Our Magically Disappearing Gun Rights

The anti-gun left is always coming up with new and exciting ways to encroach on our 2nd Amendment rights. Like a deft magician, they leave no trick untested. First, they claim that the amendment itself is bogus, misinterpreted, and outdated. Then, they claim that not all guns can possibly fit into the protected category of “arms.” Then, they insist there must be limits to where we can take our guns. There must be more background checks, even for private transfers. They erode away our rights one common sense proposal at a time, and anyone who argues against them is obviously in favor of school shootings.

Of course, it’s a crock, but it’s an effective crock. Relying heavily on emotional appeals and misleading statistics, the anti-gun lobby has managed to somehow thrive in a country where the Constitution is unequivocal: the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Yet every day, in every way, it is.

Magazine Limits

One of the left’s favorite talking points is that we need to limit the magazine sizes being sold to the American public. Mass shootings, because of their sensational nature, seem to happen more frequently than they really do. This is a nation of more than 300 million people. A mass shooting of the Newtown or Aurora type happens how often? They are akin to airline crashes. When a major crash happens, it dominates the news for weeks. But it doesn’t change the fact that flying is the safest mode of transportation in the world.

Because of the disgusting, unthinkable nature of these tragedies, though, the left uses them as their case for limiting large magazines. If this psycho or that one had been forced to pause and reload, they insist, the destruction would have been far less damaging. Besides, who would need such large magazines if they didn’t want to go on a killing spree?

One answer for that question can be found in the Atlanta area. Last week, a Fulton County resident had his door busted in after he refused to answer a persistent knock. Burglars came into the residence and a gunfight ensued. Details are sketchy, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that neighbors heard more than 40 shots in the short battle. One burglar was shot and critically wounded while another escaped on foot. The homeowner – as shaken as he must have been after the harrowing incident – was reportedly unharmed.

40 shots exchanged.

What would have happened if the homeowner had only six? Can one say with a straight face that with the right laws in place, the burglars would have had limited magazines as well? Do even the blindest liberals believe such a thing?

We shouldn’t have to find stories like this to defend the right to bear arms. Self-defense is a God-given right, affirmed by the Constitution. That should be an argument-ending statement. It isn’t, though, and maybe that’s a clue as to why the Bill of Rights is so important in the first place. It’s the perfect antidote to the left’s dark magic.

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