O’Reilly: Ignorance to Blame for Social Liberalism

According to a recent Gallup survey, social liberals have finally caught up to social conservatives in the United States. For the first time since the poll’s questions were asked of the population, conservatives and liberals are equal in their representation. On his program this week, Bill O’Reilly attempted to make some sense out of the change. According to him, the explanation is a simple one: “More Americans are simply ignorant of the consequences involving social behavior.”

This one really stirred up the left’s hornet’s nest, but is there any way of looking at it that does not prove O’Reilly right? Political polls that question Americans about their knowledge of current events always produce woeful results. Younger Americans can barely name the last president, much less give an informed opinion on gay marriage. We have a populace that is being driven by social media, left-wing news organizations, and Hollywood propaganda. There’s hardly any reason to wonder why we would be shifting towards the liberal end of the spectrum.

O’Reilly insisted that “America’s in for a big shock” when we realize what we’ve done to the country. He may be a bit optimistic, there. Many of today’s liberals will grow up, get smart, and become tomorrow’s conservatives, but the left will continue to prey upon those who don’t have two brain cells to rub together. The social consequences of gay marriage, unrestrained abortion, and other lefty issues will come clear, but don’t expect liberals to blame themselves. They will do what they’ve always done and pretend as though the answer to what ills America is to give more power to the government.

Conservatism has one glaring weakness when compared to liberalism: it requires a little bit of thought. It requires a little bit of knowledge. It requires a little bit of life experience. You can be a liberal as soon as you are born. You can cry, can’t you? Well, you don’t need much more than that. To be a conservative, you’ll probably need to work a little. You might need to pay a few bills. You might have to look at your paycheck and be stunned by the amount of money the federal government takes for itself.

Can you be a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, as so many claim to be? Maybe, but it’s a tough line to hold. Socially liberal policies usually lead to more federal funding. You can be hands-off on gay marriage, but how can you approve of the way the Supreme Court is handling the issue? How can you approve of the government telling business owners that they must provide services for gay weddings? It’s all connected, and that’s why standing on the fence is an untenable position.

O’Reilly may be right when he predicts a big shock, but it would be nice if we could fix things before that shock comes to pass. We can do this with education. We can do this with politicians who aren’t afraid to make the case for conservative policies. Unfortunately, those politicians are in short supply.

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  1. O’Reilly is right on , because the population is dumbed down to the extent that half the population has lost its desire to toil for their daily bread, and are solely dependent on our social welfare, and all other assistance programs to get along in life. Has our nation lost its incentative to succeed? What a waste…..

    • Billy Bob Johnson

      You and O’Reilly couldn’t be more wrong. To say that “half of the American population has lost it’s desire to toil for their daily bread” is simply ludicrous..I am sure you are including all children under the age of 18 and all of the millions of elderly retirees just to make your made up story sound better. Sorry, no sane American is buying it. I have 4 baby grandchildren under 1 years old who are so lazy and unwilling to work for their daily bread that all they do all is lay around but 2 of them do crawl. Then there is my lazy 93 year old mother who won’t get a job and just sits in her wheelchair all day and watches the birds in her bird feeder.

      • billy, what Burton is saying is true. There are exceptions to the rule, and you would understand if you had common sense. Half the population suppressively put obama in office 2 times. That is proof slapping you in the ass.

        • boris yasdnilkov

          Supergun, The trouble with folks like Billy Bob is that they cannot abide reality.

          • But,,,,but,,,,,but,,,,but,,,,they let these people have children, drive a car, and vote. Now that is real real scary.

          • So they embarrassingly create an alternate reality. Trouble is, the only ones there are just as much in self denial.

            Think about it, don’t far too many lefties develop a false narrative to support their misguided ends? Ironically, they have a good idea of what they would like a consequence to be, but are absolutely clueless about how to get there. There are many examples that can be cited.

            These types would be supporting the British in colonial times because that side looked most like Mommy Government.

        • Billy Bob Johnson

          Wrong again, squirt gun. More that half of the VOTING population put Mr. Obama into office 2 times. (Thank God) You all throw this “half of the population” thing around and you know not of what you speak!! Sorry, you just can’t win.. LOL

          • Nope ,,you’re the one that is still wrong. All those that voted twice for Obama are still as ignorant today as then and it seems as though you are too. We are at the highest level of handouts by the government and the most out of work. Bring in more free loaders from Mexico and soon you will have a totally dependent fallen country.We have lost all respect from what allies we have left, All the moral values this country was founded on are all but disappearing. These are just a few of the subjects to show why we are where we are as a county. All because of what we have for leadership in this country today. Oh by the way, yes it is about half of the population that is still ignorant to about everything that matters. You go out on to the streets and start asking simple questions to everyday folks as to who, what and where and just maybe you will see what we are talking about here. Someday you will wake up I hope and realize something terrible has happened here.

          • Billy Bob Johnson

            You know, I think you are right . The most ignorant people are writing here on this site.

          • That would have to include you too, right Billy Bob?

          • I use to know a walking dead named Billy Tom Johnson. Are you and him related?

          • Roy Clingenpeel

            It wasn’t God that put him in twice it was satin and all his disciples with all their criminal activities that took place during the elections.

          • Thank you!! I was going to go back up and say the exact same thing! All this crowd know is gimme, gimme, gimme and where’s my free cell phone and EBT card!

          • Next thing we know it will be silk that’s at fault, not satin at all.

          • Very Funny!!

          • Billy Bob Johnson

            You must be confused. Your talking about the 2 Bush elections that he lost but was still put into office.

          • So, it was that smooth, velvety cloth that got Obama elected into office, not once but twice ? I think the word you’re looking for is satan. Are you just a bad speller or did you misplace your glasses ? LOL!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No, SORRY, your ass doesn’t win, I’m afraid! 2/3 of those that voted for the little halfbreed dumbass had voted 3 and 4 times already, and HALF OF THOSE were DEAD PEOPLE!!
            Have another nice tall glass of liberal koolaide and check with your brain before allowing your fingers to do dumbass things, eh??

          • Ya beat me to the punch! I can provide a link to one Black woman that voted for Ovomit 6 times but the DOJ refused to prosecute her. I wonder if it was a race thing??? Ovomit Black, the woman is Black and Holder Black. Hmmm, I think it needs the duck test!
            If it quacks like a duck…………

            My link:

            I was told on another blog that a woman voted 72 times for Ovomit but that person couldn’t provide a link. I believe he said it was in Oklahoma.

          • Billy Bob Johnson

            All I can say to you is …… Ignorance is bliss!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Then you must feel like you’re in heaven, eh bubbah??

          • You are a f*ing idiot.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            What’s a f*ing ??

          • I think he intentionally left out the 3 letters like “uck” to avoid being censored! I do the same thing!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I know that a lot of times, my language really sucks, but some of these die-hard, sick in the head, demoncratic trolls bring out the worst in me. And now, in addition to their free Ovomit phones, they’re planning on giving them FREE INTERNET? All those freebies, AND WE HAVE VETERANS LIVING ON THE STREETS!!!

          • Intriguing and amusing… not you, the desire to put a social activist with a healthy disrespect for The Consitution in the White House by the ignorant who bought into the “first” concept. It could very well happen with the next “first”. No need for the vetting of accomplishment, qualification, or platform. It is the politics of social labeling, not objective scrutiny. Every line you post, Billy Bob, contains the usual tired stances of the left.

            You do know that much more than half the populace of Germany AND Austria supported Adolf Schicklgruber Hitler as he began his power grab. Other countries looked away in tacit approval.

            Obama exists, less as himself but with the luck of being essentially an amalgam of all that is far left and short term sighted. Stick around and witness the difficult turnaround by leaders from the front to reverse this assclown’s policies.

          • Ok silly willy billy. He was put in office by one third of the population. Put that in you pot pipe and smoke on it awhile.

          • Billy Bob Johnson

            As long as he won, that’s the important thing. Unlike Bush who did not win but was put into office anyway.

          • Would not show my ignorance if I was you.

          • Billy Bob Johnson

            But you do show your ignorance ……. ONCE AGAIN.

          • Playground talk. Go bother someone else.

        • supergun: It wasn’t anywhere near half the population, it was about one fifth of the population and only one third of the eligible voters.

          • If what you say is true, then he was put in office by fraudulent process.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            BINGO!!! Isn’t this what America has been screaming about all along? DUHHHHHH! Fraudulent president by fraudulent voting. DUHHHHHHH!!!

          • Well yes. Heard the screaming loud and clear. But no one has the balls to do anything about it.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            It’s the liberal, left winged, socialists that are pushing it and the traitor repopplicans that are sitting on their well funded asses, happy with what George Soros did for their bank accounts and afraid to doublecross him.. WE NEED A FULL SCALE REBELLION !! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA!! :-((

          • You have some interesting thoughts.

          • Not a fraudulent process. A process distorted, at best, by apathy of eligible voters – possibly up, possibly down. The “population” isn’t eligible to vote so the voting statistics don’t relate to the population. Among those who are eligible to vote some don’t vote (and probably some vote more than once), so the election results only show percentage of recorded votes. i.e. Half the recorded votes elected him twice, but only about a third of the eligible voters, and about one fifth of the population.

          • I agree

        • Let me correct you on the voting. We had a population close to 320 million. Of that, around 242 million were of age to vote. In the last Presidential election, only a total of 129,235,558 voted. That is roughly 39% of our total population voting for the rest of the population. 1/6 of the total population put Obama in office, not half. Romney lost by under 5 million votes, which could have been those suppressed by Obama’s Administration. What makes it worse, is that there were quite a lot claiming to have voted up to eight times for Obama. Where were all those other voters out of the 242 that were eligible to vote?
          As for the toiling. There are 45.6 million on food stamps now.(it was 47.6 but some were cut off) Roughly 159.5 million receiving some form of benefits. So tell Billy-boy that the US work force in 2015 consists of 148.8 million out of a total population close to 321 million. Minus the elderly and children, those of age to work total around 217 million.

      • BBJ
        Pure unadulterated BS.

      • Roy Clingenpeel

        Billy Bob, you over simplify the problem. The problem is that over half of those physically able to work are on the take. This country has too many defects, illnesses and abilities and educational disparities classified as disabilities. My Father had a lame leg, 3rd grade education and a severe heart problem and worked every day of his life raised 4 children and died of a heart attack at the age of 64 without a days welfare, workers compensation or unemployment payments and no working dayss off. Now tell me how many 18 to 65 years old are currently on the take because they have minor imperfections; too fat, too short, too tall, walk with a limp, have a minor speech impediment, are anti social, a pretense of metal problems, dropped out of school in the 3rd grade to sell dope (educationally deprived), have alcohol or dope addictions or have 1 to 10 illegitimate children or just plain lazy or are 3rd or 4th generation welfare recipients. I’m not an O’Reilly fan but he is correct if taken in the perfective given in.

        • Don’t forget to add in all the able-bodied immigrants who are classified as disabled, and collect disability benefits, because they don’t speak English! They should be given 18 months to learn the language once they arrive, without receiving benefits, and if they fail to comply, they should be sent home! Just think of all the natural-born American citizens who fight for YEARS to get disabilities approved by our government for legitimate disabilities! It’s infuriating, the liberals are responsible for this travesty, and they need to be voted out!

          • Roy Clingenpeel

            I agree. my daughter has a failing heart and waiting for a transplant and social security is trying to declare her able to work and she has a problem walking across a room without exhausting her. The SOB’s (that included the man in charge)

        • Billy Bob Johnson


      • Michael Dennewitz

        Billy Bubba.. You’ve failed the test for comedian of the day, okay? Drink some more of dat stuff…

        • Right back at you MICHAEL BOOB! You failed the comeidan of the day test/SO DON’T QUITE YOUR DAY JOB, IF YOU WORK.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’m a disabled, Vietnam veteran and unable to work……and your dictionary will help you out tremendously on your spelling… 🙁

          • Michael Dennewitz

            W T F asked you.??

          • Slip of the finger Comedian! Splitting hairs intellect! One mispelled word would qualify me for a 99% on a spelling test 🙂 If you are a disabled vet, I thank you for your service to me and our country. However, I question that a respectable disabled vet that can’t work would choose to use “WTF” vernacular!! PLUS! I also saw your foul, disgusting, illiterate description of MOHUMMID boasting of your vulgar PICTURE ON YOUR WALL? AND! THAT CONFIRMS TO ME, THE ONLY CREDIT YOU DESERVE IS YOU ARE A LYING PIG! DEFINITELY NOT A DISABLED VET! It appears that your brain is the only disabled part of your body.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            HAHAHA. And you wasted all that time and effort just to puke up the same old LIBERAL BULLSHIT ???
            Oh, and btw smartass, how does one “quite” his job.. Where do these dumbasses come from??? And moohumid was a pedophile, and they DO hump goats when they can no longer find little 4 or 5 year olds to rape!! Yeppers, that SHIT is overtaking America smartass! IZ YU READY ???

          • Roy Clingenpeel

            The president has declared all of us veterans are to be atheist and designated all of US as terrorists. Patty how many medals have you earned in combat lately. USN retired

          • With all due respect sir..I think you are misinterpreting my comments? What prompted you to ask me if i had earned any combat medals?? My comments were of disgust to Michael Dennewitz who claims to be a disabled VET! I find it hard to believe him as I don’t think any honorable, respectable VET would have such a filthy mouth. OR would they/OR you? Every day I hear about our soldiers dying. Our soldiers coming home without limbs, blind, deaf, burned beyond recognition, PTSD and inspite of their condition/ they don’t express bitterness and have class! AND! I think if Michael D is a disabled VET (but doubt) his foul, disgusting mouth is a disgrace to the military, disabled or not disabled and I’m going to speak my disgust and disapproval..Like it or not.

            I thank you and all our brave men and women for going to war, your service to our country. I thank you putting your life on the line which allowed/allows me and millions of Americans to be in their homes knowing they/we are safe while our soldiers are putting your life on the line for your country and we the people. No, I haven’t earned any medals in combat. But my dad was a Navy CB the duration of the war. You thguys know? that the guys that went to places like Guadacanal (sorry about the spelling but don’t feel like getting out dictionary) held off the enemy, building air strips and roads until the fighting Marines/Army, etc. arrived? He was too old (around 35/38) to be drafted but signed up to fight for our country. I am assuming fighting for you and your family at that time? I also had two Uncles in their mid 40’s who joined the Navy in WW2. One Uncle on the U.S.S. Iowa and was injured but stayed in. Another Uncle stationed in England was injured during the German blitzing of London, but stayed in. No, Mr. Clingenpeel, I haven’t earned any combat medals but I will accept and think I deserve a few thanks for my dad and Uncles fighting in WW2. AND NOT BEING ASKED IF I HAD EARNED ANY COMBAT MEDALS. AND WHY?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Never mind my comments. That was the longest line of bullshit I’ve ever read. You trolls can really make up some shit, can’t you. You get a book from the library so you could sound convincing? And I could really give a shit if you don’t like my FOUL, DISGUSTING language, okay. At least I’m not the bullshitter that you appear to me. And yes, while in Vietnam, WE ALL talked this way. Get the hell over it troll!

          • Billy Bob Johnson

            The President has said no such thing. Telling lies is soooooo easy. USMC retired

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Knowing that you’d even stoop to kicking on veterans also, that leaves it confirmed, you actually are a very dizzy CUNT !!!

      • You fit the description as Bill said.This is not about the elderly or little children.Most of the elderly paid into social security for their retirement.It was never called an entitlement until this admin took control.Most could never live long enough to receive back what was paid in.Our wonder government aquandered the SS money.The single parents that lost their morality and the government destruction of family values are just a few of the problems.95 million unemployed,and 52 million on welfare is a great problem.We have 5 generations in the welfare system.They have children and their children have children,and their children have children and all 99% are taught to take the same path.Now people have learned how to get dissability and are as able to work as I am.Our government is so organized that they send SS checks to 8 million people that don’t even exist.They don’t have checks and balances.They are so liberal and think they are not suppost to account for mismanagement.Your young children are not expected to work nor are your elderly parents.It would be a good jesture to expect abled body people to carry their load.Maybe we hould all stay at home and let the big corperations send us checks.I think that would be very liberal of them….

      • Not buying it Billy Bob. Just because you wish to make a mockery of the exercise DOES NOT mean that the exceptions that you include in your little microcosm of misinformation are any more true. I’ve got elderly and young’uns in my family. They are not included in the tally, nor should they be, and anyone with any objectivity would not include them either, despite your wishing it. Are you related to Nancy Pelosi?

        While it may have been fun for you to write all clever and cutesy, I’ll stick to the facts.

        Wonder why the unemployment number looks so low? Go do the homework. I’ll give you two hints. There are several different “types” of unemployment classifications. Underemployed and unemployed get no distinction in the one used by this regime or any other.

        Wise up.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Dude, that wasn’t even close to funny!!

      • Billy Bob…. you have no common sense at all. Your comments show your ignorance. Burton is correct.

    • Sad but true. Same thing happened to the Romans. Can you see us looking like Italy tomorrow?

    • If globalism, NAFTA and the WTO hadn’t stolen over 22 million good-paying jobs from the American people, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hadn’t demanded open borders since the 1980’s, trying to drive down wages for tens of millions of American citizens, our nation probably wouldn’t have “lost its incentive to succeed.” That incentive will be suppressed even further once Obama shoves through the TPP, which will result in the loss of an additional 1/3 of our manufacturing, and his illegal amnesty. God save our country from such purveyors of evil before it’s too late!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      A true waste Burton. The left winged liberals have become so comfortable getting all their freebies – just hope they’ll still be able to enjoy them all in a FEMA camp!!

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      If the population is dumbed down then the Turd Potty Christian Conservatives would have been successful. They have been trying for some time now to bring people down to their level. However they have failed miserably because they are inconsequential to life itself.

  2. O’Reilly is right for once. We are indeed in for a rude awakening. We already have reached critical mass with the unfettered illegal immigration into the country. All we need now is one more big explosive trajedy and a few more LEGAL citizens who don’t have jobs nor any prospects. AMERICA IS A POWDER KEG JUST WAITING FOR THE MATCH!

  3. O’Reilly is on target this time. I understand the concern for the poor and the needy. I also do not like their situation. But more welfare only increases the volatility of the situation. Our form of government is supposed to lead us away from poverty conditions. But it no longer does. It encourages a do nothing type of person. Therefore, it does not work. That means we have to change course and set sail back to our origins in this country. Welfare is not a solution. It is an obstacle. Opening our borders to more of the same only heightens the pace of financial collapse. That makes no sense to me.

  4. I rarely agree with O’Reilly but he has this one nailed ! This didn’t start overnight, it has taken from about 1962 to reach the tipping point we have now reached. LBJ found out it is much easier to get people on the government dole than getting them off. Greece is going through this painful process now, after generations of a Socialist utopia the money has run out and no one left to borrow from. When the parasites out number the producers, it’s all over and the bloodshed starts.

  5. The problem is entirely with the media (movies, internet and especially TV). The entertainment industry and news organizations are largely run by leftists. And they have the power of influencing public opinion by what they cover, and how they cover it… and also by what they refuse to cover.

    Look at how homosexuals are portrayed on TV and in the movies. They are invariably portrayed as kind and sensitive… great people. Remember in 1991 when the Silence of the Lambs came out? The villain, “Buffalo Bill/Jame Gumb” was a homosexual and transgender. LGBT groups were up in arms over this, and the producers apologized. Now, with the increasing power of LGBT activists, there is now way such a movie would be made.

    Then look at crime dramas on TV (like the “Law & Order” franchise, “CSI” franchise, “Cold Case”, and so on). If there is a religious person on these shows, they are, more often than not, portrayed as the villain (or someone who enables the villain).

    For those that say, “oh, the media cannot effect attitudes and behavior”, here is my proof that it can: the very existence of advertising is that proof. Advertising exists to modify behavior, to get you to buy or try the advertisers’ products or services. And it works, otherwise advertisers would not be spending hundreds of billions of dollars on it annually. Advertisers carefully track how effective their advertisements are. If the advertisers were not getting results (i.e., modifying people’s behavior), they would not be spending money advertising. Therefore, the media can and does effect people’s attitudes and behavior.

    • Every T.V. viewer needs to change channels EVERY TIME an advertisement comes on. Granted, it requires dexterity, and tends to irritate the hell out of others, but following several programs at once keeps the brain sharp, rather than being stunted by watching advertising which is generally nothing but B.S.

    • Michael Dennewitz


  6. I have recently spoken to several small business owners that pretty much say the same thing: Younger people today just don’t want to work. One business is a car repair service. They are always so busy that they hired two new guys to help out. One had misrepresented what he knew about repairing cars, but didn’t want to put in the time learning (owners had offered to teach him), and the other one was good, but after two days said he just didn’t want to work that hard and long (8 hours/day). The owner of this shop said that in about 10 years, America is going to be in real trouble, because the younger generation doesn’t want to work.
    So, what does this have to do with this article? I guess that the younger generation, even as they age, will always be liberal in order to vote themselves benefits so they can stay home and play (violent) video games. Only, I guess they are not thinking about where those “free” benefits are going to come from! Idiots!

  7. RINO’s, PC Liberal-retards, DemonicRATS, FeminineNAZI’s, MU-slimes and Affirmative Action will kill us all.



  9. boris yasdnilkov

    Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

  10. Yeah, Mr. pompous, finger-pointing egomaniac you should know because you and the rest of your FOX FAKERS are ignorant to the fact that we have a Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” with his homo and lezbo commie minions that that are intentionally destroying America and replacing it with AMERIKA but as long as you are able to have your show that comes with free suits then you aren’t about to rock the boat and lose your lavish lifestyle! This also goes for the rest of the FAKERS on FOX that are so glib and unconcerned about what is really occurring as I have just identified! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or R.I.P. USA! mInr, NSA!

  11. O’Reilly is right. All the years liberals have worked on paying attention to people who are poor Un-educated and seek hand out’s while their scholars worked on our school system turning it into a bastion of United States hater’s and criminals. They only know how to motivate through extortion which is why Jesse and Al do it, IT WORKs. Now we Obama has set civil rights back 60 years, and Blacks are convinced their crime’s are only judged by racist which they are, who will suffer again, the poor blacks and hispanics. They have been gamed by Democrats since 1900.

  12. BoundlessExistence

    Hey Mr. O’Imbecile, please tell us what the consequences of gay marriage are going to be. Please, please, tell us, we need to know, shower us with your wisdom on this subject.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Hopefully, every damned QUEER in America will sooner or later catch VD and die from the shit!!

      • Melinda Killie

        Oh, how Christian of you, Michael Dennewitz…




        • Michael Dennewitz

          yaddayaddayaddayaddayadda… DISMISSED!!

          • Don’t ya just love it when dumb ass republican “clown party” trolls like michael get their OWN lil gherkins they call dicks stuck in their own knothole and can’t get it out again; no matter how much the pull? You are really a hilarious hypocritical twist, michael… LOLOLOLOL~!

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Really, Michael, you initiated the conflict.. Are you running with your tail between your legs with nothing to show for it now? LOLOL! THAT’S obvious. You really got it stuck bad, don’t ya? LOLOL! Keep your gherkin in the jar, dopey.. You try to wield it like a sword and you end up cutting your own throat. LOLOLOL! Yup, you ARE and remain dismissed…

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Blahblahblahblahblahblah……….Yep, she’s a C…….. HAHAHAHAHA

          • Melinda Killie

            You have lost the battle and the war here, Michael.. Take your tear jerker disappointment elsewhere and while you sit and ponder how this liberal democrat got your goat, because you decided to play stupid..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Please bitch, you’re not impressing anyone but your own ego. You liberals always play that little self conceited game by blaming everyone else. No shit, you’re downright pitiful. And when I’m finished, don’t bother, huh? I’m programming your every response to automatically go to a spam folder so that I don’t have to read your liberal, communistic bullshit..Have a blast talking to yourself, eh?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS TROLL…………….
          DISMISSED B….

    • The customary far left modus operandi: name-calling, person insults (and frequently profanity & vulgarity) with little to no evidence of fact.

      • Melinda Killie

        The facts ARE there tangacootac, it’s just that the republicans have pea brains in their deeply

        sloping foreheads and don’t get the fact that they have been shooting themselves in their OWN

        asses with their stupidity…


        • Further verification of what I noted above: juvenile names, vulgarity and profanity with no facts in sight.

          • Melinda Killie

            What’s the matter? STILL can’t back up your republican bullshit, tang?
            Typical republican bullshitter.. Can’t back up his mouth with facts. Don’t crack on me because you are PURPOSELY blind and stupid… Keep whining…

  13. Melinda Killie

    More bullshit from O’Liely and faux noise… Go figure that… LOLOLOL! Desperation and TOTAL stupidity has made the “raunchy right” and their minions lobotomized morons.. Keep whining, republican’ts.. Keep whining… LOLOLOLOL!

    • Another troll with absolutely nothing to say. Except of course that Fox and Conservatives are stupid. That’s all they ever have to say. Guess Media Matters has an audience after all.

      • Melinda Killie

        Really? You ARE stupid..

        THAT is evident..

        And as you republicans are so fond of saying, “You CAN’T fix stupid.”

        Keep whining. You dumb bastards are amazingly stupid..

        Especially when you keep parroting the most STUPID shit imaginable, and then expect people

        to treat it as gospel..

        Keep spinning in place and whining, Evodawg..


        • Michael Dennewitz

          Boy! You did real good on your definition of the word BITCH! Tell us some more intelligent shit!! HA!

          • You calling ME a bitch, Michael? Thanks! Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming, and Hard As Hell On bullcrapping republicans who should keep both their mouths closed and their warped agenda out of America.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Yea, your “short bus” brand of stupidity IS quite amusing, isn’t it, michael.. ?

            I will send you a case of kleenex after the next election…

        • Doesn’t take much to get her to go mental. This Thing really needs to put herself out of her own misery or commit herself to the nearest insane/mental Hospital. Bet she’s the joy of the neighborhood. Hey Melinda you wanna borrow my 9mm Barretta?

          • Melinda Killie

            ROTFLMAO!!! OLIely has been busted in his own bullshit and you are stupid enough to continue backing him.. Well, I will say you have a great lacking in brains, morals, and able to deal with reality and truth, no matter what you may wail and prostrate yourself about Oliely and faux noise.. You are a brainless, mindless, lobotomized, republican moron…

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Yep… She’s a C..

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Yeah… Three of them there together. Patty, dumbass owens and ignorant Melinda,, Must be getting awfully crowded in that TROLL ROOM…

      • Melinda Killie

        Oliely has been REPEATEDLY busted in his lies and duplicity, Evodawg..
        If you are stupid enough to continue following him and faux noise like lemmings , that is your business, but when it affects others, then I make it mine. YOU, Bill Oliely and faux noise is full of shit and the WHOLE world knows it now. Congratulations, Evodawg. You are following the republican/faux noise idiots off the cliff.. Ta Ta! LOLOLOL!

  14. This was a gallup poll conducted sometime during May and published the same time period. The poll showed that Social Liberals were 31% most likely to support most all of Social Liberalism’s basic strategy of couching “social issues” into popular “mind sets” of Americans. Likewise, the same (supposedly) questions were aimed at Social Conservatives (this fact we do not know for sure) for their reaction and “VOILA! they polled exactly the same 31%. Conclusion? America is tending towards the Social Liberalism’s point of view and moving away from a more Social Conservative’s view point. Of course, Gallup Polling has in the past been highly suspect of their methodology and research techniques (too numerous to cite in this response). Secondly, Gallup Polling failed to take into question America’s revival of honoring the American Family, i.e., one father + one mother produces off spring. This last, being the fundament of all successful Constitutional Republics the world over (though few truly exist). Social Liberalism, i.e., Fabian Socialism, is taught in America’s schools from Pre-school through High School and beyond. Therefore, it is most likely to produce a “Polling Result” as witnessed by Gallup’s May 2015, “Last Hurrah.” Countless are articles extolling America’s move from traditional “American Religiosity (Presbyterian, etc.)” to more “unconventional, main stream, Religions” satisfying Americans quest for true Individual, Family and Community uniting. A Gallup Poll including this ” New Religiosity” sweeping across most American communities would have most certainly negated the so called, “Rise of Social Liberalism.” Once again, America’s Progressive New Left Activist’s are skewing everything American for their own narrative…”The Collective.” Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible.

  15. Sorry BILL but you lost me when you put down Pam Geller, the only person with the BALLS to stand up to the Muslim Pigs. It’s ok for them to BEHEAD people on video, blow up people, kill people with chain saws and excicute people in every PERVERTED way you can think of but it’s not ok to draw a picture of the PERVERT they worship ? No, we don’t want to offend them do we BILL. That IS exactly what we need to do. Who cares if we provoke them. They are ANIMALS. They need to be whiped off the face of the earth because they are PURE EVIL. WHIMPS like you Bill are the reason they get away with their PERVERSION. Sorry Bill but I have lost all faith in you. You’re either on our side or there’s. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Their Moohumid was a pedophile and a goat humper . Added to that, he was a faggot. I have a huge sized picture on my living room wall of moohumid servicing a fag while humping a goat, and below the pic it reads, “And THIS is their god? HAHAHAHA

    • Yes the one way to bring them out of the shadows and into the light so they can be terminated. Remember the troops in Iraq openly in the streets in order to draw fire and give up their positions. That the same thing the Cartoon Contests are doing. Draw them out!!!

      • Yes Evodawg they need to be brought out to fight like men insted of sneeking up on people with a bomb strapped to one of there kids. Insted of capturing unarmed innocent people and beheading them or crucifying them or raping them. They practice a religion of SATAN, PERIOD. What the hell else can you call it? The ONLY thing they understand is force and strength. We have to be STRONG and NOT put up with ANYTHING from them.

  16. oreily to blame foe conservative ignorance by constantly broadcasting lies and innuendos he creates.

  17. OINK, OINK, OINK. Get out of my face you illiterate POS.

  18. Alleged Comment

    Yes, it is ignorance. But it is BIBLE ignorance. The farther you remove yourself from it, the more ignorant you become.

    A good case is lieberals who reject the Bible completely and have, therefore, become completely ignorant.

    And who has not met a lieberal that is woefully adequate in the (tapping my head) up there and put all his brains (tapping my butt) down there?

    They are the first ones to push sodomy on you as the way out of social ills.

  19. O’Reilly sounds right but is wrong, because in reality he likes the establishment and big govenment regulation, but only his way…he believes all guns should be registered. If you proceed with that premise, Mr. O is as dangerous as any liberal going, and is as ignorant of consequenses as those he thinks are stupid and ill informed. Charles K is another Big government Establishment conservative whose limited logic in such areas as the 2nd Amendmendment expose them as social liberals and not in touch with average Americans. They are helpful to a point, but in the end are too polite to the liberal elite and dothe real consevatives no favors and fail us miserably.

  20. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

    Social liberalism can only lead to fiscal liberalism. How else can its many ill thought out, live for today, programs exist?

    The days of bread and circuses have been with us, arguably, for at least a decade.

    “Those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”
    ~George Santayana

  21. Its not ignorance, its educating people, especialy our young to illogical “truths” like a $15 minimum wage is reasonable for a job that is truly worth maybe $5-6 per hour. Folks who think jobs are going overseas because of all these free trade agreements have a minor point because some of those jobs and international freight are subsidized by thier governments, but the primary problem is that union wages and work rules and corporate overhead and government regulations have made the jobs and products so expensive to produce state side that there is little choice in where to produce those goods.

    There are plenty of jobs in the US, but there is this expectation among our youth that these jobs should be worth so much more the they are. Economists say that is the market place, and then when all those businesses can’t make money and move out of the US……oops, that’s the market place as well, we have priced our labor out of the market which is why there are 90 plus million of us not working and then the government steps in and reinforces the the idea that its OK to price yourself out of the market with bizzare minimum wage demands and welfare goodies to help you along your way to not work, meanwhile bringing in cheap labor from across the border, and I do not direct this just at Obama…this has been going on for a while, he has just escalated the problemto an art form.

  22. FIRST! I do not believe your are a VET! Your dirty, filthy vernacular tells a lot about you and believing you doesn’t pass my “smell test.” I’ve read and seen many disabled VETS interviewed by the media and many read many comments from soldiers. TRULY DISABLED VETS and I’ve never read one comment that stooped to your level. Your only disability is your mouth! Audios!

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