O’Reilly: Ignorance to Blame for Social Liberalism

According to a recent Gallup survey, social liberals have finally caught up to social conservatives in the United States. For the first time since the poll’s questions were asked of the population, conservatives and liberals are equal in their representation. On his program this week, Bill O’Reilly attempted to make some sense out of the change. According to him, the explanation is a simple one: “More Americans are simply ignorant of the consequences involving social behavior.”

This one really stirred up the left’s hornet’s nest, but is there any way of looking at it that does not prove O’Reilly right? Political polls that question Americans about their knowledge of current events always produce woeful results. Younger Americans can barely name the last president, much less give an informed opinion on gay marriage. We have a populace that is being driven by social media, left-wing news organizations, and Hollywood propaganda. There’s hardly any reason to wonder why we would be shifting towards the liberal end of the spectrum.

O’Reilly insisted that “America’s in for a big shock” when we realize what we’ve done to the country. He may be a bit optimistic, there. Many of today’s liberals will grow up, get smart, and become tomorrow’s conservatives, but the left will continue to prey upon those who don’t have two brain cells to rub together. The social consequences of gay marriage, unrestrained abortion, and other lefty issues will come clear, but don’t expect liberals to blame themselves. They will do what they’ve always done and pretend as though the answer to what ills America is to give more power to the government.

Conservatism has one glaring weakness when compared to liberalism: it requires a little bit of thought. It requires a little bit of knowledge. It requires a little bit of life experience. You can be a liberal as soon as you are born. You can cry, can’t you? Well, you don’t need much more than that. To be a conservative, you’ll probably need to work a little. You might need to pay a few bills. You might have to look at your paycheck and be stunned by the amount of money the federal government takes for itself.

Can you be a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, as so many claim to be? Maybe, but it’s a tough line to hold. Socially liberal policies usually lead to more federal funding. You can be hands-off on gay marriage, but how can you approve of the way the Supreme Court is handling the issue? How can you approve of the government telling business owners that they must provide services for gay weddings? It’s all connected, and that’s why standing on the fence is an untenable position.

O’Reilly may be right when he predicts a big shock, but it would be nice if we could fix things before that shock comes to pass. We can do this with education. We can do this with politicians who aren’t afraid to make the case for conservative policies. Unfortunately, those politicians are in short supply.

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