One Psycho Does Not Define a Movement

According to every available report, there is nothing to suggest that pro-life rhetoric inspired Robert Dear to kill three individuals and injure nine others last Friday at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. Neighbors have described him as a loner – a “mountain man” – who lived entirely off the grid. The 57-year-old was not staying up late at night watching Republicans talk about the undercover abortion videos. He wasn’t perusing pro-life websites, getting angry and homicidal at the thought of abortionists. Whatever mental issues drove him to lay siege to Planned Parenthood, they were his own.

Now, does that mean he didn’t have a political agenda? Not at all. Fact is, we don’t know yet. It would make sense, of course. It’s not like this is the first time an anti-abortion extremist has ever resorted to violence.

But where does the left get off accusing Republicans of stirring this man to murder? Name one politician who has ever endorsed this kind of violent attack. Name one pro-life organization that encourages their supporters to kill abortionists. They don’t exist.

As for Dear, if he really was driven by a pro-life agenda, he could hardly have done anything worse for the movement. Every time some wacko decides to do something like this, the other side gets to use it for political capital. See, this is what pro-lifers are all about. You don’t want to be like them, do you? No, no, come over here where the sane people live.

If it’s infuriating to watch the left score political points off this tragedy, it’s even more infuriating to watch Republicans fall for it. Dr. Ben Carson – a man who we would have thought would be the last person to step into this trap – said Sunday that “Hateful rhetoric exacerbates the situation. Both sides should tone down the rhetoric and engage in civil discussion.”

That’s a nice thought and all, but now is not the time. And frankly, if you believe that it is wrong to kill an unborn child, there is no call to tone down your rhetoric. If a million dead fetuses a year isn’t enough to inspire some vicious arguments, what is?

Pro-lifers are just as sickened by this tragedy as Cecile Richards. No one with the slightest bit of sanity left in their mind advocates what Dear did.

But the actions of one psychopath do not reflect on the cause. If a climate change nutcase shoots up a gas station next month, will we hear calls for Obama to tone down his global warming rhetoric?

To hell with Robert Dear. To hell with anyone who thinks he’s some kind of hero.

And to hell without anyone who thinks we should stop calling for an end to Planned Parenthood funding just because of this idiot. Good and evil don’t magically switch places overnight.

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  1. These Liberals are all Nuts and very crazy…

  2. libs use whatever helps their agenda facts not important.

  3. Crazy is crazy, I don’t believe in abortion, but I don’t believe in killing like the pro-abortions people either.

  4. Gregg the voice of reason

    Never let a crisis go to waste , Lib / Dems philosophy .
    They jump the gun always .
    Talk before they know .

  5. But 1.5 billion nuts makes it Islam!

  6. They are not Liberals! They are communist trying to destroy the democratic Republic of America!
    The media has now become America’s Pravda nothing but propaganda telling us the terrorist attack by Muslims on a christmas party was work place violence, that the shooting in colorado springs was right wing pro abortion an outright lie he robbed a bank earlier the chase ended there, I live in Colorado but they are not telling you that why?
    so they can push their agenda to disarm the American people! You can waste your time and energy with all the small talk and speculation but our republic is being taken over by a communist in the White house and his supporters, America is divided and will remain so until the next revolution has a decisive winner!! The real terror is sitting in the oval office.

  7. This was tragic but the REAL tragedy awaits us if Hitlery or Burnout Sanders get in. They’re both on board with bringing in 65,000+ “refugee” savage animals into our country. The FBI and State department have declared that there is NO WAY to do adequate background checks on these animals and yet those 2 idiots are willing to throw caution and our safety to the wind. Here’s vital information for everyone to think about when thinking about who to vote for:

    Justin wrote about how we the taxpayers picked up the tab
    for President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s eloquent dinner in Paris
    earlier today. In keeping with the theme of price tags, how much do you
    think it’s costing us to resettle refugees from the Middle East? Well,
    according to the Center for Immigration Studies, it’s over $64,000 per
    person–$64,370 to be exact. The Washington Free Beacon’s Ali Meyer reported on the study:

    “The report is really about how much more, how
    expensive it is, given our refugee resettlement system, to bring folks
    in,” explains the author of the report, Steven Camarota.

    The cost to resettle them in the United States is 12 times the cost
    of resettling them in a neighboring Middle Eastern country. Instead of
    resettling them here, the report explains that 12 refugees can be helped
    in the Middle East for five years or 61 refugees could be helped for a

    “I think you can argue that it would make more sense, the most
    effective use of the money, is to help people in the region, rather than
    spend all the money here,” Camarota said.

    Because refugees are eligible for all welfare programs they have very
    high rates of participation in government assistance programs.

    The report finds that 91.4 percent of refugees receive food stamps,
    73.1 percent are on Medicaid, 68 percent receive cash assistance, 36.7
    percent receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, 32.1 percent
    receive Supplemental Security Income, and 18.7 percent live in public

    With these economic figures, along with the startling gaps in the screening process, no wonder why Americans aren’t getting behind
    the Obama White House’s refugee stance. Yet, opposition is probably
    more grounded in the national security issues than the economic ones,
    but it still provides another layer in this debate

    • and these church groups are paid per person to re-settle them in our communities, so they don’t care they just want the money.

  8. I agree that this guy is not all there. He does not represent the GOP or Christianity either. Spurred by GOP rhetoric? Hardly. His behavior as far as we know, predated any current issue political rhetoric. And, as the article states, he is far from the first person to take such a behavior on this issue. I have posted my thoughts on this issue in the past but I also state that I support the Constitution and as such, I do not support any such behavior that causes this kind of incident. The First Amendment states our right to believe what we choose. If a woman chooses to abort a child, that is her decision and problem and not mine. I am sure most other Christians and GOP believe the same way.

  9. Obama has taken steps to restrict the purchasers of guns. When I applied for my permit to carry I needed 3 character witness letters. Of course I’m sure those responsible for the mass killings didn’t bother with any of that.
    But it is becoming more obvious everyday those Muslim fanatics should have more restrictions to own any firearm.

    • 1st I have heard of a person having to have character witness letters to get their permit. Do they investigate the letter writers to see if they are of good character, all they are trying to do is make it more difficult to obtain one.

      • I’m from Blue state NY, and had I known what would happen in the intervening 40 years, I wouyld have refused (and gone to jail like Cassius Clay, but without any racist sympathizers)

    • I make a motion to restrict Obama period.

  10. This guy who killed people at Planned Parenthood was avowed Christian and Conservative Republican. I therefore personally do not see the difference
    between radical Muslims and radical Christians or radical Republicans or
    radical conservatives. Their missions are the same i.e. to destroy those who do
    not believe what they believe or people of different in color. Republicans are
    another type of radical Jihads only they happen to be Christians. They call Blacks all kinds of names. I hope the FBI and CIA will be watching what radical Republicans and TPs are doing behind doors.

    • independent thinker

      “They call Blacks all kinds of names.”
      Yeah they do. They call them horrible names like friend, good neighbor, hard worker, good parent etc. etc. etc..

    • pmbalele, you have become a hater. Don’t you know any good people? I think you need to start hanging with a different group of people. Get involved with a church or volunteer at a shelter and you will see the good in “most” people, not all of us white people are against you.

      • What did you counsel me for – Get involved with a church? Churches are associated with religion. Religion is what killed people at the Parent Planning establishment and yesterday in Cal. Religions radicalize people. I am catholic. I never believe people in other religious even Christians would go to heaven. Now I believe everybody will go to heaven whether they like it or not. Watch out what they tell you in churches. You may be radicalized one day.

        • I don’t care what religion you are, just get involved and help someone that has less than you, it will give you a different perspective on life.

          • You better care what I am telling you about these religions. I am older than you. Religions are dangerous to your health. Religions hatched racial discrimination – that is why we have KKKs, radical Muslims, radical Republican Christians who love to destroy Blacks. I will keep you posted on my case in local federal court. Just a tip -one white government lawyer testified that Blacks could not be qualified for jobs or be as qualified as Whites. A local federal female judge agreed. And these two females are avowed Christians. Now you see -there is no difference between a radicalized christian and radicalized Muslim.

          • I see that you are stuck on hate, some people do take their belief’s too far but not everyone which you seem to think. I don’t think lawyers or Federal Judges told you they are avowed Christians, that is something people do not discuss as a part of their job. I don’t think you are older that 72 so that makes me older that you.

          • Believe it or not I was born in 1941 March 17. That is why I am wiser than you and your fellow radical Repubs.

          • I am an Independent. I think you are stuck in the past on a lot of things, like the lawyers and judges of today would not discuss their religion. A lot has changed since we were young, I have changed but I don’t think you have.

          • Some old federal judges, particularly those in the 7th circuit are still living the 50s when Blacks were 2nd class citizens. But now they are under a telescope -their supervisor is Justice Keagan. These morons now know if they mess up they will hear from Keagan. Time is catching on them.

          • You are a couple of years older, but wiser you most assuredly are not! You have until you take your last breath, then your deceptive wisdom is going to bite you in the butt!!!

          • You’re my second young brother and therefore you should listen to me as your older brother. So renounce the Repub and TP – these are full of radicalized Christians.

          • I am neither Repub nor Dem but definitely conservative in mindset! Politics has become the evil machine of moral destruction in this country and needs to be completely dismantled/reconstructed or we are doomed. I am not a good example of a Christian but what wisdom I have comes from GOD alone! Only a fool would heed your advice…period! We have but two choices…either for or against GOD! I stand with JESUS…unto death!

          • Once you mention the bible, I know you’re lost. Whoever wrote the bible was wrong. This where racial discrimination comes from. You remember the Noah Boat. That is where racial discrimination started.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      If there’s any derogatory names used it’s because people are sick and damned tired of the people philosophy “we be gittin stepped on fo da last 200 years,” when most don’t even know who their daddy is. And the Velcro head in the white house is working that to the max, just to start a racial war that fits right into his “agenda!” If ya’ll fall for it, YOU’RE the suckers!!!

    • Watch your mouth…he was a lunatic…

    • I just read an article about mister “Dear” and he was not a Christian, Conservative or Republican, he was non affiliated. His divorce papers said that he was a wife beater, serial cheater and had 2 children by 2 other women. You need to read more than 1 paper, expand your mind.

  11. The Colorado shooter was not republican or pro life all propaganda I live here you don’t know what you are talking about you are spreading the propaganda troll.

  12. Time to bring back the Crusades.

  13. The police chief in Calif just gave press con he has the balls to tell us it was terrorism they had pipe bombs in their house and Jihad propaganda? Probably phone # to white house too.

  14. I agree with your premis that one person dose not necessarily define a movement. But, what is also true is, that a movement often define its members. If the tenants of a movement lean towards radical intolerance of non believers with a propensity and requirement to act out their intolerance, there is a big social problem.
    Example One: The Holy Bible, as the word of God, directs its followers to love each other, to do good to those who would offend you and to forgive those who do not. In this example you find teaching for a win, win situation. Both the believer and the non believer prosper in peace because of this teaching,
    Example Two: The teaching of the god of the Quran teach that there is only one acceptable belief and following for Muslims. All other teachings and beliefs (including non beliefs) are unacceptable per the Qurans. These teaching, can not be tolerated and must be physically eliminated, The concept of Love, Tolerance, Peace and Forgiveness as found in most other non Muslim faiths is not accepted, believed or tolerated per the Quran. These teachings are for infidels which because of their non belief in the Quran must be eliminated. The fact is this is a perfect setup for a win/loose situation where only one side of an issue can possibly prosper. To be a truly good Muslim is to follow the Quran in all of is teachings without exception. This is why in past, current and future histories their can not be peace between true Muslims and believers of any other faiths.


  16. I know they change history these days but the muslims have been doing this for 2000 years nothing new?

  17. [One Psycho does not define a movement] Just as one psycho in the White House does not define all of USA citizens crazy….. But then again, I begin to wonder how crazy are we that we have not arrested this psycho in the White House for treason….?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Simple!! The general populace refuses to believe that anything really bad can happen to the greatest country on earth, or at least, what used to be bragged as such. NO ONE will get off their lazy ASSES and do anything until it’s far too late. Then they will stand back and lament, “OMG! What has HAPPENED to our country”. Oh yeah…..

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      • It has been to late for USA long before Obama entered the Oval Office… USA has been on a downward spiral for more than 40 years…. We deserve God’s judgment for having embracing or allowing the abominations of homosexuality, abortion, the removal of prayer from schools and the rejection of God from our daily lives. Christian divorces are nearly equal to that of the non-Christians marriages.
        All have sinned or will sin, thus all deserve death. Consider the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Genesis they were called great cities but they were destroyed because of their sexual perversion… Have you ever seen a great cities that didn’t have many children and most likely many infants, no… yet the children inherited the sins of their parents and met with the same horrific death that day they were destroyed.
        Proverbs 14:34 (KJV) Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.
        USA will be destroyed and you can bank on it… God has never allowed a nation nor its people to be destroyed before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him. God has been warning USA since the mid 80s but very few are listening… Aug. ’94 after reading the Engineer’s Report on the 93 bombing of the WTC #2 Tower I was moved of God to began warning that the terrorist would be back to hit the #2 Tower again and this time they would take it to the ground.. I shared this warning with whoever would listen, I was laughed at by many and even cursed by many but I continued to speak this warning until the morning of 9/11/01. I now tell how 9/11/01 was the first of 3 major attacks… The 2nd will be approx. 1000x greater,.. The 3rd. and USA will never rise again,…. Google: watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101 and if you don’t believe in God, Google: watchman48 The Greater Message…

      • ………

    • Ditto!!!!! in spades!

    • How do you arrest a guy who is surrounded with armed secret service men? I would arrest him if I could.

    • I don’t know , except that our Reps. in Congress has no spine

  18. What Liberals fail to realize is that Pro-Life, means all life.

  19. Where was the NSA you know the guys tracking all this? Bullshit they are a domestic spy agency helping with the downfall of America.

  20. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Anyone who has not head the very same rhetoric from right wing Christian Conservative radical Republicans is either deaf, unable to read, or not listening.

  21. Strange! No word yet from our troll realitycheck. He must be busy prepping for something……

  22. Modern Democrats are a little bit “slower” on the up-take than we older ones were. I was a Dem from age 21 -68. That was Obama’s second year as president. By that time I realized I had voted for the wrong man.The liberal have been drinking the Kool Aid for so long, they have convinced themselves it is champagne. Unfortunately, all of us are going to have a hangover from the “OBAMA BINGE”

  23. the MSM will continue with telling the big lie to make people believe what is ot the truth

  24. Abortuary personnel killed by lunatics = maybe 20? Innocent unborn killed since Roe v Wade by well-to-do individuals and taxpayer-funded organizations = 50 million? Not making an equivalence here, just trying to put things in perspective.

  25. “One Psycho does not define a movement” …Yeah it does, a bowel movement!

  26. You must be referring to Obama as our psycho president.

  27. Yes, nutty as a basket full of Pit Vipers in a GREEN & YELLOW ONES!!


  29. Yes he is a part of a movement that want to control women and their body. These are the American terrorists of the Conservative party. False information and rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

  30. I hate to see anyone die but I doesn’t bother me it was someone that was murdering kids I just think it was probably justice

  31. One person does not define….such irony from elephants who are beating their breast about da mooselims a coming to behead us all. What Dumbos!

  32. AT LEAST THE OLD BOY BELIEVES IN SOMETHING! that’s more than can be said for the general population in america

  33. ……….

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