Only a Fool Would Compare Ivanka’s Emails to Hillary’s

The left has had their fun this week with “lock her up” remarks online and so forth, but the truth is that only a fool would compare what Ivanka Trump did to the crimes of Hillary Clinton. We have to figure that the vast majority of liberals parroting this line of attack know in their hearts that this is an invalid comparison, but we’re sure there are some out there who really don’t know better. Perhaps more than we’d like to think. They really believe that the Hillary Clinton case was about using personal email and not about putting our national secrets in jeopardy. This is a failure of our media, of course, and perhaps too a tendency to overlook the inconvenient when you really, really want to win an election.

Conservatives who defend Ivanka Trump will of course be accused of that last sin, and maybe there’s some aspect of truth to the claim. But at the end of the day, we’re not sitting here claiming that Ivanka was right to have used the Trump Organization email account to discuss and conduct White House business. It was, in fact, a violation of federal records rules. It was not at all wise, especially given that Clinton’s emails took up so much of the oxygen in the 2016 race. Really, you have to wonder what the hell she was thinking.

But this is about a minor – if unwise – rule infraction vs. the endangerment of classified material. Furthermore, Clinton’s crimes extended to destroying evidence after being commanded to preserve it for government review. There is no evidence that Ivanka Trump has deleted thousands of emails in an attempt to keep them from the public eye. And there is certainly no evidence that she was sending and receiving classified information over a Trump Organization server. If either of those two issues come to light, we’ll sing a different tune.

Although, with legal precedent being what it is in the wake of the Clinton case, we’ll certainly oppose any attempt to prosecute her in either scenario.

But it’s extremely unlikely that it will come to that. Even the scale of the problem is incomparable. Clinton sent thousands and thousands of emails on the private server she set up in her Chappaqua basement. So far, it seems that Ivanka sent less than 100 government-related emails over her private account. The number on its own doesn’t make the error any more or less wrong, but if we’re going to make those comparisons, let’s be honest about the facts.

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