss step.


      • who is Satan

      • protect our children from DEGENERATES .LIKE CALIGULA

      • “ALLAH” = “the god” in Arabic (ask a Muslim) which mans Allah is NOT a name and he has no name! Allah is a no named little god! Allah is exposed for who he is according to The King James Bible in 2 Corinthians 4:4 “in whom “the god” of this world hath blinded the minds of them that believe not”……This “god” is Satan! The proof is that Muslims DO NOT believe in the FACT that Jesus Christ is the “SON” of GOD, and GOD manifest in the flesh! 1 Tim 3:16 KJV and that denial will result in their defeat! 1 John 2:22-23 KJV Hence vs 22 asks the question; “WHO is a LIAR”? And by a Muslims OWN admission, he is a liar and “OBLIGATED” to be a LIAR according to Sharia Law #1! NEVER take what a Muslim says as TRUTH, Because he will LIE to promote Islam, Muslims, Allah!

    • Sounds to me like this is Obozo’s “fundamental transformation of the U.S.” when he ran for POTUS back in 2008 and said he would “stop the rising seas and heal the planet.” Then he won, and right out of the box we had 35 un-elected Czars calling the shots. One of whom was commie, Van Jones, Obozo’s brand new “Green Czar.” He lasted about 2 months before he was outed on Glenn Beck’s show as a self-admitted commie…then quickly disappeared from public view.

      • Now tell us how long Steve Bannon, self-admitted Leninist and Trump’s closest adviser, will last before he is dumped.

      • Glen Beck woke up and is condemning Trumps fascism. I think Impeaching trump to protect our basic civil rights is more important than the other issues.

        • Which one of your “basic civil rights” needs protection from the Trumpster? Inquiring minds would like to know…

          • The right to be delusional and in a complete state of denial, do not expect them to legitimize and rationalize their viewpoints.

            muslims are our good compassionate friends, it does not preach hatred and intolerance towards those who do not embrace the lack of morals of the religion, members of CAIR arekind and considerate of those who do not abide by Sharia law.

            Illegal aliens are not breaking a Federal law outlined within the articles of the U.S Constitution.

            My point, INVENTOR INVENTED has absolutely no grasp of reality.

          • The right to a free press. the right to peacefully protest without laws to exonerate divers that run down protestors. Freedom of speech. The right to vote. You think Trump is protecting anyone on the left? He doesnt talk like he’s the president of all the people.

          • What Free Press , the left wing organization ??? It is Illegal to march down streets and block traffic except in Democratic controlled cities , with Mayors scared to enforce the laws .

          • Its not illegal if you get a protest permit.

          • Most are done without a permit so no individual or group is held accountable and there is the issue of liability insurance with gatherings . Go get yourself informed as to what is involved with getting a permit .

          • Why? I never organized a protest.

          • Well than don’t post your garbage that you have no knowledge about .

          • Just what I thought. You’re a progressive loon, probably a freshman in some liberal university, looking for a safe space to hide and talk nonsense. Not a single right that you mentioned in the foregoing diatribe is in peril. What is imperiled is your state of mind, which is not unusual in the world of liberalism.

          • I like Washington state University and my state of mind is Rock solid.

          • What is in your head is hard like a rock where most have their brain that functions , most have figured out what you are.

        • Trump is doing exactly what he said he would. That is why he got elected. American’s safety over immigrants every time. America and Americans first. If anyone from any other country takes over we will turn into their failed country. That is why they came here, their country is failing!

        • Ahh, what about those “students” at Berserkaley?

      • We are more of a Socialist nation than many choose to admit, people do not pursue an education in law and/or Polisci because they wish to improve life for the Common Good, the politician’s sole purpose is to get rich and destroy those who get in their way.

        • The Declaration of Independence presents the philosophical underpinnings for a free and independent nation which Thomas Jefferson called “an expression of the American mind.” The U. S. Constitution was the framework for achieving it. Somewhere along the line during President Wilson’s reign, the culture of “progressivism” oozed into the body politic. The Constitution, his followers believed, was old, no longer applicable to the new modern 20th century of the early 1900s. So, the need was to progress beyond the Constitution and insert new ideas, values and agendas, independent of the Founders who, after all, were nothing but a bunch of old racist, white dudes who got rich on the backs of slaves. That’s the narrative of the early 21st century where the values are gone and only selfish, progressive, political agendas rule the day while the Constitution is used to line the bottom of birdcages.

          • Like the progressive income tax which was approved as Constitution amendment.
            Both sides are willing to run roughshod over the Constitution and Trump is worse than every imperial president that came before him. The Constitution and Bill of rights are more important than trump and political parties.

          • Jeez, the Trumpster’s only been in office for 32 days, Inventor. Give the guy a break. He’s doing what he said he’d do during the presidential campaign. He’s running the ILLEGALS out of town, he’s going to shut down sanctuary cities, he’ll build a large border wall with a neat door in the middle, and he’s a strong 2nd Amendment kind of guy. What more do ya want? Are you one of these weenies who thinks the government owes you a living? Waddaya want for crissakes? Your own government provided safe space with a refrigerator full of Coors and a 65″ HD TV? Give it a rest!

          • What do you think about his executive order to withhold government payments to sanctuary cities? Has that been done yet? Its unconstitutional.

            If you followed his logic to extremes he could arbitrarily refuse to send tax refunds to any group he wants to by lying its the executive’s prerogative.
            He’s supposed to spend money that Congress has authorized or convince them to change the laws.

          • First of all, sanctuary cities themselves are unlawful entities They violate federal law by secreting law breakers (ILLEGALS ALIENS) from the reach of federal authorities. So, I like the idea of an Executive Order that pulls back the federal funding for those municipalities who house and protect law breakers of any kind, regardless of their nationality. We’re a nation of laws, unless you haven’t heard out there in La-La Land. Actually, I’m a law-and-order kind of guy, but I don’t think that particular E.O. has been issued yet. But, I’d like to pull every last dollar from the likes of San Francisco, N..Y. City, and any other place where a goofy leftist Mayor hangs his hat and thinks he can override federal law – and get paid while doing it!.

        • And grammar too! : ) hahaha

      • Hussein O’scumbag did all the bidding of his Senior Adviser, the Iranian Communist Valerie Jarret who most likely was the one who gave Iran all it wanted with the dangerous and Treasonous “Nuclear Deal” plus the 1.5 billion dollars shipped overnight express.

    • Ah, yes, GEORGE SOROS!! Soros is an absolutely necessary entity. For deranged, allegedly adult wingnuts, Soros replaces the monster under the beds of their childhoods; he is the consummate bogeyman!

    • Sure. And the same wingnut crowd that believes that fantasy you put up told us 8 years ago that Obama was going to take all your guns and shuffle us all off to FEMA camps. Assuming we survived scrutiny by those “death panels.”

      • FEMA does need to provide a reasonal explanation as to the purpose of those camps, unless it is temporary detention centers for the evil muslims and that in itself is a rational explanation, no need to explain, because in doing so you will alert the wicked.

    • There you go. You have it all figured out, except you have not told us all here where does Islam come into your wequation.

    • Civil war will come. So will the last war to end all wars. Kings will fall before the King of all kings . That is definitely not Allah.Islam is 1% religion and 99% political ideology . They want to kill all people not of Islamic faith . Americas veterans and true American patriots will not stand by and submit to such a bastardly political ideology as Islam . The president has a constitutional and statutory right to ban any aliens indefinitely . This ban from 7 countries only is ridiculous . The 9th circuit overstepped their bounds. They have no authority over that which is constitutionally and statutorily given to the Presudent. I believe these courts should be ignored because they are legislating from the bench. Ignore them. They do not have a ruling that is grounded In the constitution they need to be ignored. The judicial system has all the power . We are not a Republic when that happens . The courts are not acting within their constitutional limitations .

      • Those judges should be sentenced to life for complete violation of the intent of the sentiments of this nation’s founding fathers.

        They are not overseers of the laws outline within the U.S. Constitution, they as so often does the justices of SCOTUS twist the words to accommodate the agenda of the political party that appointed them.

      • There is something a lot more sinister going on behind the scenes. The plan is clearly to overthrow President Trump, abrogate the Constitution, submerge the country in tidal waves of non-American, un-American and anti-American aliens, establish a one-party Peoples Republic controlled by George Soros and ruled by puppet President-for-Life Obongo and turn the country over to a world authority dominated by islam, which will rule the world through a new indoctrinated generation. If we do not stop this now, we will need a civil war to accomplish this.

      • If that is all true… and I suspect/hope it is, then why is the administration not going ahead with the announced program, and taking the ‘rouge’ courts to task ??

    • i m not sure how far this goes, but there is definitely something going on and its not good. Time to put our foot down and hard.

    • The so called Milennials have already been indoctrinated and may pose the threat aside from the paid Soros lunatics who have played a large part in the anti Trump rhetoric.

    • Well finally someone seeing the truth. What’s happening now has been part of an agenda that goes back decades. To destroy America from within started as a Communist plan many years ago. That in itself is one thing but now we must face the determined takeover by Islam also. Behind it all is the great deceiver himself and that is Satan. Many that don’t believe in God or Satan will dismiss that idea but most of those don’t recognize truth anyway. Bottom line , America is at war Spiritual or otherwise.

    • i agree and i will not be on the islamic side i and i will fight for america .and for real americans not fake americans .

    • Very well said Miles — BRAVO.

    • The civil war is coming sooner than most people think.

    • I stand at the ready and it will be bloody, these libs have never see what hell can be like but they will just like the south in the last dust up. They play halo and think they can fight, all of my peers know how to shoot with accuracy and know tactics (Vietnam and DS vets) So let them bring it on NO QUARTER given or expected.

    • Not a doubt in my mind that President Trump is well aware of this and will execute the proper response once the cat has been let out of the bag. The problem for the Communists is that they continue to underestimate Trump and that will lead to their ultimate demise!

      • Oh how sad is your reverence for Trump, if you only knew the truth!

        • Oh how sad is your reverence for the hateful socialist left. But in your case, I am sure you know the truth about them. You are one of them. But your days of using PC to keep us in line is over. You are just too stupid to realize it yet!

        • By the way, why don’t you enlighten me to all of the things that you claim I do not know about President Trump?

    • Thank you for the only comment that seems to be on point. The rest of the comments here for some reason concern themselves with spelling and grammar.

    • Correctly said, Miles!

    • You can ask any person, between the ages of 18 and 25, if they have
      ever heard of the Nuremburg Trials. It is possible that one person out
      of thirteen will say they have heard of the Trials. However, even that
      one will not be able to tell you what (not who) was on trial.
      Those same people will not be able to tell you the name of the current
      Vice President.
      Eighty four percent of those who receive this email will not completely
      read it…if they read any of it at all.
      Ten percent will read it, but they will choose not to forward it on to
      The remaining 6% most likely will forward it.
      The war started in the 7th Century and lasted through the 17th Century.
      Many will contend it never stopped; the facts below are historically
      That is why many of us choke when we hear someone say we will defeat or
      contain these Islamic terrorists in a few years, or even “30 years” as has
      been stated by Leon Panetta.
      If the latest batch of murders, beheadings, and killing of innocent
      Christians has at all shocked you, it is time for you to read this
      compilation of historical facts about the intense hatred that Muslims have
      for any and all who are not Muslims.
      In 732 A.D., the Muslim Army, which was moving on Paris, was defeated and
      turned back at Tours, France, by Charles Martell.
      In 1571 A.D., the Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and
      Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack southern
      Europe in the Battle of Lepanto.
      In 1683 A.D., the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was
      finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian
      This nonsense has been going on for 1,400 years! The sad thing is that
      more than half of all politicians do not even know any of this.
      If these battles had not been won, we would most likely be speaking
      Arabic. And Christianity could be non-existent. Judaism certainly would
      not exist!
      Reality check: A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality
      that they imagine America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to
      What about the forgotten War that changed American History; R third President,Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates, we were just coming out of war debt with President Washington & already challenged by the Muslims, capturing R ships off the Barbary Coast, taking prisners…tortured, treated as slaves for several years.
      Think back: The following events are true historical facts. It has been
      many years since 1968, but history keeps repeating itself.
      1. In 1968, Robert Kennedy was shot and killed by a *Muslim* male.
      2. In 1972, at the Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes were kidnapped, tortured and
      massacred by*Muslim* males.
      3. In 1972, a Pan Am 747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to Cairo
      where a fuse was lit on final approach. Shortly after landing, it was
      blown up by *Muslim* males.
      4. In 1973, a Pan Am 707 was destroyed in Rome – with 33 people killed
      – when it was attacked with grenades by *Muslim *males.
      5. In 1979, the United States Embassy in Iran was taken over by
      *Muslim *males.
      6. During the 1980s, a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by
      *Muslim *males.
      7. In 1983, the United States Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by
      *Muslim *males.
      8. In 1985, the cruise shipAchilleLauro was hijacked, and a 70-year-old
      American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by
      *Muslim *males.
      9. In 1985, TWA Flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a United States
      Navy diver – who was trying to rescue passengers – was murdered by
      *Muslim *males.
      10. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by *Muslim *males.
      11. In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed for the first time by
      *Muslim *males.
      12. In 1998, the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were
      bombed by *Muslim *males.
      13. On 09/11/01, four airliners were hijacked. Two of the planes were
      used as missiles to take down the World Trade Centers. One plane crashed
      into the United States Pentagon, and the other plane was diverted and
      crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by *Muslim *
      14. In 2002, the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against
      *Muslim *males.
      15. In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by – you
      guessed it – a *Muslim *male. (Plus two other American journalists who
      had just recently been beheaded.)
      16. In 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing resulted in four innocent
      people, including a child, being killed and 264 other people injured by
      *Muslim *males.
      No, I really do not see a pattern here to justify profiling. Do you?
      So, to ensure we Americans never offend anyone – particularly fanatics
      intent on killing us – airport security screeners will no long be allowed
      to profile certain people.
      So, ask yourself: “Just how stupid are we?!?!”
      Have Americans completely lost their minds or just their “power of
      reason?” Or liberal Professors, teachers dumbing down R children of R history?
      As the writer of the award winning story “Forrest Gump” so aptly put it,
      “Stupid is as stupid does.”
      You now have the opportunity to send this on to other email contacts.
      Please do that.
      As Barack Obama said in his book: “Nothing sounds as beautiful as the
      Muslim evening prayers from the tower.”
      In God we trust…

    • You are delusional on a level I’ve never seen before. How anyone could believe that sill gobble-de-gook is beyond me. Ugh! You and anyone who shares such a view is truly pathetic.

    • Your absolutely correct. It’s ridiculous to teach the preachings of Islam and especially to our children/youth. It’s anti social and corrosive to any society.
      Any religion advocating the killing of all non Muslims is pure garbage. Any
      Country allowing these people in is insanity. They are a ticking time bomb!

    • What do you think Miles, about Vladimir Putiin’s involvement in our election? Furthermore, it appears that you have been acutely influenced by whomever is telling you a lot of baloney. Do you ever fact check info that you receive? I doubt it due to the fact that you use George Soros to make your arguments about “control over the President”. You should really look into Steve Bannon, as he is a true definition of one who controls Trump. He appears to be attempting to move our country into a Totalitarian state. The way that these things start is to definine certain groups to fear and hate….in this case persons whose religeon is Islam. Look it up, get information from various sources. And please, MY former president’s name is OBAMA. give him the respect that you give Trump.

    • Nations rise and nations fall, and they fall because of rottenness within and this is what we see in the US today. One day our nation will disappear into the darkness of compromise and corruption. But then there are still some with weapons and a love for freedom!

    • Speaking of “American” do you have any idea what it is? Is that about massacring a million Philippinos in 1800’s.or is it about stealing the land of Aztlan from Aztecs and calling it your own, or is it about barging into a country of Vietnam and slaughtering 5 million people. Maybe it is about attacking peaceful land of Iraq. murdering, torturing million and occupying it for dozen years. If that is “American” I pity you!

    • Sinister, you’re correct. “Islam”, not the everyday Muslim who’s been here for generations, but Islam (they never called it that in the past) is an expansionist religious and political ideology being used to take over. If they understood they’re being used only to be disposed of with the rest of us when they’re through, perhaps they’d rethink it-or not, but nobody likes being used even when it lines up with one’s own agenda, not even evil people.


    • Actually…….”This analysis comes from Martin Armstrong, whose Armstrong Economics provides commentary on a wide range of issues extending beyond economics, including history, global warming, real estate and world events.
      “Obama has circumvented the Democrats with [Organizing for America] and has established a clandestine unaccountable political party taking money from questionable people,” he writes.
      “There are many Democrats at the state level who are starting to see OFA as an organization independent of the Democratic Party itself, which [is] trying to undermine Trump, yet may in fact undermine the Democratic Party itself.”
      OFA was set up when Obama began his first run for the White House, ran through his presidency and continues now that he’s out of office.
      “Obama is behind the effort to derail and block the Trump administration on everything. However, Obama may be sowing the seeds of the destruction of the Democratic Party altogether. Those who think Obama is not behind this coup are blinded by their bias,” he writes. “To agree with this statement DOES NOT mean the Republicans are saints – just look at John McCain if you need reassurance. John McCain voted to tax the Internet.”
      However, he says, Obama “is deliberately trying to create an uprising and is side-stepping the Democratic Party himself because they will not agree with his agenda.”
      “Hedge Funds and Hollywood are assisting him so there is money and propaganda on his side. ABC is among the worst in the mainstream media, which is a total disgrace for Disney. The show the View openly states that not one person voted for Trump and all they do is bash Republicans. You are hard pressed to find a more bias[ed] show spouting out propaganda from the agenda on ABC.”
      He says it’s all “being organized and directed through OFA – not the Democratic Party.”
      “The civil war brewing within the Democrats is pitting the state level against the feds and particularly OFA. How this plays out will be extremely interesting.”
      He points out that there already have been reports, in several publications, that state level Democrats “are starting to revolt against the Washington elite and that includes Obama’s covert machine behind creating civil unrest.”
      “I have reported that normally a president’s fund is shut down after they leave office. Here, Obama has taken a house in Washington, built a wall around it at taxpayer’s expense, and turned it into his bunker to obstruct anything that Trump tries to do.”

      • What is the rift between the Democratic Party and Obama and OFA? What values do you feel he’s selling out? What’s his coup?

        • I am reporting what was reported to me. Obama has his own agenda and it doesn’t include the Democrats. GROW IP, OPEN YOU EARS AND YOUR EYES TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU. The OFA has over 30,000 agitators already with another 25,000 in training. In Obama’s words ………
          “I promise you that next year Michelle and I are going to be right there with you, and the clouds are going to start parting, and we’re going to be busy. I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and ideas about it, but this isn’t the best time to share them,” Obama said to his legions of followers, the New York Post reports.
          Obama’s political action group has been training tens of thousands of anti-Trump agitators to disrupt our government. Republicans lawmakers are already experiencing the wrath of liberal Obama loyalists at townhall meetings back home in their respective districts, and that’s only the beginning. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the Trump presidency and regain the White House.
          “Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go, and I hope that all of you are as well,” the former president added. He may be out of the White House, folks, but he is still trying to run this country from afar — about two blocks away in his rental mansion, actually.
          The Trump disruption manual actually encourages the faux tolerant elitists to bully Republican lawmakers into submission. Unless they have our president’s steel resolve to make America great again, they might fold under the pressure.
          Obama’s minions are pushing back hard against President Trump’s plans to repeal and replace the unaffordable care act known as Obamacare. They also seem willing, by any means possible, to thwart the president’s plans to enhance national security by stopping illegal immigration and preventing radical Islamic terrorists from stepping foot on American soil.
          The Obama cult manual also points out that Organizing for Action’s partner, Indivisible, urges agitators to get into townhall meetings undetected. After quietly entering the halls, Obama’s group instructs the protesters to “grab seats at the front of the room but do not all sit together.”

          Obama has started something that many Democrats don’t like and are not a part of.

    • And this is why, according to the US Federal Board of Education; our constitution is bad, conservative thinking is bad, our founding fathers are bad, math is consensus, sexual promiscuity and deviation is good and must be mandatory starting with pre-teens, the global warming scam must be pounded into students daily, religion is bad and has no place in school unless it’s Islam, our 2nd amendment and right to defend ourselves is bad, free liberal progressive speech is good, conservative speech is prohibited, open borders and overwhelming our hospitals and economic stability is good, encouraging students to leave school during class to protest in the streets with anarchist trouble makers and Marxist adults (and not having a clue why) is good.

      So how do all the gay teachers and professors teach gay tolerance to Muslims when Sharia fully kicks in?

      No time for the US Constitution or the Federalist Papers? Of course not, not enough time and if students discovered this information progressives would never be let near any future office.

      “What’s the Federalist Papers?”

      “Dice has now successfully managed to persuade Americans in his area to agree to repeal the First, Second, Third, Fourth , Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.”

      “What’s a FEMA Camp?”

      Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps. You can read it on :

      ““They was like…’ university student???
      …and you wonder why the US is in fast track decline?

      ‘Common Core’ is a strategy for eliminating critical thinking, dumb down our next generation to facilitate compliance and a captured audience to proselytize Islam.

      “It is in the interest of Tyrants to reduce the people to Ignorance and Vice. For they cannot live in any Country where Virtue and Knowledge prevail. The religion and public Liberty of a People are intimately connected; their Interests are interwoven, they cannot subsist separately; and therefore they rise and fall together. For this Reason, it is always observable, that those who are combined to destroy the People’s Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals”. Sam Adams

      “What’s the Federalist Papers?”

      “Dice has now successfully managed to persuade Americans in his area to agree to repeal the First, Second, Third, Fourth , Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.”

      “What’s a FEMA Camp?”

      Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps. You can read it on :

      ““They was like…’ university student???
      …and you wonder why the US is in fast track decline?

      ‘Common Core’ is a strategy for eliminating critical thinking, dumb down our next generation to facilitate compliance and a captured audience to proselytize Islam.

      “It is in the interest of Tyrants to reduce the people to Ignorance and Vice. For they cannot live in any Country where Virtue and Knowledge prevail. The religion and public Liberty of a People are intimately connected; their Interests are interwoven, they cannot subsist separately; and therefore they rise and fall together. For this Reason, it is always observable, that those who are combined to destroy the People’s Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals”. Sam Adams

    • David Coleman
      President of the College Board David Coleman – architect of Common Core.

      Common Core Coleman re-designed the most important test score a student can receive – the SAT, the college application process. He also expanded the Advanced Placement program, which offers college-level classes and tests for high school students.

      In other words; you must comply with the NWO or you will not be accepted.

      Here’s “Common Core’ (at it’s core):
      “more education increases the threat to sustainability”
      From: ‘Education For Sustainable Development Toolkit’
      By Rosalyn McKeown, PHD

      …Uh? ‘who’s’ sustainability?

      Our ‘teachers’ have no idea of the very real, ugly world they are creating through our youth.

      Liberal left progressives have infested our public school system, many universities and have been wildly successful producing dumbed down millions of low information voters.

      That’s what we get for having under achiever liberals and Marxists charged with teaching our next generation.

      The frightening consequences are real and are just beginning

      …while ‘educators’ use indentured student’s loan debt for over priced left progressive speeches, give each other awards for excellence and cry for increased taxation for education and higher tuition …for the kids.

      Great job, you ‘educators’, you and MSM are directly responsible for now millions of low information voters and the resulting imminent cataclysm our country now faces. Your pensions and living standards deserve the destruction coming.

      … and students will protest en mass, nationally overnight, for the KONY fraud but regarding their own lifetime financial destruction and forced servitude? (cricket sounds)

      Know Your Enemy (Part 65 – The World Core Curriculum)

      Satanists handing out religious literature at schools –

    • YEARS of impotent outrage.
      “I am waging a Bloodless Revolution in America’s Public Schools…” – Shabbir Mansuri (Founder and Director of the Council on Islamic Education).
      Nothing will change until enough people realize that there are Islamists in high level government positions blocking any changes of Common Core proselytizing Islam and ‘global warming’, the YEARS of impotent outrage needs to turn into decisive action.
      Common Core –
      Federalized educational curriculum …. A bill to end the use of Common Core education standards in Kansas was defeated …
      Global warming will kill us all, warns Common Core-aligned homework.
      Fifth grade students at Fremont Elementary School in Colorado were assigned a reading passage that describes global warming as a dangerous, man-made phenomenon that will destroy civilization in a few hundred years. The reading assignment was found inside a workbook aligned with the controversial national Common Core curriculum guidelines, and was titled “Homework from the Future.” It tells the fictional story of a visitor to the year 2512 who discovers that the eastern United States is under water and the country’s population greatly reduced, all thanks to man-made global warming.
      More about Common Core:
      Common Core Islamic Indoctrination Textbook “World History” Has …

      North Carolina public high school proselytizing for Islam in …
      Michigan: Mother Outraged over school assignment requiring …

      [UPDATED We won!] Tennessee Public Middle … – Bare Naked Islam

    • DOES’NT MATTER…if pols do pass something stupid REAL America still has and will exercise 2nd Amendment rights… as with Israel, Habib and Muhammed and Omar talk a good game that ends when they think about a hail of bullets bought at Ace Hardware and WalMart. GOD BLESS AMERICANS !!!!!

    • why dont you stop your bullshit and call American HISTORY our history you Goddman nazi! I dont need your cult of pERSONALITY, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE idea of a national consensus that transcends any individual person!
      a NATION I9S SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ALL PEOPLE THAT YOU ,MUST COMMIT YOUR PETTY WORSHIP OF PERSONAL IDENTITY AND REALIZE THE UNITED STATES OF America IS BIGGER than DT. The constitution and the weight of history of the united states is more important than the corrupt incestuous family THAT MENTAL cases WOULD Willingly PUT INTO POWer as emperor in place of a duly constituted president of the united states. .

    • Have guns will destroy whom ever tries to over throw our duly elected president Trump.

    • the liberals are behind all this and it escalated with obama. – the dopity dopes

    • And watch out for the BLACK HELICOPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. It never should have been allowed to begin with. Why are we bending over backward to please this particular religion or sect?

    • Because most of our politicians have a “Me first-America last” philosophy of governing and the money must always be factored in…Muslim countries seems to have barrels of it.

    • Why not indeed. Don’t break your back while attempting to understand/appreciate the Constitution of the United States of America!

  5. No religion in any public school. End of story.

    However, if your child is going to a parochial school, then that is where you expect or even demand religion be taught but that is your choice.

    Take ALL religion out of ALL public schools.

    The only thing I want to see our children doing in our public schools is learning Reading, Writing(Cursive) and Arithmetic…of course there is other stuff too but no religion.

    By the way, there is a girls restroom and a boys restroom, no “whatever” restroom.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.<-Forrest Gump

    • Sounds about right to me. And we should establish an English speaking zone only…

      • I agree with the English only. In public everything will be in English. In business, everything will be in English. On all menus, everything will be in English. I will not push 1 for English.
        In private, in your own home, speak whatever you want. In fact, I would encourage you to teach your children your native language as that is actually good for them.

  6. I love how parents now have a voice with our ex-President out of the picture. Our voices are being heard without someone always blocking it aka Obama. We have a new President now and this is going to be coming to a quick halt. No more going along to get along. WE THE PEOPLE will be heard!

  7. They’re also teaching ” Friendly” Sharia Law in Indiana and Minnesota. There’s nothing friendly about castrating 12 year old girls or legalized rape, which is what Sharia Law teaches. The Muslims Obama let into this country, are determined to make America an Islam country. Trump needs to keep these people out of this country. As long as these people believe in the corrupt Quran, they need to be stopped from coming here.

    • Have they really figured out a way to castrate girls? Do they first perform a testicle transplant or what?

      • Idiot! It’s been often referred to as “female castration.” It’s also called “female circumcision” and “female genitalia mutilation. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s when a-holes cut off a woman’s clitoris with a rusty knife or a piece of glass. Do some research and educate yourself. Start with this article…

        • I am fully informed about female genital mutilation and I am not an “idiot” for knowing that castration involves removal of certain organs that are NOT to be found in females. My original questions was posed simply by way of ridiculing the notion that girls could be castrated. I suppose that subtlety escaped you. You need to direct your corrective instruction to Glenda Hammer, who obviously is unfamiliar with the operative terminology.

        • I believe that this practice is to prevent girls/young woman from recieving/ experiencing sexual pleasure…..and can be therefore raped whenever”” This means that they belong to their “husbands” and will seek none other. This DOES NOT prevent pregnancy, as does removal of the male testacles, the source of sperm.

      • I am personally interested in those so- called religeous factions that promote marriage to female children in order to “procriate for the lord”

        • Maybe you should go to Utah and check out some of those fundamentalist Mormon cultists hanging out in the desert. Start your research in the general vicinity of Moab, Utah,

    • The Center for Security Policy released a poll in June 2015 showing that 51 percent of the 3.3 million Muslims living in America believe they should have a choice of being governed by Shariah law. More disturbing is that 700,000 Muslims already living in the country said that violence is justified in order to implement Shariah as the law of the United States.

      Liberals do not understand this risk.

      • The way to resolve this entire Public School indoctrination of children is pull your child out of school start homeschooling them. Islam is taught in public schools because the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR is donating big money to the Publishers of these school books. If you don’t think so do some research period that is how Islam is getting in the books. It is a cover-up between the Publishing Company that puts out strictly school books for public schools all across this nation and the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR.
        It’s going to get a lot worse unless these parents start either pulling their children out of public school everywhere and start homeschooling them or the parents everywhere that have children in public schools band together as one voice in an organization and start paying more attention to what’s in those books because this is nothing but slow and silent indoctrination or the first steps of indoctrination of the children in public school to Islam and being Muslims., imagine your child coming home one day from school and calling you an infidel and maybe even kill you simply because you’re not a Muslim period it could very easily happen and you’ll never even know about it until it’s too late because that’s what indoctrination is all about. When was the last time you saw a school book anywhere that had a lesson regarding Christianity or anything else regarding the cross? anyone who thinks that I’m don’t know what I am writing here all you have to do is contact the publishing companies that publish these books and find out who are the people are the donate money to these school book publishing companies and they should tell you the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR OR any other Muslims organizations in fact donate money to these publishing companies that publish public school books and you would be surprised at what you find. I know this because I have looked and I found articles that affirm what I already knew.
        There’s no reason for the Muslim Brotherhood to be getting into public school books and and donating money to help publish the books except for indoctrination and Islam. That’s the deal that the publishing companies have with them. the Muslim Brotherhood and the other Muslim outfits. They give them money and the Publishing Company takes the money with the agreement that they’ll put crap in it regarding Islam. You haven’t heard that line you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours ? But that is exactly what’s going on right now . Check it out if you want ammunition To Face Down the school districts and those that run it. You always go for the head of the snake not the tail.

      • Founded in 1988 by former Reagan administration official Frank Gaffney, Jr., The Center for Security Policy (CSP) has gone from a respected hawkish think tank focused on foreign affairs to a conspiracy-oriented mouthpiece for the growing anti-Muslim movement in the United States.

        Persons with education beyond 12th grade learn to investigate their sources. And know when to trust them!

        • Those of us with more than a 12th grade education know there will always be lemmings like you that won’t believe anything until it bites you in the butt, no matter the source. I hope you enjoy Sharia.

  8. Where are all the atheist? Why are they not out in force demanding Islam not be taught to their children as they believe there is no God? Oh, that’s right, even they wont go against the Islamic forces out of fear if they protest Islam’s God they just might end up dead. Get that fake religion out of our schools and nation. Any culture that teaches all who do not believe as they do must be killed, that women are less than an animal, that gays must be executed and that slavery is peachy if you are Muslim and the slave is not and that raping a child is allowable does not belong in our nation. A culture where men marry babies and rape them to death is not what our nation should be excepting. Where “Honor killing” is a way to punish any who strays from what they believe is excepted behavior.

    • IF MUSLIMS can ‘claim’ Islam as their ‘religion’ and get 1st Amendment Constitutional protection then a rapist can claim RAPE as their ‘religion of love’ and expect the same Constitutional protection!!!
      WAKE-UP CONGRESS and declare Islam a dangerous political ideology of human subjugation and death disguised as a ‘religion’, to be BANNED WITHIN THE USA!!!!!!!

  9. Since Christianity, and Judaism ARE NOT PERMITTED to be taught in our public schools, then the teaching of the tenets of islam SHOULD (MUST) NOT BE PERMITTED TO BE TAUGHT IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND—there IS only ONE GOD—and his name sure as Hell isn’t allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Religion can LEGALLY be taught in public schools, but strictly AS AN ACADEMIC SUBJECT. It is very easy for a teacher to forget that key controlling factor or to ignore it and to allow proselytizing or indoctrination to creep into the curriculum. Without rigorous training of public school teachers to avoid this, the teaching of religion in public schools should be avoided. As to religious activities or observances that are legally permissible in public schools, the link below is from a joint statement by the ACLU and about 30 RELIGIOUS organizations, describing such permissible practices in detail. That list puts the lie to the ignorant, but frequent, complaint from less-well educated elements of the religious right that, “They have taken God and the Bible out of the schools.”

      • Yes, THEY can, but it can’t be just a single religion. That’s called “indoctrination.” When kids are not taught about other religions in the same class, that is a big problem.

      • Then please explain why so many schools NO LONGER permit Christmas programs in their schools?? No Christmas Carols or mentioning the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, no saying “Merry Christmas,” but rather “happy holidays”!!

  10. A complete re-write of education is in order.
    Need to get all this arsenic muslim bull$h!t out of education.
    Can’t mention “Jesus Christ” in school but can espouse the beliefs of Mohammed—–BULL$H!T!

  11. Funny how the left took religion out of the public schools and now they are more than willing to push Islam down our children’s throats. The parents in this country all have to rise up against this. I am hoping Betsy Devos gets education back to the local level and out of the hands of federal beauracrats like the Arnie Duncan’s . This common core has got to go . Education is the main vehicle toward Sharia Law. Wake up America!!! Demand to know what your children are being taught . This all sounds very much like what Hitler and other dictators did with their children . Parents need to be parents like this parent in NJ.

    • Neither the left nor anyone else “took religion out of the public schools.” What the federal courts have properly ruled is that religious activities in the public school setting may not be controlled, administered, prescribed or otherwise imposed by public school authorities and administrators, including teachers. Numerous religious activities in the public school setting are permissible when they are voluntary and student-led. The link below is from a joint statement by the ACLU and about 30 RELIGIOUS organizations, describing such permissible practices in detail. That list puts the lie to the ignorant, but frequent, complaint from less-well educated elements of the religious right that, “They have taken God and the Bible out of the schools.”

      • Well said, and with actual proof as well. I have a feeling though that these tolerant “Christian” oriented non-thinkers will just reply with their usual rants and intolerant “viewpoints”.

  12. This is idiotic. All people should be aware about the basic teachings of ALL religions, in order to avoid being classified as morons. I think Christians are terrified that Islam will somehow “take them over” which is ridiculous. Islam has grown by leaps and bounds without having missionaries or priests converting people.and it does not take anyone over, without that someone expressed interest in Islam

  13. Trump must drain the Islamic swamp. That is FIRE any of these CAIR guys that Obama installed
    everywhere in our government.

  14. There should be NO religious teaching of ANY KIND in public schools. Keep it in churches, synagogues, mosques etc.

  15. The muslim teachings in public schools is just the tip of the proverbial iceburg. For the past 8 decades our education system has slowly morphed into a marxist brainwashing mill from nursery school to advanced higher education by socialist/ communist minded educators that hate theAmerican ideal of Democracy and freedom. Take that in conjunction with the propaganda mills our news outlets have become. The control of the free market economy by the government. And you now become the modern slave, the money masters want you to become.

  16. Religion can LEGALLY be taught in public schools AS AN ACADEMIC SUBJECT. But it is very easy for a teacher to forget that or ignore it and to allow indoctrination or proselytizing to creep into the curriculum. Unless there is rigorous training of public school teachers to avoid this, the teaching of religion in public schools should be avoided. As to what religious activities or observances are legally permissible in public schools, the link below is from a joint statement by the ACLU and about 30 RELIGIOUS organizations, describing such permissible practices in detail. That lengthy list puts the lie to the ignorant, but frequent, complaint from less-well educated elements of the religious right that, “They have taken God and the Bible out of the schools.”

  17. Reverse this lunacy. We are Christians and Jews first

  18. Islam is the enemy of freedom, democracy, Christianity specifically, mankind in general…and should be treated accordingly! Control it or it will control you…

  19. Islime is a political system that advocates the violent overthrow of all other systems. Anyone caught supporting it, teaching it, or adhering to it needs to be imprisoned for life or shot. There are laws about sedition and treason on the books that need to be enforced.
    Real cranial vaginal impaction is a liberal female teachers espousing the greatness of islime. Her tune would be interesting if she was living in a sharia run country

  20. I personally don’t approve of having all students exposed without parental approval. I am all for making courses of various religious beliefs available to students (with parents approval) – but also provide an alternative class for those children not permitted to attend (such as a good manners, dating etiquette, family living class, etc.) – Parents need to be informed of this before it is put before the kids.

  21. It is spiritual warfare pure and simple, but the nation has turned so far away from God and His principles that such a statement means nothing any more! Islam is slowly but surely taking over, but “who cares” as long as we can watch the ball games, drink, play around and participate in protests against Donald Trump! Anything the President does to protect the people is seen by the liberals as racist, insane or worse! We still haven’t learned that “you reap what you sow!” America is going down, but who cares as long as we can openly exhibit our immorality in transgender public bathrooms, abort millions of healthy babies and sell their body parts, and have same-sex marriage while going after those people who refuse to make wedding cakes for “gay” weddings! Judgment is coming on this once great nation! It is already happening in liberal California in the form of flooding, on the East Coast in the form of blizzards, in the South by tornedos with more to come! This isn’t the first time God has used weather to get peoples’ attention! But then . . . “Who cares?!”

  22. Every parent should be standing up demanding Islam not be forced on their children and yet at the same time not allowing Christian views be taught. This is part of a sinister plan by Muslims to brain wash America’s children and gain control over the educational system. Liberals of course are the easiest to get this plan enabled which in turns are the controllers of our educational system. Ignorance to these things will lead to a fallen nation.

  23. This has been going on for years under our noses but more prevalent in the past eight. Islamic teachings are not and have never been part of the American way of life!

  24. Ovomit has been THE Muslim leader in America and most likely gave instruction to infiltrate our education system.
    Islamic teachings are evil and they will do anything and everything to indoctrinate our youth.

  25. Right up the street is the Madison Junior School. On the lintel over the stage in the auditorium are the words of Diogenes Laertius before the fall of Rome: “The Foundation of Every State is the Education of Its Youth”. That Islam is taught as a religion by educated people is C4 in the basement.

    Allah is not another version of the same God who is worshipped by Jews and Christians. Allah is no more a God than the Golden Calf of Egypt. Allah predates Islam by over a thousand years, and was a minor deity in the Temple of Baal, the Canaanite Sun God, who was worshipped throughout the Middle East. Baal (ba’al) was an ancient Canaanite and Mesopotamian deity associated with agriculture. He was believed to be the “giver of life” and mankind was dependant upon him for providing what was necessary to sustain the farms, flocks and herds. Allah was the moon god who’s sign was the crescent moon.

    Mohammed, born in 570 BC, was very familiar with Judaism and Christianity and stole traditions from both religions to create his own cult. He took the named Allah for his God because it was familiar to Arabs across the region. This is why you so often see the symbol of the crescent moon associated with Islam, and on so many Islamic flags. Mohammed asked the Jews to recognize him as a Prophet from God, which they refused to do. Because of this Mohammed turned upon the Jews, and Muslims have hated and despised the Jews ever since. Mohammed warred upon them, slaughtered whole villages, decapitating the men, and selling the women into slavery. Mohammed himself set the example to his followers by demanding of his captives that they either convert to Islam or be put to death; a tradition that carries on even to this day.

    Upon Mohammed’s death in 632 A.D., a rift developed amongst Muslims as to who should succeed as leader of their cult — thus you have the Shia and Sunni. Muslims following Muhammad’s exampled raped, pillaged and plundered their way across the Middle East and North Africa, murdering those who would not convert to Islam. In the year 711 A.D., Muslims (called the Moors) crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and invaded Spain. In 827 A.D. the Muslims invaded Sicily, and in 847 A.D. the Italian port of Bari (occupied from 847 until 871), with Muslim raids reaching as far north as Rome and Piedmont. During this same time period, the Muslims invaded Europe in the east, first laying siege to Constantinople in 674–678 A.D. Muslims continued their depredations until In March 1095, Pope Urban II received an ambassador from the Byzantine Emperor asking for help against Muslim invasion and another siege of Constantinople. This prompted the Crusades of the middle ages, an attempt to put an end to Muslim aggression!!

    Let’s be clear, What we are seeing today in the Mideast, and elsewhere is not “radical” Islam. This is what Mohammed intended his cult to be, and this is what Islam was when it raped pillaged and plundered its way across the Middle east, North Africa, invaded Spain and Europe, and remains. Their intent is, as always, to take over the entire world, the effect of which, among the myriad of other well documented failings, would be to genetically deteriorate the human genome by continuing to permit marriage of first cousins.

  26. when this “”people” to promote islam,understand that islam in translation mean:ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION!!!
    this is not a religion!!


  28. michael schimanski

    Obama is muSLIME and wanted his religion and his brothers and sisters to come and control America . Thankfully that dirt bag is gone but through out his 8 years as president he has set in motion a lot of evil thoughts and a lot of evil people in places of influence and it will take a lot of time for a real president [ Donald Trump ] to get things straighten out . Obama the democrats and there master [ George soros ] have to much time and money invested in the take over and control of America to just back down now .

  29. Funny how they want to teach the religious aspects but not the political. They will never let it be known about the way Islam treats all who are not Muslim much less the way they treat their own. How the Muslims have always and still deal in slavery, how they were allies of the Nazis in WW2 and have the end goal of a Muslim dominated world. Islam means to submit. We are and became America to get away from that BS and I and mine will not submit.

  30. There used to be a time when we student’s stood said the pledge to the flag and had prayer and went to our class, but then they took away the prayer now they want to take GOD out the pledge or take it away altogether and now they are pushing Islam on our children if they took OUR GOD out then we sure as hell do not need to force their fake god Allah on our children. As far as I am concerned these lying murdering rapist have NO place in OUR country,if you read the history of Islam it is not a peaceful religion it is a conquering cult that have slaughtered Christians by the thousands and then made slaves of them and sold their children into sex slavery. WE DO NOT need these freaks in OUR country at all in any way

  31. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    It is all a part of the liberal indoctrination programs Obama set in motion to brainwash kids from preschool on about the real, violence and intolerance that is true Islam. The Shariacrats have wholly sold their souls to this Satanic plan. Satan is Allah, do we get that part? Why not teach kids about how Muslims treat women or any other non-Muslim infidel? Cannot have that get out to young, impressionable children. Why do you think the leftist retards where so adamant to stop Betsy Devos from taking over the Dept. of Education (indoctrination). Heads need to roll and a stop needs to be put to this now. I ask all humans, do we want a country where people have no freedom to believe what they choose? Do we want a country where gays etc. are routinely killed for their lifestyle choices? Do we want a country where women are treated as chattel and rape is expected and applauded? Do we want a country where people kill their own family members over some perceived slight to a pagan entity? Those are true Islam like it or not. Speak the HELL up! Let your kids know that Islam is intolerant, violent and it promotes slavery as well. knowledge is power, don’t let the maniacal leftists feed your kids complete lies to foment their agenda of hatred.

  32. I was watching Fox News 1 night and a young teenage Muslim on the street was asked if sharia was taught at his school and he said yes, when asked if the Constitution was taught he asked what is that. It was a northern state with a lot of refugees. The reason they are not assimilating is because they are not taught about America.

  33. Public schools continuing to brainwash our children. Hopefully the new secretary of education will put a stop to that…if not, private or homeschooling are the only other options to save our children!!!!

  34. School vouchers, school vouchers, school vouchers. Demand them from your legislators and defeat legislators who are opposed. If you break the government school monopoly this crap will stop

  35. The Arab world has been a ceaseless boiling cauldron of sectarian wars for centuries. Muslim against Muslim. That is what their chief export to the rest of the world is. The one thing I would teach our children is to stay away from them if you want to live a peaceful life. As long as there is Islam there will no peace in the world. The countries in the Balkans and Eastern Europe know their history well. They fought the Muslims to near annihilation of themselves for a century and that is why they are rejecting migrants from Muslim countries. I grew up in Eastern Europe and you are thought this history from the first grade on.

  36. So wheres the aclu, if it were any other religion being taught they would be all over it? Are they only the self appointed separation of church and state fighters until in comes to islam?

  37. Love all your statements you people and everything said is correct. We can all see what and why they are pushing this. and yesterday read an article that there is a spy ring working in the dem party with these muslims who are working behind the scenes in certain dems party. they have eyes in on our deep secrets of the gov. SAY THE MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD. THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED NOW. AND THEY HAVE PERMITS TO THE DEEP COMPUTERS.!!!! THIS IS DANGEROUS TO ALL OF US.!

  38. Glad the parents are standing up and confronting the school board over this craziness.


  40. We have been way too patient, way too long with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    We all know what it is going to take to stop this feces, why are we waiting?

  41. Herbert W. Love, Jr.


    Inscribed on Obama’s gold ring, “There is no God except Allah”
    Obama’s executive orders pushed Islam into our American classrooms, (silently & deadly) nourishing an ideology

    only Muslims would enjoy because the truth of it is that Islam is totally 100% Anti-American. Obama has done so much damage to our society without any democrats resisting or even noticing it publicly because all they wanted was more votes & to stay in office. Consider the facts! 1.) No US President has ever bowed and kissed the gold ring of a Muslim Islamic King! ( 2.) No US President has ever removed a cross, or covered-it-up before giving a speech to a college audience… in fear to upset Muslims who might see the cross? Google: Obama a Muslim to see numerous other (under-the-radar) actions this incognito Muslim has done in the last 8yrs. Notice too that in the last 8yrs over 300% increase on Islamic people have been attracted to & living in America. Thank Obama in about 20yrs like in (France) when refugee Muslim Islamic population increases they revert-back to their religious claims… “There is no God but Allah” and sooner or later… death to all infidels.

  42. I am offended by islime so I should never have to hear or see it, equality dictates that everyone is in the boat of out of the boat. government cannot say who rides

  43. If teachers get their undies in a wad over children saying “God bless you!” when someone sneezes in class and Bible reading, or prayer are a No-Go then they need to keep their islamic proselytizing and indoctrination inside their empty little liberal heads and to themselves! Just because Obama was an in-the-closet-out-of-the-closet-and-back-in-the-closet muslim didn’t give him, or his beloved teachers’ unions the right to violate the Constitutional rights of our children in the form of their first amendment right. Forced indoctrination is not an American value, and Mohammed did not contribute to American society at large so there is no need to even mention him, unless it is in regards to the Barbary Pirates or 9/11.


  45. well like the old saying goes…”the only good Muslim is a (D)XXX (RIP) Muslim.”

  46. I corrected the sinfully improper grammar used in my comment to headupass, I certainly hope it now meets with the pompous idiot’s approval.

    Being that I made the wise choice and blocked it I will never know, being that I seem to be able to find the means to unblock it.

  47. school board needs to be replaced with americans!!!! islam is a cult of death and perversion !!!!! vietnam vet

  48. Very enlightening in it’s truthfulness.

  49. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  50. “The more it occurs, the more you have to wonder if there isn’t something a bit more sinister going on behind the scenes.”

    This is precisely the question we should be asking. How did so many of our teachers come to promote islam? I doubt that they were raised within that doctrine so it’s unlikely that they’re merely passing on personal beliefs. The logical conclusion would be that there has been some sort of encouragement, or pressure, coming from a higher level. Were I a parent, I would demand an answer or a resignation.

  51. Only in my home state! It is unbelievable that this ideology of power and conquest through the tenants of war is actually taught at the gradeschool level. As a former high school teacher in New Jersey, I do not recall any curriculum that involved explanations of Islamic teachings. The parents have a right to press this issue to the furthest extent possible.

    What does AOL stand for? America’s Outof Luck? There is an old saying, you can’t bull shet a bullshetter. AOL, Stop this Communist propaganda. Trump has brought America back to life.
    Three thousand points in the market up. When was the last time you saw that? The slimey senate and the mickey mouse congress is just returning to make believe work. Trump may issue an executive order that they only make a nickel a debate. One term per termite. No insider traitoring and the only lobby is in a Trump hotel. If this was war Trump would have won it already. If this was a bible story the Rinos and the Commos would all be Pharisees. Chuck Schumer would be Caiphas.


    If this was WWII. Trump has made it to the beach and is now moving inland. Paul Rino would be writing surrender terms and Match McConeel would be sweet talking the Nazis. Trump would only have a map of Berlin and a Kraut finder. We the people elected this great leader and now we must move off the beach and into the ballot box again.
    We must pull all the Latino families, the gospel blacks and all Christians out of the party of death to little children. We must remove from office all who oppose El Trumpo including back stabbing Rinos. We must back Trump to the hilt. Anyone who impedes his progress must be stomped like the grapes of wrath..

    He has restored God and country. Please rise to say the Pledge of aAllegiance. In the name of the father……

  53. Don’t know where Soros will fit into a “new” America, but the goal of Islam is to take over and maker every country and person Islamic! If you don’t agree, you have seen what happens to your head!

  54. How many times does it have to be said, islam IS NOT a religion it’s a cult founded by a 7th century war lord, pedophile and goat humper.

  55. To me, it is anti-academic to forbid the study of the religions of the world in a public school. “Proselytizing”
    becomes a buzz word when Christianity is taught. However, sometimes, teachers and some arrogant professors think that they are a “cat’s meow” when they delve into Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism and other religions, both ancient and current. If a student, on assignment, quotes the Koran, there is usually no problem. However, if a student quotes John 3:16, he can be accused of proselytizing. Is this fair? No. But it is also unfair and unequal in another very real sense. How can you compare the truth, the Word of God, the Bible to the Koran? You cannot. The Word of God is alive. The Koran is not. “For the Word of God is alive and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword.” ( Heb. 4:12 a,b) You can call the Bible a “textbook” if you want to. Yes, it is full of texts. And it is the only one that is alive.

  56. This parent demands an end to muzzlims PERIOD!

  57. Take that propagandist out then drop her dumb ass in allepo.

  58. You are right Miles. Shine Bright Patriots!

  59. How about “Is there “someone” more sinister working behind the scenes?” Of course there was! Barack hussein Obama – the muslim’s “Poster child”. It was his actions that promoted Islam all over our Nation. HE demanded all public schools teach Islam to American children. How better to get converts than pollute young innocent minds?

    Well that stinkin rat is gone and we have a President who is not fond of muslims. My guess all things muslim will be swept out the door – including any muslim individuals who think they can tell Americans what to do with their children.
    If you are a parent of a child being taught abt muslims, form a group of other irate parents and approach the school board demanding Islamic teachings be removed ftom the classroom– the more parents the better. The School board WILL LISTEN TO YOU and try to change their programs. Stand up for your children’s rights! Islam has no place in our American schools or lives!

    • God help any children of yours. You are delusional.

      • By your comment alone ypu are a liberal. They are the ones who truly live in their own private little worlds of fantasy. So sad for your children If you even have any. They will be scarred and destroyed and you will never know what you did to them because you refuse to see reality until it slaps you in the face – usually buy your own kid.
        FYI: MY kids are all grown and very successful in their lives! They have their own children (my grandchildren) that are also highly successful in their own high school lives – 4.0 GPAs, lettered in multiple Sports, lots of friends, etc. Unlike some of my friend’s kids, my kids never sold drugs, were never in prison, never beat their wives or children, or never stole from anyone. They go to church faithfully and have a high work ethic, accomplishing their goals and successes. I am proud of the people they became!

        I pray you have the same success with your children — it’s a lot of work but the BEST job you’ll ever take! Good luck!

        • My complements on your successful family. I hope that your grandchildren are not being influenced by your feelings about another religion…..teaching hatred of others is never a good thing. Mr. Trump does not know the damage he has done by the ignorant statements he has made. As things unfold over the next few months we may all learn a lot more about him

          • ‘My grandchildren are spiritual Christians who have friends of many colors. As I taught my own kids as they grew up to never judge a person by how they look but by what is in their hearts – so my grandchildren were raised the same. I respect people and do not make idle statements without knowledge. I have read/researched Islam and it does not fit in our society…never will. Ask any psychologist who has researched muslims and their culture and Koran. What they belueve is the exact opposite of what Christians believe. The difference is Christianity is a religion of Peace and Islam is one of vengence and mayhem.

            Are you Muslim? I have worked closely with muslim men in a professional corporate atmosphere. They are condescending to all women and look at them as subclass people. We had a muslim man storm out angrily from a Corporate meeting because a female’s marketing plan was chosen over his. He quit 2 days later. Up until that point he ignored the female employees at his level or higher, being rude whenever they were around. You could tell he felt women were below him.
            On another occasion on of my close friends was kidnaped by a young muslim man. He asked her something in the grocery store and she answered politely, but he misinterpreted her reaction as a come on to him. He followed her home, knocked on the doir and firced his way in. He kept her inside, beat and raped her. She was supposed to cime ti a party and when they showed up, she had heavy makeup on and a long sleeve sweater. Once we got her away from him and found out what was happening, another friend took her imnediately to her parents. They filed a Protective Order against him and a warrant for his arrest was sent out. He fled the Country. Her parents moved her out of that apartment to a place several cities away. She underwent therapy for the emotional and physical damage he did.

            President Trump is aware that muslim men do the unthinkable to women and children. Their Koran tells them they can do these things without consequences. Their Prophet was a rapust, murderer, beheader, and pedaphile. His deeds were nasty and inhumane. He is their Prophet. CHRIST IS OUR SAVIOR/PROPHET AND THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN THE TWO.
            There is no place for people who believe like muslims in our Society. P.T. is only protecting the women and children of our country from being hurt by these animals — like my friend. You may not understand this now, and I pray no one is hurt by any muslim either, but Islam has nothing to di with Peace but everything to do with conquering, control and jihads. You MUST read about that culture before you accept them into your country!
            FYI: most of the countries that took in those muslim refugees are now deporting thousands of them any way they can. They learned firsthand that they are savages first before being human and they NEVER intended to assimilate into the country’s society but planned to overthrow their govt. Europe got scammed by Soros snd the Globalists — they will NOT do that to America!

          • PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has not done damage. He had delivered us from evil and saved Americans. As the Lord said to Neamiah “first build your walls and make your borders secure”, that is the beginning of wisdom. To put our people at risk is not a teaching of Jesus. Christians are beheaded today for not denying Him, but working in His name. The more I know of PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP the more I thank God for him.
            His love of God and country and his serving because of his gratefulness to God. Great Christian leaders have heard and counseled PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP asks Americans for prayers for him, and our country. October we, in Rome at the Vatican, visited the walled Vatican City and the greatest security in the world. High on a pedestal perched up we have an out of touch Pope. He should witness theWe Hispanic people and blacks youth and many minority’s backing PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP because we all want law order respect and the ability to worship free from a state religion. As Thomas Jefferson so dilligently worked for. America is a melting pot.
            Islam cannot melt. Some do. The religion teaches it is superior and Sharia Law is supreme. Jesus said
            ” I am the way the truth and the life. There is no other way.”

        • Congratulations. I know the work to raise children. That’s why I have such respect for PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and his beautiful family. That’s why we want the best education for our children. American companies (many out of Seattle.Washington) advertise abroad for skilled workers. Two reasons.
          1). Our schools teachers and professors are not teaching our students these skills and qualifying them to fill these positions that are in demand and needed today for the modern technological jobs
          2).American companies can hire skilled employees for less money than Americans and avoid paying many taxes.
          We now have a buisness man that grasps these issues that make America and our children’s future healthy. Jobs, education and infrastructure and safety and security.

          • Hooray! YOU are why America Will be grear again!

            You have identified one of America’s biggest issues – “illiteracy” in our kids who graduated from school. Yes, these are our graduates that supposedly learned what they need to make a successful living. The majority of our kids didn’t learn squat because their teachers were told to teach Political ideas such as “homosexuality is normal” instead of teaching them about our Nation’s rise to power and independence from England or an easier way to divide and multiply numbers!

            Then there is Commom Core which is being taught all over the U.S. Teachers with intelligence fought this horrible teaching system designed to frustrate and defeat our kids and teaches them to hate school. It is by far the worst thing we could have done to our children!

            Once P.T. trashes that and gives teachers control of teaching their students subjects that will help them advance (and NO MORE POLITICAL SUBJECTS) and want to learn, our country will be back on track again.

            Until then, we have young adult GRADUATES that are stupider than dirt and we must reach them and help them to achieve a better life than what obama gloriously denied them -‘ on purpose. We can do that – you and I and everyone else can help educate our misguided youth! But first their parents can guide them on the right path. The rest is up to President Trump and Patriotic Americans to show them where they can go with a better education.

            We have lots of work ahead for us!! Thank God we have President Trump at the wheel!

          • Thank you and you as well. Los Angeles school district had worst math scores. Lower than s third world country? You know what their Mexican representative wrote as a bill? Requiring teachers to teach identify fake news. In other words, if it does not come from CNN,MSNBCor THE NEW YORK TIMES OR HUFFINGTON POST it is fake. While LA students flunk math. Employers bring in employees from off shore. We have unemployed inner city youth. LA should be cutting edge in higher education like math. Graduates go to BERKLEY to burn with professors their school down. Get government out of education! It doesn’t work!

      • That is so wrong. You do know Islamic teaching and Sharia law? They teach to hate Christians and those who do not hold their ways as supreme? That’s why it’s ok they think for them to gun down innocent people in a bar, or their fellow workers, or mow down folks in any of the public places with military weapons.

  60. The seditious Muslim Brotherhood organization known as CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, is allover this incremental indoctrination. Islam has to be eradicated not only from America but the entire world in general. Islam is nothing less than a Totalitarian, Militaristic, Seditious and Violent Political Ideology Death Cult masquerading as a Religion. It is Demonic from it’s inception 1400 years ago and through all it’s practices to this very day. Islam has to be outlawed, delegitimized and exterminated into extinction.

  61. The opposition party continues to display why they lost the election so badly and why they will lose the next one. But on the next one, they won’t be able to give their candidates the illusion of winning the popular vote using illegal voters and people’s names who have died.

    The Country will have seen how much good President Trump has done and how the opposition party did everything they could to stop it.

    They don’t get it yet, but they will.

    Shine Bright Patriots!

  62. It’s bad enough that our kids are being indoctrinated by the leftist liberals, even young grade school aged children making TV commercials against Trump. I definitely don’t want our youth, this country’s future to be indoctrinated about Islam. Screw that!!

  63. Get this Islam shit out of the schools and fire the teacher!

  64. These parents had better speak up or all will be lost . How dare these people think they can come here and destroy our christian values. Islam is a horrible occult.

  65. Absolutely correct and sensible for any school in America to reject any Islamic teachings and their Quran ( corrosive – instructing them to commit GHad and kill all non Muslims- their sworn goal) must be banned within our country. Protecting our constitution/values/citizens is foremost and those not abiding by it must be deported immediately. We must not allow any no go zones as in Europe, isolated areas will allow Muslims to do harm to America. Their Mosques are known for hiding weopens/bomb making and planning their destruction. Their attire makes it easy to conceals weapons. Ban all burkas/loose robes outfits vails hide identity etc. Muslims have been isolated for 1400 yrs for good reason- they don’t get along with anyone even their own– the culture is responsible for 97% of all terrorist activities— deport anyone not complying with our Constitution/Values.
    They are a ticking time bomb shoved down our throats by That POS Obummer
    Designed to destroy us from within- indict!

  66. There truly is something sinister going on, but it predates President Trump being anything more than a builder. In fact, it may predate his life entirely. Islam has always wanted to destroy everything that isn’t ‘islamic’. Tyranny, extreme poverty, torture, grotesque punishments for imagined affronts, primitive behavior regarding women and children – those are all cherished as ‘islamic’. Everything else is to be destroyed.

    Communists also want to destroy everything that isn’t part of their utopian vision where they get to rule everybody else, and make us all work like mules while they live off the labor of everyone else. In their minds, it will all be one happy world when there are only rulers and abject serfs.

    In those regards, the two have similar interests – the total destruction of any productive kind of societies and themselves controlling what’s left as absolute rulers. They also share a philosophical approach that includes not only overt attacks when possible, but slow and steady infiltration of those other societies by appearing to assimilate and then gradually subverting anything and everything they can that opposes them. (Commies pretty much went underground after the 50’s here because they were so unpopular.) So, education, law enforcement, the legal system itself, the government, hospitals (where can you more easily kill off the enemy?) and medical profession, food production (maybe it’s easier here), everything. And you play things off as ‘not a real threat’ when in fact they are one step further into destruction. You call every one who opposes you foolish, racist, anti-worker or anti-Muslim bigots. And both those groups are playing that game against us – we Americans who don’t recognize it for what it is.

    Where we have a shot, is that the Commies are trying to use the Muslims to do the hard work – start the wars so to speak. Partly because commies are usually cowards anyway, and partly because the muslims tend to be ignorant, uneducated peons who can be manipulated and who relish and revel in violence. So the ‘sneaky’ commies will instigate the muslims all the time, trying to get them to attack us even to the point of funding them, because the commies want to control everybody, including the muslims. Muslims however do to their primitive cultural attitudes are hard to control or even defeat, so the commies are hoping they will be mostly destroyed in the war they want to have with Christianity and Judaism. If they are mostly destroyed, they’ll be controllable by destroying the religion the way the Soviets did Christianity. And that war will weaken the rest of the world and – the commies hope – provide an opening for a ‘strong man’ to take over.

    If we can understand and acknowledge what’s happening – and this teaching Islam in a schools system where there isn’t supposed to be any religious teaching at all is an example – then we can actually begin to fight back. Our second ‘task’ would be to try to set them against each other. If we would just get the Muslims to realize they’re being used as tools and cannon fodder by the likes of George Soros, they might go after the communists for us.

    Not all Muslims fit the description I provided above, or course, but all the ones the Communists want to use, do. And those are the ones that we need to help realize that they are being used as disposable soldiers. But then, their belief that they go to heaven if killed in battle may mean they won’t care about being used. Perhaps if they understood that the commies only want to use them and then be rid of them after the commies get all the wealth of the middle east and SE Asia, maybe that would turn them against the hammer and sickle guys.

  67. If Americans wanted to learn about the religious tenets of Islam or how to speak the Islamic language, they can go to the middle east, buy a video or book or hire a tutor, Just keep it out of AMERICAN schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. WELL SAID MILES E DRAKE, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Don’t forget the DNC voted to remove God at their last convention!

  70. This poop is going to end very soon. Either allow all religions or NONE, and especially the murderous cult known as Islam with its false prophet the pedophile muhammad.

  71. What is the difference between Hitler’s Frei Deutsche Jugend (Hitler Youth) in the 1930’s and Islam’s indoctrination over the centuries since the time of Mohammed?! None! Islam begins with the indoctrination of children! Because Saudi Arabia has pumped millions quietly into the American public education system, this is the result! But don’t you dare open or read a Bible in a public school! Girls can wear a hijab with impunity, but don’t you dare wear a cross or a Star of David! Wake up, America!

  72. Typical liberal left wing hypocritical lying snowflake teachers, hell bent on driving Christianity out of our society.
    Tar and feather, burn ’em at the stake (a bit extreme).
    Regardless, its this nonsense that’s at the core of America’s corruption of values.
    Damn these rotten teachers. Heathen maggots!

  73. How about NO religion in schools? That would solve it.

  74. Since when is muslimism on the curriculum list of study instead of political hate is used to blank young youth?

  75. Good for these parents to fight islam being taught to our children in schools while Christians are not allowed to pray even due to the so called separation of church and state! My children will not take part in any islamic activities in school!

    • It just goes to show how much liberals really hate the USA. They aren’t even liberal they are the worst form of communist dictatorship – if they like that lifestyle maybe they would be better off in North Korea. They probably wouldn’t last a day or two before being executed as undesirable.

  76. Go for it people before it’s too late..put a stop to it

  77. Heads need to roll over this…..FAST!!!!

  78. Chew these guys up and SPIT them OUT. As far as George Soros is concerned, KICK HIS PUNK BUTT.

    • The Russians have a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” out on Soros – I sure wish I knew where he is – I’d turn him in on a heartbeat and give the reward to charity.

      • My exact thinking. This guy, and when he goes, we will have his son to deal with, is a detriment to society. Put him in the same pot as the Murderous hillary, Billy bob job and the NEGRO PUNK n THUG TYRANT barry soetoro hussein. BOIL the water for about four hours.

      • l sure like the dead or alive part. Figure it would be best and sure would be much more satisfying to turn him over to the Russians dead on delivery

  79. Heck they do not even allow the Lords prayer let alone any Christian teachings whatsoever in school so why should the Islam doctrine as it too should be considered a religion unless of course it is being attempted to be taught in school in an attempt to indoctrinate a generation

  80. There is No Need to teach any type of religion in public schools.








































  82. This is pure Baloney. That school board should be recalled today by the voters.

  83. I agree with you Miles E. Drake. I have had the same thoughts in the back of my mind because this irrational behavior from the liberals is not going away. I suspect it will take a civil war or Armageddon itself to make things right again.

  84. Any ISLAMIC MUSLIM who reads the Quran and promotes SHARIA LAW can not assimilate into our culture and eventually we will be fighting them in the streets. The time is getting short and it’s time to end this everybody feel good and bring in any and all people who want to enter the USA. You can’t keep doing this if you want and AMERICAN USA and not a COMMIE HISPANIC MUSLIM SH!T HOLE to live in.

  85. Liberals do not want to hear this but the youths of Germany in the 1930’s were systimattically indoctrinated to uphold and obey the Fuher Adolph Hitler. This included turning in any parents, relatives or anyone else who spoke negatively of Hitler. (Sounds a little like doofus idiots on today’college campuses). The Hitler youth corp is carbon copied by both the libtard progressives and youths raised under the umbrella of islam.

  86. Remove all who are promoting Islam, as this is not in America’s best interest! We are not to be embracing the Islamic religion or studying it, if they want to be Islamic, let them move somewhere that is Muslim, Not in the USA!

  87. How in the hell did this thread get to be about a writers grammar rather than the subject? If you didn’t know what he meant maybe you should teach school or at least get job where you have to work and get dirty. Jeeeeez, get a life!

  88. Yep, If they will not teach equally all the other world religions with Christianity at the top of the list
    then, “NO ISLAM”. OH and no holds bared in teaching about Islamic radicalism and their relation to
    world terrorism.

  89. The parents are one hundred percent correct. Stop teaching Mohammad’s savagery at one or teach ALL religions and treat them equally.

  90. Islam is not a religion but ideology and their allah is actually satan. This is one of the ways they plan to take over the world. Indoctrinate the children early in life so that they will accept satan and sharia law and live forever in slavery.

  91. the reason all this garbage is going on around our country, is too many parents have no idea, and don’t give a dang!!!

  92. I thought public education in this country threw God out of school long long ago. Does this mean they consider Islam to be a Godless religion.

  93. We know perfectly well that this criminal obama was doing his best for 8 years to muslimize our Judeo-Christian country. It is time to understand at last that islam is not a religion. For sure it is anti-human ideology and it is also a cult of blood, as it was from the very beginning of its existence. This awful cult of hatred to all of us, that islam is in fact, should be never more mentioned to our children. Except the truth about it. Or not mentioned at all. So called teachers who promote it at school should be fired immediately and never permitted to be near education process. Deport them to muslim countries.

  94. I don’t wonder. There is something sinister going on behind the scenes, from schools to the White House. Hopefully, Trump will fix that.

  95. I should hope! Especially since most of what’s being taught is taqqiya, not even the truth about Islam!


  97. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Islamic ideology permits, mayhem of lying, cheating & ignoring the truths to promote its religious fever. Not only do they ignore all religions but Islam has no sympathy, understanding or peace with any other religion. They do not seek a peaceful existence, but to dominate the world as written in, “Holy Quran supported by Sharia Law.”
    In Muslim dominated countries the early childhood textbooks being used “trash-talk” Jews & Christians yet our Black incognito Muslim ex-President, knew all this! He gave the Muslim world an open invitation to come to our America where the legal system would fully protect them while they continue the Islamic fundamentals of Quran.
    There are not refugees, (normal men & women seeking a better way of life) they are dedicated Islamic Muslims
    who will create little pockets of Islam communities where they will ignore our laws. Look at what happened in France in the last 20yrs? After they reach a significant number of population the Ayatollahs stir-em-up to protest the host country to force Islamic fundamentals into society, slowly seeking to dominate government regulations and allow Sharia Laws.
    1.) Google: (Islam, How it works?)
    2.) Google: (Islam trouble in France 2017)

    Obama should be in jail for treason because Islam ideology is Anti-American and will cause future troubles!
    His first duty as president was to protect America.

    What does AOL stand for? America’s Outof Luck? There is an old saying, you can’t bull shet a bullshetter. AOL, Stop this Communist propaganda. Trump has brought America back to life.
    Three thousand points in the market up. When was the last time you saw that? The slimey senate and the mickey mouse congress is just returning to make believe work. Trump may issue an executive order that they only make a nickel a debate. One term per termite. No insider traitoring and the only lobby is in a Trump hotel. If this was war Trump would have won it already. If this was a bible story the Rinos and the Commos would all be Pharisees. Chuck Schumer would be Caiphas.


    If this was WWII. Trump has made it to the beach and is now moving inland. Paul Rino would be writing surrender terms and Match McConeel would be sweet talking the Nazis. Trump would only have a map of Berlin and a Kraut finder. We the people elected this great leader and now we must move off the beach and into the ballot box again.
    We must pull all the Latino families, the gospel blacks and all Christians out of the party of death to little children. We must remove from office all who oppose El Trumpo including back stabbing Rinos. We must back Trump to the hilt. Anyone who impedes his progress must be stomped like the grapes of wrath..

    He has restored God and country. Please rise to say the Pledge of aAllegiance. In the name of the father……

  99. all states need to be looked at . when a school board tells you ,you can not come in a school to see what they are teaching your child. and RED flag dose not go up something is wrong. you have the right to tell the schools what you think is good for your child. not what they are trying to teaching to them now . constitutional rights should be the first all kids this day can not tell you what their rights are. not lslamic teaching. it is not our laws .

  100. THIS has been going on in public school in CA, when illegals don’t know or Care. We need to get Muslim prayer TIME and religion out if work place and schools. Government supported colleges.
    If government supports a school system with tax dollars there should be no religion in that school.

  101. Boards of education all across America have been infiltrated by Muslims to the point that they are dictating policy. ANY teacher with half a brain should be able to plainly see that this Islamic indoctrination is wrong. If you want to learn/teach Islam, go to a Muslim school, preferably in a Muslim country.

  102. Muslim or Islam teaching belongs in a mosque, not in a public school. Catholic schools are run by the church, and not public. Therefore, the difference is when your parents send you to a Catholic school, they know religion will be part of the teachings. Public schools are for any and all religions, or even atheists or agnostics, therefore, no religion should be taught there.

  103. More hypocrisy from the left. Looks like all of these ACLU atheist agitators never have a problem with pro muslim propaganda being forced on public school students. But let a teacher or student mention God or any passage from the Bible and they’re all there with an army of atheist lawyers ready to try to bankrupt every Christian they can find.

  104. One little problem with Hilsenrath’s argument is that Islam IS NOT a religion, Islam is a socialist political ideology like Nazism, or other political parties that uses religion to mask it’s true intent.

  105. Forrest Huck London

    to pull them away from Jesus and teach them Islam is the entent of the liberals get it stopped or our children lost

  106. THE RELIGION OF PEACE SUCKS — Islamo-fascists ply their rhetoric like Lenin and Mao did. Their words have been redefined to mean the opposite of THE words of America’s lexicon. To them, peace means total submission to the word of the Imams, and love means unquestioned submission to Sharia law.

  107. If it is permissible to even MENTION any one religion in the schools, it must be permissible to give equal attention to ALL of them (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, and probably others). The alternative is to prohibit ANY discussion of anything having to do with a deity — by any name. That’s tough (does “God bless you!” after a sneeze count? What about “In God we Trust,” which is, after all, our national motto and appears on our currency?)

    If the people who run our schools had IQs in excess of, oh, 75, they could probably learn to differentiate — and tell the KIDS how to differentiate — between the MENTION of a word for a deity without endorsing it or even teaching about it, and DISCUSSION of the deity or teaching that this one “God” is THE God. Even a middle school teacher SHOULD be able to see that distinction — but apparently many CAN’T, or don’t WANT to. I do think linking this to George Soros is a bit of a stretch, though!

  108. Gee, this sounds a little strange. I don’t remember any of my teachers ever mentioning anything about Islam, and that was back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

  109. I totally agree with Miles E. Drake. This is a plan to Islamize our youth. It must be stopped.

  110. Islam cannot assimilate into any culture, they are instructed in the Quran 2,193 that Islam has to be made victorious over ALL other religions. It is a totalitarian political doctrine to bring about Sharia law here and thur out the world. The public schools using multiculturalism to gain admiration for Muslims and teach the children that Islam is a religion of peace is dangerous and should be stopped immediately! Our public schools need to teach America”s uniqueness and the values that have stood our country for centuries NOT be embarrassed about them. Please learn all you can about Islam because Cultures are”t equal ,just look at Sweden, Germany, England and every country who has allowed with open arms this Religion of peace to enter and get a foot hold. And look at the Georgetown professor and what is being taught there to our kids. May God help us to stop this now!

  111. Do they teach them about Sharia law and about how Islam uses it to totally control peoples lives?
    Do they teach them that the mid East was once the seat of Christianity and how Islam took over by force and by killing anybody who wouldn’t convert or couldn’t get away?
    Do they teach them that the mid East once was the cradle of vibrant independent thinking and how mankind’s civilization began there? Until the seventh century.
    All of this until Islam became powerful enough to cut it all apart. Now the mid East has become a Hell hole for the people who live there. They are trying desperately to get out but unfortunately they are bringing the cause of their destruction along with them.

  112. This is why my child went to a Christian school. The islam loving liberals control our public schools!! AND what do the liberals and moooslims have in common, they hate America and want to bring us down!!

  113. Why do you think they put in common core it is part of the islam teaching. First part of the indoctrination of your children. Sick people.

  114. Islamic INDOCTRINATION is OK, how to sabotage our country! Time to get rid of teachers who allow this!

  115. How about the Muslim students learn about Christianity, the non-Muslim world, come out of their cocoons, and take off those ridiculous turbans and trash bags the women wear?

  116. This School has No Right to Teach Islam to American youngster’s……This School Should Have Sent Home… Some Kind of Permission Slip For PARENT’s to Sign or Not Sign……They Have NO RIGHT To Do This To The Parent’s Or The CHILDREN…..They Have Built Thousands of Mosque’s in Our Country…..Any Parent that Wants their Child to Hear This “STUFF”….They Know Where To GO!!!

  117. This just goes to show that the democrats and muslims will do anything that they have to do to take over this country. BEWARE

  118. Religion is not a science or an educational component it is a spritual belief never verified scientifically

    It is against the constitution to teach any religion. It is constitutional right right to believe in any religion

  119. Vladimir Michaylov

    Now we know what is mean president -IslamIst from Kenya and what is way he is working for….

  120. “…to stop “proselytizing” when he included a Bible quote in his slideslow. The teacher told him that a quote like that “belongs in Sunday School.”

    NEWSFLASH: THAT WAS IN VIOLATION OF THE KID’S RIGHTS!! The Constitution’s 1st Amendment is a limit on the government, not an individual’s right to freedom of religion…anywhere…anytime.

  121. All parents need to be more involved in what is being taught to their children. The left’s indoctrination is incredible. Our colleges are a cesspool of liberalism and heaven help any conservative who tries to voice his or her opinion. They are shouted down by the oh so tolerant left.

  122. Americans have been the victims of Islamic Terrorism fears created by their caliphate trying to takeover our country since the Obama regime! Islamic teachings have no place in America!

  123. Chatham: WTF is wrong with you?

  124. Good luck with that, Almost all the teacher are liberal communist that have been indoctrinating our children in socialism all the way thru school. The teachers are being taught social communism in colleges all over this country and we do nothing about it, so I believe it’s partly our faults. But now we may be opening our eyes, I just hope it’s not to late.

  125. It’s not just McCain, it is also Graham, McConnell and Paul Ryan, as they have become a part of the left which work for the one world order billionaires who see control of the world, which had a plan to take over the world , In 2017 or 18.

  126. Hey, the Muslim president is no longer in office. We now have an American Christian President. It is time to put ISLAM away and get back to being the Christian America that worked !! Get these LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE teachers out of school, thru college. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH !!!

  127. No Christianity, no Islam, it’s just that simple. BTW, it would be a good idea to substitute American history or basic civics.

  128. Jail Soros and drive the Islamic believing Muslims OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. BIG “MISTAKE” letting those people into this country in the first place. FREEDOM is earned not given and we have been giving it to too many unwanted EVIL people. You can not trust them, I’ve seen it too many times and have had too many run ins with them. BOYCOTT their businesses and avoid them.

  129. It used to be that the dog wagged the tail. Alas, it now appears that the tail wags the dog, I wonder why and or how come.

  130. Islam should not be taught nor allowed to be in this country. To me these Muslime bottom suckers should all be deported for failure to adapt to the rules and regulations OUR country. They were brought here at our expence the Muslim half breed bastard went to other countries and haqd the people flown here at the cost to the taxpayers and now we are footing the bill for them to live here and subvert our government. Screw these muslim slime put them on a boat and send them to wince they came,and hope the boat sinks

  131. There was once a time when the Bible was taught in our schools,but the liberal and atheist progressives have seen to the removal of that,but its okay for any Islamic/Muslim religions to be practiced and taught in our public schools,so what on earth is wrong with this picture? our public schools have gotten out of control,and our children are targets for either Islamic or LGBT related literature being pushed by teachers today,so i couldn’t be the least bit surprised on why parents don’t want their kids in public schools anymore,and with bullshi! like this being allowed,i can’t say that i blame them! home schooling is still starting to look better and better these days since that’s the only way that concerned parents will keep their children safe from all this nonsensical PC crap that the liberal left are trying to push through our kids!

  132. The liberals in this country need to be thrown out of their snowflake asses. These people are sick. They have a desire to control other people and to obtain their desires by any means necessary. They think that them and only them know what’s best for this country yet everything the liberals have tried fail. Never have I seen such a bunch of sore losers. They are a sick bunch and what they don’t realize is that the rest of us have no need for these idiots.

  133. The sinister action here is that democrats support this type of thing. Their all about political correctness., not what’s right for the country and our children.

  134. People get some kind of pleasure from showing their tolerance for Islam, and their opposition to Christianity shows their open-mindedness. However, they do not chop off heads as the Mohammedans do. Teaching Islam to school children reinforces their reputation for being truly open-minded. Little do they realize how evil and perverse they really are!

  135. Good idea…..don’t teach it unless you really have a indeapth course on christiani.

  136. Is it still $15.00 an hour from Soros for America-hating trollery on this site? Are the trolls paid by the post or are they on retainer like the rioters?

  137. Time to get rid of all involved in this kind of BS.

  138. I do not have any children in school so the Board of Education where I live is very lucky. They would not like what I would do if I did, and they taught Islamic crap to my kids. They won’t teach Christianity in schools so why are they allowed to teach Islam? People better start standing up for themselves, get a large group together and go to the Board of Directors Meetings, and make sure the Superintendent is there, stay on their butts, don’t put up with it. This is way out of hand, DO NOT ALLOW IT.

  139. They don’t want any mention of Christianity in schools. Prayer has been outlawed and kids that mention any of it are punished by being expelled.

    Yet!!! They can teach anything about Islam? Time for anyone that allowed this to be fired or at least severely reprimanded and lowered from a position of responsibility.

  140. This country is not isllamic, and never should be taught anything other than our own history. If people want to learn other cultures, let them study on their own. We need our children to learn about American culture. There is plenty to learn.

  141. Every parent should look through their children’s social studies and history books, my granddaughters book had 27 pages on the Islam religion and 3 pages of all other religions. This is in Illinois schools from grammar school to high schools. So the story that other religions are better know is a crock , there are quite a few religions that people are not familiar with. Maybe the muslims need to learn about Christianity and all the other religions. The muslims would throw a fit if their children had to learn different religions.

  142. The teaching of Islam should be banned from all schools in America. Schools today do not teach anything about the Vietnam war in history classes.

  143. I Hope these parents, have touched other parents in Our Country…to WAKE-UP and See what these people are really trying to do to American Kids….Brain wash them into thinking this is something Good….Every parent Should Go to their School and See what is being Taught to Their Children….This Is OUTRAGEOUS!!! So SAD!!

  144. Same hypocrisy as usual from the left. Some coach or kid mentions God or Christianity and they have to contend with an army of ACLU lawyers looking to bankrupt them or put them behind bars. Then when some left wing criminal starts touting islam, none of these ACLU agitators are anywhere to be found.

  145. Does New Jersey have Gulen Muslim Charter Schools?

  146. Yes, American voters seem to favor sodomy, Islam, socialism, and nation-destroying ideas in general. Trump was a surprise and he may provide a brief end to the slide into oblivion. Nations die.

  147. The Country is going to Hell in a hand basket and one over educated nut with a spelling fetch has distracted you. I long for the good ole days as well but we’re way past those days. New days and many new problems . Islamic men that were allowed to bring 4 wives into the US. Want to know where a large portion of our SS has gone? Obama pulled money from the VA by the billions while our family and friends did without and even died. Congress, what a joke.

  148. Islam is not a religion. It’s a corrupted indoctrination about a way of life based on the life style of a child molester named Mohammed who was killed by his forced to marry child bride while the SOB was sleeping.

  149. This has nothing whatever to do with Vladimir Putin, and there is no evidence whatever that he and his regime had anything to do with the refusal of the American people to have the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke shoved down their throats or up their whatevers by the Soros-funded and Soros-controlled party of perversion, pedophilia and pederasty. The African mongrel mohammedan pothead communist Obongo is now everybody’s former president, and every American without a turban or a tail must stand up and salute that. The problem is that a witches’ sabbath of satanists, socialists and sodomites has started an increasingly violent revolution that intends to overthrow Obutu’s legitimately-elected successor and put Obola back in as president-for-life of a brown Third World economic basket case dictatorship controlled by the real-life Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who plans after cashing in his short positions on the American economy to turn its carcass over to a world state based on the United Nations and dominated by a nuclear-armed caliphate.

  150. GODBlessRealAmerica!

    Liberal atheist Demonic Democrackhead racist thugs roam our Country time to clean up and deport these Liberal thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. We need to do something about them teaching about Islam is our schools. They have no business telling small Children about that life style, it is EVIL. Colleges don’t even have the right to teach socialism, when they have been taught otherwise at home.

    • Bigotry starts with bias in the home that creates race & belief stereotypes & misunderstandings leading to violence.

      • I’m sorry but who are the ones that are most violent? What they teach is a matter of brain-washing, and i wouldn’t have it.

        • You wouldn’t care except for extremists like Al Qaeda & ISIS! Why stereotype?

          • Sorry but I have seen videos of what they reach very young children, and i don’t believe in it.

          • Are you talking about Islam or U.S.? Either case it is not consistent everywhere!

          • I have seen videos of both here and in the Middle East, but they have no right to try to brain wash American children that is the families job of teaching what religion they are interested in.

          • That is part of social studies to learn about other cultures but not about promoting religion. We thought learning other cultures was interesting decades ago.

          • I agree, but that is not what they are doing. They are told to lie to further their agenda.

          • What lies? Whose agenda?

          • I understand about what happened to the slaves and native Americans, we weren’t here then, but we have learned from what happened back then, I know i don’t treat people like that. Islam wants to take over the world, Sharia Law is horrible to women, how about we women come up with a new way to treat men who rape, and they won’t like it.

          • History is determined by each state. We fail to look at what knowledge is wanted. Look at Tennessee, they could not see beyond 1st part of 7th grade. They looked at textbooks then complained about the standards without comparing them.

          • We still have not learned enough to prevent U.S. race violence. Without observing others in positive ways we will continue to look down at them & worsen the interactions.
            I looked at FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) & found it was culture, not Islam motivated. Only Egypt of the northern coastal African countries was involved. In Egypt both Islam & Coptic Christians participated at 90+% of population.

          • Yes and it is sick, they do it without any anesthesia or pain meds afterwards, Sick! Yes, and all of their men think they can come here and act like animals. we have enough of our own to deal with.

          • A cultural norm is difficult to change

          • That was before the Muslim split when the legalistic Muslims took control and declared all Western knowledge to be heresy, right? After that, Muslim advancement in virtually all areas of knowledge stopped. As a result, the Muslims have contributed almost nothing to the world of knowledge in the past 1,000 years. It’s a naive mistake to think that being nice to today’s Muslims will improve their attitude about our culture. It won’t happen.

          • Insulting them will definitely not improve their attitude & cooperation. It is not a Christian approach.

          • UN and Arab/Muslim propaganda, and absolutely untrue. You’re believing malicious lies. It doesn’t matter if the Muslims “invented” FGM. They use it pervasively, throughout Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world, and abuse their women with it, often starting with girls as young as 6. How can you defend such a savage behavior and not condemn the vicious, disgusting people and culture who perpetuate such a terrible outrage?

          • Prove it wrong!! Stereotyping is NOT my approach!

          • You let your emotion drive your logic. How can you say anyone who explains is defending? You NEED some Common Core critical thinking!!! You seem driven by OLD Testament retribution rather than NEW Testament forgiveness & compassion!! Doesn’t look like you claim to be Christian.

          • Your emotion is interfering with logic.

          • That’s not possible, since there is no logic in your comment.

          • You confuse explanation with support because your emotion interferes with logic.

          • You dictate my opinion & motive!! Your objectivity is missing.

          • We have not learned enough to prevent U.S. race violence. I looked at FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) & found it is local culture & not Muslim or Islam. Only Egypt of northern coastal African countries participate. Islam & Coptic Christians in Egypt participate at a 90+% rate. It has been a priority of the U.N. for years.

          • Looking at their point of view will encourage them to look at yours.

          • We still haven’t learned enough when we still have race violence. Most problems occur when we fail to reach out & treat others like we want them to reach out to us. We forget that learning about others is not indoctrination.

    • When I went to school a long time ago they taught world history which included all the major religions and ethnic groups of the world and those that had a role shaping American history. I dint feel they were pushing arabic or Indian or Chinese culture on us, we were taught about the most important contributions of each culture. The arabs invented algebra and the the number zero, the Chinese invented gunpowder and had bureaucracy to run their empire, etc. What’s wrong with that? And why would it be wrong if your kids were told Arabs in Arabia believe its alright to beat their wives?

  152. And if we cannot have any other religious stuff allowed why the hell is the Islamic stuff even uttered in public schools! If it isn’t allowed it isn’t allowed for any religion!

    • Read the social studies standards to see what is intended. Almost all comments are based on opinion without legitimate sources

    • No religious doctrine in allowed in public schools..
      Why don’t you understand that no particular religion teaches that 6 + 6 + 12 and that Neil arm strong was the first human being who set foot on the moon? If you dont agree you are nuts.

    • Dont allow Islamic religious stuff/ it doesn’t belong in our curriculum.




  155. Islam is not just a religion, it is an in your face lifestyle and is totally contrary to western Christian mores. It permeates the day to day lives of its followers. Look to several cities in the upper mid-west to see the possible future if they are allowed to continue. They will not become American nor Canadians. They want you to become like them, with women as chattel. If their life was so bad at home, why don’t they stay here and work towards assimilating into our society. They refuse to work at many jobs as they “may” be offended, so they become welfare burdens. Don’t outlaw them, ship them back to the middle east (you know, the ones Oshithead banned but never enforced).

  156. It would have been nice if the posters would have written about the subject matter instead of giving lessons in English and spelling.

  157. Poor kids don’t stand a chance.

  158. Since Islam is not a religion, maybe that is what the New Jersey school is trying to say. Muslim’s are using that to get their foot in the door. Our bleeding heart liberals are pushing that trash to get their votes.

  159. The orange shitgibbon said that on Day One, he would ask the generals for a plan to be delivered in 30-days to defeat ISIS. It’s been 30-days, were’s the grifter’s plan? He’s also blaming the military and the Obama administration for the failed Yemen mission that cost the blood of one of our cherished Navy Seals. What doesn’t this shit for brains understand about being the Commander-in-Chief?

  160. Sounds like overreaction of parents without a clue. By ignoring others we create an environment leading to distrust, violence & war.

  161. At last, a troll who earns the $15.00 an hour that Soros pays for Trump-bashing! Also, a potential roommate for Maxine Waters in the asylum.

  162. The teaching of children about Islam is to indoctrinate them to be converts. This happened in Europe and now you see the mess their in. We must stop the indoctrination of Islam, black lives matter and other groups. Educators.are paid to educate children in math , science etc not about hate groups.

  163. Fire those teachers for teaching Islam in any school it has been outlawed. Follow our constitution or fire them phony teachers.

  164. God Bless Nancy Gayer and Libby Hilsenrath of Chatham for standing tall regarding a double standard. We run into this in Towanda Pa where Allah posters are allowed in the high school while any mention of Christ or God is not allowed. You must understand that the sign in Chatham at the old swim club which was once known as the Chatham Colony Association never mentions the fact that around 300 Communists once lived there. There is no mention of communists on the “historic” sign. I am not being judgemental as one’s right to be sympathic to communism, but I do take exception that it took me 60 years to discover this fact which is confirmed in many old newspaper articles.. And I am not upset that we had a communist cell 1/2 mile from the high school , but the fact that this is a great secret even today.

  165. HERE are the “FACTS” about Islam, the Koran and Sharia Law! (READ em for yourself, don’t just believe Me) Muslims are OBLIGATED to LIE, according to Sharia Law #1 and it is their DUTY to hold JIHAD (or war) on all NON-Muslims, according to Sharia Law #2. It is also FACT that a Caliph, (Muslim ruler) can hold Office thru seizure of power, meaning force! according to S/L#3 PEOPLE, Muslims HATE all who are NOT Muslims and according to Koran, Sura 5:33-36 ALL those who oppose Allah are to be killed! Lastly, it is according to Sura 51:55 Muslims are NOT to take Jews or Christians for friends! (SEE S/L #1) Be NOT deceived about this: Muslims are NOT friends, and can’t be! (SEE Sura 5:51-55) ALL Nations occupied by Muslims, have in time, ended up, third world nations! W/OUT EXCEPTIONS!! IF separation of church and state (an NON-Existant doctrine, found no where in any constitutional document etc) is applied, the why is this godless mess allowed in our nations classrooms!!!!!

  166. this is ridiculous – teaching islam (a hate religion) in school to brainwash American children.

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