Only a Trump Victory Can Give Us Our Country Back

If you follow the news closely, you’re probably beginning to have your doubts as to whether or not Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton in November. Even accounting for the biased media, the last few weeks have not been good ones for the presumptive Republican nominee. We knew the sail towards the White House would include some choppy waters, but this mess is starting to look like the Titanic.

So with that said: Now’s not the time to get cold feet.

Trump was never going to run away with the election the way he dominated the primaries. His brash, controversial approach buried the 16 other candidates and denied them any significant media coverage, and that strategy was clearly not going to work in the general. There’s only one other candidate, and the media is much more apt to cover Hillary Clinton than Rand Paul or Chris Christie.

Remember, too, that Hillary is still enjoying her post-clinch bump in the polls. And to give credit where credit is due, she has been on fire since putting Bernie Sanders away; her boring, incoherent message from the primaries has been replaced by a campaign that’s firing on all cylinders. With millions of dollars in the war chest, Hillary has come to the battlefield well-prepared. If anyone thought the election would be a cinch for Republicans, they are beginning to understand what we’re really up against.

Finally, keep in mind that Trump is a political neophyte. He is quickly getting his house in order, but he doesn’t know the game like Hillary knows it. It’s going to take him some time to get a feel for the new lay of the land. True, there’s not much time to spare, but there is some. And Trump knows – finally – that he’s going to have to pivot a little to expand his support base.

Now, this election is far from in the bag. It may be that Trump cannot overcome a hostile media, a popular president, and his own controversial comments to deliver a resounding win for Republicans. To say nothing of the GOP leaders and conservative critics who would love to take him down.

But if you’re ready to give up and let Hillary win, remind yourself what’s really at stake. Another four years of oppressive, job-killing climate regulations. Another four years of “immigration reform” that will endanger our security and weaken our economy. Another four years of unrestrained liberalism – strengthened by her Supreme Court picks. Another four years of treating Islamic terrorism as though it doesn’t exist.

We can’t afford it.

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