Only 2 out of 14 Denmark Mosques Denounce ISIS – Time For the World to Wake Up

According to a new report from Denmark’s TV2, only 2 out of 14 Islamic mosques in the East Jutland part of the country are willing to put distance between themselves and ISIS. Even of the two dissenting mosques, one of them was more concerned with how ISIS was affecting public opinion on Islam than he was, you know, about all the violence and murder. Only one mosque in Horsens found the gumption to call the Islamic State what they are – a terrorist organization.

The rest of the mosques played with semantics or refused to comment on the question. They of course realized the political consequences of showing full support for their jihadi brethren, but silence gives consent in this case. The fact that very few of these mosques were willing to make what would appear to be a rather elementary public-relations move shows how much support these terror groups really have in the Islamic community.

For the last couple of months – hell, the last decade – we’ve heard over and over again that we are not at war with Islam. We’re only at war with those twisted few who would take the Quran and interpret it to support their violent aims. The few, the proud, the radical. They weren’t to be confused with a world filled with rational, moderate Muslims who would never cut off a journalist’s head or strap a bomb to their chests.

We are to believe that the vast majority of Muslims are just like you and me. They wept on 9/11, they supported our troops, they condemned Bin Laden, the whole nine yards. Does anyone really believe that malarkey anymore? Do some people think it’s just a coincidence that all of these terror attacks and bombings keep coming back to Islamic extremism? No, I’m not making the argument that your average Muslim in Ohio is a one-man terror cell waiting to happen, but there’s something about this religion that breeds an awful lot of radicalization.

This is the religion that still supports, by and large, the beheading of anyone who dares renounce Islam. This is the religion that stones women to death when they cheat on their husbands. This is the religion whose followers, by an 80-20 margin, support making Sharia Law the actual law. More than 40% of American Muslims feel that anyone who criticizes or parodies Islam in the U.S. should be arrested and brought up on criminal charges.

The failure of those Denmark mosques to condemn ISIS isn’t an anomaly. This is more or less what you’ll find throughout the Muslim world – including their populations within the United States. This is a religion that continues to tolerate – if not actively support – the slaughter of innocents in a world that has moved beyond such primitive beliefs. Religion of peace? Not hardly.



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