Our Hated President (is More Popular Than Obama and Reagan)

If you take it from the liberal media, Donald Trump’s presidency is a sinking ship and it’s only a matter of time before he’s brought up on impeachment charges, thrown out of the White House, and locked in a federal prison for the rest of his life. His supporters feel the president has betrayed them, lied to them, and left them conned and frustrated. His critics have been vindicated. The doom everyone predicted has come true; the only question now is how much worse it will get before our blessed Union is finally free of this terrible scourge that literally no one wants anymore.

And then, you take a look at the facts and realize just how far the mainstream media has strayed from reality.

Reality that says, essentially, President Trump is one of the most popular presidents in the modern age…and his approval ratings are only growing.

In a new Fox News poll, President Trump’s approval ratings have risen to 45% – an unimaginable high mark given the amount of negative coverage thrown against him for the last year and a half of his presidency. This is a man who has literally done NOTHING right for all the time he has occupied the White House. And yet his base of support is not only standing strong, but actually getting larger with every passing day. Could it be…could it POSSIBLY be…that the liberal media got it wrong again?

Granted, Trump is benefiting from a roaring economy that isn’t entirely his to take credit for. That’s not to buy into the Democrat line that OBAMA is responsible for this boom; it’s just to recognize the reality of the situation, which is that the President of the United States is only tangentially related to the state of the American economy. He plays a role, no doubt about that, but his decisions do not make or break the complex web of factors that comprise the largest economy in the world. Still, there’s no question that many people view the president through that lens; that can only help Trump in the ratings.

But there’s certainly more to it than that. One thing is that people are starting to get used to Trump’s bombastic personality in a presidential context. Skeptics see now that the country isn’t going to fall apart because the president ripped into a GOP senator on Twitter or blasted a celebrity skit on Saturday Night Live. Our democracy isn’t going to collapse if Trump calls a s*ithole country a s*ithole country. We’re going to be okay.

Two, the fact is that he’s just doing a remarkable job. Whether it’s on trade, North Korea, tax cuts, or China, Trump has proven himself to be a deft leader with everything it takes to run this country…and more. That’s why he is sitting at 45%…a higher number than either Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan enjoyed at this point in their respective presidencies.

If things keep trending this way, there’s no telling how popular Trump will be by the time his re-election campaign gets going. Democrats should be very afraid to go up against the man they’re convinced is universally hated.

Then again, it won’t be the first time Trump’s popularity blindsided them…

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