Only 2 out of 14 Denmark Mosques Denounce ISIS – Time For the World to Wake Up

According to a new report from Denmark’s TV2, only 2 out of 14 Islamic mosques in the East Jutland part of the country are willing to put distance between themselves and ISIS. Even of the two dissenting mosques, one of them was more concerned with how ISIS was affecting public opinion on Islam than he was, you know, about all the violence and murder. Only one mosque in Horsens found the gumption to call the Islamic State what they are – a terrorist organization.

The rest of the mosques played with semantics or refused to comment on the question. They of course realized the political consequences of showing full support for their jihadi brethren, but silence gives consent in this case. The fact that very few of these mosques were willing to make what would appear to be a rather elementary public-relations move shows how much support these terror groups really have in the Islamic community.

For the last couple of months – hell, the last decade – we’ve heard over and over again that we are not at war with Islam. We’re only at war with those twisted few who would take the Quran and interpret it to support their violent aims. The few, the proud, the radical. They weren’t to be confused with a world filled with rational, moderate Muslims who would never cut off a journalist’s head or strap a bomb to their chests.

We are to believe that the vast majority of Muslims are just like you and me. They wept on 9/11, they supported our troops, they condemned Bin Laden, the whole nine yards. Does anyone really believe that malarkey anymore? Do some people think it’s just a coincidence that all of these terror attacks and bombings keep coming back to Islamic extremism? No, I’m not making the argument that your average Muslim in Ohio is a one-man terror cell waiting to happen, but there’s something about this religion that breeds an awful lot of radicalization.

This is the religion that still supports, by and large, the beheading of anyone who dares renounce Islam. This is the religion that stones women to death when they cheat on their husbands. This is the religion whose followers, by an 80-20 margin, support making Sharia Law the actual law. More than 40% of American Muslims feel that anyone who criticizes or parodies Islam in the U.S. should be arrested and brought up on criminal charges.

The failure of those Denmark mosques to condemn ISIS isn’t an anomaly. This is more or less what you’ll find throughout the Muslim world – including their populations within the United States. This is a religion that continues to tolerate – if not actively support – the slaughter of innocents in a world that has moved beyond such primitive beliefs. Religion of peace? Not hardly.



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  1. The Quran promotes lying to deceive the enemy, non-Muslims). I truly believe the Muslims after hearing people wonder why the “peaceful Muslims” are not outraged at the radical Muslims were told by their leaders it is time to execute this an other lie. If you are a true Muslim and believe and follow the Quran it is impossible to be a good American in your heart. This action of saying they are against ISIS is like their burkas. If they really mean what they say they should get a weapon and take up the fight. Talk is cheap!

  2. We all better wake up to what’s happening to us by these “peaceniks” or we’ll be shedding a lot of our blood. Work for the arrest of this phony pResident and his Muslim-progressive regime. It’s overtime to rock n roll!!!

    • The ACLU has seen to it that the FBI can’t infiltrate the Mosques to see what they are “plotting”.Plus, we cqn’t “profile”. Needless to say we are not safe. Wake up America. Go to Bill Whittle on you tube and watch his 2013 speech, it is the best, a must see.

      • my guess is that should a mosque explode some friday afternoon the feds would trip all over themselves to get there and if they are not careful they could possible trample eric von holder, minister of injustice and gun sales as he is heading to his next racist speech….


        • Yes they were and rightly so. But, the ACLU has put a stop to it. Go to ACLU and it is right there so you are wrong Marilyn.

  3. Lock and Load, rag head target practice is NOT very far off!

  4. It time to consider all Muslims in the United States terrorists and that each community should watch them like a hawk and make sure that they are contain.

    • round them up, give them the premium anal exam and if they come up questionable they need to be loaded up on a tramp steamer and sent to africa….they can make their way home from there….

    • Boycott ISLAM is a start. Until they rid their faith of satanic treasures,sins and judgments are addressed, they are not good neighbors of peace. They are the lie of Satan.

  5. Obama-Hi axis must be stopped or PC beliefs here in the USA will not allow the FBI , other law authorities to snoop on the radical mosques here in the USA, Detroit, Houston, NYC, Philly, et al. It is time to profile all of these ME immigrants. Yeah I know, it is not PC. Well PC baloney is killing American integrity and safety. No liberal Dem will ever protect America from these radicals. Not one.

  6. Really the west needs to cleanse our lands of Muslims! Freedom of Religion is great, until it is used to kill others, that’s when rights stop!

  7. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing how this is the religion of peace. I say ship them ALL back, if they want to live like savages, let them, but not here..Let them cut off heads and blow each other up..but not here. I don’t even see what they bring to this community, do you? I mean, I have no desire to bother with the fashion or the food for that matter and as far as the language? no thanks…

  8. I am perplexed over the fact that the terrorists are radical Muslims. If such Muslims are radical and not part of a peaceful middle group, why have the peaceful Muslims not rejected what the “radicals” are doing? If they are peaceful, then why do they tolerate such behavior and simply say that they themselves are peaceful and loving? Something is “rotten in Denmark!” It doesn’t make sense that all the many peaceful Muslims are sitting back and letting the radicals ruin their reputation?
    I have a copy of the Koran , have read it and refer to it often. The Koran, or Quran, states clearly that the goal of Islam is to conquer the world, and they will do it by telling unbelievers that they must “convert or be killed!” God Lord! What kind of proselityzing is that? It is not of God–Jehovah God, but of the ruler of darkness, the devil. Frankly, I am convinced that when the Anti-Christ coms after Jesus has taken all true believers out of the world, he will establish a one-world religion. I believe that one-world religion will be Islam, because it is the one religion that is promised a reward of 72 virgins and paradise, and they will not give up to any other.
    Makes a lot of sense to me…

    • At last Rudy, another person who has read the Quran! I also was driving through Virginia and Tennessee last month and heard a talk radio discussion that lasted through half of VA and almost to Nashville. One of the people on the show, (can’t remember his name), stated that he had been studying the Quran and Islam for 20 years, including the life of Mohammad. The subject was ISIS and he stated that ISIS is following the Quran to the letter, and in fact Mohammad spent the last ten years of his life with a large group of followers rampaging through the middle east killing those who would not join him as a follower. He and his henchmen beheaded 800 Christians in one day!
      As for the GOOD Muslims, I have been writing for ages calling for them to come forth and identify the bad guys since they all go to the same Mosques. They will not, and if closely questioned would state that they fear for their lives, poppycock and boulderdash, they are just as bad as the rats in the middle east. Do not turn your back on one, I will not be waited on by one in a convenience store or anywhere else.
      The ACLU has always been a reactionary group and interested in anything that is against the mainstream, pure headline grabbers.

    • Somebody has to back up,the first string; just like in sports: always have spares on the bench.Except in most sports they don’t have someone wanting to kill them, cut off their heads and hands, or blow every body in the world up and kill any body not on their team!

  9. I think this should clearly indicate that the majority of Muslim’s are at least in sympathy with ISiS and must be seen as enemies of the west. To do less puts all of us in grave danger. They are at “war” with us even if we do not admit we are at war with them. Muslim’s who do not speak up must be accepted as our enemies and treated accordingly.

  10. The ACLU is aiding the terrorists and interfering with investigations of National Security to keep the USA citizens safe from being beheaded by Isis in the USA. A Federal Grand Jury should be impaneled to investigate ACLU as to interfering with National Security matters of keeping citizens safe from Isis and Islamic terrorism. WE the People are offended that the ACLU is interfering with national Security Investigations that hinder the FBI to keep USA citizens safe. This is a violation of the Bill of Rights and the USA constitution.

    • the scum at the aclu is running a parallel scam, protect the communist while simultaneously covering for the rags…..the aclu is the epitome of an organization that is a protected cancer…..much like the rag scum over at cair…


    • I am of the opinion that some one should open a pork ranch next door and have a specialty bacon processing business up front……yummy, especially the pepper bacon…..oh and a kosher bakery on the other side…jewish rye…mmmmm…

    • Our Constitution protects them. There are immigrants and others who slap our face with our Constitution!

  12. all muslime are charged with jihad to bring about the caliphate. get a gun and wear a leather collar

  13. Yehoshua Ruach Ha’Kodesh reveals to me: That, “Nothing is going to change until we as a people, and a Nation, wake-up to the fact that sin unleashes devistating reverburating consequences,”

    2Ch 7:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Shalom!

  14. … Just blow the rest with C-4 & Napalm ……

  15. Not only is ISLAM acting like a cult but they are acting like a stupid cult.

  16. Let’s get the new crusade started, right here in the U.S.

  17. My Grandmother said many years ago that we’d have another Civil War on American soil, and it’d be Christians, Jews and non muslims, against Islam. She said that it would be ushered in by a black president. (No, she wasn’t racist, she survived the Depression and lived in the country where everyone helped each other and judged a person by their worth as a human being)
    I’m not sure where she got this conclusion, but she was always reading her Bible and anything historical or significant to world affairs, and she was pretty accurate about things to come. She taught me to question authority and not blindly follow, because those in power ALWAYS have a hidden agenda.
    So I believe that’s the real agenda behind “Gun Control” and the open border, and the lovely FEMA camps, and the 7,500 !!!! Guillotines that were purchased from the manufacturer in France. Half of them are stored in Georgia, and the rest in the mid west. Cheap and HIGHLY efficient. “So simple to operate, that 5yro Habib can use it !!! ONLY $4,995 !!! Get your JIHAD Chop o Matic TODAY !!!! “

  18. Gee, I thought we were the Champions of Stupidity!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun sharpening your mind.

  19. The media and most of the commenters here are being sucked into the Islamic void to be beheaded. Get a PDF translation of the Qur’an from an Arabic site that should be an accurate translation and use the Adobe Reader search engine to find and read about what the Qur’an has to demand of the Islamic / Muslim followers and what happens to infidels who do not convert to Islam. The Qur’an contains Shariah Law as well. The Qur’an defines lying to infidels as an acceptable way to trap infidels, which is what these news media reports from Islamic mosques are all about. They are about confusing infidels to the point that they let down their guard to the point that they can be attacked and killed or beheaded which has happened five times here in the United States in the last nine months in Oklahoma, New Jersey and Washington state.

  20. The reason they won’t is that they train the same things there too…..Hate and Animalistic treatment of others….that includes their women! Let’s see what happens there as Denmark joins the fight against ISIS. My bet is that there will be attacks there very soon against that government. Just like they have before over the cartoons of Mohammed

  21. Islam is the ENEMY of Civilization. A FACT OF LIFE.

    VLAD the Impaler knew how to FORCE the barbarians to behave.

  22. send all of them back to the middle east and let god back into the schools of the usa and fly the united states of america everywhere

  23. Muslims are under instruction to “lie to the infidel” and “tell them what they want to hear.” Read the Quran: It is all there.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will be sharp.

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