Our Freedoms Are In Decline – Time for Change

According to the most recent edition of the Economic Freedom of the World Report, the U.S. sits at 9th when it comes to protection of person and property. This is quite the decline, considering we ranked #1 in 1980. We dominated the chart for the next twenty years, but Bush’s Patriot Act put a quick end to that. With Obama in power, the gradual erosion of our constitutional freedoms has only hastened. It’s time for a big change.

The war on terrorism is largely to blame for our evaporating liberties. Americans were all too quick to give up liberty in exchange for security in the wake of 9/11. But enough time has passed now that we should have seen a bounceback. Any president worth his salt would have made it his first goal to roll back some of the freedom-encroaching laws that may or may not have been temporarily useful. But he didn’t have the guts or the will. Obama has instead chosen to keep the worst parts of Bush’s policies and enact plenty of his own.

It’s Not Just the White House

But the buck in this case doesn’t stop with Obama. We’re looking at a widespread government-endorsed erosion of the Constitution, backed largely by liberals. They are the ones who are constantly on about the Constitution being a living document, a view not shared by most of the founding fathers. In fact, it was President Woodrow Wilson who popularized this constitutional blurriness, claiming that it should be changed to fit the needs of the times. Since then, judges and politicians alike have delighted in interpreting the document in any way they see fit. The Constitution is not so much changed to fit the times as it is interpreted to suit an agenda.

Amendments are one thing. That is a case of changing the Constitution to fit the times, and these amendments are ratified in a process that has proven to be wise and fair. Interpreting the Second Amendment to mean, “Well, they didn’t mean everyone should be able to have a gun,” is a whole ‘nother matter. Put that together with an extraordinarily loose approach to “unlawful search and seizure” and you have a recipe for…well…exactly what we have now. A country that is increasingly under the thumb of politicians, judges, and police.

We’ve repeated the “living document” mantra so many times that we’ve begun to believe it. Are there situations that require a judge to apply a certain amount of interpretation? Of course. But that’s a far cry from activists making law from the bench. It’s a far cry from giving the president so much executive authority that our governmental checks and balances become a joke.

Whoever takes the White House in 2016, I hope they bring a strong dedication to the (original) Constitution along with them. We need a leader willing to sacrifice his or her own power for the good of the country. We need it quick, before we have to admit that the Constitution is not a living document after all, but rather quite the opposite.


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  1. We the People are SOVEREIGN rulers in the United States not anybody else. No government only we the People. We the People collectively have the DUTY to replace all criminals in positions of authority.

    • Amen and then some

      • We the few must act.

      • Sorry Cruz cannot run for President nor can he run for Vice President Cruz was not born in America but in Canada.

      • Our Constitution is extraordinary, in that it actually created a country with multiple levels of sovereignty interlaced to protect the people

        Consider this, we are a sovereign Nation, made up of Sovereign States, united for our mutual defense, but separate for our individual pursuits. This means politicians DON’T TREAD ON ME! or at least that’s what it should mean.

        We have a legislature that IS CHARGED WITH THE sovereign POWER to make the laws by which we are governed. The President is Charged with executing 9enacting) our laws by signing them, and the Courts as charged with Determining whether or not all Federal and state Laws can be enforced, according to the Constitution.

        But that’s not how it works in the present administration. If you’re familiar with the belief that a shadow United States Corporation is actually runni8ng our country, then you’ll understand these sections of the specific Personal Sovereignty Amendment that Ive created.

        Section 1: The right of the citizens of the United States of America to be recognized as sovereign citizens of both the United States, and the State in which they reside shall not be denied or abridged by Congress, the President, or the Court for any cause or reason.

        Section 2: In both cases, this recognition shall be confirmed when they possess photographic identification documents from each entity, verifying their respective citizenship, thereof; upon which their names shall be printed in both Upper Case and Lower Case letters; so that “John and Jane Doe” shall be a natural persons, who are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, while “JOHN and JANE DOE” shall be a legal persons,{properties}, and shall be ineligible for said citizenship, since properties are not endowed with any kind or type of inalienable rights by their owners.

        Section 7: When the names of all citizens of the United States of America have been removed form the Corporation’s records, and said citizens have received all monies formerly-associated with their status as legal persons (properties) of said corporation; The United States Corporation shall be immediately be permanently and irrevocably dissolved.

        Section 8: After the United States Corporation has been permanently and irrevocably dissolved, no such corporation which own any citizens of the any State or Territory comprising the United States of America as properties, thereof, shall be created for any cause or reason

        Section 9: As sovereign citizens of the United States of America and of the States in which they reside, they shall be united for the mutual defense of their home State and of the United States, when necessary, but they shall be separate from the interference of either legislature, as well as the judicial powers of both in their individual pursuits.

        Section 10: Neither the United States nor any State shall make nor enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges and immunities of any Citizen under their dual jurisdiction, nor shall the Legislature, Executive Authority or Court of either deprive any person of Life, Liberty, or Property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within their respective jurisdictions the equal protection pf the laws.

        Here is a Short Amendment I created to state my understanding of Congress’ sovereign power:


        ARTICLE 1

        Section 1 All legislative Power herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States of America, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

        Subsection 1: Congressional power under this section is a plenary grant of power to act as the sovereign Legislature of the United States of America, empowering them to levy War, Conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do; completely Independent of the general Assembly of the world Government, of which The United States of America is presently a Charter Member.

        But not to impose laws on the citizens of any State, protecting their general Welfare (health,
        safety, and order) which would override the sovereign legislative Power of the States’ Legislature to make and to enforce such laws protecting the citizens of their respective States.

        Subsection 2: Congressional power under this Article is therefor restricted to securing the unalienable rights of the people from being abridged by The President and the Courts, or by any State; and to make and enforce all laws which are right and proper in order to protect, preserve, and defend their privileges and immunities; while not depriving any person of Life, Liberty or Property, without due process of law, nor denying to any person residing in any State the equal protection of the laws.

        And finally, to operate exclusively within the bounds of their Enumerated Powers, as contained in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, so they do not infringe upon the States’ Rights, or the rights of the people residing within them, by assuming powers not specifically delegated to the federal government or prohibited from it by the Constitution, which are reserved to the States or the People, in order to separate, divide, and limit power from accumulating into too few hands.

        Unfortunately, I haven’t created a similar amendment for the President; so here is part of the one I created for the Supreme Court.

        An Amendment to Restore the Supreme Court

        Section 1: The Judicial Power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such Inferior Courts as the Congress shall from time to time ordain and establish. No foreign Judicial Authority may seize this Power:; And this Power shall not be surrendered to any foreign Judicial Authority, by any Treaty, or other Means.

        Section 2: The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court SHALL NOT MAKE Laws. This shall be the exclusive province of Congress, as set forth in Article, Section 1 of the Constitution:

        “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress
        of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of

        Neither the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, nor the Associate Justices, nor any other Federal Judge render opinions based on their political policy preferences. To do so shall be immediate grounds for impeachment, and removal from office.

        Section 3: The plenary power to be exercised by the Court under this Article, requires them to employ their unique prerogative to Interpret the Constitution, to determine whether Federal Laws written and passed by Congress, and executed by the signature of the President; can be enforced, according to the principles and precedents set forth in the Constitution, and without abridging the rights of the People, as recognized by the Bill of Rights, and the 27 Amendments, thereof.

        Section 4: The Chief and Associate Justices shall utilize said prerogative to determine whether laws written and passed by legislatures of the States, and executed by the Signature of their
        Governors, can be enforced, according to the principles and precedents set forth in the Constitution, and without abridging the rights of the People, as recognized by the Bill of Rights, and the 27 Amendments, thereof.

        They shall issue opinions, only upon those specific Federal and State Laws, which the Supreme Courts of the States have already rendered their opinions,and in which said decisions do not lead to a total redress of grievances between the plaintiff and the accuser, and are thereby remitted to the Supreme Court for final judgment.

        They shall render opinions, as to the Constitutionality of actions taken by the Legislatures and Courts of the Sovereign States, when Necessary, to Maintain the Uniform Application of Constitutional Law throughout the United States.

        All .laws determined to be Unconstitutional according to the criteria contained in this section shall be declared Unconstitutional, by a Majority Vote of the Members of the Supreme Court.

        These are some ideas I had at various time to better define the limited powers each branch of our government should be exercising.

  2. It isn’t just Washington and the WH, but rather the bureaucracy, which pretty much stays in place regardless of who was elected last cycle, that is going totally out of control, making their own rules. Think TSA! They need to be stopped, replaced or abolished!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      The thing of it is….. The asshole in the white house is over there kissing Iran’s ass, knowing that they support the terrorists. Why? Well, it’s simple. HE IS ONE OF THEM. He has brought this great country down so far that we will not be able to defend ourselves. Sure, he sides with Iran ! After depleting our military and CAUSING so many of our soldiers to perish, he knows that, together with Iran, he can make this once great country his one world leadership and set himself up as THE LEADER. NOW he wants to sit down with Republicans and come to some happy median (with a knife hidden behind his back).. The sumbitch needs to go before a firing squad and their bullets need to be dipped in pig’s blood…

    • ABOLISHED ….!!!!!!

    • Abolished. TSA, DHS, EPA, HUD, Interior, Education, Energy… and many, many more.

    • Abolished, along with the IRS gangsters!

  3. how about cruz/west ticket. ive though about cruz/palin, but I think we need a vice president that has military history, and allen west is such a strong leader type as is cruz.

  4. There is only one thing I believe that will save our Nation NOW, and it is not some President that’s for sure..!!! “We the People” have lost way to much for those in D.C. to give it back, and we are way to far down the rabbit hole…!!!

    • Well you might be , but I am still above ground !!!

      • You dude are a blind fool USPatriotone is right we are in a SH!THOLE with NO place to go but down.

        • You sir may go down the shithole if you so desire . Me , I’ll stay above ground and will fight for my rights . I’m not as blind as you might think . Thank you for your reply .

    • Wouldn’t the world stand up and take notice if only WE THE PEOPLE in its entirety matched on DC? I mean ALL of us. Trouble is, there’s so many complacent ones that you can’t get the combined organization that it would take to get the job done!!

    • TOO much, and TOO far. TO means TOWARD-sheesh.

  5. If a true Conservative isn’t our next President then the Rule of Law and our Constitution will continue to decline in relevance. If someone like Hillary Clinton is elected then survival of the nation as a viable entity is at risk. We are already a nation of hyphenated tribes with few newcomers making any effort to become Americans. Tens of millions of illegals are the barometer to how well the federal government enforces our nations laws. The feds also refuse to hod anyone accountable for the massive bank frauds that were responsible for plunging us into this fiscal nightmare we are still experiencing. If something significant isn’t done soon we are doomed.

  6. we need a Cruz, Carson ticket for 2016, Hillary will be a large sinker for the democrats, the democrats should rethink getting Hillary to run on the democratic ticket
    but this is one way for Republicans to win the Presidency. Hillary has to much baggage and Americans are tired of the Clinton story, bill and Hillary didn’t do anything
    for the democrats in this past election cycle. they lost big time! Americans know who
    you are voting for what they believe and will do once in office and remember don’t
    vote any liberals in office they will surly screw up everything.

    • I’d like for Carson to be a little more vocal. He’s stayed in the sidelines and is relying on his book to introduce himself. He needs to speak up so we can see him and hear what he has to say on the topics that are important to us. I would like to be able to determine whether he’d be a good fit for this country by seeing more of him and hearing his views on things happening today. I’m just not hearing much of anything coming from him to be able to say he’d be a viable candidate.

  7. Why are CRIMINALS still allowed to dwell in the White House, then?

    • Because their pals are in Congress and outnumbered their GOP enemies before Nov. 4. Things may change in 2015 if the conservative public keeps the new Congressional reps’ feet to the fire; we can hope that will be the case.

  8. jamesbolin46@gmail.com

    I have been saying this for about 45 years, Have seen destruction of America from within. Not even the “Militia” military will speak out. Much less act. How about it Gen Grass. Got any brass? Details upon request.

  9. I just want to see our elected officials DO THEORY JOBS, as WE THEORY PEOPLE are DEMANDING!! May I be so bold as to ask you to watch the movie “America”, Imagine a world without her. If you haven’t seen it do yourself a big favor & watch it all sooner the better!

  10. An elite ruling class has taken over the Republican ranks. One that should not be there. One that no longer has the peoples best interest in mind, but their own best interests in mind. Their votes are more about CONTROL
    and furthering their careers than what is best for their people.

    That elite ruling class has been corrupted by power. The power in DC Politics is so corrosive that no matter how good you are when you go in, it is only a matter of time before you will be corrupted. Some are corrupted before they enter office, others over time.
    That elite ruling class with their power grabs is what insulted and turned away the Ron Paulers in 2012, which in turn cost Romney and the Republicans the election. Or who could forget what the elite ruling class did to McDaniel in Mississippi. The elite used money and tricks to force their choice over the peoples choice.

    You can call them RINO’s you can call them the Good Ol Boy Network. What every you call them, I say term limits for the whole lot, if they are not corrupt now, it is only a matter of time before they will be…

  11. Too bad we could not send Obama and any one that supports Obama to moon on one why trip ..Just think how great America would be once again

  12. I like what is said here and I feel that we the people which have not done our work for this country in the last 40 years need now to see what power they have and the changes that they can make to put our country back to what it was working to gether for whats good for the country and that will take care of the people

  13. here we go again. blame bush good God man!, i hope you idiots don’t get a cold, you’ll blame that on him too! in the wake of 9/11, i thank God we had bush in the white house! bush or the patriot act did not hurt my freedom either!

  14. Check out the newly forming Constitution Party! It has a fantastic concept that the administering of the nation and all leaders and bureaucrats strictly conform to the U. S. Constitution!

  15. Political correctness is the cancer eroding the vitals of the US, and is the tool of Marxists and Socialists. If Americans don’t rise up in the 2016 election as they did last week, the nation may never recover from the onslaught of Progressive-backed policies, rules, and regulations. Save the nation and vote out all Leftists and keep the current Congress’s feet to the fire, to reduce or rescind Obama’s illegal actions since 2008.

  16. George Washington and Ike Eisenhower both warned the US about the dangers of the enemy within. Now we have seen the results of not heeding their warnings. The public must keep the 2015 Congress’s feet to the fire to replace, rescind, or repair the damage done by both sides since 911.

  17. All you bitches better get use to the cleaning up of our country…it’s coming to a city near you……

  18. Thanks for another step in the opposite direction, OBAMA. Go back to Africa where you belong, and stop trying to let ISIS in through the south.

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