Palin: Time to Do Away With the IRS

Speaking to the Values Voters Summit on Friday, former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin took aim at the Internal Revenue Service. For the last year, the IRS has been embroiled in a scandal for targeting Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations for audits. Palin used the scandal to illustrate why Americans should vote for politicians willing to dismantle the taxation department.

“Do you think it’s time to abolish the IRS?” she asked the gathered crowd. They responded with enthusiastic applause.

Palin isn’t always right on the money when it comes to the political state of the union, but she’s got a point when it comes to the IRS. This latest scandal is really beside the point, though. That they were aiming for conservative organizations is a sign that the IRS under Obama is an out-of-control, biased branch of the government. That they have wasted taxpayer money on extravagant parties, conducted untoward audits of families who have adopted children, and still rely on an outdated tax code is why the IRS under any president is an idea out of time.

Unfortunately, many naive Americans think that any efforts to destroy the IRS are centered around ultra-right wing nutcases who don’t want to pay taxes. True, the notion does enjoy some support from that crowd, but that’s not the point of the initiative.

The truth is that today’s federal income tax would have been frowned upon by the majority of our Founding Fathers. A graduated income tax is a page straight out of the Marxist handbook. That it has become such an imbedded institution shows how far from our federalist roots we’ve come.

Contrary to popular assumption, the IRS really hasn’t been around for that long. It was established in 1913 with a tax code that would barely fill out a small pamphlet. Today, things are a little different. The latest version of the tax code is nearly 75,000 pages long. This creates uncertainty amongst the populace, many of whom have to pay state taxes on top of their federal returns.

In its infancy, the IRS was meant as a way to fund the first World War. According to the liberal politicians of the time, the progressive income tax would be temporary. Of course, as we’ve all learned, there is no such thing as a temporary department of the federal government. Unless a federal agency can be replaced with something bigger, more expensive, and more intrusive, they are kept in place.

It’s time to stand against this tyrannical, insanely-bureaucratic behemoth of big government. It’s time to devise a simple, fair system of federal taxation that will help us cut trillions of dollars worth of fat from the government. We’ve seen too many examples of how the federal tax system can be used for politically nefarious purposes.

Against plenty of opposition, President Obama went in and completely changed America’s healthcare system. Without condoning that particular piece of abominable legislation, it does show that a motivated president can accomplish big things when he sets his mind to it. Therefore, though rehauling the federal taxation system won’t be easy, it is a job that can be done. It’s just a matter of electing someone willing to do it.


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