On Immigration, Hillary Will Finish Barack’s Job

Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton is to Barack Obama’s left on the issue of illegal immigration. On no other single issue is the contrast between her and Donald Trump more apparent. He wants to build a wall across the Mexican border, deploy a system of mass deportations, and streamline the legal immigration process to discourage otherwise law-abiding immigrants from breaking the law. His border policy emanates from a broader America First ideology that is seen as backwards and even dangerous by Hillary Clinton.

Her policy, as she reiterated this week in Washington, is much different. Unbelievably, she is promising to go even further than Obama when it comes to decriminalizing illegal entry.

“I will need people across our country to make it clear to their elected representatives that they are going to be held accountable for how they are going to act on immigration reform,” said Clinton. “I’ve already talked to some of my former colleagues in the Senate. This will be fast-tracked.”

What will be fast-tracked? A piece of immigration legislation that would essentially represent the end of America’s borders. Clinton has promised that she will not deport anyone who is not a violent criminal, removing even the timeline exception included in Obama’s executive policy. In other words, where his amnesty for children and families does not extend past an arrival date of January 2014, Clinton’s will come right up to the present. And it will go far beyond children or their parents.

If Clinton gets in office, our immigration law will essentially read: “As long as you’re not a felon, come on over. No need to sign in. Stop by the first welfare office you see for more information (and some terrific prizes!).”

After eight years of Obama’s radical agenda, it’s tempting to view Hillary Clinton as something of a moderate. But let’s not be fooled. Clinton may not have Obama’s socialist soul, but she’s got the moves down. And she certainly understands that illegal immigration is a necessary ingredient in tomorrow’s Democratic Party. She doesn’t actually care, personally, about the Mexicans pouring across the border, but she’s exhilarated about exploiting this issue for her own personal gain.

That would be fine if the issue in question wasn’t actively destroying our country.

But it is, and you can already see the effects. You can see it in the cultural reaction to that “America First” slogan. Who would have thought, even fifteen years ago, that patriotism would become a dirty word? Who could have known that multiculturalism would not have room for the culture that was already here?

Well, we all knew, didn’t we? And we know what’s coming if we don’t get this border problem under control, don’t we?

So let’s not be surprised when it arrives.

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