One Psycho Does Not Define a Movement

According to every available report, there is nothing to suggest that pro-life rhetoric inspired Robert Dear to kill three individuals and injure nine others last Friday at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. Neighbors have described him as a loner – a “mountain man” – who lived entirely off the grid. The 57-year-old was not staying up late at night watching Republicans talk about the undercover abortion videos. He wasn’t perusing pro-life websites, getting angry and homicidal at the thought of abortionists. Whatever mental issues drove him to lay siege to Planned Parenthood, they were his own.

Now, does that mean he didn’t have a political agenda? Not at all. Fact is, we don’t know yet. It would make sense, of course. It’s not like this is the first time an anti-abortion extremist has ever resorted to violence.

But where does the left get off accusing Republicans of stirring this man to murder? Name one politician who has ever endorsed this kind of violent attack. Name one pro-life organization that encourages their supporters to kill abortionists. They don’t exist.

As for Dear, if he really was driven by a pro-life agenda, he could hardly have done anything worse for the movement. Every time some wacko decides to do something like this, the other side gets to use it for political capital. See, this is what pro-lifers are all about. You don’t want to be like them, do you? No, no, come over here where the sane people live.

If it’s infuriating to watch the left score political points off this tragedy, it’s even more infuriating to watch Republicans fall for it. Dr. Ben Carson – a man who we would have thought would be the last person to step into this trap – said Sunday that “Hateful rhetoric exacerbates the situation. Both sides should tone down the rhetoric and engage in civil discussion.”

That’s a nice thought and all, but now is not the time. And frankly, if you believe that it is wrong to kill an unborn child, there is no call to tone down your rhetoric. If a million dead fetuses a year isn’t enough to inspire some vicious arguments, what is?

Pro-lifers are just as sickened by this tragedy as Cecile Richards. No one with the slightest bit of sanity left in their mind advocates what Dear did.

But the actions of one psychopath do not reflect on the cause. If a climate change nutcase shoots up a gas station next month, will we hear calls for Obama to tone down his global warming rhetoric?

To hell with Robert Dear. To hell with anyone who thinks he’s some kind of hero.

And to hell without anyone who thinks we should stop calling for an end to Planned Parenthood funding just because of this idiot. Good and evil don’t magically switch places overnight.

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