Oppo Group Behind “Trump Dossier” Won’t Say Who Paid Them

If you were thinking of giving ANY credence whatsoever to that ridiculous Trump dossier that the media ran wild with back in December, the group behind the infamous publication wants you to know that you’re putting your faith in the wrong basket. Because if they won’t be up front and honest about who, exactly, financed their dig for dirt on the then-GOP candidate for president, then they must not want people to know just how absurdly political this witch hunt was from the beginning. Say what you will about leaks to the media and wild goose chases; if our intelligence community was relying on information like this to investigate Trump, then either the deep state rot is worse than we thought or we have some serious incompetence running through the FBI.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is demanding to know who paid Fusion GPS to get the good on Donald Trump last year, but in a letter to the committee sent Friday, lawyers for the opposition research group say that such a disclosure would violate its First Amendment freedoms…as well as their confidentiality contracts.

So far, we already know that Fusion was hired by a Republican donor of some sort back in 2015 and given the mission of finding something that could be used against Trump. The donor, however, backed away from the investigation when Trump won the Republican primaries. Fusion, already knee deep into the investigation, found another client willing to foot the bill – this time someone who wanted to see Hillary Clinton win the election.

We also know that in the course of investigating Trump, Fusion hired a former British spy named Christopher Steele. Steele, who has Russian connections, ultimately authored the much-publicized “dossier” and all of its wild allegations about the president. Including, of course, the juicy tidbit about Trump and a couple of Russian hookers. Since BuzzFeed published the memo online in January, most of the dossier’s contents have been debunked by U.S. intelligence sources.

Still, while the dossier is almost certainly a work of fiction from top to bottom, we still don’t know who – specifically – paid for this investigation. And that’s what Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley wants to find out.

“When political opposition research becomes the basis for law enforcement or intelligence efforts, it raises substantial questions about the independence of law enforcement and intelligence from politics,” Grassley wrote in a letter to Glenn Simpson, the owner of Fusion GPS.

Grassley compelled Simpson to reveal the extent of their relationship with Steele, and he has also asked the FBI to document exactly how and why they collaborated with the British spy.

The problem is exactly as Grassley put it. The central question is how much this dossier was responsible for giving the FBI the idea that Trump colluded with the Russians. 50%? 90%? Is it possible, in fact, that this investigation would not even EXIST were it not for the allegations made by Steele and Fusion GPS?

Oh, we just bet that Fusion’s clients want to remain anonymous. They don’t want the American people to know who is behind the witch hunt. Or, more precisely, they don’t want the American people to know that it is, indeed, a witch hunt.

When the truth about all of this comes out – whenever and however that may happen – a great many people are going to be shocked at just how devious and dirty our politics have become. It didn’t start with the rise of Donald Trump…but boy, did he bring out the worst in them.

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  1. Is “DOSSIER” a fancy name for “FAKE NEWS”?

    • They DO use strange words to tell fake news so that most people have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Our education system is not teaching todays kids all the way to college what we learned in our school days up to high school. This country is in serious trouble with our college students having less intelligence now than we had in high school students 50 years ago.
      Where did America go wrong?

      • With all the lefty indoctrination going on, it’s a wonder that students learn anything useful. Learning to think for themselves, to disseminate facts from fakes, understanding the truth, seeing socialism exactly for the destructive entity it is…nope, this isn’t part of the lefty curriculum. College students are the prime example of this ‘failure’ to truly educate. Maybe a course in civics should once again be made a requirement, but then, the lefty ”educators” would just simply teach it as a conglomeration of myths.

    • No! It’s Your “Permanent Record” That your teachers used to Scare Ya With!

    • Ron It sounds like it to me!!

  2. Just guessing maybe his initials are “GEORGE SOROS”

    • “Follow the Money”—It should not be that hard!

    • I am “guessing” you are 100% CORRECT. He BRAGS about it and of course NOTHING is done about it because there is so much MONEY involved.

      • That proves just how little our politicians care about our country. They are only interested in their own political future and the benefits they get at the taxpayer expense. When will Americans WAKE up and get rid of them. They are very afraid that Trump will get term limits so that they can’t spend the rest of their lives as a crooked politicians.

        • That is exactly what i have been saying all along. These “politicians” are TERRIFIED that PRESIDENT TRUMP will finally enact his agenda, and those all-important TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund these “politicians” of BOTH parities, “cushy lifestyle”, will be cut off and the POWER and CONTROL will be again returned to “We the People” (as it SHOULD BE)

          • I will continue to PRAY that that statement really happens.
            I’m losing faith because there is a lot of money and crooked politicians spending all that money for there own reasons.

          • I too, hope this happens, BUT as long as the likes of TRAITORS like soros and oscumbag and their minions are allowed to continue to do their “dirty dealings”, BRIBE fools to “protest”, riot, and do their bidding, NOTHING will ever change.

          • And it will be Faux-King ABOUT TIME!

    • Excellent guess!!!

    • Ron I’m with you on George soros

  3. We All know Comey paid for it with tax payers money.

  4. I Know the “Koch Brothers” were against Trump initially, together they’re estimated net worth is 110 billion.

    They…… “could be”…… the “Republican” who started the investigation but cancelled out.

    Our Government is being run closer to a “Mob Organization”, complete with “Assassinations”, than an open and truthful Government.

    I think a laws need to be passed.

    Any government official must give up their “5th Amendment Right” in explaining their actions with regards to decisions made in Government matters, before being sworn into office, and face jail time until forth coming with that information.

    I don’t think anyone in Government has the “Right” to refuse to “Answer” to the Public.

    • I would LOVE to see politicians help responsible for what they say AND do at the taxpayer expense. I can DREAM, can’t I?

      • Know how to “Email” your Reps in Washington, then “Email” and suggest the “law” to them.

        If enough people “pressure” them, something will get done.

        • Email to the communists in Oregon Washington and California they email their narratives back, they do not accept emails from the little people. They know how totalitarianism works. Illegals help them out, big time.

    • They may not have the “right” but the “elites” seem to “get away” with pleading the “fifth” and walking out, pension, and BEST medical coverage in hand while smiling and thumbing their noses at the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Lois learner (case and point) for ONE.

    • We have watched while, for the last 50 years, our government slowly turn itself into an “Criminal Enterprise” of self-serving spoiled children. They will never allow anyone or anything to remove them from the “Pig’s slop feeder”, so if we can’t get a Constitutional Law for Term Limits we must take it upon ourselves to do so. I have told all of my elected rep’s in the Federal government that I will never vote for them again after 8 years of service, and hope that more folks will finally see that our so-called Rep’s don’t give a “bucket of spit” for the people, they are all to busy getting richer and holding on to their power”!

      • Every elected official has busloads of illegals who vote for them.

        • Yeah, and what are we going to do about it? TERM LIMITS, NOW!!!!! Spoiled children never change themselves, the “Adults” must do that.

          • Spot on Nancy Pelosi, Ruth Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren dementia and insanity knows no bounds.

          • Add stupitidy

          • Don’t leave home without it, being added.

          • Let’s get McCabe under oath. The vendetta FBI has against General Flynn!!! General Flynn for director of the corrupt FBI. Let’s get that violation of the young FBI intern and the cover up out into the public, McCabe and wife, Hillarys partner.

        • His majesty the Black King decided you cannot called them illegals, but include amongst the legal immigrants that waited in line for years to come here. Ever think how Nantes trillions of dollars did Obama piss away on bring in illegal aliens to vote. They had to be transported, resettled, get free housing and food, plus depending money. If you illegally walk into Mexico your locked in a dirt cell and chained to a small metal bed. Funny all all hell they believe their entitled to free stuff for coming here illegally? For eight years Obama could not give two shits for the trillions he was pissing away mostly in secret.

      • Amen James

      • You already have term limits… it’s called an election. Furthermore, term limits only means politicians will engage in illegal gains at a faster rate. They’ll come into office with set agendas for political contributions, and you wont even know about it.

        • You need to rethink what you are saying. You are already saying that the system is “rigged” by the politician’s and then you say that Term Limits are already in-place by the elections! Only by a Constitutional Amendment can we take away their system of “rigged elections”!

      • another good Texas QUOTE THANKS soooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • What I want to see is Term Limits for “ALL” elected positions. The Congress members paid a Per Diem and expenses only when the Congress is in session and having only 5 member of staff which would be paid for by the Treasury. No golden benefits and pensions, only a 401K or IRA and the exact same benefits given to our Military who actually do something for our Nation! Is that too much to ask? And, when did Congress become an Royal position? They are suppose to be “Servants of the People!

      • They followed the Chicago rules the city that gave you the “DRIVE BY”

      • If we don’t vote for Republicans, should we vote for democrats? I think that is not good

    • Sim, How do they get away with it if they give up that right?

    • There are two other possibilities are: the Muslim Brotherhood with CAIR as their front and other Muslim organizations and – George Soros who is known to have spent billions to support the overthrow of other governments. I just finished reading “Muslim Mafia” which exposes the workings of Muslim organizations that have infiltrated virtually every government institution in the United States of America. With Soros, I cannot understand how a Nazis collaborator ever was able to get American citizenship unless he bought it.

    • Laws need to be passed? Laws are on the books! Who is going to enforce them?

    • There are two other possibilities are: the Muslim Brotherhood with CAIR as their front and other Muslim organizations and – George Soros who is known to have spent billions to support the overthrow of other governments. I just finished reading “Muslim Mafia” which exposes the workings of Muslim organizations that have infiltrated virtually every government institution in the United States of America. With Soros, I cannot understand how a Nazis collaborator ever was able to get American citizenship unless he bought it.

    • Sim Dunn: I think you may be on the wrong track about the Koch Brothers. Trump may not have been the ideal presidential candidate in their view. But they see the Democratic party as the force to be defeated. I seriously doubt that thy would have funded this attack on Trump.

  5. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    look at the DNC, Obama and Soros follow the money trail right up to the traitors.

  6. Mebbe they don’t wanna get accidented or heart attacked.

  7. Subpoena Fusion GPS’s bank records and the bank records of anyone employed there. Follow the money.

  8. Here is a hint . Check Jeb Bush and John Podesta .

  9. Wonder if McCain had his finger in the pie, since he was so quick to run with this fake dossier…could his buddy Soros who donated to his re-election campaign have been involved.

    • Did you see where John “RINO” McCain said “I MISS OBAMA”? My reply was “DO’NT GIVE UP, KEEP SHOOTING”

  10. Kind of a “No Brainer”! It’s obvious! The clinton foundation along with george soros. And yes, barry was in on the plot!

    • Destroy the Dem. Party and MOST of the Horse Sheite will go AWAY! Without the Dems. to Conspire with, The RINO Herd will go away!

      • Well Roy, I believe the democommies are destroying themselves. They believe if they can obstruct Trump and the republicans on this healthcare debacle, then they stand a chance of coming back in 2018. Little do they realize that the American people are fed up with their actions and their politics! It will be a massive democommie defeat! I predict 2018 to be their final hoorah!

      • That can be DONE, by derailing their money train. It’s as simple as extraditing soro$$$$$$ and his sons to any country that is willing to apply for extradition and to produce arrest warrants. It may not be entirely “LEGAL”; however, if we can get them OUT of here FAST enough, the SO-CALLED “legality” of it could become ACADEMIC rather quickly. Were the shoe on the other foot, soro$$$$$$ and his minions would do the same to any of us without a second thought.
        THIS IS WAR.

  11. They may have the right to hide behind the 5th but if they are in government then they should be forced out; they answer to the people! I don’t care who they are, municipal to federal, unless it’s a matter of national security we have a right to know what they think they are doing and why

  12. From reports months ago, it was uncovered that the person was not a British spy, but rather a British desk jockey, who did not work in the field ever. This was a work of fiction that was allegedly paid for by the FBI-meaning we paid for this garbage. We have some of the best technology in the world so if they follow the money, they’ll find who paid for it and who received it.

  13. I would tell the ones that won’t give up the names to be brought in front of a commission and questioned and also investigated by the NSA and FBI. Ones that are guilty should be jailed, and if they are in congress or other federal office they could lose their pension and medical because of it as well as jail time.

  14. A research group is not their lawyers, they might have lawyers that can claim “client-lawyer privilege” but they themselves don’t have that option. On top of them not having the option, national security, as well as a coup attempt on a constitutionally elected administration with fraudulent, fabricated data is concerned here. If they want to play the stubborn Democrat fascist [email protected] and remain silent, throw them in jail for the charge they love to bring so much lately, “obstruction of justice.”

  15. These are big money moves. This is high price ticket item, to bring our president down. There’s George Shwartz Soros, then there’s the Seattle Washington connection that’s has two of the richest men in the world. Bill Gates and Amazons Bezos. Throw in Starbucks, Boeing, Nordstrom, Holland America cruise ships, all are based out of Seattle. In part, this is happening under our nose and we might be financing all this, unknowingly. Soros probably is greatly invested in all these left leaning enterprises.

  16. I would question their “First amendment Rights” in this case. You can’t lie and defame and claim a “right” to do so. File suit and let them defend their position. Sounds like the are pleading the “5th”

  17. I think all top administrators in the FBI, CIA, HSA and NSA should be sacked; maybe the top 10 at least. Replace them with other agents only after they are completely vetted to try to make sure they understand, and are committed to, the Constitution rather than to themselves.

  18. Those who won’t say should be charged with contempt of court or obstruction. As stated below no one has a “right” to slander. We all know damned well this will come back to Soros. So why the delay tactics? Hoping he will die before facing justice?

  19. Everybody is saying “Term Limits” and wait for the next election! Our Forefathers, in their “INFINITE WISDOM”, in the writing of the U.S. Constitution specifically the 2nd Amendment gave us the solution! READ IT!!
    They WERE NOT STUPID!! They had the foresight to see what would “POSSIBLY” happen down the road!! Ta Da!! It’s just about here!!! Don’t get me wrong!! This was NOT for just any old whim to use it BUT for what we are currently seeing.

    While I don’t want to see bloodshed on American soil, it just may come to that!! What’s the saying?? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely or something like that!! These assclowns think they have absolute power! “WE THE PEOPLE” need to show them the errors of their thought process either through legal channels or………!! Hopefully legal channels!!


  21. Tis whole investigation scheme has been rotten from the beginning! Looks like Comey and a bunch of his FBI cronies may have been in on this . If so, after giving us all the bull crap about impartial and unpolitical the FBI is supposed to be and they pull this then they should all be up for charges and a good house cleaning in order to get the crooked and disobedient law enforcement agents/officers out of the government. That goes for anyone pre-Trump that is intending to impede or destabilize the US government because of their liberal ties! That should include Hillary, Kerry, Obama, Lynch and everyone else involved.

  22. I though everyone was entitled to face their accusers, what happened to that? Tell us who paid.

  23. It looks like those voters that can buy their politician are more equal than those of us that can’t. I seriously worry about our Republic now days. I would be interested in whom the Republican was, we know about the dimbocrats, but what business man would attempt to buy the election. The Kochs, the Walton kids or any of the internationalist / globalists in our Country?

  24. Statesman Patriot

    Just charge them with a crime, treason or sedition, and let’s see how fast they reveal the information.

  25. If you ask me, John McCain was in on it too.

  26. Think Hillary and costmo, oops I mean sorros the old fart who is close to his last breath and still wants to screw up our country before dying.

  27. Hmmm – Focus GPS couldn’t have been behind it – they just made the contacts – paid big money – released it to the MSM….

  28. Someone should investigate Jill McCabe’s campaign donations and expenditures.

  29. General Flynn to head up the FBI. The FBI has a vendetta against Flynn because of that young lady victim. The cover up and the scandal that included but not limited to McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller . McAuliffe. Then there’s that special relationship between Hillary and McCabes wife. Then there Obama and that special angle. Flynn to head up the FBI.

  30. Two other possibilities are: the Muslim Brotherhood with CAIR as their front and other Muslim organizations and – George Soros who is known to have spent billions to support the overthrow of other governments. I just finished reading “Muslim Mafia” which exposes the workings of Muslim organizations that have infiltrated virtually every government institution in the United States of America. With Soros, I cannot understand how a Nazis collaborator ever was able to get American citizenship unless he bought it.

    • Remember Garth Brooks’s song “Friends in ‘Low’ ‘Places'”? I have witnessed that song being performed in karaoke bars with some rather lewd theatrics being incorporated as part of the act, and so help me, I believe all of that is a microcosm of what politics is ALL ABOUT.

  31. John McCain was evolved because the dossier made it to him…and George Soros most likely funded the whole mess…there have also been reports that the FBI came up with some taxpayer funds…

  32. The Bush family = Republican donor involved
    hillary clinton campaign = democrat donor involved

    • I don’t believe that you have traced back far enough. IMO the PRIMARY donor donates to SO-CALLEDLY “both” political part”ieS”, with the full intent to covertly run a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM, for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Globalist CABAL.

  33. Might be Soros mafia.

  34. I am betting it was RINO McCain. he has been after Trump from day one. He is a sleaze bag – worse
    then the Dems.

  35. MyronJPoltroonian

    Compel them to appear via “Frog March” to the hearing chambers; give them blanket immunity from self incrimination and breaking any nondisclosure agreement(s); then keep them in “Protective Custody” unless and until such subpoenaed and authenticated documentation is in the chairman’s hands.

  36. The meant to say 5th not 1st

  37. There’s an old joke about three morons taking a walk. The first moron saw an evil-looking mass, so he moved closer to it and exclaimed, “It LOOKS like soro$$$$$$”. The second moron sniffed it and said, “It SMELLS like soro$$$$$$”. The third moron TASTED some of it and said, “It even TASTES like soro$$$$$$; it must BE soro$$$$$$. Good thing we didn’t step in it!”
    By all means, I insist that the “Trump Dossier”‘s funding needs to be investigated, but not in a sloppy or incomprehensive manner. It is necessary in particular to consider the fact that, in general, when a BILLIONAIRE wants to kill someone, he does NOT do the dirty work with his own hands. Instead, he hires a HIT MAN, but it doesn’t even stop THERE. The money that eventually pays the hit man may pass through the hands of a number of different individuals and/or organizations, which may be referred to as “BUFFERS”. I WANT THIS SCANDAL TRACED ALL THE WAY UP TO THE FRONT DOOR OF THE HOME OF ITS PRIMARY FINANCIER, WHO I BELIEVE IS,

  38. Two other possibilities are: the Muslim Brotherhood with CAIR as their front and other Muslim organizations and – George Soros who is known to have spent billions to support the overthrow of other governments. I just finished reading “Muslim Mafia” which exposes the workings of Muslim organizations that have infiltrated virtually every government institution in the United States of America. With Soros, I cannot understand how a Nazis collaborator ever was able to get American citizenship unless he bought it.

  39. Areyoukiddingme

    Who knew how corrupt our government was? It’s certainly been eye opening.


  41. Every accused has the right to face their accuser in a court of law. If these people refuse to put the accuser on the stand, then the so called “dossier” must be ruled inadmissible and destroyed. End of investigation and a permanent gag order issued against those that made the claims.

  42. Cheryl Heberle

    I think Soros and Clinton are behind this.

  43. Didn’t I read somewhere that John McCain sent someone to pick up the report? Did he pay for it? He turned it over to the FBI. Why would the FBI pay for something that was willingly turned over to them? Who paid for the dossier is getting to be like the “grassy knoll.” We won’t know the answers until we die.

  44. Both parties are corrupt and have something to hide or lose. Working with TRUMP requires one to be efficient, a tall order for politicians.

  45. If there is a group that needs to be on trial it would be the group that made up this dossier on Trump and sold to the DNC and FBI used as evidence. This is crazy. It is like circumstantial evidence that can not be used in court of law.

  46. 1PierreMontagne1

    There really is serious incompetence running through the FBI. Think of it, guys like Mueller and Comey were appointing political hacks throughout the agency for more than 20 years.
    The Late Stephen Covey often alluded to favoritism promoting non performers that corrodes corrodes management structures from within – such is the FBI

  47. You can be assured that it is tied in with the guy that run to the FBI with the story! Hmm, I believe that was the loser John McCain who always has been horribly jealous of Trump! He always has been a RINO, so that brings us to the Democrats or their leader, George Soros! In any event, it would take someone capable of murder!

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