“One-Sided Deal”: Obama’s Big Cuban Mistake

It was a day no one thought they would be alive to see. After a half century of frosty relations between the United States and Cuba, the U.S. Embassy re-opened in Havana on Friday. Part of Barack Obama’s “make peace with everyone” tour, the move is the most visible example of the president’s pursuit of normalized relations with our southern neighbor. And, though probably not as ill-conceived as his nuclear deal with Iran, this move promises to be a costly mistake.

Senator Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, was among the harshest critics on the historic day. “This is a one-sided deal that is a win for the Cuban regime and a loss for the Cuban people,” Menendez said. “The U.S. Embassy in Havana will be a hollow one. It will be diplomacy for show, not in practice. The United States’ flag should only fly in Cuba when the island is free, when dissent is embraced, and when democracy is restored.”

Menendez is hardly the only lawmaker coming out in force against the decision to open up the embassy. Senator Marco Rubio, a candidate for president, said the deal represented “the convergence of nearly every flawed strategic, moral, and economic notion that has driven President Obama’s foreign policy.”

As Obama’s deal with Iran was underscored by a hostile Ayatollah chanting “death to America,” his normalized relations with Cuba were met with a statement by Fidel Castro that shows how misguided this act of reckless diplomacy could be. Castro said the U.S. now owes Cuba “numerous millions of dollars” to make up for damage caused by the embargo. Knowing Obama, that money is probably in the mail.

John Kerry and Obama and their supporters want to make it seem as though opponents of this deal are stuck in the past. But that’s not the case. We’d all like to see normalized relations with Cuba. It could be of great economic and social benefit to both countries. In an ideal world, we would extend these relations to Iran, North Korea, Syria, and every other country with whom our relationships are strained. Obama is perfectly within his rights and responsibilities as a leader to pursue these aims.

The problem – and it is a big one – is how he goes about it. You don’t shore up diplomatic relations by giving away the farm and turning a blind eye to human rights violations. You don’t go in on your knees, begging. You go in with the full strength of the United States behind you and you make demands. If the other country doesn’t want to meet these demands, you tell them to take a hike. It’s really that simple. What are normalized relations worth if nothing has really changed?

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  1. What a zipperhead, I bet this faux administration will give the commie bastards ‘reperations”…. Can we send them our criminals (EVERY PRICK IN DC) like they did to us in ’79? Lets dump our prisons and send them to Cuba see how they like it…

    • 0bama and all those in DC are socialists… Castro is a hero to 0bama.

      • Don’t forget Che and Mao!!!!

      • No, the American policy has failed for over 50 years.

        Think maybe it just might be time for a change?

        Oh, and two South American countries sold temporary passports specifically for travel to Cuba.

        • So opposing corrupt regimes has a time limit????
          Time limits seem to be a common thread among Liberals.
          So you say if you cant ignore them Join them…. Nice…
          Can’t ignore evil, join evil…

          • Corrupt regimes?
            So, over 50 years of failed policy and you simply want to continue the same?

          • Just how thick is your head?

            Socialism is corrupt and always will be until evil is removed from earth.

            What you are saying is that well, it has been 50 years and in my estimation we have failed. So lets just give in…

          • Socialism is corrupt?

            Maybe you should tell

            Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium…
            They seem to be in need of your “expert” opinion.

          • Socialism always leads to communism when evil is present. If it were not for those Counties association with America, they too would fall to communism…

            Maybe you should ask. Russia, North Korea, China, and Cuba, or Vietnam. That is, if you can find any dissidents. Communists solution to dissidents is simply to kill them.

          • The people of Russia, Korea, China, Cuba and Vietnam have the right to choose the form of government the desire to live under.
            Crimea wishes to return to the Russian umbrella. It is their choice to make.

          • You are kidding right?

            They have one choice, or die making the choice that their leaders do not want them to make.

          • Why don’t you ask the people of Crimea, who just voted to rejoin Russia?

          • Why don’t you ask those that protested that were shot in the streets?

            In Crimea, only the Government has guns…

          • Is that so?
            Not true, but that is what you want to believe.

          • You need to get your information from somewhere else other than Soros..
            Crimea is like America will be IF the politicians get our guns. Only bad people will have guns.

          • Lie, lie, lie
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          • Really? Does this video LIE?


            NO, you lie.

          • Are they pro-Russian rebels, Ukrainian Army or Russians?

          • geez akc, you repeat the same tripe over and over, ad nauseam. Socialism is corrupt! It takes from the earners and gives to the AKCs of the world.

          • Child, go do your homework. Fact is not “tripe”.

          • Phfftt! Fact is the dog keeps eating my homework! With rolling eyes, and shrugging shoulder’s, and now it’s your tripe chett!

          • Same old, same old …

          • The left is the only one calling it a failed policy.

            That does not make it true… In fact, the left lies just to get its way.

          • Anything Obama does is okay with AKC.

          • You tax dollar in action. When does it cease to be cost effective?

          • Once it gets to Washington DC. Duhh!

          • .Same old, same old …

          • At what point does the cost outweigh the result?

          • When opposing evil, never.

            Are you saying ignoring Cuba has cost us something?

          • Evil, like beauty, is in the eye 9f the beholder.

          • No, Evil is evil, regardless of how beautiful you see it.

            For instance, some may think that Planned Parenthood selling aborted body parts is a beautiful thing….. But it will always be evil.

            You really have a hard time with morals don’t you?

          • No, you have a very difficulty understanding the written word. You have an even harder time understanding that America is a nation of laws.

          • It used to be until 0bama decided he could rule by making up his own laws and enforcing them via decree.

            And the not so supreme court decided that words have no meaning… And therefore laws have no meaning.

            It is the left that does not follow the laws and constitution.

          • No, but Obama has the right to utilize the authority granted to him by the U.S. Constitution.

            Why don’t you do the research to find out what that authority actually encompasses.

            It would be much better than continuing to embarrass yourself before the world.

          • 0bama by his own admission has overstepped his bounds and created laws from the oval office.
            Why did he do this? Why did he change his mind and decide that he was above the constitution?
            Because the dictator didn’t get his way through Constitutional means.

            0bama needs to be impeached.

          • Obama has every right to exercise the full authority of the Presidency — that is outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

            Your ignorance is published for the world to see.

            Oh, and by the way, childish lies do not impress anyone.

            Grow up.

          • 0bama contradicted himself, for years he said he did not have the authority to do what he did.
            When he couldn’t get Congress to do it, he ignored the constitution and his own advice, and did it anyway.

            Just like a dictator would do.

            These are not lies, you need to check into the lies you are copying from soros.

          • Don’t you have anything better to do than make up lies?
            We are at war.
            People who try to tear their government down during war are called:: TRAITORS.

          • As far as I am concerned, ANY politician caught lying to the American people should be removed from office and stripped of all benefits and pensions.

            I am not the one tearing down this great Country it is the criminals in charge that are trying to fundamentally change the United States into socialism/communism.

          • I only know of four honest Politicians:

            Herb Kohl.
            Bernie Sanders,
            Abraham Lincoln

          • That is sad… You do not know much do you.

          • Do you know of more honest politicians?

            Can you identify a single lie told by any of the above?

          • Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Duncan Hunter, Carly Fiorina, Huckabee, Rubio, Perry, Santorum, John Kasich

            I know of no lies told by the above list. But I hold people to a higher standard than you do. For me to brand a person a liar, I must have solid PROOF, beyond a shadow of doubt that the person has lied. Unlike you who will brand a Republican a liar with nothing more than conjecture, and ignore proven lies of your idols on the left…

            I do not know, Kohl, or Sanders well enough to brand them as liars. Don’t even know Kohl. But Sanders is a socialists and you know what I think about socialists.

          • In that case, you know very little about Cruz and Rubio. Both have lied about their parents being refugees from Castro’s Cuba.Neither set of parents were “refugees”

            You make many “false” assumptions.

            Jindal keeps repeating same stat about the Louisiana budget.

            Bush was a skinny drunk. Walker is a fat one.

            Scott Walker’s lies about Wisconsin’s educational system are know and well-documented.

            I’ve only known one honest politician. His name was Herb Kohl

          • You have no standards, nor morals, and your opinion is worthless.

          • Look up the facts — you are clearly brainwashed.

            So brainwashed, you refuse to even do an internet search.

            God help America if you are an example of our future.

          • I did a google search and it said AKLady has no morals and lies just to promote an ideology.

          • You find it quite acceptable to lie.
            Apparently, you think everyone else is as lazy as you are.
            You either did not look up the facts, or are simply lying — which appears to by your common practice.

          • So by your words OB is a traitor!

          • Why does the right embrace ignorance as a virtue?

          • I don’t know? I guess it would be best to ignore aklady and realitycheck but it’s too tempting, Like a bad porn site!

          • Only Black lies matter!

          • The first time in US history that the WH is occupied by two Queens

          • That extremely infantile name calling is supposed to impress —
            well it did — everyone now knows you are even more of a child than we originally thought.

          • Like Crist Matthews an MSN keeps repeating throughout obumer’s dick tatter ship in the WH it’s the closes thing we have to royalty!

          • Who is Christ Matthews? There is no one on any TV channel by that name.

            Your foul language is childish — very childish. It is also socially unacceptable.

            If you want your opinions respected, act like an adult.

          • U don’t know who Christ Matthew’s is, and you’re trying to give me advice?

          • Why don’t you go to the library and brush up on your ignorance?

          • Why? When it’s right here if full view!

          • Yeah, only black lives matter and their fetuses don’t!

          • Hopefully when obumber changes the dollar to the Rubble!

        • Maybe we can make a deal with Castrol to take our politically clueless, so they can actually live in and with their wonderful utopia paradise!

        • So???? What difference does it make what other countries decide to do? That doesn’t mean we have to do the same thing. Just because the other guy wants to jump off a cliff doesn’t mean we have to.

          • Really?

            Over 50 years of failed policy and you do not think it is time for a change?

            What is the point of a boycott that has failed?

          • AKLady, you and many others who advocate ending the boycotts and embargoes miss the point, and stop saying “Over 50 years of failed policy” unless you tell everyone how it has failed us.

            You advocate “normalizing relations” when there is actually NOTHING in Cuba we need. Cuba is the culprit who has failed by continuing to cut off their nose to spite their face by living with the boycotts and their consequences rather than change.

            We have lost nothing through the boycotts. Ending the boycotts provides us with nothing and gives Cuba everything the communist evil government needs to persist in their ways and even emboldens them. Please tell us all what Cuba has that the United States needs! (The answer is: N-O-T-H-I-N-G)

            Why don’t we cave-in to their demands for money and instead of a few million, just tell the Fed to start the printing presses and give them a trillion or two new US Dollars while we are at it? That should normalize our relations. What difference will a couple of trillion dollars more debt make to us? We may even get a box of those coveted Cuban cigars out of it.

            it just might make it possible for THEM to BUY SOME ICBM’s with NUKES from Russia.

            Will that be “normalized” enough for you? At least you couldn’t say our policy of arming our enemies failed since it wouldn’t take them 50 years to put them to use.

          • AKC done been pimp slapped again!

          • He has to prove he is childish — always the foul language and insult.
            Grow up.

          • The point of the 1960s embargo was to force Fidel Castro out of power, and to damage the Communist regime.

            It did not work then. Fifty years later, it still has not worked.

            Trade relations with Cuba have been in place since 2000.

          • Need? No.
            Want? Yes.
            Cuba has not been harmed by the ineffective, nonexistent US embargo.

            Cuba has not done one single thing to the U.S. over the past 50 years.

            Change what?

            Their citizens right to govern their country without US interference?

            Cuba and the USSR played the Cold War game. The USSR lost. Cuba lost.

            Then, so did the USA.

          • After 50 years, the Cuban people have not buckled to American demands. They are quite happy with their government. If they were not, it would have been changed by now.

          • Rah, Rah Obama!!! Yay! Anything he does is groovy!

          • No, but everything you say is so childish.

        • AKLady,
          What do you know? We may be on the same side of an issue. I oppose sanctions because it is the common people who pay the price. We do business and travel with other communist governments. Why not Cuba?

          • How much of our taxes do you and AKC lady propose to give to Cuba?

          • Osama,
            I said nothing about giving any tax money to Cuba. I would not favor that. The people themselves support this deal, not the government. I do not like doling out money for other countries when we are not fixing our own. Maybe you need to pay more attention to China. Why them? They are trying to make our way of life and business work with a communist government and it is backfiring on them. That wiil likely happen in Cuba as well.

          • Exactly. Far more success can be achieved through Capitalistic “bribery” than through isolation.

          • AKLady,
            Now I am on the same side in some issues with three liberals. What did I did wrong? Now I am curious about you take on the Iran deal.

          • Iran has been in “isolation” for how many years? Has it achieved any change?

            Now, we have some common sense in the Whitehouse, we may actually see Iran take steps to change for the better.

            However, it is the Iranian people who must make that change.

          • AKLady,
            Yes, Iran has changed for the worse. So has Cuba. and yes, the Iranian people much make their own changes. I see no way this agreement will not go forward. I do not think the votes are there for an override. So we get to live with it, good or bad. But I have some thought on that issue. since I know a thing or two about the history of Islam, I see lots of problems that can arise if the world does not take a different view of Islam.
            1. Iran is not an Arab nation but a Persian nation. They do not all think alike there.
            2. The leadership is Shiite, not Sunni.
            3. Shiites are more dominant and war like but Sunnis hold the key to what Islam is in reality.
            4. The last thing we need is for the whole Islamic world to become nuclear armed.
            5. War with these Islamic nations has not worked.
            6. Neither has democracy.
            All this has to factor into what we do or not do involving the Islamic world.

          • The entire Middle East has had nuclear weapon capability since the 1980s

            We built the first reactor for them. We supplied the first nu clear material. Russian added to the supply.

            We gave them more nuclear capability with the last two wars.

            Apparently, you are not aware that America’s amour piercing shells are uranium tipped?

            Yes, innocent childlike American, we littered the land in both Iraq and Afghanistan with damaging radiation emitting garbage that has, and will continue to cause insurmountable health problems for innocents.

          • AKLady,
            I think you got a little carried away but much of what you say is true. The key is capability, not possession. That does not mean none. Pakistan has had such weapons for years. and yes, we give away many of out military weapons and secrets every time we leave an occupied country.

          • Capability?

            Capability to do what?

            Poison America’s water supply?

            Expose thousands, if not millions to radiation sickness?

            Anything can be a weapon.

            The US has 88,633 miles of tidal shoreline.
            The Canada–United States border is 5,525 miles.
            The Canada–United States border is 5,525 miles.

          • AKLady,
            I was specifically addressing the nuclear issue. There are certainly other options such as those you list. so you strayed off the topic. But I am aware of the options you mention. I also had geography so I know about coast lines. I never had enough interest to measure the miles. As for the Canadian border, again I have never measured it. It is also a threat but has a whole different attitude among the people there. Can we ever secure our borders against would be attackers? Probably not. Do we need to do that? Probably not. Are we ever totally safe from mass murder? Hardly. Am I going to lose any sleep over it? I don’t think so.

          • The coast lines and borders were measured for you — you only needed to do an Internet search.

            The northern border is just as much a threat as the southern border.

            There are places in the “north” where it is possible to walk from Russia to the US during the winter.

            While Palin was not truthful about being able to see Russia from her home, there are places in Alaska where that is possible.

          • AKLady,
            Since I live farther from the Russian border than you do, I am counting on you to keep them at bay.
            I really do not care how many miles of border we have. And yes, I do have some concerns about the northern border. I have been across it several times in several places.

    • Ogayarab will give Guantanamo Bay back to the Cubans and try and move all islimic terrorists to the US where they will be given ankle monitors until they come to trial.
      He should have the house next to hilarys converted into a camp for them

      • I would be satisfied if the terrorists were moved to Colorado Max. Guantanamo should be turned over to the families of those murdered by Castro. I understand that there is a nice soccer field there.

        • Castro is an old man. He is no longer in charge. Info out of Cuba is that he is dying — cancer.

          • So what. The regime hasn’t changed. There’s no possible gain to the US from this new relationship.

          • The “Red Menace” no longer exists.

            No possible gain?

            The U.S. will gain a new market for goods and services.

            The US gains another travel destination.

            The US builds new resorts … people spend money at fancy new hotels …

          • Frankly, you’re delusional:

            The “red menace” does still exist. (Haave you looked at eastern Europe lately?

            That “new market” has nothing with which to pay for any goods or services we could sell them.

            It’s doubtful that companies or people will want to invest or vacation in a communist paradise.

            likely, Cuba will just trade Russian and Venezuelan support for that
            which the Kenyan muslim/marxist provide using our resources and those
            borrowed from China.

          • LOL. You are looking through the glass from the wrong end.

            People have been investing in socialist countries since the USSR came apart almost 25 years ago.

            Apparently, you are not aware that the Crimean people are ethnic Russian. Russian is their native language.

          • Gee! First off, in most of the cases you mention didn’t we “lend” them the money to buy our goods?

            Second, I seem to recall Hitler’s claim that he was only occupying territory populated by “ethnic Germans”. It’s a familiar tune.

          • I strongly suggest you increase your reading comprehension. You might want to start by reading to understand, rather than answer.

            Start with the fact that Russia is a country that has existed for centuries, not a government.

            I did not say one word about Russia claiming the people were “ethnic Russians.”

            The Crimean people are factually, and historically ethnic Russians.

          • 1. We don’t need. Cuba benefits.
            2. We don’t need. Cuba benefits.
            3. We don’t need. Cuba benefits.

            Try again for what we would “gain”!

          • Ask the travel industry,.

          • There is even less possibility of any loss to America.

      • Name calling is so nursery school. If you want to play with adults, you must act like one.

    • cuba and mexico would probably like it cause most of the prison would be dumping there own people back to there own country anyway they would fit right in

    • Ya stole my thunder Warpaint. I was gunna say that I’ll bet Obama has already sent Castro a HUGE foreign aid check and a request to play a round of golf with him!!

    • Cuba is asking for money for all they lost during they time of the “frosty” relations. I’m sure obama will cater to their whims and demands.

    • He will executive order the return of Gitmo then pay them billions to be socially just to his fellow MARXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We are getting the same affect from our southern border now. these are not the productive ones of their society that are coming. Obama never does a deal that is good for America. His give away deals are part of his agenda. Russia has their nuclear airplanes flying into Cuba and their nuclear subs of our coast. Obama has shut down the AWAC air defense system which was the only coastal defense system that we had.

      • Look, inside the White House, there is a palpable sense of a giant sucking sound. The homosexual muslim in chief is a clear and present danger to our nation and our people! He was never legitimate from the get go, he was and is a muslim trojan horse! Everything the creature has done has proved to inflict irreparable damage to America! Start with 18.2 trillion dollars and growing in debt with unfunded liabilities exceeding 125 trillion. The Washington Times had a bold front page heading declaring the teleprompter in chief to be a member of the muslim brotherhood and he has been funding their cause ever since he stole White House. Six of his supposed Czars are Muslim Brotherhood members in our White House, privy to top secret dealings. Massive treason and sedition and the dumb ass liberals are too stupid to see the writing on the wall. The enemy within is a reality and this criminal, treasonous administration is the very definition of the term!

        Our military is in total disarray as is our ability to maintain any semblance of our former superpower status. His plan was to cheat to get in and fundamentally change America, surrounded by fellow elected and unelected traitors, while totally dumbing down an ever growing ignorant hand out population. Every action taken by this massively criminal administration centered on destroying the nation from within, with wide open sovereign borders for starters, letting any and all lowlife criminals and jihadist’s come across with zero enforcement to kill our economy, increase the crime rate and develop plans for muslim terrorists to wreak havoc across the nation. These are the greatest acts of treason and sedition in our nations history! Cuba is just an example of treason and illegal dealing with a communist dictatorship with zero reciprocity! I personally can’t stand looking at him nor his masculine wife!

        • The tree of liberty is getting really thirsty.

          • The Tree of Liberty has gotten too damn expensive. Defense eats the taxpayer alive. That is what you work to pay for.

          • World welfare is eating the USA alive, we’ve spent trillions more on Obama’s apology tour then all the wars combined!

            You have no idea about which you speak.

          • No you’re not getting an apology from me!

          • Now, I’ve heard it all. You have been very well brainwashed.

            Then people talk about Muslims thinking it is all right to lie.

          • If we can’t defend ourselves against our enemies, what else matters? Get real!!

          • What enemy might that be?

            All but one of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabian citizens.

            They trained in SA.

            The terror training camps still remain open — in SA.
            They pump out terrorists to maim and kill all over the world.

            Saudi Arabia is still our friend and ally …

          • Sounds like we have been talking to one of those enemies.
            With your point of view(s) I can’t understand how you can have the credentials you do in your profile. There must be a whole lot of lost souls like you out there.

            Wow! Advocating to defund our military on top of giving Cuba everything they want.

            Why don’t YOU travel there and stay, like, for the rest of your life if it is so great?

          • No one has given Cuba anything. Cuba has done just fine without America.

            Fifty years of failed policy…what did it gain the U.S?

            An enemy 90 miles off our coast?

            A base for the USSR during the Cold War?

            A stop-over for drug traffickers?

            A haven for criminals?

            So 50 years of failed policy, the Castros are still in charge, the island is still communist.

          • Yep… it’s about time..Semper Fi!!

        • Baby boy, those so-called “unfunded liabilities” were planned that way. They have never been funded in advance — never will be.

          If America would stop spending more than the rest of the world combined, on its military, we could actually pay off the national debt in a couple of years.

      • The majority of illegal aliens enter the country legally — on work visas. They simply stay when the visa runs out.

        America has never tracked their travel, once they are in country. Maybe they should start?

        America has never tracked exits. Maybe they should start.

        The “Red Menace” went broke. Cuba no longer receives aid from Russia — has not for decades.

        • AKLady, the work permits, student visas and tourist visas have always been a problem for immigration. These did not present the problems of Obama’s criminal action of refusing to enforce the immigration laws and his shipping in muslims by the thousands by passing immigration. Cuba may not be getting aid from Russia but that doesn’t stop the nuclear aircraft that are using their airbases. Cuba is a major distribution hub for the south american drug cartels. They just pay off Cuba to be a stop over for the drug trade. Cuba is not our friend and doesn’t have any interest in being our friend. This is just another Obama surrender to our enemies.

          • Would you care to expound on your comment?

            What are ‘nuclear aircraft,’ and what evidence do you have that Cuba is basing them?

            Where is your evidence that Cuba is a hub for the drug trade?

            Do you believe in the First Amendment? Do you believe that a man should be able to practice the religion of his choice? Why are you opposed to Muslim war refugees? Would you be opposed to Jewish refugees? How about Hindus?

            What enemies are President Obama surrendering to? Last I checked, we still maintain sovereignty over the entire United States.

            I’m not trying to troll you, merely trying to better understand some of the points you have made.

          • Aronlump, The Russian aircraft may or may not be based there, they are using Cuba’s air bases. The drug trade has been flowing thru Cuba for years, do your own research. Obama is bring in thousands of Muslim’s calling them refugees while refusing to bring in the Christian refugees. If he was bring in both it would not be as concerning. Obama said he won the war and surrendered the middle east to ISIS. He calls the ISIL which is a map of the middle east controlled by Islam without Israel. The new Ottoman Empire, which Obama wants a nuclear Iran to control as the power of the middle east. Iran 500 billion, Hamas 500 million, muslim brotherhood 1.5 billion, ISIS Iraq with all of the weapon he left behind and the oil wells which he allows to continue funding them, all chant death to America and Obama supports them.

          • I asked you for evidence.

            You have provided me nothing but hearsay and telling me to ‘do my own research.’

            That leads me to believe you have no idea what you are taking about, merely parroting things you think you have heard on the television.

            Once again, what ‘s a ‘nuclear aircraft?’

            Facts, David. Not hearsay.

          • AronLump, you are a liberal obama socialist clone. You give no facts, just disagreements which is typical socialist behavior. Make fun of the truth and repeat lies until people believe them. You do not respond for discussion or information, just liberal propaganda, which has no truth, facts or rational thought.

          • You are wrong on every single count there.

            I asked you for clarification of your views. You demurred.

            Tell me what is a ‘nuclear airplane.’

          • Your reply is the same liberal trash. If you don’t understand the concept of a plane carrying nuclear weapons that is on you. Truth, facts and rational thoughts are the enemy of the liberal propaganda. Since your postings ignore any rational thoughts, truth or facts in a socialist following of the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinski there is no conversation going on here.

          • You said ‘nuclear airplane.’ You said nothing about a nuclear-ARMED airplane, for which you STILL have no evidence.

            I had figured you were referring to planes with nuclear reactors onboard, like the Convair NB-36H (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_NB-36H).

            You are simply a fool who has no idea what he is talking about. Since I have finally proven that by getting you to refer to Saul ‘Alinski’ my work here is done.

            Thank you for making it so very, very easy.

          • Also, I’m not a liberal. So you lose AGAIN.

          • LUMP, Get yourself a ticket to Cuba along with AK and stay there awhile.
            “Muslim war refugees” my butt!
            Opposed to Jewish or Hindu, no. Their religion doesn’t tell them to kill us!

          • Clearly you are just as ignorant as everyone else here.

            And who is AK? Alaska?

          • Except for the small fact that you have bought into a huge amount of exaggeration and lies.

            Nuclear aircraft? What nuclear aircraft might that be?

            Cuba never received aid from “Russia.”

            However, the Soviet Union provided funding to Cuba.
            The Soviet Union no longer exists.- it went bankrupt and came apart.

            There are no “Muslims” bypassing immigration.

          • You are an EMBARASSMENT to everything America stands for.
            You INSULT the FOUNDING FATHERS.

            FREEDOM OF RELIGION is the very basis upon which the country was founded. Also, the first casualty in the American Revolution happens to be a Muslim — a freed slave.

            Funny thing about Cuba — our actions spanning 50 years have not changed one damn thing. With 1/2 century of failure, don’t you think it might be time for a change in tactics?

            Apparently, you want to see American children deported.
            Why is that? Deport parents, the children are forced out.

            No, Obama is not going to deport American children. No, Obama is not going to deport taxpaying residents.

            Besides, we need all the money the legal action would cost to pay China for the Bush wars that went on the credit card.

        • So why do we want another California leach on our back?

      • What’s the ‘AWAC air defense system? Are you referring to the E-3? Because last I checked, that plane is very much still in service.

        I think you are very, very confused and ignorant.

    • yup, all the murderers, rapists and violent sex offenders.. maybe a few dahmers and gacy’s too boot….

    • matter of fact, how about all the top criminals from washington DC, like Obastard, hoghead hillary, VP biteme and eric holder, just to mention a few…

    • Half and half – between Cuba and Mexico!

    • Let’s keep right on doing that which had no effect, whatsoever.

      • Don’t break the cardinal rule “if it’s not broken don’t fix it! Right now, DC is busted to bits! Trump 2016!

        • Glad to see you fixed the typo 😉

          If you want to see America destroyed, put Trump in office.

          He trades wives like they were used cars.

          Do you really want those ethics in the Whitehouse?

          • I catch ‘em once in a while before they wonder off and set up home.

            You could actually put a homeless person in the white house and he’d do a better job than Obumber probably would even be more honest!
            Trump is needed to stop the USA’s downward Spiral, right now we’re stuck with our heads between our knees kissing our way of life good by! Everything is going by, by if you don’t know what I mean elect another progressive!

          • Accusation, accusation, lie, fable, foolishness…
            Congress makes the laws. Congress spends the money.
            Trump cannot set up a dictatorship. Obama could not either.
            It is your bigotry and ignorance talking.

    • Let seal the border first so the Washington slime can’t get back in!

  2. BIG MISTAKES, Cuba has been or enemy since 1963 an Iran our enemy since 1979, or since the 2 take overs by a communist or religious power,. one under Kennedy an one under Carter. an now this dude wants to give them the KEY to the NATION.. I like this send all foreign criminals back to there home country, back to Cuba , back to the MIDDLE EAST , back to RUSSIA an back to MEXICO an SOUTH AMERICAN. an back to ASIA

    • I believe Eisenhower started a limited sanction before Kennedy…both died unexpectedly…

      • That might be very well true, I was to little to understand politics, in the Eisenhower Administration

        • Be glad that you were too small to remember…. Those of us who are old enough to have been adults at that time are totally staggered by what is being done in this country by both parties…

          • Phyllis, you are so right. They have no concept of the terror they are instilling in the hearts of Cubans who live under the tyrannical dictator. OWEbama bowed down, once again without protecting the people there, giving up the right to broadcast freedom radio there, etc. while Cuba and Castro play footsies with Putin and Russia all the while being less than 90 miles from the coast of the USA. The young who are enjoying our freedoms without having served in a war that we had won have nothing with which to compare. They are used to politicians running the battles/wars with terrible outcomes (look at Iran, etc.); yet, they denigrate this country left and right and vote for idiocy. Their lack of true history and life experiences where one is accountable for one’s actions is unconscionable.

          • YES ! it is a shame to see that both parties , are nothing more at mental midgets an pathological liars,. it is all nothing but a get rich of the backs of the tax payers, some where the PUBLIC SERVANT, you work for us we elected you, when to PUBLIC SERVANT HELP THY SELF to an UNDERWORKED an OVER PAID job of easy living

          • It continues to be too small to generate intelligent comment.

    • Then NUKE ‘EM !

  3. We are the modern day Australia. The world’s prison.

  4. This Administration never ceases to amaze me! Is this stupidity or…? Chavez & Putin no longer ‘Support’ this Communist Nation and so We the People will now send money to Cuba? WHY?!? And WHY are we giving Foreign Aid to countries like this?
    SEE LINK ===>


  5. Barack Obama makes friends with the enemy and WE SUFFER.What a DUMB ASS.Some one needs to put a
    bullet in his head and put him out of OUR MISERY!!

    • Just what has America’s ‘Cuba Policy’ succeeded in accomplishing over the past 50 years.


      The Castro’s are still in power. The people like their government.

      American lost a lot of business.

      • You’re delusional. Cuba has no way to pay for the trade you think the US has lost there. We don’t need to assume a communist welfare client.

        • China had nothing but condoms with holes in ‘em! At least the government lets us believe we’re safe when letting us get screwed by the enemy!

        • LOL.

          Cuba pay? Lord, no .. you have it completely backwards.

          Americans build hotels.

          The world vacations in Cuba.

          Americans make lots of money.

          Cuba makes lots of money.

          Is that simple enough for you?

      • Sometimes neutralizing the enemy is the best policy. Trust me there is someone one ten times worse than Castrol ready to take the tyrants rains, as we all will learn to late!

  6. Keep an eye on him when the Pope is in town he’ll use the distraction to sign something when no one is watching Nukes will be in Cuba 90 miles away he should be in Jail in a straght jacket

    • Who is HIM? Trump or Pope Francis?

    • OR 6 foot under, oh him is 0buma

    • James H. Humphrey

      Nukes in Cuba is NOT a joke! During the start of the Cuban crisis in the early sixties, even the U.S. did not know that there actually was a nuke in Cuba. Our intelligence had pictures of the site BUT because of little activity there it was NOT fully investigated. We found out later, to our surprise, that the bunker actually held a Nuke. Because Kennedy (and his brother) did broker a deal with Russia that involved the giving up of Turkey for the missle withdrawal, we won the deal – so to speak and the missiles were not deployed against the U.S., which would probably have started WW-III. I am so very glad for that! I was in Cuba 61 – 63, we would have been the first ones (most of Cuba) to be wiped out. Cuba was ringed with U.S. Naval craft and a host of military a/c would have made ashes of Cuba to protect the U.S. mainland. IF Cuba ever allows the garrison of Iran troops or military equipment, 90 miles from Key West, you can bet that if we can not keep Cubans from coming ashore, no way in hell will we be able to keep Iran and other nations friendly to Cuba, from being at our door step any time they want to come. You might think that the Mexican/U.S. border is a problem, no ain’t seen nothing yet! This is one of the worst mistakes for National Security that Obama has made, for him though, it is not a mistake.

      • James H, 90% of your comment MANY young people do not know and the older ones have dementia about the full history of Cuba. I disagree with you that it is a mistake to be friendly with a country 90 miles from the US. The US should had remove the embargo after the Russians removed their missiles and left, and worked to maintain friendship to a country so close. The other part of why so many white US citizens hate Castro and the Batista supporters had to flee, because Castro destroyed their playground of sex, drugs and gambling. Both US Whites and wealthy Cubans lost their investments. Hopefully it will not take 50 years to regain a good level of relationship with Cuba. We have a relationships with countries that hate us and we give them Foreign Aid. White Americans are so full of hatred.

        • James H. Humphrey

          Steve, Thanks for your reply. I think we are on about the same page. I would love that we should have normal relations with the Cuban people, not necessarily the current government. I do care that we should not embrace their govt. but how they treat their people, basically they are still communist (not the common people). I don’t think that our current government will enhance the Cubans, if anything that they will be further abused, maybe. I also think that they will be pounding on our doors asked for all types of financial aide, only time will tell. With a little change they can rebuild their infastructure through tourism and Cuban products with lifting of embargoes but, I don’t think we should do much of anything until the government can become republic, i.e. capitalist. Give a man an opportunity and he will lift himself up, the Cubans can do that but, if we begin with foreign aide it will become a state welfare with the U.S. paying the tab. (much like the current U.S.) Are we our brothers’ keeper, lets not stretch the issue because we certainly are not a Mother to any country, at least not in my thoughts.

        • “HATRED”,It appears your hatred for White Americans,is showing”FULL MAST”

        • Seems that we have plenty of playgrounds of sex, drugs and gambling right here in America. And we need to stop giving them foreign aid.

  7. And the ESTABLISNMENT is trying to paint Trump as a light weight in the world of governance.

    • I don’t see Mr. Trump bowing down to foreign dignitaries or making the many faux pas that obumbler did. Being REALISTIC about our illegal alien problem is to be considered also. The wide eyed leftists and rino pukes are shatting their collective diapers. FAOTSOBs!

      • President Obama is 6’1″.

        These people that he is accused of “bowing” to are significantly shorter than he is.

        He has to lean over to just shake hands with them.

        But , you know, anything you can use to insult the President. It has reached a point where the idiots like Osama have become a huge embarrassment to America.

        • Osama is dead. Or so we’re told. It has reached a point where AKC will lie and make excuses for our failed president at every opportunity. She will do the same for that cankled harpy Ohillary, our first woman president. Hey AKC, will everything still be Bush’s fault? LMAO!!

    • Their paint brush is not wide enough. He also is a light weight in the world of political reality and has shown little or no weight (except in his abdominal region) in sensible perception of either domestic or foreign policy. He blithers out generalized and unexplicated statements and boasts but does not say HOW he can do what he says he will do. Tell us, Donald, how ARE you going to make the Mexicans pay for that border fence?

      • Did you read thenpaperhenjustturned out, makes more sense than anything Obama has turned out in 7 years.

        Also, CA is living proof of what happens when you bring in illegals and give away the store … the Simpson amnesty was primarily CA and the place has turned into a haven for latino votes and liberal governace that is in debt and has literally no hpe of recovery, that is what America will look like with Amnesty and open borders under the democrats with their vote give aways. Business has flown the state and is fleeing America as we speak. Who will be left to pay the bills?

      • Those people want to come to America so bad maybe we should bring America to them. It’s called Manifest Destiny. Expand America down to include the Panama canal. It was westward last time it could be south this time.

    • Trump will be one of the first to build a new resort in Cuba, as soon as diplomatic relations are opened.

      • Not likely since they have a nasty habit of wanting to “share ” in your largese even morethan the US government, The Donald didn’t get where he is by sharing with dead beat partners. From what I have seen he negotiates better than Obama.

        • No, he got where he is by lying, cheating and putting families in the street. His wealth came from real estate — and a business his father built.

          • So making poor Black families poorer while raising their unemployment persentage, and lowering real income for middle class families by spending it on open border policies and the devaluation of the dollar is helping America. These decitful policies are a shell game to make us all dependent on the government. Your hatred of business is showing since Trump is only doing what the government has INCENTIVIZED him to do like most of us. We do not make the rules, we follow them, place blame were it belongs, next time use examples as opposed to general slams. I doubt you have any, or are using anti business talking points.

          • Save your insults.
            They only matter if the target respects your opinion.

            You have made many very ignorant assumptions.

          • I see you do not like it when I use facts to discredit your generalizations. People have a habit for mistaking my facts for opinions, you haven’t been around for my comments about Bush and why I never understood why liberals hated him so, since he accomplished more for the progressive cause and did very little for anything conservative.

          • What facts?
            You have made unsupported allegations.

          • When you devalue the dollar by printing money to finance your increased government spending raises the price of all goods and services that are imported, its why most goods at WalMart that we used to buy for $1.10 now cost $1.45 to $1.65 6years later. That my frien has the same efect as inflation and coupled with wage stagnation has driven down the purchasing pwer of the middle class and devastated the lower income folks. Bringing in more illegals has caused a huge increase in unemployment in the Black community and Obama acknowledged this was going to happen in one of his books. Should I keep going, read up on those you support.

          • =========
            America is at war.

            You are deliberately trying to undermine the government.

            There is a word for people who do that: TRAITOR.

          • I think we live in AMERICA, the fact that I can articulate a logical arguement against the stupidity and lack of reasonable leadership of our country should be viewed as CONSTRUCTIVE not as undermining. After all, its not working! The economy is terrible, 93 million of us are not employed, and more of us are under employed and underutiized from an educational perspective. When 2/3 of America disagrees with what is going on in DC, we the people should not be looked on as traitors…if a vote were taken today in a parlimentary fashion for a vote of confidence, our government would be dissolved, and new elections called. The Trump phenomena [like him or not] illustrates how frustrated the folks on the right really are that they turn to a total non politician to show their displeasure with the system and the left is looking at the likes of Bernie Sanders who is not even a Democrat….interesting.
            My daughter was a Marine and was going to reinlist and did not because of the poor treatment and lack of support from the top…beyond the Corp to the current administration which did not allow decisions to be made by competent military personel, exit the competent. The current Administration does not want any type of input other than that of the leader and the inner circle, all else is considered decension. Unfortunately most of them have little experience and are usually wrong. Now they want to limit the dicussion and FREE SPEECH AS DO YOU and call those who disagee TRAITORS. Unfortunately you live in America, Not Hitlers’s Germany and we have our voice. In this case the leader is wrong and he cannot silence the LOGICAL FOLKS who choose to keep on thinking dispite his and your UNAMERICAN efforts to silence us. WHEN YOU AND HILLARY AND BARRY DO THAT, you are in the minority and are the subversives.

      • The last people to have invested in Cuba, was the mob and they lost their azzes on that deal!

  8. Obama’s convinced in his own mind that America’s a bad country. He also thinks the police are “stupid” and if he’d had a son the kid would look exactly like Trayvon Martin. ‘Nuff said. Our country won’t be safe until this narcissistic fruitcake departs the Oval Office on 20 January 2017. We should never forgive our low-information voters for putting him in office. Twice!

    • Which country do you think he will be retiring too and will he be helping them to hit us from the outside now that his agenda to weaken the country from within is almost over…I don’t know if he will make an attempt to stay in power via Marshall Law but it looks somewhat like the groundwork has been laid…

      • If HITLERery goes to prison…..you can bet BO will run for a Third Term!

        • When Hillary goes to prison you can beat she will take obama with her. She will sing like a bird. And he knows it. He was in on all that, right with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to her before she can talk. That’s how they work in DC. That’s why nothing gets done, cause everybody has some dirt on everybody there. Shame.

          • Excellent point Debbie…….if she is not able to run looks like BO will have to save the day & go for a Third Term! I bet she wishes now that she had been more civil to the SS guys in the past……

          • Yep. I bet she’s gonna make alot of wishes when she hears the clack of those iron bars closing and locking. My wish is that hillary and obama both go to prison along with several more with them in DC. I think that when ONE falls, they will take a few with them. Nobody up there is going down by their self. I can hear them now— “IF I’M GOING DOWN,, YOU’RE GOING DOWN WITH ME!!”” I hope they air their arrest on TV. I would love to see it.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        If an expert sniper with some balls would come out of the forest, THAT would do a great deal to eliminate this faggot little porch monkey!!!

      • I think he’ll go back to a 3rd-world country called Chicago where he and the goofy Rev. Wright (“Goddamn America”) together will rave about how rotten America is and how wonderful it will be when “social justice,” reparations for blacks and wealth re-distribution is firmly established in the political and cultural fabric of the nation. You know, where those who work will be taxed out the wazoo to carry those who don’t; where those who commit crimes are pandered to rather than punished; and where the police and military are so hollowed out they’ll submit to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ cretins…

      • If he does that it will be time for the tree of liberty to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  9. What has obama done that has been Good for the U S ?????????????????

    • Opened our eyes to the greedy creeps in Congress and the Presidency????Then closed the doors for us to do anything about it?…and while it isn’t good, it is basically what he has done with an awful lot of help from both parties…

    • Steve, not a darned thing!

  10. Except for maybe cigars Cuba has nothing America needs. However America has everything Cuba needs. Mainly only some American business can benefit from this relationship. Hotels, cruise lines, entertainment, sightseeing and some other dealings. Maybe Obama is looking for his retirement home. Someone is set to gain from this, watch and see who pops up. For sure it will not be America as a whole.

  11. Just another Obama caused disaster. This President has not done anything that is good for America.

  12. This is of course no surprise. Our Africa-born Sunni muslim Indonesian-citizen quisling and his criminal Chicom-Soros puppet regime are doing precisely what they were recruited to do – cripple, bankrupt and divide the country and give away the store to the communists and mohammedan fanatics. Unlike the last craven crawl to our enemies in Iran, this cannot be stopped short of tearing Obammunism up by the roots, sending the Manchurian President back to Jakarta (it now appears that his native Kenya does not want him), the idiot back to his village in Delaware, the Trotsky of the Green Mountains back to the Old Hippies Home and the wicked witch of Wellesley to Leavenworth.

  13. Obama isn’t closing any borders, he is opening all of them to the enemies of the United States…and we are paying him to do so…In doing this Cuban deal, he is smearing the presidency of Eisenhower and Kennedy(a republlican and a democrat, neither of which he is fit to be mentioned in the same breath with) and I might mention in passing that Cuba did not pay for anything that was left behind by people who had invested in businesses there…The Castros have outlived the people who stopped them in their tracks and their policies have not changed where their people are concerned….hasn’t anyone in this country ever read any history?..or has that been ‘cored down’ too?…Is there a shortage of cigars here?..any foundations being propped up with donations from Cuba?..If I were a Florida resident I would be looking for almost anywhere to move to…

  14. He did not make a mistake. He is a new model Communist and is helping his comrades, just as Putin is stronger than ever, and so is China. The Muslim extremists are winning too. These are not mistakes. We should be acknowledging his audacity to get all that accomplished and keep Americans thinking he is just incompetent.

  15. Dennis B Anderson

    You people seem to think that the sun rises and sun sets on this greasy black SOB.
    When he gets out of the white house I want to go on this coon hunt.

    • LOL! Stop the silly useless bragging. You seem to forget that you are in a decided minority in disliking Obama.

    • When you go that hunt,REMEMBER Obama and A WIFE has/have life time armed body guard protection,paid for by AMERICAN tax payers.He got it”pushed”through in record time..

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Everything Obama has made FIAT LAW can be taken away. A few presidential candidates have made comment on this already!!!!!!!!!
        Lets give him and his kind a safe haven GITMO.

        • My comment was mostly a reminder,,if your safe haven doesn’t mean the center of the earth,,maybe”over there”where would/could be where EBOLA is QUITE PREVALENT

        • Ted Cruz has stated clearly numerous times that that is one of his first immediate orders of business…on day one, hour one, minute one–rescind and remove all executive orders of Obama which includes huge illegal changes to ACA (ObamaDoesn’tCare), and then eliminate ObamaDoesn’tCare,

  16. The Cuban embargo was a useless piece of law that obviously really only hurt American producers who wanted to sell to Cuba. Fidel Castro replaced one of the most heinous dictators in the Caribbean – the Batista family – and basically a very powerful lobby of wealthy casino and hotel companies who were furious at the loss of their lucrative investment. Embargos never really work very well because the autocratic establishment simply deprives ordinary citizens of any support. In the case of a nation that is hostile, and militarized – such as Iran and North Korea, they work in terms of some containment – but never particularly well – and they do little more than make the embargoed nation even more hostile – which was the case in Iran

    • How old are you morton212 I’m 64 and remember very well the sound of air raid sirens every Friday. Nukes being installed 90 miles off shore you sound like a young liberal . You better start learning history on your own because you evidently don’t know what your talking about .

      • TERRY: Morton is a paid troll, probably brain-washed, brain-injured and/or on hard drugs?

        • Jarhead your right but I grew up when people were proud enough to tell you there real name and what and why they think the way they do. Sorry getting old I guess .

      • I feel sorry for you- a member of the shivering cl;asses – manipulated by fear and ignorance. If you are truly terrified of Cuba then perhaps it is time to check into a safe place where you will be given wonderful drugs to quiet your nerves.

        • Who said anyone was afraid but if your so dumb as to go back to the future I think your some kind of fool ! Troll .

          • Your little speech about remembering the nukes offshore (I can feel the horror in your voice). You should well feel horror because this charade was moving billions from the pockets of the middle class into the pockets of a small group of very rich military contractors.

    • Morton your a liar, troll & pussy!…….Cuban Embargo is GOOD…….Batista was not as bad as Castro. Who but a pussy gives a $hit about a nation of AH……..NUKE ‘EM

  17. Michael Dennewitz

    WTF is next? Russia gonna’ move here????






  19. Tell me when he did anything that wasn’t a mistake even getting himself elected was a mistake “A BIG MISTAKE” when will he make a good choice on something maybe in about 510 days he will leave the whitehouse that will be fine. “SO FINE”

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Hate to inform you but: While We The People are sitting on our dead asses and only VOICING, the HTNIC will enact martial law and declare himself a dick-tatir! Why do you think all those hundreds of thousands of mooselums are now in this country..? THEY WILL BE HIS ARMY to take over the USA!!!

  20. America! Don’t fund the Presidential Library……”BAth house BARRY”……wants a legacy? his administration is full of “mistakes”,” errata”, debacles, scams, deliberate lies, & cover-ups, anything BUT “TRANSPARENCY”……..

  21. What else could we expect from the worst president in U.S. history?

  22. I remember the Cuban/USSR missile crisis, the Bay of Pigs catastrophe, the many USSR submarine visits that the USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16) and an ASW Destroyer Escort deployments involved, the thousands of torture/murders that Castro’s buddy, Che, carried out, in the name of “the common good” and the loss of private property that resulted in thousands of Cuban land owners to flee to the US of A to escape communism. This is a “no brainer”. Obummer is a communist. All of his family and friends and minions are/were communist. He and his minions, the Clintons, half of Chicago, rubbed elbows with Sal Alinsky and the likes of Bill Ayers and family. All card carrying commies. HEY !!!! America, it’s time to take out the radical liberal, demowit, progressive, socialist, commie trash.

  23. Obummer is a big mistake !

  24. Its very strange how Homos think.. They must think getting on knees and doing favors for other men will win over all other troubles for life .. Obama is very strange man that hates America but loves America money and bathhouses // Just sayin

  25. How much money did it cost? Are we renting , or owning that spot? Who putting up the money? What has been done so far? If you got a rowboat you know dam well you got to put an oar in the water to move. If the Cuban’s can get visas will they return or try to stay in the USA? Is this a one way street? Or can I Get free education food clothing and shelter and become The Doctor I could not afford to be, under the American pay your way method of educating the working people with their own cash. Now if you get here in some legal or criminal way, you get the benefits we don’t even get, the Americans have made poor choices in leadership to under stand immigration seams to confuse them it is easy use the old till you get the new enforce what we have , while we try to reinvent the system , So move them out if they came in the rung door. Cuba in time will change if their system is evolving let them learn. I want a visa to get to be a doctor , does the door swing both ways?

  26. Everything this man has done has been a ‘pre-meditated’ mistake!

  27. He only wants 1 billion dollars for his post presidency library..I always thought carter was the worst president we ever had. I was wrong. This man has done more to harm the United States that any war has ever done. The problem I see is that the elected congress goes along with him. I cannot understand how or why obummer is still in office, except to say our political hacks are cowards and chicken-shits which amounts to the same thing. They all sleep in the same bed, just ask bill,hilaray,barak,michelle,boehner,mcconnell,reid,peloise,feinstine and most of the rest…

    • Let those he greatly helped and supported build his presidential library:

      The LBGT crowd, the HomoNazis, let him bill them about $200 million for passing the “reprobate mind” sodomy marriage, which now takes primacy over all of the Bill of Rights for the 98%.

      The Saudis and other Muslim supporters of Islamic terrorism (which Obama will not identify), about $800 million

      That way the rest of us taxpayers will not have to pay for it.

  28. Please do not listen to critics of Cuban deal. Menendez, Cruz and Rubio are jealous that they did not think about Cuba as potential economy to deal with. By other way, two of TP and Repub White friends are planning to go to Cuba to look for women to marry. They were just waiting for this chance. They are telling me their wives look too wrinkled. Somebody told them Latino women do not show wear and tear easy and they obey their husbands.

  29. When the hell is the right going to understand that what they are defining as mistakes are nothing more than this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, NWO puppet, demonic psychopath’s policy strategy to “TRANSFORM” AMERIKA into the totalitarian third world country that it has become! Wake the fuk up! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION because we now have a two-headed one party totalitarian oligarchy that is shitting on all of “US”! mInr, NSA!

  30. Elections have consequences. This is what you get when 52 percent of the American electorate is composed of drooling, mouth-breathing douchebags who cannot distinguish between a good candidate for POTUS and an obvious Stalinist.

    So, you douchebags who voted The Zero into office (TWICE) got exactly the kind of meaningless Hope and feckless Change that you voted for. Thanks loads for screwing our entire nation over by doing that, BTW.

    For everyone else, Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  31. None of the people involved in this diplomatic debacle are true Americans. American negotiators would insure that OUR interests were protected. John Kerry is Obama’s SoS, because he can be always be depended upon to osculate Obama’s gluteus maximus, and Obama’s goal is to marginalize the United States of America, while guiding it toward it’s new status – that of impotent, defenseless, bankrupt, 3rd world Socialist-“progressive” Banana Republic. Any one of us could be a better American president than Obama – it seems as if he spends all his time creating ways to punish America for its success (and slavery, 150 years ago?)!

  32. Sadly many young people and those that have dementia do not know the history of the Leaders of Cuba, Castro ask the USA for help to get rid of the dictator Batista, but the US said NO, and Castro asked help from Russia and they helped. Cuba during Batista reign was a play ground for the rich white Americans. Many white American invested in Cubs’s playground of gambling, drugs and prostitution. Only the upper class benefited from the money that flowed in Cuba,while the poor were treated horribly, and were locked up or murder if they complained. Most of the Cubans that are in the US were a part of Batista reign and many lost their investments during that time, so they are mad. It is another example of the US trying to pick what country to support and those not to. They are a great hypocrite when they accuse other counties of human violations, but is quiet about China. CSPAN or some other TV station should tell the real story of Cuba. When Russia removed the missiles from Cuba, the US should have tried to resume political friendship with Castro. But no, the USA maintain an unjustified embargo on Cuba after the Russians left. Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

  33. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    I guess I am going against popular opinion. but while Cuba is only 90 miles from us, it isn’t much of a threat since we made the Russians pull out their missiles. The Castros may be in charge, but they are not going to attack us. Tourism can help their economy and make their version of communism much less attractive. Last of all, the Castro brothers are in their eighties!

  34. Are there ANY deals of Obama’s that have been good?

    I didn’t think so.

  35. Nothing in Cuba has changed except the Castros are older. The only reason obama opened this embassy is because he wants Cuba to help spread communism through our country. And by the way, who would want to go to Cuba under this regime?

  36. I think Obama likes to buy our enemies as much as he likes to buy our friends…

  37. What do you expect, Obama is a radical Muslim who’s not even a citizen of our Country and he is doing everything in his power to bank rupt and discredit America in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately, with the help of a politically correct, dysfunctional Congress he’s doing just that !!!!!

  38. Castro will get his retirement condo and millions of dollars to ease his retirement ; curtesy of the US taxpayer!

  39. Well I guess Venezuela was just too far away for Iran to put the BRAND NEW NUKES 0 gave them permission to make and use!!!

  40. IMPEACH THE SOB traitor OBAMA!!!

  41. Knowing how cuba is so very friendly with CHINA AND RUSSIA,this delusional twit opens the door to seeing THIER weapons on the border just 80 miles from ours

  42. “Fundamentally Transform (Destroy) America”. That is what all the worthless POS democrats voted for. Lying, Thieves, Crooks, and Morons. ALL of them.


  44. On Cuba, again a one sided deal that only Traitor Kerry and BathHouse Barry could make, at the expense of the interest of Americans and the thousands of Cubans who had their Properties Confiscated by the Communist Regime of Fidel Castro and his Goons. 1962, Communist Cuba invited U.S.S.R to base Nuclear Missiles 90 mi. from Florida, getting a 1st strike advantage. The confrontation almost started WW 3. Some 30 yrs later , we find out, 3 Soviet Subs,escorting the ships deliverying more Nukes to Cuba, With orders for the 3 commanders to vote on launching their Nukes, if communication w/ Moscow was lost. One Captain voted NO,stopping the launching of Nukes on the U.S. America had thousands of Bombers WorldWide and Subs on the ready , tensions were High. Cuba almost smothered all Life on this Planet. So, why is this Islamic-Muzzie Insane Obomo, even contemplating giving Cuba Millions of $$$$, and for what .? Congress must stop this .

  45. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    This is what
    happens when we give the power to a childish individual obsessed with a hate
    and rage Agenda of REVENGE in the interest of his own ambition. It has happened
    before in history and it is happening again. Hussein Obama should be held
    accountable and tried for treason.

  46. I AM coming to believe Demoncraps like Hillary and the Nerogro have dementia or some kind of insanity. I really do.

    That means you have insane people ruling over you and have you ever notice the smile of Hillary or the Nerogro? I don’t know who is having the last laugh?

    Remember Bill Cosby. It has now been revealed how sexually INSANE this negro comedian really was. He was and is TRULY INSANE. If you own any old Bill Cosby tapes I would BURN THEM!

    Now we know who was having the last laugh.

    • Your attempt to incriminate liberals with a sweeping stereotyped and really idiotic smear, is pathetic. It is you that rational people have to look out for.

      • Have you not read what Bill Cosby did? HORRIBLE to these women!

        Do you know what goes on between sodomites? You have one in the White House.

  47. The Idiot-in-Chief has worked to restore normal relations with the Castro regime. Fidel himself admitted the Cuban Revolution (communist) has failed completely, yet they hang on to it because it concentrates power and money in the hands of the Castro family. Obama, the mixed-race-in-chief has now doomed the darkest skinned Cubans to poverty levels because they are the poorest of the poor in Cuba and live the longest distance from Havana in the Eastern Provinces.

  48. I’ve had IT with the Legal Problems-! I’M a Family Genealogist with 3 Ancestors aboard the “Mayflower”-!
    The president has his problems–He’s not a ‘non-existent “Mickey Mouse” who got 50 votes in the Elections-!
    He’s not a ‘deceased’ Abraham Lincoln Either-! Both of these Names have “Legal Copy-Right Owners-! But
    He doesn’t have a “Legal-Title” to Obama–either, because of “Long-established Legal Laws-! Obama Sr. made
    sure this president was an “Illegitimate Son” by remaining ‘married to his 1st Wife, “Kezia” as he signed a
    ‘worthless marriage-license’ on Feb 2, 1961 to naïve 16 yr-old Ann Dunham-! (“Bigamy is Forbidden by Law” in
    the USA-! ) If “Fraud or Misrepresentations” is present at the ‘signing’ of any “Legal License or Document”–it
    renders that “Legal Document”–“Null & Void” at the time it’s signed–(Not when the “Fraud” is discovered-! Thus,
    Ann Dunham remained ‘unmarried’ when her “Illegal-Son” is born Aug 4, 1961-! (This supports the WND article
    about 36 months ago) When during the Obama Campaign at a Golden, Colo. Rally, where the president stated
    “let’s face it, a mixed kid from Hawaii ‘born to a single mom’ is not likely to become president of the U.S.”-! This
    news that ‘his mother wasn’t married’ at the time of his Birth–(prior to the 2012 Election–gets a Big Problem with
    his Surname-!) Duped by Obama Sr’s Lies–Ann Dunham thinks she’s married & makes a mistake on her “illegal-
    Son’s Birth Certificate-! Look at the Certificate on the Internet–it’s Signed “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama”-! She
    signed it as a ‘married woman’ to Obama Sr. & She WAS NOT-! This “Misrepresentation”–“Voids” his Birth
    Certificate-! So–if her Signature was “Real or Forged”–it won’t change the Result–Since She wasn’t “Legally
    Married” in the First Place-! Ann Dunham was never “Mrs. Obama” & She had no ‘Legal Husband/ & she ‘Had’
    no “Legal-Son”–who was Surnamed “Obama”-! The ‘Main Thing’ is Ann’s “Illegal-Son” obtained a Surname–
    that he Never was “Legally-Given”-! And using that “Wrong Legal-Name”–“Voids” anything else that He Signs
    as “Legal Documents”-! He used this “Wrong Legal-Name” to sign “Bills of Congress’ & 2 “Supreme-Court
    Appointments”–which “Voids” them All”-! I can’t sign my name as Al Gore–“that’s ID Theft” because that’s
    not my name-! Ask some Questions–“What if there’s two Barack Obama’s–(One’s “Legally-Given” that Name,
    & the Other never “Legally” Got it-!? (Clue–“Bigamy is Forbidden by Law” in the USA-!) Mrs. Obama was
    never in Ann Dunham’s Possession-! If his Mother Never Got it–Neither does Her “Illegal-Son” get It-! He
    does have a “1st Title-Right” to his mother’s maiden-name “Dunham”–therefore his ‘Real’ “Legal-Name” is–
    “Barack Hussein Dunham”–not Obama-! (“Date-Rapists” & “Sperm-Donors” don’t get to put their Surnames
    on Children–it’s an insult to the Child-!)

  49. IF obamass gives Guantanamo back to cuba you can bet your a$$ Castro will rent it to either Russia, China, or some other communist country.

  50. The sheer incompetence of this Marxist fool is appalling his hatred of this country and what it stands for is obvious and his beast of a wife is cut from the same cloth. I hope all you fools that think the democrat party is any good for the country you should reevaluate your position unless of course you embrace socialism and chaos.

  51. What irony, these Dem’s and Republicans would give hundreds of billions to a terrorist regimes then put it back into the social security fund that the Clintons wiped out!
    We could build a mighty fine fence along our southern border? This is all we need is another welfare state sucking on the working class teats! I don’t know about you, but mine are sore!

  52. We got nothing from this renewal of diplomatic relations. Once again Barry enters into a bad deal, this one with communists and human rights violators.

  53. We get told nothing will change their human rights, but the government gets their sanctions lifted! Good job Obama and Kerry

  54. Every deal that Odumbo makes is a one-sided deal, and it is never a deal in favor of the U.S.! He is slowly but surely selling out this country, but most of the American people are so clueless that they have no idea what is happening, and the media surely is never going to tell them!

  55. This is such a sideshow. My family has close contacts with reparations. It ain’t gonna happen. We will regain our Cuban property when Jews get their Rembrandt back.

    Or when the Romanoffs and the Bourbons get their own treasures back! Ha!

    The dollar as a reserve currency is imperiled. It would behoove us to betray the Jews. But I have the gene of loyalty. Hell, we have already betrayed the Poles, the Hungarians, the Chinese, the Rhodesians, the South Africans, The Shah …

    If the dollar collapses as the world’s reserve currency …

  56. Obama would sell his sole to be able to rule the world, like he tries to rule America. But he is having a hard time ruling America, too many people are against his arrogant ways.

  57. In other news we learn that the terror-sponsoring and mass-murdering communist
    regime of Cuba has been recognized officially by our Marxist Muslim President
    B. Hussein Obama as our legitimate partner in promoting peace and democracy in
    the world; a new US embassy will shortly be opened for business in Havana – to
    distribute aid to the regime in dollars and food and to facilitate American
    tourism there. That is an illustration of his Marxist past; for the Muslim part
    of his character let me mention the following facts: whereby Bush won both wars
    in Iraq and in Afghanistan, Obama lost both: in Iraq we have Al-Qaeda led ISIS
    taking over, with the Taliban doing the same thing in Afghanistan. Latest news
    from Yemen is that the jihadists overthrew the government there and thus joining
    the world-wide Jihad against the West.

    B. Hussein Obama’s talk about his unilateral decision to recognize
    Cuba’s terrorist communist regime was characterized by the following falsehoods:

    1. No mention of the Cuban missile crisis. “I was born in 1961 just over two
    years after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba….Over the next several decades, the
    relationship between our countries played out against the backdrop of the Cold
    War and America’s steadfast opposition to communism.” Cuba’s role in helping
    the Soviet Union project a direct threat to the U.S. mainland is carefully
    elided (though Obama, as he has done before, refers to
    his own birth as a kind of watershed.)

    2. Suggesting that the president can establish a U.S. embassy on his
    own. “Going forward, the United States will reestablish an embassy in Havana and
    high ranking officials will visit Cuba.” An embassy needs to be funded by
    Congress, and needs an ambassador to be approved by the Senate. None of that is
    going to happen–nor should it, especially after the disastrous experiment in
    re-establishing an embassy in Syria, which Obama did in 2009, to no good effect

    3. No mention of Cuba’s role in repressing democracy abroad. “Cuba has sent hundreds of
    healthcare workers to Africa to fight Ebola.” Yes, and Cuba has also sent experts in
    repression to Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Angola, and Ecuador. Cuban agents also
    allegedly beat and raped Venezuelan protestors earlier this year. For decades,
    Cuba assisted guerrilla armies abroad, fomenting bloody revolution in some
    countries and propping up communist regimes elsewhere. It continues to do so.

    4. Suggesting that Cuba does not support terrorism. “At a time when we are
    focused on threats from al Qaeda to ISIL, a nation that meets our conditions
    and renounces the use of terrorism should not face this sanction.” Yet Cuba was
    caught, only last year, smuggling
    “missile equipment” to North Korea, the dictatorship that targeted America
    with a cyber-terror attack on the day Obama announced the new Cuba policy. Cuba
    continues to offer other kinds of support to terrorists. After all, it is a
    terrorist regime par excellence.

    5. False claim that the U.S. is to blame for lack of information in Cuba. “I believe in the free flow
    of information. Unfortunately, our sanctions on Cuba have denied Cubans access
    to technology that has empowered individuals around the globe.” This is perhaps
    the most offensive lie of all, since Gross was detained for trying to help
    Cubans access technology. The reason Cubans lack news and communication is
    because the regime censors them brutally, not because of the U.S. embargo.

    6. False promise to consult Congress on Cuba, when his administration broke that
    promise. “As these changes unfold, I look forward to engaging Congress in an honest
    and serious debate about lifting the embargo.” And yet when Sen. Marco Rubio
    (R-FL) asked White House official Tony Blinken whether the administration
    planned any major Cuba policy changes, Blinken (now Deputy Secretary of State) lied and said any change would come in consultation with Congress.

    7. False claim that Cuba agreed to release political prisoners as part of a deal with
    the U.S. “In addition to the return of Alan Gross and the release of our
    intelligence agent, we welcome Cuba’s decision to release a substantial number
    of prisoners whose cases were directly raised with the Cuban government by my
    team.” As the Washington Post noted, these political prisoners
    were already set to be released as the result of negotiations four years ago
    with the Vatican and Spain.

    8. False commitment to principle of changing policies that do not work. “I do not believe we can
    keep doing the same thing for over five decades and expect a different result.”
    If that were really what Obama believed, we would not see the
    administration pursuing Marxist policies whose failure is already evident
    as a matter of historical record: high taxes, economic redistribution,
    socialized medicine, union-dominated schools, restrictive labor and
    environmental regulations, and so on.

    9. Conflating the collapse of the Castro regime with the collapse of Cuba. “Moreover, it does not
    serve America’s interests or the Cuban people to try to push Cuba towards
    collapse.” A false “binary choice.” By failing to
    differentiate between the regime and the country, Obama signaled his
    intention to allow the Castros and their heirs to entrench their power thus abandoning
    the cause of freedom and reform, just as he did with the mullahs in Iran during
    the 2009 uprising.

    10. Falsely identifying the U.S. as a colonial power. “Others have seen us as a form of
    colonizer intent on controlling your future..…Let us leave behind the legacy of
    both colonization and communism, the tyranny of drug cartels, dictators and
    sham election.” America actually liberated Cuba from Spanish colonialism,
    and though the U.S. influenced the island heavily for decades
    afterward, Obama’s attempted moral equivalence between “colonization” and
    communist tyranny is a criminally false one.

    11. No mention was made by Obama about the
    fate of Black Power cop-murdering criminals given asylum in Cuba.

    12. Lenin’s prediction:
    “The capitalists will sell us on credit the rope with which we will hang them,”
    appears to be correct. Also – that sale to the Castros will be on credit,
    subsidized by Obama.

    13. The Castro regime is on its last legs. Its sponsors in Moscow and Caracas are
    going bankrupt due to falling energy prices. The last hope of the Butchers
    of Havana was a bailout from Washington D.C. – and
    that’s exactly what Obama gave them.

    14. Cuban President Raul Castro recently demanded that the US return its property at Guantanamo Bay, lift the
    longstanding trade embargo, and pay damages for the embargo’s effects before
    US-Cuba relations can be normalized. Cuba estimates that the embargo, which has existed since the Kennedy administration, has cost a whopping $1.1 trillion dollars. Now Castro is demanding not only an end to the embargo, but payment for all the subsequent damages.

  58. To dam bad

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